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How to Give a Bible Study on - The Word of God

Eric Turner



  • November 13, 2009
    7:00 PM
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why doesn't John Dallas versus Ellis Island off the story I once has anyone in your heart out behind Ali Janet well you said is a story of Mohammed Ali any slide on an airplane right so they say we know the cruising altitude of thirty thousand seat of whatever it is and now they run into some moderate turbulence now anybody who's been on a plane you know that mild turbulence is anything but mild and moderate turbulence inside of the codeword for you don't you believe in God you might want to separate them at this time is for it whenever it is up to moderate turbulence and what you think what light came on you have to fasten your seatbelts so Jan was quite scared so they fasten their seatbelts and everyone complied except Mister Ali so the stewardess went on to Mohammed Ali is designed on sir would you please book your seat now is that Superman don't need no single and bless her heart seen in a mess of being indecisive a man who don't need no airplane either of them obviously thought and it is only because this is almost the Superman task that we had before assuming we have two weekends to get to fourteen Bible studies really called upon the booking for reason is the incense Antoni fiesta it was an you get these Bible studies marketing Bible you won't regret it these things have changed my life and now I didn't have a powerful experience I also went to let story because because we have so much for joining wanted it to and seems on the faces and hear I know there's a wealth of biblical knowledge in here so so sometimes we would weed me what you want to add a little better Therese Hannah Seo revealed in this way and you know we we appreciate the info but we just need to keep going Herne and I saw announcements that make sense to me was no apparent questions if you have questions with his open of the two to clarify what is this presented a NASA must get off I'm too many tangents okay soon enough we deliver study and amenities is a very simplistic way because the Bible study is not just for us to to understand but unable to get to you so you continue to do someone else okay so under study we should all have one of the Internet sort of uneasy that I wrote WG vigilante studies when I tried to put a letter to letter abbreviations so when you market Bible in the side column write WG and in your notes for each of these verses that were not cover me before I give about the study I was terrified man sounds like just tell me what I need to say to write those notes in my Bible and read them often exempted and I hate it that's what I did the first study in the woman on any evening they don't know enough to do an off and he is guilty and you can these embrace eyes and people elements of this will have the deeds of verses marked down the military market okay now under purpose I just read this also must be conducted so the purpose of the word of God study is to demonstrate that the Bible is trustworthy to demonstrate that the Bible is trustworthy and you shall think Christianity is reasonable credible and inventing and indeed sent from God to demonstrate that the Bible is trustworthy and to show that Christianity is reasonable credible and indeed sent from God and a cigarette each of these studies we want to center upon a person is of Jesus Christ rights of each of these we want to center my Jesus Christ Center arena right the Bible is the clearest revelation of God it is ultimately given to draw his children into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ the Bible is the clearest revelation of God and is ultimately given to draw his children into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is anybody here either those of you the last wonderful book I hope purpose to demonstrate that the Bible is trustworthy and to show that Christianity is reasonable credible and indecent from God Senate the Bible is the clearest revelation of God and is ultimately given to his children and is ultimately given to draw his children into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ okay and I like things to be easy to remember right but always crazy mnemonics on the next unit L Hernandez on myself I like to try things out again with the same letters like that so we all started this with the same letter to the claims contact the consistency very easy way to approach this and this is quite shocking to me why the Bible right one of the Quran why not in the other holy book is the reason that that that we should trust the Bible is it any different than any other one unfortunately the claims of the Bible makes me want to open our Bibles to second Timothy chapter three second Timothy Mehdi Mark Luke John acts Romans and the Corinthians in the yes glaciers Ephesians Philippians Boston's general electric power company for go eat popcorn right the new competencies action and do something about the C-section is anyone noticed anywhere their alphabetical order yeah right ways remember this Sunday is when you study with someone at the lighting idea about the Bible is a good way then me sometimes anyone open and they just don't even know where to go see one a new high densities different books thrown on the second sympathy chapter three grab the mic here I like to be interactive solid calling to me that the reader that okay I'll take that as a yes the buses as we wanted him to do similarly second Timothy three fifteen to seventeen for a dilemma but I want my necessary here I just and in my and all is in a in a early in her and he and all that thank you it's easy in the okay Seattle All-Star there were six is really lower after here for the claim but it is simply walking each of the verses in a way that I like doing is to ask this very simple questions that can be answered from the tax okay very simple questions you guys what is the purpose of my models of the sacred writings and thinkers as Scripture what is the purpose of Scripture also according to the testimonies of verse fifteen what is the purpose of Scripture verse fifteen concerning reflecting the pharmacist after making why continue with them yeah anyways done is a digested as if there is a discipline mentally does this lead to something else means of salvation through the Jesus Christ so right away the very first scene takes him into Robert 's using the topic of salvation writer that ultimately will be studies are going for two brings them into a saving relationship with Christ so when you're not so you can decide very simple you can answer the question what is