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Truth vs. Lies, Part 2

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator


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him remain deceptive framing will have him I time for us to pray together in groups stealing training is good idea especially in times reliving and the temptations that the devil has force and salute to just be a time for prayer and you can just remain quiet please until the song starts to play and will end by singing course together to believe after the dot time for those staff would like to remain behind the staff would also will have a prayer meeting we that's new from five thirty on Wednesday still after prayer meeting on Wednesdays but not mistaken so those are my announcements let's begin this evening with work for Shelley father heaven today we are grateful for your word we remember that it is sharper than a two-edged sword but that it cuts to heal not to hurt though it sometimes painful to us to come into contact with the truth we want the truth in our lives we want to we want to have the love of the truth given to us by your Spirit of truth so tonight as we consider again truth versus lies whose character will we reflect I pray Lord that we might be each one be motivated and inspired to be more like Jesus sin your spirit to be here I pray to show us ourselves and to show us you would ask in Jesus name amen this morning we were talking about truth as a quality of God 's character and we looked at all I think more than five dozen verses that describe truth as a quality of God 's character truth as what the righteous wills after don't put allies and vanity in front of me wisemen said the righteous will seek after truth furthermore we saw that truth versus lies in the line of demarcation between God 's people and those who are lost in the end right and what is due a short review on that if we look at perhaps she was separating us follow us from Satan followers who shall abide in my tabernacle who shall dwell my holy hill David asks he then walked up O'Reilly network of righteousness and speaketh the truth where in his heart liver the truth shall be established forever open even gave the righteous nation which keep it the truth may enter in continuing on we read the remnant that is also not do iniquity nor speak what lies do we want to be a part of the remnant when do we want to be a part of those who are found faithful in the last days neither shall deceitful tongue be found in their mouth for they shall feed line and none shall make them afraid of Tate is something wonderfully peaceful about living in a world of truth when you live in a world of truth nobody makes you afraid because you never have to remember what the telephone when I had what I say then what should I say now you speak the truth it's a wonderful release just add your life completely filled with truth surrounded by truth influenced by truth but even nurtured delighted his deeds may be made manifest that they are wrought in God but the hour cometh the Bible says and now is in the true worshipers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth of father receipt of such to worship him God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth and so it's no surprise that in the book of Revelation the one of the primary distinguishing characteristic the baseball are they are that they dwell in truth they speak the truth they don't know love or make alive we could look at Revelation twenty one twenty seven Revolution twenty fifteen religion twenty one Mercedes and so Philippians four eight is just common sense isn't it finally brethren it's like Paul concludes his whole study for us finally brethren whatsoever things are what true of the things are honest with her things are just within things are pure which of these are lovely whatsoever things are good reported there be any virtue there be any praise I think on these things how do you think untrue things you avoid thinking on false things things that aren't true that make sense it's pretty pretty simple actually God 's characters based on truth Satan 's characters based on lies and remember misery loves company Satan wants as many people as possible to be like him in character and lots and so he is seeking by devious means to Boston are characters around allies imagination it's the real rather than the true eternal lasting and remember last we were talking about Satan and his old ploy you know to make people little stations like human character he doesn't do it primarily by having people say I am of the cesarean I want to be like Satan has a question just thought question I think it's it's as plain as the nose on my face is Satan once people people 's characters not to be based on truth he also has ways of influencing Christians characters so they not only based on truth never heard the law of the human mind by beholding we become change think on these things why because the more we dwell on that which is not true the more will be our life becomes unreadable the more we can determine what is truth and what is not truth and our characters become more and more like things and believe you me Satan is not just interested in finding ways and activities of the cesareans will be involved in right who is he especially going to make war against the church Christians even Adventists right so very there's got to be ways in which Satan is attacking God 's character in us by attacking the truth in this by having us not think upon true things Satan 's agenda is the opposite of John God 's agenda God 's goal is to bring our mind our hearts and our characters in a harmony with what truth