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Angels, Demons, and Daniel

Bill Krick


Bill Krick has served for the past 14 years as the Literature Ministries director for Central California Conference, the cradle of California Youth Rush and GLOW programs. His great-great-grandfather became a Seventh-day Adventist when a faithful worker made a personal visit. For 22 consecutive summers, Bill has engaged in soul-winning literature work. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather, and two daughters, Savannah and Heidi.



  • November 14, 2009
    10:00 AM
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a remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy in six days not read the heavens near see you all then and rested the seventh so thankful to be with you the Sabbath I was loving that hope there's energy here and there's also a lot of its Bible the Bible city where walking and looked so much that last discussion was so interesting this morning we stuck close to Scripture which is great I enjoy that very much Doctor Mike lettuces get this right close to to the Scripture I very happy to see some friends that I know a bunch of friends some who I have not seen in a long time I was here about a year ago your a half ago perhaps and we talked about a program of literature distribution called below out of your number that I know things turn over here to the adults it's a very simple for a program yet is small tracts about eight pages as were told that we should distribute and we have various titles is one on the Sabbath ironically written by DM can write a dimension that last time the greatest anti- Atlas ever was in abstinence we have one on the judgments one does God care if I'm hurting to new ones one prayer we have one on none deficit silence truth for Halloween written by Steve Wilburn on the economy in such a blessing to hand these out to watch what happens when you sow seeds I hope some of you are handing them out to your headings of Internet use these tracks is not something do something right something with literature right now as we speak for the low track to be translated into Danish Swedish and Norwegian in and not concert with some of you I see your people aglow was going to the Philippines Canada some accomplice in North America and the first Korean blood track circling off the press days were excited about that several million of them have been distributed thus far folks we know that in the end of that and yet at the end of the world God 's work can be done through literature in a big way out of the apartment that not talking a literature today specifically although I was simply to say on that topic like for us to turn to Daniel chapter ten Daniel chapter ten and one frameworks on a moments very happy to see my friends from upper clunky conference and I know conferences on Calvary conference that director liturgy directors all of whom are young adults we fiber under bodily who are visiting for a conference here starts tomorrow if you and your business is please remain seated while I need to father in heaven I'm so thankful to be able to open your word but right now all of us in this room acknowledge our complete dependence on you as we open you are a holy God as we just saw and thank you for forgiving all of our sins as was mentioned this morning Lord you're so gracious thank you for that please Lord give us your spirit understand what the word says in chapter ten verse one in the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel whose name was called about the shows are the message was true but the point in time is long and he understood the message and had understanding of vision in those days I Daniel was morning three full weeks three full weeks and forget that I know pleasant food no meat or wine thing into my mouth nor did I anoint myself at all till three whole weeks were fulfilled monthly for their first month as I was not by the side of the great River that is the Tigers I lifted my eyes and looked and behold a certain man clothed in linen whose waist was girded with Golden says his body was like beryl his face like the appearance of lightning his eyes like porches of fire his arms and feet like burnished bronze in color and the sound of his words like the voice of an identical loan saw the vision for the men who were with me did not see the vision but a great terror fell upon them so they fled the cells therefore I was left alone when I saw this great vision and no strength remained in the for my figure was turned to frailty in me and I retained no strength yet I heard the sound of his words and while I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face with my face to the ground suddenly a hand touched me which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands and he said to me O Daniel man greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright drive now been sent to you while he was speaking these words I stood with one believe Daniel and come back to me just a moment I had my hands a copy of National Geographic January nineteen eighty two and the front cover shows an East German soldier marching dutifully in the final of the lead article is to Berlin's notices January nineteen eighty two we just passed November nine two thousand and nine which was the what the twentieth year anniversary of the fall of the wall some of you may remember where you were at that time so you may not been born yet I don't know how many remember when you first for the fall of a wall I remember I was in class and my teacher said you're going to remember this moment as long as you live in sure enough he was right twentieth to twenty anniversary this past November nine two thousand nine so this is January nineteen eighty two which was then seven or eight years before the actual fall of the wall right projects that's the context of this article now subject geographic correspondent went and have secured an interview with the mayor of Berlin East Berlin I would read now what would happen I asked if the wall were taken down her hard truck mayor of East Berlin felt his fingers on the polished wood of his desk what you are asking he replied