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There Can Only Be One!

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • November 7, 2009
    4:00 PM
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him who is not as good a man magazine here this afternoon as he get into the word of God and sure on the revival here with you as we studied together this is England one of the one hundred and dress in a series that currently doing entitled the mystery of the alkali revealed Mysia Babylon reviewed and the first summit in presenting is entitled definitely one that can only be one in which it certainly to opening texts of Matthew chapter twenty listen Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty five Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty five Seo and had no clear non- amount of door is the reverse of the Zebulon history and going back to the Reformation and so far so revelation chapter in Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty five feminist thought on reading level and while he has the history of the Reformation is the definition of Protestantism the full Catholic institute and maintain as a related area is difficult to uphold his to abuse as bad as matters of faith and the third is the intrusion of this alumni casino on the civil government and affect the arbitrary authority of the church and so these abuses are talking to themselves the power of conscience upon the United States and the authority of the world of all the visible church another one of the two abuses of the paper seemed like ages that was will will do them in this is the views of the government and views of the church now every denomination is greater to be free just to point out new views on the civil government but when it comes that he was on the authority of Elizabeth short on denomination all quiet on the subject the reason why denominational body because aging anti- stress is ready and willing to have fun and enjoy and that area means for all seem to be seen if any ligament in this phenomenon in the history you see in my chest and began inviting his name on the monitor because they all felt they are limited in the field is the freedom of conscience and pain I given and the God-given right so they will call it anything that you will monitor in a way as big as he is abusing their mother anything one of them is even why this important because you always see how talking with you if you always seemed on service stream to the people will follow picture we see God to be that the emergency unchartered authority abusing the authority on how many of you ever been only to have been wanting never heard by authority within a church leader and abstract thought and how do I believe in images of America will win her with a minute in the Terrace the arteries him assume all centimeters out a lot of the answers we got nineteen zero blog 's been altered by what they had not been assumed so I'll just began to leave we want to continue as the Reformation began and I can get away from it to abuse is not only an increase yes increase the national son-in-law was in United States of America to get away from them it was an hour or even within the church is about today Sunday citing the authority of the church of the women I meet Holy Spirit help with the sea I'll bring the church that is fun and we humbly ask for your Holy Spirit Amy help with the sea would you want to see this afternoon made using digital and glorifying Jesus name amen Matthew chapter twenty with twenty five Jesus and the world environment businesses and governmental Leviathan twenty five this is Jesus Paul and to him and said using old friend is not referring to here is not the world elite as the Gentiles yet another one of those world leaders of the world may exercise dominion and all that so I will wait and listen whenever you are not the exercise of dominion over them and gain weight in the leadership positions to exercise that authority over upon you not the definition of authority in the right to command and enforce obedience even the ones office station religion and women in uniform will be using a limited-edition you said in an address meet again with twenty five enemy twenty six which is called among the imitating the Gentiles exercise dominion over them and they might exercise authority upon them over twenty six by it shall not be sole among you but will be great among you and be you are aware Minnesota and whose will be chief among you and your wife seventy words the whole international chart field is not people with an interest in this is all a seventy one a man not to serve in exercise of power and authority on what one person 's conscience in their mind that wasn't visible than the great Reformation in other words you don't belong this is the right command and was obedient to find any other person and easy below the papacy in the alternate creation and all one person controlling the mind of another person in the last days in the morning where he called me forcing controlling the whole plan government and governments of the governments out there the government by the government to think it is the only reason on fourth and is dramatically the law that everything you need to learn referring to the spiciness of eighteen eighty she said we need to understand God 's character is not limited and his purposes the social organization and realization that when I was doing and start things on churches and people will bring you while you happen to allow all week apparently written by when everything finally we still don't I will come down in the book on their next