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As Long As I'm Better Than You

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • May 7, 2016
    11:30 AM
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As long as I'm better then you what do you think of that title we have to Goldfish wondering which one is better when he looks like he's got a bigger bowl he looks like a bigger fish I don't know this comparison game the Mars Climate Orbiter anybody remember hearing about that it actually shot off back in 1909 I realize some here weren't even born in 1909 makes me feel old but this probe was sent off to go to the planet of Mars and to gather data and all kinds of things but much of that is not even talked about was talked about is something quite different in terms of this year they are building it it was 327600000 for the orbiter and the lander now you have student loans you could use a little help with right well you help pay for this thank you very much that was not all the cost 193100000 for the spacecraft craft development so that was important maybe you're adding some of these numbers up 91700000 just for the launch you didn't know that all this cost so much did you well you should be aware because again you're paying for it and then $42800000.00 just for Mission Operations So all of that came here they're building this thing that you can see here on the screen is an actual picture of it. You can't go visit and see unless it's a replica a final bit but the total cost to put this together was $563500000.00 I hope you are going to benefit from all of this technology here is is kind of a depiction of what is supposed to look like as it's hovering around Mars and all the stars behind it. And it was supposed to do I don't know how familiar you are with space but they oftentimes have all these little rockets on the side once they get launch and they get in outer space that's the hard part oftentimes and then they might orbit around the earth and then they get up a little bit of speed and fire just a little bit to leave our orbit in the right direction I mean there's a lot of math involved you're right exactly the right direction because if there are just a hair and they have to make a few course corrections but they want to get as close as they can and they're traveling super fast to get to some of these destinations and then they try and match their orbit or line up with the orbit of the other whether it be the moon whether it be Mars or another planet they want to get into that orbit and if they get in there too quickly or too aggressively they'll go into the atmosphere and burn up we call those shooting stars right and this would be a very expensive shooting star and then if you go into lightly you kind of bounce off like a rock skipping off a pond and so you had to get all this mass just right well when they were they had you know they had the launch they were up in space they left our orbit they were on their way to Mars and I believe it was what 286 day journey to Mars I didn't calculate the speed they'd have to go to get there but anyway you can do that this afternoon so on September 23999 it fired its engines to enter orbit of Mars but there was a problem they fired much too long what's happening what's going on how come it is still firing but our calculations are going to be off what's going on and before they could figure it out this thing was lost this is the projection the actual trajectory and the planned trajectory it's a little bit off there you see the difference and so what happened to this nice $500.00 and whatever $1000000.00 Things you paid for burned up I. Don't know why well all had to do with a tiny little detail. Because Lockheed Martin used a program on their computer that used to English units and NASA use the more customary around the world metric units and they didn't realize is that a big hoops that's a pretty big oops do you think that was a little bit embarrassing Yeah yeah and so a waste of $563000000.00 because the wrong measurement tool was used. I want to talk this morning a little bit about measurement tools maybe some of you work in a workshop and you have a jig if you know to jig is not where I stand up here that's not what I'm talking about. A jig in a workshop is where you cut something exactly to a certain length or wimped or whatever and you often times I will recommend you right on it gene or something so it doesn't get confused with all the others and you use that one over and over and over to know exactly the links let's say but is anybody ever somehow on the jobsite maybe not in your workshop or wherever and you think this is the jig but you're not quite sure and you keep getting it mixed up or you somehow grab some There's not the jig at all and you make all of these slats for a railing or all this or all of that and all of a sudden you find out when you're putting something together it's 2 inches short and in fact you made them all 2 inches short you used the wrong measurement tool has anybody had this experience you're making chocolate chip cookies and it calls for a teaspoon or maybe 3 on how many teaspoon of salt something like that and you put in a tablespoon of salt to make a difference I heard a story the other day where someone confuse salt and sugar how that have been I don't know but I would want to taste that would you the wrong measurement tool can make all the difference in the outcome. So if you brought your Bibles I encourage you to look in Luke Chapter 18 and a parable that Jesus tells. When looking at this idea of what measurement tool are we to use so when the Gospel of Luke were in chapter 18 and were beginning in verse 9 it says he also he spoke he being Jesus this parable to some and noticed this little