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Marking the Mind

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 10, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word we thank you Lord for your Sabbath for this time we have to worship you I ask now Lord that you make me just a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail ask Father that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ let Eric waltz not be seen or heard today instead father let us hear word from the throne room of Greece the prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen we'll start the book of Revelation Chapter 7 Revelation Chapter 7 and verse one interesting panel ation 7 in verse 11 of the most interesting passages in Scripture finds a story with 5 angels to start with for 1st Bible says an after these things I saw for angel standing on the 4 corners of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea nor on the tree so the Bible gives us this incredible picture that the world almost like a square is being guarded by 4 angels that these angels have a job in their function is to hold back strife the winds of strike which is the winds of difficulty the winds of challenge the winds of pain that their job is to hold back strife from off the planet now when I was at Oakwood I heard Billy was Cleveland preach on as he said sometimes it's like. These angels open their hands because it seems like some of the wind slips through in fact as I was preparing I looked at some of the things that are going on in the world we we have wars all over the place still the Democratic Republic of the Congo it didn't even really make news in the United States of a 5000000 people killed multiple nations involved. And yet strife in fact our country is at war with itself and I'm in a psychopathic suicidal homicidal Florrie almost every day in the United States in fact this year we've had almost one mass shooting every day on average and if you look at that if you look at the slide here you can see going back to the 1970 and University of Texas there were 15 people killed no mass shootings until 1975 none again until right before 1980 you see this but when you get out here to 2010 look at this that's last year I took care of some of these patients from Las Vegas and look at this already this year in fact the mass shootings happened so fast we often forget we often forget the last one shot up a country music bar in 1000 Oaks this week and we almost forgot that the week before a synagogue had been shot it constantly in fact our church in California we have active she comes in the back and where would you run and the meters I mean up to a place the running church now what you've got to understand is that strife is coming and I used to think that it was an all or none effect that one day they just drop their arms but I'm beginning to wonder as we go through this message if there isn't something gradual happening as the Spirit of God is being lifted from off the planet as that spirit is lifted their hands begin to come down slowly so you can see the same thing even when earthquakes. I love the slide I showed us a couple of my sermons you go back to make some of these us are earthquakes between a magnitude 6 and magnitude 8 you see that and this is not an Adventist it's the U.S. Geological Society and you can see that as time went on up until 2008 that the amount of massive earthquake Jesus says that there would be earthquakes in Matthew $24.00 earthquakes in diverse places strife right now in California the state is on fire now it's a big state so don't call me that's going miles on fire it's not all fire but Paradise has burned down the cut down scenes and to run from a house in Calabasas you're trying to keep up with a car dash as they try to keep ahead of the fire strife is real in the world but here's the thing if there's just so much strife now what happens when the Angels drop their arms. What happens when God says it's a nuff Revelation 7 verse 2 says and I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God this is the 5th angle in the story this is Angel is different this angel speaks he cries with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was given to hurt the earth in the sea saying here's what's holding back the way in not the earth neither the see nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. What is holding back the winds of strife from fully blowing is that God wants you in a protected state 1st. The way them and you can't touch don't you drop your arms fully until God has finished the work he's doing in his people so that we will talk about what that means so the front the your forehead actually. Is really indicative of the part of the brain that is right behind this bonus is your frontal bone we call it a forehead but it's really a frontal bone and behind it is the part of your brain called the frontal lobe now you're the frontal lobe of the human brain is 33 percent of the brain you get that one 3rd of your brain is frontal lobe Now the next smartest animals are porpoises and chimpanzees and their brain is only 13 percent frontal lobe 13 yours is 33 percent theirs is 13 now Fido you know your beloved dog is a brain is only 7 percent frontal lobe so know your dog not as smart as you think he is a bunch of dog has a frontal lobe I mostly believe that one of the reasons that God formed a man of the dust out of the dust of the ground is because when God went to make men he did something special something different in the creation of man and part of that was in how he formed the frontal lobe of the brain you are missing this thing they say that man is 100000 years old of the evolution of say we've been around for 60000 years you watch 10000 B.C. and all the shows they say that but it doesn't really make scientific sense because all evidence of human civilization is only 5 to 6000 years old you are missing this thing in other words once you have a frontal lobe you're going to create you're going to invent the frontal lobe