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For My King

Andre Waller


Andre Waller
Co-Director, Tekoa Missions




  • September 2, 2018
    7:00 AM


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Our Father in heaven it is a wonderful privilege to be able to call you our father in law we are gathered this morning to open your word to hear from you so now on our knees and humbled hearts we ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit which is the only fictional teacher of truth and we pray this in Jesus' name amen. So about 2 weeks ago I presented this same sermon. And I was praying about what to share on this particular devotional and it was impressive online I must go back to this so as you are studying and I want you to be prayerful as a spirit 6 to speak to our hearts and to our minds we're going to do a survey of the Gospels and I want you to start with me in Matthew Chapter 26 and we're going to begin somewhat slowly and then in the middle will speed up and then at the end will slow down because I know we only have a short time so in Matthew Chapter $26.00 I want to read and I'm going to reading your hearing and then we're going to do some observations of the texts in Matthew Chapter 26 that we're going to begin reading at verse number 6 the Bible says Now when Jesus was in Bethany and the house of Simon the leper there came on to him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious point meant and poured it on his head as he said it meat but when his disciples saw what they had ended Nations saying to what purpose is this waste for the only time it might have been solved for much and given to the poor when Jesus understood it he said unto them why I trouble ye the woman for she have wrought a good work upon me. For you have the poor always with you but me you have not always for in that she a poor to this point made on my body she did it for my burial verily I say on do you wear so wherever this Gospel shall be preached in the whole world there is show also this that this woman have done be told for a memorial of her so we read that a passage you want to make some observations Please participate as I ask you a few questions where is Jesus at what town is yet so Jesus is in Bethany and he's actually in Simon the lepers house we find that there's a woman she brings and alabaster box with precious mint this woman interferes with a meal and poised the point man on top of the head of Jesus that's what it says right there doesn't I say that while he was eating now I don't know if you've ever. Been eating and someone has a strong perfume while you're eating there's a strong connection between taste buds and the nose you follow in the idea so this woman takes on men and pours it on their head of Jesus while everybody's eating the disciples have ended nation and they say to what purpose is this waste Jesus protect the woman then knowing TNG based on the scripture is preparing him for his burial lackey putting baptism there but as far as burial Jesus says this one man's story will be told as a memorial is very interesting now which is observing the text right now I want to go now to Mark Chapter 14 Mark Chapter 14. And we're going to begin reading and verse number 3 March up to 14 and verse number 3 notice what the Bible says it says in being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper as he said at me there came a woman having and alabaster box a void meant a spike nard very expensive very precious and she break the box and poured it on his head and there were some that had indignation within themselves but as interesting and said Why was this ways of the ornament made Ford might have been sold for more than 300 pence and have been given to the poor and they murmured against her and Jesus said Let her alone wide trouble you Hershey have wrought a good work on me for you have the poor with you always wins whoever you will you may do good to them but me you have not always she have done what she could she has come for hands on knowing my body to the burying verily I say to you where so over this gospel should be preached throughout the whole world this also that she have done shall be spoken of a memorial of her and Judas Iscariot one of the 12 went on to the chief priest to be trade him and to them and when they heard it they were glad and promised to give him money and he saw how he might conveniently betray him so let's observe that Jesus is in what town again my friends Bethany he is at Simon the lepers house this woman brings an alabaster box of Spike not the other passes said it was this precious only meant this one says is spiking are very expensive she breaks the box and Poor's it on Jesus it. Now this passage tells us that somehow in the nation within themselves so there are some that are memory within themselves there are some that are actually speaking it out and then it says there is a ways and then it has a value on the ways is 300 pens Jesus protects the woman and he says this annoying thing is preparing him for his Verio I know it's as bad as I'm Jesus says this woman story will be told as a memorial And then lastly Judas goes and begins the process of betrayal right after this dinner again we're just observing the text we're watching the texts watch it X. as gold will be further Luke Luke Luke Chapter 7 Luke Chapter 7 we're going to begin at verse $36.00 Luke Chapter 7 beginning at verse $36.00 and watch