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The Endurance Advantage

David Emerson


  • July 20, 2018
    3:00 PM
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Bless that art thou of the land when I King is the son of nobles and princes eat in due season for strength and not for drunkenness So the question is do we eat to live or are we living to eat and that's a question of motivation. And we're talking about motivation today the question is what is it that can motivate someone to make a lifestyle change. The physician was one struggling with a women's group he was trying to help them stop smoking and motivate him to quit and so he talked to them about lung cancer emphysema heart attacks strokes bladder cancers things that you could get from smoking but they kept chanting the background he couldn't get their attention until he'd said something that gripped their hearts with fear he now had their attention he had just told them that smoking caused wrinkles so what is it that would motivate you to stop smoking well. Dean Ornish He's a physician that did one of the 1st controlled trials showing reversal of heart disease on a plant based diet they did before and after angiograms showing arteries opening and. Because of that Medicare was willing to pay for his program well he has trouble motivating patients as well because they complain this is so hard and they asked him he says well how many of you have one child and they raise their hands and he says how many of you have and he said then was that hard and said Oh yeah the most difficult thing we've done and he says how many of you have 2 or more children and they raise their hands he says didn't she learn your lesson the 1st time. OK Well they said well yes it was hard but it was worth it and we're hoping that if you're making that change or transition to a plant based diet you you may say yeah it's a challenge but we're hoping you're going to find it's worth it. The Adventist House study found that vegetarians live 7 to 10 years longer. Is that motivation one for many it is. However these long lives Adventists can be a problem I was covering for some partners of mine at the hospital on a weekend and I saw one of the patients in the intensive care Ian Sometimes I get confusing claustrophobic and he kept asking. Who he was in his eighty's he was one of our churches up there so I understood his spiritual background he said oh where is my mother how is she doing well sir you know I'm sorry she's she's waiting she's resting she's waiting for Jesus to come to be resurrect when they come it's only passed when they don't I mean here's our concern about its asserts OK she's all right she's she's just waiting for Jesus to come and so I con him down and then on Monday his physician regular physician came back and said it problem with the patients and he said oh no just the just again the intensive care unit is asking about his mother you know and and I told him he's he's waiting for Jesus come he says no she's 102 she's in the nursing home and so so I had to backtrack in the sharing that his mother was OK in the nursing home now there is. This. It can be a motivation for many people however the vegetarians also have less disease and this can be a motivation for older adults however younger adults This usually isn't a motivation for them because they're never going to get old they're never going to have these problems and so I have to say something that can get their attention and so I usually talk about strength and endurance because that's what the guys are concerned about and then I talk about weight control that's what many of the girls are concerned about and then we have their attention and we're going to talk more about insurance today and we're talking about weight control tomorrow and I don't want to scare anybody off with their When we talk about weight control be talking about a group of people that is no more active than the office worker in the United States yet they weigh 20 percent less and they eat 30 percent more so when and how they do that. Come tomorrow and talk about it now there are spiritual reasons also that can be a motivation. In these are some that. Christians can understand do you not know that your body is the temple the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have of God You are not your own for your bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body in your spirit now many of you may have. I borrowed somebody's car before a friend's car and you get the car and it's all junkies full of trash and you get on the accelerator and it just kind of chugs along and doesn't really do very well it's a real. It's not a joy to drive but on the other hand sometimes you get a new rental car and it smells like it's clean and fresh and brand new and you put in the accelerator and soon you're you're off and running and that's a real joy to drive with the Holy Spirit is driving you like a car he's got many things he wants to accomplish through you you want to give him a clean car that can be can respond to what he's asking you to do and that's part of. Healthy living. Also what we do reflects on God says