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The Mob

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • August 11, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Well we are in the middle of a series if you have missed the last 2 presentations you may want to pick them up at the resource desk but our series is in title crisis at the close we are looking at a comparison between the closing scenes of the life of Christ and the closing scenes of Earth history and the lessons that we can learn to help see us through the crisis at the close as we look at the life of Jesus as our example so before we begin our time together the small. As always I invite you to bow your heads with me and we will start with a brief word of prayer Father in heaven this morning it is our desire to follow the leader Lord as we look at the closing scenes of Jesus's life I pray that his experience would be ours as events in this world wrap up we would be seen through that time of crisis at the close be ready to meet our God in the clouds of heaven we invite the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit to be here to take the lifeless words that are spoken to breathe life into them and to apply them in our lives. Thank you Father we look forward to what you're going to teach us when we ask it in Jesus' name. It's kind of been a theme Bible passage in our series Revelation Chapter 14 and verse 4 as we look at this passage over the last 2 weeks what we have found is that John is in the midst of describing here this group of people that will be alive on earth before Jesus comes back this will be the saints who see Jesus come in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory and as John is describing the 144000 he gives to us one of these key characteristics he says that they follow the lamb where. Wherever he goes they have become so accustomed to allowing Jesus to be the leader in their life that no matter where he goes they follow him they don't just follow the lamb in times of peace and prosperity they don't just follow the lamb when things are going well but they follow the lamb wherever he goes through the good through the bad he is their leader and they know that as they follow the lamb wherever he leads them that it will eventually lead them to the kingdom of heaven Amen and so this needs to be the driving force in our life that the land is leading us and that we are not leading ourselves the review and herald April 12898 says this We need not wait till we are translated to follow Christ Gaunts people may do this here below we shall follow the Lamb of God in the courts above only if we would follow him here so we can't just expect that all the sudden something's going to change when Jesus comes back and that we're going to have this desire to follow him if we haven't developed that desire that yearning to follow him the every day here be love it's not going to happen in the Kingdom of Heaven now is our preparation time which is saying even so now is the time we can follow Christ here below in preparation the following him in the kingdom of heaven in heavenly places page 279 it says this a great crisis is just before us do you believe that yes or no I don't need this to tell me I don't need the Bible to tell me I don't need you to tell me we can just look out into the world and see things cannot continue this way. The world is on a collision course with the struction if it is going to self explode or self implode it is not going to go on much longer this way but we have inspiration to back this up that there is a crisis just before us to meet its trials and temptations and to perform its duties will require a what not just a faith but a person of varying faith and in our study together last week as we looked at Christ's time in the garden of get 70 we saw that perseverance and faith that he had in his prayer life of this heavenly Father but we may triumph gloriously somebody ought to say amen to that we may triumph gloriously not one watching train believing soul will be ensnared by the enemy praise the Lord for that promise not one watching frame believing soul will be ensnared by the enemy a great crisis is just before us is just around the corner we know this what are we doing to prepare for the crisis at the close is it business as usual or are we doing our part to observe the life of Jesus as he went through his crisis we will find the tools the necessary tools that will help us to make it for our time of crisis at the close I don't know about you I think I'm in a group of people that want to be ready when Jesus comes back Amen as we've studied so far we found a couple of things that Jesus did we found that Jesus knew when his hour of crisis was going to come how did he know that if you have some sort of special connection with the 74 father that gave him information that I don't get that we don't get Of course he had a special connection with his heavenly father but he understood that the crisis was coming because of Bible prophecy. He didn't have some sort of inside connection that you and I can't have he had the same type of connection that you and I can have with The Heavenly Father Amen but it was because Jesus spent time studying the Word of God studying the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament Daniel Chapter 89 and other places that he knew his crisis was coming so that when it came it didn't catch him unprepared it was a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and we found that 5 times in the book of Matthew Jesus warned the disciples there's a crisis coming there's a crisis coming there's a crisis coming and then when that crisis came they didn't believe what Jesus had to say and they were completely unprepared so one of the things that Jesus did to prepare himself for this hour of crisis there are many things but one of them was he studied Bible prophecy and when that hour came he was ready to meet it that was our 