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True Education and the Final Generation

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


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good morning and hate is very good to be here this morning and to be feeling better and the always wonderful to be able to worship God in nature so I'm thankful for weekend like this I know you are to me know I'm also thankful every time I come back to Austin Hills because we are blessed with nature their two and I think sometimes in the busyness and the stress of our week in our work and our studies that we sometimes don't see just how beatable camp is God-given and and so I would just encourage you sometimes just take a deep breath and look around and when the sun 's coming up and there's some fog over the vineyard where Laura may be see the left the bright green grass or whatever it is just be thankful for the nature God 's goodness there too and I was thinking it was weak as we experience God in a little different way in nature I've heard some testimony to this morning I was thinking about how you know sometimes we examine us were little weak on the mystical side and may for good reason you know we don't we know that God hears prayer everywhere right we don't have to go to church to attempt to say our prayers are to find God because we believe God is wherever we see Kim but used it gives an example of of nod is rising up a great while before day but also going into solitary place and they are praying Jesus had to practice in his life of I thinks which started very early of going out into a place a special place that was his and God is in his fathers and encourage even on campus you might find this bot where you can make that your spot with God it may be a tree your place by the Creek door I realize it will get cold and it won't be comfortable to spending all your time with God and men that spot but but it particularly maybe when you want to pray or spend time alone there's nothing wrong with having a particular place that you keep for you and God I was reading and in pictures and profits life of Abraham and when God spoke to Abraham that final test and he said Abraham Abram take your son your only son Isaac whom you love and go and offer them for a sacrifice at Mount Mariah in the industry prophecy were told that when that message was concluded in Abraham wondered he doubted he questioned whether that was really God speaking to him and giving him fat specific instruction on activity went to a place where he had beforehand that messengers from heaven and then he hoped they are again to have some special revelation to have some communication from God some additional affirmation but nothing happened but what struck me was that he had this place where he was in the custom of of this especially meeting God and them it did it would be well for us I believe to use to form a habit of also seeking God not just in our dorm rooms wherever we are when we need him I'm throughout the day but perhaps also in spot in nature were we can draw close to him well I'm glad is no clocks around them because I have two sermons last night and this morning 's head big breakfast right and it's only it's only going on ten o'clock in California my line just do a quick review if it's okay of fun the thought for last night and then maybe this next few minutes we shared together with Dave's message will be more meaningful last night I wanted to look at the principles of true higher education when the state of higher education today we often think of post secondary maybe even post undergraduate studies higher education is sort of that academic world that some colleges and universities are particularly thought of as as allowing us to enter into but there's a different higher education is spoken of in the Bible and throughout the spirit of prophecy and so just to familiarize you with that concept make sure on the same page when we speak of true higher education were not really distinguishing between one college and university and another were talking about a principle here that is a principle that really supersedes institutions and on that principle is the principle that God established as a principle of education from the very beginning where was the first school for mankind in the Garden of Eden if you've read the book education familiar with the concepts of God set up a school it was a practical training ride is a work study program it was a is a will were Adam and Eve could learn throughout all of eternity because God treated with us with minds capable of infinite expansion that amazing God intended for them to learn in this school of higher education throughout all of eternity and the principle of this school the concept of higher education was that that education would come as man's mind the human mind that finite mind would come into contact with the infinite mind with God 's mind that makes sense the other two ways about what happened one would be of course throughout their day in their work and especially in contact with gods first a book of Revelation the nature right so throughout the creation of God man would become familiar with the character in mind of God that makes sense and so as they would be out in the garden of Eden and what a wonderful garden I must've been if we think this is beautiful if we think that after six thousand years of sin were still moved by natural beauty I can only imagine with regard beaten must of been being a we become desensitized to so we have to ring that keep looking and for blessings and end and counting our blessings because we become accustomed to it and I suppose we become accustomed the garden lead to but beyond the book of nature there was also communication that God would have direct me in those days before Stan God could speak directly face-to-face with men and Adam and Eve enjoy this privilege and in these two forms of contact the finite mind with the infinite mind true higher education would take place that's a very fundamental principle underlying true higher education to higher education it our minds coming in contact with God 's mind and our minds being raised elevated our characters even being changed as a consequence of the result that is the underlying principle to her education and is read you a couple things from from will first of all it's just look at the end the Bible of the Proverbs chapter one chapter one verse seven it's a theme that will be repeated throughout the book of