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The Motivating Factor

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 1, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Let me go ahead and say Happy 7th to everyone. It is truly a privilege to not merely be back in southern California. Among so many friends and familiar faces. But it's a special privilege to be back at this W Y C On behalf of my family and I want to say thank you for apparently listening to the voice of God and extending the invitation and I'm glad that we were able to answer the call. Lord has something very important and very special to share with each of us and I need you to pre that God will give you ears to hear. The message that I heard last night. It had a very deep impact very very deep impact it was almost like your in all and I meditating on these words throughout the night this morning. And I was on my knees saying Father I'm not inclined to do what was originally prepared I believe you want something more something deeper and the Lord brought something to my attention when I joined this movement 26 years ago I'm a kid coming out of hip hop culture very much in grained in the industry I wasn't just a guy who liked hip hop I was hip hop I personalized it everything about me was hip hop and then on top of that I'm in the industry and I'm literally Dancing With The Stars and this message this movement. Saved me from that industry. And so when I came out of that coming into this I was on fire because I didn't think I had the ability to understand things from books I was not a reader I was not studious the great all of my memories in school I was having fun I cannot remember passing classes I cannot remember doing well or anything like that I just had absolutely no interest whatsoever and so this movement got me interested in reading it was like for the 1st time in my life I said hold up I can actually understand not merely what comes from books but I can actually understand what the Bible says the book that I thought was the most confusing and interesting book on planet Earth and I think began to hit me so hard that before you know it when those grooves just started working in my brain and here it is that I'm like wait a minute I know what Daniel says I feel what I say is I know what Peter says and James and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I mean you taught me one truth I taught that one truth like I knew the whole Bible. And as a gift that God gave me I realize my gift. Me my friend Lance we're talking about it the other day and I said he's trying to tell me about a bunch of stuff I said Look and I only have one of us' he said was that one gift you had I said I have a gift. To help people see and to do what God says I say that is that I summarize my give to help people see and do what God says. And so I've been exercising that and doing Bible studies from early on one verse all I do appreciate I going to the whole Bible and people are coming to Jesus now here it is Fast forward 26 years later and I'm working at a church and part of my duties is to go ahead in reach all those folks who are unchurched in New England and. Very powerful experience I get to sit at least with 23 non Christians every week and I get to study with them and I get to show them all sorts of things from the Bible and it was one person that I studied with that went through a very traumatic experience and this is how God sheet what he wants me to give you all this morning and I'm thoroughly appreciative of it I've been studying with this one person for a long time has been at least you know good 2 and a half 3 months and I was like look what is going I'm not seeing them surrender and you know I make appeals at the end of every study like we're told to do but it was just a struggle so I remember in our last study together I sat down with her sort of the Gospel again broken down the Word of God love of Christ and I asked her I said will you surrender not some not most will use the word all of your heart to Jesus today I felt we got at that place in our study that we could do that and I remember she leaned back and she said I can't do that and I said. Tell me why she said I don't trust him. She says they are everything you seem to be doing I hear everything but she said I don't trust him and I said What makes you not trust him when he's shown himself so trustworthy and she said if he's so good why did he let me go through what I went through. I must admit this young lady that has a story that's not probably connected to the majority of the women in here story she was brutally raped by a gang of men. And she said how could he watch that how could he let that happen if he's so big and so loving and all these other things so when she said that I thought about it and I said Well. I understand and in truth I didn't understand but I'm like I'm hearing your argument she said I was innocent and this happened to me and so I've learned in ministry sometimes when you 1st of all when you don't have an answer please do not make up one. That is the worst thing that you can do God must prompt every word that comes out of the minister's mouth and so I was quiet I said I'm not saying anything unless you put something in my mouth. And he did and here's what I said and I'm going to tell you the person who most clearly brought this point to me them about this year was my wife some reflecting back on something my wife said to me that I'm now giving to the system as a sister I said you were innocent and you suffered terribly I said there's somebody else who came to this earth that was innocent didn't do anything wrong and he suffered terribly and she said this and when she said this that's when I said I see not merely the problem with her I said this is the problem with us and God confirmed it in his word this is what she said next she said I'm sorry I don't mean to be disrespectful but she says even Jesus did not suffer like how I suffered. And I said I see. We talked a little bit more we prayed out and I had to go back into the period or in business in school in whatever it is that we pursue in life your why is more important than your how Let me repeat that is worthy of repetition in business in school in whatever endeavor of life that you have that is important to you I mean important your why is more important than your how there's all sorts of classes You Tube videos and all sorts of talk about how to do this and how to do that number sure we can if you walk through it today I'm going to do it brother while I did a little bit last night past of Iraq did it you know and I'm sure we'll do it again even more we talk about this is how you abide in Christ but there's a very important question that needs to be answered Why should I even abiding I hear what you're saying but it's not making the connection. And if you don't know why you're doing something you can know from front to back how to do it isn't it amazing we still don't do it think about it how many of you believe in laws or health you believe in the laws of health you believe in that OK now you believe in it now watch this is one of the laws of health drink water now do we know that if you don't properly hydrate your body also it's a bad stuff can happen to your body to your mind and what not do we already know that so do you know that you supposed be drinking a certain amount of water every day do you know that do you know here's my question do you know how to drink water. Now watch this how many of you are