scheduled for Google to another I think he is in and the right and is the and the word of God and the website is one thing I realized that he was regionally with all the choice is yours on his for the sake of argument Michigan he is on the call of the Holy Spirit upon him or he can handle Holy Spirit upon Edward 's voice with a pillow which is exhibit we does anyhow we'll is unlimited as I realized that the weight of sharks and other matter relating to all doing written work if Hill the point business and the environment is conducive to know that he will and him were not in a tingling of the Holy Ghost will be mad so the want people to be in environment people will spiritually be mad Malaysia have has anyone in the way of changing your status and will maybe the Mrs. in Maine on the board of elders this is not other people on control on leaving the area my friend anything to do in some way this question I'd ask also legal to study here turning me to Matthew twenty three a few chapters later than the twenty three recipe to follow and what do you say concerning his insurance anesthesia in Matthew chapter twenty three breast-feeding to twelve Muslims easier to be he will for many the mother thing is one in vision even trying to kill anyone or any name is Jesus Christ here is a man will follow as adding all new online of the mounting bracket whether this is another with all present on Google on in either body men and all the same level enough of the Bible is seen here in all the cool and either die that certainly means you probably suck at four thirty Congress chapter thirty first twenty one going on the subject what is the first theme is it with the earth be a disquieting with and which he cannot bear with a policy about that what is the error handling tricky to see done about to the province of the thirty first twenty one twenty two bioassays for three beings the error is disquieted you cannot be there I thought what with you cannot bear to think you were in the first thing you mention about the number twenty two for a survey when he was green long equal rule on the same level and it doesn't matter whether your church member only after all your conference president will all be going back to my theme will all serve in all the most highly naughty man on Eagle on the same level as well it says here that the thing that Eric was one aside and he was subsequently sent on crisis over the condom that era will resume and I want to see all Arabian or individuals that whenever let's are on the losing party leadership and vision you'll is a premium on top of the one anyway calling when an ad hominem law and the persecution of the people the Manhattan so through on you to prove it all away from that in the New Testament time and declared that he should convince you that this is the cannot bear the blog has been has been shed because of the abuse is not dominant themes of the sum above and below we can all hope is not penalized on the shore upon God 's people told the people in the last days there would be a matter property but for simple morning by the Protestant churches in America wasn't promoted by the papacy overseas but it sure is amazing here is the data what's going on in the future I want to sureties cozier the second pic with you a you have no here is the simple principle of the safety upon these all ages page seven fifty nine on the bus was good enough says God will destroy little before not been destroyed Satan and his sympathizers that he is one contest the penalty area but he did not do their meaning I was not to be overcome by force compelling power is not only under the figure of a man the more visible in the disorder can look for a wrath upon goodness mercy and love and the presentation of these principles in the mean means not a bad will not be used for console and abuse of authority and power to people to do what we want them to do that is not part of God 's government in the next one here and it says here that the gloomy shadows might be like and then Netgear moreover the one that God seek indecent assault was to be built-in how is it in this cannot be done by force the exercise of force is contrary to the visible build and maintain a single method on the name and why would people want be part of adult men and women to be happy and in the government is based upon forth and reflects on hold on a visiting teacher is an immunoglobulin on the Boston control than the regularly not only pawn off the is clear that the government is not based upon force this afternoon he desires only the service of law and mom cannot be a man and a cat my fourth authority boning knife is not awaken to know God 's will in the name and in other words what do you know that may do so on people want to follow him it are not limiting you feel down for to do in the blog bringing you many women don't like to do a lot of everything was then went on my mind someone said that the common .net one is any man we want to send I got anything many men had the bond of realtors and on and on it is through Selanne will be willingly one seven and love the silly waking them inside of us and that's why evening start to ship out on rebuild his principles of the papacy that I believe that we have seven people this is a member the principle is competent sure why my leadership within God 's church affluent talking about this morning and that is why the elders of the church boy and the pastors and talking about myself a sermon on not to use a position to command obedience moreover letters memos the lobby man and that is why also the church members dress board in elders who only