Proverbs so it's important for us to find here in the very first chapter it says in verse seven the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and instruction chapter two verse five then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge it's the basis of wisdom and understanding and we can we can we can see this throughout particularly maybe were familiar with frogs chapter nine verse ten the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the holy is understanding the concept is this higher education we'd speak evident of biblical spiritual sense hire education has less to do with the degree you are the pursuit or the institution higher education has to do with the heart it has to do with our spiritual development that makes a step back and think a little bit because we tend to think of education as dealing with the realm of the mind the intellect and we sometimes are even attempted to think that if I just study the truth if I guess if I'm smart enough I study the truth I will come to the truth that's not necessarily true it didn't extend coverage of truth has more to do with the heart that does the mind Jesus would even say in John seventeen if any man will do my will he will know my doctrine whether I speak of myself for out of daughter whether I speak myself so as we yield ourselves which is a function of the heart as we yield ourselves to the obedience of the truth our minds become open to the comp region of true knowledge that make sense this is the fundamental principle underlying true higher education the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the holy is understanding you know I'm a I'm concerned today because in the intellectual world academic world there are many different ideas about truth the question is not how many how higher IQ is her helmet and usually studied the question is are we submitted our wills submitted to God be very careful be very careful in trusting the opinions of men who do not understand the basics of commandment keeping I know I have a hard time today we tend especially in the world of Christian music were sort of all united as a Christian community but the understanding of truth is dependent upon the willingness to follow truth and Doblin has rejected truth about following truth and the more we are willing to owe David truth submit our hearts to the will of God the more he's contributed a label to lead us into the knowledge of him to our education is gained by studying and obeying the word of God this is an cry subject lessons one hundred and seven to commence July vacation is a gained by studying and what obeying the word of God samples of it but when God 's word is laid aside for other books that do not lead to God and that commitment heaven the education acquired is a perversion of the name is not education education page fourteen and a knowledge of God all true knowledge and real development have their source what whenever we turn wherever we turn in the mental physical or the spiritual realms in whatever we behold apart from the blight of sand this knowledge is revealed whatever line of investigative investigation we pursue with a sincere purpose to arrive at truth we are brought in touch with the unseen Mike intelligent that is working in and through all the mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God the finite with the infinite the effect of such communion on mind and on the and soul is beyond best don't you want so I went a couple of more real quickly chew our education is that which is received by sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning of him counsel 's depends teachers and students page two fifty two bundles Christian education four thirty one the chew higher education is what makes students acquire acquainted with God and his word and fits them for eternal life now the important thing for you to recognize here is you can go to the right school you go to a good school you go to the best school may be that exists and not experience to her education you can even graduate finish a degree you can be well-respected you can have a lot of good knowledge but it is possible to do all these things without actually coming into contact your mind being submitted to the mind of God makes sense because true higher education is not a function of the group or institution true higher education is a function of yours and my soul individually personally then what's the importance of institution doesn't matter where I go to school the ideal for God it seems to me the ideal for experiencing to higher education is for an institution to be established on principles that encourage and students to attend who decide a new desired and choose the make sense now you can have one without the other and probably be benefited right wing you got to higher education wherever you are but the ideal I believe especially for these last days is for institution be disestablished it's our schools to be established that will foster and foment and encourage true higher education how do we do that how do we do that we must remove the distractions that would keep students from or at least make it more difficult for students to be able to have that time and that Communion and that surrender and that that experience themselves with God and unfortunately even in educational systems they even Christian educational systems the day there many things entered which are unnecessary and in some cases contrary to the principles of God 's Word and Scriptures and the character of God other things are just unnecessary which are just distractions they've to our carnal nature right they killed you are human wisdom but they don't necessarily bring us into the mind of God they encourage less self-sacrifice and more self-indulgence and soak in the system of education that God would have us to be a part of in the system education had have his people to stash the time he intended that environment be created that would be as distraction free as as the as uncluttered and inhibited by lots of other pursuits that have no real spiritual purpose so that a young person who wanted to come and to experience true higher education sitting at the feet of Jesus opening his word their finite minds coming into contact with infinite they would be able to have that opportunity I'm thankful for washed elves is not a perfect school is neither perfect institution nor the film of perfect students but I'm thankful for both institution and the students because you have us that the staff enough