drinking the exact amount awardees drink every single day. You know what I'm saying it's not for you to put your hand up I'm just trying to make a point you know you supposed to get proper rest you know you supposed to exercise you know it was do a lot of stuff to him that knows to do good and do it but not to him it is sin the point is very simple we know how to do a lot of things but our why is not strong enough it's not enough of a motivation to say I will do this every day because and so there's going to be a. There's going to be an ng a serious feeble attempt this morning or this afternoon and I think any afternoon I'm going to attempt to just give you a little bit more why I just want to talk a little bit more about why and I praise God for that sister she has a lot of hope she's so real she said look she said I'm here she says I've been coming to these studies she said Obviously I'm sure when I want to but it just hasn't come across yet to me so I really thank God for us and then as this is going to be a soldier for Christ I get to see it and I'll make one once she's convinced nobody's going to stop her. And so I think God wants us to talk a little bit about this today and I believe that if we can get this down and my fear is that there might be some of us probably a lot of us that won't get what I'm going to hear but I know. That these words came out of my mouth this morning while I was finalizing my notes and I put my notes together and I started to think through the text and as I thought through the text these 2 words came out of my mouth. It's crazy literally I just said that's crazy and he says he's tears started to pour out my eyes and I said why would you do that for me. And so I know that this message is from God and it's loaded with power. Because I know what it did to me this morning. And my hope and my prayer is you get I'm going to go to my knees and I'm going to ask God just for a little bit more strength and wisdom to make a plea and it was a lot of dirt on the ground so you can value heads reverently or if you don't mind the dirt you can kneel whichever you choose We're going to let God speak and prepare our. Father in heaven what needs to be accomplished under this tent at this hour cannot be done by my it's not going to be done by human power. It's only going to be by the faithful movement of your spirit and what we desperately need ears to hear what your spirit is saying to the church and I'm just praying that do more for my brothers and sisters as a result of this message than even what you did for me this morning draw our hearts closer to you and your son and I pray that will understand a little bit more why we should abiding Christ this is our prayer that we do ask in Jesus' name amen I. Want you to turn your Bibles with me to the book of Zechariah chapter 6 Zachariah and we're going to what chapter All right Zacharias 6 now Zechariah 6 is pretty powerful chapter is loaded with some very strong symbolism and representations my goal for this message is not to go into. The various symbols and representations starting all the way from verse one onward but we're going to pick up right at various 9 and we're just going to take a verse 13 because this is going to be a part I'm sure it will be comprehensive to every man woman boy girl in the room. And the Bible says and Zechariah was looking at the 6 trap that when you get there just let me know by saying amen. The Bible says in the Word of the Lord came on to me saying take of them of the captivity even of health of Topeka and of daya which are come from Babylon and come valve the same day and go into the house of Josiah the son of Zephaniah then he says then take silver and gold and make crowns and set them upon the head of Joshua the son of Joseph the high priest and speak unto him saying thus speak of the LORD of hosts saying Behold the man whose name is what the branch behold the man whose name is the branch and he shall grow up out of his place and he shall build the temple of the Lord even he shall build the temple of the Lord and He shall bear the glory and shall sit and rule upon what his throne and he shall be what else a priest upon his throne and the Council of peace shall be between them both this branch is none other than referring to Jesus study that out and there are 2 things that the verses show that Christ would become one of them is somewhat indirect The other one is straight to the point the one that is in direct is that he will become a king and the reason we know he would become a king is because the verse says that he would sit upon his throne Kings sit upon thrones and so he would be king no doubt but it also says he shall be what else. He shall be a priest got that so he shall be a king we shall be a priest upon his throne and then he says and the Council of peace shall be between them both between this priest and King the ruling he's going to be the Council of peace shall be between them both there was an agreement in heaven that the plan of salvation was going to be laid out for mankind and this plan of salvation would involve the one who is God to ultimately become a priest and intercession on behalf of the people and then Future Tense even Future Tense from our time he will eventually become a king the Council of peace was in agreement I started to think about who is this council of peace and you know when you look at the features one verse 2 or you can look at Philippians one and verse 2 they both say the same thing and they identify 2 persons of the Godhead it says if Eason's 12 or again for Libyans one in verse 2 This is Grace be unto you and peace from 2 people this is peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ yes and that So in these 2 profit positions of what Christ ultimately would do on behalf of the salvation of mankind it was the council of peace the Father and the son that are coming together and standing in agreement with this plan of salvation is beautiful and as they understood we are going to put forth a plan for a people that is going to rebel and we want to give them the best shot of coming back to us and so as a Kelso things came together they are in agreement we're going to do whatever it takes that mankind might be saved. To the point. That the father and the son understood something very important go to the Book of Revelation 13 it was right there in Revelation 13 that in the midst of this council of peace there was something very important that was understood in Revelation the 13th chapter you will see that there was an understanding in the midst of the Council of peace right from the beginning before the rebellion the Bible says in Revelation 13 and we're looking at verse 8 the Bible says of Revelation 13 in verse 8 in all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the WHO Lamb slain from when from the foundation of the world the Father and the son came into an agreement love look love right in the face and said we're in agreement that these people are going to go into rebellion but we're going to put forth our best effort to make sure that they're saved and the sudden agreed. Willing to even go as far as I will die that they might live but then my mind starts to think even deeper because when they came to that agreement when the Council of peace came to that agreement that this is what we will be willing to do that man might be saved they understood no sacrifice takes place without a risk no sacrifice takes place without a risk go to Hebrews Chapter 2 let's take a look at that risk