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Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • August 4, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Our study that this morning isn't titled Crisis at the close yet seminal and we started this study together last week we'll be began to make the comparisons and the contrasts between the closing scenes of the life of Christ and the closing scenes they you and I are about to go through in the crisis at the close and as we look at what it was that Jesus did in those those last 48 hours of his life we will there learn the life lessons that will sustain us when the hour of crisis comes in our life so as we continue the narrative last week we looked at the time and Jesus spent with the disciples in the upper room and also before that time in the upper room when Jesus warned the disciples repeatedly that this hour of crisis was going to come that he was going to be betrayed and given into the hands of sinners that he was going to die but as we found in each one of those occasions when Jesus warned them about this crisis to come he also gave them the promise that he would would rise again on the 3rd day that he would rise again and we found that as we looked at that particular. Admonition that Jesus gave to His disciples that it largely went unheeded that they didn't hear what Jesus was saying and their lives were not changed and when that hour of crisis came into their lives they were wholly unprepared now as we continue the narrative this morning we're going into the next scene if you will and we're going to go with Jesus and the disciples as they enter into the garden of get so many and find out what lessons we can learn there but before we jump into that I want to kind of again give you this broad context of what we're looking at Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 4 we read this in our scripture reading this is talking about 144000 those who are alive on earth right before Jesus comes back to take us home the Bible tells us a key characteristic of them that they follow the lamb what's the word there wherever he goes they follow the lamb whither so ever he go that wherever the lamb leads them the 144000 follow they don't follow the lamb only in the Times of good but they also follow him in the times of distress and trial and difficulty they follow the lamb were ever the lamb leads them to go because where the lamb is is safety where the lamb is is protection where the lamb is is going to be life eternal and as they continue to follow the lamb wherever he goes they will naturally follow the lamb into the kingdom of heaven one day is where we're all wanting to be a man now knows the statement here from the review and herald April 12th of 1898 it makes this interesting statement it says we need not wait till we are translated to follow Christ somebody ought to say amen to that we don't have to wait until we get to the kingdom of heaven to follow Christ but it goes on and says God's people may do this where. Here below we shall follow the Lamb of God in the courts above only if we would follow him here down here on this earth so we are given the privilege to not just follow Jesus in the kingdom of heaven I'm looking forward to that want to be great he meant to be great to be able to follow Jesus you know wherever he leads us to go and we have that to look forward to but when we are here on this earth before we go to the kingdom of heaven we are also given that privilege to be able to follow Jesus and his example that he gives to us now as we go into this time together this morning I'm going to ask that you be prayerful about what the Lord would have you to take from our study together the small. As we left Jesus in the disciples they were there in the upper room in our last study together and as we look at the Bible in Luke Chapter $22.00 in verse $24.00. You don't have to turn there you can just jot it down as we look at that passage there the Bible tells us that as Jesus and the disciples were in the upper room there were just a couple of hours before the garden of get 70 the Bible tells us that they were busy arguing amongst themselves who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven as this hour of crisis was closing in upon them they were self risk they were they were self reflective they were thinking about themselves and how they could achieve a higher position in the earthly kingdom that they thought Jesus was going to set up and as they entered into that hour of crisis with a selfish heart they were completely unprepared and the comparison or the application could not be any clearer today we live in a in a in a time in earth's history where selfishness abounds and my telling the truth this morning selfishness abounds and in the world it's almost become natural to think about yourself before others and as we find the Bible is in complete contradiction to that concept and unfortunately it is it is filtered its way down into the Church of God were even people in God's church think that they ought to think about themselves before they think about their fellow brothers and sisters and this is not going to prepare us for the crisis at the close if we are so concerned about ourselves we will be found unprepared when that crisis comes the good news this morning is this according to Bible prophecy which we just read in Revelation 14 a verse for that when Jesus comes there will be a group who follows the lamb wherever he goes the Bible predicts it that is going to happen the question this morning is am I going to be part of that group. That's the question we have to ask ourselves whether or not that group is going to exist that group is going to exist but the question is am I going to be part of that group and the good news this morning is that God has given you that invitation to follow his son wherever he leads you to go and he is giving you the invitation to be part of this group that follows the lamb wherever he goes I want to accept that invitation