the purpose of Scripture give you wisdom to do lead to salvation through Jesus Christ okay cover sixteen is that Scripture is inspired by God Scripture is inspired by God all Scripture sometimes because we were so well-versed in the Bible we jump by passing things but we need to realize how big of a claim this makes it says that all Scripture mine says is inspired by God is a rather different different reading their editing other inspired breathe so many I like this one degree to see Yahoo sells you present a Hebrew Hebrew verb grievant be relied on I like to hear what does it they sound like what you're saying like a breath of life this is a directly word on the munificence of any of shares his referral knowledge that me think about this says all Scripture is God me meeting got actually saw this book into existence so right away of all the millions of books that are out there the Bible is putting itself I don't have formulas only handful other books so on throughout the study were trying to show that you know the Bible the only thing is in a category all its own is making a claim is not just a book is actually aspire by God okay John Reese inspired by God and again we want right away when start making this contrast that know the Bible is something different if it is anything it's in its own category here ever seventeen says all Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching for reproof for correction for training in righteousness so that the man of God might be a quick for every good work so there's a sense of completeness here the Bible is not just someone that you know they got spoken to exist and what is actually given to complete us in making perfect for every good work disclosure that okay so now I'll tell you now run the transition glad right down transition like I said I wanted a people tell me know exactly what the same anonymous by the study so choose the transition easy to say that you know what this is a huge claim at all making that the Bible is actually no inspired by God so let's see what the Bible writers and say about this okay this is a huge claim that Paul is making let's see what some other Bible writers had to say about this is its leaders are able to keep up Doctor notes down I don't think that's long enough I get I get very excited about this stuff and I can just I can get going okay so there's a transition will go to second Peter chapter one second Peter we want to turn to the right in our Bibles second Peter him to him and to one of the rebirth of nineteen to twenty one twenty one help us out with FRS was strong voice on also made it out on people in second Peter chapter one nineteen through twenty one and we are in your will and are in her above all and will and are and then a guy in there is as okay is that we have something that is made more sure what made more sooner anyone is in a voice that province right mindset the prophetic word cited in the prophetic board meeting for sure more so than what does anyone know he's referring to money what is a talking muffin versus sixteen eighteen does anyone know what that exactly the Chase regulation right unless is that the Democratic Army starting the sixteenth for we did not follow cleverly devised tales we make known to the power the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty for he received honor and glory from God the father sent in hundreds of this was made to him by the majestic glory this is my beloved son well-placed and we ourselves from this utterance made from heaven when we were working on the holy mountain side I wanted to realize the power what would Peter saying here that he was Jesus and the Transfiguration in Salt Lake with his own eyes is very owned since it is in any confidence that we have the prophetic word is more sure than us so more sore than even around since our own senses we had a prophetic word now towards the voice of the property okay then is that it's not only more sure but that this is not a something shining in a dark place where the Bible Center lights boiling then you can begin to reason with the person you study what do you know it this world is a dark place doesn't it know there's there's a lot of terrible things that go on in the world behind at this idea of a lamp or light this is not something that's uncommon the Bible Psalm one nineteen one oh five on it I just put out there that something you can go do it you want or just reference it decides what is someone I can modify safe there than what is all amendment might land my feet and a light on a new idea nervousness about so the Bible gives us direction and my figures as it might surpass in this dark world of living and nullified getting to meet again on in the morning start here again this is just insulting how to explain this but how I wanted thesis because ablation right yes I know the with around the glacier of the horrible picture but I select water right in and on top of it what you see right so you only see about ten percent of the glacier right and everything else the rest of the ninety percent is underwater so sometimes you will all along the morning sunny weather so all you want to share is ten percent right just enough that they can get their minds around would you still want an idea someone had announced foundation night Sunday shared a little more you know I gave you that you are the great pleasant things like this don't feel the need to share them with you so we feel very with the studies we get to okay that will come into the meek is all we really want to do this again point out the claim that the Bible is making here is Espinoza 's first law that no prophecy of Scripture as a matter of one's own interpretation for proxy was never made by human well but moved by Holy Spirit spoke from God quite a claim of the Bible is making here is not just annual to develop this the day were actually moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God quite a claim and twice as he is not a matter of one own 's interpretation sometimes people are scared away about divine right but all that is your interpretation this is how they interpret but anything is saying something quite different here is saying that this is a matter of just the province interpretation but they got excellent smokeless and I like to use a reason illustration but with an art gallery is anyone here like our all right I don't know much at all about our values as electricity list of things they are an art gallery in one of those and who they call extract the things that you can't tell at all what's going on right see a group of people and the people you sit around looking at this abstract art and some of that you know what this is what I think