with agitation is a philosophical question let's get back to reality from your crock that reflects to build levels the six five-year plans to fill the wall like the rising of the sun in the East have become a fact of life but I force the issue and he answered personally I don't think many of our citizens would go over to the West our people have a good life those on the other side would come from here but I would come here and see the we had the superior system needs you well we will not explore the overconfidence the unwarranted overconfidence of Mister Croft but I thought that was interesting as I said as we think about history and how many people believe that what happens in the world is simply the result of certain economic social and political factors that's Karl Marx philosophy made some of you may have studied that it's called historical materialism historical materialism is the idea that that's God of course is totally doesn't exist and even if he does exist he doesn't mess with the affairs of men at all but that whatever happens all of history is simply the result of certain social economic and political factors well the book of Daniel tells the story doesn't tell the story then what the Karl Marx would like to say in the book of Daniel and especially in Chapter ten we find some amazing amazing things if I were to stand here and type this is what's happening you say to me that he gets it on lots watch this video chapter ten okay what we when we left Daniel a couple of moments ago with him first of all he was on his hands and knees right in the dog position on his hands and knees and he was shaking like this is like like like a stuck up a wet dog shaking was so terrified and is in the sky was holding right he was still terrified and then he touched him he stands up he still shaking right verse ten suddenly hentai suturing me tremble on the on my knees on the palms of my hands verse eleven oh Daniel man greatly beloved once the domain Elizabeth is when he listened that the angel shows up in your bedroom while Ukraine and says oh Stephanie woman greatly from encouraging really encouraging in fact three times the book of Daniel he's called the man greatly beloved it often interesting commentator point out that John the beloved disciple was called the beloved disciple in the New Testament was also the apocalyptic writer New Testament and Daniel the man called greatly beloved with the apocalyptic writer of the Old Testament such as unit apocalyptic and love are not separated there together but there together oh man greatly beloved to stand up writes Brian have now been sent to you I have now been sent to you I will think of is to think about this for a moment said Daniel prays an independent answer to prayer flip one page back to nine verse twenty three a.k.a. Donna Daniel chapter nine most of us enjoy the red things happen if you haven't some of the many chapters in the entire Bible maybe my favorite incredible Daniel insert is been reading his Bible and Daniel about one to three fourths is even reading his Bible and start praying he prays for twenty versus in verse twenty three Angel says at the beginning of your supplications the command was and I have come to tell you for your review below so when does the angel sent at the beginning of this prayer right was to start spring got says the data happened then Lexington came again lament babel of understand the words I speak you stand upright for I have now been sent to you while he was speaking this works me I stood trembling they said to me do not fear Daniel for from the first they that you set your heart to understand and the humble yourself before your God your words were heard and I have come because of your words this is amazing to me just like in Daniel mine as soon as Daniel started fasting and praying got said the thing of that is a minimum WAP it was some sort of the language the angel how not between heaven and earth he got smacked waylaid right wrist he then the first day you set your heart to understand your words were heard I don't know there are probably as many seemingly unanswered prayers in this room is the people have you ever prayed a prayer and absolute nothing happens from the first day that you set your heart to understand your words were heard perhaps there's some relative it is on your heart who is thumbing his nose at God or perhaps there's some general medical situation according to this from the first baby you set your heart to understand the notice notice Daniels Daniels opposition in his heart according to the angel was a say he set his heart to understand and to humble himself your words were heard in the very first day folks whatever whatever prayer to pray it doesn't seem like it's getting answered the first day he prayed it was so Windows got your prayers the first day but there was a delay as we know there was why was there a delay verse thirteen okay verse twelve the first Angels encouraging is the first day I came I've ever said I was on my way first thirteen but the prince of the kingdom of Persia resisted me coming days and weeks of the next three weeks BC three weeks in verses two and three nowhere folks that say that Daniel said okay how many nominees and him and pray and fast for three weeks of their and says that he prayed and fasted for three weeks said his prayer was heard here and Angel stood up here in the upgrade last four weeks until the end Laura is a delay he got hung by the prince of the kingdom of Persia resisting him for twenty one days and behold Michael one of the chief princes by the way to get his literature literal translation says Michael first of the Cheeseheads Michael first of the chief has came to help me for I have been left alone they are with the kings of Persia now this is that this text understands this is this is baffling to me this is a little peach behind the curtain of the supernatural with the Bible tells that much only only on a couple of occasions do we see the events happening in the supernatural as they correspond to events happening throughout the earth simultaneously Job right jocund in chapter ten the prince of the kingdom of Persia resisted me twenty