therefore whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God Now I've got 2 kids there. They are 1920 you know I guess I can't count kids anymore but there they are play violins when they're up there playing their violins I think yeah those That's my kids but when they do something that maybe not so nice I say Honey your kids are. And they reflect on us and so what we do reflects on God. The There were once a group of young young people arguing about what the best translation of the Bible was and they start about this King James the New King James and living translations and then paraphrase and then finally one guy wasn't saying anything he was just kind of sitting and listening and they said well what do you think you know what do you think the best translation is and he just says simply my mother well we may be the only translation people see of the Bible and so we want to be able to translate it correctly and our health gives a message of our Creator and our respect for him and keeping our temples clean. And also you know God in the beginning he created us for joy he wanted to experience joy in the relationship and he wanted us to experience joy and he promises as a beloved I pray above all things that you may prosper and be in health just as your soul prospers So having good health is part of that So how do you motivate people. To make a change many times or see a patient comes in the office and in our share with about a healthier lifestyle that can prove his health he says I'm too old for it to make a difference when I talk about that little bit toward the end as talk. Is it ever too late to make a change LOL Johnson he was 69 in poor health he's in such poor health as doctors had plans for him to get you in a nursing home so you can pass out your days in peace Here's a life insurance company had plans for him we're not selling you any life insurance and I came to live long enough to make it worth our while. It was a too late for nor Johnson we're going to find out shortly you'll Weaver another patient age 67 diagnosed with heart disease an engine at age 75 had a severe heart attack age 81 had congestive heart failure heart was too weak to pump effectively she couldn't lay flat bed at night you have to stay late sitting up. She couldn't walk more than 100 feet before she had to stop because of pain in her legs because the arteries are so narrow she wasn't getting enough blood supply to them. She had to work gloves in the summer to keep her hands warm. Because of circulation so poor is there any hope for her well we're going to find out about you Lou We've are in a little bit what are the benefits of a vegetarian diet Well the oldest controlled study. In the world was done to answer this very question now what's a controlled trial. Around 1500 B.C. In Egypt they used lizards blood put it in the ear for an earache Now if I told you yeah and I had an earache I put some lizards blood in it and 2 weeks later earache was gone would you believe that lizards blood was effective in curing earaches probably not OK because if I did nothing in 2 weeks my earache would probably be gone OK so you need a control group to compare it with a control group you don't do anything to their earaches the test group you put loses blood in you see if the list is blood if they get better faster. There was an argument in one of the journals medical journals as to when the 1st controlled trial in medicine was ever done and they wrote in several suggestions and they had some in the 18 hundreds and they publish this and then somebody wrote in later and said I beg to differ with you the 1st control trial ever done in medicine was to determine the benefits of a plant based diet versus the American diet and it was done 600 years before Christ and it was recorded in the 1st chapter of the Book of Daniel and they actually published his response. And I'm sure many of your familiar with the story Dan and his 3 friends are captives in Babylon. They were from. Juice and they were Hebrews and they were being told to eat the king's rich food because they thought that would make them stronger smarter appear nicer and however many of these foods were unclean and some of them were offered to idols and God forbid and that they eat these food so Dan has got a problem how can he stay loyal to his God and not displease the king So when faced with an Taishan what did Daniel do he purposed in US heart that he would not be found self the king's delicacies nor with the wine which he drank therefore I request of the chief the Unix that he might not to find themself Now when you're if you're making lifestyle changes for health reasons you may be faced with temptation you got it you got an invitation to a neighbor's house they want invite you over how do you handle that come up with a plan many times you can say you know I've got a health problem and because of that my doctor wants me on a plant based diet maybe there's a side dish I can have and so they're not to be offended you're not going to be condemning them for not being vegetarian because you're the one with the health problem it's one tactful way of doing it or there may