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Into All the World

Subodh Pandit


Subodh Pandit

Physician in North Carolina


  • July 20, 2018
    11:00 AM
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We are going to get dead serious about the Gospel Commission which says go into all the world which is Mark 1615 what is our response is on the screen here am I Send me I was very personal so it requires a personal commitment and then in a compulsion like Paul said necessity is laid upon me yes Wall who is me if I do not preach the gospel I gotta do it just burning inside me and the words of Jesus because we have to be deliberate and very very careful in how we speak I send you I say send me God How does he send me I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves therefore be why is and harm less how shall be you why is and harmless This is the way Paul needed to the Jews I became as a Jew to those who are under the law as under the law to those who are without the law as without the law to the weak I became as weak I have become all things to all men that I might by all means save some so with this idea that we should understand who we are talking to we get into the actual commission and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached what are the words in all the world go into all the world but the world is not described in those words it is described in Revelation and there are 4 words that describe the world in Revelation the 1st one is mation the next. Tribe tongue and people let's look at some United Nations statistics on these 4 and see how we are doing the same the I mean this church here is the 1st one tribe means ethnic groups we have anywhere from 132-7000 of them on Earth and 7 that went to work in the majority of those so we got the world yes service How about tongue or language the United Nations has listed more than 6000 languages the 1st 500 will cover more than 75 percent of the world's population 800 will cover close to 90 percent of the world's population guess how many language of the 7 there was work in the world today 921 languages are we going to the world yes we're going to the world how about countries nations the United Nations lists 194 member countries and 38 nonmember countries making a total of $232.00 how many do the sudden that Windows work in a whopping $260.00 mm and actually at the last general conference we had $227.00 flags represented Wow only the Roman Catholics work in more or actually more than 200 so there are only 2 Christian groups going to the world the Roman Catholics the 7th Day Adventist others hardly There they go to many places but no where near these 2 but look at the difference between these 2 the membership the Roman Catholics are 1200000000 with a B 7 that is 20000000 How long have they been around the Roman Catholic more than 1500 years and this one this be the little group just 150 years so. I want 2 percent of the membership 110th of the time equal so we go to the world yes sir we're going so language and try nation and what is the 4th one anyone remember people these are people so what is people here is what I have done I made it into a belief system groups so the people means religions belief systems the United Nations her the bunch of them but they made it into 10 there are thousands and how do you make thousands into 100 well Number 8 is all the others so you can make any number into any of the numbers you just put all the others here the 10 groups Christian in order of decreasing membership Christian Muslim Hindu Buddhist Baha'i Jew Sikh number 8 all the others Number 9 atheist 10 non professor don't care for anything let's make the all the others instead of just one make it 91 so $91.00 plus 9. 100 out of this 100 how many do the 7 Day Adventists work in just one the overwhelming majority of those who join the 7 the only church are from the other Christian groups we just don't know what to do when the people talk about some others or I can tell you what it says in Genesis and Exodus and Isaiah and psalms and you know 1st Corinthians but if you say that I don't care for your Bible then you then we don't know what to do I have stated in that in a slightly different way I have called them stations. Series of intellectual positions and here they are. Number one is the secular mind he doesn't care about what is there. He even does know what he's doing he doesn't care about God but he has to decide between whether there is a God or whether there is no God and finally say he decided there is a God becomes a theist so from station one he becomes Station 2 now as appears to a person who says there is a God he must decide now what is the name of this god in the identity of this God will he be called Krishna or law. Of this or Austrians or Yahoo way or Jesus which one and finally he does choose for example that he become the choose Jesus and become the Christian so that station number 3 station him before he has to decide whether to be altar dogs or to protest and he decided to become a Protestant then as a Protestant how many the nomination do you think there are thousands right people have counted some of them say about 33000 so now we've got to decide which one and then his search he finally comes to 7th Day Adventists So these are the intellectual stations that a person will pass if you start at the secular point why have I put this out for this one reason among the others that every one of these stations has a certain way of expressing themselves in other words they have their own language their own jargon their own way of what is valuable what is not every language on earth has its own value system what does a language have a value system so when you want to go and speak to somebody please learn that language because they have a value system and in their value system something a very valuable and something or just taboo. If you don't know those you'll step on everybody's toes and that's what we usually do so we have to learn the language at each of these levels so now we we said we are knowledged according to the U.N. statistic that we are not going to $1.00 and $2.00 which is don't you not bothered there are no red are what will happen no With that 5 I drew a picture of a house 3 parts in the foundation number 4 is the walls and number 5 is the roof now what would happen if we took away the secular and the piers from our message look at how the house now looks how stable is that and some of them as of no. Where they where my physicians or their car you know Doc you knocked off it doesn't