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How to Give a Bible Study on the Judgment Part 1

Lauren Holland



  • November 14, 2009
    2:30 PM
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at the five then I is really getting a blessing from the camp and because a large on his coming soon and what better place to be a writer 's afternoon in the sun is shining Larry will argue coming here and are filling your mind with things that hand and preparing yourself to God shadow and also equipping yourself and allow it to the full bulk of the camps intact immediate as much as adding your HR people with people in Santa Fe that I think you and I prepare to use items after you continue to ounce I be here and see in this room into style reminds to continue focus on these things and you abuse me NT me and please just beginning to outpace at the first part of a two-part study on the judgment on hopefully a lot of Uganda versus written down at there on the screen is not as they go through you'll see that I have them numbered so you missed right and on the string of the end of the company and you can threaten them out into the part of the studies to show that the judge is to vindicate the character of God to remove blame and prove innocence in the judgment guide is really on trial not just is such a wonderful site I'm so excited Joseph and the Senate today is in the judgment Jesus himself is on trial not just Jews will be our judge our lawyer and in the standard parents while trying to find every way to say but what do we have to be afraid of God read the heart and motive we just need to live completely for him every day in response of the made of rough and you and all that but he is never what you have been in your center is on things they did in the beginning it is time to get your mind focus on what you are you knowing all information is sharing with your person is sharing with ties to John chapter with any punishment across them in that study will destroy that down okay so the first question never going to be asking in this study is in their judgments is there a judgment as a question reminded turns our first verse in Hebrews nine twenty seven and someone wants to read from Hebrews nine twenty seven and as it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment case of the Delilah says that yes that is a judgment on many evil on earth when they have two faces some new they've done a court has given the verdict they don't think that Reagan's alignable connections inside an example that is the Nuremberg trials after World War II this session however we will all face we will all go to the matter why is so plain that even the dead will be resurrected to realize their verdict if they are dead up if they are alive at the end of time and Jesus comes then we will be raised up to realize our verdict on my dive knife tyrants is waiting for us to talk their taken with any of my nannies the patient underwent before any definitely going to help he is not accident got so it is so fortunate there is a judgment what is the purpose of the judgment and initiative Israel Academy know to what is the purpose of judgments versus Romans three twenty three Romans three twenty three the glory of God hey they got so the reason why there is a judgment as we have send out we realize that our last study we are not worthy we sin we find short of the wipeout under Carnation and Bible says the wages of sin is death but a delay in John three sixteen Jesus offers he counters this condemnation after the salvation 's office that believes in him Jonathan except in very larger than first know your tummy time now I sent it again that is such an amazing writer talking about anything for love that God has for us to draw this whole study and always gave their all centered on God and to see the love of God matter what topic you are studying me know can be anything a guideline is really shine throughout the Bible God 's word is a loving God and that the deliberate change to your people that you're setting with the matter what the topic is I love them so much transition here is it possible to want in life have accepted this gift to walk in faith and then to turn away from his answers on the focus is Hebrews four ten thirty eight and thirty nine but my righteous one will live by faith and if he shrinks back I will not be pleased with him but we are not of those who shrink back or destroyed but of those who believe and are saved K so that is some uneasiness the freedom choice is given us within fifty four we come to him and and choose to accept his gift of salvation also he continues to get that they are twice after we choose to accept it at the foundation Canada's biggest robot okay once you know your to cut them I get now you and that force you to stay in this path of life no he's still unable to get the fact that free will that precise and so we does I have an undo button yet it that okay so some verses that talk about this topic of is it possible to turn back if you're walking with Christ and eternal weight on I'm than it would in a millisecond on the screen and the lot are really helpless e-mail from another question once saved always saved on these questions and talk about it so on we will look them up and he was jumping down a few turns then later on second Peter two twenty two twenty Q I'm talking about how one salvation is offered it is possible to forfeit salvation second Peter two twenty three twenty two and the on the street of the Hebrews three fourteen we are made partakers of Christ conditionally a faithful until the end he was for lender the potential to fall in the Gill thirty three team rushes in the righteous conterminous righteousness and Exodus thirty two thirty three North E buyout talks are being bought out about the book and are to be bought out about the life you first have to be in that life so that yes it is possible to to turn away because as a loving unit force us to do something he gives a greater choice okay so here's the transition that you want the same we realize so fine a study that we have things that God has offered salvation and so now people the book and decided to walk in godly within also the possibility that maybe they want decide not to