is the part of your brain that allows you to be creative it allows you to be to innovate and watch this it's also the part of your brain that allows you to worship the scripture says that God made man in his own image part of that part of that is this ability to connect with God on a higher level. That happens in the frontal lobe of the brain and let me let me summarize some things we do some foreshadowing in this message what the devil wants to do is get into your frontal lobe What are the functions of the frontal lobe let's look at this let me show you this this is important right so in the frontal lobe is where reasoning happens we're planning happens language long term memory impulse control you see that impulse control by and that's actually by a chemical called Gabba we'll come back to that in a little while problem solving happens here your emotions sit here judgment happens here motor function happens here initiation we look at is even social behavior sexual behavior all housed in the frontal lobe of your brain why is that so relevant because that is the part of your brain where salvation actually takes place how do I notice because I say one in verse 18 says Come now and let us reason together say of the Lord your sins be a scarlet they shall be white as snow though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool In other words your ability to be saved is that taxed to your ability to reason so if the devil understands that he can get you to be on reason the bull he can cause you to not be saved in the front a load of your brain that you can control your impulses than a frontal lobe of your brain but you playin Nobody plans to fail they simply fail to plan so all in the frontal lobe of your brain but it's where you reason and reasoning is where you get to choose God which is really the whole point God The monkey wrench of the entire universe is choice without choice there would be no great controversy. God gets so why did God give you choice why give you this sophisticated frontal lobe why make a 3rd of your brain have the abilities that it has God did it because God is one of the one of the things God cannot do he cannot force you to love him if you get that in other words you have to choose God because it is the only way to love is genuine and it has to be a choice in fact an efficient one verse 13 it says and who was also trusted after that she heard the word of truth the gospel of your salvation and who also after that you believed you were sealed What were you sealed with with that Holy Spirit of promise so start to take form so that one you were created with this part of the brain 33 percent one 3rd of your brain different from all of the animals more sophisticated maybe the most sophisticated apparatus in the known universe in terms of like our solar cells in our solar system most sophisticated apparatus and here is what we find out that somehow that part of your brain is able to link and connect with the Holy Spirit there's a way for it to be plugged into by the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Prophecy says it like this she says What is the seal of the Living God which is placed in the foreheads of his people it is a mark which angels but not human eyes can read for the destroying angel Must see this mark of redemption Ah so it's not just that you have a frontal lobe that sophisticated is not just that the Holy Spirit is what does the ceiling is that once you are sealed it's a seal that shows you have been redeemed so a lot of administering to that seal means I have over I figured out a way to live a perfect life that's part of it but it also means that you've been read between the into the house of God. She says it like this manuscript 173 she says just as soon as the people of God are sealed in their foreheads it is not any seal or mark that can be seen but a swatch this is a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved just as soon as God's people are sealed and prepared for the shaking it will come look at what he says indeed it has begun already the judgments of God are now upon the land to give us warning that we may know what is coming that we may know what is coming so watch this it is a settling you've got to get this the seal of God is a settling into the truth so you got to know the truth but it's not just intellectual to some of us we know the truth like we know algebra calculus but it's deeper than that it's also spiritually settling into the truth that means that the Holy Ghost has to work with your understanding I mean to some. Say this with all due respect one of the problems I minister to as is we have we have not preached the Holy Spirit enough not prayed for the Holy Spirit enough you got other folk who don't believe what we believe don't have our truth but they trust the Holy Spirit enough that when someone sick they go in there with all confidence that he will lay a hand on folks and somebody will get healed the Holy Spirit is real and and you ought to be praying for if you don't survive in these last days in fact if Eason's for in verse 30 says I like this it says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you are see the old one to the day of what it's the Holy Spirit that does the ceiling if you are not daily praying for the Holy Ghost you are short changing your Christianity as he we think keep the Sabbath I got the seal of God this in the work that our Jews keep the Sabbath a lot of full keep the Sabbath do you are you sealed by the Holy Spirit. And why says the mighty power of the Holy Spirit works in entire trial why do you need a Holy Spirit is the mighty power of the Holy Spirit works an entire transformation in the character of the human agent marking him a new creature in Christ Jesus watch this when a man is filled with the spirit the more severely he is tested and tried the more clearly he proves that he is a representative of Christ you see what some of us do is somebody gets you have said you say listen I will give them a piece of my mind. That sells