this morning how about YOU So too with me in your Bibles to the Gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter 26 and let's continue this story and draw some parallels and applications out of it in our life today Matthew chapter 26 verse 36 through 46 so we're going to be spending our time together notice what the Bible says Matthew 26 beginning of verse 36 The Bible says this then cometh Jesus with them that is the disciples on to the place called Guess so many and he 7 to his disciples city here will I go yonder and pray and he took with him Peter and the 2 sons of Zebedee and began to be sorrowful and very heavy and he said unto them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death Tere ye here and watch with me and he went a little further and he fell on his face and he prayed saying oh my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt and he cometh unto His disciples and you find if them asleep. He said to Peter what could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak and he went away again at the 2nd time and prayed saying all my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it that I will be done and he came and he found them sleep again for their eyes were heavy and he left them and he went away again and he prayed the 3rd time saying the same words then cometh unto His disciples and say Athan to them sleep on now and take your rest behold the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is delivered betrayed into the hands of sinners rise let us be going behold he is at hand that doth betray me it was about the hours of between the hours of 9 o'clock and midnight on Thursday evening the sun or the moon was full of probably a cool night as Jesus entered into the garden place that he had frequented many times he enjoyed the garden it was probably a picturesque place and there he met his father many times and as he had those encounters with his father in the garden of get so many in this dark hour he yearned to be in that place where he had had those conversations with his father before and SE enters into the garden the Bible tells us that he tells his disciples to stay there at the entrance to the garden and he takes Peter James and John together with him and he goes a little further and as he goes into that garden he asks those 3 disciples of his to watch and pray and then he goes and he falls down and he prays to his heavenly Father as we see here asking that the cup may pass from him that he may not drink it. Now it's interesting to me that Jesus appeals to his disciples in verse 41 and he tells them why they should be watching and praying he says watch him pray that you enter not into was into temptation do we live in a time in earth's history where temptations abound indeed we do and this is this appeal that Jesus was giving to his disciples to watch him pray that they enter not into temptation Jesus understood that just before them there were temptations that were going to abound they were going to be tempted to deny that they knew Jesus they were going to be tempted to deny that they were one of Jesus' followers they were going to be tempted to become like part of the permissiveness crowd crying crucify him crucify him they were going to be tempted with many temptations and so Jesus was appealing to them prayed that you enter not into temptation why because he said the spirit indeed is was willing but the flesh is what did the disciples just say in the upper room when Jesus said that you will be offended because of me this night they said no no not me Lord you see Jesus knew that the spirit was willing that they were willing in their heart of hearts to not deny him but he also knew that humanly speaking that their flesh was weak and that they needed to spend this time as as late as it was in the evening as tired as they were they needed to spend this time in prayer that they would enter not into temptation do we need to do the same thing. Now I think we all know this and as we go through the story together today the temptation is going to be to kind of check out because we've read this story so many times we've heard these application so many times we've read it for ourselves and desired ages in the Bible the temptation is for us to just kind of switch into neutral and not really get what the Lord is trying to say to us this morning but I want you to take the story of the garden of get 70 and as we're told in the book desire of ages take it scene by scene in your mind let your imagination grasp what is taking place here let your mind's eye see it happening in your mind and then apply the principles that Jesus used to be successful in his hour of crisis into your own life so that you can be successful as well now listen to this this is from signs of The Times December 2 of $897.00 it says this at the end of an hour Jesus feeling the need of human sympathy rose from the ground and staggered to the place where he had left the 3 disciples Listen to this he longed to what he longed to see them his human nature yearned for human sympathy he longed to hear from them words that would bring some relief in his suffering but he was disappointed but he was disappointed they did not bring to him the help he craved Instead what did he say. He find them sleeping it's not fascinating when I read that statement it just. You know I'm trying to get this in my imagination here and try to understand it it just blew my mind to think that Jesus in this dark hour he was looking to his disciples for support and encouragement he went to them not because he wanted to see he wanted to check up on them to make sure that they were praying like he told them to but he went to them because he wanted to hear a word of encouragement from his disciples he was beginning to feel that weight of the sin of the world pressing down upon him and he needed some relief from from his human companion some comfort from them and as he came to Peter James and John what it where did he find them he didn't find them in a pro