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The Trials- Part 2

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • September 8, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Our theme Bible passage in our study together has been Revelation Chapter 14 in verse 4 where the Bible gives one of the characteristics of the 144000 those who are live on Earth before Jesus comes back there are many characteristics of these people but the Bible tells us specifically that they are people who follow the lamb wherever he goes it doesn't matter where the lamb ends up if it's in times of peace and prosperity if it's in times of challenges and difficulty the 144000 are close behind the LEM as they follow him wherever he leads now as we've been studying together we have all made the decision that we want to be part of this group Amen and the Bible or the Spirit of Prophecy tells in the review and herald 812898 we need not wait till we are translated to follow Christ God's people may do this here below we shall follow the Lamb of God in the courts above only if we follow him here. It is our privilege as God's children to be able to follow the lead here on this earth in this time of Earth's history and indeed if we want to follow him in the courts of heaven above we must do so here below 1st and the question is am I willing to follow the lamb wherever he may lead me in our last study together we conclude it by looking at one thing that sustained Jesus as he went through this dark hour in his life we looked at how Jesus went through the garden of get 70 we found that as Jesus went into the garden he went in depressed he went in with great anxiety he went in struggling he went in resisting what the father's will was in a sense praying that the Father's will would be for the cup to pass and as he went through the time of prayer surrendering his will to the will of the father he went into the garden depressed and challenge he came out of the garden with that depression lifted and calm and serene and ready to meet the devil's fury in a sense everything turned in that prayer in the garden and I'm so thankful that Jesus stopped and had that prayer before the trial began as we concluded our study together in our last study 2 weeks ago we found that one of the things that sustained Jesus during that dark hour was that he knew his father. What did he do he knew his father he had 33 years of walking and talking with his heavenly father he knew his father so well and he knew his father's will so well that although all of this terrible stuff was happening in his life although the storm of opposition had broken upon him even though he was being cruelly treated by the mob even though he was betrayed by one of his closest friends even though religious leaders were mistreating him all of this stuff was taking place he knew his father so well that it did not drive him to let go of his hold on his father's In fact that we read in the Bible together in the Gospel of John John Chapter 17 verse 3 where the Bible says and this is life eternal that they might know the past. And this is life eternal that they might know the the only true God What is life eternal What is it knowing God We read in Daniel Chapter 11 how the Bible tells us that those who went through the hour of great trial religious persecution during the 1260 years of papal persecution that those people had power because they knew gone what was it that sustained Jesus during the time of his great trial what was it that the sustained the great saints of the Reformation that that sustain them during their time of trial as well what was it that sustained these great men and women and Christ Himself was that they had an intimate knowledge of their Heavenly Father. And it's the same thing that will take place in the crisis that the close those who will stand during this time of great trial will know their heavenly father intimately it's not a knowledge that you will acquire in the time of trial it's not a knowledge that you will gain once you are in the crisis but it's a knowledge that we must gain now and develop now so that it sustains us when that hour of crisis comes but for some of us we're too busy with the cares of life to invest in a knowledge that will see us through to the kingdom of heaven it's time for us to reorganize our priorities because life eternal is in knowing our Heavenly Father we also discussed how God allows these trials and difficulties to come upon us because he allows it to happen for a demonstration to the world that there are people in the world who are faithful to God no matter what there are people in the world who are faithful like Job was faithful to God Though He slay me yet shall I trust him that there will be people in this world who will go contrary to the Devil's accusations in the great controversy that they will stand in the midst of trial telling the world that God is Just and willing rather that he should be served even though the devil is saying something quite the opposite I will tells the 1st Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 9 that we are made a spectacle unto the world and to angels and to men as I made a spectacle I want the spectacle to be that others see Jesus in me important concept to get into our mind because when that trial hour of trial and difficulty comes we need to know why God allows these things to take place otherwise we may be tempted to let go of our father's. We're in the midst of 6 trials that are taking place in the life of Jesus we've looked at 2 already there were 3 chiles that were religious those 3 trials the verdict was all guilty there were 3 trials that were civil under the Roman government and the verdict of all 3 of those trials was innocent and so we're in the midst of this we've looked at 2 trials already to religious trials and in both of those trials the verdict was guilty this morning we will look at the 3rd trial same verdict and the 1st of the civil trials as Jesus stands before a pilot for the 1st time in our last study we've seen how Jesus stood before and as the X. I priest a great man who is respected by the religious community but was unable to secure what was needed for the condemnation of Jesus he was then hurried off to stand before K.