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The 'I' Problem

Giancarlo De Miranda


  • July 23, 2018
    12:00 PM
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Bowl until certain the which trusted in than cells that they were righteous but it doesn't stop there what does the Bible say next is says and despised other it's another characteristic of self exaltation is despise other people and we can reflect in our own lives how many times we have actually ignored people even in church settings that's why it says year Thomas Terence as towards the end of his thought it says toward others it is an attitude of content and indifference now I want to show you an example of pride in the Apostolic Church and the reason I want to shoulder that is because the disciples had to have received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Acts chapter 2 and they have a higher experience at this point then when they were with cries and in the case of Paul that is in this story that I will share with you we know that he had a major conversion experience and he also part of 2 of the prophetic point of the spirit Peter also per 2 of the prophetic outpouring of the spirits but gets because of perhaps destruction of a moment self tries to gain the mastery again and in the case of Paul we are going to read this story in 15 you can go there with me in the case of Paul. He actually didn't know him selve that well and he needed to expand Here's understanding of God and how God deals with people here in the actual 315 is right after the you know the the Jerusalem Council the Apple style a church was divided over the issue of circumcision but finally they believed they settled the matter and they came to a conclusion it was an official gathering of the church and that's why the Christian should follow the decision that was made there which was based on the Word of God but we know the story many decide to ignore ended the season and Paul had to deal with the rebellion that followed for all his ministry from duels that believed that you should be circumcised to be saved but let's pick up the story in verse $36.00 after they finished the Jerusalem Council Paul had already gone to his 1st mission trip and raised congregations. And now he was about to go to his 2nd mission trip so in verse $36.00 The Bible says and some and some days after Paul said unto a barren abundance let us go again and visit our brother in every CD where we have preach it the word of the Lord and see how they do verse 37 and Barnabas determined to take with them who John Mark and who was John Mark at this point here in the story. He was a disciple of Christ that had gone with Paul and Barnabas to the 1st missionary trip. But along the way because of the hardship John Mark a day at the what he gave up and he returned to Jerusalem and he left Paul and Barnabas to do the work of God and they really needed his help and Paul was deeply disappointed with John Mark Barnabas reacted differently he understood that John Mark needed mentorship and I want you to see here what happens next in the story it's interesting how the Bible try to describe in few words what took place which was major but it's amazing how the Bible expresses a lot with few words I want you to see where to assess next let's read verse 38 but Paul thought not good to take aim with them who departed from them from Vidia and went not with them to the work and the content is shown and again come patient arises because of what pride at least one sides sometimes as not bold sides but at least one side manifested pride so we will learn what side was actually manifesting prior was actually Paul OK we're going to see that it says here again in verse $39.00 and the come and was so what's the next word there sharp and that's what I think is interesting how the Bible expresses much with just a few words the come pensioned was sharp So what does the Bible trying to see it doesn't give us details here. What were the arguments of Paul but I'm sure Paul had good arguments and Barnabas had good arguments too and none of them were willing to let go of their opinion and we can see here in the side of Paul the pride of opinion so the point that they preferred to split and not work together any more now notice the continuation of the verse The contention was so sharp between them that they departed asunder one from the other and so Barnabas took Mark and sailed on to sea for us in verse 40 is says and Paul chose sailors and departed so that's what we see here the container was so sharp what to do in situations like this especially if you believe you are right because both of them believe there were rights for me that the worst scenario if they were not cherishing pride the worst scenario would be a pole or barn about say let's agree to disagree you know instead of having that so sharp contention they had a major problem here both of them they could have separated. You have your conviction that you should give him a chance and work with him and. But I don't believe that way I don't think it's fated for the ministry's So let's agree to disagree I'll continue my work and you continue your work and let's leave in peace was that it happened here and there really now not really there was a sharp contained in here King whole fully the best scenario would be for Paul through humiliation and through humbling himself before the Lord to recognize that he was wrong. Because he was wrong we're going to see in a little bit here that was the best scenario the worst scenario would be for them to agree to disagree and not fight now notice what happened here I want to share this statement so you can see what inspiration compliments in these passage that we see here with just a few words that has a lot in these few words lot of concepts that we can learn and draw from this experience now despair process these these search and calls Paul to church Mark what unfavorably and even severely for a time Barnabas on the other hand was inclined to excuse him because of his inexperience so we can kind of see their arguments when they were having that sharp campaign Sion So here's not describing the contention is the scribing their rationale but we can imagine that the expressed his rationale during the contention he felt anxious that Mark should not abandon the ministry who felt that way Barnabas so he should not leave the ministry for he saw in him qualifications that it would fit him to be a useful worker for Christ in after years notice because he took a mark John Mark with himself in after years he solicitude in Mark's behalf was richly rewarded for the young man gave himself unreservedly to the Lord and so the work of proclaiming the gospel