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Marginless Living

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • November 19, 2016
    11:30 AM
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Burnout. Burnout is that a real thing can occur Have you experienced it too much coming too fast all at once no rest for the weary Maybe it's when you're in college maybe with medical school maybe it's the job you're currently in and only go to minister's means often I can see pastors that are experiencing burnout I can relate to that there are times in my ministry I feel burnt out used up consumed and sometimes I'll say things like I'm overly fatigued like no longer function I'm running on fumes and maybe you can relate burnout the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor did something that was new and innovative in their library which is open 247 they have a pile YNAB station 6 vinyl cots and disposable pillow cases and you can only stay for 30 minutes at a time and get that power nap and continue on burnout another T.V. executive from a multibillion dollar corporation said this I just felt no matter what I was doing I was always getting pulled somewhere else it seemed like I was always cheating someone either my company or my family or myself I couldn't truly focus on anything for now some people refer to it in other ways our title for this sermon is margin list living in case you're wondering margin list is not in the dictionary but you get the idea all of us have books and Bibles and those types of things but if you don't have any margin it can be challenging for your eyes it might look something like this if you ever got a letter where they didn't use any margin they used every scrap of that piece of paper to write you something no margin. Margin is defined here the part of a page or see outside the main body of printed or written matter a border or limit and so we all are accustomed to having some type of margin that makes it easy on the eye and friendly and sometimes our lives don't have any margin every single piece of the page is crammed with something marginalist living in this book entitled margin Dr Richard Swensen says this margin lists is fatigue margin is energy margin lists is red ink margin is black ink margin less is furry margin is COM marginalist is anxiety margin is security margin lists is culture margin is counter culture margin this is a disease of the new millennium yet margin is its cure according to Richard Swenson What do you think is there margin in your life or is your life packed so full that when another phone call comes in and you say I don't have another crack to squeeze it into I don't know what I'm going to do and that can lead to stress here in this graph I don't know if you can read all of the ways that stress impacts the mind and behavior emotions and body everything from headaches to be accident prone to being less confident to worrying and the list goes on and on on our body suffers when there's no margin it suffers when we are in a place of burnout and all this driving all of these things that are affecting our body I wonder in fact how many of the things that our doctors are seeing on a day to day regular basis are based on burnout are based on no margin their lives are based on what's behind all of this stress and it comes out in these other ways. Dr Swensen says the symptom is pain the diagnosis is overload the prescription is margin and the prognosis is health how do we make margin in our lives how do we find that balance between staying busy being productive and not taking on too much to our health and our family and our marriage and our relationship with God in our impact in the community all of that can suffer and the devil knows this and so he does everything he can to get us stressed out to be living a marginalist life Charles Swindoll says this in his book intimacy with the Almighty noise and words frenzy hectic schedules dull our senses and you notice that they close our ears to his still small voice and make us numb to his touch HAVE MERCY hectic schedules make us numb to the touch of God business lack of margin Dole our spiritual senses and the problem's not getting any easier to manage you are connected you are available you people have access to you 247 by a multiple variety of mediums someone said to superficiality is the curse of our age our greatest need is not for more intelligent people or more gifted people but for more deep people I believe superficiality is the curse of our age that business crowds out that still small voice and individuals who have a deep spiritual experience that really know God and let him fully transform their lives are very few and far between and the world will never I believe be changed by superficial Christian experiences they're not going to change by people they have a superficial surface experience with God is not going to happen. If you brought your Bibles I want to turn to Revelation chapter 2 where we have the 7 churches and this is the 1st of the 7 churches spoken of here in Revelation Chapter 2 and while you're turning there I'll remind you that ever since represents the 1st 70 years of the church the Greek word epis is itself means desirable and one of the best preserved ancient cities of the Bible is F.S.S. maybe some of you have been there and seen some of the ruins population is thought to be about 15220000 living in it the way they calculate data is they take a look at the stadium and they say that the stadium can hold somewhere between 502-0000 you multiply that by 10 and you have the population of the city there are large mansions on the hillsides and in these mansions archaeologists tell us that they had heated floors hot water pipes running through the floors and the walls and some of these homes were 10000 square feet some or even 20000 square feet and it would homes with the educated and the elite mansion like even palatial type homes and their library had 15000 volumes FS This was a place to be there was a reason the word meant desirable and so