-I offis and as Jesus stood before K. IAFIS as Jesus stood before the promiscuous crowd that was in K.I.I. of this is Palace all of them were compelled that this man was the Son of God They were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit but they pushed that conviction to the side and condemned Jesus as a common criminal This morning we will look at the story of Jesus standing before the Jewish Sanhedrin go with me in your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Luke the 22nd chapter we will pick up the story in the 66th verse Luke Chapter 22 we're going to pick it up in verse 66 now while you are turning their Let me give you a little bit of history this at this point in Jesus is trials are in the last few hours of his life it is early in the morning Friday morning Thursday Jesus had instituted the Last Supper and then he went into the garden to get some money he spent great hours there praying to his heavenly father then the mob dragged him in the darkness of the night to stand before Anas and then K. IAFIS then they held him for some search. In time before the hours of sunrise happened at this point the sun is beginning to peek its head over the horizon as they bring Jesus in now to stand before the Jewish Sanhedrin Well Jesus stood before K. IAFIS just moments or hours before chaos has said don't turn there but in Matthew 26 verse 65 he has spoken blasphemy what further need have we of witness behold now we have heard his blasphemy What think ye they answered and said he is guilty of death you may find this interesting but under the Jewish system of law the members of the Senate Hedron were to have a secret ballot or a secret poll that would take place to find what the verdict was in a criminal trial the reason for this was because they did not want want men of higher influence to influence men of lower influence and so they had a secret polling that would take place or a ballot that would happen where they would poll the people of the Sanhedrin and then finally compile the verdict K.-I a fist through this to the wind and he used his influence to sway the people that were there in the power in his palace to make this verdict of guilty there are many laws that govern the Jewish Sanhedrin that were not followed in the trials of Jesus and I will share a few of them with you also in this system of law prisoners could not be legally condemned under the cover of darkness. But as Jesus said when he stood before chaos this he said his teachings were always done in the light out in the open everybody could hear what he had to say but for the religious leaders they had to work under the cover of darkness because what they were doing was contrary to the law of the Jews this was not an official trial that's why Jesus had to stand before the Sanhedrin and this is where we pick it up in verse 63 Luke Chapter 22 in verse 63 the Bible says this and the men laid a hole and the men that held Jesus mocked him and smote him and when they had blindfolded him they struck him on the face and asked him same prophesied Who is it that smote the and many other things blasphemously spake they against him now as I've already mentioned this is happening verses 63365 before the sun has risen Jesus has not been oficial he condemned by the Sanhedrin as guilty of death yet they are treating him as a common criminal they are beating him they are so hitting him they are zeroing him they covered him with a with a cloth and hit him in the face and it will bite tells us that when they remove that cloth some poor wretched man spat in the face of the Son of God and when the even stood before the Sanhedrin the monic hatred filled these people as they mistreated the Son of God Now after this cruel treatment Jesus brought in for the highest ranking religious official officials and in verse 66 the Bible says this and as soon as it was day. The elders of the people and the chief priests and the scribes came together and led him into their council same art thou the Christ tell us and he said then to them if I tell you believe and if I also ask you you will not answer me nor let me go hereafter shall the Son of Man sit on the right and of the power of God then said they all doubt are thou the Son of God and he said unto them you say that I am and they said what need we any further witness for we ourselves have heard of his own mouth at this point the sun has risen this is the official trial taking place yet all manner of laws have been broken let me share with you just a few no trial according to Jewish law was to take place on a feast day or holy days as you know the Passover was just before them according to some Jewish rabbi by the name of Isaac wise he says this No court of justice in Israel was permitted to hold session on the Sabbath or on any of the other 7 Biblical Holy Days in cases of capital crime no trial could be commenced on Friday or the day previous to a holy day because it was not lawful either to adjourn such cases longer than over night or to continue them on the Sabbath or a holy day the Jewish leaders were so bent on Jesus destruction that they cast aside the laws that had been set in place to make sure that their Courts of Justice were just. According to Jewish law it was said that the accused must have somebody to represent them what we might refer to as a lawyer to represent their case Jesus was standing alone here his disciples had fled like sheep without a shepherd Peter had just deny Jesus with cursing and swearing John was hiding somewhere in the shadows and all the other disciples had fled Judas is just moments from hanging himself there is nobody standing next to Jesus saying