1st study in our 2nd study together last week. We found that Jesus had a time of what we might call crisis prayer with his Heavenly Father in the garden of get 70 and this wasn't just something that developed in the crisis Jesus was a custom to when trials in difficulty came that he would be found talking with his father in the kingdom of talking to him expressing his desires to him gaining strength and encouragement from his father in heaven he was often found in the garden he was often found in the mountainside he was often found spending entire nights in prayer and this was just a combination the garden of get 7 he was just a culmination of the life that he lived of constant connection with his heavenly father and as the weight of the sin of the world was being pressed upon him as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy was taking place he felt in a compelling desire to go to that place of retreat and spend time with his father in prayer more on that here in just a few moments but as we looked at that story last week we found that his prayer was so intense that his body physically responded by sweating great drops of blood. Person has to be under tremendous physical and mental distress to get to the point that they will sweat drops of blood and Jesus was there in his prayer life and we found in our study. In the book early writing space 269 that those who are alive when Jesus comes that their prayer life will be with strong cries and earnest prayers she said great great drops of perspiration will sit on their face as they pour their heart out to God and as we study that together we found were just not there in our prayer life any of us to struggle is keep awake myself included sometimes in our prayer life we need growth in this area. As you look at our study last week we found in the garden of get 70 that there were 2 examples that were given to us there we find that the disciples were told in testimonies that the disciples are representation in the garden get 70 they were representation of a sleeping church when the hour of crisis is unfolding. Now as the disciples are representation of a sleeping church Jesus is the representation of a what I know wake church that is praying and has that living connection together with their Heavenly Father I don't know about you but this morning I want to follow the example of Jesus Amen. Now this morning we're going to continue the narrative we're still in the garden looking at the mob this morning go with me in your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Luke Chapter 22 Luke 22 more going to begin in verse 44 we're going to be flipping from one gospel to another to get the full story this morning Luke Chapter 22 we're going to begin in verse 41 today we're looking at the sequel to The Garden of get some money and we will see the results of Jesus's prayer and the results of the disciples sleeping. So as the crisis unfolds it's in this study together the smore name that the crisis breaks in Jesus's life and in the disciples life and we're going to follow the lines here and we're going to see OK when the crisis starts what happens to Jesus and what happens to the disciples because we all want to follow the leader and then we all want to follow the lamb wherever he goes and we're going to follow him right into the midst of that hour of crisis we're going to follow him right in there as the mob laid their filthy hands upon the Son of God and drag him off to the trials we're going to follow him and we're going to find in his life examples that we ought to follow Luke Chapter 22 verse 41 the Bible says this and he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast and kneeled down and prayed this was his 3rd prayer saying Father if thou be willing remove this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thine be done and there appeared and Angel there appeared an angel and to him from heaven are the last 2 words there that you remember in our study last week we read from the commentary in the book desire of ages that when Jesus came back to the disciple him beat the disciples in between his 3 prayers he wasn't just coming back to check up on them to make sure that they were praying the way he told them to as we studied that portion of desire pages we found that when Jesus came back to the disciples in between his prayers he was coming back because he desired human companionship he hoped that he would hear some words of encouragement from his disciples he hoped that he would find some strength from a connection for with them and hearing them also pray to the Heavenly Father but we found that as Jesus came to his disciples There was no encouragement from Human Resources for him. And from that we found that Jesus had to have a spiritual experience of his own if he was dependent upon his spiritual experience which depended upon human resources he would have failed in that crisis hour and as we enter into the crisis at the close we have to evaluate ourselves and find out are there human supports that are holding me up spiritually do I depend upon you know friends at church do I depend upon family members or my children or whatever maybe are there human supports that are supporting me up in my spiritual experience because trust me brother and sisters when the crisis at the close comes the devil's going to knock out all of those human supports and all you're going to have is your relationship with God Fortunately Jesus had a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father and was not dependent upon human support to keep him going now let me read to you a statement here from the book desire of age this is a lengthy one but it's worth reading and it says this page 692 the world's unfallen this is a commentary on this part of the garden of get 70 as Jesus was praying to his father the 3rd time the world's unfallen and the heavenly angels had watched with intense interest as the conflict Drew to its