look good keep the foundation OK let's keep the foundation then you got nothing that. Some of them say oh no no keep keep people in this a little bit of the founding stable and then something of the target find less to keep the walls than you have no roof a good range in the rain the no no we need a roof OK take the roof with you go you can't even stand in your house what we do need is this we need the full message then we are going to the world listen to this statement millions upon millions of Souls ready to perish bound in chains of ignorance have never so much as heard of Christ's love for them were our condition and there's to be reversed what would we desire them to do for us we would desire that they would come. So from our point of view go so why do we not go when you ask the question why it forms a kind of a series of wise so there's one series that we will go through just now why do we not go to them because we're afraid why are we afraid we might be made to look foolish why would be made to be made to look foolish because you might lose the discussion and the argument and why we lose that because you may not have the correct answers why do we not have the correct answers we do not have adequate information to talk to them why do we not have adequate information because there is no source within reach to supply us with our information so now let's do it backwards suppose there is information in your hands then we will have adequate information we will have the correct answers we will not lose the argument we will not be made to look foolish and we will not be afraid to go so what am I saying if you are equipped which right now the church very sadly missing on that point deficient but if we are equipped nobody will be afraid to go to any one on earth. You can speak to anybody and hold your own cert some in the International which is my ministry is a ministry that aims to provide reasonable well researched and intellectually credible information in defense of the God of the Bible in the language in the expressions in the jargon and value system of those among the thinking and questioning public not just the Christians public that's where we are supposed to go if we are really going to go to the world non christians number how many on the screen 5000000000 how many Christians are there in the US on planet Earth about 2000000000 so we are aiming at the 2000000000 and the 5000000000 are simply not on our radar we should be able to converse with them how to the Jew I became as a Jew to the week I became of the week to the person who is under the law I became as under the law so how do we apply that now to what we are just saying to the secular I will become as a secular thinker to the non-Christian I will become as one who understands non-Christian ideas I will learn to speak in the language and the value system of anyone with whom I want to share the truth about my God we've got to be humble and teach ourselves for this is what 1st Peter. 315 says Be ready to give a defense an apology or a basis to everyone who asks you for the reason of the hope that is in you we have a hawk We have a reason but most cannot defend that reason though the person who told me that you know God saved him Jesus he prayed to Jesus and Jesus helped him out so I went up to him and my friend so I could tell him what I wanted and we could have a chat I said Jesus didn't help you it was allow helped you. Just a prophet allies of God Now what do you say when you are not classed What do you say how do you respond to that and finally turn to me and I get you understand what you're trying to say we have a reason for our hope but we cannot be fended friends we've got to defend it because we really called upon to do that not in our homes and in our churches but way out there where they are and they think we are all gone the more I am lost on marbles we lost our mind that's what they say you guys that dummies just blame believe but that's what we are going to change and we should change but and the defense the apology must include information for the secular mind where only science reason and logic are of value and welcomed but will science reason and logic actually work look at what Romans 120 says his invisible attributes even as the turn of the power and Godhead are understood by the things what is there on the screen by the things that are men so that they are without excuse. 20 minutes every 20 minutes will stretch out. Because our concentration usually does not last more than 15 or 20 minutes and I am not dancing appear that I am there you know I can crack too many jokes keep you busy so stressed out just a few seconds. All right Max jamma was a friend of Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientists this earth has known there was another guy who was with him who agreed and disagreed with him on some topics and his name was Spinoza. So Mike German U. boat and he said these this is a topic in which they both agreed look at what they both agreed on Einstein agreed with Spinoza that he will know those major knows God because the person would of science in studying nature leads to religion and God Wow that's underlined those 2 words the person who 2 of science in studying nature leads to religion and God not the person of spiritual values in studying the Bible. It says the pursuit of science so some have come up to me and said What is this you're talking about Review and logic and science and all of this the people of faith belief. In there will be strong I point us to our true and final exam PLA our look at these words. Spread out before him who the Him Jesus was the great library of gods created works he who had made all things studied the lessons which is own hands had written earth and sea and sky he gathered stories of what kind of knowledge scientific knowledge from where nature. Took most of us think is 2 Saturdays mother's knee and studied only the Torah the Old Testament Isaiah Jeremiah and the songs and all those know Jesus was a scientist he studied the life of plants botany Animo. What is that zoology level man anthropology. Either he only read the Bible no serve he was well rounded in the way he grew up and because of that when he spoke to the people he spoke with authority because he had already studied it. He studied the level plants animals life a man thus to do the significance of the word and works of God was unfolded as he was trying to understand what the reason of things most of us think Jesus had all Easy know as a young man he had to find out why things were happening