I think that all this person they were abilities and stronger than her life and that's why you know that's why he uses colors whenever some analysis of no I think it's one of the things this person has struggled within you know they they got older I don't know this is playing and always place but then the person I think of it cons and give their two cents write the Sentinel actually I just kicked over a bucket of paint and a kind of felt and I don't want to cross it this half of it anyway him me tell sides will even avoid the negative gambling artist they didn't like so apart from me look at this prophecy Daniel to a non- visit here and scratch my head and say well I think this is what the Bible talking about would you like the Bible is a rest of Scripture to explain the Bible so this is in our own interpretation that makes sense I think that our listeners in Houston Tennessee people we wanted to put the wrong rule is out right away you only come to the little horn of Daniel consumer not a safe life it is that I think the market of these business while who cares what I think right we want to know the process focus on the theater covered everything we needed your again another extraordinary claim the Bible right away financial category by itself so the transition as I could just have an already extraordinary claim a big deal if you can make this claim right anybody can do that now run for second see that this is what the claims of the Bible conference will look at prophecy now I thought to Isaiah forty six Isaiah forty six Old Testament book of Isaiah forty six oligomers nine of them later he'll say discerning L and Luther any questions of our democratic event given artifact although not all too much information that you position forty six nine position ridiculous and I and you him a thing as so as I think you the Bible says that God is our disaster I got in there is none and there is no other I got in and there was no one like me so why why why does this and that I got in there was no one like me is it something that he can do what his first fencing exactly right because he can declare the end from the beginning and as I tell people you know what a God that can accurately and consistently do that as a guide I can write a .net and accurately and consistently declare the infinite beginning that the God that I can trust about all these other guys that are out there in the curriculum how much of the Bible is processing does anyone know percentagewise thirty percent of Bible prophecy the element and all kind of a contrast here later what do the crime you look at the other holy books are not here to bash them on this making a no correlation here how much prophecies in the crimes anyone know zero two F thirty percent in the Scriptures here zero any other makeup in love with each other for dominant monotheistic religion right anyway the Bible is putting himself out anything missing lesson analysis confusing world the final result is not even believe in for that are out there but I am God there's no one like me because I can declare the infinite beginning in N'Djamena forgot that I can trust not only convincing albeit from the beginning look at all births forty five twenty one how reading is to declare himself what your case indeed let's consult together with analysis from old was long since declared is not high the Lord and there is no God beside me a righteous God and Savior there was none he sent me as well analysis of remote café not only does he know there from the beginning but that he and he can he can predict you can say recipes this is a risky claim that God is making here when he's distinguishing himself from all the other false gods is there something you can do it no one wants to left like I said in the Old Testament that's what Jesus has to say about this and after transition that's what John chapter fourteen is important I want to go too fast what makes a edited notes so you don't call me a sexy enhancing what was a kid talk about me don't even get the Bible study Mark is a deserted question so far I want to feel like I was preaching tonight is such a big group and nothing is a medical students are first identified question we need for the transition that's exactly what I did after most of what I do that when the first one I send you what is the purpose of Scripture first ligand interaction with them you see he can get some dialogue going and you do this only different other minor like what is this why do I force a lot of the 's analysis study by Whitney Chin and greeted us annually to San Jose mental actually young using proper exegesis they were called to do extract from the text was actually say okay the noticeable questions and when he studies also highlight that something very simple questions so you can actually know the incident that when it is a thing so went back into the deck sometimes any I just rethink their marketing mouths are concerned and what they said we need additional what is its access is a loss of any other questions I love this tax whatever Faisalabad will similarly divorce to Masonic guides and lesson is no one like me as I can to plaintiff in the beginning that he would use assessing the only order is half as is an Internet and so again I would have to question to Jesus I went to tell you before comes the past for my mother said before it happens no mice even do this so you may want you may believe right that Israel is anyone in here when I saw the light want and Xoma software dealer is style of baseball right in accord with my heart and moves right focus of this an illustration part of our necessity of these of illustration I like this illustration so does anyone know what they agree with his famous for calling a shot right is a thirty two World Series and summative dystonia play and for those of us that no baseball he points to the outfield stands and he called his shot to make the claim right thing listen to the Boston ago and it was our database the method something to do the shot and anyone he do after that the jetsam on the part that is anonymous is that he was he was elected he said listen him it is a very difficult on calling my shot any Nazis out of heart like this I like solving when Jesus is calling us after they let me tell you something before it happens to them when it dies you may want humanely exactly right with you amen okay I'm going to sit in man he claims the content you why we have to see so now it is a look at one of these prophecies say whether or not what do this I sell now illegal to Daniel chapter two symbolic turning their as yet provided he went in your folder this beautiful picture very hard work for me to get this to know that something