be an office party you're supposed to be going to and be tempted with all the food so you may want to eat dinner before you go so you won't be tempted to go there but pray about it come up with a plan before he goes so you can you can stay in your program well how did the steward respond to this request Well he was worried that they were going to look awful and he was going to lose his head and but Daniel was wise he said testis says prove the servants for 10 days give us pause to eat that's things grown from seeds and water to drink then there are countless be looked upon before the in the countenance of the children that eat the poorest of the Kings food or meat and as thou seeis deal with they servants. Paul's things grown from seeds it's. Interesting to note that all the 3rd World countries developing countries will choose a grain Loz locally and a lagoon that grows locally and when you put the 2 together you get a nice mix of amino acids to build all the proteins you need plus plenty of carbohydrates to burn for energy and a small amount of the fats the essential fats to chew need to be healthy. In Mexico corn and beans China rice and peas a grain lagoon India it's a weak tortilla and lentils in. Ethiopia it's tough which is a grain ember bands of beans always a grain and we're going to mix them together that can be a very simple way of coming up with a vegetarian diet and then you feel about the fruits nuts and vegetables. What happened at the end of 10 days a lot healthier and better nourished then the young man that ate the King's Royal foods and gave them knowledge and skill and all literature wisdom and Daniel had understanding all visions and dreams. Interestingly they found that many many programs across United States are finding results in not only 10 days blood pressures dropping. Weight dropping blood sugars dropping in as little as 10 days the body can actually heal itself if you give it the right foods to do so. OK athletes in history are going to look at some of the athletes in history how come well is it because they are good character role models actually and most of them aren't that's not why we're looking animal looking at them because actually they are like scientists they come up with a hypothesis they believe that one form of training is going to give them a better performance and then like scientists their religious in sticking to the program and then they test the hypothesis in a competition see how they do. In the 1980 S. I was taking a break from medical studies going through school then and I happened to see an article I think is a Reader's Digest talking about one man who swam 2.4 miles bike 112 miles ran 26.2 miles on 10 bananas this was a triathlon I was getting I got exhausted just reading about it. And by the way who want you to know that he did it on 10 bananas this is the international been an association OK. Who was the man or you read the fine print the bottom it was actually David Scott and I said like grew up with a David Scott in Davis California wants the same one and it actually was at that time he had blue ribbons for swimming we used to a group of us boys we lived about 3 miles outside of town and we would write our bicycles from our houses into town to school every day and it was kind of fun and so I called him up I said What were you eating before you ran he says I was a vegetarian 3 years before I ran my 1st race I thought that's interesting is this a coincidence or is there a cause and effect relationship you're. OK Who's this tough How can know how old you are now OK Tarzan actually Hollywood had several Tarzan's. He was their favorite not because his acting is acting is really poor but he was genuine he was a world class swimmer I had set 56 world records at the time of our story today by the way you know how I got into swimming he came over from Austria when I was about 7 or 8 he. Was diagnosed with polio around 10 years of age and Dr told him his mother get him in the pool the way to the water can support his body and he can exercise and you know hopefully maybe you can get through life OK well he took to swimming and he persisted and he persisted and set world records so again don't let setbacks or apparent setbacks hold you back from what God's calling you to do in your life. Well now owing to age he had not set any records for 5 years he had been an omnivore his whole life omnivore means eating everything. And Weissmuller was invited by Dr Kellogg to the newly rebuilt Battle Creek sanitarium to perform at the dedication of the sanitariums new swimming pool Kellogg's started him on a strictly no meat diet for several weeks he stuck with the diet in a few weeks on a meatless diet he established 6 more world records after 5 years of nothing. Again I thought Is this a coincidence or is there a cause effect relationship here. Mary Rose youngest triple gold medalist Olympic history has been a vegetarian since 2 years of age never mind the one swimming in his own age group in a foreign country he would leave the Olympic camp to eat a vegetarian meal at an app and us little because wherever you go in the world you'll find 2 things Coca-Cola