what you look at this Hebrews Chapter 2 we're going to consider the risk they came to an agreement love look love in the eyes and love said I love them so much that I'll be willing to die the death they're supposed to die that they can have the life that I have. And when they came to that agreement they understood the plan was set yet they also understood that there was a risk in Hebrews the 2nd chapter when you get there let me know by saying amen the Bible says Hebrews 2 we're going to consider verses $14.00 to $17.00 the Bible says for as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death that is the devil and deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage now for verily he took not hit on him the nature of angels but he took on him the seed of Abraham Wherefore in all things it be hooved him to be made like unto His brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation for the sins of the people this sacrifice was. Because when they came together and love looked love in the eyes and said All right we wanted to do this for mankind they understood Now listen because this plan has been put together you do understand that there's going to be a risk now you're not going to have simply the seed of angels but you're going to have the seed of Abraham you're going to have a nature that is totally subjected to falling and Sun You do understand what I have to do if you fall I thank God for imagination because I am imagining this conversation they are in such agreement for the sake of the salvation of humanity that they said I'm actually willing to risk losing you forever. The son actually said Father I love them so much and I want them to be safe so bad and so desperately I am willing to take a risk that I'll take on their nature and I'll live on earth like then putting my trust in you understanding that if I sin even once you will have to destroy me and the father understood son you do understand if you sin even once I will have to destroy you because I have it dispels it out like this Satan in Heaven had hated Christ for his position in the courts of God He hated him the more when he himself was dethroned Now watch this he hated him who pledged himself to redeem a race of sinners yet into the world where Satan claimed Dominion God permitted his son to come a helpless babe subject to the weakness of humanity he promoted him to meet life's peril in common with every human soul to fight the battle as every child of humanity must fight it at the risk of failure and not partial eternal loss he said that's not much of it's not like he was I will become God no matter what I'm God So you know I go down to the ground just pop myself back up again God said that's not how this agreement's going to go you do understand son if you sin you're eternally gone how could God die this is something that you can't really wrap your head around it yet it's true 2nd witness it says manuscript these books 16 page 119 paragraph 3 had there been the least taint of sin in Christ say 10 would have bruise his head. As it was he could only touch a seal had the head of Christ been touched the hope of the human race would have perished divine wrath would have come upon Christ as it came upon Adam Christ and the church would have been without hope if he messed up even once just once this is what the Council of peace came together and stood in the green with this was part of that plan of coming on earth being the lamb ascending into the sanctuary being the priest coming back and then ultimately being king and reigning for Christ to do this there was a massive risk we could lose everything we could lose everything this is where it gets even deeper I'm looking at this type of risk you know very few people I don't know if there's even one person in this room that would take such a risk your past in Iraq here early being a real man being honest he said I can't give my baby a 40 love you know probably lots of things drive across the country spend money I don't have max out my car to fly over just to pray with you. Do That's my boy I mean we've known each other for years now I have a lot of respect for the gentleman and it's like you know but when it came right here. He was honest and he said this one. Can do it and it's like God was holding a sign saying I love you so much for the fact you're willing to do this but you do understand if you see him whispering in his ear you understand the risk and the sentencing understand and the father same. Understand to has a very serious mission. It was a very serious solemn mission now here's where it gets so deep when you start considering what was willing to be done the next question is Who is it that you were willing to do this for let's go to a text we all are familiar with John Chapter 30 man look walk me through this thing I'm telling you that's why it propped at a certain point it came out of my mouth that's it that's crazy. Why would you do that. You know John 316 is the most perhaps popular quoted verse of the Bible there are people who are not even Christians that know how to quote hung 316. And so the Bible says For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life so the question is this when the Bible says God so loved the world who is that you know you like what does that mean Gotta love the way they love the planet their love the material you know the people on it right so I don't believe the word world properly spells out what God was getting ready to do so now let's go ahead look at some other words that helps us best understand the term world Romans 5 when you go to Romans the 5th chapter I get a clearer picture of this world that the council of peace was willing to make such a solemn agreement. Notice what the Bible says as we consider Romans 5 and we're looking at what verse Amen we're looking at Romans 5 and verse 8 and here's what the Bible says the Bible says but God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet what we were yet sinners Christ died for us so in other words the counts of the pieces coming together making an agreement that involves the most intense realistic risk and God is doing this for the world he's doing this for sinners not I don't even think that spells it out enough go down to verses verse 10 and then it says in verse 10 SAME BOOK same chapter it says for if when we were an then me since we were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be saved by His life brothers and sisters God was willing to take on the most all to restore his enemies God was willing to take on this massive risk for people who were not for him but against Him It doesn't even make sense. But yet this is what he's willing to do so when we look at the Council of peace coming together in agreement love looking love in the eyes and saying we are willing to go ahead and do this for our enemies it is not a wonder that God says if you're ever going to have my character perfected in you go to Matthew 5 go back to Matthew 5 and I want you to watch what God says to us and this is profit this is powerful and that's why I'm so thankful for what's happening nowadays I'm very grateful for it I want you to look at Matthew 5 I want you to watch this. Thing is powerful tell you Gospel is powerful I want you to look at Matthew 5. And I want you to look at what the Bible says as we start a verse 441 washes Matthew 5 and verse 44 now what the Bible says but I say unto you do what to your enemies. Love your enemies bless them that curse you do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you