surveys are not to complain about what they do what he should be doing what he should not do also a man there was realization in place prepared for my messages I realize nothing about we prepared a mess as a new study the women on the something there that when you study and God comes across in he thinks when you study the experiences eighties when you study and finally feel like when you realize that what you are doing and your lifestyle are you believing also claiming treating others another as I came to realize in realizing the realizing nation on this and that is this that I been abusing my sorry for the old literatures members and his happiness recently is a humming thing I to go before my two churches and I would be fine and minimize seminary I apologize to my churches as I want to apologize for usurping the position of Jesus Christ on this earth was dead silence one of my choice among the elders surpassed the one one although in and out in the process for taking the position of Christ the Holy Spirit the order is very similar the convention of the Holy Spirit and the conviction of the human being can be very similar cingulate can be felt the same obligation the same so-called conviction that one may feel being manipulated by human being and to cancel you can use manipulation if you want to do what you want to do it to do but when it is not going well in so many men and even to do what is right will relay this morning when measured by what you write your comment on and body just says whatever maybe not in the document of door handle bag a blog about a man and not in the computer actually at the hardware is being converted was not logical to know a lot about God I do not want to obey God out what you love a man so I humbly realize that I need to repent before my churches and asking for forgiveness they can only be one master and his name is Jesus Christ I have had a lot more and this is a introductory moving the position that a law to get the paper suitable mechanic to the decrease in the needed mediator between God and man along with visible and sometimes seep into home churches but the medicine goals in all the policy limit if there were never any question or statement is as easy as he thought again one morning I only got his money on their heels what you doing to do it all the way my question have we created our own many gods with enough searches the motivation for serving God is love and will take immediate musician will try stuff on this earth but only Jesus Christ between us and on the funnyman is going to a next text here in class is the one that they didn't know what Jesus Christ to the church classes at the one misleading is a continual Bible study this afternoon class in chapter one verse eighteen the Bible says Angie Jesus is they can talk her body the church who in the beginning the first one hundred and that in all things he might have preeminence nowhere the seat of authority intelligence and business found in your self when a body was found in a hit and when the members of the body wasn't found in the hair and that was in Christ and not the body will be intelligence and this is amazing therefore they had only never nobody will come now and enforce obedience will you have any authority middleman and anyone else think that it is dangerously use them all into their authority and for the mutual love what is considered to be able right as a Nintendo here is the next location on the inside that living beings is somewhat sure enforcement authority can help his incoming and missing the seafloor whenever I look taller on intellect Namenda authority oil force is employed mom is not manifestly present the affections and Willow knows when we seem to reach us soon we gain when the word defend him because he positioned to understand the method is increase that was whenever we try to use authority was time for my things up and the like to volunteer the information to people I even done that before you are missing the reaction my time positive affirmations on it I'll tell you what you need to do a lot of business or marketing becomes unit assuming because we probably would lose in November because an individual that if you didn't have a very hard time the reason in a future by not in the spirit of the papacy than mission about Arkansas one line one person mind of another beautiful over the people whether they freeze over the people in his administration on the dominant older people what may be in the spirit of the papacy whether in thing with me what is any Cinematical anything by running certain Seo experimented with the bloody man and that's feeling of not being on a blog of interest law bought at Lorraine within a single hallway and the service blog work on the love below not the fourth and conjoint authority this afternoon when air is subject to Christ and easily justify the twenty fourth easiest chapter five verse twenty four the Bible says therefore the church is subject of the Christ solar allies lead you to own husband and how many things anything so I just got to live the selected a husband in everything so all in the sharkskin recently declined and everything also right according to the text that will shortly assault did not learn and tries to obey not the man sees a big try not to come in and doesn't like anything is claiming to be the chart is positively opening to exercise that authority this is a calibrated parameters in the knowledge and information to be made human equity small things that one line I get to follow one's own thinking one of the constants in the thing I'm looking with a blog where they think the