that he is an innocent man if they condemn him as a common criminal according to Jewish law it was said that if somebody was given the death sentence that there was to be 3 days between the verdict and the sentence of execution the reason for that 3 days was to make sure that every witness possible was able to come forward just in case they had falsely condemned a man and according to Jewish law on the 2nd day of those 3 days the Sanhedrin every 71 members of the Jewish and he was to fast and pray on that 2nd day to make sure that they made the right choice in the case of Jesus this did not happen as you know that the guilty sentence had been given and it was hours later that they were seeking the death sentence from pilots they knew that if they let those 3 days go by that their courts would be filled to overflowing with dozens if not hundreds of witnesses to what Jesus had done and they would have lost their attempt to kill the son of gone according to Jewish law a criminal was never never to be condemned by his own testimony yet this is all the testimony that they had there had to be multiple witnesses that were see that were interviewed individually before they could give the condemnation of death yet Jesus was condemned nearly upon his own words brothers sisters what we see is this there was no justice in the death of Jesus. And let me tell you something brothers sisters in the last days if you seek after justice you will be sorely different disappointed there will be no justice for the people of gone there will be no justice for the sons and daughters of God If they did not treat Jesus in a just and upright and fair manner they will not do that to his followers either justice will be thrown to the wind hatred will be what takes place and all that God's people will have to look forward to is what happened to Jesus yet it's interesting to me that we never find Jesus complaining about being treated in just yet we have all manner of things that we complain about in our churches today my preaching that your brothers and sisters listen to me carefully if we can't get over the little tiny offenses they're not even injustices they're offenses and they're completely different if we can't get over the little offense this is that happened in our churches today there is no way that we're going to be able to stand in the crisis at the close when all the world is treating us in just in an unjust manner brothers this is we need to develop some spiritual thick skin that's not so easily depressed and discouraged when things don't go the way we want them to in the crisis at the close nothing is going to go the way you want it to the only thing that we will have to hold on to is a fact that knowing we are in the center of our Father's Will that's the only thing that will encourage us during that time Jesus was treated in a cruel and unjust way his followers will be to listen to what Ellen White says in the book desire of ages talking about the really religious leader she says every feeling of sympathy or humanity had gone out of their hearts I know about you but I want to stand before people like that. All gone and all that was was in its place was a demonic hatred for Christ that's what we have to look forward to that's what God's people are going to be up against in the crisis at the close and I ask you the question today what are you doing to make sure that you will be able to stand as Jesus stood when that time comes Who are you developing your time or who are you taking your time to develop to know are you taking time to know God or are you taking time to know the world what is it that you are spending your time in to to to to gain knowledge of when the crisis comes friends every knowledge in this world is going to be useless The only knowledge that will sustain us is the relationship with Jesus that we have developed on a daily basis when the verdict of guilty was given listen to what happened desire of a just paid 73 she says this When the condemnation of Jesus was pronounced by the judges a say tannic fury took possession of the people the roar of voices was like that of wild beasts the crowd made a rush towards Jesus crying he is guilty put him to death had it not been for the Roman soldiers Jesus would not have lived to be nailed to the cross of Calvary he would have been torn in pieces before his judges had not the Roman authority interfered and by force of arms restrained the violence of the mob listen we had never experienced anything like this if we can't maintain our hold upon God in relative peace and prosperity there is no way it's going to happen in times like this when every earthly support has been cut off and all the world seems to be after your death. A White tells us that the heathen Roman officials were offended by the way the religious leaders were teach treating the Son of God want you to notice something again with me before we go to the next trial go with me over 69 Jesus is talking to the Sanhedrin here in answer to their question he says this here after shall the Son of Man sit on the right hand of the power of God Now might be overlooked by some but it's interesting to know that what Jesus said to the Sanhedrin was almost verbatim what he said to chaos is when Jesus said these words to K. IAFIS it through the high priest into a fit of rage he stood up he tore his clothes he cried out blasphemy and the crowd as a result of the words that Jesus spoke to K. IAFIS they buffeted him they'd hit him they was smote him they covered his face and they hit him in the face they treated him in the most inhumane manner because Jesus said that to K.I.I. offis ask you question if you say something to somebody that causes them to treat you in an unkind way are you going to say that thing again chances are you probably are going to shy away from saying that thing again because you don't want to be rule each read but when Jesus was asked the same question before the Jewish and he he