the way they were why do these people behave like this why do the animal behave like this why do these plants grow up like this just like any other human that's where we're supposed to do the Bible is the only book that has the confidence and courage to place the base of its entire theology on the foundation of an open witness outside its pages and hence it does not attempt to prove the existence of God It does not why because the existence of God as a proof is not found in the Bible it's found outside in nature and that's the witness and you must not tamper with a witness just leave it alone in other words the Bible cannot twist the words in nature and tell you to look at the Bible it must just move them suppress separate and then it's a good witness so what we have to learn is to find out what is there in nature that really leads to that for that we need for things Number one is humility Number 2 is honesty number 3 is calmness and number 4 is respect we're not going to go into all of these by the way this is how I present when I go to the secular universities we go to the steps and I tell them Look if you really want to get as close to the truth of the matter as possible then you got to be humbug. You gotta be honest and give credit where credit is due you've got to be calm don't get upset with me just because I'm saying something you don't like and I'm not going to be upset with you because you say something I don't like No we'll keep our our emotions down because if we don't then the emotions get the upper hand and once they get it get the upper hand there is no talk after that and then it is punching and there is no way really you're going to get anywhere if you start fighting so keep calm respect respect does not mean admiration or even agreement respect means I allow you to do the search and come to any conclusion you want and you come to I will not agree I may not agree but I respect you so when you respect you expect respect back you have to agree with me but see what I have done evaluate what I have done and that's what we're going to do just now thrash out again because we're going to. Go through now the question the 1st question that I usually ask out there how can a rational thinking scientific mind ever accept the concept of a God how can that be. OK Very Let's go so I call it the great divide 8 the atheistic side God non-existent fictitious. B. The Believing God is in existence and he is factual No I wish I had more time to tell you that this is the only 2 hops and there are but out there you'll find another 3rd one trying to get to be an option it's called agnosticism I don't know that's the claim AG not without gnosis knowledge I don't have enough information so I don't know which one is there's a god there's no God IOW no but I don't know is not an option. I think if I asked you what is in my hand of an apple. And orange and if you say I don't know it doesn't mean there's a 3rd fruit cause I don't know. It is still apple and orange So saying I don't know doesn't solve the problem at all friends if you say I don't know in your tests you'll never get any marks in your exam. You got to say one or the other So here we've got only 2 options when we do this question we should not only be fair and balanced in our assessment but we should make a deliberate attempt to show that we have been even handed fair and unbiased we should give both sides the same chance to win that means we're playing a fair game only then can we be sure and satisfied that the real winner has won got it most of us start on one side and sit right there and so you better come on this side but really when you go to a person who's a thinker you got to say hey you drop yours I'll also drop mine let's both become inquire as a local together and that is why you see on the top of the screen the name of my seminar What does it say Kong search with me I'm not telling you sir or madam you really want to know come and sit with me and we both will search together come search with me if you want to search as an inquirer then you God will drop your own believe during the search because you're asking them to drop it only if you drop it will you become an enquirer and that is the most fundamental position we should ask be others to come to before making any decision what we do is just grab them and say come here no service ask them to stay right there when you become an inquirer with me that's the 1st thing. Become an inquirer and then we both will look for the truth of the matter then both of us look at both That's the pan process we look at board there is a God There is no God So we look at the pros and cons of this so there's 2 columns about humans or pros and cons of this is well so if there are 2 options vying for Suprema see then you have to have 4 columns about human. Pro and con for this and pro and con for that as well it's called the pan process with me of an pan means going across Pan American Airlines Pan African Games you go across you know in other words you don't spin one place use look at both honestly look at bold plan also is the process of sifting the pan for gold in California was the what's the process you know of the wanted rock and you keep the nuggets of gold. Pan also happens to be the 1st 3 letters of my family name Pandit. In fact this is the process that I used when I was actually searching by the way I grew up with the 7 there had been in India I grew up as a Christian I will acknowledge that but when I was asking these questions I had to put aside all my beliefs and it took me 20 years of search and that is the basis of what I present when I go there it's not just fly by night it is something that I struggle with so the pan process requires 4 columns of our Givens. Column one is arguments for atheism for the claim that there is no God column number 2 arguments against the belief that there is a God column 3 arguments for the believe there is a God call them number 4 is arguments against the belief that there is no god so will quickly go through some of these and see whether. Something that we can show that makes good sense by the way you will never have proof on this earth of anything all you can have is the weight of evidence. Not the proof and we are told that don't look for final proof because our minds are too small to acknowledge all the information there is only when you have acknowledged all the can you have the absolute truth no human can reach that position all we can find is the weight of evidence has this God of truth if even existence shown as the weight of evidence and