faculty into a philosophy that is intentional about trying to help students experience to her education and have students coming who are intentional and sincere and wanting to have that experience personally with God and when those two come together God 's going to bless that was my first let's pray and will get into the messages father in heaven we need not brilliant ideas not smooth sayings not interesting stories but today we need our finite minds to be brought into contact with the infinite mind we are sinners we realize that we are unworthy to have this experience to enter into your thoughts and your presence but this morning we thank you for Jesus and because of him and his righteousness and his worthiness we can come boldly to your throne and ask for grace to help in time of need today we just want pray that you will take our only human thoughts and you will help them to be transformed today and even the coming year years of our lives as we experience you have education is a consider what the last generation will look like help us to see how this year you can be transforming us to be a part of that last group people to live without sin death on the face of this earth we want to be among those who see you come in the clouds we want to be among those who never grow old and die so Lord worked a miracle of our hearts today give us an understanding of your word as we think about these few principles for a few minutes Texas with your spirit we bring Jesus from them unlikely turn in your Bibles with new book of Revelation Revelation chapter fourteen and were going to read the first few verses in Revelation chapter fourteen were going to be talking this morning about the laceration last generation is a concept that's sometimes misunderstood much aligned but whatever you think about it you have to be if you are Seventh-day Adventist if you're any kind of Adventists in fact you have to believe there's going to be laceration right if Jesus were to come there has to be a final generation that will be alive when he comes there's no way of circumventing that truth and so were going to look at what the Bible describes in some cases as those living in the last days another's as the hundred forty four thousand right Huberman look at the hundred and forty four thousand we believe are among those were translated out seeing death relation fourteen in verse one is as I looked and behold and low Lamb stood on Mount Zion and with him a hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in therefore heads I heard a voice from heaven of the voice of many waters of the voice and great thunder nerd the voice of Harpers harping with their hearts and they sung as it were a new song before the throne and before the four beasts in the elders and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand which were redeemed from the years these are they which are not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he go with these were redeemed from among men being the first fruits under God and Lamb and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God is not interesting well John the red later he looked in he saw this group of hundred for four thousand and this seat is standing before the throne of God and understanding with who the Lamb and they are identified by something written therefore it's right what is written and therefore heads the father 's name is written in therefore heads now of course we understand the name of the Bible represents character just like glory is used as a symbol of character and name is also understood to be a symbol of character and so when when the time for four thousand described as having the father 's name written there for it it's also indicating that there is the character of God the identity of God has so been molded into their thoughts and their character that they reflect the character of God very interesting they have become like Jesus now even if we don't really have clear understandings of apocalyptic prophecy we can still be very confident that this is going to be the case of returned back to John first John chapter three and verse two first John chapter three inverse to we find this said and a very clear and explicit way talking about the what those who are looking for Jesus coming and who are alive at his second coming will be like first John chapter three and verse two it says beloved now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be we are in a process of growing right is not the purpose of the Christian faith to continually develop believers to be more and more like God now we are sons of God doth not yet appear what we shall be but we know that when he that's God shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he gets an everyman it says in verse three that hath this hope in him purify himself even as he is pure which hope the hope of seeing Jesus come right and so has as those who are live being in what we believe are the last days of verses three when the second coming could be imminent what hope should we have what works you would be doing in our lives we should be seeking become more like Jesus right the father 's name being written in our boards now and ask a simple question I hope as we look at a number of characteristics I'm not sure how much time will have two and to look at them but is it as we look at a number of characteristics I want to get to at least seven of this morning I want to ask the question what can higher education to higher education due to help us in the process of having the characteristics of the final generation what can higher education is that it put is an important is it essential for an order for us to become like Jesus the father 's name written on four heads you think we need experienced to higher education yes we do our minds you can constantly be coming into contact with God 's mind outside is something there are reasons they are reasons that God 's will for schools is that our schools is that they should be established where in the country you do not even realize the unconscious affect that is taking place in your mind and your character simply by the setting you place yourself you don't realize I've seen it happen over and over through the years I've been awash deals longer than any of you think it's safe to say I first came here in nineteen eighty eight and I was never mine this is the lesson if you have lost some of you already have to be out nothing I I was student then knows was not high school student but I have