and advantage hospitals OK So there again surprise and effect relationship because I grew up thinking meat was essential for strength and endurance all that's what you need to perform well I thought well where did we get this concept we actually got it from the Greeks. It was the Greeks we got a lot of actually misconceptions from the Greeks. Aristotle from the Greek taught that spiders had 6 legs and this was believed for hundreds of years until somebody actually bothered to count on found out they had 8 OK. The Greeks the ancient Greek assets were heavy metres mile of Proton was a legendary Greek wrestler never once brought to his knees and over 5 only periods he supposedly consumed gargantuan amounts of meat so the Greek concept of the importance of meat for performance still lingers today in the mid 800 doctor just as one lie big to prevent preeminent physiological chemist advocated that all energy for muscular movement came from protein. The typical meatless style was thought to contain insufficient amounts of protein for performance vegetarians with us thought to be incapable of prolonged exercise well this idea was challenged by the London fidgeting society which formed an athletic and cycling club James parsley that's a good name for a vegetarian. Here the other 90 members vindicated their diet by outperforming their carnivorous competitors in the bicycle races a week later he won the most prestigious hill climbing race in England breaking the record by nearly a minute in America will brown a cyclist and vegetarian for health reasons thrashed all records for the 2000 mile bicycle race Michael read aghast also a vegetarian establish the women's record for the 1000 mile bike race 893 the 372 mile long distance walking race from Berlin to Vienna the 1st 2 places were vegetarians then in 1912 vegetarian Kamin and became the 1st man to complete the marathon in under 2 hours and 30 minutes by 1985 almost 30 marathon runners were listed as using a plant based diet and. Now these are anecdotal cases and most people in medicine anyone want controlled trials so there were controlled trials the 1st ones began in 1004. They the Belgian researcher Dr Sharp and then he divided 25 students into vegetarians and mediating groups then he measured their endurance simple test they squeezed. My hand exerciser and they counted the number of squeezes they could do before exhaustion the mediator's averaged about 38 vegetarians averaged 69 almost double the endurance. In the early 1900 Dr Irving Fischer one of Americans leading educators he wanted to prove Dr Kellogg wrong he wanted to show Dr Calla the advantages of eating meat fish or didn't in durance experiment with 49 persons vegetarians and Conover's and those using the vegetarian diet had much greater in durance than those that were the mediators. I want to fishers test was a simple test just hold your arms out and. In the red there the red bar you see that 2 out of the 15 meters lasted 15 minutes whereas 70 percent of the vegetarians last 15 minutes and you see that about 50 percent of the vegetarians lasted 30 minutes but none of the mediators lasted 30 minutes and at 3 hours you've got one lone vegetarian OK still holding his arms out they also did deep knee bends and they counted the number of bores averaged about a 1000 vegetarians averaged about 2000 now this isn't this isn't you know a 2 percent or 4 percent difference is 100 percent difference this is an order of magnitude greater in durance. And lastly another anecdotal to event here there was a Spam test Canadian Marines were doing 10 to 15 mile per day forced marches and they were on a mixed diet and they would get the end of their March and set up camp then they changed their diet to emergency rations which was pemmican or we would call it spam meat and fat in a can and they ate that for a day at the end of the day they came straggling into camp no fires were started they just collapsed and went to sleep the next morning they were still exhausted they were so exhausted they had to cancel the next forced March 1 of the sergeants or said you know 2 days ago we had a crack set of troops today they are totally unfit for combat so why do vegetarians have more in durance in the actually there is a reason the reason is called glycogen what is glycogen glycogen is a starch What is the starch of starch is take a little circle you see one of those hexagon shapes there that's a sugar and when you string those sugars together in a long string you get a start and that's the way your liver stores energy. If you if you stop eating today right now you would live off the starch in your liver for about $24.00 hours it's like a gas tank at the end of $24.00 hours you run out of glycogen in your liver then you start going into starvation where you break down muscle and fat and that's a starvation cycle so the liver prevents you from going into starvation also you store glycogen in your muscles themselves now when you're walking you have enough. Fat to my When you're walking you can burn fat fast enough to maintain walking but if I start running I can't burn fat fast enough to maintain running so I have to