attitude of prayer he didn't he wasn't even able to hear a word of encouragement from them he find them. Asleep you know there are people in our church in our community and in our family that are looking to us for words of encouragement and if we are spiritually asleep they may miss out on that encouragement that God has brought you into their life to give to them and you know the good news is that Jesus is success was not dependent on the encouragement that he received from the disciples somebody I'd say amen to that but that's not always the case with other people in our lives other people in our lives may need those words of encouragement and if they don't receive those words of encouragement it may be a spiritual detriment in their lives we need to be awake to the needs of others around us not sleeping as the disciples were found sleeping in our story today self-confidence on one hand and sleepiness on the other failed to be a support to the Savior. And also failed to prepare them when that hour of crisis came less of the statement testimonies willing to pay $2005.00 says this buddy these sleeping disciples is represented a by these sleeping disciples is represented a sleeping church when the day of God's visitation is 9 it is a time of clouds and thick darkness when to be found asleep is what most perilous what we find here is a contrast or parallel rather between the story of Jesus in this disciples in the garden and our times today and she says that the sleeping disciples are representative of a church that is sleep walking we come to church walking around we're we're professing godliness we are you know trying to get the word out but we are in a sense spiritually sleepwalking because we are not spending that time together with God as we ought in fact we're told and all read the statement to you in just a little bit that prayer is the breath of the soul for that statement for right Prayer is the breath of the soul and when people don't get enough oxygen things happen in their lives that are not good in Eventually they actually become sleepy and if something doesn't change they will die. And we have a church today that is spiritually. That is spiritually tired that is spiritually walking sleep walking because we are not spending the time with Christ in our closets the way we should so here's the question if the sleeping disciples represent a sleeping church what does jesus represent Jesus represents a Prain church a church that is busy about its business of talking to their heavenly father about their trials and difficulties not complaining amongst themselves because we can't help each other the only thing that we can do is pray and God's the one that can really solve the problem for us in fact I heard a preacher once say that complaining Christians that if you observe their prayer life you will find that their prayer life is wanting because they are busy complaining to others and not talking to God instead and I guess true when we're not in the custom of talking to our Heavenly Father about the trials and the difficulties in our lives we've got to talk to somebody about it and so we begin to complain amongst ourselves begin to talk to other people and sort of talking to the one that can actually solve the problem for us and then let's not be a sleepwalking church let's follow the example of Jesus not the disciples and in this hour of crisis set that time that is needed aside to spend together with our Heavenly Father that he may prepare our hearts that we might be successful as Jesus was in his hour of crisis listen to the statement I just read this last week in my devotional time great controversy page 507 it says this why are the soldiers of Christ so sleepy and indifferent she says this because they have so little real connection with to. With Christ because they are so destitute of his one of his fear 2 things she says there for the reason why the church is sleepy and indifferent because there is little connection with Christ who is the source of life and John Chapter 15 and because they are destitute of the Spirit of God For some reason and I think you'll agree with me on this for some reason there is a tendency with human beings to compare ourselves amongst ourselves. And my preaching the truth but there's a tendency with human beings to compare ourselves among ourselves and as Christians when we do that we become satisfied with our spiritual experience just is long as in our own estimation were a little bit higher than other people around us right it's long as we're doing it in our minds and in our estimation is just a little bit better than Brother So and so or sister so and so. We become count comfortable in our spiritual lives but what we need to be doing is not comparing ourselves with the disciples we need to be comparing ourselves with Jesus and when we compare ourselves with Jesus we will find that we have a constant need of spiritual growth in this hour of crisis Amen so this morning what I want to do is I want to take you through 3 characteristics of the prayer of Jesus here in the garden many of this will much of this will be familiar to you but as always it's good to repeat and review these things. So the 1st thing the 1st characteristic that I would like to take a look at this morning. Characteristic number one and that's the most obvious we won't spend too much time on it and that is the prayer of in the prayer of Jesus he prayed for his father's What Father's Will verse 39 he says this and when a little he went a little further and fell on his face and he prayed seen oh my father if it be possible that this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as that I will be done has it ever struck you before that Jesus prayed for something that wasn't the Father's will not interesting he prayed that the cup would pass away from him that was his desire he was His desire was to not drink that cup but what was the father's desire for him to do to drink that it's his prayer request was actually something that The