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  • September 1, 2018
    7:00 PM


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Heavenly father we. Again turn to you for answers. Lord I pray that you would be would each of the speakers here on this stage that you would give them the wisdom needed and that assignment as well as far as how to answer the questions and that there listen here maybe in 1000 as well that nothing would come out of their mouth that is not from you as far as answering the questions as well or if there be anyone among us that has any questions at our heart you would give us the courage to write it down because someone else may need the answer to that question as well so with this Lord we look forward to your blessing us in this action as well we pray in Jesus' name amen our gentleman so the 1st question for tonight. How Do You Give God your heart. How Do You Give God your heart. You can't. You're supposed to ask God to take your heart because you can't give it it's his property and then you ask him to keep it because you can't keep it for yourself and then you ask him to save him from yourself you're on Christ like so and then ask him to lift you into his holy atmosphere where the rich currents of love can flow through your soul so you can't really give God your heart but you can. Give him access you can give him permission to do for you what you cannot do for yourself. One thing I will add to that is remember in Revelation 3 in Jesus says Behold I stand at the door and knock and then he says If any man open. The that's the context of giving permission you know when you think of the you know my son give me that hard it's not that you can give it that's very clear but you can give him permission to take it and so as stated that's it and you can read that in Christ object lessons page 159 you go home and you read that paragraph one beautiful very very few. Men and 3 women. Thank you for that answer that I mean this next question is a continuation of the 1st it seems. Actually you know it's a it's a it's a repeat how do you give your heart to God OK so I guess the questions I was asked twice so I think those answered pretty good. The next one. Why do I feel burnt out while doing ministry I no longer feel driven to work in ministry what can I do. I'm just going to concur that I agree with that feeling I felt it many times but I'm not going to answer the question has already taught so I'll wait till someone else tries answer then I'll try. Oh there's many things you can do but I can I can sympathize with that feeling one time share just a personal testimony really fast it seemed that all of my joy in life had left me I would look at my wife and see no joy I would look my children and see no joy it was awful and I was laboring for the Lord Yes So one day I was out in the garden by myself laboring in every movement. Just was eating away at me. And just there in the dura I fell on my nice you know holding holding my tool and and just. An utter cry to the Lord asking him to return unto me the joy of my salvation and I acknowledge what was true and for those of you the been coming to my my talks you know that that's the thing we acknowledge what's true and I just said Lord I don't since your presence I don't feel good about this but I know that you're faithful and your word says that you will give that to me and he did he restored the joy of my salvation so reconnecting with God. Realizing your dependence upon him in coming back to him because sometimes we we give give give but we stop realizing that we're actually giving what we have received and we start only to give ourselves instead of going back to the one who can give us something to give. Think I got the answer for this one as well. And ministry healing page 51 I want to listen to this the Saviour's life on earth was a life of communion with nature and with God. This communion that communion with nature and with. He revealed for us the secret to a life of power. This is Jesus was an earnest constant worker never lived among men another so weighted with responsibilities never another carried so heavy a burden of the world sorrow and sin never another toiled with such self consuming zeal for the good of men yet his was a life of health. Physically as well as spiritually he was represented by the sacrificial lamb without blemish and without spot in body as in soul he was an example of what God designed all humanity to be through obedience to his laws now the reason I give that is because you know in gospel work the devil's master trap of getting gospel workers is to damage our communion we become so busy doing gospel work we become so busy doing good work that we begin to neglect our communion time with God and it becomes slowly but surely a very quick in compromise it becomes very shallow and our communion becomes rushed and it's doesn't have some of that impact the way it used to because now we're weighted with greater responsibilities this is the trap of Satan and so whatever happens we must be careful as it relates to guarding our communion time with God because we were already told of the pen of inspiration this is the example he left for us of a secret to a life of power and that's how we will not get burnt out because we're getting our spiritual gasoline in our communion with Him and therefore we have the where with all to serve our family our fellow man those who we come in contact with on a day to day basis guard carefully your communion life with God. All right so it is very strange and I was in a a