we read there in Revelation Chapter 2 verse one to the angel of the Church of F. asis write these things says he who holds the 7 stars in his right hand who walks in the midst of the Soul 7 golden lamp stands verse 2 I know your works your labor your patience that you cannot bear those who are evil and you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not and have found them to be liars the angel says I know your works I know your labor now in Greek labor there is means to labor to extend yourself to the point of exhaustion. Toiled and till worn out he says I know you're labored so the church of epa sis are represented here in evidence work to the point of exhaustion they maintain theological truth but here's the problem in verse 4 Nevertheless I have this against you that you have left your 1st love their love for Christ had cooled and that's a sad commentary when duty overshadows devotion when doing becomes more important then being they were informed but not transformed what they did for Christ had surpassed who they were in Christ their work for Christ become more important in their relationship with Christ business had crowded out what was most essential their 1st love they were on the borders of burnout marginalist living on a look at 2 other examples in the Bible of this idea of business of Burnell one of the Old Testament ones in the new I have been here on the screen for you 1st one found in 1st Kings Chapter 20 and here the prophet is telling a story to a king and he uses a parable to tell that story the king is told by God to take hey dad and it take him captive but actually the King lets him go and so this prophet comes to the king with this illustration to make a point much like Nathan does with King David and we read about it here in verse 39 and says guard this man if he is missing it will be your life while your servant was busy here and there the man disappeared. The next one while your servant was busy here and there the point of this story is very easy and simple to see business causes you to lose something and to lose something very important. Business I'm hurrying I'm going I'm going here I'm going there I'm looking here I'm looking there and I lose the sense of priority and what's most important. And that's what business causes us to do to lose something for my priorities to get mixed up to rob me of my true purpose the other when I look as in the New Testament Luke Chapter 2 you know this story well it says as a return This is after they came for Passover the boy Jesus well years old lingered behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother did not know it they were busy they were making meals preparations they were talking to friends and family they were making sure they had everything and so they continue on but supposing him to have been in the company they went a day's journey and sought him among their relatives and acquaintances have you seen Jesus I thought he was you know he's not been with me I thought he was with you so when they did not find him they returned to Jerusalem seeking him now so was it after 3 days they found him in the temple How would you like that parents you go home from church today Elizabeth did you take Lauren with you know I thought you took Lauren with you always she 3 days later here's Lauren 3 days and they say in the midst of the teachers desire Veda says this by one day's neglect they lost the Savior but it cost them $3.00 days of anxious search to find him there's something in there for us folks in one day we can lose that precious relationship in fact she goes on so with us by idle talk evil speaking or neglect of prayer we may in one day lose the Saviors presence and it may take many days of sorrowful search to find him and regain the peace that has been lost business I don't have time today maybe tomorrow. And we can lose something very valuable when the business of life seems to overwhelm us several things happen we lose our focus the events of the present seem to overwhelm us we lose purpose we fail to see the larger picture also we become physically mentally emotionally exhausted and spiritually drained we say and do things we later regret regret our nerves are on edge or frazzled we speak out in ways that are not normal for us and thirdly we tend to neglect prayer and Bible study and devotional life suffers and we rush through life ministry of healing page 58 says we must individually hear him speaking to our heart in that quiet space on your own individually when every other voice is hushed and the quietness we wait before in the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God Have you heard the voice of God lately or is there been too much commentary too much news too much whatever else amidst the hurrying throng and the strain of life's intense activities does that describe your life he who thus refreshed he who is thus Refresh will be surrounded by an atmosphere of light and peace as in a sound nice so what's the answer in the minutes that remain I want to look very quickly at a practical steps to keep your spiritual life revitalize and renewed 8 things and if you want to take notes great and I would hope that if you try some of these things may be already doing some of these things but if not hopefully by doing these things you can revitalize and renewed your spiritual walk is that not the most important thing I mean we can come here we can learn all kinds of wonderful information and knowledge but if we lose our 1st love which is a clanging cymbal just a noise maker. I think it's fair to say that the battle is won or lost in the morning so here we go 8 practical steps and I want to be practical number one consecrate yourself to God every single morning make that your 1st work in fact even saying then many of you are thinking of this quote one of my favorites from step to Christ page 70 consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very 1st work before you get out of bed before you go to the next room before you shuffle here shuffle there consecrate yourself to God