Father's Will it wasn't The Father's Will for him to do he was asking for something that his father wanted him to do was asking to not do something that his father wanted him to do it's always been interesting to me that Jesus was praying what was in his heart he was just he was pouring out his heart to his heavenly father and telling him exactly how he felt even though it was in opposition a little bit to what the father's will was in his life and this is a this is a very important lesson that we must learn if we don't learn this lesson in our prayer life it becomes plastic in artificial if we're just praying these fancy prayers that have fancy flowery said sentences and statements we're always praying things that we think God wants to hear rather than what's in our heart of hearts it is a plastic an artificial prayer life that we have but as we follow the example of Jesus in this dark hour of crisis as beginning as he's beginning to feel the weight of the sin of the world pressed down upon him he spoke to his heavenly father what was in his heart. Told him exactly what it was that he desired but then as we look at the 2nd prayer that Jesus prayed in the garden as obviously he prayed 3 times in verse 42 he says and he went away the 2nd time and he prayed saying oh my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it what does he say that I will be done so we begin to see that Jesus is desires and inclinations are starting to come in line with what the will of his father was at 1st he said Father let this cup pass away from me and now he's saying Father if it is your will for me to drink it will be done and then of course the 3rd time he prays a verse $44.00 and he left them and went away again and prayed the 3rd time what does it say saying the same words he prayed the same thing the 3rd time unless we begin our prayers in the way that Jesus has begun them we have not yet learned what it means to pray as you've heard the same of for prayer is the opening of your heart the heart to God as to a friend you for that statement before how deep is your friendship going to go if you're having that plastically plastic an artificial conversation with them where it's always on the superficial How deep does that relationship go didn't go very deep but you know there's times in the times when I when I talk to my friends and I tell them what's on my heart of hearts and later on I realize that what I said was probably not it was not accurate or wasn't right but it was on my heart and I was able to tell them that and they were able to give me some of their advice back it's at those times that our relationship really begin to grow and that's what God wants God wants a deep relationship with us where we can open up our hearts to him and tell him exactly how we feel but always with the mindset not my will but thine be done that what we find there is the attitude of surrender the attitude of what. Surrender surrender not to his will but to the will of God but that didn't keep Jesus from telling the father what his desire was and that's the point I want to make there that Jesus was comfortable enough in his walk with the Lord that he or his father that he was able to tell him exactly how he felt and so also should we be the next characteristic that I would take like to take a look at as we continue to look at the prayer of Jesus in the garden is that Jesus prayer was an individual prayer it was a what it was an individual for now what do I mean by this I mean what I mean is this When Jesus went to the garden of get so many his prayer life was his own his relationship with his heavenly father was his own and it was independent of other people you know sound I'm saying here it was independent of other people what I mean by that what I mean is this that the success and the spiritual strength that Jesus had was not dependent upon other people he was independent in his walk with the Lord he was able to independently with the strength of his heavenly father stand in that relationship with him he needed no humanly earthly support as we see Jesus came the disciples we read it already looking for encouragement but he didn't find it that did not cause him to let go of his walk with the Lord but he continued to hold on to his walk with him or Now it's interesting to me that sometimes you know we as human beings become a little too dependent upon other people you know we don't find Jesus in the garden and get 70 waiting for Peter to make the recommendation for him to start praying. Right Peter James and John didn't say you know Jesus this would be a good time for you to start praying How's your prayer life Jesus How's your pro life going you know this is you're saying that there's going to be this this death that's about to come this would be a good time for you to talk to you having a father do you see Peter James and John telling Jesus that. He had his own individual spiritual walk with the Lord he didn't need the encouragement as much as he desired in look for it he didn't need that human encouragement and support he was able to stand on his own 2 feet because he had developed a deep communion with his Heavenly Father listen to the statement This is from selective messages Volume one page 122 and it says this There are persons in the church who are not converted you agree with that statement and we always think it's somebody else right it's not me I'm converted that somebody else is in the church that's unconverted Well again let's let's be open to how the Spirit is speaking to our hearts this morning there are persons in the church who are not converted and who will not unite in earnest perseverance or prevailing prayer we must enter upon the work what's the next word there we must enter upon the work individually we must pray more and oh I don't know if I can do that you know it's interesting the title for this chapter is called a call for revival What is it called a call for revival and what does she say needs to happen for a call for revival Well people need