you know I have the Holy Spirit in your mind because you would be so quick to give it away. I just as life gets more difficult we ought to become more Christian as the trials come upon us our inherent automatic reaction ought to be Christ like she goes on she says the peace that dwells in the soul is seen on the countenance the words and actions expressed the love of the Savior watch this there is no striving for the highest place but there is some black church and black church it is and is a nomination time was doubly Dubey up in church then my will put a ring in the militant Stang's where everybody is go at it but you're not supposed to strive for the highest position look at this is renounce and look at this the name of Jesus is written on all that is said and done let me as I'm at work what everybody say that Jesus's name is written on everything you do and say in school students would will do it with your classmates say that Jesus' name is written on all that you say or do. She says we may talk of the blessings of the Holy Spirit but unless we prepare ourselves for its reception of what a veil are our works are we striving with all our power to attain to the stature of men and women in Christ are we seeking for his fullness ever pressing toward the mark set before us the perfection of his character she then goes on and says when the most people reach this mark they will be sealed in their foreheads filled with the Spirit they will become complete in Christ and the recording angel will the clear is finished so I grew up they always said and this Gospel shall be preached in all the world as a witness and then surely incumbent is a true statement from Jesus but the other side of it is when Gazza people are prepared he will to clear it is finished the church there's another mark there is another mark and this one we find also in the Book of Revelation the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 and verse 14 says and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads so on the one hand is the seal of God comes here you can see it is a settling into the truth you sealed by the Holy Spirit it's a mark that you've been redeemed it is a market you have perfection of character seal of God One place you can get from the lobe but the mark of the beast is different the mark of the beast you can get in your forehead or in your hand. Huge difference now we've always been talking about a revelation seminars it teach that those who lead people into the into. Into into a false doctrine and an untruth they're the ones who have the mark of the beast in their foreheads the followers are the ones who get it in their hand Now what's interesting is that when you put that into context and you say the followers get the mark in their hand we live in a time when people like to be followers in fact on social media in a way that you judge someone as successful as by how many followers they have in fact in the in this age of political correctness where where everybody is scared to say the wrong thing they were did a survey found that many teenagers and young adults before they have an opinion on what's happening in the world they check their social media to make sure that the folks they follow they agree with when they make their statement statement In other words young people are determining their world out view based on who they follow on social media and I was meant to make a slide out of it but I'll tell you about it a study came out this week and I think it was some psychologists in Europe but they came out with a study this week that showed that social media use is correlated and actually they want to hint that it might be causative of depression and loneliness. A social media that actually might be bad for your disposition because what see in wants is a world of people who will receive a mark in their head and he's got a condition you to stop thinking independently stop thinking critically he's got to have you stop using the most vital aspect of your frontal lobe. Your ability to reason. And you can do that if by social pressure on the social media you bought down to begin to believe what everybody else believes Revelation 14 verse 9 says and the 13 will follow them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the lamb you read that and say well I don't want that Mark welcome back to that Revelation 14 goes on expounds and the smoke of their torment ascended up for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whosoever to receive it the mark of his name so a lot of people say well I'm going to mark the beast I go to church on Sabbath to look at the spread of prophecy says this he says Sunday keeping is not yet the mark of the beast and will not be until the decree goes forth causing men to worship this idol Sabbath the time will come when the this day will be the test but that time has not come yet now you can see if you really paying attention see a lot of it was funny as I am dealing with Christians and admin is Christians and they get so caught up in politics let me challenge you instead of getting caught up in politics to get caught up in prophecy. Because it all starts to make a whole lot of sense if you just take a couple steps back and start trying to apply what's going on to scripture you will be so die hard it is that some folks will campaign for people and he will campaign for Jesus. But what you got to see is that we are moving the country is moving in a direction simultaneously more ality is being wiped out on a one in all of the simple basic principles of scripture are being annihilated Christians are being scoffed at mocked ridiculed and abused and that's the direction in one end but on the other hand there's another force moving the country to the right that will force you to worship the way they think you ought to worship the devil is going to have the perfect set up when he's got and more society forced to worship that's prophecy. And why in the book Faith I live by to it he says it like this he said What are you