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Treasure in Heaven

David Shin


David Shin

Pastor, Hillside O'Malley Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Anchorage, AK



  • March 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for this beautiful Sabbath that you've given to us this opportunity that we have to come apart from the cares of this life and to worship you in spirit and in truth we pray that you would speak to us this morning for we ask these things in Jesus' name amen. Imagine if you could take $3000.00 and turn it into $1000000.00. In Debt be nice. Well according to an economist this would have been possible if you had invested $1000.00 in each in just 3 companies back in the $1980.00 US Apple Microsoft and M. in T. bank you would be a millionaire today now the trouble is I probably would invested in Black Berry or something like that but. That's according to Standard and Poor's how words silver Blatt who count Q lated as follows using the data through the end of 2016 so here you says if you put a $1000.00 an apple in 1980 you would have $228000.00 at the end of 2016 if you had put a $1000.00 in Microsoft in 1907 you would have roughly half a $1000000.00 at the end of $2016.00 and if you put $1000.00 in M. and T. Bank in 1980 you would have about $640000.00 he added all together that's about a $1000000.00 right there so we are talking about investments today and did you know that Jesus gave investment advice in the Sermon on the mound we read it for our scripture reading in our children story as well in so here it is in Matthew chapter 6 1st 19 Jesus says Do not lay up for yourselves treasure on earth we are mom and Eros destroy and we're thieves break in and steal So Jesus is saying where not to invest our money. He said don't invest in treasure where Martha can destroy it I did a little investigating in this suit right here is a Desmond Marion supreme suit I didn't even know this suit existed until a little bit of research is out of my social economic bracket it's made by one of the most renowned tailors in London this fine hand tailored suit comes in nearly at are you ready $50000.00. Some people just invest in suits guest. 50 I won't tell you how much my suits are. They got mine on e-bay. No shame all right you. Got to do what you got to do $50000.00 I wonder what it feels like I was at Loma Linda a few weeks ago doing some intensives and some of these doctors were talking about trying on these suits and he said it just like drapes over you certain way well better for $50000.00. I don't care how much you spend over time moths are going to get to it as though Jesus is saying don't invest in suits mots are going to destroy it and then the next one this is a far Ari laugh I didn't know this existed it has a dry weight of less than 2800 pounds and according to this this dragon like performance car exhilarates from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds and prance up to $124.00 mph in 7 seconds and has a max speed of 217 miles per hour $1400000.00 I don't care how much you invest in this car. Over time. Russ will destroy Jesus giving sound investment advice a man back in the 1st century Matthew chapter 6 and so you say oh it's not going to be cloth because mottled destroyed it's not going to be metal because rust will destroy it I'm going to invest in something like diamonds here it is this $76.00 carat 400 year old Archduke Joseph diamond set a world record for the price per cared for a colorless diamond when in 2012 it sold for $21.00 and a half $1000000.00 It's an expensive rock. And I have a picture on the screen this is the and torp diamond center in Brussels. And it has a remarkable security system it has a lock with 100000000 possible combinations in the vault is located 2 stories underneath this building they have infrared heat detectors a seismic sensor a Doppler radar a magnetic field and a private security force and yet with all of this security back in 2013 there was something called the heist of the century when a group of sophisticated burglars through stole an estimation of one $100000000.00 worth of loose diamonds out of this facility they never retrieve the diamonds. Jesus said don't invest in cloth mop will destroy it don't invest in metal rust will destroy it and even if those things get don't get to a Jesus said He. Will get in there that's what Jesus saying Matthew chapter 6 verse $1000.00 Jesus is giving financial investment advice do not lay out for yourselves treasure on earth where modern Ross destroy and where thieves break in and steal and then he says where we should put the money but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where neither mot nor rust destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there your heart be all cell Jesus tells us where not to put it and tells us we're to put it. Treasure in heaven now what is that exactly how do you store up treasure in heaven now there's a couple parables a Jesus told them of the treasure hidden a feel and then that individual cells all that he has and buys that field there is the there is the parable of the Pearl of Great Price similar theme the individual goes and sells all that he has and and by is that Pearl and we know this text John chapter 3 verse 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus read beaned us and 1st Peter chapter one verse 18 in 1000 just a few techs here for you know that it was not with the pair Schauble things such as silver or gold that you were we deem from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers but with the precious blood of Christ a lamb without blemish or defect and accepted to verse 28 he bought us with his own blood you are bought at a price and they sang a new song you are worthy to take the scroll and to open it seals because you were