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How to Give a Bible Study on - The Great Controversy

Eric Turner



  • November 13, 2009
    8:00 PM
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him when I visited reasons in the BIOS and I think I really over a few of these is the only other reasons to say okay I will thought I is a you later okay so I is the highest price is in paragraph the heart is as easy to him as to discuss this with him in everything give you this I see that happen again so under study reviewing controversy so they look at this problem of evil syndicated I is is is is all on high something in this editing that when you refer to litter the origin of evil now marking the legal unity people over the long haul appeal press on many of you guys that is just as okay as to demonstrate that there is him between the state to demonstrate in this house in the conflict between God and Satan make out is not the originator of the demonstrated as a cosmic conflict between God and Satan that God is not the originator of the division is between God and Jonathan David and people etc. upon the person of Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ the solution IMO not limited here Jesus Christ 's solutions enable the originator he has had all these things I will send five hundred eighty one Jesus Christ the solution to annual not the originator of President Obama said in the book of Genesis is the origin of evil Genesis chapter one really shuffled through some verses there is all you want to point out in reputation of the work is okay I hope this is as it is wondrous for God saw the light to us all the light was good and God separated the light from the darkness versus you versus are on and as we go as him strongly there is a gathering of the Watterson trustees don't thought it was a first law there is also a presentation please even seated it is easy to see and and and and after that I think I saw that it was good for safety and to govern the day and night to separate the light and darkness John Hunt was going after safety first twenty one God saw that it was good this information on editing and creating motivation it was good for twenty five guys on it was good to finally verse thirty one deaths all handmade whole and was more than I will say in the father is buried in his evening and morning as so we look around a while and there's anyone as minimal as you decided it is very misleading as someone concentrated and he was very good what have prevented out to Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew chapter thirteen conversely for as is not that the Messiah is the New Testament is seamlessly for the Bible we see Jesus presented another parable to them saying he cannot really compare to him so while this is the same idea but while they are sleeping his entertainment so tears among the wheat and went away when the restart and more greater than is enough in his an awesome display of the land our canine assessor did you not sow the seed good seed in your field out of is there any set user five onwards when it is he has done under any path done this display settings you want a sedative to go and gather them up as well for a while I together your pictures you may approve the agreement allowable both developed in the harvest time as city leaders first element is not in abundance Brendan on again and the reasons are slightly going on here and see this as there is it was good it was tears and facilitators in the city want to point out how much responsibility does the seller and not taking no responsibility for any Sony Minamata family what does Jesus mean this so in this instance we'll have to describe as he explains in his first thirty six the understand this term the cause and what is in the house and his disciples came to him comparable to some easiest way in his the one it's so good to see this is one of something that see the Son of Man and the field what is the view of the world and as for the season one of well that until now the kingdom and the tears are the sons of the evil one and the enemy who sell his theater to see oneself as you have tears than whose of the Terrace that in this parable Jesus is telling us this solver that they conceive Jesus takes no responsibility for the Tennessee now receive this person out there so the transition you can just ask rhetorical questions into thinking who is why it is so dominant in the chapter thirteen to find out who this Dallas Luke chapter thirteen really is as easy as nothing more than just a thirteen inning Vista and he and he referenced Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogue on Wednesday Saturday there was one of raising his sickness caused by sphere consumers but I cannot say not all when Jesus saw her he caught over and said to her underlying this woman you are free this is what you are free from your sickness and interest finally jumped these verses and just jumped on her sixteenth point out in this one and a daughter of Abraham SCA is who is not afraid to use the same day has gone for eighteen years long should she not have been released in this fun on the Saturday so the plant is no responsibility for errors this is a woman Jesus I know it is sad to say that hasn't already two years when Jesus is wanting this for a say in our Jesus Christ faith around the no responsibility for this woman sickness so beginning of a single ideology is no one in sometimes I is you maybe maybe he will you may be motivated to do what they are estimated as another character to the story so who is this safe is a transliteration of the word is SUVs to you transliterate words if anything at necessary for our semester transition who is this season is the objective verse eighteen is located just to her safety is our season right now is seven million a aside I created a good massage I think the senator realizes that there is an enemy who sowed as long as him to know this love affair this is not as no responsibility for this project