burn the 2nd supply of energy of fat plus glycogen and that can maintain running so I have enough fat to go walking a 3rd of the way across United States that's a 1000 miles but running I only have enough glycogen in an untrained runner to go 20 miles that's why marathons are 26 miles they go 6 miles beyond the point at which most people run out of their glycogen and hit the wall where they have to stop running and start walking. So many. Athletes marathon runners traffic lights will eat a big spaghetti meal before the race high starch meal to try to fill up those glycogen stores before the race does this actually make a difference or is this just folklore Well in 1987 Scandinavian researchers asked that question and did a test to find out they took. They took one group of people same group of people and they put them on 3 different diets and they had a couple weeks between each diet to allow a washout 1st diet was high fat and protein diet consisting of meat eggs milk and cheese basically. Just a meat and dairy day at. Then they tested them then they had a washout period and then they put them on a mixed diet consisting of animal products and fruits nuts grains and vegetables together and then they tested them and then they had a washout period where they stabilized them again then the 3rd diet was a high complex carbohydrate diet consisting of 80 percent of calories from carbohydrates essentially a vegetarian diet then they tested them the last time now how did they test them they actually put a needle in the muscle and they pulled out a core of tissue and they measure the glycogen in the muscle and if you see on the. If you see that now if you see that on the very far right of the screen. On the meat and dairy diet they had point 6 grams of glycogen For 100 grams of muscle tissue very little on the mixtape it rose from point 6 to 1.83 times increase in on the vegetarian diet it read from point $6.00 to $3.00 times more glycogen then on the meat dairy diet and twice as much glycogen as on the mixed diet so do you think that would make a difference in strength and endurance Well they said we think it would if these were horses in a horse race you probably want to bet on the high glycogen horse but so they tested them to find out more glycogen what they did they put him on a bicycle or garment or and they tested him on the meat and dairy day they went about an hour before exhaustion on the next diet they went almost 2 hours before exhaustion and on the vegan diet they went back to centrally 3 hours before exhaustion an incredible increase in in durance. Since then they've done other tests here we see what happens to the glycogen on a mixed diet this is the American diet. In 3 days of running 10 miles. So on day one before they start their average glycogen was around $1.00 after the run it dropped to about $1.00 then they get a good night's sleep they eat their meals they get up the next day and their glycogen hasn't been restored that much and then they run the 2nd day and the glycogen gets depleted again and then they run the 3rd day and it gets depleted again if you notice after each run the glycogen on that mix diet is not getting restored the way it should and so after 3 days it actually took them 2 days before their guy could in stores would come back up to what it was before they started running however compare that to the glycogen levels of someone on a high complex carbohydrate diet noticed that on the complex carbohydrate diet the vegetarian diet the glycogen stores are being restored after each run and so in durance athletes are finding that for in durance plant based diet is what gives them the strength and endurance to have those long training days how long will it take to replace the glycogen stores after a glycogen depleting exercise well takes about 20 hours with optimal carbohydrate intake carbohydrate stores replenished at a rate about 5 to 7 percent per hour. What about eating during a race is a common practice. They find that if you're training at 60 to 80 percent of your maximum predictive heart rate. You can postpone fatigue about $15.00 to $30.00 minutes with carbohydrate feedings during the race the problem with that is that your digestive tract is designed to have a meal and then rest for $4.00 to $5.00 hours so the juices can be really keen weighted in the glands and so you can properly digest your food there's actually a washout cycle in your stomach that occurs between meals and if you eat frequently you're going to eliminate that So how do you get this benefit without eating during a race actually a complex carbohydrates diet of lagoons in the morning can actually give you that slow release of sugar throughout the day without having to eat every 1520 minutes or every hour or so. This is a test they did to test. Foods before a race and in durance what they found is that eating a sugary snack is that going to help or hinder in durance they actually found it hindered in durance. They found that if you eat a sugary meal before the race what happens is your blood sugar shoots up your pancreas over reacts it releases a lot of insulin that insulin goes into the cells