animate left his way and so there has to be some sort of determination that finalizes you is continue to live covered by the blood of Christ and his rejected his offering of salvation so with that said let's look at the dictionary definition of the judge to judge means to examine something and decide so the transition question to you at present would be a God knows all and why that examination people 's lives necessary angry and God knows all why does he have to examine in the in-depth look into the situation well let's establish the fact that God does know all of this verse for today is Psalms one hundred and thirty nine thousand and thirty nine one two four oh Lord now they searched me and known me the newest nightgown sitting in my appraising now understand this my thought afar off I will come passes my path and my lying down and art acquainted with all my ways for there is not a word in my tone but low oh Lord thou knowest it altogether the case at all anything about SM or whatever were doing guided by knows what's happening that anything is going on in our lives and Matthew ten thirty also talks about this Matthew ten thirty but the very hairs of your head are all numbered and have felt that once again Agassi God has everything even then it has I had in that changes every day I decided my hairballs out her son pulled it off that's always changing so God cares unless he knows everything including a little detail and so we know that God knows all the Bible says God has also if that's the case and we got to the judgment isn't for God did I knows everything the judgment for a beer transition question so what in God 's pattern of judgment in the next five verses is the pattern doesn't drop the Bible the first verse in Genesis three eight through eleven it says and they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden and the Lord God called Adam and said to him or are you so you said I heard your voice in the garden I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself they said who told you that you were naked have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you that you should not eat today on an unsolved site out on getting I'll save some heat for the first of all cutting out where the first beginning with you know what they know about the Bible so you might want to establish the background of the story about you now need for whatever started going through can someone versus will not sample pictures around his outset before hand I was talking time and even he's asking them questions and he doesn't know where you did not know the bullies themselves the fact that God knows everything so why the question on the question that many parents last two decades when they wanted the lines of the Lafayette Declan rhetorical question that questions the Digg had Artie know the answer that the documented why do they want the kid understand widening the punishment why does have a kid and through their eyes defendant had been learned that situations of the little guy doing is asking rhetorical questions not that he doesn't know the answer but because he wants the person immediately to understand where he's coming from he wants us to think so if these questions were forgot that he is really for therefore the people immediately there for the benefit of us from producing this is the same titles never ever give that in Genesis four eight and see him talking to Cano does he say and Cain talked with Abel his brother and it came to pass when they were in the field that Cain rose up against Abel his brother slew him and nine and the Lord said unto Cain where is enabled by brother and he said I know not in my my brother 's keeper okay so here you question that we've got Artie knows everything that is not really asking for and asking for Kane 's benefit he's wanting to share a common minds working have come down even so he's teaching us that he's a personal God he wants to come down and help engage his children your logic and wife you do this if you want to establish confidence in his actions in his judgment also said in Genesis six five cases six five min the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually invaded another and the guy was sitting up on his throne against the Lord all knowing just kind of you know made some sort of announcement he actually sought to be taking time to investigate what is happening with children building is all about I got always investigate before he takes action for the really good point even make that always investigates before he takes actions got not just that ran down all just get this pronouncement he always will investigate or take action anyone's as to realize why the guests on the show is what is mine if I comes high thinking was that in Genesis eleven five and the first is the delay came down to see the city and the tower was the Son of Man had built to God didn't just stay up and had he came down to see what was going on got always investigate before he takes action he didn't need to come down they came down for us to show that he was personally get involved and Justice Bill competent confident in his decisions God is always there and also Genesis eighteen twenty three twenty one teslas eighteen twenty and the Lord said because the clients on the more integrated in because anything is very previous I will go down now and see whether they have done also altogether according to the cry in which is come unto me and if not I know okay so let's will not happen without a lot of very terrible thing gathering the rickety fire coming out and destroying all city and so it went against in the violence that the more impending and coming judgment judgment the more God stretches himself to establish confidence in what he is about to do and in the comfort to know that God is not as any other you personally coming out involve he wants to sign to know how he's thinking he wants to make hit everything claim they planed to us why he does what he does answer all crocodile we find God investigating before acting on Genesis eighteen seventeen customers are all right in there is on your main MySpace Genesis eighteen seventeen and at the Lawrence five from Abraham what I'm doing tirelessly transparently nice he does once he