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There's No Thief Like Fear

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program and Brand Evangelist for ARtv



  • December 1, 2018
    11:00 AM
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God in heaven I think you for this privilege to come into your presence just now in prayer or I pray that your Holy Spirit would be in this place you'd minister to each of our needs and as we address a topic that is crippling many people would I pray that you would give me wisdom clarity and discernment how to best make the use of the time given speak to us now I pray and I ask this in Jesus' name amen What like to share with you now this morning is a message entitled There is no thief like fear that title is borrowed but I liked it there is no thief like fear so the reason why I am passionate about this topic is I do traveling ministry summer I travel quite a bit and largely invest in young people college high school age young people both speak in churches and conferences of 2 and I find that many of our people are wrestling tenaciously in the area of fear will I ever be good enough people are wrestling with analysis the wrestling with analysis paralysis when it comes to making decisions about relationships about jobs about other things we're just so afraid to do the wrong thing that we sometimes can't do anything ever been there and it can cripple our experience I'd like to deal with that today so in 2nd Timothy Chapter one of her 7 it says that God has not given us a spirit of fear that means that fear that we're wrestling with is not something that God wanted to be in our experience but of power in of love and of the cell mind this is what God wants to give us and this is what should come through Spirit not fear so this implies a few things. That fear robs us of power it robs us of the ability to love right to love God and love others and to be loved by God in others and it robs us of the ability to be able to think for ourselves and make sound decisions sphere literally alters the way that we do the essential of life and God doesn't want that for us and then God doesn't want to have an experience that looks like that so fear can lead us to make bad decisions Here's some examples of the people the gatherings when Jesus cast the demons as the demoniac there's thousands of them and they end up going into the pig and the pigs run off the edge of the cliff and plummet the people from the town are so freaked out by this when they see the power of Jesus that they literally tell the guy get out of here man just imagine the Lord of Glory the savior of the world is in your town setting people free and the response is get outta here man because they were afraid right fear leads us to make bad decisions basically the entire life of King Saul after from his 1st fall until he dies is filled with fear and bad decisions bad decisions as a result of fear have Alija running from God right a logical down fire from heaven and soon after this he's running for his life from the wrath of an infuriated woman. He makes bad decisions are told to fear God chases him down thankfully and brings him back with Peter denying Christ right he was afraid of a girl are you a follower of Jesus. No I don't know him so fear can lead us to make not good decisions and lead us to make bad decisions so if God hasn't given us the spirit of fear and doesn't want to have that type of experience then what's the solution what's God wanting to do to deal with this I believe the answer is found the 1st John chapter 4. So the 1st on chapter 4 beginning 1st 16 that we have known and believed the love that God has for us I believe this is what God wants your experience to be not just to know about it not just to believe that he want this to be an experience you will knowledge of His love in God is not looking for mere academic ascension to his love he wants you to experience this he wanted to permeate and transform your life so he says we've known and believe the love that God has for us why because God is love and he who abides in love abides in God and God in Him and love has been perfected among us in this that we may have boldness in the day of judgment many people in our movement are horrified at the judgment even though we believe in it were horrified at the investigative judgment or horrified at what's going to happen because God randomly in in our own mind seemingly arbitrarily is going to open a book and look at me in that moment and decide do I like him do I not like them red button or green button that's actually not the way the judgment works the way the judgment works is that God opens a book of life and he looks to see what decision you have made God literally honors your decision if you don't think about what he's going to do so then we should be finding something that would motivate us to make good decisions now and fear is not that motivation will deal with this so he doesn't want to have fear in the judgment but have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world he continues in verse 18 there is how much fear in love there is no fear in love but what this perfect love do. It casts out our fear when we encounter the perfect love of God It literally purges fear from the soul it sets us free because fear involves torment we're afraid of getting hurt and the specific was referring to in time judgment that since but he who fears has not been made perfect in love they've not had that experience that god like for them to have in a full sense it doesn't mean they're not converted that doesn't mean they don't have a love for God in their hearts but God wants to continue to lavish his love upon them to set them free from the stronghold of fear and so what is it then that leads us to have love for God We need to encounter his love we love Him because He 1st loved us so listen to this is from a commentary in the life of Christ called Desire of ages it is not the fear of judgment or the hope of everlasting reward that leaves the Disciples of Christ to follow him and that amazing they behold the Savior is matchless love revealed throughout his pilgrimage on Earth from