stations engendered on the other hand is to sell mold our characters to influence our lives that our minds are kept on the unreal and there many ways did the devil does this if you look at much of what is called entertainment today you know how me people imagine themselves playing the Super Bowl and document I mean people get so excited and thereafter play not that it makes a difference I mean their couch potatoes you understand they couldn't carry the football all the link the field at a fast walk but there imagine he's either their lives are fanciful the farther we come from truth the farther we come from or through the representing the character of God God is the ultimate source of truth and where do we find that his revelation of truth through us in the Bible its knowledge Scriptures Satan wants to make the imaginations of men start as a realized loss would remember this the description of the people before the flood you in Genesis chapter six the thoughts of their minds and imagination of their hearts were only how evil continually they were thinking about things that were true and were evil and everything in things that weren't true and were evil and that the way the world in the again at the second coming isn't it that true of the weather days analysis shall be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man so the Bible is given a specific counsel whatsoever things are true think on these things fill our minds with truth missing the love of the truth those things which are false the things which are Maggiano 's and drum real do not belong in the place of the heart of the Christian Al I believe that true education is to model what true followers of Christ should be in the last days you see it's not just a matter let's say let's let let's decide what kind of standards we can have low made love Disney will that I believe that God has a specific call for last generation of young people who will have the father 's name written in therefore had they will have a character that will I live character and there is no guile found in their mouth they are hard to their mind their mouths are filled with truth you believe that now you and I are going to be part of that type of the people we have to be willing to say God it can just be a seventh I can Disney's Seventh-day Adventist Avenue seven-day Adventist understanding I can just be going to church on sad that it has to be a lifestyle change what I put into my life when I put into my mind has to be that which will help me I can just say well what's the minimum that people in all ideas of how to do in order to be saved I guess unless we buy by the skin of my teeth in the heaven if that's my attitude were migrant in the problem is that not true if you can squeak by like people are saved who Jeremiah would sit this way you shall seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart is a hundred percent guys suddenly want to try because of what I didn't work for me are you sure one thing I appreciate about the never think of prayer they made a point I very rarely heard that as young people whose claim that they've tried Christianity often have reserved portion of such portions of their heart they were not willing to give up and it's no wonder their devotions never took fire it's no wonder they never found victory in their life because they never let God into rooms of their heart that they reserved as exclusively for them God had to stay out and if you and I want to be safe the last days I'm convinced this is a reasonable desire of ages religion must become the great business of our lives it must become our priority we can't say what can I what's the minimum I can do without the state what are the influences in my life that will give me the greatest evangelist and advantages and true education in the last days must have as its watchword something better now what is the least what is the best God has something better for those of us who live in the last date that is something better for us to put our mind but is it impossible be saved to a reading whatever of course not of course it is possible but we have something better fastener mina we do so the Bible gives us very clearly a principal finally brethren whatsoever things are true with the things are honest of the digestive things appear within the unlovely there be any virtue of their being he praised the report I skipped think on these things and you know a leading surprise to God lastly profit should agree with the Bible July the Bible is truth and the Holy Spirit inspires only truth and this is an first twenty fourteen verse thirty two the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets the prophets all agree to the same spirit that inspired writings so Ellen White has significant counsel regarding truth versus lies to share some of that with you tonight Mister viewing page four hundred and forty four many of the popular publications and they are filled with sensational stories that are educating the youth and wickedness and reading them in the path to perdition marriage children use our old any knowledge of what crime they are inside evil by the tales they read imagination they act already need for trade until the patient is around to see what they can do in committing crime and evading punishment you understand there's something fascinating in a young person 's mind getting away with breaking the law and not invading and you realize that if you read the sensational literature LS talking about starting up novels fiction you find over and over people doing dastardly deeds and not paying the piper is that truth my friends is that a real world was that an imaginary world what