doing brother in the great work of preparation those who are uniting with the world are receiving the worldly Molder watch this and preparing for the mark of the beast those who are distrustful of self who are humbling themselves before God and purifying their souls by obeying the truth these are receiving the heavenly mold and preparing for the seal of God in their foreheads I never understood this growing up in a church the way I always do is give us the market to be in a seal of God is that one day BAM you just get it when in fact you're preparing for which one you're going to get right now. By what you watch by what you listen to by the conversations you hauled you're preparing for one of the 2 things are you praying for the seal of God or for the market a beast. So we're going to take a little toll that we won't get back into the front of the let me let me make make these statements about how the body lines up with the temple John 221 says when he speaks of the temple of his body for Scriven 61900 what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and you not and you are not your own which means that if a body. It's like the Temple that means in the sanctuary message you can find an outline of the human body so when you do that you can look here and you see outside this would be like the skin all the way around and you notice here's what's fascinating all the gold is on the end side and is not only outside of the temple when you walk in through the gates the Bible says to enter into his gates with Thanksgiving it into his courts with praise right. There it's up on this one and when you go into the sanctuary here you have to come in that way that means that when you went out of your mouth or always be flowing praises that's what is opening represents no matter how bad it gets you should be praising God when you get inside this is here is the altar of sacrifice where the daily sin sacrifices were offered this is like your digestive system right just like when you eat something to hide the hydrochloric acid in your stomach combust to begin and to fully it actually starts in your mouth a fully the process of digest in your stomach is like that alter and are not altering You could not lay an unclean animal you see that in the same way you should never lay anything unclean on the altar of your stomach health nurses tied up right in there when you move fast here you get to the lever the golden leave are and what you have to do there is that's where you have to wash because you couldn't go into the holy place unless you were cleaned to go into the holy part of the sanctuary that represents your circulatory system. Scripture says that the life is in the blood so watch this as the blood Blaise over every cell in your body it brings it nutrients but it washes away all of the toxins carbon dioxide all of that is washed out so you can eliminate those things either by breathing out carbon dioxide or to waste get rid of your a casket and other things that your body needs to get rid of so here is like a circulatory system when you move in here don't entire holy place. In the most holy place this part here is like your brain like your senses like your consciousness the whole part is and when you walk in the table of showbread the scripture says that word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you the word is like hearing so this is like your sense of hearing over here this is like a sense of sight the 7 candlesticks lights up the place this is like yours your ability to praise and to speak here and to think because the altar of incense the smoke would go up over the curtain and into the most holy place when when the priest could not go in there so that the prayers would reach into the most holy part but if you take that analogy all the way through then the most holy part of your brain represents the frontal lobe of your brain this part and here's what's interesting just like I tell you that the Holy Spirit connects to your frontal lobe is in the Holy Place the most holy place I should say that the sick I'm a glory of God would fall it was in here that the judge between the judgement in the mercy seat that sin is dealt with that's that reasoning from Isaiah one in verse 18 this is your frontal lobe where memory is the budding right out of there where the 10 command remember it's also where your conscience is because in there is where the where the 10 Commandments are. Once you understand that you understand that the funnel of your brain that 33 percent of your brain is the most holy place it is where the Holy Spirit interacts with you it is where your character is formed we have personalities they do a lobectomy on you take out to from old you lose your personality you lose your character or happened here just like in the sanctuary and as a Jewish tradition that that is arguably not a true tradition I've but I believe that my whole life until recently when I didn't research on it that the priest who had bells remember the priest rule the bells on it and as he would move through the process you could hear where he was in the process and we were always taught that the priest would go into the most holy place with the bells on and then tie ropes around him and if the priest died in the most holy place they would drag the priest out well that's not actually in the Bible so Jewish tradition from a book from the Middle Ages but the principle of the story is a true principle in fact the priest had to take off those clothes and put on white linen to go into the most holy place he had to be free of sin before he went in there let me tell you some if the priest had to take off priestly robe because the most holy place was that holy What are you allowing into the frontal lobe the most holy place of your mind that does not deserve to wear white linen What are you allowing in this process that like this if he's in 617 he says and take the helmet of what what is what is the job of a helmet protecting head football players wear a helmet to try to Ed it