out anybody and adopt it as we walked in and you and this is something when you're starting with someone in August on the Internet a Google image Daniel two image or something like that you can find it that way when you study with someone or a group you can print these out and you can distribute then sought help guide you through the sunny and of course we don't know if this is what Daniel actually saw me know something probably similar I guess this is the image of the vision of Daniel chapter two focus Daniel chapter two Old Testament now before I sampled this is the prophecy here couple things I like to point out first of all I could give him an overview of what this is discussing seeming you can write without more authority like even for the overview the duality 's plan to his just explain what's Latin dance to a painting receives a dream and is as interpreted by job through his prophet Daniel a pagan king receives a dream this is interpreted by God through his prophet Daniel in which he declares over twenty five hundred years of human history of Peggy Jean Racine 's injury and this is interpreted by God this prophet Daniel in which he declares over twenty five hundred years of human history Daniel lived six hundred years before the time of Christ the late five hundred BC Ozzie see summer on their list a cellular phone at the price and he predicts the rise and fall of every major world empire right down to the present time Daniel was six hundred years before the time of Jesus and he predicts the rise and fall of every major world empire right down to the present time the whole thing again okay okay thinking received during this is interpreted by God through his prophet Daniel in which he declares over twenty five hundred years of human history Daniel is six hundred years before the time of Jesus and he predicts the rise and fall of every major world empire write-downs are present okay so that's the overview and it is this open house I like to understand what to put my cards out on the table with people so when we come to Daniel chapter two there's really only two options are to conclusions that you can draw from this okay the first one is you can say you know what someone is displayed a big trick on us and you did and it really predict these things actually wrote these at a later time and he was just a recording history it happened so either it's a big trek or two it's actually supernatural those are the only two conclusions of the documents this was quite a big trek anyone no one doubts the historicity of Daniel chapter two that no one no one argues that anymore but what they now is when the authorship was missing a gain of eleven six hundred BC he was led into hundred eighty something deal he's just recording the events you know what long after they had overlooked that in a kind of the you are will see that you know what Daniel was an eyewitness he wrote these things before they happen and that the option to Israel that this book is supernatural okay such lapses it was fitting or supernatural are self most people easily whether you should go through the whole Daniel to from start to finish so a lot of times you can to summarize kind of the beginning hardening get into the actual prophetic part but for you guys I want us all to feel calm for this Sunday to walk all like the Daniel chapter two okay I'll read outside its click in your notice is someone running a somewhat if there think of managing them I figure this stuff out to know reread the whole thing to someone else you know if you think it can overwhelm them then he reached out out of play by your medical head wouldn't go through all the data Q where mission regarding address the fondness 's analysis and year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar took another high dreams and the spirit was troubled in the sleep medicine thinking gave orders to call into magicians that conjures the sources the Chaldeans to tell the King 's dreams so they came and stood before the king the king said to them I dreamed my spirit is anxious to understand the dream and the Chaldeans felt speaking in Aramaic all King live forever on the drink your servants and me will declare the interpretation seriously I think the breaking and explaining also people aren't you overwhelmed buttons for the king had a dream right the spirit is troubled becomes while his wife men and what they say is a Taliban drink lots of water right there probably is and is not as if I woke up throughout the night maybe a combat food before the bad in hand all these crazy dreams and ideology in the dream and I will and will tell you what he needs and we can all go back to okay it was to get to a picture the plastic became applied to the Chaldeans the commands amused for if you do not you know me dream any interpretation you will be torn never live in your house this will be made on August the analysis to think that he needs to remember the dream right and because the current on the drinking cannot interpret so he needs and then the dream and interpretation two things versus but if you declare the dream and its interpretation you're certainly just a rewarding great honor therefore declared to me the dream and misinterpretation into the second sunset that the gene targeting to a servant we would declare the interpretation to drink the king replied and I know for certain that you are bargaining for time it is much easier scene at the command of me as for the economic known to me the dream there is only one degree thirty three hundred retailers declining crop was performing to the situation is changed therefore tell the dream and are not coming out with you too declares interpretation the Chaldeans and making it said there was not a matter to declare underlined underlined not a pencil or pen just below marketing online underlining what the heck is going is not a man on earth that could declare the matter for the key inasmuch is no breaking a rule or has ever had anything like this with any magician conjure accounting moreover the thing was thinking demand is difficult and there's no one else who declared to be kinks and dies dwelling places not with mortal flesh because of it sticking became indignant a very furious again orders to destroy all life and about one extreme unfortunately Wiseman should be slain in and look for Daniel and his friends develop so they didn't know that organizes mad about decision to treat the Kellogg Wiseman and Daniel is known upon number on those lies right if everyone is exhausted of the Babylonian school he's one of these Wiseman so this is on the chopping block okay here's the fourteenth Daniel Pinewood discretion and discernment area the captain the