and opens a cell doors the sugar leaves the blood goes in the cell and gets burned and that brings the sugar down problems on a sugary meal your papers over reacts and your blood sugar drops too low usually you get hypoglycemic maybe 90 minutes to 2 hours later and you get hungry again if this happens during a race in your blood sugars drop too low because of a sugary meal before the race you're going to burn up your glycogen stores faster and they found it reduced your insurance on the other hand they found that if they ate something like a low glycaemic meal of lentils or beans or something of this nature the lagoon family are the lowest glycaemic index foods those foods will go in the gut they'll be absorbed slowly over 56 hours if you eat those it's 8 o'clock the morning you and I can get hungry till about 2 hours 2 o'clock in the afternoon about 66 hours later and it will they found in this case it actually increased strength and endurance so let's ask some of the athletes what they eat what David Scottie when he set those world records he cooked up 2 pounds of brown rice leaves it on the stove all day throughout the day with yogurt vegetables and 20 pieces of fruit per day the schism of the calories he needs for those 8 hour training days and replenishes the glycogen stores in the muscles for the next day. An 80 percent carbohydrate diet needs continuous carbohydrate loading so quote from him he says over the past 7 years this is back in 1980 S. I've been following the strict enjoyable diet I do enjoy eating of approximately 10 percent my calories from fat 15 percent protein and 75 percent complex carbohydrates the state has undoubtedly contributed to mathematics performance in the triathlons. We're going in the triathlons. Over the last 5 years the total reduction of fact cholesterol within increase in months has muscle and liver glycogen 3 higher carbohydrate diet has enabled me to train for $5.00 to $8.00 hours daily and compete at a world class level. David Scott I understand the glycogen concept actually he majored in exercise physiology in college so he actually knew what he was doing now his parents they freaked out when they heard he was going to be a vegetarian they didn't understand but he tried it and it did pay off they polled. Triathletes in the eighty's asked them what their their preferred diet was and about half the athletes chose Pritikin Diet which is a form of a vegetarian diet as their number one choice. One of the concerns we have for bodybuilders and people wanting to maintain their strength is they're worried that they cannot maintain their muscle mass on a high carbohydrate relatively low protein diet. Can you maintain that that musculature on a vegetarian diet. Actually yes you can this was shown in a in the ultra endurance running competition bike or us this is a race where they run 600 miles and chorus did it in 5 days 5 hours and 7 minutes they just run until they're exhausted they take a brief nap they get up and then run again. What they did is they measured his calorie and food intake and he he ate a total of $55970.00 calories. Of which 93 percent to 95 percent were carbohydrates 3 percent leopards and 1.7 percent protein sensually a low protein diet and they did body composition test before and after the race his muscle mass did not change during that 5 day race so yes it is possible and the other the other thing to share with people who are concerned about this is the strongest animals on Earth. Are vegetarians the Bulls the elephants the the zealots. You know the last time I asked a boy says Archie concerned about you know this grass or chicken to get the we're going to get your protein from well it's not too concerned about he gets plenty of protein from the plants that they're eating. Cheetahs are Conover's they're one of the fastest animals are mammals anyway and however after about 100 yards they're done OK they've used up their energy and they're they're exhausted. Now if the if the cheetah which changes diet to a vegetarian diet could pop possibly prolong that lions. Lions also if they don't catch their meal in the 1st few 100 yards they're there done their Durance is not that great and so the 2 catch their prey the male lions will center over here they'll see the gazelles here and the female lions will go on the other side of the examples then the males will get up and they'll roar they'll scare the gazelles into the waiting female lions that's the only way they can catch their food because if it was just in durance tested them chasing him miles and miles they never catch him. Vegan weight lifters body builders maintain lean body mass. If 11 percent of their calories are protein and strength that cleats and were able to do it with 50 percent of the calories from protein can a vegan diet do this actually yes it can. Fruits are a fairly long protein but if you mix the fruits with nuts and seeds you can increase the protein content again fruits 6.7 percent of calories from proteins nuts and seeds 11 percent but when you get to the grains it's 13 percent and if you mix those with vegetables and beans beans 28 percent of the calories from proteins