one days so let's summarize what we know here before we move on we know that God hears prayers on the very first day driving the price and we know that sometimes there's a delay right my question is why is there a delay sometimes why sometimes is not of the land was not a land ending of chapter nine I'm not sure if I entirely understand that but the Bible does this includes somehow in the scheme of the whole great controversy between God and Satan God 's response is affected by certain outside factors according to the Bible is true isn't it what we do what we do is read God 's response is affected by certain outside factors number one other people 's power of choice the current king of Persia Cyrus was working again against God 's people this is the historical context of making a commentators are not absolutely sure exactly when to take this they have good guesses though not exactly sure when to date but many think that this is the time and as a chapter four when the Samaritans came in they said these Jews are being rebellious and they sent the word King and somehow it's related to that end they came by force of arms and made them stop building met many commented before that they're not sure so that's my understanding so the point is that Daniel heard that there was trouble back to Jerusalem the thing that God 's people were in disgrace and he set about to humble himself by fasting prayer praying that that that the king of Persia would render a favorable verdict for God 's people that's the context right so that the current king of Persia was working against God 's people and hindering and hindering the answer the demonstrators God doesn't run over our power of choice the nuts why often when we pray for people we pray so that God can can can somehow have permissions delivered conversely to push back seat and into this person unhindered freedom choice can pray that person 's choice for him of course that person has made obviously among whites in the book open ministry rights whenever a piece of literature is presented that will expose error or better yet this one on life after death whenever I is is presented that will expose their seating is close by the side of the one to whom it is offered and urges reasons why it should not be accepted but ministering angels will oppose their power that Satan supernatural battle supernatural conflict so God 's response sometimes is effected by other people 's power of choice Cyrus was being stubborn right to start the power of choice of humans in a fact can affect whether or not or how quickly my prayers answered the second thing that affects answered prayers or delayed prayer for answers is the presence and influence of powerful supernatural beings unseats inside now watch this you stay with me for this Wednesday look at verse thirteen minutes in verse thirteen and I got to have someone read the word in the original language verse for thirteen for prints it says that the Prince of the kingdom of Persia is the WordStar accused four hundred and twenty times in the Old Testament and has never once used for King one five zero four hundred and twenty several times accused for supernatural beings there are four modern translations we translate this spirit prince or angel points and white Ashley has a statement where she corroborates that which I can read for you shortly hopefully your Sony verse thirteen the angel tells Daniel the demon prince or the angel prints the spirit prints the self-styled guardian angel of the of a person resisted me for twenty one days and it's the inverse of the verse I was left alone there is a version that's of course the King of Prince of the King right that's about it Cyrus and his buddies I believe what were seeing in verse thirteen is the supernatural battle between a good angel and a phony and I don't know what that looks like I don't know if it's light sabers I highly doubted in the battle of authority but we battle influence the physical aspect that I doubt I don't know the say all it says that he had to fight him that within the Bible says that withstood me and said in a verse verse twenty it says on his return to fight with the Prince of Persia is crazy this is like some spiritualistic begin game or something except it's not it's true to the presence and influence of the Demon princes slow down the answer to Daniel 's prayer with verse twenty many said you know why I have come to you again you will still probably why I like this and he shakes his head like this or like this I don't know what to does away from the the writer know what you and now I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia and when I'm done for the need for the race will go the pocket presence and influence of powerful supernatural beings on Satan 's side the number three Texas review what what what influences the response to my prayers number one other people 's power choice number two presence and influence of evil beings number three the presence and influence of powerful supernatural beings on governments influences the answer to my prayers look at verse thirteen day at the Prince of the King of Persia withstood or resisted me twenty one days and behold Michael first of the Cheeseheads came to help me what this game don't sit if you can help one wonderful supernatural life it will be any help at all these the Michael to the first disease that came to help me for I have been left alone bear some Bible say I just remains they driven believe the word alone should be there right I was there by myself is Angel says of it thereupon I felt I needed help that seems like that's what that says and when Michael shows up anything is pushed through a bottle of authority and influence some kind about for three weeks being appraised and asked if nothing and then Michael shows up United got system Angel go into Daniel 's prayer is taken three weeks to get done with this shows the series is a prayer folks verse twenty one but I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture of truth parenthesis no one upholds me against these except Michael your prints to this Angel needed some kind of upholding or helping right what white light of this