finalists and circulate another testimony you feel that things are not wanting to be dictated and then sought to manipulate some of the very good in that I we can manipulate MIDI control assessing a church setting we know exactly the right way recently viewed a deal that we are creating we can get off do we want to do the weeding out why do we want continue the song is a human is a ceiling when information and consult every of them talking about something called the Holy Ghost is not a man and we believe that there is undaunted that only will we what's going on how I wanted another solid man but Chris and Amanda doesn't imagine the massive amount of traffic in the line and I was certainly more today in the environmental Holy Spirit is allowed to work freely within document interacts the limit tries anything that time is gone and I'm not blamed on this point this afternoon on the way and when the Holy Spirit and the famine in the land in the lineup on his because as soon as Lord and you and me are here and which will involve not to follow God 's blog is calling you and me to obey him and we know Holy Spirit being the bottom working with all the parties and on and on this earth and under the Thatcher almost all churches but upon event now this is when we hinder the Holy Spirit my own decisions the only time that seen it happen over and over and over again Holy Spirit inspiring them with an interest in ministry within the church some ethanol nonmelanoma we should be doing that and was never used in that ministry before I seen it happen some time to nominate committee that stress for people who are because people anyway the Holy Ghost I feel compelled to call it his mission in the children's ministry and get some income R a is on earth is not the one I remember is forever scarred leave the choice is no longer to become the best opponent using the power in Utah at one upon another and another and another thing you have a whole system Antonio manipulated and not allowing it to a blog one of the best when he does not allow because we are the ones that fall below a man in the wonderful and on this Earth is why God why investing web insurance is not looking like a Bible policy of insurance name of an agreement on the captain of his nobleman in the fall and eleven at-risk of everything that the government does not actually gone from United individual bonds government is based upon the will of God it is up to you many do anything anything that had been knows what happens on young people 's readers Gavin is reviewed by the court anything that he says is about raising children to ask management and then add a little bit about the bottles called his people by the way to address issues within the church the call to just follow them understand what is right deafening to one's management is as bad as too little the effort to break the will of a child in the terrible mistake minds of constituting differently while forcefully secure all information resolving many children in the more determined we got in the heart the vision apparently to succeed in gaining the control he sees me all maybe not as harmful to the child and going to the next forty days for the reason that there is my well this is sometimes employed in the training of children makes a little more than automations mind we all conscience all under the control of another it is not God 's purpose in any mind to be the dominating also we can destroy individuality of similar responsibility that can result only in IMO while under authority with joining me here like well drilled soldiers they will go to anyone only I remain a very good on the outside but when the control season the character will be followed to relax and think that this finding Neverland to talk to himself that he was recognized as long as same as the requirement of a parent or teacher his removal he knows not how to use his liberty not thinking that somehow to indulge in to the zoo no coming from one of all colleges busily dissing that a lot of evaporative children coming to our school and middle school crazy I felt one of them perceive as it was on the farm in the holiday spirit I have a daughter my greatest fear of being a passage child and so I'm afraid for her life by talking this letter about the spiritual life the scene in China what happened to pass his children and my main concern is the training areas for disciplinary authority now Lyman decided that she will give her time to blog that she never one of the following oatmeal beautiful Monica what the weather maybe you have an internal will be there on the hard disk you already gone a long law is making him on a hot number that in a man and what we need to do it in your in the homemade spirit leave in the past other than as a leader in the church to realize that you cannot regenerate another presence on I can do my best to them like a meeting agent and I need to get on my knees and I mean it Fred and God will convert my child on reading I love them in the vessel and somehow she will do what they verify to Jesus Christ bloody men and in the final episode we are obedient to the flattening longer-lasting exactly what that is in demand log me off I be manning a whole and external views in regard to whether they want to do once you're there or not it doesn't matter to them while in the mirror XML will be the end for blocking one in the habit of being in the heart a woman's right to log within the heart on the inside reach iPhone and regenerated by Mister said that the beautiful voices and that you are not concerned with some of the mere outward he was focused on being means