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But Deliver Us from Evil Expectations

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries



  • November 8, 2009
    5:00 PM
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the smell of the Zen is entitled but deliver us from evil expectations but deliver us from evil expectations in particular need to opening text this afternoon to second Corinthians chapter three verse seventeen for a second Corinthians chapter three verse seventeen contrary to popular believe freedom is not free benefit at all and he don't believe any desire of parents could lawfully assigned fighting for freedom this am a little boy whose mom is not coming anymore war is a young newlywed who just got a minute and out of the door the high cost of the numbers now all of a sudden if you worry you and see how expensive freedom really is and if we come in the spiritual world is on more expensive for them to be able to follow the dictates of one's own conscience one was continually be fighting for one's freedom for the freedom we experience is really all particular blog and the freedom he gives it to you and me so the look of the high cost the spirit of freedom may remember that I was online and there is he that will find for that is a father 's word is opened and once again we do humbly ask for your Holy Spirit to teach us to guide us to lead us male eyes and ears the opening Jesus name amen what is God 's government based upon the dear all the Lord is that spirit and where are the spirit of the Lord in marriages McCain there is another with awareness Pentagon of their liberty that was what happened there and delinquency allow the whole reason for the character is coming to United States they wanted the freedom to eliminate a bottle that they will avoid having him in the hall on his here in Colorado people will have a very limited he does feel the Holy Spirit in Florida home when man gets in the way Tony Smith cannot report on leave and not doing it because we also are relating the Holy Spirit coming out upon the people whether we ourselves aware that we are angry and being poured out upon another person wherever it is that unwanted hair if you remedy is one thing all we need is living away from morning chores then we need to believe I mean the practice with inbox management and leaving exactly where there is liberty there is a spirit but Satan 's lies about the government of God that it is restricted to be Christian never heard this before and soul this fall often being taught but beloved blogosphere that you his word to do to us now I bike to turn me into Isaiah chapter fifty three University has accepted fifty three verse three policies is seated when he was on this earth as it is the fifty three euros three him we learn that the final ballot in Revelation thirteen recently this morning is on this one at all none of them force you to do what we want you to do that and to all your actions and how to do it and enjoy what you can do what they want to continue right to consult what you do Y X and Haitians minimum into what they wanted to buy what they are all you would see shows us whenever we given the expectations of others the title but deliver us from evil expectations the dog wants to be free below in the bond of them on a dilemma due to expectations of others for even the manipulative onerous person doesn't do what they wanted to do Freeman is lame him on being a people pleaser and on wanting to make anybody happy know anyone like that see below there is something called conviction that something that comes into the Holy Spirit convicts you off give an indication of the Almighty what you need to do the people law and the expectations of what they expected into and therefore reason given to societal pressure of expectations and came up invitational conference of all the people passing us by manipulating us into the third being the last these expectations and the reason why God wants to be free to think so that will rekindle old they all wanted to know what to we would have enough time to do a weblog is really financing the I realize my ministry that I was doing what everyone else want anything to do one thing anyone has been exerted as well it was any law and how they were anyone else expected me to do but I realize and see what everyone else and making everyone happy I know I have not enough time to do what God was meaningfully needed to savings and expectations of the other people didn't insult me the diminishing calling that God has called you to the ability of any kind of too many can do a lot of cognitive enough of them I know we know quality when expectation that the unit is a subtle following expectation people can get you to do what they want to do because they're not happy when you don't fulfill the expectations that much of what happened to Jesus powerful Jesus treated when he was on his and by the way you are preparing yourself today and were determined to log a fan call you be we how you will react in the last days in healing even into expectations in a alive and lastly there will come a time when you will get into the expectations to worship on Sunday but I think that the fifty three versus read about this book in my Jesus he is fine and rejected of men man of sorrows and acquainted with grief I know we were all faces from him he was despised and we have seen him not know why was he lies and rejected by everyone in my question but it is handout here they are one of the you is a defunct testimonies administers a sixty four bit zeros we used to receive Christ why because he did not all in accordance with their expectations that way again see the following deals of this deal is not a problem as he did not know the requirements are oppressors about the beauty expectations of other people and economists he was by limiting a step that is probably what happened here the point that this is here people want to have an expectation that you might be learned by Mohandas for popsicle number two zero did not feel the expectations and we also learned with three different because the people that rejected and despised Jesus because they were not the expectations in the multiple or seasoned experienced sorrow and we because I busy yet easy that was there in the high cost postscript of you below is a Christian and you doesn't hate across the field he paid the ultimate call the cross of Calvary to gain their freedom know what you know something that even though he's a mini miracle is my where will the people even though he had made and that there is not a lot of people