close Satan and his confederacy of evil the legions of apostasy watched intently this great crisis in the work of redemption the powers of good and evil waited to see what answer would come to the to Christ's Rice repeated prayer angels had longed to bring relief to the divine suffer but this might not be no way of excuse it was found for the Son of God in this awful crisis when everything was at stake when the mysterious Cup trembled in the hand of the suffer the heavens. Open the heavens opened a light shone forth amid the stormy darkness of the crisis hour and a mighty angel who stands in God's presence occupying the position which Satan fell came to the sign of Christ's the angel came not to take the cut from Christ's hand to strengthen him to drink it with the assurance of The Father's Love he came to give power to the divine human supply is that powerful course we know that it's Gabriel that came from the presence of God to strengthen Jesus in that hour of crisis can you imagine what that was like for Jesus if he was in the garden all alone human supports knocked out from underneath him the men who were the closest to him were busy snoring just a few yards away the darkness of the day had gone are the light of the day had gone darkness had to send he's there in the midst of the garden your sins and mine are being placed upon him he is experiencing for the very 1st time separation from his heavenly father he never experienced that before because he lived the life of sinlessness Jesus didn't know what it was like spiritually to be separated from his heavenly father but he is experiencing it right now the dregs of the cup are being drunk in and he is now experiencing this great weight that is pressing down upon him and as he is there laying in the garden sweating great drops of blood there is a shaft of light that comes from heaven and shines upon the Son of God. His eyes open and he sees that it's not darkness around him but there is light and then he feels perhaps an arm resting upon his shoulder and he looks up into the beautiful strong face of the Angel Gabriel and Gabriel gives him the assurance of the Father's Law who needs earthly encouragement when you can get that kind of encouragement somebody ought to say man encouraged by the by the presence of the Angel Gabriel Gabriel telling him the father is appreciative of what you're doing the Father loves you the father you know he has his approval upon what you are doing he goes on and it says this page $692.00 he pointed Angel Gabriel pointed to his pointed him to the open heavens telling him of the Souls that would be saved as the result of his suffering he is assured he assures him that his Father is greater and more powerful than Satan he goes it goes on and it says that his death would result in the utter discomfiture of Satan and that the kingdom of this world would be given to the saints of the most high he told him that he would see of the travail of his soul and be satisfied with 5 for he would see a multitude of the human race say it eternally say this is a turning point in the life of Jesus he goes into the garden great anguish you hear the prayer that he prays you see the anguish in his face you recognize it with the sweating of the great drops of blood but this is a turning point he goes into the garden with great anguish he comes out of the garden dignified com. Serene it's all put together now because of one thing he has the father's approval he doesn't have the disciples standing next to him he doesn't have John the Beloved resting on his bosom anymore he no longer has the crowd pressing around him saying Hosanna to the son of David No none of that is there any longer he is now being dragged as a prisoner in great pain but he is calm no longer discouraged because he has his father's approval and let me tell you something brothers sisters when the crisis at the close comes there is only one thing that will see you through and that is knowing that your heavenly father approves of what you're doing and if you don't know that the father approves of what you are doing then you are going to be shipwrecked when that time of crisis comes Today's the day now's the time to develop that relationship with God so that when that crisis comes we may be able to know of his approval and love some of you here today perhaps know of something in your life that God disapproves of that you have not given up yet how is he going to be with you when the crisis at the close comes and you haven't given that thing up how deep will you be with God you will find your relationship a shipwreck at that point now is the time to develop and make those sacrifices necessary to be thick with your Heavenly Father. And I encourage you this morning if there is something in your life that you need to surrender to the Lord don't dilly dally around with it don't make excuses about it don't hide it don't put it in the closet but bring it OUT IN THE OPEN and tell the Lord Father you are the only one that's going to be able to give me victory in this area you are the only one that's going to help me to have a true faith a person veering faith that is going to see me through the crisis at the clubs too often in our prayer lives we ask God to take our trial away I've prayed that prayer how about you all or take it away but I want you to notice in the quote that we just read the Gabriel come to take the trial away what did he come to do to strengthen him to was to do it he came he didn't come to take the trial away but he came to strengthen him to go through that hour of trial brothers and sisters the reality of it is this there are trials that God wants you to go through because as we go through those trials it's Franklins our walk with our Heavenly Father that's how we get thick with our Heavenly Father that's how we develop a real relationship and not a plastic relationship that's how we have a true Christianity and not a counterfeit Christianity