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21 - How to Create a Social Media Ministry

Nathaniel Justin Khoe


If you’ve ever wanted to get started with sharing the gospel through social media, this episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast is for you. Join Esther Louw and Justin Khoe as they discuss the practical details of building a following, creating content, and, ultimately, making a difference to those you engage with.


  • December 2, 2018
    11:00 AM


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Not many years ago sharing the gospel generally meant physically going to the people that you wanted to reach today with the explosion of social media use sharing the gospel is now as simple as going online Hi this is a low and with me in this episode of The podcast is Justin Cohen Justin otherwise known as that Christian Wagner joins us is ways that you can reach out through social media to spread the good news. I just can't see beyond Kath thank you so much for coming here to share with us today can you start by telling our listeners something about yourself currently Yeah absolutely Well 1st off thank you for having me it is a pleasure to do this I'm very excited to see I was telling you the 1st part cast that I actually get to do in real life so it's different than looking at like a mirror reflection of me on my camera. Which is what I do I run a You Tube channel called that Christian blog or I make You Tube videos on the religion and faith and life and it's something I've been doing now for a little over 2 years and I quite enjoy it so tell us a little bit about how you got into this kind of journey did you take to start blogging Yes So I've been in ministry now this is my 11th year of ministry most of my background is in like more traditional forms of ministry literature evangelism public evangelism so I did 10 years of cold pouring I've preached several evangelists a Crusades both here in the States and abroad trained Bible workers which is a common thing that we have and we haven't and so for me it's like my life at this present time it's all about the message you know 11 years ago I gave my heart to the Lord like had an amazing experience like this this is what truly matters in life and this is what I want to say to devote my life to this is to helping other people have a similar experience to the one that I had and a number of years ago I was teaching at a Bible college I met a young man by the name of Michael Michael grew up in Pennsylvania in an nominally Catholic you'd call him Catholic or you wouldn't believe it I mean it was like Easter and Christmas type of a Catholic right and he had become something menaced because of someone in Oregon making videos on You Tube and when I heard this like it blew my mind because this is something that I get to talk to on a regular basis at that time I was Disciple and after you know 3 or 4 months he actually asked me to baptize him and it was just like a. It's incredible like here I am standing in this lake this cold water in the middle of Pennsylvania baptising some of that I care about deeply and the whole reason why we're here is because someone picked up a camera on the other side of the country and made a video and when I heard that like that that blew my mind because as a cold corner I mean you get this is like literal blood sweat and tears to knock on maybe $1200.00 a day and you're lucky to talk to maybe a quarter of those people and the ones that response to that is even far fewer than that so it's like you're breaking your back almost quite literally for the sake of the Gospel and while I was doing that it was worth it because again it's about the message and that's what's valuable and so I figured wow you could do the same thing and have the exact same result could have a baptism a life that's transformed like someone coming to the knowledge of Jesus and you could do that through social media and through through videos I just to me that opened up an entire world of possibilities and I figured you know what if it's worth the hours knocking on doors it was worth the hours in preparation for a Bible study or a sermon or a class that I was about to teach what if it could also be done where I could give the same contant the same message but leveraged across 100 or 1000 or a 1000000 people down the line and so that's kind of I got started like you know what if this work if this has worked in the past and can work in the future this is something that we need to do this is worth it and I looked around and I will be honest I literally saw no one in our space doing this I don't know of anyone not anyone now and I was like OK well you know I've always wanted to be the kind of person that's going to instead of complain be a change maker and so I said All right let's let's try it let's do it I bought my 1st camera and the rest is somewhat history you know OK you know it's really awesome story and I really connected that to you as a cancer myself and. It can be a thing and there's only so many people that you can physically reach your hand that there is a limit right now with this medium you can reach more than the people that you could talk to in one day or you meet physically yes can reach anyone who wants to logon and look absolutely I mean in 10 years of doing literature evangelism I have personally knocked on I want to if I had to make it estimate is probably in the range of $5200000.00 I mean I've had a lot of conversations with people in 10 years in 10 years I mean that's a lot of hard work in the 2 years that I've been doing You Tube Now I've had over 2000000 interactions with people from all over the world vast majority who don't come from the administration the vast majority of them I have never met in real life and yet I get messages and e-mails and comments all the time saying that they're impacted in very similar manner than my quote unquote in real life history and so but you're absolutely right this is something that I could literally never do in person so you've got this idea and you want to start blogging Yeah what experience do you have and how did you. Yeah I mean most people here have never logged before and maybe they don't know where to