that you may be the children of your Father which is in heaven for you make of his son to rise on the evil and on the good and send his reign on the just and on the unjust for if you love them which love you what reward have you do not even the publicans the same and if you salute your breath or in only what do you more than others do not even the publican so and then he says being there for her as your Father which is in heaven is perfect until you know how to love your enemies like God love his enemies you have no hope of Christ character being perfected in you. Until you know how to love I honestly love people. Sometimes and words to what I said I did not say love people I said it until you learn how to love your enemies like. Love his enemies you will not have the character of Christ perfected in you and so we can study 144000 but we can get in there because 144000 they follow the lamb with us so ever he go if my brother says if I was preaching on his pulpit right now and if you saw my head go right my body go let you run out here. Is that right you would run out here because you'd like our ideas some spook ism spiritualism going up at S.W. I see out when you go I expect you to be gone. Because that's a dead body. Body with a head is dead but it's amazing Colossians one tells us that Christ is the head of the church and that the church is the Body of Christ and if the head says Love your enemy but the body says no I will take vengeance you're dead. Do you get. The hint says I want you to love like I love. What it is to get like us again want to pardon like I part I want you to endure like I endured you see when you got that disappointing thing that happened to you God was purging you he was trying to help you see OK you've got a crisis going on in your life right now I want to see what you're going to do about it I need you to respond to it the way I would rather this is that you just heard it the people who only love those who love them don't get the reward and so it is that when the Bible says Be there for perfect that's the perfection sometimes depends on the present you can't you're come from sometimes perfection it is no bad music no bad diet no bad dress no bad hanging out with others that are unconverted no bad no bad we forget about the do good we forget about the be good you know I got this little apple watch thing I've got that because this is my little this is my workout coach. Doing Time to get up there I coach you know I get up you know whatever but one thing I put on here 4 times a day gotta work is page 2 or 4 I actually have my watch remind me of it 4 times a day and it's good because it caught me sometimes you know I got to work a speech to enforce this what a man is has greater influence than what he says. I lie to you not there's been times that I would go ahead and I'm doing something and I get frustrated sometimes with a fellow worker and do you know that when I'm ready to say you know what I just want to go ahead and tell this brother being. What a man is. Has greater influence of what he says that's all praise God Father said you know. If you're going to use electronics use it for the glory of God. But my brothers and sisters we're living in a time right now where they are enemy forces that you can choose even amongst the remnant. You've got precious truth against present truth you've got conservatives against liberals you got any Can't you want. Plenty of camps in the movement you can join and right now everybody's behaving like enemies. Put you on blast on you to put you on blast on their websites and all sorts of stuff they don't call you they don't pray with you they got to number they definitely got mine. And I got this and I got a record of calling them and what I'm saying is that it's just seems so easy to hide behind cyberspace and attack each other takes courage to pick up a phone takes even more courage to get on a plane jump in your car and drive and meet him face to face and say let's talk. What I'm saying. Jesus wants to perfect this character and you and me and one of the great reasons why this is what I'm saying very carefully one of the greatest reasons why it's such a struggle for us to truly love as God loves our enemies is because we don't understand how God loved his enemy. Is the blind spot every time it gets us it just gets us and this is what God wants us to understand is that this is the thing that's blocking us from getting to that next level there are some of us that have studied hard and we can go by moving closer to prophecy we have gone through the Bible Genesis to Revelation Several times we've gone through the conflict of the ages anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00 times more we've gone through the 9 volumes several times many of us have gone through and we have read it we've started we prayed and the Lord has given us a lot but yet there's still this block is this blot that keeps frustrating our ability to unite as Christ has called us to unite to forgive as God has called us to forgive to actually shake a brother's hand oh give a brother with out a suspicious thought in the my. Stuff is hard this is real talk. My man broke down that message last night I said this is wonderful you know it what I loved about it is I am sold like let's get real with this thing you know I'm saying like you know you I don't know about you I'm really tired of sermons personally this is like now my son was going to hear I mean you hear so many sermons and yes you know you had to intellect you know you would never do that before you know whatever but when do we finally take what we've heard and go into a very private place and like Jacob wrestle with Gotta say I'm not letting you go until you give me victory which is. Rather than to just continue in a circle it's vicious The key is Jesus says you don't understand what I've done for you I lied to you not what I saw in that precious young lady in the Bible study I saw in God's people and I saw it in myself I said this is our issue. And he allows various tests to come to each of us in our different spheres That's why I said Mamma deal with abiding in Christ and conflict in adversity especially in ministry because a lot of us are Ministry canvassers Bible workers preach teacher self-supporting ministry schools and Terry and we all are ministers pastors otherwise and it's like it's pretty much pathetic how we do even with each other they Fiedler Norman McNulty and myself were together at a huge the kinds conference. After a very privileged to be around these men I consider them giants in the word and so I was sitting down and you know brother feelers one of those guys you could say hey tell me something about the history of a little well you know he just kind of goes into it you know if any of you know brother female He's just like a walking library and so he gave a quote that made brother McNulty and I tremble. I remember the McNulty said Lord please know we sat down and he shared with us a quote and I hope I'll remember it to give it to you before the weekend's over he shared a quote that showed. It is possible. We might be stuck on this planet for at least another 50 years and I remember when he showed that it wasn't a time prophecy at all it was the experiences that God's people need to be at and then he lined it up with the trend of what's been going on in the church and how far we are and how our progression typically takes A.B.C. periods of time and so on he said could be up to so please I don't