is the effect upon the character very clear that nine note most of your essay I wouldn't read that kind of it I hope not I hope not to minds of children youth this seems they should imagine revelations of HR realities as revelations or predicted all manner proceedings prescribed to break down the barriers of lots of restraints many cats the spirit of these representations they allege the commission of crimes even worse if possible than the sensational writer to date through such influences of the society is becoming demoralized the seat of lawlessness are set are sown broadcast not mean marble the harvest of crime is the result works of romance for most exciting tales aren't hardly lasted three acres to the reader the Monterey professor TJ what moral lesson throughout his working the interweave religious sentiments but often these serve only to veil the folly and worthlessness beneath what is the prophet of God sing these fictional tales even if they are intended to teach a good moral lesson they have a negative impact on the character the world is flooded with both that are filled with enticing error please receive Esther about the Bible denounces as false it élan window deception that means really Minnesota nine guessing the most amusing I don't read the books I hope that you I hope you pretty that history and team bondage four hundred forty five is revealing their works of fiction that will rate it written for the purpose of what teaching truth isn't that a dichotomy fiction teaching truth is like blackness shedding light on the subject darkness my friends cannot shed light there were sufficient ever written for the purpose of taking truth are exposing some great evil some of these works have accomplished good yet they have also wrought what you told harm why they contained statements and highly wrought ten pictures that excite the imagination give rise to train of thought what is full of danger especially to the young the youth missing the driver lived over and over again is not such a reading and victimized three is whether this qualifies her for spiritual exercise it destroys interest in the Bible heavenly things find a place in the thoughts of the mind dwells upon the scenes of impurity per trade passions aroused in the end is sin these are books that were written to teach truth continuing on every fiction which contains notes and even fiction which contains no suggestion of impurity and which may be intended to teach excellent principles is what my friends and I say that we have to decide are we going to view the inspired writings as true or not if their truth then we would do well to accept not liking or disagreeing with it won't change even fish which contains no one suggests an impurity in which may be intended to teach excellent principles is harmful it encourages the habit of hasty and superficial reading Mary for the story of us it tends to destroy the power connected and vigorous thought it unfit for salted comically the great problems of duty and destiny continued on page four hundred forty six a ministry of healing by fostering love for mayor amusement the reading of fiction creates a distaste for life practical duties to his exciting intoxicating power does not infrequently a cause of both mental and physical disease many a miserable neglect at home in a lifelong invalid many inmate of this insane asylum I become such the habit of novel reading why they're just stories but friends God made our brains do you believe that God made our minds and he made them to operate in a world of true not a world of imagination and on radio and untrue and when you feed the mind with food that God did not intend the mind be fed with sickness is the result people may bookmark they may attack normal normal may not actually anymore be normal but if we feed the mind that which God is not wanted to have it's going to be corrupted second we finished the education page ninety two young friends and knowledge of the Bible will help you resist invasion and knowledge of what the Bible idiot and I had a reading story books will him or whether it is right you spend your time with these books which merely occupy your time and amuse you may give you no mental or moral strength if you are reading them and I'm fine with a creative morbid craving for exciting novelty league you dislike the Bible tapped the side of the emolument darkness and backsliding from God if this is endlessly have over you stop right where you are do not pursue this course of reading to your imagination is fired and you become unfitted for the study the Bible and practical duties of real-life again containing on cheap works of fiction do not properly impart no real knowledge that inspire no grading that purpose they can on the Hartnell artist is our security no soul on the river righteousness on the contrary they take time which begin to the properties of life deserves about time to be devoted to prayer to visiting the sick and Canadian educating yourself for useful life when you commence running a story about how Frito-Lay and imagination is so excited you are betrayed them to send you disobey your parents and the confusion the domestic circle by neglecting the simple duties involving upon you and worse than this prayers for God in the Bible is read within difference or entirely neglected do you think that these things can aptly be true could they actually happen to people I've seen I've experienced it reading story books that are simply exciting create a disk taste of the Scriptures no effort should be spared countless passage and students at one thirty six no effort should be spared or established right habits of study if the