start Yeah absolutely so I had 0 background doing this I mean I think I mean like one video when I was in high school on Windows Movie Maker adamant that was like the extent of my experience up to that point never taken a graphic design class never taking a video cinematography or editing class like literally none of those things and I'm I'm the kind of guy that geeks out over numbers in Excel sheets and graphs like that's the kind of thing that I like to do so so being creative as as it's traditionally understood was not something that I identified with at all but again wanting to be part of the solution and not part of the people complaining about things I said you know I'm going to try it I'm a firm believer that you know God blesses the faithful efforts you know and you multiply them and so I just said often you know the 1st day you are trying to make took me probably 15 hours. And it's just to learn how to edit it's like it was it was a lot of work but again if the message isn't forn and the goal is to get in front of as many people as possible in an enticing and charismatic and win some way I figured hey why not you know young people nowadays they're not going to church so what are we doing what if you know You Tube could be a church or something on Yes So instead of like trying to like Lerner and then maybe produce a video once you got comfortable with it you just started going Oh yeah yeah I'm a big believer in the idea that Dunn is better than perfect. So I have a lot of character flaws but thankfully like this perfectionism is not one of OK I just like you know what I'm done I'm going to start out there and work on the next thing and so yeah I mean I definitely look back on my early videos and I cringe inwardly and like a part of me dies every time I re watch one of those old videos because they're just horrible like in comparison and I'm sure in 5 years from today I'll look back at the videos that I'm making today that I feel proud about today to be like what what was I doing like that was horrible but again done is better than perfect God can only use something that's actually out there you know use He'll speak to the Stones or speak through the mouth of a donkey but he can't work through someone who isn't available and Sarah create something get started and then let God use them so experience is really just you doing and trying to do your best you can grow as you're doing stuff during Absolutely and you can. Become better now. Once you got content out there I'm sure that there are young people who have tried maybe Instagram or Facebook or different mediums for reaching out to others but they just can't get the word out there yeah what kind of marketing strategies have you learnt that really work to connect people to get fewer is content going around so one thing that I really believe is that you have to you have to care about the people that you're ministering to on whatever platform it is and of course anyone who is getting into the space like in really you do care about them but the way that you manifest that in a ministry oftentimes reflects that it's more about you than it is about the other person because you use the platform as a distribution method and if all you're saying about oh I should go to Facebook so I can distribute my stuff then it's really about you and your message than it is the person so what I what I think is absolutely key is actually getting to know the people that are on the platform itself and being a part of that community the reason why I picked You Tube as a platform is because I watch a lot of You Tube like that's what I love and I'm not I don't I don't enjoy Reddit I'm not an Instagram or I don't do Twitter or vine and write me at rest in peace and I thought I'm not a consumer on any of those platforms and so like for me I don't really care about that subcategory of people and so if you're going to be successful you have to be a practitioner on the platform itself like if you've never gave If you don't even like keep up your own Facebook then that's not going to be a platform for you that right successful the way that I try to explain it to people's every social media platform is like it's own country with its own set of ethics and morals and best practices and things that are acceptable in a social construct you know you would not hopefully you would not if you're a missionary I have some friends that are going to East Asia to be missionaries say right now they're at Andrews and they're they're learning about the culture they're learning what are the things that they should do and should avoid things along those lines and they're approaching it very intelligently and very methodically the worst thing that they can. Do is to go to whatever part of the world that they're going to go to with this North American mindset and just expect for that to work over there and so in order to be successful on a social media platform you can't just oh hey you know I know how to have a Bible study I'm not a preacher or I know how do you make a movie I'm just going to record the sermon and put it on You Tube like that's not going to work because that's not the culture so you actually have to study what is You Tube like one of the people that are on You Tube Why are they there what are they looking for how do they look for it and how do you go about communicating the kinds of things that they're interested in when you understand those things then you know what type of content may or may not be interesting to potential viewers OK Could you give us an example of some of the things that may or may not be appropriate for like yeah yeah it's all going to happen so I gave one earlier is like I should be I should because let me qualify the same it's a church that live streams their service on You Tube It's better than them doing nothing right so I don't want to like like get down on any of you guys who are volunteering for churches media team or whatever like if you're doing that that's great that's a better thing than nothing. But as far as like the next step after that I would say it's a very terrible solution or strategy for engaging people on You Tube You Tube is very very very personal when you think about this you sit