to be converted number one but then she also says that we must have an individual experience with God We must pray more and talk less call for revival if you look at Jesus in the garden get 70. He had an individual prayer life with his heavenly father he walked with God on His own it was not dependent upon the support of some earthly companion and sometimes we become dependent upon other people to sustain us spiritually other people praying for us now I'm not saying we shouldn't pray for one another you know I'm not saying that of course we should pray for each other but we should not become dependent where our spiritual life Sue not grow without those prayers we need to be able to stand on our own 2 feet together with God us in him and be able to walk this spiritual walk because in the last days when we meet that crisis at the close of the Bible tells us that the natural affections of a mother towards her children a father towards his children and and and siblings towards one another and friends and those in the church that those relationships are going to crumble and it's going to be like we're standing on our own we're going to be in the same situation that Jesus was in the garden of get 70 where he went back to look for some encouragement from Peter James and John and he didn't find it if we're depended upon other people to support us spiritually when that crisis at the close comes we are going to crumble like Peter James and John did but we want to be able to stand like Jesus did a man we want to follow the lamb where every goes even into this experience of walking with God Hand in hand with me to the Gospel of Luke. Look at our 3rd characteristic here and I think Mark Luke Luke Chapter 22 universe 44 This is Luke's account of the same thing Luke 22 and verse 44 he says this course our 3rd characteristic is that Jesus was earnest in his prayer says this and being in agony he prayed was the next 2 words there. More earnestly this is the 3rd time he prayed OK so and being in agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground so as Jesus comes back into that prayer you know he prayed that same thing over and over again you know it didn't bother him that he was praying the same prayer that was what was on his heart he knew to talk to his father about it but as he comes back that 3rd time he is just so compelled in this prayer to do the Father's will in here that his body is in such a new wish that the Bible says he prays so earnestly that he begins to sweat great drops of blood now you know that that's an actual medical condition this can actually there are documented medical conditions where people have sweat blood before and what happens when that takes place is that the little tiny capillaries in the sweat glands they burst causing blood to mix with the sweat and it happens when humans are put under great emotional and mental stress with fear and intense mental contemplation that's when this oftentimes happens it's a mental thing when the mind is so weighed down with something that the capillaries in the in the sweat glands just rupture and and blood comes out with the sweat now they don't lose much blood according to the medical journals when this happens but when it takes place it leaves the skin very tender that has very interesting applications to it later on when we find Jesus with his bare back and somebody standing there with the whip getting ready to beat him. This was such an intense prayer life that Jesus had so earnest and I don't really even think Ernest Capps captures this prayer that Jesus was praying in the garden he was so in earnest that his body physically reacted to it and the little blood vessels ruptured in his forehead on his face on his neck on his body and the sweat that was coming as even though he was in the cool of the night in the middle of the evening in the in the dark part of the night with the dew around him even though it was cool outside he was sweating these great drops of blood because his body was in such anguish as he poured out his heart to his heavenly father no. I don't want to be presumptuous here but I think we have a little room to grow in our prayer life I've never I've never even broke a sweat in my prayer life and I'm ashamed to say that but you know in our prayer life we don't have this sense of earnestness we kind of prayer is kind of one of those things that we just you know start our day off with and we continue on and we may even forget that we had a prayer in the morning sometimes but for Jesus the prayer was what made his life possible his prayer life now listen to this statement talking about God's people and early writings page 269 it says this I saw some with strong faith and agonizing cries pleading with Gone their consciences were pale their sorry their countenances were pale and marked with deep anxiety expressive of their what. No she's talking about the people of God OK these are the ones that follow the lamb wherever he goes right so she's looking at their prayer life here they're pleading with Dawn They're marked with deep anxiety they're expressive of their in which is expressive of their internal struggle and she says this firmness and great earnestness was expressed in their countenance listen large drops of perspiration fell from their what foreheads do they have a similar experience Jesus but she didn't say they sweat great drops of blood that's taking it to a whole new level but there will come a point when the 144000 who follow the lamb wherever he goes that this will be the prayer life that they have they will have such a deep prayer life with God that there will be there will be their faces will be marked with with the anxiety the anguish in their soul their faces will be sweating great drops as a bit of perspiration as they pour out their heart to God as I read this I say Lord I've got room to grow I've got room to grow when I look at the story of Jesus in the garden I'm going to be honest with myself I find that I'm more like the disciples and I'm like