faithful angel need to be upheld was at fatigue I got it for interesting to me is a supernatural battle going in military history and for family historians luckily military historians and in military history the winner for four years the winner is the one that has the most powerful implement or weapon right back in the Old Testament it was all were afraid of the Egyptians they have five hundred chariots of iron with your marina right you can't you can't face through the Byron and when you just you're in trouble or horses Isaiah thirty sixteen at says they got all the horses were dead me whoever has the most horses wins the battle in Revolutionary war era whoever had the most muskets write the newfangled guns they would win and as time went on of course in the Civil War it was right and more and more advanced weapons whoever had those win-win in World War II with tanks right the panzers whoever had the most powerful tanks they could just walk all over the rebel yells until finally working and in a hurry with the atomic bomb nowadays of course nuclear weapons whoever has the biggest and most powerful weapon wins somehow I don't think the supernatural battle is like on the playground it's my dad 's bigger than your dad and your Bibles to chapter eighteen Saturday the first one for most of the survey with the parable of the unjust judge the persistent widow and the lady says to be just as a laboratory to be just some adversary and he doesn't yell repeatedly until a guy that I'm sick of his lady amendment to think you're right but Luke tells us inspiration tells us what the point of the parable is before its full with eighteen verse one then Jesus spoke a parable to them why that men ought always to pray and not I'm not sure if I can explain with perfect logic why is that I must continue to pray and not lose heart when I make the difference but we know that it does Windows from from from Jesus and from the engines looking for them was to pray and not lose heart Matthew seven seven look for a familiar verse right ingredients some of you know there's the two chances there's the there is punctually or one until era of urban and then there is the continual and Jesus here in Matthew seven seven uses the continual and so much so that some translations say ask and keep on asking siege and keep on seeking not keep on knocking asking the men should always pray and not give up this may take twenty one days of the Daniel or may take twenty one months of with every interesting that Daniel included fasting in his prayer Bible doesn't command a command us to fast however Jesus does assume that the Christians will fast at least after some type went as because this is when you fast I highly recommend immediate fast but you're a media fast great highly recommend immediate fast you like me asking for food young certain point troublesome that mediate fast and complete media fast difficult perhaps if your student as well helps to get your mind right and then who knows of angels appeared you answered your fast was to think about the importance of intercession why is it that when I intercede for you it makes a difference this is nineteen and about Genesis nineteen the story of Sodom and the more I was on a Masonic mora of fire and brimstone the evil the high-handed in-your-face God take this in seven rebellion of the sodomites were more familiar with that familiar with the judgments in the destruction but did you know the story of Solomon Moore is also about intercessory prayer Genesis chapter nineteen and verse twenty nine the Bible says and it came to pass when God destroyed the cities of the plain that God remembered to consent to out of the midst of the oats overthrow any of us to the cities in which slotted well so he remembered Abraham and he went in and got locked out of them it says what happened the previous chapter gets taking about Abraham said over the please just would you spirit as if it were forty and forty five forty thirty twenty ten the intercession of the back-and-forth of God 's Spirit citizens are a few righteous people in it was interceding for his nephew right thing in his nephews and they are seeking the state he misjudged the iniquity of Sodom of course Abraham to intercede with God and God member Abraham and pulled Lot and when intercessory prayer sophomore is about intercessory prayer first John five first John five verse sixteen if anyone sees his brother setting a sinister dwelling that he will ask and he will give him life who will give you life God will give that guy life not done Frank for him this was I understand why but that's what sense the powered intercessory prayer annual that the prophets God said I looked around for intercessor for some understand that I didn't find one more verse first Timothy two verse one first Timothy two verse one hundred dollars writing therefore I exhort first of all that supplications prayers intercession is and giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and for all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet life interesting you mentioned particularly people in authority that's what were talking about in Daniel chapter ten right Daniel Frank Lord please go bother Cyrus help sellers not be able to sleep tonight please login and just pretty Mexican and get him no rest right if you crazy Frank Frank for the people authority you pray for the people in authority would be authority your leaders around here you pray for them to bigger church leaders around the university leaders and your prayers folks it's messy being a leader is difficult programmed with our political leaders and gossip about the need to pray for them pray for your leaders prayers intercession giving of thanks be made for all men for this this historian Daniel chapter ten makes this verse more meaningful to me nothing offer for a interest in receiving for those who inventory those were in power receive and print I noticed in your bulletin that there is a there is a some sort of it is in the back prayer meeting seven p.m. every Wednesday at LOL you see intercessory prayer groups room one oh one eleven hundred feet and you go to that is a good idea is a great idea