message in difficult fields so from here we can see that Paul was wrong and then he goes on to see the blessing of God and the wise trainee of us. You know it takes some time but God vindicates us Barnabas has been vindicated here before all of us we just saw in the Bible that they have a sharp campaign Sion and I have heard people saying that they thought you know both were right and may be Barnabas should be more flexible after all Paul as you know the disciple that we see the most here in the book of Acts preaching the gospel and raising churches maybe he should have listened to Paul after After all Paul was also a profit you have the gift as you know the spirit of prophecy but we see here. Barnabas being vindicated Let's continue to read under the blessing of God in the wise trainer of Barnabas he develop into a viable worker Paul was after word was the next word there in this important reconciled to Mark and received him as a fellow Labor He also recommended him to the Colossians as one who was a fellow worker ants of the Kingdom of God Notice the attitude of Paul completely different now. Towards John Mark and the comfort to me cautions for verse 11 again not long before his own death he spoke of Mark as profitable to him for the ministry that smiled and 2nd theme of the chapter for verse 11 in this passage is taken for acts of the Apostles page 170 so we see here that there was a reconciliation and told to leave change of attitude in the part of Paul now again you have to use your imagination not just speculation. If there was a reconciliation that inspiration tells us and we clearly see in the Bible totally different added to it Oh Paul towards John Mark was there a moment that Paul had to humble himself and apologize you know what the way I was thinking was wrong I'm sorry very hard and very humbling to do but there was a moment that he had to recognise and publicly acknowledge that John Mark was profitable for the ministry he was in a sense vindicated also like John Mark Now I want to read a statement from the spirit prophecy that help us to put in practice how to humble ourselves because you know it's it's a phrase that we are ALL know we have to humble ourselves but how do we do this you know our nature is you know if fides not to Legolas self how do we do this in the case of Paul this statement is not referring directly to Paul but you can definitely see the connection there to principles there notice carefully here and I highlighted there for you so you can see what I'm trying to emphasize it says in the book fundamentals of Christian education page 239248 is a law meant to bowl fact that airway heart what kind of heart ery heart is own willing to be what created size or to subject itself to do what's the next word humiliation and by how the confession of sin some see their faults. But thinking confessional will detract from their dignity they excuse their wrong and here we are talking about a sin that became public either to a one individual or more individuals that we must apologize we have recognized that we have wronged and then he comes to the point that we have to acknowledge that and come fast and ask for forgiveness and some people think that if I do the ads it will hurt my dignity people will not respect me anymore now notice as they do that it's what what are they actually doing let's continue to read this statement they excuse their wrong and shielded themselves from the and that's the key word from what the discipline that confession would give the soul why do we have to come fats if you have wronged your spouse or someone at church or at work there already No why do you have to confess it's actually for our own benefit it is an exercise to our souls it is a discipline to our heart if we are not ready to confess without excusing our a sin in reality we have not repented and that's how we can actually measure if we are nurturing pride and self or not it is if we are willing to apologize and ask for forgiveness so how does God deal with pride. Well I just share a principle that we find here in the Bible it's more than a principle I consider lika a law that cannot fail is found in Matthew chapter 23 let's go there to Matthew chapter 23 the book of Matthew and Chapter 23 and as we read this passage I just want to say that the Lord is merciful and his long suffering with us but we either humble ourselves before the Lord and if necessary before our brother or the Lord has to humble us it's either or and he always give us a chance to where our selves 1st can you see him in for that but if we are deceived by our own heart or own willing to humble ourselves and then he has to help us notice here the passage well known as well Chapter 23 of the book of Matthew in verse 12 Jesus is speaking here he says and whosoever shall exalt him selve shall be a work of be in he that shall humble himself shall be exalted this cannot fail if we decide to continue to cherish self and pride then the Lord has to assistance and be as we see that in the story throughout the day in several stories throughout the Bible like in the case of the book now as are and others in the Bible where gone had to actually allow people to go through affliction in order to help them to surrender yourself we see that also in the life of Joseph usually we emphasize that Joseph was a man of integrity and he was but if you study carefully his life. The Lord allowed his brothers to sell him as a slave in order to try to see him because he was spoiled by his father and he needed to go through that experience of a harsh ship so he could be saved but he trusted the Lord and he learned the lesson the hard thing is when we don't learn to listen now let me share with you a few Bible verses you can follow in the slide that gives a similar concept now from the Old Testament it says there Proverbs Chapter $29.00 verse $23.00 a man's pride shall bring him little but on earth shall hold the humble in spirits Proverbs 16 verse 5 it says every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord and then he goes on to say though hand join in hand that he shall not be unpunished Proverbs 16 verse 18 it says Pride go with before destruction and a hearty a spirit before all fall sold best when we decide not to have our selves and then the Lord he operates bringing affliction in order to see that the Lord allowing us to go through the fire of affliction do we have a motto in the Bible of how to humble ourselves who is our model does the Bible describe his humiliation so let's go to Philip instructor to school there and I hope you take a deep breath as we are. Finishing our Bible study I still want to have your attention so Phillippi and chapter 2 we are going to. I see