doesn't actually protect their brain as we now know from the concussion studies and so forth but it helps protect your scalp that's really why you wear a helmet in football so you don't. Get lacerations the a scalp but a real helmet would protect your brain. And the helmet of salvation Paul is saying that salvation is ensured quickly into to mind with your mind your frontal lobe that is 3 things that were done 3 things I want to give you about how you defend your mind 3 things number one you need to ask the question what is entertaining you what is entertaining you as they are 3315 says he that walketh righteously and speak as uprightly he that the spies of the game of oppressions and shake his hands from holding of bribes look at the last part of this he that stops his ears from hearing blood and shuts his eyes from seeing evil when I say I wrote this hip hop and not been introduced yet there was no Netflix or Hulu when when when when when this was written there was no barrage of media material when I was a kid they tell you that television is going to be the end of the church that we had 4 channels and P.B.S. was one of our remote control for our T.V. We were poor so remote control of our T.V. was a pair of pliers so you could stick it in the hole and turn the channel so we all know what I'm talking about we live in a time when people have 500 channels plus all of these premium ways to get into Taim and never in human history has it been easier to hear blood or see evil never if you listen to hip hop it will come back around hip hop a little bit later on realistically it is literally a violent selfish. A selfish prideful form of expression not all of it. But going all the way back to it's beginning to hip hop a heavy hop everybody's been talking about what they got what they can do where they're from like Lucifer I shall exalt my throne above the seed of the most high I shall sit on the sides of the North eyes the same thing. Now what is it that you risk if you disobeyed and I say it goes on he says he shall dwell on high his place I mean that as his place of the fence shall be the munitions of rocks bread shall be given him his water shall be short as if you live the way God says Live in terms of what you watch and what you listen to look at verse 17 I ses see the king in his beauty they shall behold the land that is one very far off like this be careful what you watch now if you want to see Jesus later with theirs and I've literally begun I just very little I can actually watch sometimes when I do Jim and I let me turn off after 5 minutes of the show you what in the world is this turning off you want to watch and documentaries trying to watch sermons to find other stuff to look at but in reality we've got to be very cognizant of what we expose in our brain too because in that 33 percent in what is described as David says we are fearfully and wonderfully made part of that process whatever goes in your mind never comes out. Of my said to me well of if what goes into the GOOD MY Why can I do better in school because your mind files the information away like any business does it will take it and file it and put it way back in a storage room it's there but if you've been watching M.T.V. we can be E.T. our week it's got to climb over all that stuff to get to what you're trying to get onto for your test because music is different music bypasses the from a little bit the brain it's not it's not it's not it's not dealt with the same way as the rest of information that you get. Your auditory cortex and your nucleus accumbens these other parts of your brain get music and so what's interesting is if I sing something to you put a beat to something and give it to you you'll accept it with much less ability to reject the actual message it's giving you are missing this thing in other words you can literally indoctrinate someone by music I watched a documentary on Hitler and his rise to power and how he dealt with children and when they go when they show you these clips of these German children singing praises to Hitler like him was the Jesus the last people fighting for Germany when Russia had wiped out the the eastern side of Germany and the allied forces were coming in the West the only people left fighting were Hitler's you the growing soldiers and disappear the children kept fighting the power of music they'd been so indoctrinated to serve Hitler. Music does something music simultaneously stimulates the left and right hemisphere of the brain that's incredibly it actually both sides your brain lights up it boost learning and information and take therefore augmenting cognitive skills learning maybe increased 5 fold when you listen to music I remember we were when we were hunter always to go do some we should go into the community and do tutoring and some of the school you remember and I remember there was a kid and the teacher said to me listen this kid can't learn we think is a little bit little African-American boy and we don't think you can learn something as a brain problem something I'm just a college student I don't know what I know now but I sat with a kid I said listen. Who's your favorite rapper and he told me whose favorite rapper is I say rap me some of his lyrics their little Alabama boy just start cutting some lyrics boy he will just go and he can rap a whole album. I went back to the T. doesn't anyone wrong with his brain he study in the rich I know it's controversial but when you listen to me that's why even in church I know it's controversial but the music played in church you got to be careful with played in charge if music is this powerful it's not something you can just take for granted you so you have to really be intentional about what comes into church what's plain what Psalm because the same was the choir director Lucifer was the choir director in heaven the Bible is it tells us he was built with pipes in tablets he is a living breathing musical instrument. He knows how to muse music to his advantage back Solomon says it like this Solomon