wants us understand where his children so the summary of what we just talked neither always investigate before you take action and injured seven it says assigning more how God dealt with either an example of how other will happen in the end and so we know that how God dealt with that those cities young ended with judgment are leaving for the title always investigate for he takes action okay and where the most beautiful example that I've got coming guys are getting involved in affairs and as many came down and took on human race and it is covered another in the judgment we will have someone of our race sitting up there to judge us someone has taken our very nature and in understand what it's like to be human what what we went through answer given is in heaven as a witness as an advocate for a suggestion isn't something to be scared so we want so far we've learned that the judgment doesn't benefit God because he is on all he does all he is on this and that unseen and so great a benefit then the less they don't all that are not God a missionary abuse of the transition question it affects is how does this relate entire great controversy as this relates and Revelation twelve ten must remember to find someone is accusing a very loud voice saying in heaven management motivation and strength and between them about God and the power of the drive for the accused Santa Barbara Bank discount nine which accused them before our God day and night okay so Satan is accusing us he doesn't care for us at all and is always up executing as if I thought that he is accusing us and also giving God and in Genesis three four and five see what he's saying about God TE is any Swiss resistance is never one of my ears so Genesis three four and five in the says this at a 7-Eleven you will not surely die for God knows that in that day that your idol be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil so essentially saying well you know guidelines you've had keeping you from the good stuff and he is bringing also supplies characters and so does not this thinking is not just accusing us he accusing God and got character set in the judgment is really the one on trial not the issue of God 's fairness essential in the battle between God and Satan he's always trying to the author every people that is not meeting started there is always many cute guys of not being fair as of the judge is to show that God is completely fair the Angels are all watching on we are not the only ones in the universe and so Ephesians three ten Todd floated out on by guys who make high resumes talks on two studies ago and is showing how this all ties into judgment with the whole big picture things in the third division three ten to the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God and so we as a church to the privilege of sharing and indicating that character and yes he might have to go through my time down here because you're the start of the light within but what really should know the Angels into our next verse offers once while the talk saw how big his desire to look into these things are happening down your parents is just there also the edge of the universe looking into what's going on on and so we are missing a great kind of battle our lives are of great interest the Angels a list and got better as they observe are alive and his ears in the job friend Joe on no thing is accusing badly it while you know Billy Smith jokes always use because you bless him and all these things but take away the blessing that he did not love you and joke how differently just like if I left today has apparently showing that no God I know the possible love him because you love and is not a convincing that he gives you and the age of Washington and just marveling and learning about the character got your so the gospel working ally the sinners and the thing that has the whole universe spell bounds the question is how God going to make sinners live a sinless world method question question of judgment the Angels and everyone wants to know how how are we going to get up to heaven we have sent down here Mister and NATO have limitations to be don't know what's going on in your hearts and your minds this question boggles them so the Cintron began ever known very backyard and eight there based it on Hassan and having and how to happen again at ready and for the reason there's a judgment is to show the entire universe was like each person has chosen to take in this cosmic conflict the desert is when documented the entire universe that you are fit for heaven so as you can see it is a whole new view of the judgment God is not Harsco Dodge is wanting to you know find the Arctic and annual things does he know about the kingdom of heaven instead he's trying to find every little thing to save you he wants to take you to heaven on you just have to prove to be angels and show guessing why he's held up the books and show why on you know that they know you don't mind my saying yes you can contact and his illustration it wasn't his doctor and he had the patient was a very contagious disease in so and it is very unknown error was scared and so beware not to seek to going to the patient and Verizon really got everything you tell his wife and kids about came home one day I became uninfected patients now been sealed and I'm going to bring the patient home to live with I think that parents that the wife and the kids would've reacted to news that highlighted the Magnolia will bring in the Olympic guiding the design is help what about the fear propagated Sedalia on living with us and so in order to convince other the patient would be clearly the doctor would have to bring all the lab resolve all the x-rays everything to show they can know it this guy is a you completely clean to be filing with us and the God that he has for the judgment is all about he has to lay out all the everything on the table before the Angels and show the gap the first mission to me and this person is cleansed in this person and I'm glad and on their find when having a significant problem not happen again for the judge and is not God choosing who will be favor lost a dog recognizing those who chosen to be saved or lost it our choice is not something they got it out