that's what we're going to look for we want to all for we'll do maybe one and in this time we'll do 2 column number one what's column number one arguments for saying what there is no God what are the arguments for saying there is no God none and when I say that there is an hour none Yes none why number one of the proof of atheism is actually disproof of theism which is column 2 not column one in column one you do not have anything why because the statement is in the negative there is no God God is non existent a negative statement is valid only when every possibility has been exhausted give me an example if I sat here and made the pronouncement that there is in this hall nobody by the name of so bowed pundit how many names should I know every name. To make a negative statement you should be able to exhaust all the possibilities only then is a negative statement valid and got it no that's a negative statement so now let's apply it if there is a God should there be one he should be somewhere you can't say he's nowhere if you say he's nowhere then he's not in existence but he's got to be somewhere say you know every nook and cranny of your town now or of your state of your country of the blue. Have you been to the moon 232000 miles away No Have you been to the sun 93000000 miles when the sun is only one star in our Milky Way Galaxy how many stars have the astronomers guesstimated for us 200000000000 you know own Milky Way Galaxy how many galaxies have they told there are there might be looking out through Hubble telescope into the father's breeches of why we can go to Insight 600000000000 they have counted galaxies have we been to any of those there on what basis will you sit up here and say hi checked it all out is not anywhere. Furthermore this god can also across a Billy move around so if I if he went to the kitchen and I went looking for him to the kitchen he could have gone to the living room. When looking for him in India Uganda Canada what are we state thing then that to really make a claim one must have access to all possibilities at all times all possibilities where in the universe. Are all at the same time what is called all nations and omnipresence their tributes of God. So to say that there is no God You should have the attributes of God But if you actually have the attributes of God You can model call yourself God but why once you say you are God then you can say there is no god. So we have caught us really mixed up here therefore in this column there are no arguments. None. There's nothing basic in the saga in this column. I was thinking this is this calls for thinking cap to put on a thinking I make them think in fact the most common response when I finished and in the university there is a mixed group all kinds of people sitting in front of the most common response is not their upset you know what they do this crap they had their boy you made me think. You made me think I thought you guys were dummies I thought you had lost your marbles but here you are making me think Man that's how they said Look my friend that is planting a seed make you think don't dismiss it because while you are thinking now I step down to be a Christian while you are thinking the Holy Spirit might you know use a little his own magic there so think so that is call him number one stretcher. And well especially I think. Think of what we have said so far is this really true can I stand it do you know 45 to 55 percent of 7th Day Adventists who go to secular universities and never come back to the church. Why they are swept off with these twin waves atheism no God and evolution and we do not seem to have an answer. I'm suggesting that we do have an answer it's only that we don't know it so if you're humble enough and you learned up by the way all the stuff that I'm putting on the screen is in my book I've authored a book and again the same type will come search with me and then it is the whole note of all that I speak out there. It will be available I'm not sure where they put my table for me but sometime today and tomorrow there will be a limited supply of those books and an audio book CD If you're interested you can go there have you stretched out yes we have so column number 2 arguments against the claim that there is a God there are 4 or 5 or 6 put there number 4 is what we're going to look at because it really bugs everyone and really you know vexes everyone evil pain suffering Epicurus this is about 30400 B.C. this is what he said he was a Greek philosopher either he God is not good or else he's not almighty and David Hume about 200 years ago one of the top the loss of hours on earth at that time he said is he God willing to prevent evil but not able then his important no strength or is he able not willing then his malevolent has got a bad heart is he both able and willing when then is this evil that I'm seeing all around me and stand there with you looking at it this huge contradiction he said God's only excuse is that he does not exist how to answer this in other words evil constitute the biggest single argument the biggest single stumbling block one of the most crucial protests raised by unbelievers against the fact of God Have you heard that yet. So here is what. The problem is. You say there's an Almighty and loving God So is really loving and he can do everything that he or that he wishes to do then how come there's so much of pain and suffering and sorrow evil on the we're in the world can you reconcile those 2 they are contradictory and they're horrible contradict counted it's a horrible contradiction when in response to that we're not going to answer the question that evil and suffering raises until we figure out whether there's a God So our question right now is is this contradiction a reasonable argument against the existence of God is it truly a most crucial biggest single argument against the existence of God That's the question we're asking we're not asking can you reconcile we're asking Can this contradiction prove that there is no God because it's so vexing that people say they are I can't I can't reconcile these 2 and if I cannot reconcile the best and most reasonable thing in knock him off he's not there then I'm nothing to explain so here is how we will go through it step by step number one who is upset because of the pain and suffering and evil everyone the believer and the unbeliever as a believer I am sometimes get upset God What is this oakum oakum so much and if you are a Christian most of us are you read the Bible and you find all the greats in the Bible struggling