says it is better to hear the rebuke of the wise than for a man to hear the song of fools I mean is that we big up all these art is that we take them some of them. Really all that bright they don't like the Lord do it is not that they don't love the Lord they don't like the Lord and imagine you bathe in your brain with their material ask yourself where they get inspiration from for your music but the 2nd thing the 2nd thing you know protect your brain defend your mind keep the most holy part of your body safe ask yourself what brings you joy Proverbs 23 in verse 31 says it like this look not the hour upon the wine when it is red when it gives his color in the cup when it moves itself a right at the last it bites like a serpent and it stings like an adder the Bible here Solomon the wisest man to write in the Bible Solomon says that when the process of fermentation begins don't drink alcohol that's profound because a lot of folks a little wine for the stomach say they don't realize in the Bible they don't distinguish between ferment on fermented wine and just as a fist different forms a grape juice. Solomon a specific here he says when the thing starts to change when it begins to ferment do not consume it why because I was talking about gamma in the frontal lobe is a chemical called God as a as abbreviation for much longer word but gather is what it is that gives you self control it what constrains you it is an inhibiting compound I honestly believe the Holy Spirit when it falls on the frontal lobe works with chemicals like gabble to give you self control but of the stuff you used to do you don't do anymore but when you drink alcohol you inhibit the inhibitor Gabaa my Jamaican grandmother would say a drunk man's tongue is a sober man's mind it is now everything that you really think cars to pour out I remember I was working in earnest in Alabama and I was in my family medicine residency in a woman came in to see me she was beat up I mean she had a black guy busted lip so I don't see out on dark glasses and put a hero her face on kind of makeup and still obvious it looked like she was on the bad end of Mike Tyson in his prime and I said What happened to you and she said well my boyfriend got mad and he beat me up last night this story was so crazy he kicked her out of a moving vehicle while he was driving them out if you know how you do how do you how do you do that like she said she rolled out onto the pavement pavement and she ran into the woods and he was trying to run her over through the woods I said you have got to leave this man will find you a shelter we could ship you across the country you got to get away from him before he kills you she said no he was drunk he loves me he only does that when he's drunk. So glad I knew my grandmama good Jamaican saying I said a drunk man's tongue is a sober man's mind and his fist is what he been trying to tell you all along the World Health or in all of you. Alcohol World Health Organization came out just a few weeks ago and said that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink not one drink is safe it is a carcinogen It alters your your scent your skin sorry i'm so you can't drive it you're more prone to accidents the World Health Organization is not a Christian organization and they have said like Solomon said don't touch it yet more I'm such shock how many Christians wine connoisseur lawyers would say you want to drink and that's why every 3rd commercial on television is alcohol because when you do that Isaiah one in verse 18 stop supplying you can't reason that's why the Bible says over and over and over again be sober be sober be sober says the drunk will not inherit the kingdom of God Why does the Bible say that because alcohol is one of the ways the devil will block up your ability to choose the Lord Jesus Christ but it's not just alcohol anymore Michigan just legalize marijuana has another nother substance that blocks the release of gabble in the brain marijuana does that in fact when I used to work with the Bloods and Crips in Los Angeles I worked an organization I was helping them one of the things they say some of them before he would go out and commit their most heinous crimes one of the things they would do that many of them were raised in the church by the grandmothers they were not raised to be killers but when it's time to kill they would take they would consume 2 things they would drink and they would smoke weed because that would keep them calm enough to be able to do the job and inhibit them enough that they could do what they would otherwise normally feel was not to be done that is the power of the chemical T.H.C. and marijuana now the thing is the marijuana today is not Bob Marley's marijuana. To hang out at Bob Marley's house and they you know well I mean that's in. The T A C today is up to 60 times more potent. They have increased the content so much what a lot of people don't know if you start smoking marijuana before the age of 18 it actually increases your lifelong risk of psychotic illness now what they'd study they won't do they haven't done maybe they'll do it but I don't know today I'll do it now that it is so much money in marijuana is never going to know what if you are predisposed to psychotic illness already and you start smoking as an adult we are going to have a wave of mental illness in this country and 121520 years they keep making legalized I mean that was funny and how the devil is soaked so smart the C.D.C. just came out with a report this week that smoking cigarettes is at its all time low and I think 13 percent of the US pot whatever the number is a very low number I mean as a time when 5060 percent of Americans smoked all time low over say never jumping up and down a wee bit cigarettes or beating it but at the same time we legalized marijuana everywhere and almost encouraging people to smoke it and it just like if you go back to the 1940 S. And I said to put the slides in 94 to 50 they were billboards doctors recommend camels for your anxiety