detail who trusted in. Themselves good you found the passage that they were righteous and despised others now stop right there. Here you have a group that he's telling this to that trust in themselves is that a problem who are we supposed to trust in in God but they're not trusting in God their trust in themselves their right just works the fact that they are to follow the rules. I mean after all. This I pay my ties in fact I had to talk about this because I'm so humble but I pay a double to eyes I have perfect attendance at a prayer meeting OK So you know what that means that means I've never missed the very 1st one I was 2 days old my mother brought him this one since I'm a vegan by the way I never fudge on that there's no exceptions even on my birthday you know on the list goes on and on of all the things that they do they're so competent in now I'm not trying to put down our church or our message or pain tide or any of these things but if we allow those to become what we put our confidence and trust in our own righteousness ourselves now that can be a real big problem. And notice the other part of this verse those that trusted in themselves that they were righteous pious holier than thou that means holier than you by the way. And despised others that's typically the case when you feel like you have it all together if you start to look down on everybody else did you see what they were wearing today can you please check I went because I didn't something like. Did you hear what they said I couldn't see the words that came out of his mouth I wasn't very impressed with the sermon today so I was going to show Vols up there I've been telling them I'll be bringing it down whatever it is they despise everybody else they look down on everybody else and by the way it probably has to do a little bit with their own insecurity because in order for me to look good I have to make other people look bad and so this is a parable that Jesus tells to those who trusted in themselves that they were right just. And as a result they despised looked down on talk bad about singled out well I didn't say anything wrong yes but you gave stink. They thought they were right but they gave stink eye to everybody else verse 10 so 2 men went up to the temple to pray one of heresy as a very pious individual right follows along has huge sections of scripture memorized if not all the Old Testament and the other a tax collector Oh my he's poor tax collectors. Shame shame shame it's really sad isn't it. And we use all these poor words I mean he just there is no way that they're going to be in the kingdom these tax collectors are just ruthless people and and they all they all cheat they're all terrible they're all bad you know the type. It's just too bad and we cover it up here in the south we say something and you know we say all these nasty and horrible things about somebody but then we just kind of make it OK by saying Bless her little heart. I mean poor thing she's ugly as sin bless her heart so affair see in a tax collector in the fair she stood up and prayed there is a verse 11 with himself God I thank you that I'm not like other men now there's a bold legal list who says I'm going to heaven on myself and myself alone Have you ever met one of those I haven't so this isn't a bald eagle A See there it says God I thank you I thank you. I'm such an amazing person little trick you're right it's not the bold legal list I'm thanking God for the power that he has made available to me that I can be such a wonderful person God is so good I mean just look at me. Well God I thank you that I'm not like those other people in the church you know those ones that aren't real committed the ones who don't follow all the 28 fundamental beliefs the ones that kind of fudged on the edges the ones eat things that they shouldn't eat the ones that you know and we go on and on with our lists the ones that listen to music they shouldn't listen to and we go on and on Laura I thank you that I'm not like those people I mean where in the shaking they're being shaken out I'm so thankful that I will never be shaken now that I'm grounded in you I'm so good because of you Lord I thank you that I'm not like those other men and women that are just not quite as committed as I. We better keep going like other men extortioners unjust adulterers or even Yeah this poor little text collector bless his heart case you forgot God maybe I should remind you why I fast I'm up to twice a week now yeah I went to the Daniel fast I'm juicing I feel great yeah. I give ties of all I possess. And then verse 13 well I better pause I think I have another slide here no we're not we're not there yet OK I just had to I had to cheat a little bit verse 13 and the tax collector standing a far off would not so much as raise his eyes to heaven but beat his breast saying god. Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me. Now if I were to ask you which one you were what would it be don't say it out loud just think inside your mind what would it be are you the Fair see are you the tax collector it's kind of a trick question because if you say well I'm the tax collector then maybe actually you're a fair see because you've heard this story before you know who the good guy is you know who the bad guy is and you're telling yourself internally you're the good guy not the bad guy would you make it a fair city instead a tax collector you have me. Standing afar off you're not so much as raise his eyes to heaven but beat his breast saying God be merciful to me a sinner and maybe that's all he says because he or she is crying is upset feels the weight of their sand the weight of their guilt they know they're guilty they know they're lost in every sense of the word except God has