that's how we have the power of God and not the form of Christianity sometimes we get so caught up in praying that God would remove the trial and let me be clear this morning there are times when God will remove the trial that happens but there are times that the Lord wants you to go through that trial because he knows that outside of that other as you go through that trial on the other side you're going to be stronger because of it and that was the case with Jesus as he came to the crisis at the close get the Angel Gabriel didn't come to take that thing away he came to strengthen him to go through that crisis so that he would know that the father's approval was upon him and that the father loved him for what he was doing this in this statement here from desire of a just paid 694. Says this crisis agony did not cease but his depression and discouragement left him. That. His his agony did not cease he was still in distress the sins were being placed upon him but his depression and discouragement left him the storm had in no way abated but he who was its object was was strengthened to meet its fury he came forth how did he come forth calm and serene a heavenly peace rested upon his blood stained face it was a turning point this was a turning point in his experience he came in the garden with anguish he came out of the garden calm and serene I want this experience I crave this experience that when crisis comes that it doesn't just create more anxiety but that I can go to God my Heavenly Father and pour out my heart to Him as Jesus did and find calmness in the midst of the storm dignified to meet the trial here's the interesting thing we may have human supports cut off during our time of crisis but God has other ways of encouraging us amen you've read this before in the Bible in the book of Psalms Chapter 34 percent in the Bible says the age of the Lord and camp of the round about them that fear them or fear him and does what he delivers them do God's angel still encourage us today you know that word deliver it's right there in the grin the Hebrew it means to prepare for war did the angel Gabriel come to prepare Jesus for war. Sure he did the war was just about to break he had spent that time in the garden praying and asking his Heavenly Father Your will be done the Angel Gabriel comes and gives him the calm assurance of the father's approval Jesus is now prepared to go forth and meet the battle and the fury of the mob the fury of the priests the fury of the religious leaders and the promiscuous crowd Jesus goes forth into that battle now prepared and strengthened because of his encounter with Gabriel and the Bible tells us that the angels of the Lord encamp around them people those people that fear him and they prepare them for war I don't need anybody anybody's help when I got this kind of help Amen what what can a human do for me that Gabriel and God cannot do for the angels of God Listen to the statement here testimonies for the church volume 6 page 436 it says This workers together with God you are empowered by the Lord to take others with you to the kingdom of God to take others with you to the kingdom you are to be gone as living agents channels of light to the world and round about you are angels of heaven with their commission from Christ to sustain and strengthen and up hold you in your work for what the Salvation of Souls was let me ask you question Was Jesus working for the salvation of souls are we doing the same thing are the angels involved in helping us in that process apparently they are and it looks like that as we come into our hour of crisis that God may want to use us to help other people have a stronger relationship with Jesus by our example by Howard bond by the way we do things let's go back to our Bibles now John Chapter 18. Let's continue the narrative Angel Gabriel is now come to strengthen and encourage Jesus we have the same to look forward to in our experience but now what I want to do is I want to look at this after the angel Gabriel comes now the mob is coming to take Jesus and as we look at this part of the story I want you to notice what happens to Jesus as a result of the mob coming and what happens to the disciples as a result of the mob coming so we're going to look at these 2 stories and see what the outcome is John Chapter 18 verses 4 through 8 we're looking at Jesus here it says this Jesus therefore knowing all things that should come upon him went forth and said unto them that is the mob whom seek ye They answered him Jesus of Nazareth Jesus saith unto them I and he and Judas also which betrayed him stood with them this into this verse 6 and as soon then as he had said unto them I and he they went backward and fell to the ground then again he then asked he them again and they said Jesus of Nazareth Jesus answered I have told you that I and he If therefore you seek me let these go their way this is interesting would you like to have been there when this happened. So here's Jesus he's now he's coming for from his 3 his 3 prayers that he prayed he's got stains of blood on his face the Angel Gabriel is come and put his arm around him and strengthen him and now there's this heavenly glow of of peace on his face as the mob comes Jesus meets them he hears the clamor of the mob hears the clanging of the armor he sees the lighted torches as they're going past the trees he hears perhaps the gate to the garden of get 70 creaking open as the mob comes inside the garden and as the light torches flash in their light and their faces he notices in the crowd there's Judas they stand before Him cycles are no longer sleeping at this point we'll talk about that a minute. And ask the question Who do you seek Jesus of Nazareth I am he Bible says they would they fall backwards Jesus says Hey who do you seek Jesus of Nazareth I am he I told you that are ready let these other guys go now listen to this this is from desire of ages 400 or 694 says this Jesus replied