seen through the years young people who do not want to experience your education I mean they're not coming to the Academy or maybe the college even because they want to give their life to Christ they have other reasons or there's other or other people in other reasons and they are there but they have no intention of surrendering your life to Christ which is sort of the beginning of wisdom right at the beginning of our education is a surrender the heart no intention and they don't know what even without the other changed just because of what they're seeing every day there is a star contract contrast in the effect on the character between seeing what you're looking at here today and seeing the movies the television the billboards the shopping malls that advertisements in the town of saying constantly twenty four seven feeding your mind there's a big difference subconscious unconscious agency both your environment can affect your character so obviously if we want the father 's character written in our forwards were going to have to do something intentional we should make that decision ourselves to bring our will and can't in the harmony with his will and to bring our minds and the contact with his mind right but I'm going to say this the environment that you are in will have either a positive influence toward your character development or negative influence if it's a negative influence like Daniel Babel and you're going to have to take even more intentional and drastic measures to make sure the influence is forming your character are influences from the word of God and the character of God not from the world and the character of the world that make sense it is much more difficult you'll spend more time in prayer more time in Bible study more time trying to trying to find ways to burst your senses and that which would shape you into the character of Christ if you don't you're going to be transformed her by the world you're going to be conformed to the world I often often tell young people this is not like it I like to think about it I know your college students and some of you have strong characters strong-willed but I'll I'll I'll say this is probably true of all of us you don't choose whether or not you're going to be influenced you simply choose which influences your place in your life you do not choose whether or not you're going to be stuck you simply choose which influences in place there is no such thing as not being influenced were all influenced no man lives into himself and no man dies into himself Romans fourteen percent no man is an island we say in English we all are influenced by our surroundings by what's around us by what we choose and if you don't choose in many environments those choices can be made for you and their not going to be positive influences and I would take that one step further even at washed the hills if you don't choose the devil could find influences even here to place an why would be obstruction to your mind and brought into submission to the mind of Christ choose what influences you have in your life the first characteristic of a hundred for four thousand of the file generation as if they are like Christ let's move on the second they are obedient notice it says here they follow the Lamb were ever he goes they follow his leadership to be skipped down the verse twelve this is the same group of people being described here I believe it's a group of people prepared by the three Angels messages verse twelve says here is the patience of the saints here the unit keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus now if weight we understand obedience right window stamina means to have his law written in our boards and even has as or in our hearts even as Symbian as we have this idea of victory over sin you're familiar with that probably conservative circles you hear that phrase more than another circles and haven't is because confident victory over sin we believe in keeping the commandments right I think if we didn't believe that victory over sin was possible if we thought that breaking the Commandments you know is this just a normal part of the Christian life and why would we make such a big deal over the Sabbath in all and it's one thing to want to have the blessing of the rises another thing to lose your job or family over to keep sending anyway now sometimes we believe that God causes to be separate from what we call commandment breaking but so often we focus on victory over sin as if that were the goal of the Christian experience I may share with you what Paul says in Ephesians chapter four will start first twenty three Ephesians chapter four let's just look at real quickly here I think it's really important for you that was then and I is as those who want to be a part of the commandment keeping people in the last days things important for us to realize that commandment keeping is not about victory over senates much more than that first twenty three feet in chapter form and be renewed in the spirit of your mind is what we want right that some of the beginning of our education and that you put on the new man which after God is treated in righteousness and true holiness what's that experience describing what experiences that if any man be in Christ is a new creature holding the past would be gold build all things are become new what is that experience what I would describe it in one word okay sanctification and the wind is a begin conversion perhaps his and that is that when there's this true radical transformation and the justification takes place and of course Lisa walked in that justified state which is sanctification and wherefore it says there's twenty five putting SI putting away lying a figure percent isn't it or is it wherefore putting away lying then were done right the think mammas as thou shall not bear false witness were done I mean this is a concept that we often have about the giver said I stopped doing the bad things what more does God want the fact of the matter is Jesus it were to be like Jesus Jesus did a live on this moral line right next to transgression the ten Commandments Yuk 's goal uses closely to get the full thirty three and half years on one of on the circuit that is experienced is that expansion wants for us is that experienced in the last race she would have a third entity like Jesus Bosnia Britain and for its it is if godliness God lightness is the Golden reach higher than the highest but that's where we're growing to write that we should have