the manger of Bethlehem to Calvary's cross and the sight of him a tracks it softens and subdues the soul of awakens in the heart of the bow holders they hear his voice and they follow Him This is the way he'd like for that to work Here's another quote from a commentary in the Old Testament call for maturity past let the you see the tender love the Father in Heaven has manifested toward them and the dignity and honor to which they are called even to become the sons of God what a privilege that is Paul says the Romans 8 that were literally adopted into the family right we were in a foreign condition we've not lived in harmony with the principles of heaven and yet God in His great mercy pursues us loves us and we say yes to Jesus in that moment we're adopted into the royal family we become joint heirs with Christ because of the goodness of God. And Sauza is would turn with content from selfish and some pleasures that hitherto engrossed him they would learn to hate sin not merely from a hope of reward or fear punishment but from a sense of it's inherent baseness when we truly understand the love of God We find the right motives for following him that make sense it's amazing to transform our lives so the love is the only pure and true power that should motivate us and our experience and our decision making and the only way to find that love is the 1st encounter God's love for us again we love Him because He 1st loved us so fear robs us of love for God and love for others because we're afraid of being hurt we're afraid of being disappointed we're afraid of being rejected or let down what we desperately need then is a life course altering encounter with God's perfectly selfless love to be fully known and fully loved that's what we all hunger and longed for that someone would look at me knowing the very depths of my being and would still choose to accept me would still choose to love and believe in me and that's exactly what you have in Jesus and that's exactly how the father feels about you because of Jesus it dries up all of our fear and it brings us to a deeper love for him and it also gives us the capacity to be willing to love and be loved ourselves now there's a sad example when we have some of this tension that really really startled me I was speaking with a good friend of mine who unfortunately has left the faith they went through an experience that I wouldn't wish on anyone on this planet. But this was their I'm not going to tell their experience even but I was having conversation with them but a month and have 2 months ago and I told them I really wrestle to understand what the appeal is of atheism because it completely denies the intrinsic value of a person you don't matter there is no worth for you you're just something that's here and something that will disappear there's no worth in you in that world of us it's hard for me to understand what's appealing about that and the answer they gave me was heartbreaking and totally unexpected this is what they shared with me what makes it so appealing is that you don't have to deal with the fear of having hope and then end up being disappointed in more what makes atheism so appealing to them or at least ignosticism is the fact that I'm tired of getting my hopes up and being crushed because of sin because of discouragement because of betrayal because of all these other things this is a much easier way out I had to hope and more but is that what God wants for us NO NO NO NO NO Romans Chapter 5 Verse 5 says this hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit was given to us God does not disappoint in this since some more text on this Psalm 111-6217 of hold me according to your word that I may live and do not let me be ashamed of my hope he says hold me up and I should be safe and I shall observe your statutes continually 1st Corinthians 910 or does he say it altogether for our sakes for our sakes no doubt this is written that he who plows should plow how in hope and he who threshers in hope should be partaker of this hope our work and our hope is not in vain and it says this English and 69 and let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we shall reap if we don't do what. If we don't lose heart Romans 1513 says this know me that God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing and that you may have valid in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit this is the experience that God wants for you in this is an experience that the other world you can offer you and I want to share something on this very thought here abject fear is not God's chosen method to reach or to motivate us in fact fear is in many ways a selfish motivation it leads us to make decisions to protect ourselves and to provide for ourselves instead of relying upon God to protect us and to provide for us even amid the supernatural encounters that take place in scripture when people encounter angels or they encounter God Many times there are admonished with this tender charge to fear not to not be afraid God doesn't want our experience with him to be driven by fear but by true love he wants our perspective it shifts to something better so what is that perspective how is God wanting us to view him them listen to this god in speaking to a people who he really he equates what their experience has been to harlotry to adultery I was married to you I gave my love to you I honored my commitment but you left you bailed you forsook our covenant and even though you for saken me and have left your 1st love in this since I'm still pursuing you and not giving up on you I see something in you that even you don't see in you and through showing this undeserved love to you those walls of fear are going to come down those walls of shame are going to come down and you will come back and you will be mine and listen to how he speaks to those very people who betrayed him he says when they betray me I will allure her I will bring her into the wilderness in speak comfort to her and it shall be in that day says the Lord that you will call me My husband and no longer call me my master. This literally is the paradigm shift that God wants you to have when you fall head