with this gone what is this. You know you can do everything look at them Psalms Jeremiah God can I ask you one question how come the evil ones are flourishing how come. If votes have the same observation and yet make opposite claims then whatever they're open serving is not the deciding factor there must be something else got it that's number one both the sides are upset with theirs but both of them are making opposite opposite decisions the believer is saying there is still a god and you are saying there is no God So whatever we are looking at is not the deciding factor so pain and suffering is not the deciding factor number 2 the problem is the contradiction in the qualities in this God He is loving and almighty and payments of a large man there are severe contradiction so it is the contradiction that is the problem but our contradiction does not allow us to throw him out a contradiction requires a reason and explanation for example this guy is very nice in the morning when next in the evening is a non existent No he just nice in the morning and nasty in the evening I am in very dire metrically opposite features and characteristics but heathen existence in the in the sense who were less and take another example a rod of metal rod it can be both hot and cold how one could be sticking into a lot of block of ice and the other could be sticking into the fire so the same rod is hot and cold contradictory features require an explanation not a throwing out of the whole entity so when you throw it out you're not being reasonable in what you're doing Number 3 the contradiction is caused by supernatural qualities almighty all loving. If you take away the almighty and all loving We don't have a contradiction are you with me yet so only God calls us the almighty and all loving we don't we are not all loving but we are no almighty So it is the existence of God with His supernatural qualities that causes the contradiction so if you are describing the contradiction you are describing the existence of the qualities of your ex described in the existence of the qualities you are describing the existence of God the very contradiction then in other words you cannot use God to prove the nonexistence of God. Where you can't use a hammer to show that there is no hammer you have a choice either you keep the contradiction and say it's horrible but at the same day you go to keep God because God is the one who's causing the contradictions or you drop the contradiction then you have no argument your biggest argument is gone and before. Humans do not 24 suffer 247 correct because we do have deep joys in exquisite pleasures as well so if you by your argument are saying that evil and suffering points to the absence of God then Joy isn't pleasure should denote the presence of God because you are saying that it is the contradiction between his qualities and suffering that causes no God Well if there is joy than pleasure then it is Congress with God It is in line with God Almighty in nature and his loving nature so you have not won the argument because it's both another way don't close one eye and look on one side only pain and suffering open your eyes the other side that's joyous joys in pleasures as well. Joy and pleasures then you know the presence of God because it's harmony in harmony with him if that's the case then mon cancels out the other you don't not have a really a strong argument That's number 4 number 5 actually this clinches the issue on this point if the there is evidence for the absence of an entity as well as evidence for the presence of that entity in the same jurisdiction then that and it is present if you have both Let me give you an example suppose we're out at sea and we want to see this land. You climb up on the mast and you have a $360.00 degree view of everything around you and what are you looking for land $359.00 degrees nothing they wouldn't know land or like in the water but that 360 degrees I see in this is a big deal island is their land in view of course what happened to the other 359 degrees there's a dictum that I'm going to put on the screen and here is one piece of evidence for the presence will negate all the evidence for the absence why because the absence of the totally negative state which is impossible to prove while even one tiny piece of evidence for the presence is an existence $360.00 a degree I saw a piece of land therefore land is in view if we say then. The statement by. While this meant we dare not forget that even the tiniest island of order in the largest sea of chaos demands a creator of that small remaining order so applying it to what we're just saying if evil and suffering would show that sins of God as well as joy than pleasures which show the presence of God are present in our lives then God is present God exists. So the question of pain and suffering drawn to its logical conclusion does not support the atheist excited but places the argument on the side of the is on one of the strongest arguments against the existence of God actually points to the existence of God If you go through it step by step like we have done just be patient look at it go step by step and when it's done you've got no arguments or on your side you don't have anything for atheism You hardly have any against theism because you're big arguments are gone can you see the strength of our position as I believe in who are we talking to we are talking to the people out there. Straight out again. And think while you're stretching out put on your thinking caps see if you can get one or 2 of these arguments and your mind when you talk to those who laugh and mock me a Jiri and market god no no no don't mock listen become Inquirer with me and if your inquiry with me then look at this point and if you're honest hey give the credit where it is due and if you give the credit where it's due boy the weight of evidence is really tilting here. Let's go let's do some more column number 3 logical analysis that's what we were and where in there are many of this logical What's the logic in the logic you need 2 things number one a base statement a claim that both sides agree you can't start an argument on a statement that both sides are not agreeing that's not logical you misstate make a statement that both sides agree then on that statement you do the 2nd thing which are steps of reasoning that is logic are based apeman that everyone agrees and then the steps of reasoning So let's look at quick for things that are given logical analysis for arguments for what what are we looking at arguments for the claim