down on your couch or on your bed to watch a T.V. that's across the other side of the room it's a very passive experience with You Tube You're literally 6 inches from their face you're holding their phone like like me right in front of your face like it doesn't get more into like you know you're having a conversation where you know we're healthy Holy Spirit and you know you could just sense apart we're going right 567 feet away from each other but if you were to watch a video I would be right next to you it's a very intimate thing and yet when you are lying streaming a church service you're literally a fly on the wall the person on the screen makes up you know a tiny fraction of the screen so they're so small and the camera is so far away that it's not a personal experience. And so when I go to Youtube to learn something and mainly to connect with someone to learn from someone and that person is so far away and so far removed it doesn't match the context and doesn't match why people are there OK I see what you would be doing then is trying to move closer and closer experience in the camera for you yeah people want a personal experience on You Tube There's a reason why celebrities on You Tube by and large fail a number of years ago they did an experiment with several celebrities where they got people that have like massive followings in in Hollywood and they paid them like big money to create a youtube channel once the initial like excitements wore off a lot of those channels just died because because they were they didn't understand the context they knew I know how to shoot a commercial and how to shoot a movie and they took that approach to youtube and that's not what people are looking for you have more average Joes an average genes on You Tube You've got millions of followers because they understand that platform then you have celebrities really killing it on the party there are a few celebrities that actually understand it and do it well all right just to summarize so far but you're saying it's basically you know your audience your target Yeah and the media you're to try to reach them for your cases You Tube and for other people that might be Facebook or Instagram. And some people he snatch at Yeah so there's lots of different ways that you need to know how that medium works absolutely and what those people on there looking for you know OK Now what about things like times to release content does that make a difference it does but it's not the not the biggest piece of the puzzle like I mean if you're going to if you're trying to get fit right you can worry about supplements but if you're not in the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week then all the supplements you take in the world doesn't matter OK but does like maybe scheduling for your content how many times a week do you recommend and yeah kind of stuff so I think the industry standard is that you need to do minimum once a week OK I think that's what is common practice that's what's expected when someone subscribes to a channel if you're doing less than. Once a week you know like why am I even subscribe if you doing like significantly more it might be too overwhelming so I really suggest to you if you're going to do this set a schedule of at least once a week hit that upload button every single week no matter what like I said Done is better than perfect if you're not super happy with your work that's OK keep going I have a lot of friends that make 10 to make amazing videos and movies that are like many times better than what I can make but they're the kinds of people that stress out about every single detail and that's great that's why they're good at it but again if it's about the message and it's not about myself that I'm in a certain sense going to be willing to sacrifice what I want out of this video versus what someone else can get and then get caught up in looking for this amazing quality straight off right they grow into that maybe what about some of the the much acknowledgeable side of this you know maybe someone is going to start You Tube channel or something like that and they're probably going to like what cameras doing yeah I mean microphones like software. Recommendations Yeah you can do all those things and that's great that's a fun thing to have a conversation about like I love gear and like I said I'm a nerd in a lot of areas in my life but like to start off you don't need any of those kinds of things the vast majority of us have i Phones or some kind of anger device as a great camera get get that and that's going to be fine you know it's interesting to note it like in a certain sense quality of video has never been more important because there's a lot that's available but it's also true that the quality of the video has never been less important than ever because we're used to watching 2 Bochum mom take a selfie in her car just laughing hysterically and it's not a good quality video but we watch it and because Instagram and Snap Chat and all the other social media platforms we're used to watching you know standard definition videos and so your phone is adequate get start with what you have use what's in your hand you know it would maybe be the sermon approach to it and that's fine beyond that you can certainly invest in cameras and and gear. All the different kind of stuff but I like to me it's it's not the most important thing OK if you really are wanting to do it more on a serious level you know on a budget of let's say. Someone the realm of a $1000.00 for a camera lighting audio equipment lenses tripods like you can probably get started up and going for about a $1000.00 is realistic you could build your equipment here over time and start with maybe a 4 or $500.00 thing out another piece to it later and that's kind of the route that I took But you know your phone is pretty good if you have your phone maybe an audio device and a light then you've pretty much got everything that you need for the 1st couple months and then they can discover is this really want to do or not. And just one last question just along the lines of how to run it now to get it going but your relationship with advertising. Yeah so it's interesting because on You Tube There's a lot of