mind wanders bring it back is anyone here ever have trouble studying your mind ever wonder you realize it takes a battle to discipline the mind and story reading side stories and fiction destroys the mind 's ability to concentrate is left very clear if the for more perverted by overwrought and exciting fiction so there is a disinclination to apply to mind there is a Bauman he thought to become the Sabbath the good news is there's about before any can be overcome right your mind can change your estate away you are now God is capable of taking our human brains and reading molding them through truth into the image and character of God is a powerful that's why one reason perhaps just as in the case of Daniel in exact proportion of the spiritual characters develop intellectual capabilities increase as you bring your mind in the contrast and into contact with the good brain food truth it strengthens the mind but he been involved in reading exciting fictional tales you have about the flight good news is God can help you find a lover but this reading should be overcome at once rigid rules to be enforceable the mine the proper channel now I don't think this is this is not written specifically as it a rule for schools offices found in countless education students she's talking Isaiah see if he's talking about rigid rules that you should have to discipline your own mind to keep it in the right channels of you can do that I suppose schools should have that kind of rule two don't you think to not have the kind of material that will destroy your mind so what are the effects of the untrue on the human mind and character I wanted to do a summary here we got time look at all that we look at some pretty impressive statements about the effects of fiction and the imaginary and unreal on our minds and our spiritual characters we seen some that we just touched the tip of the iceberg and so to save you time on a bus through a whole list of the effects of fiction on the mine are you ready you are first of all a distraction for the days of the Scriptures I'm not going to read the references because you can see them not my notes later I'm happy to share them with you the selection for the taste of this other of taste for scriptures disinclination to apply the mind this relish for the words of truth and righteousness this taste for life practical duties habit of hasty and superficial reading imagination constantly overfed and stimulated imagination fevered imagination made a tyrant imagination perverted intellectual tastes perverted lack of devotion true piety and practical godliness results love for mayor amusement is cultivated mind is filled with fantasies and follies minded unfitted for patient and persevering its investigation of Scriptures moral tastes are perverted no heavenly light is reflected on Associates around us power of connected and vigorous thought destroyed so unfitted to contemplate problems of duty and destiny the soul is mean from prayer spirituality is destroyed taste is made fitful tendencies made perverse time is taken from practical duties and from service for God do you think there's something that we should be noticing about fiction here it seems like such a little thing but friends is a major stumbling block in the road of anyone who is trying to form a character like the characters the problem is it seemed so innocent and innocuous even there's there's even good fiction out there that develops his taste and have the same effects upon so Christians buy those books of Uganda Christian bookstore and I hate to say it even in absence bookstore you will find shells filled books are fictional what about good fiction if there is such a thing let me share with you what she says again Matthew Gilbert one forty six is often heard that in order to win the year from sensational or worthless literature we should supplied them in a better class of fiction I like that but that's unreasonable to the human mind perhaps to our rationale rationalizing perhaps a better class of fiction this is like trying to cure the drunkard by giving him the place of whisk your bet Randy the milder antioxidant intoxicant such as wine beer cider these of these would continually foster the appetite for stronger stimulants the only safety for the neighborhood the only safeguard of timber met temperate man is what total abstinence that's where you safe total abstinence for the lover of fiction the same old rule holds true total abstinence is his only safety even if there are good fiction books good fictional books books that are written supposedly with a good moral lesson total abstinence is our only safety I think most of you said here that I don't rediscover books I don't want him to read books on more I worked with a college graduate not too long those were probably affected never read a book from cover to cover some of you been sitting very comfortable he sang I don't read those kind novels about some bad news for each good news is truth but some of you should be going back and reading the statements again everything that was said about fiction applies equally to a greater degree to be 's everything go back and read them with movies in my movies are only modern fiction good moral lesson intended is not their imaginary there's someone who never did what they are claiming to do acting something to be somebody they're not most of the time acting a story that never happened and imaginations of those of follow them can not distinguishing the real and real I remember I call the knowledge a graduate one time she just watched a movie and she was crying now I tell this is a person with a graduate degree in existence on his Kindle