that God exists but here we go a logical analysis number one all changes have causers if something is going at 5 miles per hour and then suddenly 10 mph there has to be a cause for that it was going to be east and suddenly start going south there is a cause for that every change has a cause the most pertinent causes or or the most pertinent changes are starting and stopping current Yes the most pertinent ones this universe did have a start the unit took the scientific community up until 1972 agreed they wouldn't remove all that know this wow do we know the universe had a start we don't know the Weinstein came along with his theory of relativity and with those mathematical calculations we knew that matter and energy had a starting place. And then Roger Penrose and Steven Hawking then another person got together so let's take the same the same field equations that apply to time and space and when they apply did time and space lo and behold time and space also had a beginning at the same time as matter and energy so finally they agreed in the 1970s OK this universe had a starting point why did they not wanted because if there is a beginning there has to be a beginner so now where we have actually reached the point the universe had a start so the universe has to have a cause it could have happened by itself that's knowledge ecological analysis number one number 2 the cosmos of the universe consists of what I have just said matter energy time and space now nobody ever says that this pointer is the cause of the pointer nor does anyone say that this little table here is the cause of the table in other words no all product is made to say that it calls itself something else the manufacturer made this the point I didn't make the pointer and the moment you say that you recognize that the stuff in the pointer and the stuff in the maker is pretty different in another world there are distinct no product calls itself so we cannot appeal to matter energy time and space to be the cause of matter energy time and space it has to be something different and distinct from itself logical analysis number 3 is the order the principle of science which comes 1st the cause or the effect cars 1st cause then effect in other words there is a time the principle when there in a cause or effect. So there is something that precedes so the effect of the universe then the cause of the universe preceded the universe. By the order principle of science. Or the principle of science Number 2 is magnitude. The cause and bold on the screen the cause is invariably greater in magnitude than affected produces really yeah if you have a 100 bucks in your wallet or in your purse and you got it from the bank then everyone can reasonably deduce the bank has a little bit more than 100 to give you that 100 if you went to the grocery store and bought a bag of groceries home then the grocery store most probably had a little bit more than your one bag the source of the cause is always bigger so it's not very difficult really the argument we don't have to do. A detailed and complex experiment to do that just look around and this universe and this world has life thinking matter energy time space laws of nature so if that's the case the cause should possess an abundance of life to give everybody their life he should have more than you got and more than I God how many of us are on this earth population anywhere but 7000000000 he must be a lot of will have to give 7000000000 and not only them but all the animals and insects and all the plants as well do we'll be having a lot of life to give logical analysis about his intellect This is what Einstein said his feelings take the former rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that compared with that all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection. There's another statement in which you said that mind out there is infinitely superior to ours this is Einstein infinitely superior that means he's got a reservoir of intellect that is infinite and less. How about energy. You know. Well there's this Mike biddy little mike here can you see it it's black that big that's all it is if we change this Mike completely to energy you know the Special Theory of Relativity equation is equal to MC squared M. is what mass C. is what the speed of light squared so usually masses can give a lot of energy so how much energy will come out of this one be the little object if it is completely converted to energy do you know how much it is it is equal to the the energy in the atomic bomb that was blasted over Hiroshima this little bit if you turned it completely to energy so now suppose to on the whole room into energy Now what about the whole world how about the Sun How about 200000000000 suns in a one Wilkie Way galaxy How about 600000000000 galaxies What is the energy that source should have a reservoir it is reasonable then to say that that cause could be described as omnipotent all powerful look at how much energy has placed in the universe and what we see as the 600000000000 galaxies is only 110th only 10 percent the rest of it is what they call dark matter and dark energy can't even see it. I think my friends of the energy that's why I was startled by the way Aristotle lived in the B. field but he was the father of modern day logic and when he started thinking of the Cause this is what he said here and he ascribed the falling attribute of the being who may consider the explanation of the world to things that have highlighted omnipotence and omniscience so on logic that's all he came to our conclusion logical analysis the universe has a cause it's distinct from the universe it preceded the universe and is possibly omniscient omnipresent omnipotent they think this conclusion was reached without a single reference to any religious author or writing just plain information with logic friends we stand on solid ground don't we yeah why are we ashamed to say there's a God we don't have to bang their heads with it but at least have some good argument there you can chat with them I chat all the time I have to really hit at them you really things. And they will be sitting there you know. You say God really. And usually our natural inclination of course there is a let me tell you why let me show you that's not what I do do you know what I do I ask them a question when they come and said Do you believe there is a God why do you say there is a God I asked them this very simple question do you really want to know do you really want to know do you know why I asked this question because I have in my