over heels in love with him no longer looking at him as this grovelling slave. He wants us to encounter is amazing love to have a shift in how we view men are standing with him and when he sees color come back to that point a moment when he sees that we're ready to fall love Here's the next thing he does in verse 19 he basically gets on one knee says let's renew our vows Let's do this he said I'll be true to me forever yes I will be a trophy to me and right justice and justice in loving kindness in mercy I will be true of you to me in faithfulness and you shall know the Lord and then I will sow her for myself in the earth and I will have mercy on her who had not attain mercy and then I will say to those who are not my people you are my people and they shall say you are my God So what has to take place in the make this a reality the very next chapter begins with the story of having to pay a price to buy back an unfaithful this is the Gospel God willing to pay an infinite price to buy back someone who has not been faithful to someone who many of us would say look why waste your time and move on to somebody else that's not how I see them I see something in them that they don't even see in them and I'm going to keep pursuing nonetheless this is the Gospel no longer way to feel like groveling slaves who fear that will never be good enough Instead we should view ourselves as loving spouses. Who've come to know that Christ is enough if you're wrestling with his experience and my enough for God will I ever be good enough for God The beautiful teaching of the Gospel is Jesus is enough and you can receive His righteousness you can receive his character in a Loehmann's he's enough in the he standing in our stead That's the beautiful story yeah but what about in the 1st angel's message it says that we should fear God and give glory to him let's look at this how can we give glory to God when fear Rob this is power love and the ability to think with a sound mind your thought about this there's this seeming tension in Scripture that God says I don't work through fear but then we're told to fear him. I'm kind of working through this tension here some of the conclusions I'm coming to 1st of all that phrase fear God and give glory to Him is not the beginning of the sermon Revelation Chapter 14 a verse 6 begins with an angel preaching the everlasting Gospel to every nation tribe tongue and people to all those who dwell on the earth the gospel of what's preach to people 1st in the appeal of that sermon is to fear God and give glory to Him It's the logical response when you hear the gospel but you would never go up to a stranger on the mill the street on Penn Avenue here whatever that street is called and say fear God and give glory to him that you would start a conversation with a total stranger that is a make any sense but if you were to tell them about the amazing love of Jesus suffering messiah who places a value on them that they don't even see themselves and their response to that love to if you're gonna give glory to him with that makes him 100 percent That's why the 1st angels message reads as it reads that makes sense so it's a logical response to the everlasting Gospel but here's some things been helpful for me in making sense of the tension in Scripture This is from a devotional called the upward look the love of God ever Tin's to the fear of God. Fear to offend him when you encounter the love of God and there's a desire within your heart to love him to be with him to serve him then comes into your heart this holy sense of reverence and fear that I don't want to hurt him I don't want to disappoint him I don't want to offend him I want to live a life that would honor him because he's done so much for me that makes sense this is what it means to fear God Those who are truly converted will not venture heedlessly upon the borders of any evil lest they grieve the Spirit of God and are left to their own way to be filled with their own doings the Word of God is meant to be our guide book turn not from its pages to depend upon the human agent that book contains the warnings the admonitions from God The rebuke of every evil in the clear definition of sin is a transgression of the law which is God's great standard of virtue and holiness and not one who will study the Word of God and apply teachings will miss the way if you follow the path that God has sent before you're not going to miss the way why because he wants it in not out and then he's looking for reasons to get to not reason to keep you out now so abject fear then robs us of a clear picture of the love of God but an absence of godly fear can also rob us of a perspective of our relation to God and how to follow Him Yeah. Listen to this that same commentary in the Old Testament from eternity past by Joshua was direction the ark had been brought forth from Shilo this symbol of God's presence would deepen the impression he wished to make upon the people after presenting the goodness of God towards Israel then he called them to choose whom they would serve the worship of idols was still to some extent secretly practiced and Joshua endeavored now to bring them to a decision that would banish this sin from Israel if it seems evil to you to serve Jehovah he said Choose you this day whom you will serve Joshua desired to lead them to serve God Listen not by compulsion but willingly to engage in a service merely from the hope of reward or fear of punishment would have veil how much nothing if our experience is based upon fear of punishment or the reward of heaven it avails nothing there is something vastly better available to you its called Love we encounter his love for us 1st and it awakens a reciprocating love and towards him open apostasy we're told listen this is amazing open apostasy would not be more offensive to God than have pock receive and mere formal worship right if we're just doing things out of fear that's completely missing the point and is of West used to us it be better to be apostates we're told God wants something better for our experience now what does fear do to us how does fear change and cause us problems here's some things I'm coming to see 