in the life of prize how he left us an example to Humber of cells and of course Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Rolt of this things because it is necessary even among God's people as we are in that stage in that phase to develop our character and mature our experience here in Philip instanter to we can begin in verse 5 and we see the concept of he that humbles himself shall be a what exalted in Christ chose to humble himself. Let's begin in verse 5 the Bible says here Let this mind be in use so that's the urge that's what I want for you I know you are Godspeed for I know you have accepted Christ I know you have endangered your lives because of the gospel as in the 1st century it was legal to be Christian but yet there is a higher ground for you let this mind be in you that's the context year I'm paraphrasing here for you which was also in Christ Jesus and then he describes the attitude of Christ who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God's will and then he goes on to say but made himself of no what's the next word no reputation in other words Christ was not here on Earth try to exalt in self but exalt the father and to keep on him the form of a servants and was made in the likeness of man and being found in fashion as a man He humbled himself there we find the words and became obedient unto death even the death of the cross wherefore God also has highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name in Christ humbled himself as he allowed himself to be crucified by our sins one time I worked with the pastor. That he was going through some trials with his church members and he acknowledges that the Lord was allowing him to go through that experience so he could learn humility and I remember him saying. Just cries I have to allow them to crucify me to crucify me. We learned the experience of Christ in Isaiah Chapter 53 in a sad chapter we don't need to gold dear but it says that he opened not his mouth and 1st Peter let's go there to 1st Peter chapter 2 I want you to see that where it says the crisis our example I want you to see the context there 1st SPIRIT Chapter 2 let me see if a fine here does research for you. From verse 21 we can see hear their cries has left as an example now notice verse 21 The Bible says for even here unto your cause because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that ye should follow his steps who did no seen neither was guile found in his mouth who when was reviled holds what reviled not again when he suffered he threatened nots but commute in himself to him that judges righteously so he trusted in the Father so maybe as to be our experience as well very hard but it is possible if we trust in cries if we seek to humble ourselves before him it is possible if we need to humble ourselves before our spouse our broad array the Lord can help you to go through that exercise through that discipline if not all we need to go in the world their names around in a round so we can learn our experience. So that's what this P.R. process that we were in the verge to anther in the heavily Kanan but the Church of God went back to the wilderness we are in this process of learning to fully surrender itself may God help us to do that now let's go to the book of 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 and verse 14 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 God promises to heal his speed pole he desires to bless his people despite of their condition he's still inviting his speedball praise God for Dad Amen Now notice the beautiful promise that we have here and we know the history of the Israelites there were not easy people were day but yet the Lord is inviting his calling and his promising blessings but there is a condition there are conditions to be Mat's it says here in 2nd Chronicles Chapter 7 in verse 14 if my people which are called by my name shall what's the next word there humbled and selves how do we humble ourselves in print praying seeking him sick in the face of the Lord and turn from their wicked ways then will lie here from has been and the world what's the next word there for give their sin and will fill their lands What a beautiful prominence this promise can be applied for ours and his people to day May we by fees claim the promise and implementing our lies so let's go to James chapter 4 and I don't have the time I hope we're fine with the time so James Shafter for but we are almost closing in on let's go to the Book of James Chapter 4. And read them we can actually begin from verse 7 but the high point here is verse Stan notice what it says submit yourselves therefore to God's same vibing again for us to come to him and submit ourselves surrender self resist the devil verse 8 draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you claims your hands you see an earth and purify your hearts you double minded be afflicted in mournin We let your laughter be turned to morn notice verse stand humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He shall lift you up he shall lift you on be in speaking about your personal experience your with the Lord and also your relationship with others God will restore Now I want to share this statement from the spirit prophecy notice carefully here it is your work was work our work right to humble yourself and not wait for God to Homewood you remember there was saying that God always wait for us but if necessary then he has to assist us lift him up to 82 it is SEO work to humble yourself and not wait for God to humble you God's hand at times bears heavily upon man to humble them and bring them into a proper position before him because we failed to do our part which is to haue more selves and then he is assisting us and then it goes on to say but how much better it is to keep the heart the be humble before God isn't that better. We cannot Baze ourselves or we can build ourselves up in pride and wait to God the basis it is our choice but even if we need to go through the fire of affliction remember that he knows the right measure in order to purify of course we still have the choice to hang in there and claiming his promises as we are going through reflection so we can allow self and pride to go my appeal to all of us is that we choose to they. To resist the natural tendency of prions to despise people to promote ourselves to find for anything and everything and all the characteristics that we saw through our studies. It is my appeal that we make the decision to guard our garments that we watch and pray because the heart is the sinful we must keep it humble the how much better. If we do that right. Sort of spirit we can choose to be. 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