pocket all the answers. You really want to know come and sit with me come search with me and I'll show it to you I will show to not my language I am religious guy so I'll have a religious language I'm not going to use my religious language I will use your language I will come onto your turf and on your grounds I will show you that what you are laughing at is the truth of the matter don't laugh anymore and I have had atheists are known. To on church rank 80 is becoming believers in one hour why because I just showed them that what you are stating dozens does plan to scrutiny here is the evidence. Stretch out. By you thinking we've done 3 so far I hope you can pick out at least some for you to use in your. Missions to the world we are not going to the world and I show you that we are not we are in one respect but there is a huge deficiency and the reason we are not going out there is because we are not equipped to go there but I am showing you you can be equipped you can be a kept well you shall be the head and not the tail that is the promise but sometimes we are the tail because we have not humbled ourselves enough to learn but once you do that boy are you strong so we're stretched right can take a deep breath and let's go to number 4 and then we'll wind up with that call of number 4 is arguments against saying there is no board or go to number 3 you see if there is no god that created this whole universe then the whole universe came from absolutely nothing you have got no other choice thing either there's a god. All there was absolutely nothing and do I say that no they themselves say that it is so from nothing our universe begins so where did the laws of nature to come from they came from nothing the void out of which the universe arose the only reasonable belief is that we came from nothing by nothing and for nothing yeah this is so strong and when I asked what's it based on and nothing. You think Is it based on anything know is an opinion hey please based it on some things that we can have a conversation if you don't base it on anything then I will say Gospel says nothing. No Look at that so we tend to just toss it off then let's not toss it out like I said we'll drop our belief and you drop your endless search together so you said nothing OK let's look at it let's build a wall of China but I'll give you no material no builder no time space not even you. And then when you get ready to complain to me even I am non-existent. Absolute nothingness as a starting point is physically totally impractical. Philosophy absolute nothingness cannot be imagined it I've ever tried you know another doing this I try to imagine but I can't imagine absolute nothingness because I'm always there. In my mind you can't use your mind and say that I'm thinking of absolutely nothing because they're using something you go read that which cannot be imagined cannot be proposing a scientific theory there is no starting point to make or evaluate the theory even fantasy fiction must 1st be imagined then written down you cannot imagine absolutely nothing just try it and you're going nuts. It's impossible. Philosophy ple absolute nothingness as an origin is an impossible ity it does not even come in other words what does it look like a nothing what you look like was a color and texture are no absolute nothing you can't even use a symbol because the symbol itself is something you can use silence because nobody knows what your silence is you are either trapped in a total inability to describe absolute nothingness or it is totally unreal Therefore we say that the audience could not be in absolute nothingness another 3rd way in which we are going to look at is mathematics science maybe represented them represented as common sense and wrapped in mathematics as proved especially Physics Physics is a precise form of science the most precise form and you cannot have a statement of physics unless it is equal and to a mathematical called. Formula without a mathematical formula you cannot have physics everything has to be made into a mathematical formula. They told me about this mathematician and I think she was in Michigan a brilliant mathematician any statement in physics you just take to her and tell her I'd like to make a formula and she will turn it into a mathematical formula by the way you cannot even say the word gravity in physics because gravity has to have a mathematical formula it is related to the mass of the 2 objects which directly related and inversely are conversely related to the square of the distance that is gravity if you don't say these 2 things is not gravity in other words in physics you got to have a mathematical formula you take a sentence and make it into a mathematical formula so let's try that here so what is the sentence. Of the atheistic proposal and was the sentence of the theistic proposal here it is atheistic proposal nothing did nothing about the nothing and produced everything. Now that really is the truth that's what the claim is where the theistic proposal is someone did something about the nothing introduced the universe so put it into a formula now 0 plus 0 plus 0 it will do $100.00 and the theistic side is X. plus Y. Placido is equal to one which one other chance look at the next 2 numbers they are the same amount of zeroes in the same amount of numbers 6 zeros and one is still one but if you start with one then the same number of digits is equal to 1000000 why because 0 as a starting point is value less. Only a real number can give value or substance nothing at the starting point is a little less you've got to have something there so absolute nothingness 0 without any real numbers are related to it as a mathematical premise and STARTING POINT is worse than observatory so absolute nothingness is physically impractical philosophy impossible mathematically worse than Observatory the. Latin aphorism X. Me lone Hill fit out of nothing nothing comes now the next one or 2 minutes what some philosophers have stated when they have thought about this so we're not alone there believe is not alone in claiming that there is the supernatural in existence beyond the natural Antony Flew was one of the most influential scientists of the last 100 years. He wrote some of his theses and one of his papers it's called God and false of occasion was the most reprinted article in the last 100 years for 60 years he was a he was an Englishman for 60 years he was a complete total atheist because his stand was I should go where the argument leads though the words of Socrates the plateau actually couldn't go