king 's bodyguards were gone forth to slay the wise men of Babylon is an area the king 's demand on the king 's demand for what reason is the decree limiting swords in the very act of forgetting about the manner so Daniel went in a request of the king that he would give him twenty thousand nanotechnology that he failed in another dream but he knew the one they knew the dream right on on our time Daniel did not know that during the new the one they knew the drink given time in order that he might declare the interpretations of the King and Daniel Attila 's house informs his friends had anonymous ion has arrived about the matter so that they might request compassion from God of heaven concerning this mystery so that Daniel and his friends will not be destroyed with the rest of the Wiseman about to get the picture Daniel 's head on the chopping block the request time to meet his friends and have a priority right is in a pilot much about the new Dragon eleven five I pray to God and you can point this out to the person you study what this is a very important sequence data request time in each of his friends and they pray not notice what verse nineteen says the first work in the mystery then the mystery was revealed to Daniel a new night vision is important sequence you must pray then you receive what you said seek and you shall find acid will be given to you not that it will be opened or there is a sequencer that you must pray first and then you can receive a list of the verses are a lot of very all out tonight best jumped out to verse twenty four these are just the things I point out as about the tax therefore Daniel went to area from the king had appointed to destroy the light of Babylon to install tennis balls do not start a life that Babylon take me into thinking as and I will underline that and I will declare the interpretations of the King knows that Chavez and Daniel Hesser do know that he will declare because his answer was right from the right anytime you get an answer from God he knows the right answer whenever you knelt in front of God you can stand before kings and now let's jump down to see what things are going out let's go to twenty eight however there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries and she had made no underlying that and he has made no that is young and he was i.e. with a young I was early twenties nineteen eighteen selling their toys etc. Carter for this notice that humility they did anything associate not know what I figured it out he says that God has made known he has made no right is made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will take place this spring references here to the enzymes we want to point out each of these three references focused on aligning survival double take place in the latter days underlined that this was your dream and vision in your mind while on your back verse twenty nine at three okay why you're on your bag your thoughts were turns what would take place in the future and he will review mysteries and he who reveals mysteries has made known to what will take place three references onto the future given his love for Sarah what this property is about Bethany this history is not been revealed to me Freddie wasn't residing me more than any other living man but for the purpose of making interpretation known to the king and that you may understand the thoughts undermine sound I do feel much on organizers had a dream can't remember which all these people come to Daniel Daniel prayed to God and who has a God-given mission that means the Austin zero zero S twenty one not exhaustively want to delete off the field what Daniel just thinking about this in our again next to the vision our okay verse thirty one service of the king 's dream is what he saw you all to looking at behold there was a single great statue that statue which was large and extraordinary splendor was standing in front of you and its appearance was awesome the head of the statue is made a final is rested on the silver belly and thighs of bronze you can see the following two pictures it's like the mind it seemed partly of iron and partly of Christ partly of clay you continue looking until a stone was cut out without hands and struck the statue on the date of its iron and clay encrusted than yarn the clay the bronze and Silver Little Rock classic cross at the same time and became like Jay from the sun dress and floor and the wind carried them away and was not a trace of them was found the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole earth is the vision the statue and get a look back to their book the different metals so that ephedrine his interpretation concerning verse thirty six this was the dream they say underline was again they assess think this is my might be wanted whereas it could be that he said this was the dream this is the answer he got from that this was the dream now with Mattel 's interpretation before the king you are paying the King of Kings Delgado had has given the kingdom the power to strengthen the glory and while the sustenance while the beast of the field of the Burgess guy he has given them into your hand and cause you to rule over them okay cool is that Hannibal was the person you Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon the Bible says you are the head of global many people thought it was this essay you know one of the Soviet Union and all these other crazy things that filled out a goalless not a hard time buying into the but what does the Bible say is you undecidable right so you are the head of gold after you are right another kingdom inferior to you in another thirteen microns which will rule over the earth to these in the next two kingdoms Akihito Araiza Kingdom of fear you okay so how do we know looking in this something that not only is predicting that the time together he was either the big dog militants I cannot cry for thought and a decline in a lot some of you to succeed you at that time emanated quite a statement to me and not only does not know what unity succeeded let's go to chapter five verse twenty eight Dyson nativism partisan to succeed five twenty this house as our speech will find out who is that overtook this the kingdom of Babylon the analysis of these of the writing on the wall millionaires are conversant on this skin is a know who's taking over as Babylonian Empire was twenty eight your kingdom has been divided and given over to the Medes and Persians to seeing your picture there the next part is via the Medes and Persians and overtook that five twenty eight the database therefore you also five twenty eight the verses are or Daniel two cylinder thirty nine is walking through the property did another