maintained his integrity and he did not move a hair he was consistent. He was faithful to what God had called him to do he did not change his message he did not change his tone he did not change his commitment to God and what God had called him to do but he maintained his faithfulness even though Jesus knew that as soon as he uttered those words for the 2nd time the same thing was going to happen that happened just moments before he was going to be tore almost torn apart we just read how she said he would have made it to Calvary if the Roman guards hadn't stepped in and said stop these words angered the people but Jesus spoke the truth and did not wave I was flying across the Pacific Ocean I read a book entitled The insanity of God never read it it's an interesting read about the persecuted church and persecuted parts of the world I won't get into the details but I want to share with you story that I read and there was a story about a man who was a pastor in Communist Russia he was arrested and put in a K.G.B. torture camp just because he was a pastor for 6 months there tortured this man in ways that I cannot mention from up front because it's probably not propre Although the book goes into the details for a year that man's family never heard anything from him for all they knew he was dead people didn't use they survived this torture camp but one day the wife got a phone call inviting her to come down to the prison to visit her husband so she took her little boy 8 years old by his hand and she let him down to that prison torture prison camp as they walked into the common area where the 1500 prisoners that were incarcerated there were visiting their families they sat there and waited and waited and waited for somebody to come and visit for this pastor to come and visit them but he didn't show up they were given one hour to visit with their family. And at the end of that hour they saw some K.G.B. prison guards with a with it looked like a sack of rags in their arms they carried him a crossed this common area and they walked up to this wife in this little boy and they laid this bundle of rags on the table this they pulled back the covers they saw the I'm a see it in beaten body that was underneath those covers and the form was so changed that the only way they were able to recognise that this was her husband and his father was his piercing blue eyes that was the only way they were able to recognise for 12 months that men maintain his spiritual integrity he held firm to his father's hand and would not change one iota he was faithful to God in the midst of persecution that pastors little boy 8 years old in leaned over and whispered into his father's years he said Father I'm proud of you struggle with that I said tears on the plane as I read the story will I be able to maintain my spiritual integrity in the crisis at the close the only way I'll be able to do it is if I know my Heavenly Father so well that he will be able to sustain me during that dark out brother sister it's coming I'm not trying to scare you this is no scaremongering that's going on is warning it's going to happen times of peace are going to be taken away from us and it will be under times of trial that we will have to learn the lessons that we should have learned during the times of peace but I want my father to be able to look down upon me during that time of trial and say Son I'm proud of you I'm proud of you for to seen you in the kingdom of heaven we need to look to Jesus and hold firm the faith that God has given to us no matter what comes our way sisters brothers sisters it's only going to get worse from here on out. When you feel that anger coming into your heart because somebody has wronged you you need to pray and say Lord take it away because this is demonic when you feel like you've been in justly treated by somebody here in the church and you want to lash back at them you need to pray and say Lord please take this demonic feeling away from me I do not want to be possessed by the devil of anger I want to be possessed by the devil or by the spirit of love the devil is studying your character and he's trying to find whatever way he can to keep you away from knowing your Heavenly Father in a way that will bring conversion not to your own life but the lives of people that God bring you in contact now we see Jesus hastened over to stand before pilot John Chapter 18 if you would go with me there John the 18th chapter I'm sure that at this point Jesus is very tired he has gone through a lot he's been cruelly treated he has been beaten 3 times at this point and he's only going to face more physical abuse they hurried Jesus over to pilots judgment hall and it's interesting in the book desire of ages we're told that the high priests did not go into pilots judgment hall because they did not want to pollute themselves they didn't want to defile themselves by going into this heathen Gentiles palace because they wanted to be able to celebrate the Passover the next day a white says they didn't realize that the murderers the murderous thoughts and the acts of murder that they were just about to commit had disqualified them from partaking in the past so they were so blinded and possessed by the devil they won't pile it up we're told out of his sleep according to one Jewish philosopher pilot was a very vindictive and furious furiously tempered man now I don't know about you but that's not the type of person that I want to wake up in the. I don't want to be a criminal that has to stand before somebody 1st thing in the morning who has a bad temper and were told in the book desire of ages that when pilot came in before Jesus he had come in with the with the mindset that he was going to make quick work of what needs to happen he didn't want to linger around he was going to give them what they wanted and move on but when pilot was brought into the presence of Jesus something happened in review and herald November 7th of $899.00 