Jesus sleepy having a hard time keeping my eyes open in my prayer time having a hard time keeping the focus find my mind wandering oftentimes when I'm praying it's not something that I delight in as much as Jesus delighted in it but you know prayer is like a muscle and the more you work that muscle the stronger it becomes and the less you use that muscle the weaker it becomes and for some of us we don't use the tool of prayer enough that's why our prayer life is so weak. But for Jesus it was something that he did in the morning he did in the evening sometimes he did all they know all night long and often times many times throughout the day he was communing with his father and for those 3 and a half years of his earthly ministry his life was largely sustain his ministry was largely sustained because of his connection through prayer with his heavenly father and so when he came to that hour of crisis he was strong in the tool of prayer and if we're going to meet success in the crisis at the close we too must develop the strength associated with the gift of prayer if we were to use the language of schools we might see that Jesus had his Ph D. in prayer. He had graduated from kindergarten he had graduated from grade school he graduated from the high school of prayer and even went past college in his prayer life he had grown exponentially in his prayer life with his heavenly father until he had this experience that was able to sustain him in that dark hour and so I ask you this morning where are you in your prayer education are you a kindergartner are you in grade school for 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th. Or you have you graduated into high school 910-1112 Have you moved on and got your college your high school diploma and now you're working on your college degree. Where are you in your prayer experience where are you in your prayer education those who meet the crisis at the close and are successful will not only follow the lamb wherever he goes but they will emulate the example that he has given to us in their prayer life is something that we have to grow into I know I'm not there yet I'm ashamed to tell you this but by God's grace I will be there when that time comes gospel workers page 254 I'm going to read this to you in closing here it says This prayer is the breath of the soul prayer is what now if you if you want something to think about the seed need just or this afternoon just write down that little statement Prayer is the breath of the soul and the staff the new just think about that what are the applications of that what what what is breath to me as a human being how long can I go without breathing right you know so Prayer is the breath of the spiritual soul she goes on she says this It is the secret of spiritual power it is the one secret of spiritual power no other means of grace can be substituted and the health of the soul preserved prayer brings the heart into immediate connection with the wellspring of life somebody has Amen to that and strengthens the sinew and the muscle of the religious experience neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer spasmodically every now and then as seems convenient and you will lose your hold on God the spiritual faculties lose their vitality the religious experience lacks health and vigor Prayer is the breath of the soul how often are you breathing a breathing twice a day. Once a day a couple times a week now there's some people that can go for several minutes you know holding their breath but spiritually I'm going to suggest to you that it's hard for us to do that and survive spiritually Prayer is the breath of the soul it is the secret of spiritual success if your spiritual life is waning it is oftentimes because you're not spending time in prayer with God every time I look back on my spiritual journey and I see those dark valleys in those trying moments not the trials of life but the dark times in my relationship with God I oftentimes find that it was because I was not spending the time in prayer as I should and I try to find all kinds of other things to blame it on you know this circumstance and that person in this situation and and this this stage of my life and I try to find all kinds of things to blame it on that that's why my spiritual life is suffering in N N N N If I'm going to be honest with myself if I look into my spiritual life I will find it's because my prayer closet was neglected It's always good for the pastor to be honest I've just recently come out of one of those experiences of my spiritual walk and by God's grace I've learned my lesson every day prayer is the breath of the soul and it is the secret of spiritual power if you're lacking spiritual power it's because you're lacking in your prayer time as we close this morning I want you to think of something with me in Luke Chapter 11 in verse one the disciples came to Jesus you don't need to turn there this is another sermon that we can do some time but in Luke Chapter 11 in verse one the disciples come to Jesus and they ask Him Lord teach us to pray right that's where the Lord's Prayer is our Father which are in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done so they come in they say Lord teach us to pray what better person could you learn how to pray from. So I want to encourage you this morning that if you want to be deep with your Heavenly Father if you want to have the prayer life that Jesus had go to Jesus and let him teach you how to pray look at his life look at the example that he has given to us and follow that example follow the lamb wherever he goes and I want to tell you something this morning that the more time you devote to your prayer life the more you enjoy it and you grow to this point where you where you where you just want to talk to God about it that you're not satisfied with talking to other people that you you need to talk to the one that can actually solve the problem for you so in closing let me give you 4 things just really quickly here Mike and take