sign I don't know 2 weeks ago 3 weeks ago it was August is August now September. Right Time is just going. So it was strange I just tell you the truth it was a strange thing I was sitting in the back of a side and looking at all these ministries and all of a sudden. I had this all overwhelming feeling. Then I was done. Like I don't care. How much longer we don't preach this I'm thinnish I'm tired of all this stuff I mean it was an overwhelming feel it just came upon me and I was like What is this I knew it wasn't right but I just felt that way and I walked back to my. Hotel room and and there was no reason for me to feel that way I'm just telling it was no reason nothing happened to me nobody beat me up there was nothing going on. But I just I just felt that way so I go back to the room and I'm sitting there my wife and my daughter are there of the pride of you know the joy of my life and I'm just like look I'm still live for these people right here these my people. But I'm sitting there and I know I don't I'm not right and I don't I don't dare say anything so much because your words have an action upon your mind so I'm sitting there in my little girl goes to the bathroom and my wife is the only one in the room and I said to my wife sweetie I'm not in a good place. I'm not in a good place and I said I can't tell you what it is I'm just not a good place and my wife is such a sweetheart. She came and put her hand on me she began to pray for me. I felt good that she was supporting me but it in solve my problem. So I went to bit still feeling the same way. I got over 4 o'clock in the morning I was awake enough for and I said you know what I'm going downstairs that and when like anybody else I got I went downstairs in the lobby of my Bible with me and I'm having a real talk with God and I lie on a waffle it was this way and feel this way and this is going on from 4 and tell about 630 and know now whole time now friends I had over my Bible. I'm just talking to God and at about 2 and a half hours into this going back and forth I finally open the Bible and I begin to read. And then I begin to sing and it was so strange it was like whatever was on me just lifted off. It just lifted off me and I felt strange because now I like people again. And I want to do ministry and I want to pray with people so now I'm an A.S.I. booth and I'm praying with people I'm going around is doing all sorts of things and I'm like What was that now mind you I'm a coffee order so there's a chapter that all coppers love and copper ministry call help in every difficulty I will read this to. This for help in every difficulty separating. It says when there is a continual reliance upon God a continual practice of self-denial the workers will not seeing into discouragement I read it again when there is a continual reliance upon God a con tin you will practice of self-denial the workers wield not sink into discouragement they will not worry they will remember that in every place there are souls of whom the Lord has need and whom the devil is seeking that he may bind them fast in the slavery of sin of disregard for the law of gun to me that's a promise right so if I continue to lie upon God continually practice self-denial I will not sink into discouragement So if I am in discouragement maybe I'm not depending upon a gun there is no way to love crazy people. Because there is a limit to how much love I have naturally for people but when I'm connected to the eternal source there is no limit to how much I can love does that make sense I want to be one more thing. It was of the other way so now here we go see if I can find a real fess they here see is this is this Take the word of Christ as your assurance has he not invited you to come on to him Now watch this Never allow yourself to talk in a hopeless discouraged way. If you do you will lose much. By looking at appearances and complaining when difficulties and pressures come you give evidence of a sickly and feeble faith now all the call hoarders notice next sentence talk and act as if your faith were invincible so when you feel like that on a piece of paper don't write that out. Talk like it's your fate is invincible talk of your almighty god talk of his wonderful power talk of how he's delivered you in the past talk and act as if it is as if your faith were invincible my friends and discouragement will flee from you I promise you I have seen it I have felt it I have strained all the young people to do it I promise you if you do this you will gain much the Lord is rich in his resources he owns the world look heavenward in faith look to him whose light and power and effort be fishin see. Thank you for the gentleman thing that's pretty good we have time for only 3 more questions for tonight but don't be disappointed about it you guys can still ahead in write more questions. Media booth in the back or to Miss destiny and they will be answered tomorrow. So we'll move on to our next 3 questions this question reads as follows what's wrong with the feast keepers is actually 3 questions and this one made into one maybe maybe is connected so what's wrong with the feast keepers. 