AJ and went off in the woods looking redneck concert all I don't know different Reno movie designer living in Southern California with advanced degrees but my friends the mind stops to differentiate between the real and the end of something that never happened it's totally unsure that someone is imagined probably the devil imagined is going to affect us in that way giving us can affect your character if you cannot intellectually while some it was a lie can intellectually I can keep myself everything objectionable optic supplies and movies a much greater degree than start with a untrue story are completely distorted true one you know even the based on a true story movies they use a centralized violence violence sized in a bunch of other eyes are telling the truth stop I really am true story order completely distort a true one had real flesh and blood and special thanks remember what was the greatest manifestation of truth to mankind Jesus Christ came in the flesh you can watch them with his life and he was true the greatest most powerful manifestation of lies is when they are acted out in flesh and blood and real flesh and blood and special effects at the sound of a sensuous voice of throbbing soundtrack of the screams of agony or pleasure break all of God 's commands and glorify sin and vice I remember I was traveling with a group of OHA students including some seniors who are held in high respect I still do I happen to run into a snowstorm and the tires on my truck balls is funny nobody could in not been so fun so I stopped at a Sears to buy new tires and what you do when you're waiting an hour to for tires and put on a vehicle you go shopping and down from the automotive section which is the section that's the electronic section and there they had the big screen TVs not as big as they are now but they were big enough and there they were to show they were showing some film now to show them all in all the different screens can wash them all now I don't I didn't grow up with television my house so I'm instantly gravitate my eyes like magnets enough and it obviously this was not even a movie this was an animation I mean how could anything be any more innocent right there no actors acting it out and off states true this happened to be in animation I'm sure most all of you are familiar with his voice story how cute the rest of their main remaining disability nothing else they were standing there and then leave the hero of Toy story was little and it's all done on computer graphics notes another note no people it is little wooden twining walking around names will be attending the hero of the story and I think he's walking around comes quite a surprise by his landlord 's nemesis is it something I don't and I don't remember exactly but and it was so I wish horrify you my students were you soaking hyper movies Seventh-day Adventists professedly Christian OHA students and particularly a senior who was the good person laughing finding a cute when the name of Jesus was taken in the Isaac God help me if I ever think that an animation is innocent I would challenge you to find movies that do not break the commandments of God most movies break virtually all the commandments of God and is not just a matter of all I went and read those violent books written about you watch those movies murder adultery fornication lives taking God 's name in vain deceit over and over and over and over June I think it has an effect on our minds even if it were true we should be watching movies I know very few Christians will say I will go out and commit adultery just enjoy it but I know lots of Christians wouldn't do it but they take pleasure in those who do the Bible condemns both if you can enjoy watching God 's commandments any one of the ten being broken something is wrong with your character is not being molded into the character of God is being molded in the character of Saint you obviously I obviously have not received a love of the truth that I might be saved everything that is true fiction is true of movies like all God 's commandments glorify sin and vice readmitted idols out of actors and actresses there were no movies and all my states he don't find much about that you know television channels or HBO event that inspired prophecy but there were live performances of drama the precursor to today's pre- recorded films and dramas on film and discount supplies clearly to date in movies if you look at the Council about theater and and done and live performances of drama it would apply equally today with those that are recorded start here on the statement taken from just might find for page six hundred and fifty two among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the what theater now in some generations of abbess drew up being told will the reason is because as bad people these of his dark ends that environment any builder in our elder atmosphere ever hear that they're going this is a bad bad environment not happen when the veep CRs became popular home now there is no reason grab is not to watch his movies because they did not go to theater and were missing the whole point the point was not the environment the point was what was being seen as sending SQL school morality and virtue as it is often find it in the very hotbed of their morality vicious habits and civil propensities are strengthened and five firm vides entertainment low songs lewd gestures expressions and attitudes depraved imagination the basis of morals he ever uses eventually attend such exhibitions will be corrupted in principle there is no input from and what powerful the point imagination to destroy religious impressions and block the relish