want to misquote my brother he was not time setting that in the least agree he's just saying we're in such a bad shape and it's going to take so much that it could take at least are a very powerful miracle from heaven brothers and sisters what I'm saying to use we can't even get sometimes 5 ministries to work together we just can't it's just too hard because this lack of trust this I mean it's just it's a lot it's hard to get gospel workers to work together and that's what his ministry things Roberta mark so Jesus says if only they could understand how much I gave up the father says only they could understand how much I was willing to give up you see when the father and the son came together in that agreement brothers and sisters it was as if it was done the love was so strong that Jesus said as far as I'm concerned I'm willing to eternally be separated from you that they can be eternally united with you it was like done in his mind you know that if that's what it took I want to do it why do you think Moses said lord. Please have mercy on them and if not blot my name out the book Why do you think Moses said that in Exodus 32. He said that because that's what love does it makes you make strange covenants. So the council piece comes together right they make this agreement for these wicked nasty wretched miserable people these enemies of ours who willing to put forth the greatest risk somebody did not like that meeting. His name was Lucifer you can read it in your spare time if you never read it before Isaiah 14 you know 12 through 14 is 2812 through 17 you can read that Isaiah 1412 through 14 you can read that is equal 2812 to 17 read it but when that rebellion broke out this was the 1st and this she asian of pain that came to Jesus is hard very baby you not is it apparently him a man Ben. Love his story so glad to tell it on that message of heart and covers I mean just what an awesome story I mean man standing for Jesus trusting God holding on a woman by a side every step of the way we will go through this together. And here it is they enter into holy matrimony they end up coming together they say you can have a baby God said. I respectfully disagree. This is a miracle on behalf and I know that when my man holds that baby something precious Jesus had a chief baby this baby was brighter than excelled more than a lot of the other babies that Amy was angels and his own child turned against him his own child. Pulled in Absalom you know so I want to go against you I want your throne I want everything you got and if I get your throne I'll kill you can you imagine just your child saying that to you but how that would impact you they trust if I could kill you I hate you so much I'd kill you. And we just read it I mean part of the reason why I hated him look he hated him the more when he himself was dethroned he hated him who pledged himself to redeem a race of sinners Satan really cries for a lot of reasons he was mad he said I want what you have I want to take what you've got and I want to for my own and a war broke out in heaven and I want you to think about this this we have to understand the pain of Christ through this covenant that he made to save humanity that things started in heaven the pain didn't even start on earth but what it says here powerful statement those who think of the result of hastening or hindering the Gospel think of it in relation to themselves and to the world is natural when we want to hurry up the coming of the what we're thinking about our suffering when we want to hinder the coming of the Lord with thinking about the unfulfilled goals in the way we think about ourselves then it says. If you think of its relation to God Few give thought to the suffering that sin has caused our create or now I ask this it says all the heavens suffered in Christ's agony but that suffering did not begin or end with his manifestation in humanity the cross is a revelation to our dull senses of the pain that from its very what So as soon as rebellion took place in heaven pain already started in the heart of Christ. And it says that it's very inception sin has brought to the heart of got every departure now look at this every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every What. Every failure of humanity to reach his ideal you know let's pause please did you know that God has an ideal for your life do you know that God has a very specific place that he wants you. You got to think brothers and sisters think every failure of humanity reaching its ideal you see Sampson last night Samson fulfilled the overall purpose but he did not reach that ideal that God was trying to set up for you think God wanted him to go through all those years all those women and all that stuff you think God ordained that God had a different plan Sampson's actions to a degree tweak God's plans and it's not just Samson How about Moses do you know that God had a plan when Moses got a plan with the brother God literally said Moses he was going to take Moses into Canaan and he was going to translate it but Moses messed up the play you see when God told Moses Moses 1st around Hey there goes that brother the thirsty good that rock and I want you to smite it but only smites the rock water of life comes out and the people are refreshed 2nd time Moses comes people are thirsty most goes to the rock god says to the rock in a moment of heat and rage Moses strikes the rock twice do you know that Moses messed up the plan of salvation in symbolic form. First Corinthians 11 through 4 says Christ is the rock that refresh the children of Israel and wash this Christ was representative of that rock and so the 1st time Moses came to the rock it was appropriate that God said smite it why because Jesus must be sent you understand that in order for that water of life to come out of his side he had to be smitten he had to be struck. Put on that cross and so it was beautiful God says Moses struck the rock Moses strikes the rock the water comes out God says wonderful the plan is clear but do you know that Jesus was only supposed to be struck once. You see once christ dies on the cross he ascends into the same story above where he ever lives to intercede and all we have to do now is speak to him and so God says Moses you're coming to the rock now to strike you speak to the rock and when Moses twice. Damage the image of the gospel. That's where the father says Son I love you but I have to visit this. I have to visit this Christ was stricken once after that we speak to him in prayer. And we receive the outpouring of the refreshing it was a beautiful picture of the gospel now that image has been slightly damaged and so God says now I have to allow you to go to a rest period now again was God's will for field at the end of day what do you want Moses he want to heaven when did that happen but it was not according to the ideal that he said I believe a great grandmother already of God's people are going to graze without fulfilling the ideal he planned you know a guy who fulfilled the ideal. But. Please God. Who. Me from. But. Who. From. And call me. To reveal. That. To the. Paul God said I got a plan when that boy's born I'm going to use him and I'm going to separate him from the womb but you know as the. Did God ordained Paul to persecute the Christians so even Paul really doesn't fit this picture either God has an ideal that he wants us to fulfill and it's not just simply fulfilling the plan but it's walking in the light and the harmony of the plan every step of the way and if we're