is her safety and he is Jesus again decided to outsmart Satan fall from heaven like lightening like to see all and then I want to know what was a new writer is going on here one is in South America where he came from heaven and to send it out right doesn't say that he was right to push the city itself because using response to form doesn't know what he felt okay so then you might wonder what the world the singular swindle in a couple of text here are some hotels and so they have to say and what they do here is that anything is a behind-the-scenes that illustrates how to use is one of the public play I is the highlight are in place but they seem to work Seattle player I have a couple of amazing is there anything out and known as the people which is you know that most of the action is going on in the amount of people doing a live in and work role was as a whole course of the story behind the scenes that just like to see as soon as you can hear the kind of ignorant fool that fail for us to give us a behind the scene into this character see figure is more to the story is an illustration user you can become very ill we look at all this even though I was him on recent liaison they almost always horrible people in what is our greatest leaves on a tree I is you really need to get to the root with the ditch on the rootedness okay I'll think of anything off something that is deeper than Ezekiel chapter twenty eighth Ezekiel seven twenty eight then there is something that Ezekiel twenty eight figure out who is in a and what will you have most of your Ezekiel twenty eight the universal but in the warlord did anything Symantec of lamentation over the King of fire and say to him the Lord Johnson is a reference taking it is being I guess you are obviously is referring to the entire assignability behind people and literacy is a soft comforting the present head so I was thinking about the reasons set the scene this is you I see a lot of that Mossad is perfect as a profession full of wisdom and perfect in beauty urinating dog got out of Francisco was recovering list of our systems into verse thirteen hundred and eight it will create a airfare he was the anointed Messiah Sharon so what is amusing to hear me unawares the vocal sound is presented here in this rerun of the relatives on Psalm ninety nine verse one is right in God 's holy season he is finding it to chair Jimmy doesn't really very proximity of God there are several variants of this is the safety he was an anointed chair he was a perfect angel he was perfect and verse fourteen and I placed you there you run a holding awesome God he walked in the midst of the stones of fire note that he was blameless in your ways and in reference to this profession from the date you are creating until rice is the software in use now he won a mark on the reference is putting the emphasis on this was his fall this was you are perfect this is something a few days okay tell rights this is something you by the abundance of your trade you are filled entirely with violence he uses it therefore I asked he was a profane from the mountain of God and I destroy you all coverage in the midst of the stones of fire your heart was lifted up because of your beauty you corrupted your wisdom but a reasonably slender if I cast you to the ground I put you before Keynes ABC so we had a part of the shares this is discovering Angel something had write a similar thing this unrighteousness is how you see that person out and how this had happened to me as I have been involved how can you know this I is but I know a lot of other Old Testament prophet asked this question also is the asset so there's a transition how is everything be following this there is also I is the necessary same class as a lesson on Isaiah chapter fourteen Isaiah chapter fourteen million of them started as well Isaiah fourteen centimeters as well the first part is how South and iPad this area is varies and is in you have fallen from having All-Star mourning son of God is wanting what is said and what is on your with that idiot was this ever very good reason for this is perfect Angel is start the morning Lucifer son of the Don you let me down to the area you will weaken the nations which is where you set in your heart I will send I will raise my throne above the stars of God and I was sent an anonymous and in the recesses of the North I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will make myself as the most notice of hello hello hello hello hello what is anyone of you he was the most safe and this is ahead in the notice is a very hard and very little say as I write very little him I know this is that this is the hand icon okay there's a lot of things one oh one one five five invoices motivation is power and he wanted in our care is as safe I hour to be like the most high he was to be like a guy to be Cedar and it doesn't say that is user for son of the morning and noticed that I immediately designed to create an okay job in the created Lucifer who chosen becomes a business is a very important part he did not create saying he created Lucifer who chose to become safe okay fair enough so while I love you all as long as it is he was the one that originally on to say that he will start with an exhaustive and complete someone is okay as you know that is because they gone out this is okay so I thought someone is meeting at City Hall there is a you guys feel the love Jesus I believe it is this guy but you know what I thought you guys right amount of one hundred and fifty five thousand miles okay so I got busy on this longer laminate what is the message of the video on Geneva would you give out to you desolate inside has a lot lost and wanted to give you an absolutely community vegan acid you will what is right I know what you think that just love me with all of your items on this website had lovely with all your heart could you like that is because not can I write will definition to mean the must-have chaos is this is a very important part in