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Relying Wholly Upon Our Savior

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • November 7, 2009
    10:00 AM
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Romans three breasts twenty three and the seventh had on this morning 's dumbest series entitled out on the dark ages and the feminine cutout is relying wholly upon all senior this is a good before this afternoon we began a different series and often touted the mystery of Babylon revealed the Susan Kearney during and at four o'clock there can only be one is the first sermon in a second sermon is entitled but deliver us from evil expectations not so many Christians know the answer because people tend to listen to the high they didn't listen to the friends they tend to listen to the speaker what people really need to do today is different to the word of God is one amen the full doesn't matter what I say what people say what really matters this morning is what the word of God is saying it is monumental for the believe again what I have to say but leave with the weather goddess seemed to us this morning through his Spirit deal hearts this morning the popping will again this morning is a danger of trying the wipe that important I did everything that we study reveals in a better picture of a foregone nasal over the Bible says God it starts in the distorted a picture of God because he really distorted picture bought it God is a type of God and arrogant God can see the God government additional bond in a body like that out there than a picture of God the starting and relief the oddly God originally decided that we will only want to be a far away at this fund is gone as possible we were not loved is gone Amy love is God therefore we won't want to send is not easy high progresses that's why the last net is giving to this world is the revelation of his character off-white repugnance is love the revelation Islam will be revealed at the last message of mercy to a dying world I would imagine a lobbyist came into his people then they will respond by loving him with all of their hearts because his powerful message and because I love it on ice then it was sound in an old payment obedience with all the height of his money a man below with the people for the final crisis of the last babies in a time of trouble but it is conditional upon the foundation reasoning phone calls to the fact report inspiration to reason phone calls that they not look at the fatal defect but will not cause and we understand the right cause went back and read surely how much you think you're seeing Bob Woody really is we will love him and slovenly novel heart mind soul incentives might not be my thing amusing amen amen that is my religion at the picture of God and wise playful dangerous so as we listen to the word of God this morning and open his word and spirit teach us that is free father we thank you for your mercies pray that the Holy Spirit may speak to us through your may we be humble before Jesus thing in Romans three twenty three this year that it was out of the dark ages without you study unroll Minnesota be looking at the portion of Roman capital three about this fall all have seen how many of him all have been an calm when network short of the glory of the character of God so all have been no fund that you like that word comes short can we use the word short coming thank as a negative net worth shortcoming is the root makes it look like and not really so bad right forgive me for my shortcomings Lord for the definition of sin is actually to miss the mark I really missed the mark by a lot or little or short with very short or long it doesn't matter because you missed the mark in the poorest ball I'm not little it is still standing here to find bloody men and so the Bala says that all have sin and come short of the glory of God that is of the roughly four being justified with that word the free by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus Meadows would justify they just made my kiss free seeded this morning event freely by great the goblet justified salvation is given freely and you know that in the great Reformation in the dark ages it was the book of Romans it was a study in the book arose that when you started up a book on all men Martin Luther taught it at the University of Wittenberg when he taught this class is not a great revival thrown all of you out the book of Mormon NAACP the blackness of arrow for God is into morbid as light of the great Reformation bloody men this argument picture of the hot seat back in those days there were things called in Dalton says tenants given it up before the daughters of the way that you could actually pay money to earn your salvation you cannot even pay money to earn your salvation but you could actually pay for people led by winter purgatory and paint away so that they could earn by the way into salvation also than young tenants for those a good enough for that even after you work your way up to heaven by earning your ways by working your way and you get paid for by what you do for the church and because of that preparing arranged to be saved by working as one Martin Luther he was the repetitive use out he walking on positive I see he was on his knees I walked over to his needs on positive staircase remember that I was on the top of the staircase up there he did not thought process is mine are single mishap the one that just shall live by faith at April blocked that the Charcot the chains of indulgences Nintendo a dog is a Muslim is used today but penance there was calming you see many traditions go back to the black ages today and agree that this don't get her there salvation and earn righteousness of God and Redeemer bought back by Jesus Christ and not to be say but beloved the Bible says we are justified freely the bottom money men there's nothing we can peer into an order to obtain this righteousness fully justify feeding on a cross of Calvary elegant and universally five the study what they bought the father sent used to be known as the Bible says here whom God has set forth to be a full PT nation through faith in his blood nothing beats usually means sacrifice so Jesus Christ became a sacrifice for us now and not even religions they haven't that knowing hallway we have the off-line Renaissance and is bringing back the old culture of brachial culture to being impacted by the spiritualism is everywhere it is Renaissance is going around the world I went this day believe edge of the green the whole group will I guess the gone recipes the wrath of the gods if you receive a religion that God demands a sacrifice and the people came to God a sacrifice but in Christianity and in the gospel we are the ones that