2nd is our church infiltrated by Jesuits. Thirdly. Does. Thirdly does some of our tights and offerings go to the Vatican. I wish I had time to read it and I have actually been thinking lately of publishing a small track to just Republic. A 4 part article. That Ellen White wrote for the review in Herald called the remnant church not Babylon. And so that 4 part article is so beautiful it actually acknowledges again the things that are true it is knowledge is the defects of our church it acknowledges that evils are going to be in our church it acknowledges that people will come in with false doctrines and and other things but it says and I'm just paraphrasing our church as defective as it is is the only object on earth only organization earth and that Jesus gives his supreme regard as well and so even if all of those things are true. So what. When you look at story of Jesus page 95 talking about the Passover it says this was the last time Christ was having Passover supper is this was the last time that Christ was to keep the peace with his disciples next sentence it was really the last Passover that was ever to be kept. This is for the lamb was slain to teach the people about Christ death and when Christ a lamb of God should be slain for the sins of the world they would be no need slaying a lamb to represent his death. You know inspiration is pretty clear that we are living in the feast of. The Entitled pickle Day of Atonement and there's no other feast day that that is to run congruity with that that our focus is being fixed on Christ in the most holy place and there are 4 things in the bit of his 23 that we should be focused on and that is holy convocation afflict your souls offer an offering made by fire and do no work we are to take those 4 principles from Leviticus 232-7232 we are to anti-type each of those 4 principles and that is what we are to exercise today and that is in harmony with the singular feast focus which is the day of atonement and so you know when the feast keepers come along and try to mandate God's people to still observe Passover or still AABs or of any of the other cease days that is extra biblical That is not something that God has commanded us to do with such a time as this if the Jesuits in the church you know I mean how do I know you are not one that's asking. What is the point of asking that they are good people in God's church they are bad people in God's church the Bible makes it very clear that they will be evil people in the church and there will be good people in God's church but in either case that is neither here nor there but the key is literally you make sure you're not a Jesuit and you make sure that your focus is not who's messed up in the church or who's the snakes God has already said I'm doing the shaking I'm going to identify all of those who are not standing with me and so that should not be our concern as far as a type going to the Vatican that sounds quite speculative you know 1st and foremost you know why what proof do you have why do you think we would know I mean we would I'd. Rather die. While. We are self-supporting gospel why would we know. That it could but what we do know in the book of Jose is. That God's people did corrupt the tithing system of the day we do know that there was a time that the priests began to love the offerings they love the blood because they knew that while we're going to get some free food we're going to get to bring it home because you know in other words the systems were perverted by certain priests so again is there corruption in God's church more than likely you know we are under attack but thank the Lord this church in feeble defective in need of warning counsel that reproof is the only object upon earth upon which God holds his supreme regard the purpose of the shaking is to purify the church so we have nothing to fear based on whether some tithes going to the Vatican or if it is just was within it said Are you make sure you know how to stand when everything that can be shaken will be shaken that is really where our focus needs to be. I mean so. Yeah I. So the 1st thought that came to my mind I'm gonna do what the tomorrow morning anyway but. Within. The purest church that you can think of there was a thief. His name was Judas. Judas so and it in separate itself from the from his little community of workers there because Judas is in the camp. So I thought well if there's a Jesuit and it can't maybe can be converted. I mean I've said next Jesuits on planes and taught them about the gospel and they they've listened very carefully. In regards to. Time for going to the Vatican I like Brother limits answered I was great. And everything else was handled I just I think the greatest enemy that we have to be careful of. It's who who is it. So you have to deal with self I think to judge what is the least of your concerns. Thank you for the gentleman and this last question that we did was 3 will actually just have one more before I move on to if that's OK because you want to have more time for the sermon right. Right if you want somehow or a you want to get you want to experience that spiritual heartburn right come on all right so they can have your attention for his last question. It says I know someone who is Adventist and has been for a while. This individual knows all the truth he could know and is very knowledgeable he has also been used to bring many souls to Christ and have brought many to make decisions for baptism but this individual abuses his wife behind closed doors whose wife happens to be my best friend. How can I help. OK am I'm going to say something 1st. I don't know. If that was my friend being abused. I would try to get her to get out of there. If I'm fully aware what's going on with my friend likes me or not and calm the cops. Whether she likes me or not that's just me I could be saying something completely wrong the might be against all the help protocol that was supposed to be done but this was my friend there's