our eyes down here on his moral line where we came from I mean it in this habit you know back in my younger goose days I would tease people pulled the legs tell jokes that of opinion and I member as choir director and eyes to know be driving across the country get bored sometimes I'll tell you one of my lines I can use the next four years but it's okay passing a cemetery I would tell one of my students don't preferably one of the world hair color but one of the e-mail one of the more half of one of the more naïve to did you know that in that cemetery the entire cemetery they only allow blind people to be very no way also but there is also Mister not lying legendary but eventually am forced to tell them within figure out first that all black people all dead people are like no so that's really not a unique extract some after their death to bodily FB death sometimes I'll keep giving includes but at any rate the point is there blind their deaths but guess what they also don't curse and swear they rest every Sabbath they don't steal they'll commit adultery they don't bow down the graven images yet as I'm saying they have achieved victory over sin so many of us might conclude they are good add lists and him and some avenues are practicing that lifestyle already victory over sin is not the cessation of breaking the Commandments called making that very clear in Ephesians wherefore putting away lying do what speak every man truth with his neighbor if we are members one another be not angry and sin not so for go on down verse twenty nine of us twenty eight let him that stool do what okay that's very simply done right stops pert snatching purses I mean it's a hard habit to break but I broke it the key seniors I don't steal anymore but Paul says no that's not where it ends but boy rather let him labor working with his hands the thing which is good in a good honorable employment right that he may have something to distribute to him that needs so instead of lying I'm speaking truth instead of stealing I'm what giving instead of speaking corrupt communication I'm a insane says let no corrupt mutation proceed out of your mouth but that which is good use of edifying that mid Oregon says to edify profitably that it may minister grace of the hearers grieve not the civilly spirit of God rapiers whereby your sealed under the date of redemption verse thirty one thirty two let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor evil speaking be put away from you with all miles of hauling it right get rid of those negative sociological relationship traits verse thirty two says no the kind one to another tenderhearted forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake forgiven you Romans fourteen imams after twelve and I'm verse twenty one would say this way be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good when God writes the ten Commandments in our law and our hearts he is not so much in trusted in us stopping the things we did were back belong is the transcript of God 's character and by and the only way we can become like God is when that ten commandment law the principles become manifest in the good things that we do and the more we focus on filling our lives with the good things the less will find opportunity to even think of or realize the evil things some extent do not just sweep and garnish your heart now that you've come to wash the hills don't be like that man in the parable that leaves it in because the last and that man is worse than the first it's important to empty right don't try putting Jesus in there with a whole bunch of other garbage in the work of conversion were told there is a work of a painful detachment as well as attachment many try to first attach themselves to cry she says without first detaching themselves from their cherished idols we've got to do the housecleaning but friends don't leave a copy fill it with that which is good overcome evil with good and God is going to bless us and by the way is there a function for its like Boston tools to play in helping us in network of detachment as well as attachment cleaning as well as filling you think it would be benefited by being in this current environment and starting staff the rules of the dorms are talking about even though friends and associations the setting is true higher education important for this work it is it is the third state the third characteristic also found a relationship to fourteen and verse twelve here is the patience of the saints here they keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus you see that word patients in other words and other places in the New Testament this word is translated into a rent 's here is the endurance of the saints they didn't it indicates not just a sticking to it you know for example he that shall and do her good in the same shall be saved patient is a sort of this word that if patient is not a bad X the bad translation of his endurance could endurance could mean sort of you know just like grinning and bearing it has the qualities of the word English word endurance but there's also the qualities of things were patiently wanted we want to try to capture here because of the Greek of the monolingual Monnet that the two forms of this war that are found throughout the New Testament and it it it definitely contents both there is a damaging patient endurance in their you can end door and be very miserable right you can into her and be very miserable you can nor your time at work I checked in her eye check out I endured right is that patients so this endurance patients constantly put them together and the Christian experience that's really what the Bible is describing the last generation has it to a date if you look in the lexicon in fact you'll find that the Greek lexicon will tell you something like this at the Greek dictionary it's a summer like this is a patient bearing up under trials in other words when things come in my life that are not as I wish they were what I do I not only endure but I endured patiently noted endure patiently what why have to do is patient and his patients primarily a description of my actions or of my spirit does not guess what I'm saying it's how I'm feeling that requires a miracle because when I have them and I have tribulations map arches when someone says something that I do not appreciate when my roommate is getting under my skin or at least running the wrong way when I'm getting irritated and when I'm getting frustrated and when I've even if it's just