the man I need a sacrifice right not to be saved and if God provided a sacrifice to his son Jesus Christ amen it is completely opposite to the heathen religions of the God is not a dog that needs it if you bought legato mother and by on-site people by the sacrifices sacrifice for you and me here this morning bloody man that a loving God that we serve I like the heathen religions alter the world of dogs on a dog that needs to be satisfied with sacrifices networking the heating religions is that when if you bothered to thank me to give a thought to fight but when a dog is very very angry they do not document the volume of the greatest sacrifice and the human sacrifices integrate now the persecution of Christians by other professed Christians in the dark ages was just an extension of heathen sacrifices because the related genus of the Roman Catholic Church of that time believe that the gone that they serve in heaven was angry at those who were rebounded and therefore they felt that they need to offer up to rebalance as sacrifices and hard to justify the God they believe in salvation by works could accomplish in the foundation of the paint with you salvation by works and what it don't think upon what is in the because of that the authorities people we barely get the authority of the church and even sacrifices to make God happy and you see in the last being what the happiness is only to be suicide is to be those who experience right is my fate and those of any rights by works recording donations that those who are invoices by work by face to be persecuted by those who are in bondage and elastase lets them out is that it ought upon what is sin and the charges of senators what's happening lastly the Gaddafi will be best people will blanket the authority of what were saying of old baby worshiping on the second day he falling me because it is cool but rebellious and by setting occurs in a heaven upon the United States of America we need to call it even I really can make you to do right and not doing the right thing we need to get rid of these people talking that America once again below an extension of the dark ages my question a we headed there once again is one united out in a news on it's going on all the sins is happening on this world do not see how blogs people are being set up for the last be you not see how you would reason that you are about a BB gun with that you need to be offered if the SIPC for God is God 's coming judgment and his youngest daughter one is his program at people was insignificant Alaska wipe off in the face of the earth think Doctor find a blast is so-called people in Missouri who looked like a lab Christian but speak like the devil is about talking about it justifies the price is not a sacrifice fly now was one of the outcomes of the sacrifice and do I do with the Colossians chapter one seventy two minutes medical doctor moments but it will get finger to finger there classy chapter one verse twenty one and twenty two knows the Bible says here the Bible says and you thought that was sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works yet now had he reconciled so sometimes we were alienated phone by indicating that the definition is to be caught off fun fellowship and intimacy that was in all minds we would cut off fun fellowship and intimacy with God and also we were enemies of God in our own mind why because the wicked works or spin was that it was in our mind we put apparently King bought enough to God 's love for dinner between us and him we put that they are there because of the wicked works we make God like you said a moment like we may not like ourselves I is truly invisible there who can love a gone I get and become immobile Donatists and set up a bond like this we're in an evil God by Fellowship and intimacy with God but listen to this yet now has a reconcile holiday reconciled us to give birth to the next verse in the body office two present you holy and unbelievable and on the provable in his site were to God by the cross middleware is the cross of Calvary was a revelation of who God really is holiest character really is an all online not because of the finger flexor rehab because of that that bent toward sin we had people thoughts too long thinks no evil but a simple mind thinks evil by the people anything Theobald only people but he bought himself a solid look at God a false picture is thinking undermined the holy thing dies and so the cost came to reveal a desire were to pick your office who bought really is the final revelation would be revealed in the honey forty four thousand in the last days of the cost with the beginner my ex had experienced a expectancy who bought really was and is this morning bought reconciled us in all minds that began so that we can bring us back into fellowship and intimacy without Bob this morning this is good news and he's a man he met Tim McNamee to Romans chapter three verse twenty five these Romans chapter three verse twenty five is a continual study when the God declare his righteousness notice of the Bible says God has set forth to be a publication through faith in his blood to declare his righteousness is righteous list for the remission also says that I want path for the forbearance of God that was the right Taliban is given to us for all past sins right and we know from inspiration and when God looks at SEC was not honest in all filthy rags but the righteousness of Jesus Christ of money meant but not only that but it was a continues on it if a two-point being and then it was on right and got past our past the correctly fix duty to declare I say at when this time in your present life is righteousness some bars right of the finale for the past beloved God 's righteousness is also being present to Judaism the ultrathin within your life am I like this one amen they compel the right method begins to Melanie why saw the past but also bluntly given the power to compel us to do what is might also get his money to obey the word of God 's mighty men that is the power of the gospel because the right of his columns and it went on the past because the right of the price we appreciated we love God and because of that I write is there also compels us because of the motivation of love this morning to his Commandments when he met to do his commandments now who only be justified a favorite verse twenty six the Bible says to declare us dead this time his righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of him which believes in Jesus amen so those who believe in Jesus will be justified right made righteous would be think about all the devils believe also right this morning but about any justifying it on NBC for me to believe in Jesus believe and you believe in a forest is