starting of a bronze which will rule over all of the earth another kingdom of the which will rule over all of the earth was this crazy how we know that in any way anyway and I decided over United Kingdom regardless of its name this kingdom living we would recently we can be familiar with these prophecies of Daniel and so on to point out is the key verses that means Empire 's okay then you were going to verse twenty and twenty one another prophecy of these of these well the king of Babylon is seen off the scenes of Babylon 5 incorporated into this vision but when the remedy don't remedy over these two empires the ram which you saw with two horns represents the king of media and Persia verse twenty one the shaggy goat represents the kingdom of the kingdom of grace the grease is the one to succeed media and Persia will point out the significance of all this in just a minute please walked into this explaining what these things mean to press forward he did tell me a fourth kingdom as strong as iron as much as iron crosses instead as all things China Daniel two verse forty the now be a fourth kingdom strong as iron and as much as iron crosses instead as all things so like iron or breaks into pieces and crushing break and bring all things in pieces and he saw the feet and toes part of a potter 's clay and partly of iron it will be a divided kingdom will happen at the top is acquired as much as you saw iron mixed with comically as it's almost as if he were partly of iron holiday parties of the kingdom will be strong in part it would be brittle and he saw the iron is comically it will combined with one of another one another in the CNN they were not here seen as iron does not combine the party so now the Bible doesn't name the last thing the as lasting as Roma rights we can look at the history and not just any old metals in a Babylon was filled with gold I think media Persia they had the currency was still very young these yuppies metals they had very significant in these kingdoms so look at there in Missouri had us a quote for you their respective I think his English historian eleven Echo is a totally secular God is not a Christian verifying historicity of Daniel to hear forest similar event Georgia was reinforced cold to be again so this is this is a global leader helps elevate you know what this is this article does Daniel two verifies the date is January the twenty 's goal is to the class as he or all making so what are you thinking when you think you will the letter from the goal of the seller the brass iron write anything until you begin the meanest as a sort of welcome modifiers and their role in his eye is incredible than any other this section is before the time of Christ and it looking first for me for each unit sold your parlay my part in place of the genome we strongly part of it will be brittle conversely one writer is much he saw was a senior fund and forty one in a study phenotype does the insult are the parties claim partly prior to be a divided kingdom so Romo is not one hundred was a copy from without it was divided from Wednesday night has a thousand and was encountered from without was divided from the reluctant minor failure still I let you Jimmy Nelson 's needs just think of how many people tried to unite your first of all when Queen Elizabeth she was called the grandmother idea right verse forty forty three they will combine with one another in the CNN through intermarriage they were trying to bring the kingdom back this do was get married this North Carolina log because the first link juice all the grandmother here because you try to unite Americans and people like Napoleon Charles the fourth disdain the fourteenth of France many mutually all the people Hitler became the cost is to unite all here again but he didn't write it why why why do they not unite Europe is dissected this will be a divided kingdom rights of the write-downs of everything the time when the stone will come across this thing to all the people fell off the map again Bible still remains true in the first forty four gets better and it's a lot better in the days of it in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed in a keynote will be left with one another people it will crush and put it into all the kingdoms of the software door forever inasmuch as he saw that a stone bottom is a viable fertile stone is anyone else are cornerstones of unfamiliar Jesus Christ right and somethings about the first greatest ten for we well know their return it to wrap this up lots of verses or we can look at the summit Ephesians crisis a cornerstone of crisis interview no one becomes the second coming and be done with these world empires and service kingdom that will never be destroyed as much Esau 's don't cut out amount without hands the course iron the bronze of cliffs over the globe the great God has made known to the king in the great God has made known to the cable would take place in the future so the dream is true and interpretation is trustworthy one online for the things to help Hobby network taken from the fire hydrant there wasn't too much but that's over getting you why does God give us privacy we doesn't does he do it thought process busy and it doesn't benefit him anyway you know what was it that Jesus had done fourteen twenty nine minutes before happens when the guys you may believe in the Old Testament lesson is no other guys like me to get out and declare there from the beginning I'm God and who is like me and so we can know that the dream is true and interpretation is trustworthy kind of this is the timeline this prophecy ultimately so we can we can be drawn into a relationship with any of the person you study with Palomino look at what part of the Mozilla part of the original rat that Weinstock media verges on Greece is gone wrong as been divided when people say when and where the told you right very bottom was a very nice if it doesn't happen the second coming and you can illustrate this bill six of the seven things have come to pass as a lesson if I decide to me as a young tonight at all and you get in an accident the wayside in a bad accident but genetic and little fender bender and I don't know if any heart so there's one in winning in that accident you can ask you about that city didn't like this can be an old friend Lindsay was often while and then that happens I think it's an accident anatomy sizzled for what you want me to get it all and will call you as you say you won't think you distributed there is even worried about that she said most of the right gone out of employee has living in Utah than six different things you know what all those things found that young to be sanguine about this and