carefully the Luke is the Dr so you know the Dr pays attention the details Luke Chapter 7 beginning at verse $36.00 The Bible says and one of the fair seas desired him that he would eat with him and he went into the Farriss house and set down to meet and behold a woman in the city which was a sinner when she knew that Jesus said at me in the fair's House brought in alabaster box of point meant and stood at his feet behind him we ping and began to wash his feet with tears and then wiped them with the hears of her head and kissed his feet and annoying to them with WANT men now when the Fair see which had bidden him saw it he spake within himself saying this man if he were a prophet would have known who and what manner of woman this is that touches them for she is a was a say my friends she is a sinner and Jesus answering said on to him Simon I have somewhat to see into the. And he says massa say on there was a certain creditor which had to dept hers the one old 500 pence the other 50 and when they had nothing to pay he frankly forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him most attention my friends Simon answered and said I suppose he to whom he forgave most and he said it to him that has rightly judged and he turned to the woman and said and to Simon watch see is that this woman I entered into the line house and gave me no water for my feet but she have washed my feet with her tears and wiped them with the hairs of her head gave us me no kiss but this woman says the time I came in have not ceased to kiss my feet my head with oil doubt did us not anoint But this woman has anointed my feet with white men wherefore I say under the her sins which are many are forgiven for she loves much but the home little is forgiven the same love of little he said under her thus ends are forgiven and they that set it meet with him begin to say within themselves who is this death for give sins also and he sent into the woman by faith have saved the Go in peace right now which is of learning the tax not even preaching it so Leslie Luke doesn't tell us what how nice and well Luke does tell us that he had affairs he tells us so we now find that Simon the leper was actually a fair city we find that this woman has bring in alabaster box full of point in a spike in OUR she is no ordinary woman F.X. in the eyes of the fairies see she is seen as a sinner a woman of the town someone that is known by many of the men pay attention. In this one it doesn't say that they break the box over his head he says that he stood at his feet behind him weeping washing his feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair and she's kissing his feet I tell you the truth my friends if you ever been to a dinner like that that's no ordinary dinner. And then at the same time we begin to think about this you have to say to yourself What is it that this woman has experienced that has moved her to the place where she's willing to end barrels herself to the point of tears and wiping a man's We with her hair and kissing his feet what type of love is taken over her we see that affairs he speaks within themselves there's a lot of speaking within oneself you know to me it's a lot of internal conversations that are being revealed the heart being revealed this fiercely speaks of themself if you knew what type of woman this words you would be. Jesus protect the woman and then here's a parable about 2 dept tears he talks about loving much because she was forgiven much and loving little because one was forgiven little then it says to the woman your faith or save. Me a woman passage to go to I want to go to John Chapter 11 now John Chapter 11 all 4 gospels record this story all 4 Gospel gives us a different perspective on what's transpiring here in John Chapter 11 we're going to begin reading at verse 55 And please notice what the Bible says and the Jews Passover was nigh at hand and many went out of the country up to Jerusalem before the Passover the purified themselves then sought they for Jesus and spake among themselves as they stood in the temple What think ye that he will not come to the fees. Now both the chief priests and the fair seas have given a commandment that if any man knew where he were he should show it that they might do what my friends they might take him so he has the context now Chapter 12 then Jesus 6 days before what does it say my friends when I make sure you with me 6 days before Passover came to Bethany Well last rist words which had been dead whom he raised from the dead there they made him a supper and Martha served but alas Russel's one of them that sat at the table with him you and I here in the story then took Mary a pound of point made of Spike nard very costly annoying to the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the odor of the ornament then say of one of his disciples Judas Iscariot Simon's son which should betray him why was not this point so for 300 pence and given to the poor this is said not that he cared for the 4 but because he was a thief and had the bag and bare what was put there in then said Jesus let her alone against the day of my bearing has she kept this for the poor always you have with you but me ye have not always much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there and they came not for Jesus' sake only that they might see Lazarus also whom he raised in the dead but the chief priest consulting that they might put Lazarus also to death