much time on this I've got a whole sermon on this one we can talk about another time but I would give you 4 things to apply in your prayer life that will help you as you continue to develop this spiritual muscle the 1st thing that you need to do maybe you've heard this before maybe are you doing it if you are Praise the Lord but the 1st thing you need to do is have a place to pray have a what have a place to pray Designate a place in your house this is where I'm going to meet the Lord every morning and every evening this is my prayer place where when I went before we moved up here our house was so small and my place to meet God every morning and sometimes in the evening but mostly in the morning. Was the laundry room because it was at the other end of the House and the kids were at the other end of the house and I wouldn't disturb them but that was where I would meet the Lord and wherever it is that you can find a quiet place have a place to pray this is a designated spot that I'm going to meet God every morning the 2nd thing you need to do is have a time to pray have a what have a time of pray so I have a place to pray and have a time to pray I'm going to meet the Lord right here at this time every morning. So set aside a specific time that you're going to meet with the Lord each morning so you have a place to pray you have a time to pray the next thing you want to do is you want to learn how to pray out loud that's why you want to find a secret place where only the ear of God can hear and maybe you might have to whisper that prayer so that other years don't hear it around you but you need to get into the habit of verbalizing your prayers with your words and here's the reason why you know when the disciples came to Jesus and they said Lord teach us how to pray why do you think they asked Jesus that question you think is because Jesus was sitting there you think that's how do you. Know when they heard Jesus praying when they heard their earnestness in his voice and this is what we're told the desire of Ages when they heard Jesus praying they were compelled by what they heard when Jesus went all into the into the garden as he prayed throughout the night he was verbal only speaking those words was heavenly father and what you find is this when you verbalize your prayer your mind will wander a whole lot less because you have to think about what you're saying and you also find that you won't repeat yourself as much maybe you have that problem as well where you're just repeating the same thing over and over again have a place to pray have a time to pray learn to pray out loud and the last thing that you can apply in your prayer life is this and this is where we what we find from the spirit prophecy she says if your mind wanders how many of you have your mind wander during prayer time oh I hate it when that happens I feel so guilty when it takes place but the Lord is willing to forgive me but when your mind wanders this is what she says. Bring it back that's pretty simple isn't it if your mind wanders if you start thinking about the day and start thinking about the projects and it happened to me this morning I'm praying and I'm getting ready for the sermon today I'm praying getting ready for church and I find my mind wandering in thinking about some projects that I need to get done in my house and I'm thinking Lord I want to talk to you I want to think about that stuff I've got all day long to think about I want to talk to you right now and so she says if your mind wanders what she say thing about it very simple just start talking to the Lord again The Lord understands and he will forgive you for that wandering mind so have a place to pray have a time to pray pray out loud where only God can hear you even if it's a whispered prayer and if your mind wanders bring it back again I would encourage you this next week to get your desired ages out he's been a little while since you've read it I don't know maybe you're going through right now but we project your desire of ages out and read the chapter on get 70 it's a long one so you maybe want to take a couple of paragraphs a day or something like that's going to go through throughout the week and as you look at this chapter and as you read through it ask the Lord Lord help me to follow the plan wherever he goes I want this experience in my life I want to have the prayer life of Jesus about you Lord help me to have this prayer life that Jesus head that sustain him in the darkest hour of his life I want to be thick with my Heavenly Father let's pray about that right now to buy you had with me a loving Father in heaven we are grateful that you are so patient with us when we make mistakes when we err from talking to you as we should when we depend upon our own strengths and ideas instead of depending upon you and consulting your wisdom Father forgive us for neglecting. Our prayer time Father I pray that as we work this spiritual muscle out again that we would gain greater and greater strength that we would grow to become more and more dependent upon our prayer lives that we would grow to 2 to go to you 1st instead of others to unload our hearts burdens to you 1st instead of talking to other people the father we would grow in our spiritual life that we could become dependent upon you as the only sustaining power in our lives father we don't want to be dependent upon others it's nice to have words of encouragement It's nice to know that people are praying for us a father we ultimately want to be able to stand on our own with you as Jesus did help us to this and Lord I pray that when that crisis comes we won't be like the disciples but that we would be found like Jesus not my will but thine be done willing to go whatever trial go through whatever trial and crisis you may bring in our life knowing that as we follow the lamb that he is leading us thank you Father for this opportunity thank you for this invitation a reminder again to this and we pray in Jesus. 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