intercessory prayer somehow a listing of the great controversy when there are humans that are fighting against God 's people when we pray angels fly Daniel chapter ten is there finish after ten sadness is my favorite part I have this in red and I don't I don't want my bubble much of the Utley that you have is an rent in Cochin verse twelve the last phrase in fact this is something you can frame it says the angel says to the prayer I have come because of your words I have come because of your words you prayed and I flew encouraging another and I got held up on the way sorry about that that guy help me out I have come because of your words let's go over again God 's response for prayer is affected by word we start to think about the choices of others it's affected by the presence and power of human beings it's affected by the presence and power influence of good being is it affected by intercessions in the last things affected by is God 's response is affected by our own choices of things Chapter 11 verse one it is a still parenthetical right Angel still speaking about stepping out and start the process you don't understand as a prelude Daniel ten is a prelude to gain eleven revisited this amazing detail prophecy which is just amazing but in verse one he says this is a continuation verse twenty one the chapter division there is artificial to twenty one good blend of writing that the verse one also in the first year of Darius the Mead I even I stood up to confirm and strengthen him few we see digital he's saying you know what Darius was awesome he was making this decision after decision to help God 's people trust that they are I can furnace maintenance and cataract liquids they say that you cannot easily disgusted to confirm and strengthen Darius was making personal choices if you if we are making good personal choices invisible to stand up to confirm and strengthen us as a dynamic and civilian MI on the side of God 's people like that in mind the side of God people like that to have Angels standing up to confirm and strengthen me if I'm working against God why would he answer my prayer right I wanted to its microphone working with your people right I challenge us this morning like Darius to work in favor of God 's people I again I don't propose to answer all the questions about the unseen world today about why her works and how her works but from Scripture we know that somehow somehow it makes a powerful difference in the unseen battle between good and evil they conversely great controversy page five twenty five minutes science lust P on this roof in science classes right now the science claim that there can be no real answer to prayer that this would be a violation of law miracle and miracles have no existence the universe they say is governed by fixed laws and got himself does nothing contrary to these laws thus they represent God is bound by his own laws as if the operation of divine laws that exclude divine freedom such teaching is opposed to the testimony of the Scriptures were not miracles wrought by Christ and his apostles the same compassionate Savior lives today and he's willing to listen to the prayer of faith as when he walked use as willing to listen to the prayer of faith as when he walked visibly among men the natural cooperates with the supernatural is a part of God 's plan to grant us in answer to the prayer of faith that which he would know so did we not thus ask so if I don't ask I don't get James says you have not because you ask not right so until you pray and intercede algebra into much of her life right now perhaps your prayer life like this become wrote or perhaps you spend more time in this book which is a great sensation as you provide whose dawdling on your heart right I know that everybody in this room has some friend or relative is avoiding God made some industry with window you need to be praying for that person interceding because you know the angel princes are around having some battle influence and somehow our prayers they can push back we can be free to decide unhindered by that is that garbage is being whispered in your ears I challenge you to be a person who is on God 's side of the battle you don't know what happened in answer to Daniel 's printing of ten your catalog is the epilogue is it Cyrus ruled in favor of the Jews and altering the rest of his reign ended the reign of his son the evil angels will push back one is praying fasting for three weeks not giving up not giving up because there was a bigger battle going on until Michael arrived pushed it through the person is present outside the battle soon I believe folks visiting to get a time of trouble to come is coming such as never was big chapter twelve verse one harnessing this new ten eleven twelve and Daniel are all the same vision that could happen and like the fall of the Berlin wall right of the photo Berlin Berlin want to be taxes was to be safe because we faithful unfaithful etc. father were so thankful for your kindness to us in pulling back the curtain a tiny bit there's still so much we don't know in fact almost every thing we don't know we just don't know but you've shown us that somehow in your great claim the battle between good and evil where it intersects in our lives when we meet we want to be on your side we don't want to be fighting against you we want to be cooperating with you so you can send your Angels to stand up and confirm and strengthen us look weak we just we just pray the Lord that that you will do this for us and that you will make our time of intercession one that is effective and powerful and then Lord please answer here and answer push those evil beings back and let people decide for you thank you for the victory you gave been appointed for the victory you gave got your people through Cyrus making the decisions without the help Lord help them to continue to glorify your name give them sweet spirits deep prayer life the Lord be with the students who are here Lord who were seeking your face of father hearts to thank you be with us now Lord be with us to church let your name to glorify the Sabbath the name of Jesus on


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