that I've gotten up on the wrong side that I have a tendency to have feelings in my heart that are not the feelings described by patients and their something that happens when I'm enduring trials in that way I lose the benefits of I'm from Lewis God allow those trials the company for a purpose right was that purpose the purpose was refining to my fate the purifying of my character right in that very clear James or droit etc. God will bring the third the remnant to the fire according to Zechariah no other Old Testament prophets so God has his purpose for me and his purpose believe it or not even for trials and when I take those trials God graciously gives me because he knows I need them wise so that I can I said I wanted to be a part of the glove last generation I said I wanted to see Jesus come my own eyes I said I wanted to update my CM sit to know him because I'm like him as a God graciously gives me new trial and what I do with them I waste film how I waste them I complain I murmur by the way you can not murmuring to waste a lot of patients in your heart rate but when you're murmuring complaining to get the dead giveaway right it's a dead giveaway when you're murmuring and complaining to you don't have patience you're going to trials that's great there's nothing righteous about going to trials with new controls everyday probably worse trials in behalf sin has some cool taskmaster right that help any that are becoming IG 's governor hardships and neither my are there opportunities at a place like wash the hills to develop true endurance and patience I was speaking to a former student or graduate recently washed the hills and down one of things I thought was interesting they pointed out the city was hot wash deals like the hardest place for me to live but I grew into the problem is when you get out in the world there's some a distractions from what God is convicting you in your heart the used escape them questions you can't escape keeping brought face-to-face front of them that's tough living for God wants God does not promise applies to be easy if we want to do anything we shouldn't pray for easy school year we ought to be praying that God will give us and our friend experiences we need in order to be safe and in order to be ready to be saved without thing that if we cannot endure some bird food in the cafeteria without complaining God help us if we ever face real trials God will give you this year opportunities on a daily basis to develop patience because this is a cardinal characteristic of the last reaction here is the patients of the saints he read David keep the commands of God the this is says in Jeremiah if you've run with the footmen and they wearied the Hopkins fell contend with horses and if in the land of peace so I could think of that is washed titles were enough trust us they wearied the and how will God do in the swelling of Jordan the point is not to discourage us about the future because we know those are keep work God 's grace is sufficient for us to survive through the swelling of the Jordan the point is let's not miss gaining victory and precious strengths from the little trials each day thinking somehow when the big trials come our character is going to be a character of endurance and patience the fourth characteristic the fear of God in place of the fear of man and quickly here fear of God and place the fear of man we look in the first Angels message relationship to fourteen verse seven the first angel settled a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth the sea in the fountains of waters in the King James Bible this this is sort of an escalating message they find you started to words with the forwards and eight words and sixteen words each section of the first Angels message the first being very very precise very concise fear God two words what does this these what do these two words mean we we understand that this is surely God is in saying that we should somehow see him as a tyrant as mean as we should be fearing and trembling and afraid of what would happen to us if we don't know drink a glass of water before breakfast nothing appears talking about right that's not the type of years document item the simplest way of understand the fear of God which by the way is the beginning of wisdom right to the fear of God is like where true education begins with pretty central here in this discussion hiding the simplest way of understand the fear of God is for us to understand the fear of madness look back in John chapter seven John chapter seven describing many of those who were on the right track I mean they were they were being convicted of the truth as I hope I know all of this will be here it says in verse twelve there was much disk much murmuring among the people concerning him this Jesus for some city is a good man others said no he deceives the people so there's this controversy going on between those is that Jesus was the true teacher he was a was a never in the right to be saying what he was saying and doing what he was doing and then there is those is a no disguise an imposter he's dangerous look out for him howbeit nomad says Spain openly of him for fear of the two who women chose most of these were Jews to those a thing as is the fear of the Jews it was the fear of their peers as well the leaders of the Jews right so here here they are there's all these people having in the discussions and most of there probably discussing among you know maybe their own middle group that agree with themselves we tend to do but no one was speaking openly and outwardly and saying I'm good and confess Jesus out of polyamine the Messiah not saying that why because they're afraid of what people would think and what people would do and how people would respond everything what losers I mean Jesus and Mary in person to send from heaven the promise of all the prophecies of the Old Testament the man whom Moses Roden Isaiah maybe no one in the whole sacrificial system pointed to and no one even those who were willing to say that we believe in him because there's good people very easy for us to become vindictive and judgmental about people not realizing we might have done the same thing if we were in their shoes because I have bad news to break for all of us and that is that we have from a very young age as long human beings cultivated a fear of people I'm not saying the role scared society world like you recluses and they were nervous around people that's not the fever talking money remember the fear