for the tranquil pleasures and sober realities of life and theatrical amusements that a strong statement my friends there is no influence our land more powerful the point imagination now I tell you this was written a long time ago when there were still some pretty Puritan pretty pretty buttoned up morals I mean you're talking about as late as the nineteen fifties and sixties when they showed on television in a movie a bedroom daytime course pack then they showed nighttime that there were two separate beds for the husband and the wife because they put them in one bed would've been suggested okay I have used before you think that was just all out and opening what you think would be written by a prophet of God the ten year imagine if a hundred and some years ago there was no influence in the land more powerful but with imagination in the future the lovely scenes increases with every indulgence at the desire franchise getting drink street strengthens with its use the only safe course is well shone in the theater the third is in every other questionable place of amusement my friend I don't know about you but I'm just truth I believe it through the choice to make I'm either going to shun the theatrical the fictional what God 's word in the Bible and the spirit of prophecy clearly tell me on the bracelet blind so you know what I can defy the truth I can change the truth I can be I can defy the odds isn't going to work with Superman so Shelley also you sow the wind reap the world you can sow seeds of sand and morality by the thoughts you plant in your mind things replacing you going to recent report harvest harvest of sin anymore out if you so the seeds of God 's word a living incorruptible seed which lives abides forever you will be connected with the source and the author of truth in such a way that you will live and abide for choices are very simple to those who believe it is the versions we answer we cannot indulge in them in the name of Jesus of Nazareth the blessing of God would not be invoked upon the hour spent at the theater in the dance no Christian would miss you wish to meet death in such a place no one would wish to be found there when Christ shall come out of this on page five hundred and sixteen page five fifteen minivan is as popular in the world of the evil at those who claim to be Christians tend to the same end as though did those of even they are indeed few among them the Sagan does not turn to account in destroying souls through the drama he has worked for ages to excite passion and glorified by the author with its fascinating display bewildering is a good masqueraded at the card table singing voice to break down the barriers of principal and open the doors to sensual indulgence every gathering for pleasure were pride is fostered author appetite indulged where one is led to forget God decided Journal interests they are Satan is finding his chain about the soul graphic word picture 's truth every indulgence strengthens the and every time we told Satan is making his loops about stronger and yet stronger Sagan 's ruling passion -based and sixty six of evangelism things ruling passion is to pervert the intellect and cause men to long for what you know anyone who does long for shows and theatrical entertainment or customers who inspired that long is a true reference sings ruling passion is to pervert the intellect and cause in the long for shows and theatrical performances the experience and what character of all who engage in this work will be in accordance with the food given to the mind 's character from act that's a fine six four hundred and six there are thousands upon thousands millions bunions are now making a decision fraternal life eternal death the man is wholly absorbed in his counting room Amanda finds pleasure the gaming table the manual is indulged to read Updike then you elaborate a frequenters of the theater in the ballroom of eternity out of the reckoning will burn in their life is what you will read what you we drink wherewithal to load they are not in the procession is moving a heavenward they led by the great who why Satan wants as many as ten do they know they led by Satan either going around saying I am Melissa variant or they simply call me for shows and theatrical Muse and God help us they are led by the great apostate and with him God does not tells truth because he wants to spoil our fun needed to your parents or pastors and teachers God tells us truth because he loves us it's that simple the public feeling is that manual labor degrading didn't exert themselves as much as they choose and credit based on Peter 's account is now being regarded degraded Satan is what do I take bases human beings using their physical and mental powers and that which does not educate which is not useful which does not help them to be a blessing to those who need their help while the new thorax becoming exporting gains are of no real value to themselves or to others Satan is playing the game of life for their souls taking from them the talents that God has given them and placing in their stead his own evil attributes is his effort to lead men to ignore God he seeks to engross and absorb the mind so completely that God will find a place in the fox is not wished people to have a knowledge of their maker and he is well pleased if you set in operating games and theatrical performances that will so confused a sensibility is the God of heaven he forgot my friends our greatest problems we don't reheat what the prophet has told us and believe that I comply Satan is on the march is on the march here you believe that he wants to bring as many people down with them as possible at OHA