told all these things are run in half it is ideologically different language birthday January twenty third to one twenty three eighty four one twenty three eighty three centimeters those numbers in a common elaborate on the same was examined by lottery real inconvenience on to talk about was not the first six things of the seven I told her that would happen you think you might bilaterally think he is unable unwilling to say not one of my much of the Modesto since the first seven things can happen you know what my things that happen he resumed out of my thinking that got you told me on the things okay now that's what I like that they most just a three tables started to write a couple you know if it's okay so I got her second study will take a long of mitigating attendance registers are done this grooming and Iraq this is okay when you learn stuff obviously to be able three seven zero five enables authorities right before Obadiah but if I will help him pay mostly seven surely the Lord God does nothing unless he reveals his secret counsel to his servants the prophets and got them all right his modus operandi that he does nothing unless he first revealed that it was Dennis Ross the service that is not optimistic that you were not fantasy on any other thing about a music lesson I'm not much of anything from United do anything unless I revealed you through the prophets this book the Bible okay this on the client 's claim to be written I got to predict the future now run consistency the first one is internal internal consistency is awesome in your transition here is no business out there is a gift of prophecy stores are more than make us look different the net effect is a lot more than makes us look different so the first one is internal something that we look at this book you say I just know one book rises the Bible but is actually sixty six books written by forty different authors on three different continents over fifteen hundred years you say six books for the author three continents over fifteen hundred years so they think about this and his mother is writing about any old thing the running about the very character and nature of God it is the most controversial thing in all of all human history who have all these books that you may come together over fifteen hundred years I didn't know each other in the Bible it could dovetail together to present a consistent picture of God we have these Old Testament prophecies and we see about Jesus Christ and fulfilled in the New Testament written many years right before selling it this is an internal consistency neither different people and even think about this even forty different people in the same room as I want to write a book about the method the one that you think I would ever write a book forty people living in the same time same conflict these are yelling about energy right about and you guys all agree on one of the something inherent musings on the Bible on the most controversial subjects in all these books coming to data they send harmonious picture of God given a contrast this with a crime the other major the other major holy book minutes as written by one person understand twenty five years I mean there's I'm not saying that item there's a lot of good things in the crime but for it to be entirely consistent it does mean that it is one guided change is not right to me that's not that's not as impressive as a Bibles all the folks coming together making these prophecies and present you know this consistent picture of God the next one is translational translational consistency egotist also mustered up the Bible is been supernaturally preserved supernaturally preserved think about when these books when these books are written they literally and sometimes our first again minor on this we have hard drives with fax machines with Internet we are always ways to store information for the Bible was written no two hundred three hundred euros some years ago and never describes inner maintaining this accident has maintained translucent consistent summary notice we've all heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls I so Dead Sea Scrolls were found in the forties is open out if they were saying a lot the Daniel this is the youngest I thought they made these prophecies the probably wrought them whenever going out to how we know that the Bible actually predicting these things before they happen to lo and behold God reveals to us the Dead Sea Scrolls applicator slot machines he throws a rock into the cave is no story here since fun of the tablets so they take the Bible that they had that we have today you can and in the open in the next of these manuscripts are behalf that were dated to three hundred years before the time of Christ and most almost there all buttons were there and look like and see Ezekiel the entire book was there and you put them side-by-side to guess how the present consistency it was there is ninety nine something the only difference when things alternatively you me so you have this copyright is no the Lord so he seen the Lord Jesus with any translated the Lord Jesus Christ right same idea it is not difficult contradiction and saw this to know how you know terms of endearment of measure understanding Windows inconsistencies in the Bible and secular people and they give you like there's nothing out the comparison we look at me look at manuscripts young Julius Caesar right things about his life is only ten copies left of his ill of history of his life and never written a thousand years after his death a side effect of thousand years after his death only rentals lost his negative during the thousand years after Homer 's Iliad Homer 's Iliad one of the most classical writings are the second most manuscripts to lobby management service six hundred manuscripts there written thirteen hundred years after homers and thirteen hundred years things like Socrates in Plato 's all these things are very few manuscripts never written sideways and all these people that discusses the philosophical note Wilmington College in Dallas it in scratch one hundred play lapses of the second and if they know how little of management of his happiest things they know it's all in the Bible that they cannot write so I'm counting on getting a look at what has the most manuscripts the Bible writes anyone know how many just Greek New Testament manuscript map just the New Testament five thousand three hundred roughly Greek New Testament manuscripts and know Christ died around the year eight eighty thirty thirty one and using the rating between forty eight and ninety five eighty on his other books that diesel is the standard things written thousands of years after but the