over the argument leans and when he tried it was going to was no God but then after 60 years of showing that there is no God By the way he wrote a book it's called there is a God how the world's most notorious a piece changed his mind that's the title of the book the subtitle is how the world's most notorious atheist changed his mind because after 60 years some of them and said hey you got that big statement about you know go over there wouldn't leave an argument when you're not doing it it's a what do you mean that yeah I'll show it to you and they went through the arguments in fact when I read the book and when I went through my own arguments I'm not saying that I'm better than anybody else but I'm saying the argument that I have presented are stronger than what he saw this is what he said the leaders of science of the last 100 years along with some of today's most influential scientists have built a philosophy Clee compelling vision of a rational universe that sprang from a divine mind the mind of God a vision of reality that emerges from the conceptual heart of modern science and imposes itself on the rational mind the what it did not say did not say it comes from the conceptual heart of religious ideas and impose itself on the blindly believing mind. He said it came out from the conceptual heart of modern science and impose itself on the rational mind and we already saw Einstein Einstein agreed with Spinoza that he who knows Nature knows God because the pursuit of science in studying nature leads to Legion and God and look at the other statement he stated duties of the 1st one in view of such harmony in the cosmos which I with my limited human mind am able to recognize there are yet people who say there is no God but what makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views Stephen Hawking just passed away this year arguably the greatest mathematician and theoretical physicists that we had in existence at that time look at his words even if there is only one possible unified theory unified theory is the holy grail of physics they want to figure out how to put these to the quantum physics and the regular physics together and they are unable to it is just a set of rules and equations if there is such a theory what is it that breeds fire on life into the equations and makes a universe for these equations to describe you still have the question why does the universe bother to exist if you like you can define God to be the answer to that question because there is no other answer how about Charles Darwin himself by the way many people think of Chao Darwin as some kind of a devil. That's because of his theory of evolution but he himself was a thorough going church member church of England you know where he is buried in the Westminster Abbey next to whom David Livingstone Yeah so I don't think that he made the sign he wanted to make a scientific theory but he struggled in his heart look at his words There is grandeur in this view of life with several powers having been already bullied by the Creator into a few forms or into one do you know where that is quote from Origin of Species. The big Bible where they say evolution is everything but look at those words and he wrote of to a friend the impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe as a result of blind chance on necessity when thus reflecting I feel compelled to look to a 1st cause having an intelligent mind and I deserve to be called a theist I believe her in God why because when I look at my little bit of plants and animals that have been working out to find out of those variations or the theory of evolution that's one thing but when I look up to the universe than I've got to look for a 1st cause there has to be something I mean intelligent mind and I do believe that and therefore I should be called a believer let's give him that credit my friends like I said Give credit where credit is due so here's the conclusion based on evidence reasonable logical thinking the existence of the supernatural is valid and makes the better sense therefore the existence of God is our rational credible claim so if you were. The jury and I was the attorney I would turn to you and say Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I have placed before you the evidence I rest my case thank you. You have a 5 minutes we're almost done you know when you are able to stand before people and stated in a simple clear cut full of information way rather than just I believe then we will make a difference. And I have now been I've been doing this for 15 years is my 15th year and like I said I'm basically speaking to the secular university is out there I do not make an itinerary I'm I go where I'm cold. And over the last 15 years I've been to 5 continents to speak to those who question God Once you decide that there's a God you also now have to decide what's his name or identity which one is it and that's the next part when we don't have time for all that but we will do one more tomorrow afternoon. About that question is there a way in which there is a pointer to describe who this God is and there is if we followed it as an inquirer carefully Honestly I'm Billy and calmly So now I have showed you that as a people we are not doing this. We are very good at what we are doing right now yeah state of the dead on the Sabbath and 3 messenger in the sanctuary service all are good. Don't leave out this. Because this is the way to the 5000000000 that is not even right now on our radar we've got to speak to them and if we go to speak to them then speak their language and if you got to speak their language then you got to learn and it doesn't come naturally learned up everyone doesn't have to be an apologist like this but some of you can but all of us can know in our minds that a true Christian apologist will always hold the topless So here's the ending if there's an uninformed. Secular mind and an uninformed the Christian we don't know what might happen if there is an informed atheist and an uninformed to believe the atheist might win the discussion but here is the real point if there is a fully formed atheist scientific or rational thinking atheist. And off fully formed Christian believers the Christian believer will win all the time why because where there is truth truth will always win over shaky bits of theories and I posses we have a God who has given us the truth he is the God of truth I saw of him who knew. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit W.W.W. audio dot org.


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