is more like a respect of fear is more like AIDS a consideration of what they think and what their can say what they're going to do and were going to make decisions based upon what we think others will think by the way why is it I minute I'm in a go from preaching the meddling here why is it that a person will pay fifty sixty seventy I'll know hundred dollars for T-shirts a T-shirt let's let's weigh the fiber and Catholic the worth okay let's do some math here is made in the same sweatshops it's imported from the same countries how much of that sure worth it depends on some things written on the shirt why is one simple expressions only expatiate you can think of another explaining domain don't come of quality golf factor in a stack of hundred percent for value their view I can still get two hundred dollars coming one of the reasons that the fear of man I'd buy that shirt because of what other people see think when they see me wearing why do I say what I say why do I behave as I behave why do I dress as I dressed in many cases are daily moment by moment decisions are being made based upon the fear of man on the block with we even become chameleons adopting ourselves in environments where around sometimes obviously and not sometimes not so obvious in his down and say the fear of man and even sometimes we won't adopt the environment around us is still because of the fear of man because of our old friends in El Paso were not a change to think work done weird or strange or whatever the fear of man what will they say what will they think the very first command of the everlasting Gospel the three Angels messages which is to prepare the last generation right at the purpose of the message the very first two words say fear God our proposed you that without these first two words without the fear of God none of the rest is of any relevance you knock and give glory to him in your lifestyle you're not going to be ready for him not in the cleansing your heart for the judgment Enoch and be worshiping him in spirit and truth keeping the Sabbath holy as he says it won't happen and when it comes to a test of rather dying me then yelling the Sabbath of following the world versus following the word seems abstract and just one day and there's nothing organically different about that day if nonetheless the principle of the fear of God has become a part of our character we will never stand final test will there be opportunities awash to those for you to cultivate the fear I pray the is true higher education essential to this process truly higher education is saying God 's opinion of me is of more value to me today right now in this decision then what they say about in order for that to be our reality we got to be spinning time with God knowing what he says submitting ourselves to write that's true higher education fear of men knees to be supplanted by the fear of God by the way I didn't plan it is but I can't leave you without a promise because I love this verse Jeremiah chapter thirty two inverse forty Jeremiah chapter thirty two inverse forty says this this is a neck and iteration of the everlasting covenant and it says I will make an everlasting covenant with them that I will not turn away from them to do them good but I will put my fear in their hearts they shall not depart upon from me where do we find this experience of the fear of God this is something we have to conjure up in ourselves was it something we need to go to Jesus the Lord I natural we have the fear of man in my heart and my character I need the D everlasting covenant that this really riding of my character code on my heart I need that miracle and what does God say I will put it in their hearts argued I think of that is a promise to me I will put my fear in their hearts very quickly to more characteristics will skip the next four number six simple lifestyle we will take the time to look at all the verses but both Elijah and John the Baptist are symbols types you might say of those who live in the last days before Jesus comes right to Amalekite and says amounted to performers five behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming to bring dreadful day of the Lord right at the Malaga Malachi 's not speaking about the literal resurrection of Elijah he's speaking about eight eight movements to be raised up in the spirit and the power of Elijah the spirit of the power someone who was willing to stand by himself and call a nation back to the true worship of God nation it was a was God 's people but was in rebellion and forgetfulness and even some of them who works were being too quiet about their faith and so Elijah was raised up to call for a work of reformation in the last days God lasting remnant people are called into a time is similar in Christianity to the time of Elijah in an Israel a time when God 's word has been forgotten God 's law is being openly violated a false system of worship is being set up Avalon is right among us I dug about in the Christian world and God 's people the three Angels messages are our art our God last day Elijah movement to bring the Christian world to an accounting where have we left the plane word of God what is the true worship of God and it are you going to practice it in the last days this is the deciding a defining issue in God last date message the Nashua issue of worship is of God lastly people are symbolizes the Elijah movement as important for us to realize it just like God lastly people were prepared people for the second coming gods of God 's first coming was also preceded by John the Baptist who was in a way also look at the type of the Elijah and so these two men can give us insight both of them lived simple lifestyles I mean it's it's very clear their dress is described in the Bible there died as described the Bible where was John that where was a lie gets for those much of those three and half years by the book here if I had the opportunity about three four weeks ago to go to that little string and it's in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan today and I'm just before closing the Jordan River is quite clear where he was and they are long resulting in the desert I mean it sits desert it's not it's not smart Arkansas it's pretty bleak but here Godhead Elijah and what anything in some bread and meat and water from the brook simple diet that we get target cafeteria food we least have a two week rotation you know six week rotation this is meals some as ad at some point allied you must've gotten