order to be long must I say no I look for them I is in an you want to make arrangements illegally she had passed to say no but she says that silly using as much rather have a real relationship with the rest this rule over rocks and trees that I said he would rather have real relationships in the loving relationship it hasn't really whenever you create freebies you know the free will to choose logging database is not but there's really no way to have a truly loving relationship is is is is is is important thing when it is addressed this is free well defensively I think it was there all along because as you cannot have a relationship of love what is force until I was very aware as well as a catalyst of this is not the best possible world but he knows it's the only way to the best possible world is so this is the only way that you can get to I had an oral or a harmonious environment everybody freely love each other as you cannot force that has had us to say no for it to be long forgotten out that this is not the will this the only way that I will as anyhow I hope I explained that while this is use to point out the know how that is creating as well I so now it's our transition for going on the origin of the moment is the so here's what you can save origin of evil the heart of this layout and the rest of my life this is the origin of evil is in our own lives really don't know enough people have always wanted power he wanted to be like the most high is to be gonzo second Thessalonians New Testament book of about a quarter disease test second Thessalonians who is seated inside the centimeters are in the word of God when the data is wanting is very promising is the latest on this incentive since I thought he loved it is an inherent understanding of his get is seventy Jonathan Sanchez like unit eight price in the market resources a good foundation in prophecy in our pinpointing and pointing out and see what nothing was feeling on Wednesday that he wants a horse you see how with how is that to set up earlier studies the second Thessalonians he was starting in verse one now we will request you brother with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to let you quickly shaken from the composer will be just as I see it on my message for S 's and Thomas to the fact that the day the Lord has come let no one in any way deceive you for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first in the man of lawlessness is revealed the son of the stars who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship so he takes his seat in the envelope got described himself as being God so the second coming according to the second coming is what digital processing affairs and the man of lawlessness is revealed quizzes and long in regard to common colloquial term antichrist I acted as these of data is that they decided twenty five United intends to change times and laws so this is where settings revealed as my Savior the little horn of Daniel sent out this piece of Revelation thirteen we know how many calls the antichrist and he is in is a man of lawlessness opposes exalts himself above every so-called god and what is what is the purpose of witnessing one is the object of force okay so the purpose of this is a device the man of lawlessness you can move easily to make more sense as anything else is the seed that is the purpose of this is for worship is not a transition easy to say no assortment of immorality is going to know I and when I first began to my girlfriend she was raising up Roman Catholic Church on she said that I do not have because the case studies like this one and that is what I noticed to my friends the CHA is the changed my life and she was in a one hundred and two devices that will be going to want to know what is right six is the only one and only wanted to write so important into the good stuff people are not as if all this confusion about who is using an EMR come similar diagnoses with a credit card all this stuff so busy that we are going to looking at I went economic incentives fact that you know what I think is I think it's on computer in Switzerland and all the stuff that people say we sing along as Lamont said such a revelation thirteen is four thousand versus the end a lot of confusion on the market of these issues to see my friends the revolution is amazing and I is destruction and to continue to do so I didn't have to go right if they are in the know because video ceilings that the organization is to reinforce similar stories six and the source is really very mad and new sources of revelation has a nice testing structure with anything is the beginning of revelation all the way from verses one through twelve no minimum I saw the film is realized that it will meaning of Jesus Revelation thirteen and fourteen this market is than anything else in the book of Revelation is a fairly long as the book of Revelation is written in what is your mind was drawn to this market is this visiting time since it is today at the very top of this as I think that was one for Daniel to see the very yes I will look at these verses but I'll is in verse four eight twelve and fourteen six and visiting all the horses had a horse you just reading a disinterest in public relations and fourteen and younger were synthesized while studies together we manifest the life we have about as of the freedom saga set in the first is the second of September we really the foundation is donating to the very good studies in a NAR point in time no we don't know how it reinforces our solace but what we do know is the issue in the book of Revelation is of course okay how is going to need to find myself less than thirty and wonderful our release and the drive itself he was a you know what would you spend more time with the hotel on the decrypting language and all the symbolism is not one specific point from this and the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore and I saw a beast coming up by the CIA and our Senate has an odd assortment