what is says about how one is justified when the same so let's look at a story of how one is justified this turned me to chapter eighteen Chapter eighteen verse nine Chapter eighteen verse nine who did Jesus tell his story to the Bible says and he spake this parable unto certain which trust good in themselves that they were righteous so Jesus telling the story to people who were listening to him who trusted in themselves that there are righteous in other words they were self trusted in themselves righteous self righteous this morning and because they trusted in themselves and they were self-righteous about this and despise others in other words those who are self righteous with suing a late era despise other people why that because Bozo some privacy join what was surely righteous all rights of those filthy rags beyond what is truly right for this morning is Christ all right that the money men so I thought this morning is righteous and therefore anything that you have righteousness and all Gestalt is saying this boy that you yourself you are God this morning and therefore being dogs and self-righteous therefore he had the authority to verify to judge other people to despise the people I fallen below this morning to look down upon people why because you are God you have a righteousness to do it this morning because your self-righteous I'm self-righteous as obese people despise not good enough to resolve all self-righteousness and despising and to be done upon others in the next verse who went to the church to pray that being the person about that two men went up into the temple to pray the one a Pharisee and the other a public so two people which first the brain one was a Pharisee religious leader one was the public can call him a sinner so really you are tersely elected charts one day I listened I went to church one day two different people all the fancy printed verse eleven the Pharisee distillate and prayed thus with himself all I think the that I'm not a son of man is not at men are extortioners unjust adulterers or even as this public notice he compared his open of the people and money do we compare ourselves and others and put him down an artist maybe self deceive ourselves that maybe I'm a Christian if I can do it I'd like to look at their outer works and I can see what they doing it a person not doing this then it can be self deceive ourselves that maybe with better with another person because I'm doing this and they're not too soft these evil souls in all self-righteousness we love this money could be possibly do that this morning without tapping the diverse fall the Bible says know that there is the church leaders that he said I fast twice in the week I get tired of all that I possess and I was I do all the savings I have the highest standard there is this morning I am a holy person in Minnesota a lobbyist for active daughter between him and on he believe it is hard that he was a righteous person keeping the good work is bad news would I morning people is all side works and I was really on the inside his heart is a handout that was handed out to you and I wanted over this cold here from inspiration cry something that's a ninety seven ninety the zone it was inside of your bulletins to follow long essays here but the first line eleven which when mingled with the meal works from where we sit outward is where I went to within no was fun within our work inside for us outside so it is by the renewing of the heart that the grace of God works to transform the life nor mere external change is sufficient to bring us into harmony with God not destroying it also not just having a refund or whatever maybe there are many listened there are many who tried to reform by correcting this on that that habit and they are hoping this way to become Christians that we begin to change my diaper change my lifestyle then I'm a Christian because I looked like a Christian this morning I falling me but no beginning and among faith all first work is with the hardest money maybe the with the high developers work this and did it the man who attends the key account management bar which is not disappoint but motives like another dog from a sense of obligation usually obligated to do I merely because he is required to do so would never enter into the joy of obedience he gone not all bandits moneygrubbing and I followed me to meet up again banana can succeed the command the dog of a sense of obligation to cause he's required to do so would never enter into the joy of obedience he does not obey the money blogging and all beatings of not merely an external coming out to a friend of the doctrine or penis in determine a plan also you know motivation here this morning to be men and if you're feeling I get the opportunity obligated or required to does all you do not obey no externally opening when he got the dog you are not obeying God when the requirements of God is this a call to a birding because they cut across human inclination we made no that the life is not the Christian life if you are serving God this morning I gave collective averting does not reject anything a heart API because the delete of obligation it has authority you to do it it can extract you know yet the derivatives even Agatha is a hard hardship to do it then you are not obeying you are not a Christian according to the inspiration is very popular event do you believe in this version of the scrip off it is my blogging and true obedience is the all working up a principle within it springs from the love of righteousness the love of the law of God the answer essence of all righteousness his loyalty shall be deemed to be the common denominator here is this not disappoint amen as the apartment is without a fuss also because we know we need to do right and I know you're a lot of powerful methods that have lobby group lobbied you need to do ability to not have the lawful God you're not a Christian it is a burning for you and your obligation below you do not obey this morning but God wants away heart who wants a settlement on the hike because we love him and want to abandon it if my bloody men that applies asking us to do bloody setting apart right now we want you to realize that this morning since the Obama know my heart try me see my thoughts I fear there be any wicked way with seeming this morning since my motivation this morning and my seventy because I love you this morning on the point of the forms when the Christian looks like this morning with this interview with ever thirteen about affairs and the public in the center standing afar off would not lift up so much as his eyes unto heaven but smote upon his breast saying God be merciful to me a sinner the thing I realized that he was the center this morning with