mercy it's the only way. And this person isn't there pleading for God for just a little bit of mercy because I have it mostly he's saying God without your mercy without your grace I am hopelessly and utterly lost from verse 14 I tell you this man went down to his house justified rather than the other for every one who exults himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted in the story to worshippers to prayers to measuring rods one acceptance. Measuring rod number one be holy in self in the light of others it's a lot easier to compare myself with somebody else because I can just find somebody else that well quite honestly makes me look good and I can find some way that makes me look good and allows me to keep the things that I want to keep and I want to cherish and so really good at measuring rod number one beholding self in light of others well I can wear this I saw so and so wearing this I saw this person going here I saw this person in that and so must be OK friends I have news for you that person is not the standard Well I've been to churches and I've heard pastors preach and I've heard them say and I'm sorry but they're not the standard God's Word is the standard Jesus Christ is the standard. All this stuff about comparing ourselves within ourselves and to ourselves it's an exercise in futility we need to compare ourselves and we know it compares the right word but we need to be whole Christ and when we behold Christ all the sudden this idea that I'm so great just kind of dissipates as I behold the cross as I behold what he took in place of me taking what I deserved and owning that saying yeah I deserve that. Measuring rod one isn't judging myself in light of others measuring rod number 2 behold in self in light of Christ there is a small difference but it's a huge difference like English to metric seems like a small deal but I tell you it's a huge deal who do you compare yourself with Who Do You behold who do you feel the standard is now are you living up to that standard and when you come before God Is God just really so lucky to have you or you just so overwhelmed with the grace and the mercy that he's shown you. We have Cain and Abel Cain brought not a sacrifice for his sins he brought a thank offering kind of similar to the 1st guy in the story Lord I thank you that I'm not like them Abel on the other hand brought a sacrifice by the shedding of blood there's remission of sins and he put that on the altar again you had to worshippers to gifts to measuring rods when exceptions you have the disciples there bickering about who's better than the other who's going to be in what place who's going to be in what role and their focus is on self is not it's not in Christ in fact James and John their mother even when can my can my boy sit at your right hand that your left and when he's trying to call their attention as Peter said not me Lord I would die for. They were quite confident in their own self righteousness 1st Corinthians 1012 Let him who thinks he stands take he take heed lest you do what fall. If you think you stand take heed lest you fall measuring or on number one behold itself in light of others it's I and me in light of them and you. God is not part of the equation he's not there. Like Revelation 317 but it's a little bit scary to you say I'm rich I've become wealthy I'm in need I'm nothing I have you know I have 14 Bibles are home and everyone's marked up I understand of the message I have 3 and I pay my time I do all these wonderful things the kind of premium involved I'm under George board and this and that and you think you're wealthy and in need of nothing and you don't know that you're wretched miserable poor blind and naked Don't tell me that that's offensive you have no idea the time I put in the hours that I put in I'm not in need of those things yeah you do not know I think of this in Christ object lessons were study in this book by the way we've chosen just this week to slow down because there's just so much there. That we just can't go that fast but it says there is nothing how much nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self sufficiency of all sins it is the most hopeless the most incurable why because I don't have a problem you do I've got it all figured out how can you help somebody if they don't know they even need help you go to any meeting whether B A R N A or anything else step number one Hi I'm David Wright and I have a no I don't is that what this is I thought it was someplace else by because I'm prideful I'm self-sufficient I don't need you I don't leave anybody I'm just fine nothing so offensive to God measuring rod number 2 what happens. When you and I behold Christ what happens if not to change us it ought to move us just a little bit shouldn't they be more than even just a little bit about to move us a lot and as I look around this congregation and I need a mirror too I don't see one of us here that really should approach God and say anything else but God have mercy on me a sinner that's where we are that's where you are that's where I am we need God Matthew 5 Verse 3 some of the 1st words Jesus says officially one of his 1st official declarations of the Sermon on the Mount he says blessid are the poor in spirit what the poor in spirit know for there is the kingdom of heaven I think we can read it bless it are those who recognize and since they are spiritually impoverished there is the kingdom of heaven I can bless that person they know they need me here's another quote before we separate here. Christ object lessons again and I love this he talks about how there's nothing even in ourselves that we can surrender ourselves we need God in order to surrender ourselves. And this is a beautiful prayer we can pray Christ ought to lesson 159 jot it down Lord take my heart for I cannot give it so you may resonate with those words I can't give it I've tried to give it and it doesn't seem to work like I want to work Lord you have to do it take my heart for I cannot give it it's the high property is yours and Lord I need you to keep your friend I cannot keep it for the it's God's work from the beginning to the end she continues on save me in spite of myself my weak un-Christ like self that's what we need mold me me Fashion. Raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere God you've got to do this I need you to mold me I need you to fashion I need you to raise me to a holy atmosphere where the ridge current of your love can flow through my soul that's the prayer that we need to pray not this Lord thank you so much I'm not part of this spiritual formation and all these other. Again don't get me wrong but when we're praying prayers like that there's a problem and I imagine the Lord hears those prayers he says yeah you're right they have an issue but you're blind to the fact that you have an issue you're looking down everybody else all the time your pie is you think you're better than them your pride will you don't see you have the blinders on I wish that you would buy from me and so in a moment we're going to do this what we call the foot washing the service of humility and we might have some here that are kind of new to that idea you think you know I understand the bread in the the grape juice the bread symbolizing the pure unleavened bread by the way untainted by sin which is symbolic of yeast in the Bible representing God's or Jesus' life his pure life his works for you and for me and then the grape juice and as we call it wine but it's unfermented wine because it's pure It's the pure blood of Jesus Christ is not tainted with fermentation and so we recognize that we say yes I want Christ experience his life in my life I want his blood to be in my behalf but this foot washing would settle a bell well in John Chapter 13 we have 3 times Jesus telling us to do this here in John 13 verse 14 he says If then your Lord and teacher have washed your feet you also ought to wash one another's feet 1st time. But in case you missed it verse if teen for I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you 2nd time. Verse 16 can do most assuredly I say to you a servant is not greater than his master nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him if you know these things Blessed are you if you do them 3rd. There is something in this service and you used to think that the humiliating part was have to wash somebody else's dirty feet no the humiliating part is to allow somebody else to wash your feet that's the humiliating part all wash everybody's feet all day long but to allow somebody to wash my feet. That's humbling to allow a judge to allow Jesus' life and his blood to cover my life can't I contribute something. You can weigh him out of love but you can't contribute to yourself. There's not one thread of human devising in that robe of righteousness and that's humbling to us we like to think we have something to offer but they're like filthy rags and so we're going to divide up at this time I'm not sure of this text got it right or not you did so we're going to read it for Libyans to 1213 talks about work out your own salvation with fear and trembling this isn't fear that God's not going to be able to to make good on his promise or that he's going to stop making that available to me or that his sacrifice was not good enough it's none of those things it's fear that I know myself it's fear that I know that my promises are like ropes of sand it's fear that I know my own humanness it's fear that I'm going to pull my hand out of the hand of the Savior that's the fear. Because work out your salvation with fear and trembling for it is God who works you see that God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure I like the mark of passages you surrender to God you give yourself to God with fear and with trembling saying God have mercy on me a sinner and God goes to work for it is God who works in you both to will and to do I mean that's the hardest part of the 9 is to change the will is not but God says I'll change even your desires your inclinations what you want what you like your preference now there is a work for us to do but it's all in connection with what God is doing in and through us it's his power it's God at work in you and you just focus on Christ you behold Him and you'll be changed if you going to put your your energy anywhere focus it on Christ on Christ on Christ eat up his words soak it up listen to sermons pray constantly read more snacks throughout the day on his word and let God go to work for you to change your will you want to and what you do and he'll do that he doesn't want to just give us pardon this morning and that's a good thing to walk out of here today saying there's nothing between my soul and my savior that's a good thing he wants to give you that but he also wants to give you power his power to live for him to deliver you out of that pit of sand that you're so tired of and so claim is worse for his God who works in to both will and to do of His good pleasure and so it is my hope this morning that will have a deep distrust of self today and that will be for that will fall and be broken on the rock of Jesus Christ. That will allow him to do what he longs to do in us and he can't do that if we're price will if we bar the door if we think we don't need it but if we say just a very simple prayer. It's not long. Doesn't go on and on. God have mercy on me a sinner. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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