is a nice having glasses they visit us always I cannot burn his feet like those of their economic amount of lien and the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority there is benefit right what about the order is important is a diversified media to that suicide is some of these was like a leopard there is not the site data line and integer is in Daniel so he sitting here he is he says in the proper sequence for these world class companies looking to the future right now he is in him Revelation thirteen and he you are starting with me and onto the buses an American ally in setting anonymous example will coincidentally to me since I was thirty three Solomon is said that it is miscellaneous they moved the ceiling in the whole world and whole earth was amazed that follow after the beast this will graph traversal Dave marsh as I think she hit his authority to the beast and they worship the same would like to be notified of a single varsity the people who are the focus of coordinating the Air Force there were significant worsening of the site says and they worship the same okay please visit no one other than a notice of any sizes these are things that this little horn etc. but so we need to get my son resources they worshiped the dragon sienna started to these courses in the same amount as the tallest switcheroo about that for you as you are because weather is getting you to think it worth in an accident or something that is what entire University Satan is the first of all say how do you know I thought I said that is driving this is so why do this he wasn't he wants to be more sensitive but he is right so I say what I mean here tonight with and without the assignment is nominal on here worship me Jan has little was Friday she is Lauren and I know what that nobody was so easy as a front to the use of the session is this the powerless antichrist power that people think of varsity in a correct way to answer that question okay it's switcheroo there is a paragraph is so ninety 's and the scenery is through deception okay yes these are severe to point out this issue of course another illustration like you serious I don't see how you wife is a nominal disease the only time I is dehumanizing and I remember there are however a hundred dollar bill on something that will encounter something is not in any design however the company is worse is to make it look like the real thing but he was a perfect angel I mean he's not as I is easy using this discount is to check people 's something and anything that is the power have to do a lot worse than worsening this is our and their exit worshiping drag will understand a given of the four sites were long histories are going to the laissez-faire switcheroo and confident enough okay so this is identity Marcia was all in that Jesus is dead desire to be Marcia was awesome Jesus was lamented before the fourth thing in there my friends this is his fourth still pointing I need to realize something living analysis is time to kill the harness is on pace there's more to them and when we do he wants he wants to be like I knew what you become like I is you receive the things which God only deserves the name is worse to the entertainment of Murphy had he becomes God okay I know this is a chapter for the height of the insanity of this time he asked creator is putting is I is reversing this is a matter selective farmyard sensitization Jesus would do whatever I is is some right persons want to South Carolina and I is on soon as I devil comes right after his was the first division the right isn't enough food stamps presumptively nystatin a portion and start noticing is not felt on how to never representation of the human rights people who like to drive its Ctrl-Alt-Del rightly that the world is so when it is known that in his life menu within the next representation know how to get drunk and fell because of appetite and weight of the Jesus the next representation that we had to go and write out the very first sensation that he has difficulty with adults with attention anyway so we come to queue for Chapter nine she is the devil said to him Jesus the double-sided he does all these things mounds of them all this is a list I'll give you all the best if you would just fall into one varsity you guys Jesus is not Jesus and goes in and what is for it is written some nurses want to point that I is within the Odyssey was in the sensations of the First Lady 's effort is for Israel for his very Jesus who has my any knew that knowing the Scriptures was his way to this person is significantly ominous neither wanting to finance the persistent friend is presented as an identified as I thought this is what I want one of the worst and that I was playing well enough for this is even an illustration of Pennsylvania have an account in Genesis one half of the creation is doing you crazy ha ha over the world with a part of the perfect communion with the perfect guy that you want to Genesis chapter three million ninety Genesis chapter three all rights in the first two chapters in this perfect being the perfect communion with God to Genesis three the first book and then you see these the origin of the entrance of this election will and in the last three chapters in the Bible Revelation twenty two twenty one and twenty seven isn't it another session on the whole Bible is one into perfectly revenue than I did as you all night the Bible easy not to say that the destruction of an story while suppressing this evening is perfect diet perfect relation with people that sell you the same as what I was between here this weekend when I got restoring this is relationship with his meeting that was lost and also to so we saw the Lord enable God created life each readiness for themselves and as you know I haven't had a loving relationship you know unless it has freedom our illegal don't want to be like if you use the antichrist to give worship so he can do is see you Muslims is one wireless is so the question might come up while I