Let your prayer be take me oh Lord is where the memorizing by the by the way take me Lord as holy design I lay all my plans at your feet use me today in your service and I service Abide With Me and let all my work be wrought in the there's so much there I'm laying myself down I'm laying my plans down I'm laying my agenda down and I'm saying Lord I want you to take over I want to be your plan today your agenda today I want you to empower me today to defile what you would have me to do and that's it and then comes the acceptance of the fact that I'm going to do my best in that day and God has promised that he will be faithful great is I faithfulness he will make it happen in the day when needs to happen that's it too often I come home and Elizabeth says How is your day job what happened well I was going to do this and this and this and this and this well did you not do it you know I got called over here and call over here and I had to do this and that now is unexpected this is not expected to do any amount stuff Lord make myself Holy then I lay all my plans at your feet God says your plans were garbage today I'm going to really redo it your agenda was no good your ideas I'm sorry. And so I start to live my life looking for divine appointments looking for his guiding hand looking for how I might want to change my gender and this is the 1st prayer I need to pray this is a daily matter each morning consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all your plans to him to be carried out or given up as his providence shall indicate So before you get out of bed before you start your devotion even it's not a waste of time but rather at the very catalyst that enables me to spend my time wisely because God knows better than I know he's me focused in life and spending time with God will help me be grounded physically mentally emotionally and spiritually will restore me that's number one number 2 use the Bible as subject matter for prayer we've heard often speak to God as to a friend and that's good but it's challenging how you had a long conversation with a friend that doesn't talk how are you today going to take your stylist man you're having a rough day what you want to do later and you can only carry on that conversation for so long so I would say rather than to just simply make it all a one sided conversation use the Bible as subject matter for prayer because I believe God speaks to us through His Word and so take his word and pray it back to him here's a quote that I like our high calling page 130 learn to pray aloud where only God can hear you do you have a place like that and you might say no I got kids run through the house and they're all up early and if I talk out loud they're going to be up even earlier you have a car you go drive any place by yourself turn off the radio don't make phone calls every man in the car but spend some time in prayer learn to pray aloud or only God can hear you pray through the book of Psalms some is a great book to pray through by the way. Some Chapter One Blessed is the man who was not in the Council of the UN galley nor stand in the path of sinners lore I want to be a blessed man today I don't want to walk in the counsel of these ungodly people I want to follow your way I want to delight it says verse 2 in the Love the Lord help me to know what that means to delight in the law your Lord of my Lord of the I could tree planted by the Water Lord I know in this time of drought in this time of spiritual drought I will not survive unless I have a tap root into the creek that's going right by and Lord you have not just planted you have transplanted me by that water so no matter what happens around me I will always have a full supply of your goodness and your grace to empower me. Go through the Psalms praise you want today and pray back to the God and see what happens pistols work well for that to OK we're going to keep going number 3 as you read scripture see with a pencil see with a pencil circle underline write texts in the margin let the Bible be a journal for you if he really touched you in a certain verse on a certain day at a certain time write it in the margin if a word stands out to you circle that word that some people get sophisticated with this with all kinds of colors and all the rest that's fine you do whatever you need to do but even with a pen or a pencil mark it up make it yours make it mean something to you so see with a pencil number 4 you can think of him if that helps you visualisation identification and meditation then means strength or vitality and this works especially well in the Gospels visualisation What do I see here what is going on in this story can I see it identification How do those in the Bible feel. What feelings what emotions are they trying to process at this moment and what would I feel if I were a disciple in the boat if I were the widow and so I'm visualizing the storm all around me I'm visualizing the fear on the disciples face who are fishermen that grew up on the water who are looking at this storm saying this is our last storm we're scared half to death and I'm visualizing looking over at G.'s and he's asleep and we're about to go down how am I feeling I'm feeling overwhelmed I feeling burned out I feel like there's no margin in my life and I look to Jesus and he's asleep and he stands up and what does he say Peace be still and as I visualize and identify then I start to meditate what does this mean to me Jesus IS TELLING ME TO BE STILL AND KNOW that he's in control in the midst of my storm so visualize identify meditate see what the lesson is for you number 5 have a specific reading plan don't generate it at the time that you wake up in the morning. I don't know what I'm going to read today that's not helpful have your Bible properly placed by your bed some people say thought under your bed that you had to get on your knees 1st that's OK but have a readily available and have a plan what am I going to do do I have a reading plan my going to go through the Gospels and I go through desire of a just what am