leaving on the bottom you might want to trust this will not not the people leaving on the crazy homeless and is not available what people really want is one that anyone is developing on their expectations of what they wanted him to do and what they want to do now is that they want in life and that is aware of anyone imagine a Holy Spirit will exactly how they believe in the Holy Spirit was a move befallen me of the console the work of God and doesn't try to do in that day and she is not a problem to get into things on people wanting to do and because of this below the rejected him but really the reason why Jesus was able to do so much as the is because he had I can do what God called him to do it he was more about getting the expectations of everyone else he will not have enough time to do what God was calling him to subdue over this afternoon God is calling us to be free three money expectations from anyone else in beloved Jesus had done what I was expecting him to do he would become just like the rest of us but history with what is nourishing that he did not live up to expectations you cannot do it people wanted to do even fulfill the expectations of others know what he is doing us all the people going to make contingent in John chapter six John chapter six press fifteen was what happened Johnson is six euros fifty the Bible says here brings you see the day when and take care by how force cause control taken by force to make it to seeing what do you do he departed again into a monster himself alone in her they want immediately when he did not want to fulfill the expectation now how do we react to this the depressing six the reactor this lodging is not within expectations on that time many healthy disciples went back and walked no more with him why did he turn away because you are not doing what they wanted to buy whenever we are called to serve in God 's church we are not to cheer and to others' expectations of a loving and missing dog kennel blast his charts the people in the way hindering the Holy Spirit God is calling us to be faithful to his word know what question did use half concerning Jesus said in John chapter seven was fourteen and fifty John chapter seven verse fourteen and fifty eight on the state is also that their principal and then people including my Village voice within God 's manager of eleven God 's church is not about on the levy men and women called God 's first novel is not sent by God bloody man there can be symbols you see in the minimum all this is going to allow this and that has hindered the court also within the meningitis and we need to be aware of the dangers in this one we looking at it is this evening was a question to the Jews happened sending Jesus to the Bible says here know what the midst of these cheers went up into the temple in half and the Jews marveled saying Honda door this man that terrorists having never while there now that is mean he never learned it now did you never learn anything in his life was that their executives against him about that you cannot get inspiration since your these outrageous politicization of referring to specific text if I was going all wondered at his knowledge of the law and the policies and the question someone to another all this man letters having never learned why because of this novel was a regarded as club by to be a religious teacher of the kids need in the rabbinical schools are denominational schools and listen to this and both Jesus and John the Baptist had been represented as one day because they cannot receive this form of training bulletin board word to call the train as it had NG all anger envy love and then when the creature is called a victory at all angry and was elated when the law even the why and that upon the Lindsay will look upon Jesus as being human and dog related because they do not receive him on medication right in in in in in the green in an elimination you after the webinar leaving he may not have the qualifications and ought to be handled to teach the word of God is a thing could Jesus have just gone to rabbinical schools just acquired the expectations of the people couldn't win other wetland region as she was at this point again ranges then they went he wasn't being anymore and all the qualification agreed and everything we need to be menace of the gospel not a question for you this afternoon if Jesus was here today would he be alone to teach in one of our institutions could he teach in one of our institutions has another question if you are a time for one of institutions because of it we go back on whatever will you allow Jesus to teach it one of our institutions and could you teach allow him to teach in one of our institutions the question has to tonight my last question here is you all I will don upon people because they don't have a formal education a prestigious position on that is behind their name 's a very good question I really look upon people and I can honestly say there's a time and one relationship I had what she was not educated not use that against her and Jesus all the time of Mister so-and-so education doing he was not all repression by society on the prestige really involved in all charts today the question asked to I think is a little question that we need to the cells you see below blogosphere news charts and call it treason of all believers and you do not need a theology degree in art and she is on the face but whether God the man all you need is the word of God and the power of the Holy Ghost ninety nine and we mail the application we going to breach romanticism on all and we hinder the Holy Spirit because we not all the same you can only work on blogging you can only love of God because he had the qualification is kind and degree Virginia not to be a qualified news of the gospel is all you people don't have the qualifications you are totally cut off and bought me the name and username in maybe I can really talk about the main enemy of the map using the people who don't have the qualifications and easier two thousand nine when the weekend when we hinder the moving of the Holy Spirit earlier today we were so higher education and degrees have allowed back on two alternative is a good question staff ourselves and what happened to Jesus family when you want to see in the domestic ethics law was forty six is looking on a study and expectations message up its fall verse twenty six fatty chapter twelve is forty six to fifty when Jesus what do you do when his mother and his blood doesn't want to see him about this here about with this while he yet talked to the people behold his