Newport's best if you are doctors used to recommend people smoke cigarettes the American Medical Association was in part funded at times by cigarette is to give money for their conferences and just like everybody thought there was a medicinal cigarette use which there clearly is not the same with a talent for marijuana today it's like history repeating itself I call America the United States of Amnesia you don't see they begin to legalize it everywhere the problem comes as governor of Colorado said ever since they came out and said ever since they legalized marijuana he's seen an increase in crime increase in traffic related marijuana stopped bubble bubble and he said when we need to look at it again and they shut him down why because the enemy wants you high. You want you intoxicated you want you separated from reality it causes a motivational central message with the pulsar nap that dopaminergic receptor which means you don't feel pleasure like you're supposed to so what happens is you don't get any pleasure from getting a on a test you don't get any pleasure from going to work and doing a hard day's work and coming home you don't get pleasure from it so you don't do nothing and challenging you in fact there's a new disease known by the munchies a new disease cannabis induced hyperemesis Syndrome didn't exist before to legalize it all as high potency we patients come in and they can't stop throwing up can't stop throwing up stuff don't can't stop going up even one is nothing in them I challenge you don't let the devil message your front load like that let the most holy part of your brain be polluted by what the devil wants to pollute you with the 3rd part of this thing the 3rd and last one is this one what do you study 2nd Timothy 215 says the study to show yourself approved under God a workman that needed not be ashamed rightly dividing What word of truth look at verse 16 but shun profane and vain babblings for they will increase on to what more and godliness let me to them when I look at hip hop when I grew up in Connecticut I said Go down into the Bronx the 3rd Avenue the shop and not in a Brooklyn the shop you know I was acting Connecticut going to New York hip hop was huge when I was when I was coming up was when I was in it's kind of in his heyday it is very profane and very vain I'll listen to it anymore out of that's changed but historically it's it's those 2 things and part of that is because it comes out of a religion a religious movement called a 5 percent Nation of Islam of the earth that 5 percent in Islam taught at the black man is God So when you listen to woo Tang Clan Jay Z. A lot of these other rappers Big Daddy Kane all of those guys were 5 percent of us they believe that the black man is God and the white man is the devil. And they had lessons they'd come around to try and teach us their lessons but if you believe you are God 1st of all I can give you the job we go on now but if you believe you are God you'll speak and think and act very differently be careful shun profane in vain babbling study the Word of God instead and the White says course. Satan stands ready to infatuate the mind and soul to pursue a course directly contrary to God's expressed will that he may separate that soul from God and he interposes his temptations and gains control over the mind in the hearts affections this is Satan studied plan to lead souls to turn from one mighty in council to the persuasion of minds who have no love for God No love for the truth he wants to studying and listening to people who don't even know God don't know the truth she says their only hope is in the mercy of God Their only defense will be prayer as Josh was pleading before the angel so the remnant church with brokenness of heart in earnest faith will plead for pardon and deliverance through Jesus their advocate she says they are fully conscious of the sinfulness of their lives they see their weakness and unworthiness and as they look upon themselves they are ready to despair the Devils will get you to a place where you are so concerned about a sin you committed so concerned about a person you were so concerned about the messages you've made these are standbys He says the temple stands by to accuse them as he stood by to resist just when he pointed their fealty garments the defective characters he presents their weakness and folly their sins of ingratitude their unlikeness to Christ which has this honored their Redeemer he endeavors to affright the soul with the thought that their case is hopeless that the stain of their defilement will never be washed away. Satan's job is to get you to a point where you don't believe you can be saved. He's working night and day and I mean to some the church ought not buy into that foolishness you cannot out Sin God's ability to save you. He says he says he hopes to destroy their faith watch this that they will yield to the his temptations turn from their allegiance to God and receive the mark of the beast isn't as the In other words the way that the devil was to get you to receive them are going to be East but arouse your mind with all kinds of temptations to the media to all kinds of ways but then the don't get to the final stand knockout punch is to get you to a place where you think you are beat on your beat the ability of God to save you when he does that you give up and you turn to the world have so many friends have given up on God or gone back into the world they don't even come to church they have no interest in God Satan has one bespattered with them so they went back into the night club back into the bar they've gone back to what the guy was trying to pull them out of to goes on as he says they're the people of God have been in many respects very faulty saying as an accurate knowledge of the sins which he has tempted them to commit any presents these in the most exaggerated light declaring will God banish me and my angels from his presence and yet And yet reward those who have been guilty of the same sins Satan's which is what I want