because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away and believed on Jesus so let's observe the text 3 of the 4 gospels identify the location of the feast which is in Bethany. We know that the thesis that Simon the leprous house who we know that Sam a leper now is Affairs but we also see something interesting here that there is service by Martha within the fair's house you should ask yourself the question if I come in your house you're usually serving me right if you come to my house I'm serving you it's not normal for somebody to be in my house and it's my house but you're serving you follow what I'm saying there's some type of familial relationship between Lazarus mob the Mary and Son you're not paying attention hold on we're going to keep going I don't have a little bit it's on there's a familial relationship there we see that the woman not identified by name in any of the other chapters now is identified in John that this is marrying the sister of Martha the sister of Lazarus she is the one that they're calling the sinner pay attention my friends she Mary annoying to Jesus' feet and wife's them with her hair and the Bible gives a very interesting description here that the only man feels the whole room there's so much imagery here brothers and sisters my mind is running through all sorts of scriptures but I have to stay here the oil Mint feels the whole room the order fills the whole place and then it says Remember now the disciples speak within themselves there's a actually speak out and in Matthew they speak within themselves and mark the fair's he speaks with certain of self in Luke but here the Bible indicates that Judas speaks up but I want to tell you how it went down if you read desire reaches Judas leans over and speaks to Peter and we know about Peter but it was about Peter. Peter's a loud mouth you speak it out loud what. Judas with was it Peter opens his mouth and boom now is a big thing some are saying within themselves some are speaking out loud Judas Iscariot being a thief wanted the money for himself he was not interested. In love for Jesus at this point Jesus protects the woman and there are some people there with a desire to kill Jesus and Lazarus my friends many Jews believe because of the miracle now with all the facts on the table well a lot of them not all of them but taking the totality of the Gospels and regards to the story I'm going to positing you and I'm going to go back to Luke Chapter 7 for moment and I want to highlight something in this chapter that is so very important to go back to look Chapter 7 my friends in Luke Chapter 7 again now Jesus is talking directly to the figure see he's doing a comparison in a parable between the fairest see and the woman watch what the interaction tells us I want to go back and look at verse number 40 now and Jesus answered instead of the Simon Simon I have somewhat to say into the and save master say on there was a certain creditor which had to dept years the one old $500.00 pence and the other 50 and when they had nothing to pay he frankly forgave them both tell me therefore which of them will love him most Simon answered and said I suppose that he to whom I gave most he said to him that has rightly judged I want you to know something about God if God actually a question it's not because he has no answer when God asked you a question the intent of his question is so that you can examine yourself that's what he's doing when he asked you a question son Adam Eve Who told you you were naked Eliza What do is that here we're gonna ask a question he's asking the question so you can recognize your true condition we're you really are in relation to him Are you following the idea so he asked Simon the question Simon of course as you know we will do a lot of bravado David did the same thing oh yes the one that forgave most. Watch my friends that was really judged and he turned to a woman Senator Simon C.L. this woman I introduced in our house and i gave me no water for my feet but she has washed my feet with her tears and wipe them with the hairs of her head that gives me no kiss but this woman has since the time I came in have not ceased to kiss my feet my head with oil Dow did is not annoying but this woman have anointed my feet with poignant wherefore I say into the her sins which are many are forgiven for she loved much but whom little was forgiven the same love of little I want to participate in your Right now I'm going to throw it at you you may not believe what I want to tell you in this parable I'm going to show you from the end of the race in this parable to to doctors who do you think they represent who could use you to represent it Simon and Mary every see that now Simon the leper Jesus had healed from leprosy was a big thing because if you had leprosy you were an outcast Yes so gone at forgiven and healed Simon the leper do you know that Mary if you read through the Gospels Mary had 7 different times 7 different times Jesus cast out a demon out of Mary 7 different times remember Jesus comes to the house because the House of Lazarus mother Mary he loved to reside there remember when Jesus came there and when he came there of Lazarus is sitting and listening to Jesus and Mary is listening isn't it Jesus but martyrs is busy working busy working busy working do you know why Mary is not afraid of Jesus because she had just been delivered from a dark place she sitting and her delivers feet she's listening to the words of her savior Now mind you now remember what the Bible teaches that if you clean your house you push out the demons the 1st time and you come in your house but you don't fill it up the demons come back 7 times worse think about that she had cast out demons 7 different times now I've been around and encountered people who were possessed by demons. It's not a pretty sight and every time someone's possessed by them it doesn't always show itself in like in the back of their head it doesn't do that in fact previous research says are they just says that the fairs these were possessed by the same demons but I'm looking at the story member Jesus said those who are forgiven much love what the split this on a scale do you thing that Simon's sins were greater than Mary sins What do you think true. Let me show you this I'm a skip something I must get this well let me just put it out here you know 300 plants is a year's wages if you do a little bit of calculations 300 pens equals about anywhere between 16031000 dollars 1st of all have you ever bought our purview borrow for $16000.00 that's a low in $300.00 pence a year's wages this woman was in love with Jesus do you understand what I'm saying so 300 pounds watches and were reduced to you Simon had led into sin the woman he now despised nobody heard what I just said remember he said if you knew who this was this woman is a what she's. How do you know Simon Simon was the one that led her into sin it is so strange my friends and if you watch your own heart in your own soul and you watch how people deal with people it is easy for us to look down upon the homosexual it's easier for us to look down upon those who don't keep the Sabbath day holy and we ourselves have so much stuff in our brains and in our souls that is rotten Simon had led into sin the woman he now the spots she had been deeply wrong by him. So the very beginning of her being possessed by demons was because a him who had a greater sin Simon her Simon but the woman who was just all victim of him now of course she's responsible for her own sins Yes but listen to this my friends she herself had received the forgiveness of Jesus at such a level in such a way where her love was so deep and so strong it didn't matter who was in the room it is because Simon did not recognize the depth of his sin that he loves so little I'll be here when I say because he didn't recognize his need my friends because he loves a little oh let's go do some missionary work too people show you know why 2 people show up because we don't recognize the great sacrifice of our Lord let's go do some door knocking let's organize and how rich to deal with the poor I get time but I'm busy I've got things to do to take care of my family you love little my friends you love a little we love a little because we don't understand the great sacrifice that our Lord has given on our behalf this woman was in love with Jesus now Jesus tells a story and the strange part you remember if you go back if we go back for a 2nd you see here in March after 14 upon the ending of this wonderful event Judas goes and begins the process of betrayal and I want you to see the contrast here let me ask you a question before Asher before I before how many of you love Jesus can I see your hand can I see am I right Judas had joined the disciples when multitudes of following Christ the Savior is teaching move their hearts as they honk entranced upon his word spoken in his and a god. By the seaside upon the mount Judas all the sick the lame the blind flock to Jesus from the towns and cities he saw the dying laid at his feet he witnessed the savior smile he works in healing the sick casting out devils and raising the dead watch this now he felt in his own person the evidence of Christ's power here recognize the teachings of Christ as a period to all that he had ever heard. That describes everybody in this room right but watch this he love the great teacher but then you just tell me you love Jesus Judas loves his teacher too he love the great teacher and desire to be with him but watch this he felt a desire to be changed in the character and life and he hoped to experience this through connecting himself with Jesus is not your desire. But a way he gave him a place Jesus is so awesome he gave him a place among the 12 he trusted him to do the work and evangelise he endowed him the power to heal the sick and cast out devils listen but Judas was but Judas did not come to the point of surrendering him so fully it's a cry is that he did not give up his worldly ambition or his love of money while he accepted the position of a minister of Christ he did not bring himself under the divine molding he felt the sin of this now he felt that he could retain his own judgment and opening in sin and he cultivated a disposition to criticize and up to be careful what ministries you listen to my friends. You could be under the Ministry of Judas my friends I look at this and every time I'm looking at these passages I'm not looking at these passages so I can preach to you I don't like preaching I am an introvert by nature This is upon me because God is saying to me Andre you could be Judas Don't you love the teachings of the master Yes Don't you believe this appears all of us don't you believe is the Messiah Yes I do but do I bring myself to the point of surrendering surrendering to him fully fully my friends fully my friends fully my friends it