we have his battle plans and yet on our hardhearted visit our stubbornness and are the final letter we think where the exception we live in an imaginary world because we haven't allow the truth commending hearts the truth is God has something better for us to occupy her time God wants us to be seen how spirits and teachers and students to seventy four by friends I don't know but you but I find the study to be abundantly clear for me he knows last year I think when I was first asked to prepare this assessment therefore the call retreat which was beginning the year month ago when I was very I decided I record what I shared so I took all my equipment up to the campground she was taking place and I set up my microphone my computer and I went recording make sure it even on my hard drive never things working just fine my batteries were looking good I went to my preparing my presentation halfway through unbeknownst to me is known of watching my computer the batteries on my microphone that's why we scheduled morning and evening tandem today we want to record the series and without will be good for the cat injected using God 's timing is good decent God knows recently he brings truth to our hearts should be a cause of encouragement to us I became more convinced than ever this morning that God wants his people to you the truth and the devil doesn't want people to hear the truth is our second attempt at recording the series was a failure as well this time the batteries are fine I had about a hundred gigabytes free on the hard drive but somehow yesterday we change the codec they recorded the video so we are recording about seven gigabytes per minute which meant only about a few minutes fifteen minutes or so of this point messages recorded in the nursing stopped I believe the devil hates the truth he hates it because the truth sets people free God has given us the truth because he loves us and he wants us to be safe and my shield to you this evening my friends open your hearts to truth close it to that which is untrue I will I want to say what I want your character not the character of Satan I want to gratify you and please your heart not make Satan delighted I want to seek the love of the truth not the love of theatrical amusements and vanity and lies of the Wiseman that your design skills a Lord even if the truth hurts thank you for bringing it help me to fight those turn back the time I been overcome that's your desired inviting you as we pray and father in heaven today we've seen your character 's truth is so closely identify yourself with the truth and so does English yourself from lies an imaginary memory of that you say I am the truth or the spirit of truth has come to connect our hearts we hasn't all truth tonight my prayer for each one sound of my voice is that we might be willing to submit to that Scripture to cooperate with him as he takes from our hearts of my life anything that is false anything that is untrue anything that is imaginary invalid is unreal that we might have clear unequivocal understandings of reality we might be able to soon wake up in the morning and not have some clouded perception of our duty or destiny but we might have even as young people a grasp of the great controversy were living in even on this campus because her mom the truth conversation in the truth we miss you the evil imaginary and untrue overlords they x-ray help us not to judge ourselves by ourselves and compare cells among ourselves I was not to be satisfied thinking line just as good as other people who don't have any idea what's really happening in the world Lord help us out of our minds fixed upon your word I was not the Bible to be our educator that we might know what is truth and might live what is truth what is someone here who wants to be an exception of the truth will convict them convert their hearts they might realize that now is the time to confess the truth and knowledge the truth to repent and come to the truth while there's still time one of these days Lord we know every knee will bow every tongue will confess or helplessness of study now that we know the truth and confess it today made arrows of your conviction peers our hearts so they may not be pierced with acres of your wrath Lord thank you for loving us enough to warn us of the devils methods we might not be caught following him to perdition and we might be found that the lands on the lam whithersoever you go the father 's name is character written in our very hearts minds I pray for those in people and those of us are old who are making decision right now strengthen for the battle which they must fight bring their minds and an inclination to know truth their intellects into a healthy state and login cluster bless them in their studies bless them in their future endeavors bless them in their academic career because we know the truth is the food you intend for the mind be with us tonight we pray in Jesus name thank you for joining us at the special message for you to bless him since I host this very young and old alike the second coming of Jesus Christ and in both the Academy and College receipts of phone conversations are everlasting advanced education is to train an army of young people is in Boston who is a faith ministry and depends upon the gifts of God 's people just like you review and less on this program is please consider Hong Kong monkeys used to further this will please contact us at Washita who was attending College PO Box thirty five MT Arkansas seven one nine two for more information or to download or order high quality copies please visit www. wash styles .org store


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