not a good idea I don't know and is not that I've is just recognizing that was James Joyce was Veronica listings choice and it's if the ball is all in our court violence to find any excuse to say that he wants everyone to be in heaven so the balls are quarter this is another illustration on when your teacher lifetime canceled continual say might like it it wellness our mission is really unite why didn't you could study why it sickens you whenever they did best of it the reason they don't ask and ask enough that the as human you know what is not God why can I go ahead and it went by choice or making outrageous choosing ourselves if we want to go ahead or not on this list has a radical and it says in the NLB two classes of people and those who say to guide your will be done and those in whom God says your will be gotten if art what is not its energy so it are limiting and suffering to see that the big body and flooding by me this message that you know it is what we make our choices today got one doesn't have anyone every single one of us and happen God is so merciful he let all those who want to be there any summer sport doesn't force people that don't want to be there to be the guys are showing indigestion everyone gets what they want the judgment is just not acknowledging what everyone's choice was to the universe the appraisal I reserve such an amazing guide so here's that appeal you want to get as you're getting a study saying is our prosecutor he doesn't care for us he's trying to condemn us Jesus is our judge and are turning he is trying to save us at all costs what can keep you from siding with the one is trying to save you and that didn't want to live in heaven if you could be there lucky so much of his life at such an amazing garden we have some defendants here I'm not sure how much you okay so here's undefended says sometimes a lot of times in any size you'll have questions of the asked me afterwards and so here are some of the ones that you will get on the first landlord I once saved always saved now we notice at the beginning of the study but in either the same verses that I have on the screen before them if you opened already then your head down and they show that yes everyone has the choice for you we'll have reciting a few salvation and that is possible to have accepted his salvation and to turn away from so we have it give it all up and down from my pizza talked by another example is feeling another question and it is here is the judge who is the judge either AVG does all we can see this in a second Caribbean 's five ten also in Romans fourteen ten to twelve then B that thrust second Corinthians five ten for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that each one may feed recompensed for his deeds and the body according to what he has done whether good or bad this is it of him Christ and so you know the agency also Romans fourteen so what killed after this how it's genius sitting up there it's Christ is the one that came down sick on human flesh is the one that is a member of our race want to understand life like living in an he's actually related to you and your presiding over the documents so there's an ethernet and also got the Bible said that he thought our the same and so we don't need a Pentagon either hunting is not like an earthly judge he's not looking for any reason to get you is looking for any reason to say another verse that you might have asked to use John twelve forty seven and July fill out this verse I come not to judge the world but to save it and a lot of times will ask questions and make Islam look at the context surrounding the birth and so if you are just look into the next bursts on Elsie that you visit yes there will be a judgment and haze that is says that they the judgment will be by God 's words and John one fourteen the word in the words are the revelation of much of Christ so yes there will still be a judgment and in what will be judged and judgments crazy yes he's twelve thirteen to fourteen says that even the secret things we do not just our actions also hearts and our motives twelve thirteen and fourteen and then a how God relates people who died without fully living up to her knowing how to do we know today on all financing act seventeen thirty three thirty one said intern than acts seventeen thirty thirty one and may not be essentially these times of ignorance God overlooked but now commands all men have a right to repentance so God will only hold people accountable for what they know on and just once again another way to show that God is in such a peridot and give everyone a chance and that he wants us all to know truth and did some digging into the work ourselves what is not standard in the judgments James two ten to twelve James two ten to twelve and read for whoever sake the full bar and yet stumble in one point is guilty of all for he who said it do not commit adultery also said do not murder now if you do not commit adultery do you do murder you have become a transgressor transgressor of the law the speed and so do at those who will be judged by the law of liberty pay so will be dismissed on this same mirthful but later on the law study but on what laws are talking on here some familiar of that you know which law think Matt Fagan is getting for example the message clearly see that this loss talking about the ten Commandments so what is that stand in judgment of men and our last winter they are on question the question what are the three judgments I will do wonderful than once and in the next age health if any going to bite on their three-day investigation is always talked about today so happens before Jesus comes back instead I got people in the millennial judgment which is the one of the state it helped him in evaluating on everyone studying art and past the guys is opening but now once again becomes has up and running I want to be transparent he was is to see through his mind to see why he did what he did and the executive judgment when God finally eradicate sin and the Dell forever anyone have a question say on this study is on the concepts regularly got all through but a view on what this study I'm my mother happy to get you


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