slain and with your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation in 2nd testimonies to 461 soul saved to live throughout the ages of eternity to praise God and the lamb is of more value than millions in money wealth sinks into insignificance when compared with the worst of souls for whom Christ died so what does Heaven treasure. It's you people sold. The person sitting next to you is an entity that is of priceless worth in the eyes of God. You are Heaven's treasure and. The Bible says that Jesus seen over you in rejoicing that's how God feels about you now this is my annual sermon on stewardship if you haven't guessed by now every year I preach on the word of prayer ministry and stewardship because I think this is important for us to recognize now I want to be very clear from the beginning the Lord doesn't need our money says I own a candle in 1000 ills if I were hungry I would not tell you. Part of the partnership of stewardship is that God wants us to have a share in His Kingdom because when we get to heaven suddenly all of the investments that we made this side of heaven are going to just evaporate in a moment everything and God I believe part of the role of stewardship is that we can have a share in His Kingdom when He comes in so how do I invest in heaven stock and here it is a Malakai chapter 3 verse 10 bring the whole time I then to the storehouse that there may be food in my house time is not just an Old Testament principle it went into the New Testament it's implied in the book of Acts and tie that Eve a 10th of the increase. Time goes to support the World Church in ministry now the 7th they have minister to is structured differently than our Congregational churches in that when you give your time I've none of it stays here at the local church did you know that none of it. It gets channeled up to the conference and then a percentage goes on to the union and then to the General Conference which includes our North American division and it's spread all over the world and as imperfect as this institution is. It's been very effective in having a global ministry and global outreach are tied does not stay here I know there are some churches that wish there tied would. But this is a part of God's plan to take the Gospel to the world so I'm not preaching from my salary here who is supporting. If this church were do not give tide next month or for the next entire year that does not in you know have any effect on my salary and furthermore the pastor of the O'Malley church gets the same amount as the pastor of the Loma Linda church. Believe it or not all right and the pastor at Nome gets the same as the pastor of O'Malley that this is the way that our system is is structured I know some Congregational churches where the pastor has to be by vocational in order to be able to sustain himself because all of the tide stays local So when you have your tie it gets spread all over the world it doesn't stay here and it goes for gospel ministry now tied specifically is for the further end of the gospel now the question is. How does the local church keep its lights on and this really only comes from a local church budget and that is a miracle when you think about this this whole enterprise that we call church is is based on the good will and the Free Will offerings and ties of the local congregation so your local church budget which is offering today goes to pay for the lights helps with things like making sure that we have heat. Our plowing in the driveway and materials for Sabbath school the children's divisions any programs that we put in our in our church program comes from local church and this is above and beyond hive this is a miracle of grace that this enterprise has been able to move forward as it is and local church budget also make sure that we are able to fulfill the mission of reaching out to our community here in Anchorage. The gentleman on the left. On your left his name is Carlo and you notice that one of his sleeves are rolled up he's an Haitian and he he lost his arm at a very early age and he came to Michigan State University when I was pasturing there before I came here and he he is a trumpet player phenomenal trumpet player right now he's doing graduate work at Penn State and it's just remarkable trumpet player and when you hear his story he had such raw talent that a big name trumpeter that I'm not familiar with but looked at him and said look I'm going to sponsor your education and so just pluck plucked out of Haiti and then M. ended up in Amis you and through our local church budget we were able to fund Carlo to go to a vandalism training program much like the one that Tony's going to and Carlo came back to our church and just was on fire for the Lord Jesus one to share his faith and so we came alongside him and and mentored him along and he started to do ministry in the music department and I think I told that story before this is this is Anthony who he gave Bible studies to the son of a Baptist preacher and he accepted excepted the message and became baptized and then he was a star in the jazz program in. Dropped out of that program and is now in his senior year at Southern Methodist University. Preparing to be a pastor remarkable remarkable and then Corey on the far right was also in the program and she was a guitarist in in a band here and she started coming to church was baptized and now she's a she's a pastor's wife in the Michigan conference I just can't believe it it's remarkable I was married last year and this is a local evangelism I was made possible because of of the giving locally of offerings and and made made the local mission possible and so this gives us a little bit of understanding as to how this our church structure works and next time I do this presentation off to put a time then we'll open there and