so that Elohim is missing I was assaulted on you to go against him is not encoded into this is something that is President-elect and was running John McCain Barack Obama said in an inaccurate in these visionary director officer this is what war had a network more news coming most degrees it's a debate of ideas ideologies and campaigning here is an said Monday Barack Obama is one I estimate that it is an affair and you is that self and a Manhattan news conference tomorrow in the mid of the I will him him got some runoff is said that one night the next phase is as so now all reporters and was in a flurry ribosome and laziness so is the news conference and is a graphic know something Susan Barack Obama doesn't shall design and form with this added pages and shall notify the night he was killed so there is number one Katie all right thing to do now what else is needed is a way to think about what you say is to live in a so it is singing praises for billing these questions it is not as an number one is maybe needed as Lucifer maybe he was in an unsolicited life that is so this is hopefully over the next is really the February visit us tomorrow the question is haired to see the face I have to hand out to see who the government is to go for who they really are and even mischievous enough to run his campaign to run iPhone services off and there was war in heaven parts of the record there is the most we get our word is is is the campaigns of political Michael and his angels really want to drive in and enjoy this it is a just wage war and therefore not strong enough there was no longer place often have a great effectiveness thrown down several molds how the devil and Satan to deceive the whole world was thrown out of there is no reselling I is not that allow hoisted and say now now the salvation of our thinking about our economy authority in the sky for these years brother thrown down keys using the forgot day and night and day overcome are overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and decisive element comment with the blood of the land is the sacrifice of Christ and because of the word of their testimony and they did not love their life even when faced with that for this reason notices the so yeah the only problem with Iran and says for this reason oh I think you for this reason rejoice all having in you who dwell in them so I is okay for rejoicing on but it was an exercise long wall to the earth because of that let's come down to you having great wrath knowing that he has only a short time the best thing about this book is jumped in immediately by we know who wins this one he was in his wallet both you and had a common environment greater Madison knows he only has a short time so all is this great person really hit home is still is that over our hearts in who we are to choose okay the decision is still our will Ephesians Ephesians six thousand and we stand up to this level see section twelve Ephesians Philippians class libraries put on the full armor of God so that you will be able to stand firm against the season without trust I was not against flesh and blood but against rulers against powers against the world forces of this darkness against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places so we need a whole armor of God is that songwriters will dedicate out and additional decision upon our hearts and who were to choose you progress in the gastroesophageal tax electronic appeal you never present the truth without any of the change is that right and an appeal for our first one I find I thought the vitiligo is the time change anything alike he and you want to give the time you wanted to study his word is actually as you signing the progress of the appeals the first is again on a sunny this is what he wanted China's got out and given the chance to see the appeal is familiar to us in implementing a versus another one Joshua twenty four fifteen it is only just twenty four fifteen days when you just Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy Torah is on your site to serve the Lord choose for yourself today whom you will serve whether they got such a father service of the on the river of doubt and analyzing his lady were living but as for me and I was realtor if the demo is in Christ have you run across in public on the one and only for the decisions are the same I think that I have chosen you and I and when it is right so the decision is in his room side of the intermediate IQs I was in a frenzy with you I is is is is any of the four electronic alienation is the study is that how is was is is identifying authors I reason that reason why disabled as well a lot of people wanted in the Christian as anyone is okay will is and is a people sometimes is immediately as entertaining as well for you as well I made out about that as soon as it is exiting on the phenomena you but I saw this great is that this evil in this world it originated out he wanted to be worse decided five season only Jesus Christ is no I was in my mouth I encourage you don't get the nowhere allows more studies on this please keep in no a Bible and mark these studies similar to someone is is is is that you feel alone so in a negative recommendation is three and three nine I can write small margin animals okay they just as fuzzy photo gallery think of the word religion and God loves us and gives us prophecy is very reasons I was leaving you with a different the problem Bible explains that there is good reasons for why there is evil and that ultimately is wanted to have a loving relationship with us he gave us his free option choose you this Joshua twenty four fifteen says our Jesus Christ and hopefully my friends he wanted to the same respect he will be with us as we study the doctrines and to convict us so that we may leave the things on her own life is and also teach and to draw people into relationship with you we love you so much the present name of Jesus letter onset


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