not careful family we can forge that plan and this is what God is trying to bring across to you and to me is that he wants us to understand even when you don't reach that ideal I've said for you that brings pain that's why the most important question is why as young as you are and brother Ben with your precious baby y'all need to make sure that should the Lord tarry should brother feed this prophecy come to pass and you've got a few more decades on this world I'll say this make sure that you and your precious bride from your side invest in helping that child to understand why they were born the specific ideal that God has said that there is a man who did do it for sure his name is Jesus 12 years old he watches that animal get killed and Jesus understood at 12 years old that lamb represents me he was clear and he let that example for you and for me the Bible makes it very clear brothers and sisters it says every departure from the right every deed of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach is ideal brings grief to him Education Page 263 God wants us to understand that there was a lot of pain that he's suffering from the beginning of time all the way through now watch this go to Matthew 2 when you look at Matthew the 2nd chapter watch this now in Matthew the 2nd chapter consider verse 16 Matthew Chapter 2 and verse 16 the Bible says a Matthew chapter to love look love in the eyes they make a covenant that they are willing to take on the greatest risk that man might be saved. Goes all the way through this drama 1st the pain starts in heaven through the rebellion of Lucifer and then as that pain continues as he now comes on this earth in the form of a babe the Bible says in Matthew Chapter 2 in verse 16 then Herod when he saw that he was mocked of the wisemen was exceeding wroth and sent forth and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem and in all the coast there of from 2 years old and under according to the time which he had been gently inquired of the wise men as soon as Jesus came into this world Satan was on his back Satan was seeking to persecute him even through his parents parents are on the run they got to hide their precious baby Satan want to kill him from the very beginning Now this is the beginning of his life in the beginning of his ministry but now look at this go to John 19 if you look at John the 19th chapter it is this point John the 19th chapter in John the 19th chapter notice what the Bible says here vs 28 to 30 JOHN $1000.00 looking at verses $28.00 to $30.00. The Bible says after this Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished that the Scripture might be fulfilled say it I thirst Now there was said a vessel full of what vinegar and they filled a sponge with vinegar and put it upon his up and put it to his mouth when Jesus therefore had received the vinegar he said it is finished and he bowed his head and gave up the goes you got to say what he says he received it he didn't drink it he tasted it he realized what it was and then he rejected it you understand that this was what is called a numbing agent it's a numbing if you study the whole vinegar mixed with gall. And Jesus rejected taking it you know why because Jesus knew. My mind must be clear all the way to my breathe my last breath if Jesus would have taken anything that could have impacted his mind that would have caused him to possibly make one wrong decision even in the final breaths upon the cross the whole plan of salvation would have been ruined church has no hope Christ must be destroyed my point is very simple from the moment he was born all the way until his last breath Satan was trying to get it all throughout this now the reason why this gets deep is because through his whole her earthly pilgrimage think about it he was misunderstood he was rejected he was hated He was mocked by his own family members he was called a devil he was beaten brutally and he was killed this is his whole life in short constant battle constant suffering you would think Jesus was a man filled with sorrows wouldn't. You think that because in the Bible say is a man of sorrows he said is a man of so you think Jesus of us was a sad man most of the time well I think God that's not true you know what if Jesus was a sad man all the time then why in the world would he say Peace I leave with you My peace I give unto you then he says not as the world gives give I unto you let not your heart be troubled be I'm going to be afraid John 1428 so Jesus in the midst of mass suffering still had peace. He had joy your me John 15 in verse 11 he said these things I say unto you that my joy might remain in you and your joy will be for you so you got to realize if he carefully yes it says he was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief but the next verses he took on our sorrows and took on our grief don't forget that Jesus was a happy man he was not a sad depressed man. Otherwise he has no peace to leave for us he had no joy to give to us he was able to maintain this peace he was able to maintain his joy why because even though they were directed me even though they punished me even though they called me a devil even though I came to give them life and life in abundance even though I've done all this he said I thank God that I could still have union with my father. Until even that became broken we would think this is enough of the sufferings of Christ things started in heaven continues down on Earth throughout his life still bridge but the most painful part of all is when 2nd Corinthians 5 in verse 21 says he became sin for us who knew no sin that we might partake of the righteousness of God He became sin for us now you know a sin does was the impact of sin between man and God separates. For the 1st time in his existence he had to be separated from the Father and to have the father look at him as the representation of sin and to look at him in displeasure now you know why that doesn't really bother a lot of us because a lot of us have lived the majority of our lives displeasing God we got used to it Jesus says this pleasing God he knew nothing of it all he ever known John 8 verse 29 The Bible says I always do those things that please Him crisis I've never displease my father you've got to understand the same way that you have a child under privilege father for children I remember our children could become so attached to us that if and enemy comes and takes our child away from us you have seen how that child will fight to hold on to mother or father. You have heard how a child screams when they're pulled away from their mother or father you know there was an enemy that was pulling away the son from his father the Bible says The last enemy to be destroyed is death death was pulling Christ away from his father and he was dying to death he should never died because he did it for we could cruel enemies and so he goes through this whole thing and this is what great drops of blood mingled with the sweat he's going through and agony that quite honestly many of us cannot relate to we've lived the majority of our lives separated from God we live the majority of our lives displease God That's why a crisis is not enough for you to visit this topic he says you have to meditate on it. You can't just read this that's I'm trying to tell you that's why I know it's like as much as my heart says Lord give to every single person in this room what you gave to me this morning God already made it known that everyone will receive. Is just some of us