maybe do a little Tori because that can be confusing sometimes but anyway next time when we invest in heaven what is God's promise because when when you're thinking like oh wow Tai this 10 percent and then above and beyond that church budget and that doesn't include like Mission offerings you like how does this work I mean I can't make it with the income that I have and here is the promise found in Malakai we're familiar with this is bring the whole time into the storehouse that there may be food in my house test me in this says the Lord Almighty and see if I will not throw open the flood gates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it so here's the partnership that God is talking about. If you invest in heaven I promise and look at this this is an open invitation he said test me prove me in this and I will open the flood gates of heaven and pour out such a blessing that you won't be able to receive it this is the promise that God makes when we step out in faith in stewardship. There is a story of a man that was. Absolutely on the brink of. What you call it when you're when you're extremely high grade extremely D. hydrated and he came to this pump and next to the pump there was a jug of water there was a jug of water and this note and notice what it said there is just another water in this jug to prime the pump but not if you drink some of it 1st Wow this well has never gone dry even in the worst times pour the water in the top of the pump and pump the handle quickly after you have had a drink refilled this jug for the next man who comes along that takes space. There'd be hydrated you got this cup and you can drink it but you have to by faith pour it to prime the pump and believe that there will be more than enough water to meet your needs. In a similar way is the way that stewardship works and I have a book in my library except 2 volumes of this it's over and over again and if you want I can lend you my copy of the church may have a few copies around and I just plucked a few stories straight from it it's individuals that have stepped down in faith in stewardship and the Lord has blessed and this is a just story after story after story of individuals that have been blessed this is. He's the pastor of the pioneer more of the church in Berrien Springs Michigan he's been there almost 30 years and he tells a story of how when he was pasturing in Salem Oregon. He had 0 in his checking account and realized that he had written one more check than he had money for so he noticed that there was $1.00 check that hadn't been cashed it was to dry cleaners and so he rushed off to the dry cleaners and asked about the check in the individual said hey when had you written in and told him the date and then the owner thought for a moment and said oh you know what happened. We got robbed and your check is gone and White said Well. I can write you another one. Knowing that a private balance and it's all right you another one and the owner said don't worry about it because insurance covered it all considerate on the dry cleaners and he comments in that book he said God had used a robbery at the dry cleaners to keep us solvent. Anyway that's quite not me but this is a Larry licked and Walter he was my senior pastor now he's a professor of theology at MENA Middle Eastern University and he says the same thing he had one dollar in their checking account and $0.00 in their savings and 4 hungry boys and Adventists education to pay for the church had a building project and the family wanted to do something they wanted to give and there was an old violin that was under his wife's bed that they wanted to sell and they thought that maybe worth a couple $1000.00 and they made a covenant with God and said Lord we want to give half of the proceeds from this violin to you and the other half we have to pay the bills but we'll give you half and so they took this old violin dusted it off and took it for an appraisal and it was worth $45000.00 so they gave $22000.00 to the building project and they were able to use the rest to meet their needs. Jim Kelly and Jim Gilly he me of how when he was a student at Andrews University he wrote his monthly ties check and it came to $76.50 leaving him with $10.00 to his name and it would be a whole other month before he would receive any more money and he tells the account have how he was still tempted to just delay that. Check but he gave it and he believed the promise of Malecon chapter 3 verse 10 to put God 1st and he said that very day he received a letter in the mail. And the letter was a check that the letter had a check that was included from a friend that owed him money and the amount was $76.50 amazing amazing I could go on and on this is from the Hamblin company Re Hamblin started his own business in Michigan and he was working long hours to get his business going he was working 18 hours a day and suddenly a pastor asked him to hold a Bible seminar and he said I can't do this in my business but decided look I'm going to invest in heaven and he said his business began to take off even though he was working less hours stewardship I can't explain it but it works it works. It works for businesses this is from B. and H. I I have a hobby of photography and I've bought from this company B N H photo in New York and the owners started in a small mom and pop shop in New York City and they made a commitment to keep the store closed on Sabbath I wanted to double check if they still do this so I went to their website this morning and this is what I found I took a screenshot of it there it is. Checkout will be available at 7 15 pm Eastern time Saturday night while and then I cut out the bottom of it but it said thank you for allowing us to keep the Shabat there it is look I mean this is amazing this is on their website this is on their