I am here as these words were spoken the angel who had lately ministered to Jesus moved between him and the mob you know it's interesting to me it's almost as it is if Gabriel didn't want this to happen he sees that mob coming he knows what's about to take place and he loves Jesus so much he moves in between Jesus and the mob and when that happens the mob falls back backwards. And the it goes on and it says this the divine light illuminated the Saviors face and a dove like form overshadowed him they staggered back priests elders soldiers and even Judas fell as what dead men to the ground as powerful stuff Gabriel moves in between fall back as dead men and then God the Father tells Gabriel this has to happen get out of the way she goes on and she talks about how the light begins to come become Dimmick in fall back like Deadman you know as I was thinking about this this would been a prime time for Jesus to state right prime time they are on the ground like dead men Gabriel's they're holding them back in a sense you know and this would have been a great time for Jesus to get up and take off he done that before right there was a time when they were that crowd was wanting to push him over the cliff and he all the sudden you know becomes invisible to them and walks through the crowd and goes on his way and I can almost imagine the my mind that the disciples are thinking to themselves here it comes he's going to he's going to take off now this is the time when he's going to explain everything's going to be OK but Jesus knows that his hour has come this is what the father wants him to do and he is not going to go against his father's wishes that's going on Matthew 26 let's look at the account over here Matthew 26 verse 49. We're just adding more detail here more layers Matthew 264950. They all fall back like dead men and now we see what happens in verse 49 the Bible says this and forthwith and forthwith he came to Jesus and said Hail master and kissed him you know that is right that's Judas think about it. How stubborn and hard hearted Judas have to be to go through this point this man had walked with Jesus for 3 and a half years this man had been chosen by Jesus to be one of the 12 disciples this man had walked with Jesus he had talked with Jesus he saw Jesus perform miracles he saw 5 most and 2 fishes 3rd anough people 5000 people plus men and women and children he had seen these things take place perhaps he himself had even performed miracles told the disciples that Jesus gave him the trust of position of the treasure of the group not that they had much money but he gave them that trust in position Judas had a lot of time and investment that had been placed in him by Jesus it was there in the upper room he could have changed his heart were told when Judas saw Jesus in the upper room he wanted to repent of what he had done the Holy Spirit was still working on him he could have turned at that last moment if he so chose to do that's what sin does to you makes you think crazy hail master did he really believe that Jesus was his master he didn't he had a form of godliness that denied the power he acted like he was one of the 12 but this was the symbol of the sign to the rest of the mob This is the one take him Can you imagine that the very words hail master were the words that were to be tray him to the crowd and then he has the audacity to put his filthy lips on the face of the Son of God the very lips that he had bartered to deal for 30 pieces of silver in the trail of the Son of God puts a kiss on his cheek I want to ask you question your Jesus what would you have done the Judas in that moment in the garden sweating great drops of blood. Mob pressing in around you the craziness of demonic possession taking place the disciples now wide awake but had not spent time preparing in prayer this man that you had invested so much time and energy and had just spoken the words of betrayal What would you have done to Judas what thoughts would you had about him at that point 50 the Bible says this. And Jesus said unto him friend wherefore are come then came they and laid hands on Jesus and took him the last words that Judas ever heard Jesus say to him was Jesus calling him friend I ask you the question if you were in Jesus position how would you have treated Judas It's an expression of endearment that he says to him it's an expression that is given to a goodly friend put yourself in that situation how would you have reacted Now you might not think that this is too important of a question to ask yourselves but it is imperatively important because the Bible tells us that we're going to go through the same experience ourselves Matthew Chapter 10 just jot it down if you would verse 36. Now if you 10 a verse $36.00 The Bible says and a man's foes shall be they of his own household if you catch them in the last days in the crisis of the close and the crisis at the close who will a man's foes be those of your own household in other words translated as those who are closest to you is that not how it played out when Jesus. Jesus had this man that was so close to him and not just Judas but the 12 they all did they all in a sense for sick him Judas betrayed him of the others for so Kim and the Bible says that in the last days the same thing is going to happen to us a man's foes we them of their of his own household and I ask you the question when that Christ is ours come and those that you have loved and appreciated and have drawn been drawn close to when they discourage you and betray you and say you evil against you how will you react towards them this is me carefully this morning right now you are like a sponge in the time that you are living in right now you can either soak up the atmosphere of heaven or you can soak up the filth of this world and when that crisis our clown comes it is going to squeeze you and when that crisis crunch comes and squeezes you either the atmosphere of heaven is going