I going to do on a daily basis take some time prayerfully consider what is my plan and then go through that sometimes people ask well how much time do you spend in Bible say how much time you spend in prayer I'm not so much concerned sometimes you get this idea oh if I spend an hour in Bible study I'm more holy than F always spent 30 minutes I'd not so concerned with the time as if you are connecting with God Some mornings it might take you 2 hours to really feel that connection sometimes maybe in 20 minutes he just hit you with something and you say wow but if you don't know where to start I would say start with the Gospel start with his R.V.'s number 6. Summarize the book and chapters within a book now what is this This works great for the epistles of Paul so you might read through the a pistol and you're not going to dissecting as much you want to get the whole read through and you want to identify what is the theme throughout this book and then you might want to summarize each of the chapters of that book so for example Philip Ian's you might say the theme of Libyans is Joy used 27 times of the book Philippians chapter one joy in trials right in your bible joy in trials Chapter 2 joy and humility Chapter 3 joy and surrender chapter for joy in gratitude and so that's another thing that can be done summarize the book in chapters in a book and sometimes you'll see something bigger that emerges that you know is there number 7 repurpose time wasters I spell that right anyway repurpose time wasters maybe you have a commute maybe it's a long commute maybe it's a short commute and instead of grumbling about the traffic and being frustrated at how long this is taking and all the rest repurpose that time say Lord every time I commute into work that's going to be my prayer time I'm going to pray out loud Lord every time on my way to work I'm not gonna listen to the radio and listen to a sermon I listen to the Bible I'm going to try and memorize scripture on a pillow sticky note I'm going to put it there on my you know some place on my dash and I'm going to memorize Well I'm not a memorizer we can just find some small section that will empower you and in huge ways that you can just put on your dash and just one for the whole week every 52 verses a year or 56 anough repurpose. Time wasters a few of my favorite of these are audio verse I don't know if you're familiar with audio verse it's Avonex website with having a sermons from anybody from Mark families to even bore. I don't know you name it there most of them are there and you can go and you can find by Speaker you can find by title you can find by what people are being blessed at the moment and just type in audio verse you can do it on your computer they have apps for your your i Phone your Android and you can find a sermon you can download it in why fi area and you can listen to it and then when you close your app where you get a phone call then you open it back if you want to continue listening yes I do well maybe the speaker talks too slow they just did an update now I can is doing that when I have time or even 2 times fascinating to teach really bad all that I can hear the whole time is valid now you can be done by time you get there but you're feeding on God's word right so if you don't have that app go get it to check it out the other one is scripture type or can't do that one going down the road as much and Pastor hymens talked about that memorizing scripture your standing in line at the post office wherever else you memorizing a verse or reviewing a verse aren't here's what you'll see if you go to audio verse website and speakers and so on. Check it out number 8 develop a small prayer and Bible study group develop a small prayer and Bible study group that meets maybe just an hour a week there are groups that are already formed that you could join if you want to join one of those groups or start your own group I was blessed in high school with 4 individuals at times it was just 3 of us that would get together of my peers and I am trying to memorize it was a Tuesday night and Wednesday night as there is now remember but one night out of every week we would meet there on the campus of them to university we go into Brock hall we spent an hour in Bible study and it was a high point in my week. Sherry challenges prayer requests updates getting into God's word and seeing him speak to us as we really went through and processed these passages powerful and I start to become an accountability group or start to become a group that prays for you when you're in distress and all of these things develop a small prayer and Bible study group Matthew 1128 says Come to me all your labor and heavily laden and I will give you rest friends and were burned out when we're maxed out when we're living a margin in this life the devil wins he wins in our homes he wins in our marriages he wins with our kids he wins in our ministry and in the church he wins but if we can maintain and hang on to that 1st love and make that a priority each and every day and follow some of these maybe not all of them are for you but if you follow one or 2 of these and just pray Lord use this to strengthen my spiritual walk empower me through these simple methods to experience you in a fresh way I believe he will the promise continues take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your soul let's pray your Heavenly Father I pray for the man for the woman for the individual in this church that stressed out that's experiencing burnout fatigue they feel like they're running on fumes Lord I pray that you will help them to carve out time to redistribute some of the time to reallocate it to put into place some of these spiritual disciplines that we may be refreshed. I pray for that person that they will find peace for their souls. Powered to meet the challenges that they are facing. And hope in Jesus Christ. Whose name we pray. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons The Visit W W W audio verse or.


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