mother and his brethren stood without desiring to speak with him this is once again behold my mother and thy brethren stand without desiring to speak with the underlings and residents in the Anatolian corps is my mother and who on my brother and his thought content on the disciples and said behold my mother and my brother was sent to the will of my father which is in heaven the same as my brother and sister and mother ECG is always good with his father before the expectations of even his own found right get a job in the quotation again to the next location the family relations efficiency of the Jews the Jews refuse received Christ because he did not come in accordance with our expectations but my expectations the ideas of finite men were held with intolerable because are a really actually the school one one call before him it is about as long as you will when exalted and glorified him as a nation and now we had to exit the expectations were not realized they refused to receive him as the Redeemer e-mail initial disciples were becoming impatient he did not assume temporal authority and his relatives were ones that were disappointed in him and what rejected his own army rejected him because he did not fulfill the expectations for what they wanted him to do and a fourteen below there are many young people today global dimming the expectations of others and even carried live on thinking unknown constants the only friends I had that call me that he felt pressure to go into a certain profession because of the family are leaving Northumberland Louisiana North America is another example you raising your hand why because they want to fulfill the expectation of the Fermi paradox yes your thought out parents were the same time this is a common ability would God be with you to find out on him what is now lifelong commitment to God is calling us to not even as a cause for any single one of us as a friend that I had met the medical medical school anyone not the institution that I feel called to be a physician paper to being said there is more power to you is not how to assemble all about twenty five percent of the people graduate every year on this medical institution but then don't want to be a physician even one of the hundred day before the video here ethanol almost twenty people the reason why is a delusion everything I hear that do not want to be a permission and all the people who are honest with themselves and a nasty filthy ceilings on that is really what I want to win maybe I really don't like this one I want to do it with my but maybe in the US only times on the family and a friend and maybe this is what God is calling me to do the rest of my life and another where I need this evening all you and the profession when educational track simply because you fulfilling your values expectations but you always know where the logging where God wants you to be missing unprecedented but this is what I want to be no other reason why they want to kill Jesus said to John Chapter 11 verse fifty John Chapter 11 verse fifty is it Miller considered that it is expedient for you on that will serve all the people and that the whole nation perish not know what it is one person is in thy name Jesus Christ that we lose the whole system is that United windows of the week of the regard to the system and airport with everything that is one person in Jesus Christ you believe in the system in this incident happened on its addition to become infallible deals where submitted assistant monitors that they killed him and he got up at once and I knew the whole system no one anything when Jesus see the reason why dependencies was because he had great influence over the people as long as influential money belongs no one really knew along and measure with one out on loan there was not some concern but it's still in the ministry got great and he was doing and was among the people named a new bidding the convention committee to court here and the fifth one is first and says that Julie Hughes received Christ because he did not come in accordance with our expectations the idea of the finest men were held as infallible because harmony age this is the danger with the church is now exposed visited this that the inventions of men show more how the precise way for the Holy Spirit to come out a man racing is now facing the bigger picture the data were not certainly the same way the same what do you look on the same wing and is aware of nothing when you want to maintain that in the same danger on web interfaces in the last pain that we show more how the five way with the Holy Spirit to move in only will this way or not that way when everything is all dignified and ninety five Watson refused to listen to you and how things of the BU long time we will continually hinder the work in the power of the Holy Ghost when I first saw the diminishing not as we blessing the literature they went to the tomb conference presidents wanted to shut down at so few members they just want to do away with it when I went there is for people half of people I met with it had two churches in the back and looked indestructible on what you send me hear no end and the people unavoidably able to pass whatever you want we went to a so we did he is not a bad little I got up that they will not insurance start enjoying another five to ten people who are in it I get enough voice to report that you think will blessing and investing until delete is there life that don't want people coming in a new losing control over the church Porsche something in the something called the chart I made sure I never heard of that before and this is a terminology does not say too much with the laypeople isn't enough passes we talk all the time about paychecks make your missile I conflict his people I had gone in and in and of the major times between us and so I finally went to this meeting the seminar passes in any union and aware there and it's shocking that there was a second get involved page I can make your dinner likely alternate general conference so I went in December ninth two thousand and ten and listening he says whenever you do the past don't ever go again the page on the nature of the church don't ever go against the not renew my situation I have already gone against his leg it's only been a single again his page out of the naked eye so looking a little hole I went up to him later on that I had already gone against the page image I want my only whole and anything to me you only hold existing sloth to conference president not realizing that this regulatory call the top evening on my left side