been abuse I'm talking to my friend let's say how we get not of this did not hear me call in the cops at a certain point what else can I do separate lots of prayer you know but that's my limited answer I really don't know. Thank you gentleman. The. What I did here was abuse what I did not hear was what kind of. This verbal abuse motion of abuse physical abuse. Sexual abuse you know it's like so quite honestly it's just difficult to answer that you know because there is there's so much to know you know about OK what's the situation. So it's kind of difficult to give true sound counsel to that type of situation one thing is for sure you know the Pharisees were known to be sticklers of the law yet in John 5 in verse 42 Jesus said I know that you have not the love of the Father in your heart. And there are many of us on an external level that demonstrate a lot of good will at in tism but at the end of the day we've got some demons in aren't that we have not allowed Christ to take those things away from us and as a result of that it comes out in secret chambers and a lot of times this is it where people get abuse so I do agree that the individual should try some level of separation for sure that that friend should talk with a friend is a Listen is your husband reasonable if your husband's not reasonable then you do need to put yourself at least in a place of safety until his attention can be captured whether it be through calling the cops whether it be for calling some type of social services hopefully 1st and foremost maybe a pastor or an Elders can come in you know God doesn't want us to rush these scenarios before the world so if we can get you know effective ministers that could come and literally intercede on behalf of this situation then that should be sought out but you need to make sure that ministers very consecrated don't just bring somebody to your house just because you're called a pastor it's like you know there's a lot of on qualified pastors So you know you got to make sure that this person is consecrated in life is surrendered and they have demonstrated of the power of God in their life so that they can be effective counselors so it's kind of a loaded question I don't know if you want to see any of us on the side and maybe as you would see as then maybe we can give a little bit more detail as we understand the circumstances but it's really a hard question to answer directly at least for me it is for me too and I would agree with my brother over here he said you know I really don't know and so when I don't know. Whether it's this question or others I've made it a habit of going to prayer and then study the word in the spirit of prophecy. And you may or may not find something clear but if you seek the Lord with all your heart I believe in letting him guide your feet and how to help he will reveal that to you he will reveal that to you so I just don't know but if you stay connected to the vine who is the source of all wisdom then he can supply a better answer than than probably the 3 of us. And I just that one little thing. At the question in deal with this per se but when children are involved you don't play around with that. Or you're one of saying don't if children are involved they need to be removed from their situation as fast as possible and as I don't know what the organization those we don't eat don't cover you don't cover this type of stuff. OK if you cover this thing and you think OK everything's good and it's still going on behind closed doors that stuff needs to stop and if you're if anybody in here is experiencing that you really do need to contact to one of us or one of the other leaders because at the end of the day. Your children will resent you. They will hate you and they would hate your god because your god was not active in protecting them so please if that type of thing is going on my heart really pains to hear anything like that and if children are involved for sure you need to act much more quickly than if you were single and I mean without without your yes and we have a quote right that says in a in a time of crisis the worst thing would be to do nothing. Thank you gentlemen before we move on to the next section can we have a word of prayer is that OK. Heavenly Father you have listened in to the questions being asked. As well as you have played a role in the answering of these questions and. Each of the individuals who have asked these questions. With those who may have also had the same question we pray Lord if it was not clear that you would make it clear Lord and if there are still questions lingering that you were given the courage to go up to one of the leaders or even. The speakers up here as well in person and so now as we move on to the next segment Lord. Of course also I want to add that you would give safety to the woman mentioned the wife mentioned who is experiencing this Buz. That you had put a covering around her in if there are children involved that the children be protected as well Lord and that whatever intervention is required it would be done probably in your timing and so as we move on that you would continue to guide this program let us not be distracted by the weather let us not be distracted by what's going on down the mountain but rather Lord that our hearts and our minds can be fully attentive to what you have for us thank you Lord we pray in Jesus name. This media was brought to you. A website dedicated to spreading word through audio and much more if you would like to. Visit.


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