information on the heart and so on you must center you think how important it will be sooner than white papers because his focus on its consummation of the heart matter rather than micromanaging of someone's life I'd like to try to ask chapter twenty accepted twenty first seventeen in your Bibles the site survives among the early Christian church the twenty first seventeen Paul's talking to a group of people and so the cylinder assembly was talking to them might at fifth he sent to Ephesus I call the elders of the tersely called the leaders of the church again what do you think of them but in verse twenty ninety three the bottle says bosses finally that after my departing shall greet me as wars and in among you not sparing the flock and also talking to the owners on the only sounds among the leadership shall net I was speaking to her name is not available to do all the way disciples out there themselves the man facing with me Ms. yours people that arise from residential people that are themselves CNN mean all about the early church history the famed charts that Jesus was the same sure the apostle who are serving the ball into the Roman Catholic Church the moment plaintiff was not a separate charge that you are the apostles begun your return and metabolic advantage of loopholes evidently it wasn't involved in the ball on the original apostolic church what happened on the field he given here by Paul came to them among the leadership what are my men among the elders what am I missing you David jalopy was so trained themselves that they are God dignitaries in the exactly what happened in the early church the all the roles in the chart is that there will always be on both the distinction in the sun hovering over the charges and economy chain the Bishop will be short and management how are these churches of architect who is the supreme faith among all the other churches one hundred percent of the final was amenable one and then along came along that well on our churches we've had three apostles visit us at our church there is no audio monitor is not likely to hold it all the first page of all grown so whenever the elders the amino acid original work of Bishop Allender the missing word and agreed the only reason answers to the authority was gaining to bond auto anything of our initial meeting anyone with you wherever you may be named as their other paper seen the niche of iniquity by Connie asserts people always on the ethnicity of iniquity the papacy below spacing these ISPs not want to what has been one which asks in a church a pencil by the bishops of the outer look at the next location here is actually taken considering he made he said he said that he said the charges followed upon the results and have me I thought the chart is controlled by the same rulers that is what the bishops been now holiday when dealing with the heretic on and off you look in the next four need to have inherited the music must give those originated in from any other source in this I treat my dad passed there is is not will be the same as an officer Reagan said in a online printing and you do not obey anything to the leadership but isn't it is the next four are in addition to determine whether you are an instructor Wendy not in the church is and is is what he ought to know that the bishop is in the church and attracting the best job and if any man be not within the job he is not an mature set of the person in the tournament in the Fellowship 's signature would be dependent upon the Bishop leadership within the church now before we become prideful all the spec and another to design to look at the beam in our own by this afternoon below to share with you in the next quotation here are five steps of apostasy that was giving to us as a church by law growing his book the church 's organization order and discipline this is a book without pioneers was that began this great movement this is the book to use the church structure I just organizational associate five epoxy no visible and created something that is anything that is man-made it is written on paper the first step busiest forming a tree expressing their faith in man-made phrases instead of adhering to the word by word of the Lord now the majority adopted that would allow the state of the fundamental beliefs on paper to distinguish this from other churches but if it was going what is an angel having a man-made tree and using that rather than the one of the symbols within the next that before McLean making that man-made tree test unless you I'm denouncing all heretics would not offend today's word being all trees exact wording making read a ruler with all heretics must retry many with us because sinners whose baby was more in harmony with the direct things in the Bible and the bowls and decrease together by the history has proven that to be true for constituting the result attribute of the child parity and its totally manipulative all were nonincentive increase is not content to my unchecked privileges in this world he declared and something suddenly abided by symbols when I log exact wording of the Creator and man created rather than women on the papacy did this were getting away from that so hopefully only became significant we believe in the Bible to get away from human wording exact wording of trees and five at twelve o'clock the top in the last phase by the way once again I think that's kindled a featured indulgence oxidants all did not conform to the creeds the next symbol and obtained a aid of the civil power to torture thank you with sword with hunger restraining I would beast of the earth also been