says this pilot looked at the man who had Jesus in charge and then his gaze rested searchingly on Jesus he continued to look at him or he could not do otherwise that we would be like pilot there and then that we would continue to look at Jesus because we cannot do anything if he had had to deal with all kinds of criminals but the countenance of the man before him bore the signature of heaven not of a criminal Never before had one bearing such marks of goodness and nobility been brought before him on his face pilot saw no signs of guilt no expression of fear no boldness or defiance not think of all Jesus had been through up to this point he had gone through 3 trials of betrayal he had gone through the garden at this point he had been mistreated 3 times and she and she tells us that on his face that pilot saw no signs of guilt no expression of fear no boldness or defiance he was calm she says and of dignified bearing. That type of peace in the midst of the storm a man I mean it's just raging all around Jesus is standing there in the presence of a group of people that's possessed by the devil and he's come. To know about you brothers or sisters but God got to do some work in my life. If I'm going to be able to stand calm and dignified in the last days when I'm in the presence of people that are demonically possessed and are crying for the death of God's people the 144000 who are following the lamb wherever he goes if I'm going to be able to stand at that time or it's going to do some work in my heart life was of little consequence to pilot he had falsely condemned people many times but there was something different about Jesus knows what the Bible says in verse 29 of John chapter 18. Then went out on to them that is to the religious leaders and said What accusations bring you against this man priests were incensed that pilot would question their authority they felt that by virtue of them bringing in their mind a condemned man before pilot was reason enough for pilot to just simply give them the death sentence but you know the religious leaders understood that if the pilot does a little too much that he would find out that there were not adequate accusations against Jesus and that they would have to let him go and they did not want to explain any more verse 30 the Bible says they answered and said unto him If you were not a male factor we would not have delivered Him up to the they hoped to influence pilot by their prominent positions to just simply give them the death sentence but thing was happening in the heart of that even pagan. Verse 31 then said pilot unto him take him and judge him according to your law the Jews therefore said unto him it is not lawful for us to put any man to death. Public kind of puts them in a difficult situation he says listen if you've condemned him according to your law take them and deal with them according to your law but the Jews were not allowed to kill people they were not allowed to execute the death sentence they had to have Roman authority to do that and pilot was pushing them he wanted to know what are the accusations that you bring against this man pilot had stood before criminals he had seen that look in a criminal's eye he was a well acquainted with a lawless man and when he looked into the face of Jesus he didn't see lawlessness he didn't see selfishness he saw the Son of God and he saw the love of God in Jesus heart and it moved him to make this choir why bring you this min before me well now that they're pushed don't turn there but just listen to this in Luke Chapter 23 and verse 2 we actually read the accusations that they brought against Jesus in pilots court and they began to accuse him say number one we find this fellow perverting the nation number 2 and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar and number 3 saying that he himself is Christ a king all 3 accusations were of no validation they weren't backed up they were completely unfounded in fact they tried to trip Jesus up just a couple of chapters before in the Gospel of Luke trying to find some way to find political charges against him you remember in Luke Chapter 20 when they came to Jesus and asked him the question is it lawful for us to give tribute under Caesar you remember that question they were trying to find some way to be able to politically condemn the Son of God but they had nothing so they had to fabricate a false accusation against the Son of God What do you think's going to happen to us in the last days brothers sisters you better pray that God gives you an upright character that has nothing in it that could be condemned as long as you sound I'm saying. When we come into the courts of law in the last days it better be your character that they had issue with not your past and if there's past there's skeletons in your closet you need to go make those skeletons right so that when you stand in the last days that it's the character of God that they had issue with and that they find nothing in you that they can condemn you for according to the law verse 33 Them pilot entered into the judgment hall again and called Jesus and said unto him Art thou the king of the Jews Jesus answered him saying say is that these things a by self or did others tell him the ME pilot answered him I advise you I no nation and the chief priest have delivered the into unto me what house done Jesus answered My kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now is my kingdom not from hence pilot therefore said unto him Art thou a king then Jesus answered now say is that I am a King did this and was I born and for this cause came I into the world that I should bear witness unto the truth everyone that is of the truth here with my voice pilots say a thing to him What is the true. Pilot as Jews a question are now a king and this is well a White says in response that desired a visit desired ages 72027 she says this Jesus did not directly answer this question are a king of the Jews he