Bible has a written twenty thirty forty fifty was the significance of that significance as they were still eyewitness accounts around the democracy and it is burst onto the scene and you have all these letters upon being distributed and the others consider the number CMC and decided to write anything funnier still eyewitnesses around and all that they had into the Roman Empire to answer this Christian faith theology is an ex- is a crazy desecrating the kinds of making the next that we look to it we let them we'll see any of these in all these eyewitness accounts being read and nothing say no when people like to think Josephus do they verify Jesus and all these things I know what size you know what these guys are together washed up me these are the predominant literature around making his claims and no one know I was saying you know this is this is just think of the attacks Diocletian eighty three hundred Roman Empire sent illiquidity revenue brought by the joy on what the Bible is a French philosopher Voltaire you were here Voltaire so he will that within a hundred years every Bible would be off the face of year within a hundred years will be notified this is a pretty serious skeptic phosphor that a lot of people with faith he says a hundred years no more bottles fifty years after he died in seventeen twenty eight you know what his houses look at house the Geneva Bible Society one of them wanted the premier Bible printing houses that we had a distributed thousands of the so when the Bible is preserved you really didn't realize how we people were hostile to this book and wanted it out if you instead I read some single dislike the handling I cannot explain but so is and will always think they're trying to do kind of you know better additives this is the longest these are basically heading and inserting into the strike Diocletian he's here he's Don Volterra PC dear kisan Bible standard us today is the supernaturally preserved and Iraqi giving of resources on learning are missing myself and I hope obviously in Spain and China clearly culturally the best selling book ever trained popular beverage it is easy to make a Jamaican Islamic Russians wanted the ball people and I went about the New Guinea disappeared hysterical people that they love the Bible and other books they are not popular inside the culture homers Iliad was not popular subsequent to the drawing you don't even exit me to Varanasi reading it in error is that the perfect inspiration unless you actually reading intermittent EI 's agreement mini poster isolated within the culture but the Bible transcends all culture and all people love and an experiential disappointment in which we can just listen I think people how is that such an ancient book is so perfectly designed to meet the needs of common this book was written some years ago I cannot open it up and I can look at his Old Testament prophets and he speaks to me directly not inside my friends list this may sound cliché but I have found a sister wife said the voice that the Bible is the voice of God 's muscle this is when you begin to do the reason why people say not as great reason about the Bible can no predict future events but you can read in this book can change your life as an experience an evening gone into no justice Peter said we are not following cunningly devised because we can experience a big all these other page about their homes Elliott not applicable to like that before major questions in life large and medium brown in destiny no other book answers on those just like the Bible us okay well that's what I thought were to move faster where would I get the less I have selected an unnamed major objection is not that Daniel 's largest what was written in a later phase do you want me to discuss on that thence North Island we know that it was the leader in six hundred and is what I'm like I was going on anyway so first of all visible called Daniel reader 's guide that will initiate great book talks about this go see the six major objections and you cannot look in their something seven Venice Bible commentary hasn't been reason to some good evidence for this Daniel Reader's Digest lots of good accidents we can try to hunt together those that remain objection first of all people are fashionable companion because adults just by Daniel chapter five who is else as I got no historical writing ever even mentions this do anything about as always never and I guess right it may be all in ID USB had meningitis as the key okay so they're always there was better than you like this that the existing open us up there was no Belshazzar so get this in the year eighteen sixty one the fondest uniform templates right to never called meningitis Chronicles right so get this in the Netherlands Chronicles of tells us that it was important honor those Belshazzar and Antoninus and is a listing king 's right to use this to King 's event in the Chronicle explains when the Medes and Persians took over Babylon and never denied us without fighting within Cyrus the Persian troops so we have the web also is on the throne but never deny this which was thinking I guess the present he was the vice president he was actually out fighting Cyrus out on the field whenever so it didn't was writing in two hundred two hundred eighty with the document they had a historical document that they had absolutely hemodynamic nidus on the throne that was the only thing that would've known about this he was the main guy he was the name no ruler situated on the throne when it went if the first is blood in Dallas Jazz are some of the no one's ever heard about on the throne that night maybe you think that is how also Daniel known that unless he was an eyewitness negative illustration else we have present Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden right on city readings on this harvesting something through manuals anymore and stuff but say that setting some of the theodolite and as the president and Senator Barack Obama right because Barack Obama was actually known Afghanistan whatever is leading his army with the sword and he was the one doing the fighting so it has all the historical documents is Anna Barack Obama was the president Hitler put him on the velvet night but only witness what it known that it was Belshazzar they're not never nine this makes sense I hope I'm explaining this right so it just shows that you could not have known these things two hundred years AG these were eyewitness accounts of the of the noticed stuff like the thing the verb syntax air America Daniel uses is lots of good reasons to know that this book is supernatural and Dana predict these things


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