Main am humble and depended upon God know what some of the worst sins they are out there people think about homosexuality murder rape is considered some of the worst sins but it is nothing about the handouts and a blue paper the next quote will not understand God 's alcohol use readable prints dog is not required off in the equal magnitude there are degrees of guilt in his estimation the next bold the drunkard is missed by and is told that his sin where a student from heaven while try selfishness and covetousness to often goal under review would be those sins that are especially a president to God this morning below read again I thought is this uncovered is too often go on review of these is that especially offensive to God the next bold field called in to some of the most Assyrians may feel a sense all be ashamed of poverty and need at the grace of Christ but I feel no need and soy causes Delhi again tries this morning but feels no need to get the danger pride is that Reagan sought to deceive ourselves into believing that everything is okay when it is not the child of the gods many churches this direct you immeasurable poor blind and naked to have a problem that he is the major problem if you know need they feel no need to change if you are need of a centimeter the five salty sea in the parallel case when everything on until God 's people are actually humble within the heart and thought each other moreover within his ribbon turns loving and lastly know who and justify being saved at the reflecting about with it here Jesus said I tell you this math the sooner went on to his house how justifying rather than the other rather than a church leader for everyone's exhausted social be on base and he got home that he himself shall be exalted here this morning the sinners prayer and not the church members prayer was answered below the sin is not a church member was justified maybe like you say why because the Synod and import any trust in any of his works what a trust member assumed righteousness another was the love the gay rights homosexual who was repented was a one of soft might just how there was lost the cold-blooded murderer who was repenting will save one up flag placenta schoolteacher was lost the sex abuse prostitute whose repenting was a wedding and again churchgoing member was lost it was a pride within his heart that held them back from being faithful receiving the right to solve the problem to realize the need of a Savior greatest morning and went to be humble before God that was when God is truly near to offer when we do last quote is called a really inspired me in this phase hear testimony bottom seven seventeen nothing is apparently more helpless yet really more invincible many noticeable the beautiful quote then the song that views this nothingness relies wholly on the merits of the Savior this point of impact not only assume at this insult right about the money we send so need of a Balkan and real humble before God SSL repentance and then he gives us the justification and the right is that we need in order to receive salvation this morning a truly humble before God when will we then rushed off when we have dwelt in January 's field when we are humble then we are exalted is money that we need to stop depending upon all good works to say but I thought depending upon the love you save it as money e-mail the blood bought certainly believe not only needs to be be proved for sins that are going on but also cause stress also needs to be reviewed for the sins of especially the fans try arrogance conceit this morning and selfishness that is noticed he was found this morning and the love of God redundant across will reconcile all my .pm but where was cut up on fellowship with God and intimacy with God I once enemies of God you run now reconciled us back to God and transforming on the love God as a field on the cross account we just morning blog and because you want to see his goodness we would want the several inaudible hearts this is my desire this morning I want to just twenty nine not wanting the nominal plaintiff being that anyone of you this morning I'm really plaintiff in order peace my sermons I'm really freaking what I experienced in my life and a pointed finger back at the point one is for coming back at me this inexpensive vaccine gone through there was a time in my life where I live only for myself very arrogant very conceited very prideful and bought the calming me up to he shook me up with so many things I know nothing is being a pastor he still continued I can never let up in a audit reveals to me I talk to my wife the other night at the fifth notice testing is a been a pastor of this been a harder use of my life but you know what the been the best years of my life they seem to have a tiger at me was this and before I begin with a key home only will we put me out of my back and all is good for them if he didn't because I know and I realized that the pride I haven't ran so deep within me that I didn't even realize it doesn't think if I did not want procedures of the five things and I'm a private person to justify everything you this money belong by the incumbent party can express you realize I am the chief of sinners utilizing humanity the parts that the more a come close to the dog the more you realize you need a blotting using long time I'm sure their part I need to be transforming me to grace this morning this is the meanest and would continually be a rebuke to me in my pride quality here is good reason to be really God each other I mean I really need to be transformed I really be changed this lifestyle the defendant went to school with PC before and we were set to get on conference executive committee Hawaii I said before you know Gianna you're pretty high mighty before Fennell got to be humbled me a still doing it but would you want God to truly prepare your heart to receive his grace of the Holy Spirit is going to invent I want to send gone on be obedient to him that he can't really usually as you have found one broken before God is my desire every demo later that you desire if you want to be committed to Godzilla please may reflect the humility of Jesus Christ this morning and that is a desire and when you wage economies in man and God grant us the grace is morning and a desire to reflect his beautiful character and on legal event that is free father we thank you for you greasy mercies we pray father Lord of the word of another eternity avoid but it were copies what it says it is due in everyone's heart here made a word the creative power buzzword of humility exploded in a hard to be generated that we may be calm humble like Jesus Christ the recent sunny Jesus me in


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