to say in saying that Kant's not do this all or injustice that I throw will not stand in righteousness and judgement justice demands that sentence be pronounced against them Satan put it that's why I say it means the accuser he says the god look at their record how can you pass me into the lake of fire they gotta come with me but while the followers of Christ have seen. They have not given themselves to the control of evil they have put away their sins that you know that have you put away your sins they have put mine advocate please and I've sought the Lord in humility and contrition and the divine advocate pleads in their behalf he who has been most abused by their in gratitude who knows their sin and also their repentance to clears the LORD rebuke the old saying I gave my life for these souls they are graven upon the palm of my hands. Let this mind being you which was also in Christ Jesus I've had to I had to deal with. Some tough death this week was I. Was my mother's birthday November 8th would have been my mother's birthday. If you've ever listen to my sermons online and I talk about the fact that when she died how difficult that was she died of multiple myeloma very painful bone marrow cancer and I was very angry with God and I and I always say that you know one of the things I mean I went into the entire hospital rooms as an administrator of that hospital and I went into the room my mother was about this big around here was short natural and she was in pain so happy to see me but I just couldn't believe God allowed my mother to suffer like that we kept saying and what a Friend We Have in Jesus over and over and over again she fell asleep again and I slipped into the bathroom and began to agonize or goddess and Lord how could this woman who was a Pathfinder leader Treasurer she raised us in your fair and admonition How could you allow her to die such an ignoble death God whispered in my ear she has been perfected. Instantly understood what God was sent to live the next what let's face the next face he will see will be my face a few years later when my grandmother kidneys field my grandmothers all got Clark from Bethel Town Jamaica Stallworth Christian woman my grandmother would pray it was as if God stop what he was doing to pay attention to what was going on. And if you know my cousin Sean Taylor played for the Washington Redskins. If you're into football you know who he is she helped raise him he was there at his bedside when he died encouraging him in the Lord she called me on Saturday afternoon I was in the backyard of my house to tell me that her kidneys had failed and they want to put on dialysis and I was pleased when my grandmother said mama. Go on a dialysis if you want to dialysis you can live for many more years my grandmother said I've already lived many years she said I have served the Lord my God I raise my children to know who he is she said I'm not going to be attached to a machine 3 times a week I won't do it I wept bitterly that night in my own back backyard nobody wept bitterly for my grandmother pleading with her to go into the dialysis I won't do it she lived another 2 and a half years never to Helen says and one of the things she said to me before she died she said when you are ready in Christ death doesn't scare you may not you see the winds of strife may not come you may not be around for when angels let go to forward for him to let go to when the strife but that process of life and death that transition for many of us that is the strife we are most afraid of. And just as God wants to seal his people before the winds of strife come on the earth he wants to see you before death comes knocking at your door. And what I've learned what you get from his sermon is this you will be sealed in a moment if you will be sealed that means you start the process today and a loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you talked about the Crucible last night giving God time to work on your character that he can perfect you so that you can be saved into his kingdom that he had bought in every eyes closed maybe somebody here today maybe you want to give your life to Jesus I won't be long but I open the doors to the church maybe you strayed maybe you backslidden maybe alcohol has become your god maybe marijuana maybe you're more concerned with the in attainment of this world than you are with the god of this world you don't have to get up just raise your hand you want to walk with Jesus now you want to serve the Lord your God I see your hand anybody else he wants raise your hand where you are you want to serve the Lord Jesus Praise the Lord young man anybody else you want to sort of must see your hand in the back anybody else I see and in the back you want to serve the Lord Jesus I see your hand in a bag you want to serve him you understand what's at stake this world can't last much longer even our critics say that the environment is collapsing in a world is about to end it's not just christians are you ready for when the winds of strife really begin to blow let's pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study a word and your truth or Thank You Lord For you are better to us than we are to ourselves. Father God I want to be ready when you come this world has its entrapments it has its allurements Lordy a lot of shiny sparkly things on this planet Father God help us to never lose sight of. A city whose builder and maker is God who streets are paved with gold Well one day we will stand on a sea of glass Oh Father God I want to take off my crown and I want to throw it at the feet of Jesus oh Father God make me to be like Christ make us to be like Christ so the Lord we would be ready sealed by the Holy Ghost a mark of redemption. When Jesus comes to gather home isn't our prayer and Jesus is precious and only the church say amen amen this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for us or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W. Dot org.


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