to come out or the filth of the world is going to come out it's what you do right now the crisis is going to squeeze us no matter what and whatever you allow your life to soak up that's what's going to come out and that crisis our You see Jesus was accustomed to soaking up the atmosphere of heaven and so when that crisis began to squeeze him and that photo of that well it was of his own household somebody that was very close to him the only way that he could react was in a heavenly way he didn't have ought against Judas he loved him until the very end he desired that Judas would turn from his evil way and receive the gift of eternal life he had no ill feelings towards Judas of course he hated what he did but he did not hate the man did it you know I'm fearful to say this but I'm going to anyways we have a hard time keeping it together some time in our Sabbath school classes when somebody say something that we don't agree with. We have a hard time keeping it together some time in our social events when somebody does or says something the rumors start going sharp words come out pretty quickly prayer meeting what have you we have a hard time keeping it together in the best of times that we live in right now can even retain sympathy and love and compassion for our brethren when they mistreat and offend us brothers were not in the crisis at the close right now it's just before us this isn't the carefully this morning you can change this on your own I'm not trying to make you feel guilty I'm not trying to you know tell you you got to go out there and change the way you act because if you do it it only lasts for a momentary meat period of time but if Jesus is in your heart it's the Holy Spirit is in your life and this is something that you become accustomed to breathing and enjoying that atmosphere when you're put in that tense situation inside a school or some social event or even in your own home you will react in a loving way because that's just the way you are it's not an act it's not a charade it's not of some sort of theatrical performance it's who you are unless we enter into the experience of Jesus brothers and sisters the greater danger is that we will enter into the experience of Judas I don't want to be a Judas and. I don't want to be a Judas I want to be a Jesus unless we are willing to reveal the great love that Jesus had we will reveal the greed selfishness and hard heartedness of Judas the sin be careful what Jesus did to Judas was not human it was divine and what Judas did to Jesus was not human it was demonic. And there will be one or the other that will possess us in the last days and when that crisis squeezes us it'll either be the character of Christ that misses out or the demonic possession that comes out at that time one of the other today now is the time of preparation I know we know this theoretically but we need to experience it on a daily basis but let's continue the story we're not going to stop it there we're winding this thing down go through to the Gospel of Luke we just got a couple more points to make you Luke Chapter 22 verse 49 Luke Chapter 22 verse 49 I want you to notice what happens to the disciples we look at what happened to Jesus he's starting to come into this crisis how does he treat Giudice treat them with love and compassion he's calm he's dignified he's put together how does it how does the disciples react as the crisis our comes Luke 2249 the Bible says this when they which were about him saw what would follow they said unto him Lord shall we smite with a sword interesting they were willing to do physical battle but they weren't willing to do spiritual battle I'll do all these things for you lord but don't ask me to get up early in the morning spend time in prayer with you don't ask me to pray without ceasing don't ask me to have that devotional time with you don't ask me to change my character I'll do all of this stuff over here but don't ask me to do that that's basically what the disciples are saying. Verse 50 it says and one of them smote the servant of the High Priest and cut off his ear Peter didn't wait for Jesus response he just went ahead and did it 1st 51 and Jesus answered and said suffer need thus far you touched his ear and healed him. Isn't it interesting why away now just moments before they couldn't keep their eyelids open. So heavy and they're falling asleep and now that now that the action is happening there wide awake and they're ready to do some physical battle to push back the mob from taking Jesus their trust at Seaview as a common prisoner are we not sometimes the same way in our own lives we're willing to do we're willing to serve are willing to go we're willing to do this stuff but how willing are we to do the spiritual work in our lives that is necessary to prepare us for that physical work. Sometimes we enter into the work and we don't have the spirit with us and you know what happens when we do that we cut people's ears off my preaching the truth we cut people's ears off because we have bad name it's been said that Peter wasn't trying to cut his ear off he's trying to cut his head off just to know how to use sword to go into the work without the Holy Spirit without being prepared and doing the necessary work and what ends up happening is we hurt people in the process and Jesus has to come along and say Stop what you're doing and he has to fix what we have broken how do you think that made Peter feel when Jesus said Suffer ye thus far. And did what Peter did I do think that made Peter feel do you think that made him feel good how do you feel when somebody rebukes you do you feel good when someone rebukes you thank you brother Thank you sister for rebuke you me to such a wonderful day today come on now how do we feel when somebody rebukes us we get offended that's what we get we get offended and in a sense your Jesus is rebuking Peter he's saying suffer you this far he's basically saying Stop what you're