you're going to get plenty of protein and in America actually the problem isn't a lack of protein the problem is getting too much protein and that's a whole different discussion but too much protein is is can cause significant problems. A Yale tell us looking at strength. Yele took 11 soldiers 8 university athletes in the pink of condition and they cut their meat intake by a 3rd for 6 months dynamometer tests were done before and after and showed an actual doubling of the soldier strength and an increase in the athlete strength as well then we get to the tar home are Indians these are an interesting group of people they live in. You take a Aztec and tribe they live in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains in the northern central state of Chihuahua Mexico they've been studied extensively because they have incredible in durance Here are 2 of them in the Leadville 100 mile race held annually in Colorado these are the 1st 2 places were. The Tara Tara home are Indians. They can carry loads 80 percent of their weight 110 miles and 70 hours they can run 500 miles in 5 days to deliver a letter adult men have a kickball game through they run 82 and sees me 9180 miles in about $24.00 to $48.00 hours incredible distance women also have a kickball game but they have other duties they have to take care of the kids they have to cook the meals so their game they only run 50 miles OK Can you imagine. What do they eat mainly corn and beans 11 percent of the calories from fat was in the United States about 40 percent fat to preserve the calories from saturated fat that's usually the animal fats 15 percent of the calories are from fats in the United States. The polyunsaturated fat to saturated fat ratio that's the plant fats to animal fats ratio is high in the tar Indians over 2 and it's very low in the United States about point $35.00 or less cholesterol intakes 71 milligrams per day for the TAR Indians and it's $5750.00 in the U.S. Now you can only get cholesterol from animal products that are money that is due eat a small amount of deer meat do you know how they hunt their deer they run them into exhaustion they chase the deer till the deer collapse the. 5 percent of the calories come from simple sugars do they have our diseases actually no average cholesterol for man is $136.00 in America it's about $200.00 and for women it's about $117.00 they don't have high blood pressure and they don't have obesity so that's the best diet for strength and endurance How do you train. Well. There's sort of a technical way of calculating how to train if you take 220 minus your age. That would be your maximum predictive heart rate that's the heart rate that you could achieve if you're running away from a lion. The highest training rate is recommended to be 80 percent of that maximum and the lowest training rate to be 60 percent so if you go from $60.00 to $80.00 that's a good training rate but that's kind of complicated You almost need a little pulse. Meter on your wrist to to do that there's a simpler way to do it if you're if you're doing a walking program if you're walking and you're gasping for air you're going too fast on the other hand if you can talk like I'm talking to you without insurance or breath you're going to slow you need to walk to where you're a little bit short of breath when you're talking to somebody and that's a simple way to test Are there benefits to exercise. Well yes there are Dr Blair and I wanted to find out what those benefits were he looked at 13000 men and he wondered what their heart disease death rates were and sure enough heart disease death rates were 8 times greater in the poor Roby fitness group compared to the those that actually sized But what was and that wasn't too surprising but what was surprising was cancer death rates dropped dramatically when they were actually sizing. They found the cancer death rates are several times higher in the poor really fitness group we also know that women if they've had been treated for breast cancer if they survive breast cancer their risk of recurrence is cut in half if they actual size if they're on an exercise program. I does exercise actually increased longevity and actually does. They looked at Harvard graduates Harvard University alumni who recognize regularly live 2.2 years longer than their inactive alumni and I want to give you an. A perception of what that 2.2 years looks like if I was to get rid of cancer in the United States totally eliminate it the average lifespan would increase by 2.2 years on the other hand if I could get everybody to walk 30 minutes a day 56 days a week the average lifespan would increase 2.2 years how much money is spent trying to get rid of cancer billions how much money is try is spent trying to get you to walk 30 minutes a day but let's 0 and yet both of them have the same benefits in terms of increasing your lifespan. OK so what age would change to a vegetarian why lifespan or life style be useless. When is it too late. Well you remember you a weaver described her in the beginning of her talk at age 67 she she developed heart disease she had chest pain because the arteries supplying her