tired enough and I'm tired of the symbol I don't think we miss you many speaking but even he was hurt by eating it now by labeling the brook dried up ready to go ironically enough he went to the kingdom of Jezebel 's father was I don't hands and surface there and he there has a simple guide to miraculous diet oil didn't dry up of the flower fail it doesn't make that excitement died no same cakes everyday Jordan River a few miles away from John from Elijah 's hideout John the Baptist is preaching while locusts and honey dressed in camel skin simple lifestyle can control our education age you informing your lifestyle that would be it in time lifestyle can will it without your cooperation one institution like organic can an institution help to interview opportunities and help you are of course they won't it's something you have to adopt yourself last look at today isn't experience of self-sacrifice when I studied the beginning of the pioneer movement of that system I am amazed at the sacrifice about pioneers the Elijah movement that today we see is a worldwide message it's going around the world with enough today at the Sabbath is probably between twenty five and thirty five million people gathered worship around the world send to this committee it didn't begin with the comforts that even you and I experience it washed else were talking about spinning the wheel winter the main diet being turnips and being its biggest potatoes were too expensive seated on furniture that was made from shipping crates eating on a table that was a wire spool in order but the message should go out James why would go out with a fever had a febrile week of soft fun to go out with a fever sick with a fever with a sickle in his hand and cut grass for the tens of the day twenty five cents a day ten or twenty five so that that money could be used to print a paper to tell the world of God 's message and I'm sure this thought with you in the future our work is to be cared forward in self-denial and self sacrifice even beyond that which we have seen in past years are you prepared for I can't I came I can't I'm not ready for it I don't think even beyond that which is in past years since I said to Mrs. two hundred six God desires us to commit our souls and that he may work through us and manifold ways I feel intensely over these matters brother let us walk in meekness and lowliness of mind and put off but before our associates an example of self-sacrifice if we do our part in faith God will open ways before us now undreamed of she goes on she talks about how humanly speaking human ideas will keep coming endurance tuitions to try to move us away from self-sacrifice she says that God God is able to one handy sweep these systems are blaming the failure somehow it ready up our last duration rattler in principle self-sacrifice self can true hard education help us in the process when we look at what Jesus done for us our sacrifices become insignificant when my mind comes into contact with God 's mind I ceased to look at what I have done for him and I can I conclude he is done much more for me can an institution like while still help us in this process of learning self-sacrifice I believe the Canon young people there's many practical ways that can happen besides I know made their living conditions in the putting others first it can be as simple as letting people have that last piece of dessert or go through the line and had ahead of us it can be as simple as giving the best parking space to something else it doesn't have to be complex to understand our characters are transformed in the little freaks learn while you're watched the hills not just your institution but through your mind coming into contact with God might learn the principles self-sacrifice if you want to be a part the file creation I do what about you I want to radically alter the cycle it's taken place the last six thousand years birth death there's nothing that would make me happier than to be the first-generation but doesn't die maybe we should call ourselves the first generation will also be a laceration let's pray father in heaven in order for us to be a part of your last generation the first generation that sees you without passing to the portals that we need to experience to higher education today and this year and indeed until you come to Dallas thank you for this group of young people who have that as their desire bless them may their time here not be spent trusting in an institution or teachers for both imperfect and Mayfield made her time here be spent trusting in what you are going to teach them as they are finite minds come into contact with the source of all true wisdom and knowledge and understanding what also I think you for washed ills I think the staff faculty who also made their desire that through this experience they too can be a part of this last generation they too can learn lessons you haven't learned their time here I thank you that there is a place free from many of the distractions young people can encourage and even facilitated in their searching after you thought I'd is when the prey but in this coming school year there might be a ginger one understanding of your will in each of our own personal lives but there might be such a cooperation between staff and students institution and an end on those of us to make it up that bit as we all work together your will can be done gently blessed in our lives what we want to see you come we wanted we want to be among those who accomplish great things symbolized by the Allied juice the John the Baptist the great men and women of faith throughout history awareness still waiting for us to get that final declaration of your love and your character to the world would we want to be among that group we just pray that we take steps to surrender our heart our wills to take away the things that would keep us from this experience even though it be a painful detachment to make the decisions to SU even under the negative influences that exist perhaps even in our own school here Austin 's ward if there's if there is things that we should stay away from nominations personalities were friends Lord help us to hear your voice speaking to us this year that we might help each other we might be friends for eternity Lord what I've heard is you speak to us help us to hear your voice and follow it for herein is true higher education without VR experience this year we pray in Jesus name amen


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