is a sad reality that many will be under the preaching of the 3rd angel's message and be moved by meeting such as this and will come up in the last hours and try to figure out how come I'm not making it was wrong but here's Judas you know what he does he betrays his Lord and my mind just compare contrast here's Mary here's Judas one name will go all the way down to the end of time to the glory and praise in honor of God This will go down even in the loud primaries name will be mentioned Jesus says it will go down as a memorial Do you understand that but Judas the opposite the great antithesis of it all is so closely connected with the N.T. Christ power somebody asked the question last night about Jesuits please and worried about Judas is us in this room I'm afraid of because in my mind I'm asking Lord you know it's a struggle when you try to figure out what to preach and I suppose it is the most was a list and when he saw pressing like this when it's like that it's like OK somebody is in trouble I mean has it hastened on I want to go now to John John Chapter 20 and watch this my friends this has to be one of the most beautiful passages in all the Bible verse 11. It says but Mary still without the supplicant weeping and ashy where she stooped down and looked into the supplicant and see of 2 angels in a white sitting the one at the head and the other at the feet where the body of Jesus had lain Now I want to pause for a 2nd at this time several others I was at random to consider 2 men gone missing nothing new all left this woman stays because she's in love with Jesus she stays there and she listen to this now and this is my sanctified imagination she looks into the tomb but she's really looking into the most holy place you know and I hear when I was and was in the tomb 2 angels one on this side and one on the other what are there for their for their Lord she listens to the most holy place and watch what happens now verse 11 again I read but Mary still without the supper Co weeping and ashy wept she stooped down and looked into the supplicant and see your 2 angels in white sitting one at the head and the other at the feet where the body of Jesus had lain and they say under her warm and this is why we pursue the high seas says under them because they have taken away my Lord and I know not where they have laid Him and when she had thus said she turned herself back and saw Jesus standing and knew not that it was Jesus what this Jesus said under her one woman why we were style whom seek is now she supposing him to be the gardener said under him sir if. Born him. Tell me where thou has laid him and I will take him away what love she wants the dead body of Jesus to know here will know what i give me the body what love I look at Merriam sand man Lord I don't love you like that well love but watch what happens when the heart truly understands that they have been forgiven and they have been loved by the most high God God himself then reveals Himself uniquely to this particular individual watch Jesus say that under her Mary Hope she turned herself and stand him revenue. Which is to say master you know it must have been the way he said her name I mean he been talking to her the whole time who are you looking for. But it must have been the way he said Mary My sheep hear My voice is he calling your name is he calling you because in the day all this preaching is said and done at the end of the day all he wants is you to keep close piety relationship Mary. Mary Andriy. You put your name there he's calling you this morning and listen my friends here is the secret that most people don't truly understand you see when the Spirit of God comes upon a man or a woman the 1st thing that he feels is not necessarily overwhelming joy what may happen to you is that you may feel unworthy when the Spirit of God comes upon a man or woman he reveals sin in that moment in time that he's revealing sin to you it's not so that you can go run and hide is not so that you can go fix yourself up the revelation of sin is there so you can say Father. Forgive me Father save me a man or a woman that cries that cry god cannot but help and say. If you look at the cross look at the cross for a 2nd Jesus is on the cross the thief is there and he's dying and Jesus stops him pauses in the midst of his own suffering and say this this day you will be with me in paradise Jesus stops dying to save somebody. He can't help but do it do you understand he can't help but do it a woman is walking by and she reaches out in faith just a touch to him of his garment he has no power to resist that touch he has no choice he must respond so why would you die in your sins when the Savior is offering also vision to you. My job is done if you want to accept this great love and salvation this morning signified by going to you nice and for a few moments talk along with God. And after a few moments of silence then I will close father you have heard our prayer take our hearts for we cannot give them their property keep them for we cannot keep them ourselves and save us from ourselves father are weak and Christ like cells and raises them to appear in the holy atmosphere of the rich currents of your love truly do flow through our souls thank you thank you Lord thank you Lord for saving my soul Thank you Lord for making us. Think. This in Jesus' name. You claim the merits of his blood. Payment. 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