that is going to take a little bit more but God assured me some will receive this. My brother says you just got to make sure you're one of the some I'm telling you the truth when Christ went on that cross he took on the punishment of humanity past present and future all on one person then he literally suffered see good Isaiah 13 some final checks here we got just a few more minutes Isaiah 13 what is it that comes to one who is a sinner you see for Christ to become sin for us he's being viewed by God as a center So what is a Bible say happens to the sinner Isaiah looking at the 13th chapter. The Bible says in the book of Isaiah the 13th chapter if you there please say amen verse 6 and Isaiah 13 in verse 6 this is how you eat for the day of the Lord is at hand it shall come as a destruction from the Almighty therefore shall all hands be faint and every man's heart shall melt and they shall be afraid pains and sorrows shall take hold of them they shall be in pain as a woman that are there that they shall be amazed one at another their faces shall be as planes behold the day of the Lord cometh cruel both with what wrath and fears anger to lay the land desolate and he shall do what destroy the sinners there up out of it Jesus for the 1st time is sensing his father's wrath for the 1st time in his existence he sensing the father's fears anger the same thing him is going to feel the same thing others are going to feel going to since that separation he's sensing the separation taking all of this on himself and gets deeper because I love to say on the cross he simply bore our sins you see every time a man would confess their sins it would transfer from them to the substitute is that right and a substitute would now become guilty is that right so literally Jesus never sinned but nevertheless he's receiving that he's sensing the pain the struggle the wrath of God that would fall on a sinner he's sensing this even though you never sin if that were not deep enough go to Matthew 8 all the medical missionaries I think you'll like this one in Matthew the 8th chapter think about it Jesus bore in his own body the sins of humanity on the tree though he never sinned we can't even fully understand that process. But then the what if there's a Matthew 8 every time somebody was forgiven for their sin it was as it were that the guilt would now rest on Christ but then in Matthew the 8th chapter verse 16 it says when they even was come they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils and he can ask out the spirits with his word and what do they do with the sick he'll how many all that was sick that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by in science the prophet saying himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses how could Jesus bear our sicknesses when he was never sick Jesus says the same way I could bear your sins even though I never sinned in order for someone to be forgiven for sin it was as it were that the guilt would have to rest on him in order for someone to be relieved from disease it was as it were he would let it rest on him so you could have his health we don't understand what took place on the cross of Calvary all heaven was meant and given in that one precious gift and this is why this is why when we think about abiding in Christ the question is why why would I do that what would I do that for Jesus is a person until you get really and truly the cost of the cross abiding in Christ is not realistic it's not going to have the effect of the impact that God wants it to have because we're still going into Mean Girls self in the whole process and self is like poison This is why when I think about this thing about abiding in Christ I leave you with these thoughts to consider look at what abiding in crisis really about abiding in Christ means a living earnest refreshing faith that works by love and purifies the soul that's what abiding in crisis are living. Notice that earnest refreshing faith that works by love and purifies the soul and watch this it means a what constant receiving of the Spirit of Christ a life of on reserve surrender to His service Oh this is not enough watch this where this union exists good works will appear. God's trying not to make it hard. The life of the vine will manifest itself in fragrant fruit on the branches the continual supply of the grace of Christ will bless you and make you a blessing to you can say with Paul I am crucified with Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me the sacred union with Christ will unite the Brethren Wow. The sacred union with Christ will unite the brethren in the most endearing buns of Christian fellowship their hearts will be touch with the divine compassion one for another coldness variance strife are an tiredly out of place among the disciples of Christ. Watch this. They have accepted the one faith they have joined to serve the one Lord to endure in the same warfare to strive for the same object and to triumph in the same cause they have been bought with the same precious but and have gone forth to preach the same message of salvation you see the level of unity that can happen when we begin to understand his principle of abiding in Christ watch this those who are constantly drawing strength from Christ will pose this his spirit last slide those who are constantly drawing strength from Christ will pose as his spirit then it says they will not be careless in Word or department you see even dress reform is impacted when you about a crisis in your deportment in how you carry yourself and how you present yourself you will not be careless then assess an abiding sense of how much their salvation has what cost in the sacrifice of The Beloved Son of God will rest upon their souls like a fresh and vivid transaction the scenes of Calvary will present themselves to their minds and their hearts will be subdued and made tender by this wonderful manifestation of the love of Christ to them they will look upon others as the purchase of his precious blood and those who argue knighted with him will seem noble and elevated and sacred because of this connection closing the death of Christ on Calvary. Should lead us to estimate souls as he did his love has magnified the value of every man woman and child that I may know him Page 132 paragraphs 124 I am tired of preaching. I don't have the interest I want to see this power go into action. I understand family by Monday the team is going to meet and they're going to say what are we going to do next year every can't meeting that ends what are we going to do next year and then next year when I can't meeting ends what are we going to do next year and it's like the rounds just keep going I really believe that that if this was truly designed to finish the work a price should have been finished by now because it's been going on for a long time a really long time how much of Southern California is being turned over the 1st 2nd 3rd angels message. That's different they've got to come out right people got to give their hearts to God make real changes is a whole lot of sick people that need a lot of help with the sanitariums that don't tell me anything about L. and L.. And we all got that. I'm saying with a sanitariums. Where is the outpost this is how God has already told us it's going to get finished if we just keep saying all right next year this conference All right next year next conference. We might have to go back to Brother Fiedler and say Hey man I guess you are right here we are 50 years later God wants us