declared unfit to remain in the world and delivered today and have replaced all documents opening a new outgoing things in there have you played at twenty eight fundamental belief that your manual name is second translated within a chart on the bottom of this is not replaced on leave all blog women often in my question on the time heard in boring meetings like pictures members said that we should do because it just made of sandstone let me know and I read as many phone the cover I can recommend I'm never seen it in their blood that cool and believing anything that I don't argue with instruction manual I cringe every time we hear that what was a behemoth of the knotweed of the Sunday leader within a gentleman of them regularly in every different things and an authority based upon Carson was a payment made upon the work on here this afternoon can we trust anatomy trees looking at school today can enjoy tonight diminishing magazine October nineteen ninety three page then and only says while this certainly is not to determine who was right and who was right on the complaint he says he will almost all seventy averages on is a great surface five hundred seventy emissaries most of the Seventh-day Adventists have it in them would not be able to join the church today and they had to subscribe to the denomination 's fundamental beliefs what I wanted to read that the news this all fundamental beliefs and inhibited him he was right along with all fundamental beliefs I think it would be used to be the church 's manual has been modified all the time all this is only here to change a lot of I will not be whether this is why the Lord I change not be men Israeli men was a time in the writing the members and research within the woman of God without the new the man we can trust in what anonymous metabolic processes are the next one is by long and the Bible alone means to be our cream and honey men and I want to live alone we went using all the people in the world and the danger here is only being upon the amazing Colonel Monaghan Scotland and the limits are in the nothing will happen to want to be on the Mrs. and I believe that this automatically need to study what the Bible has to say because I believe the things they read the Bible is only created new law there is to a all our experiences in and I don't know what it says in the air was the study for myself to see what is sure not I need to remember the whole is within the right and someone else out there working out for them so maybe openness will the system is currently being away what people feel comfortable actually laugh you don't have to sell their work and decisions adopted in the standards and values once the Windows manager may very be membership within our church the spirit of forces contrary to the government by Nina within every single one of us there's a spirit of force and potential and abuse of authority in my life because of my my past my relationships before my wife I currently married to him along was based upon the very worldly men have a mentality all getting the other person to do what he wanted to do human manipulation software system to get what you want on your marriage or family relationship or whatever maybe answer some of the relation with your times as much as all other relationship a new girlfriend what percentage of my town about relationship all like the husband is forty now on that relationship but beloved dog Goliath relationship is poorly different relation to the bottom of the and leaving Miami in the relationship well I'm giving myself is giving where you'll go crazy millions what is your brilliant revision is feeling up not being coined on using the community as well yes I'll give you guilty of a gaming gaming gaming is based upon the giving and signing one another rather than picking and being alone in NASA one another and so on relationship now is based upon and on we fail at times to be on foot and sharing knowing this that Ali is an impounded upon the freedom is offered to the government of Jesus Christ the men had become Jesus Christ across the county and examines this field you've got up I got there and it is very new so to be lovable dogs government and it showed so sad if we adapted and beloved men in the children effectively and in them and to experience I know but soon all dogs go him all you will with you how you relationship is not new I never be happy until you have a relationship to you a similar phrase your family with you when you why the shelves and document open they not only an officer and will be seeing within people in a practical level in all the money went even of these thoughts the only real God government and holiday treat one another and if we offer to one another so this afternoon my prayer is that we learn about the FEMA guy for you into the cloth we thought was awkward and I was relating the freedom to reject him on the clock reset policy diagnosis treatment and we see what forgiveness is the key to choose the same bondage related across recipient to whom God really is you the choice to believe Satan 's lies about him and seven the blogger community all you and me that's why you have to choose whom he was serving as they methodically and that I found how about you but in the afternoon on the computer you call me want not only to experience it we want to give this freedom to those who knew you that you desire to see me when he met as a father we thank you for your blessings and mercy and easier to us in a clear way your freedom you often Jesus Christ rethinking a person named Jesus


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