website they still do this be an age photo is today the world's largest retailer of imaging products serving over $5000.00 customers a day with over 1500 employees and they are closed on theb with I can't explain this I don't understand it but. 90 percent with God is more than 100 percent without him takes faith he was 11 says faith is believing that God is that God exists do you believe that God exists do you believe that he's real he says Partner with me he says prove me in this and what I tell individuals. Especially when we're going through this whole process of Bible studies and so forth and we get to stewardship and they tell me Pastor I I don't know how I'm going to do this I'm not making it with 100 percent how in the world am I going to make it with stewardship and I tell him Look try it that's what the Bible says Prove me try it look you're not making it with 100 percent. God says he's going to help you in this process and take baby steps in the direction. I can't explain it but the Lord backs this promise Proverbs chapter 3 verse $27.00 on of the Lord from your wealth and from the 1st of all your produce so your barns will be filled with plenty if you other techs give and they will be given to you they will pour into your lap a good measure pressed down shaken together and running over for by the standard of measure it will be measured to you in return and some Chapter 37 verse 15 says I was young and now I am old yet I have never seen the righteous for saken nor their children begging for bread once again Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6 was $20.21 but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven where neither Mothman or rust destroy and where thieves do not break in and steal for where your treasure is there will your heart be also Wow. Do you realize that right now when you invest in tides and offerings because it is an investment that you are able to convert your dollars into souls you know that it's the exchange program is still open where you can convert your dollars into souls because when you give up your ties and offerings it is going for gospel ministry and it will be people in the kingdom in heaven because of your investment that he fixed. God doesn't need our money but he wants us to share in that gift is a story told of a man. That had a dream he was walking in this dark path and in the dream he was told to scoop some rocks and place them in his pocket and the voice told him go back to your home take a look at the rocks and you'll be very happy and you'll be very sad so he scooped the rocks put them in his pocket came back to his home and looked at it under the light and they were tired. And then he understood the meaning of voice he was happy because he was rich but if you understood the real value of those rocks he would have taken more right brought a wheelbarrow or something. And there's going to be just a whole opening of a new reality of of value when Jesus comes and it's starting to sink in I'm in heaven I'm actually in heaven I mean to start all the real I'm actually here this is empty but I think there's going to be another realisation too is. I wish I would have invested more because you imagine Carlo doorway. The trumpet player when he meets Anthony Burrell on the streets of gold and throughout eternity Carlo will have the joy of seeing Anthony in heaven for ever I mean how do you quantify that the Lord doesn't need our money he wants us to experience the joy. Of an investment in eternity that will go on for ever and ever and ever want to close with this quotation review and herald March $25880.00 here is a work for every one of us to do never did I see and sense the value of souls as I do at the present time how can we realize the importance of the work of salvation in comparison with the value of the soul everything else sinks into insignificance this world and its treasures this life and its happiness are of little consequence when we compare them with the joy of even one soul eternally saved until we have clear and distinct ideas of what that soul will enjoy when saved in the kingdom of glory until we can fully comprehend the value of that life which measures with the life of God until we can fully realize the riches of that reward which is laid up for those who overcome and gain the victory we cannot know the in estimable value of the soul if I had a 1000 lives I would devote them all to the service of the Lord let us consider dear friends what joy unspeakable will fill our hearts in the day of God If as we gather around the Great White Throne we shall see souls say through our instrumentality with the crown of immortal glory upon their brows how shall we feel as we look upon that company and we see one soul saved through our agency who has saved others and still others a large assembly brought into the haven of rest as result the. Altar of our labors there to lay their crowns at Jesus' feet and to praise him with immortal tongues throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Wow. Let's invest a man let's invest let's pray. Oh Father in Heaven Lord we think you for the privilege of partnering with you for the salvation of souls we think you that we can invest in heaven that we can store up treasure in heaven though we recognize that we need take care of our physical needs here on Earth. We recognize that many times we are more limited in means. Unable to take care of our basic needs we thank you for the promise of Malikai chapter 3 that you will partner with us and pour out a blessing and we will not have room enough to receive it we thank you for this promise we thank you that you are God. We pray that you would bless us as we labor cold labor with you for the salvation of souls for me as he sings in Jesus' name. 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