to understand there's some things. It was stated so clearly last night as soon as Brother Wallace said it was like I know the answer to that question above anything else God says I want your heart that is the reason why sanitariums are going down that is the reason why I think about it I do understand financial problems in this that any other you know you know you list you look at a lot of sanitariums a lot of schools and they're constantly tanking why funds lack of funds this any other listen America's bank accounts are definitely problematic but heavens bank account is rich. God does not have a problem saying go to the nearest lake and catch a fish and I put all the money for your cemetery right beside it God can go at any length to do whatever he wants the problem is. Do I have your heart and if God doesn't have our hearts even our sanitarium work will become dangerous because it will give the people in incorrect presentation of who God is and will slow down the process rather than speeded up. The you know volume to the testimonies to the church of these page to 15 to 30 it says pride and self esteem can not flourish when the mind keeps fresh the scenes of Calvary you know that Proverbs 13 tenses only by strife comes arguments. Only only by pride comes strife comes these arguments how we become united how do we go forward in doing God's work. God makes it clear the only way is going to happen you need to revisit the cross. You've got to look at it again and you've got to look at it to the point that you get it that you understand this is what God has done and so this past hour and change whatever was. It was a very feeble humble effort. To try to introduce to our minds what we're going to study for eternity. In other words that's why I believe God said some will get it some will some of us at the place we can get it now some of us is going to probably take some more experiences maybe some more ups and downs I hope it doesn't take it just get split open but. I'm really getting it I'm really good and that love is motivating me to be a better husband be a better father to be a better man servant to be a better gospel worker my hope and my prayer for each of you consider the cross I mean really meditate on what was done for you and let it fill your heart to such a point that you can go ahead and demonstrated to others for that's the bond of perfectness Colossians 3 says. QUESTION How many of us understood the study Jenna's then it. Praise God. If and I want you to listen carefully and I especially speak this to ministers but this is to everyone. If the theme. Of the sacrifice of Christ. Has not been your focus you've studied a lot of other things you've done a lot of other things but for some reason this theme has not been your focus and you can relate to a lot of things we talked about today and you see your need to renew a covenant with God. To say Lord I am going to make this theme of Christ crucified. A more focused point of study where I'm going to look at what he did for me and search my heart to see where have I fallen short of this and then seek to let God work out those areas in your life if there's any of you in this room and please understand what I'm saying I'm telling you I've been in ministry for many years preached many countries gone to a lot of places this theme has not always been on my mind I'm just telling you as a brother coming forward and saying to you it is possible to be so busy even in ministry and preaching the quote unquote present truth that you begin to forget. What God has done for you and it has not impacted you that you are forgetting how you supposed to deal with other people if there are any ministers in this room when I say Minister I'm talking about Bible workers you're minister to my canvassers your minister I'm certainly talking about evangelists and I'm talking to pastors it is possible to do all this work and forget your foundation if you've allowed yourself to the pressures of life to the demands of ministry or whatever other elements are in your heart that's blocking you and has been blocking you from getting this focus and your new and your covenant with God to get it back 1st to the Ministers I'm inviting you to stand to your feet whoever you are if you're gospel work a Bible work a canvasser evangelist or whatever it may be if you've allowed this thing to be lost in your work and you know it's impacting your relationships there's some of us in this room you need to go to some people and tell them you're sorry you need to go to some folks and reconcile. And whatever it may be because God can't fulfil his ideal deal in US While this is still in our hearts that's why you standing. And as you stand I want you to know the Jesus stands with you. He stands with you some people need to see this some people need to see that yep it impacts us even as ministers sometimes we can get distracted and that theme is no longer a focus I speak now to those who maybe you're not in any particular gospel work at this time but you know the Lord talking to your heart you know the Lord is speaking to you and calling you and saying look you need to regain your focus. You need to restructure your thought processes you need to come back and visit the cross one more time and if that's you because you've got some hardness some unforgiveness some bitterness some anger some resentment whatever it is still in your heart. God has come back to Calvary and I'll show you how to solve the problem. I'm going by you know to stand to your feet. And as you stand again Christ stands with you. And he will bless you well beyond your expectations I had a special song that I wanted to be sung but I know that our time is spent So I'm going to do is going to do it and one of the other sessions under the tent during our time in our workshop is a very special song written by my dear sister Shana and it speaks to the very subject that we were talking about. I believe if we get this foundation right abiding in Christ the why becomes a lot easier because he really did poor out himself in love just for you just for me and that's my response to my sister you have suffered but there's none of us that can compare to the sufferings of Christ when we understand everything he went through that he might save us. We cannot compare even our sufferings to his sufferings. I leave her name anonymous but pray for this sister. That God by His grace will give the cross even her heart what he did for her and yes she did suffer but there is one who suffered more and was able to forgive rise up. And has ascended into heaven and may that be her experience as well for those of you who have been getting it you've been understanding it and you just simply are saying preacher help me to continue. To keep this vision of Christ upon which my gaze shall be fixed and I want to invite you to stand to your feet and I want to charge you to police the police spent more time. Making this sacrifice know. Even in our servants even in our interactions and especially in our homes let us pray our loving Father we thank you so much for this Gift of Love we thank you that innocence died for me and Lord I pray that you will please help these images of the incredible love of Christ your incredible love manifested through his sacrifice. May this help us and motivate us. That we will not only come to. But we will and by. This is our prayer we do ask in Jesus name. In this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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