heart were too narrow not giving her enough blood every time she walked up the stairs she get chest pain at a 75 she had a severe heart attack ended up in the hospital age 81 she had congestive heart failure that's where the heart has become too weak to pump blood effectively she has to sit sleep sitting up to keep her lungs clear she gets short of breath walking across the room she gets chest pain she has high blood pressure arthritis claudication that means the arteries in the legs are too narrow to supply the muscles adequately so she can only go 100 feet before she gets the pain is so severe she has to stop she had the worst gloves in the summer to keep her hands warm because a secure lation is so poor. What hope does she have While many of us as we saw in the office would just put her in a nursing home keep her comfortable until she passes on what did she do she actually read predictions. Program and it aid age 81 and she started a plant based diet after a year they had to take her off her medications because a blood pressure drop too low they had to get her off her medications she lost all her symptoms and she started walking she could walk up to mile at age 85 and a half she had started running and she entered the senior analytics she ran the 81500 meter dash and won 2 gold medals she ran these She ran these races for 6 years and won 12 gold medals she holds the record in the 800 meter dash in 8589 year old age group and in the 1500 meter dash in 8589 year old age group and in the 90 to 94 year old age group now I don't know how much competition she has but she he's she's running those races OK and that's amazing so it wasn't too late for you to change your lifestyle at age 81 remember knowledge Johnson age 69 didn't have much for the future hope for the future Dr has plans for him because he's in such poor health that recommend a nursing home he couldn't buy any life insurance what did he do at age 70 he began his own rehab program of diet and exercise he changed his diet no me no cheese no eggs no butter no margarine no oils we talk about that the importance of getting rid of the free oils as well later on essentially a plant food diet with a small amount of animal protein fish once or twice a week which you actually he didn't need but that was what he tried at age 71 he ran a 6 minute 27 2nd Mile very fast at age 73 he ran the Pikes Peak Marathon he ran the New York Marathon it ages 8082 and 83. Know all wrote he says I know your way of life and stayed in your book Free from so many damaging oils has helped me to attain the physical condition I have at age 83 so wasn't too late for KNOW And lastly we want to look at amazing Mavis who was she well as a child she suffered a whooping cough in ammonia which we control lungs as an adult she had recurrent. Bronchitis in her early sixties she was 20 pounds overweight due to years of inactivity when she heard a lecture by Dr Charles Thomas in early sixty's and she began walking every day she walked a short distance at 1st then she increase the distance she added jogging she lost the 20 extra pounds and her lung problems disappeared she built up to 5 miles of jogging per day 6 days a week now her son was a medical doctor and he did something very nice for her he entered her into the Avenue of the giants Marathon don't you all wish you had a son that would do that for you. New Madge and training more than 50 miles a week in preparation for her 1st marathon maybe successfully completed the 26.2 mile event setting age group World Record since then she's done 64 marathons fastest time 4 hours 34 minutes in the fall of 1904 she established the best time for women over age 70. She became the oldest woman to run of the race to the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado. Maybe maximizes her change training by eating a high carbohydrate vegetarian diet that helps restore muscle glycogen levels for the next train about at age 80 she has a V O 2 max equivalent to a body of a woman in college 58 years younger V O 2 Max what is that that's the best measure we have of your cardiovascular fitness it measures the volume of oxygen you can burn per minute. You need a special machine by the way we're we're going to be getting one of those machines or else you will be able to to use it. During lifestyle programs here and if you want to check yours out talk to me maybe we can give that during one of the lifestyle sessions anyway her view or 2 max was essentially like a college woman's body fat was 12 percent the average college woman's was 25 percent breathing capacity to pick Li declines with age as you get older. But her breathing capacity was 40 percent above that of a woman. Of that predicted for a woman her age. Sports Illustrated calls her amazing Mavis but as a 7th Day Adventist Christian she gives God the glory so. Quiz What is that did you know there's going to be a quiz would you have come if you would. OK What is the best diet for endurance. Yeah vegetarian diet OK and can exercise prolong your life. Yet 2.2 years is it ever too late to change your diet and start an exercise for. 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