controversy right now about those you guys who are Ernie to the platform know about the ad pocket. The Logan brothers making everything terrible is like it there's You Tube has got a lot of flack for it I wouldn't worry too much about advertising because at the end of the day again it's about the message is not about the money unless you're like me where literally I quit my job 2 years ago to pursue this as a digital missionary but chances are you're not can do that most I would guess that most people you have some kind of calling or a career that you do pay the bills so I wouldn't even worry about ads at the beginning like you know you have to turn them on and you're fine just create the contents get the experience try and meet people online and see what God does through that at the end the day ads are nice if you can make money but it's not the whole point of what we're doing. Thank you so much for what you've been hearing so far going back to the whole point of what you're doing how do you feel your videos disciple people and things you know they should be Jesus is there a process that you think about like this is the content I want to explore in the direction I'm going do you just share as it comes Yeah well I would love to answer the question yes I have a process the answer is No I don't have a process yet I have an idea of what I want to do my background again is in a vandalism Bible working things like that so I'm very familiar you know taking someone through kind of a fundamental beliefs course or Bible study into one of the cases I want to do that at some point but my goal has never been only to promote I've been to the expense of reaching people to muse about Jesus 1st and I'm into them as as becomes so I haven't yet done like that course and I fully intend to have like a full series that disciples people through our unique perspective of who God is I haven't done it yet so that's why I'm kind of like cringing like all I need is another thing and not do I want to do and it's just getting the times I don't. It sounds kind of like on your priorities 1st thing to engage with a secular mind and just get them to consider God Yeah yeah I mean yes that's that is definitely true but it's it's more an outflow of my experience with God when I especially in the early days now it's a little bit more strategizing and things like that but at the early days it was literally like when I study in devotions OK it was what did I hear at church that really stood out to me or I had a conversation with one of my friends and this topic came up and this is a subject that I want to share and it was very much a natural extension of my experience you know a lot of people as a Spiritual Practice Journal the devotions I've tried that probably a dozen times I never made it like past page 7 in a journal I have probably a stack of journals that are all empty but for whatever reason recording a video works for me it is a great way for me to to be forced to think about what God is doing in my life and to articulate that and so it's been a great spiritual discipline for me personally and then beyond that of course like there's the whole how do I communicate that experience with other people to I like what you're talking about you're just saying you know it's what you experience you devotions are outrageous it's real it's personal it's not just something that you're trying to preach to someone else an idea that you think you know something that you really experiencing Yeah I mean. You know I have a fight with my wife you know this is real life right. The video for that week might be like hey this is we're fighting and this is what we learn from it and this is how we are making it through and this is what I feel like this is a mistake that I made maybe then maybe the lesson at that point is hey as a man what does it mean to be a man is it really what Hollywood tells me that I need to you know have a beard and go hunting and you know like Flip truck wheels and lift weights is that what being a man is you know chewing the beef jerky and spitting tobacco or is being a man having the strength to say I was wrong I'm sorry. And I could do with the videos about for that week because that's what I experienced that week awesome just as we close up what is one piece of advice that you want to give our listeners that you would have liked to have heard 2 years ago when you're starting out what advice what I'm that's a good question. I would probably say it's going to be tough but it's going to be worth it the thing that keeps me coming back to You Tube is always going to be the stories it's always going to be the moments where the curtain is kind of pulled apart and I get to see what God is doing to the ministry a lot of it is seed sowing in the same way that knocking on doors and passing out tracks or preaching can be you don't always know if it's connecting same things to on line but every once in while you get stories of how your videos have impacted someone's life like literally just last night someone came up to me here at the convention center is like Justin I want to thank you for this specific video I learned this lesson from that I never thought I was like wow like that's that's incredible I've never met you before you know I don't know your name or where you're from and or anything and yet like God I was able to use my efforts to to impact your life in a positive way and whenever I get moments like that it's very rewarding and it makes the tough times of sitting at the computer for forever and stressing out about finances or what am I going to do next like all those kinds of things it's it's worth it because again it's it's all about the message and you know whenever you can see that message connecting it's it's brilliant minds me at this canvassing song it's worth the effort Yeah absolutely everything but thank you so much for sharing with us just my pleasure your participation Jeff I thank you for having me. Thanks for listening entered a sketch and to find out more don't forget to follow us and i Tunes connect with a sees through Facebook and Instagram previous episodes can also be found at T.Y.C. web flash beyond.


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