doing and then he undoes what Peter has done heels the man's ear I wondered myself when that man's year was put back on that he still have the blood on his shoulder from where's your fellow got his ear but there's blood all over I don't know but Jesus rebukes and he says Stop what you're doing this hurt Peter deeply. It offended him in front of all of the people all of the disciples are there all of the mob is there Judas is there Jesus is there everybody is there in the garden and Jesus publicly rebuked Peter insist up what you're doing you know Peter had pride in his heart Jesus said When you are converted strengthen your brother not just happen a couple of hours before and when we are when we are when we are offended we oftentimes do things that don't make sense it's interesting the Bible tells us and just write it down Matthew 2631 Jesus had told them in the upper room all ye shall be offended because of me this night with Peter offend where the other disciples offend it listen to the statement here this is from desire mages Page 697 in their indignation and fear Peter proposed that they save themselves following this suggestion they all forsook him and fled who made that recommendation the one who had been publicly rebuked is now telling everybody run for your lives interesting Judas led them on to the Savior Peter led the disciples away from the Savior and this is just a warning to us that the devil has more than one trap to try to catch us and does he not he called Judas in his trap but he also caught Peter in his trap and Peter left the garden defeated when he could have left victorious but that be a lesson to us that we would not follow that same example last passage of Scripture in closing John Chapter 16 verse 32. John Chapter 16 of verse 32 last passage here in closing the Bible says this Jesus is talking this is before the garden he's given a prediction and it says this behold behold the hour cometh yea is now come that ye shall be. Scatter every man to his own and shall leave me alone and yet I am known because the father is with me interesting Jesus said that they would be scattered that's exactly what happened and when the disciples ran for their lives Jesus was there all alone all human support had been cut off at that point but Jesus had this deal in his spiritual life with his heavenly father that when that pressure came from the crisis he was able to withstand the urge to run away from brothers and sisters at the crisis in the close. You have to be able to stand alone but just know that when you stand alone that you have your heavenly Father who is standing with you father looked down upon the sun and although he was eclipsed from the sun because of the sin of the world his love and approval was upon Him brothers and sisters in that dark hour we can be encouraged by that Bible passage that although I may walk alone my heavenly father walks beside me and. I will not fear what man may do to me so I want to ask you in a clue in the closing here as we close when I ask you the same question I asked you last week how was your prayer education Jesus in the garden see had this tremendous communication with his Heavenly Father where are you in your prayer education are you in as a kindergarten kindergarten or are you in grade school in your predication are you in high school are you in college are you working on your master's degree or Ph D. Where are you in your prayer experience. Jesus didn't just haphazardly go into this Jesus had developed his Ph D. in prayer as he came into the crisis at the close and I ask you the question this morning where are you in that experience are you a kindergarten or are you still learning the A.B.C.'s of prayer have you moved on into you know high school or into college sure master's degree where are you in your prayer experience brothers this is when that crisis comes we need to be Fick with our heavenly father we knew he need to have earned the Ph D. of prayer where we can have that connection with God that will help us to be calm in the midst of the storm now is the time for us to develop not when the crisis comes right now so I encourage you this next week to take that time spend it with your Lord let everything else play 2nd place make that time the most important time of your day carry him with you throughout the day you get I'm not telling you anything you don't know but I may be telling you something that you're not doing carry him with you throughout the day seeking his will constantly in your life. Receive the atmosphere of heaven so that the atmosphere of heaven is what will come out of you in your mingling with other people Jesus is coming soon I want to be ready to meet that crisis not just intellectually knowing that it's coming but I want to have the experience in my life that will see me through that crisis at the close and that experience is the experience of Jesus how many of you desire that today let's have a closing would have prayer Father in heaven we look to Jesus. The smarting and we see as something that is humanly possible for us to attain such a tense and stressful moment that he was in but he had the calm assurance of The Father's Love he had the atmosphere of heaven that was losing out of him in his interaction with his enemy Father I pray that you would give us the same experience Father please drain the world out of us drain the filth of the world out of us drain the selfishness out of us just squeeze it out Lord and as you squeeze us to get the world out May we absorb the atmosphere of heaven oh lord that's what we desire and we pray that you would perform this miracle in our lives but we cannot do it on our own You've seen our hands raised you know the desire in our heart Lord please perform this miracle on our behalf we pray. For we ask it in Jesus'. Name and. This media was brought to you by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. 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