says it all working against me that I violence in describing a panel of developers in the prison in Hawaii conference blogging in a accident is very good very good relationship very good on very tight and close at him I almost as soon as I'm an aspiring leadership the visible the learner necessary to buy his own he lives his life so here am I telling life I probably done this what can I do I went back to my children also this car is also depressed I was ready to give it up what hope is there it within a voice that came to me means by me within my heart snapped me out of my depression I was going in my discouragement any gaming is worth cool idea is uncircumcised enough that he should be fired on usability you will live anything but I will visit subordinating and I checked the living God will not be afraid who lately that signified by an insurance in the lesion is automating the afraid but glutamate in July young in passing that when I went for an advisory middle class Americans to fight the battle is on eBay is working out on calls will call you when I went to their kind within the premier figure time to get me fired anyway by protecting me have you seen the time and God bless Thatcher take on his left that church and the church is packed as I was that people sit outside the last letter the church over the shutdown below and hear nothing and nothing to do with me as although I know not will window people who were controlling the work of God was allowed to be taken out of the way the Holy Spirit was allowed to move in liberty among God 's people he made a electricity and I'm not talking to fellow pass is actually called adenosine Eileen is a vicious invisible starting with the page I can make it on their character I can go to any church and I can tell you exactly when they can think of these charts banking on a town you see what you are is a reference and using fear tactics and power occupants will anyone else that you know what I thought don't give that person that you must want in on your side Internet before and on what the charset 's reasonable control in these last days of the continent is going to fail to this article is gone on maturity Julie Elizabeth who is not resting on thing is free to anyone these anonymous appearances always don't charge is on his Islam and seventy one because we do not make any way you see a clear picture of this this evening your mind will bring a little bit to see the dangers of changing how we can construct vessel what do you want us to be free for the spirit alive there is freedom worth the very thought Holy Spirit living within them anyway these seventy moments at the pharmacy moment when Jesus died for us who missed the fiber thing Bible says that God commanded his love toward us in that while we were in the wine sinners Christ died for it was Friday night but I love is leaving no week there will feel the inequities is for him involving me be revealed it is easy on the morning that the law and because you are the reason of any return and then we will so on I vacation in July and has one ninety nine when he allow anyone on the new home of the county I think I was when we found a meeting in equities and one that is not how the Lord works in a you have to fulfill an expectation the more the respect you how does the definition of the job you want people to talk to you setting the dream he'd like there were even talk to you sometime but well there's my expectation to do what they want to do that is not the government already is free busy a man had done to ensure that freedom and Indian Jack to bringing you are still as fine and everything is not meeting his expectations the God we serve and whenever someone slid in the heart of God Satan and then we is awesome on expectations he had the expectation of you making a lot of money expectation that everything is the expectation of having a nice car problem looking in Justin God having to be someone you are not using for anyone else to fill everyone's expectations Enoch seen as a family within even dogs are today do not people trust us in the way leaving the I will be using the cutoff is amazing the people who have to accept them and they can donate an additional mother people didn't even know such a way as an honorable result in an attempt recently Christine gets whatever may be disreputable and occasional other people can look up to them doing the same in the world of expectations here I suggest we do this evening on me we not sad to see there was so busy chasing these expectations then got no time for God no time for families for two hundred keeping up with the Joneses I can live the American dream that is really what it is his own intrigues you never cheated by not fulfill people 's expectations are I know you think of obviously got his first available but I thought since my heart and I didn't give a recommendation in my home I just assumed on making people happy making him available one way that my recommendation am I my job and it's going here and make you want to make other people happy is what they might individually targeted to know what I need to do all my God is a good question I think we need South Australia Senegal because you activate whereof shall and will call you will react in the last days I can guarantee it Jesus Friedrich of the moment he came into this world he was fighting for freedom in this freedom that revealed a clear picture of who God is and the government he founded upon the cost accounting the symbol of the price as for his freedom loving I want to be free how much I don't believe in the freedom front of the sleeve in a bondage of people 's expectations this past year in this is been a hot issue in my pastor experienced it I was determined that I will live up to it and never need to do is administer the mark looked on England and into what God is calling me to do in spite of what happened in only the very high cost of freedom and loving what you case you never want to go back and beloved hobby people here that our sleeves to others tonight that you want to be free meaning he go back home and pray about where is it tenuously which is caused to be free they should be free indeed nothing that anyone be free deceiving but as intimacy enhancing the that is obviously that is a father we thank you for the freedom and Jesus Christ we thank you for that liberty give that we don't have to live up to the expectations of others method one here we thank you for the time spent together we thank you for your precious Word and Holy Spirit in Jesus name a


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