knew that the Holy Spirit was want and he gave him opportunity to acknowledge his. Conviction this is another conviction that's happening he stood before K. ifas care 5 K. ifas was convicted he stood before the premise used to use proud was convicted he stands now before pilot and pilot is convicted that this man is the Son of God and Jesus can sense that the Holy Spirit is working on the heart of pilot and he wants to give pilot the opportunity to acknowledge that conviction here is the fascinating thing to me in this 4th trial of Jesus Jesus speaks the most out of all 6 of his trials Jesus speaks the most to pilot some 90 words Jesus speaks the pilot as he's standing there pilots judgment hall because he senses that the Holy Spirit is working on this man I don't know about you but when I look at this I think to myself This is amazing Jesus has gone through the garden of get so many at this point he has swept great drops of blood he has been cruelly treated by the mob he has gone through 3 trials beaten 3 times and now he's standing before pilot and he did deep inside of himself and he speaks words that could bring salvation to this heathen then do you think Jesus was comfortable physically at this point even though he was mistreated and uncomfortable his body taking up all my long Jesus steps outside himself and he witnesses to this man who is under conviction and I think to myself if Jesus could you that feeling the way he did why can't I share my faith with others when I an incomplete come among no brothers and sisters Now this I'm not trying to give you a tongue lashing or anything like that. But I want you to see how committed Jesus was to trying to save fallen. That even though he was in the most uncomfortable position he had ever been in in his life he still saw the Holy Spirit working on the heart of this man and he wanted to bring salvation to that and I think of all the times when I have slept a good night's rest I think of all the times when I've had a full stomach of food Think of all the times when I've been in perfect health yet I couldn't share my faith and then I look at Jesus bruised beaten spit on almost torn apart falsely accused and mistreated and there he is thinking outside of himself Oh love what wondrous love Jesus had for fallen man as I was thinking on this this morning the passage of scripture came to my mind 1st Corinthians chapter 13 a verse 7 where the Bible says love talking about a gobby love it bears all things it believes all things hope with all things and it endures all things that passage right there is fulfilled in the last 48 hours of the life of Christ if you want to see what that passage looks like look at that story all things everything that was thrown at Jesus Jesus and doing everything that was thrown in Jesus and Jesus he bore it he believed in it he hoped that pilot by chance might acknowledge the conviction of the of the Holy Spirit on his heart he endured all things Jesus went through this verse he gave us an example of what it looks like in the most severe of situations yet brothers sisters we can even do this in times of peace and prosperity to our brothers and sisters in the church we got some work to do in our prayer closets we need to pray that the Lord will give us this kind of love not only in our church but in our home. Brothers and sisters if we can have this type of love you are not ready to see the Kingdom of Heaven you are not safe to be translated although you may share your faith although you may believe in the truth of God's word you are unfit to walk were angels walk if you don't have this experience that Jesus has had this is where exact love beareth all things that believe it all things that hope with all things that endured all things this was the character of Jesus and when he was brought into that time of trial and he was squeezed by all of those demonically possessed individuals there was no evil that came out of Jesus's heart all they came out was this the Lord has that does do you have to do something in our lives before any to go through the crisis at the close brothers sisters I want this converted heart that will be able to stand as Jesus stood I want this converted heart that just loses out the atmosphere of heaven wherever I go I want this converted heart that brings conviction into the lives of people that I am brought in contact with as it was with pilot and K.-I FIS and the rest of the crowd I want this converted heart about you May the Lord give it to us May the Lord give it to us and may he be the one that does it and not ourselves for anything that we build will not stand the test of time let us pray Father in heaven as we look at the life of Jesus there is just no way there is no way Lord that we will be able to stand during the crisis at the close as we stand right now we need some heart surgery done Lord the Father we pray that as we lay out on the heavenly operating table as you take away our stony hearts and do that heart surgery father give us a heart that beats with the love of Jesus Lord please give us love where there is hatred. Give us kindness where there is unkindness give us Lord this experience of Jesus that others may see that we have a genuine faith and not an intellectual faith Father I pray that you will go with us from this place and that you will continue the perfect work that you have begun and that as we lay helpless surrender to your will and as we look at Jesus for we can do no other may we be changed into that same image we pray that when that cry when that crisis our calms we may be able to stand as Jesus stood following him wherever he leads us thank you. Thank you for the example in the life of Jesus. And thank you that we can follow. What we ask you to ease because. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st or if you would like to listen to more sermon leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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