1st of all if we use fear in our approach to this beautiful set of beliefs that God has given us a 7th Day Adventists. Or in the way in which we counsel raise our children it causes harm and paralysis if fear is the vehicle we're using to communicate this precious message to the world or if it's the way in which we communicate or children and raise them it causes problems and I have counseled so many young people who are wrestling with this very thing they're so afraid of making the wrong decision that they can't make any decision they're total invalids they cannot make sense of life they can't function they don't do well spiritually and they don't do well in life because they're so afraid this is not the experience that God wants for them and it should not be the emphasis that we use in communicating our process message to the world even though it's a message that brings the world to judgment so when you mix biblically conservative principles with a fear based approach even if done in a gentle loving fashion is a leads to this and else is paralysis and misery in the religious experience it causes problems in this is not what God wants you may be able to scare somebody into a pew but it's not going to keep them there and they don't stay and so this should not be a motivator and this is one of the reasons why we as 7th Day Adventists reject the teaching wholeheartedly of eternal torment we reject this teaching for very good reasons it's brought abject fear in the hearts of many and it brings hatred and a rejection of God in the hearts of many this is made infidels is made of many people God is love God burns people throughout the Cecils ages of eternity these do not seem to coincide in a logical mind. So this is why we reject this teaching because it leads to abject fear Listen to this so L.L. White one of the founders of the 7th Day Adventist Church when they were 1st coming out of the church that they were in they were being warned by the pastor of the church they were coming to believe different things the more they study this started the wait a minute this The Bible doesn't actually teach eternal torment I don't I don't think we should be believing this and the pastor literally told them no one's going to come to church if you don't have this right what's going to lead people to accept God If you don't have this teaching This is what helps people in this is what all whites mother said in response to that minister she said if this is sound Bible truth instead of preventing the salvation of sinners it will be the means of winning them to Christ if the love of God will not induce the rebel to yield the terrors of an eternal hell will not drive him to repentance and. Powerful Besides it does not seem a proper way to win souls to Jesus by appealing to one of the lowest attributes of the mind abject fear the love of Jesus tracks and it will subdue the hardest of hearts and then as a wise answer Good for her I have watched 2 documentaries in the last few weeks that have been very thought provoking to me so I'd like to talk to you about both of those in the context of this topic the 1st one is a documentary by this guy here how many people are familiar with Joshua Harris the name Joshua Harris he grew up in evangelical circles he had a book that changed the world it a book called I kissed dating goodbye and I'm not giving my opinion for or against that doesn't matter let's not go there that's not the point of this. So anyway he wrote this book and he would get you know hate mail times or comics from people he's out there just haters or just haters and he didn't really listen to it much but he leaves pastoral ministry to go back to college to get his graduate degree or whatever and when he does so he meets people who are in his class who say hey man like your book caused me a lot of problems I was really hurt by this book like the the way that people use this was difficult someone as a posting something on Twitter and says that your book was used against me like a weapon and in this context this is how he responds for the 1st time he responds This person says I'm so sorry and then he begins a dialogue with this lady on Twitter and she ends up telling him towards a conclusion this dialogue she said You're the 1st minister I've ever met who was willing to say I'm sorry who was willing to talk through me with these things and to acknowledge that they were wrong I've never experienced that from a minister she's in this begin a process to start him thinking and one of the people he met in his college X. is like an indie filmmaker and they decided to work on a project together a scary one for him they're going to make a documentary interviewing people who've been hurt by his book and document his journey and coming to terms with this so it's called I survived I kissed dating goodbye it was just released last week on the 20th. It was very thought provoking video I had 1st seen a TED talk that he did about a year ago alluding to some of this I was curious to see where he's going to go with this kind of where he ends up coming out of the days actually a pretty moderate positions when it comes to at the end of the day but listen to what he says in response to some things he's learning about his book his if you are aware of his book his birth his book is basically teaching. What many people refer to as the principles of biblical courtship right principles going into relationships to try to protect people from falling into sin how to prepare for marriage and stuff like that but there were principles were taught in that book that he's coming to learn some things this is his thoughts on what happened listen to this what he says he says My biggest regret is that there was a lot of fear in me that I transferred into my writing and fear is never a good motive fear of messing up fear getting your heart broken fear of hurting somebody else fear of sex why did it take me so long to see these problems I think it's because I was so afraid of being wrong he says that book had given me an identity it was so hard for me to face up to being wrong because I felt like I was saying a big part of my life was wrong I didn't have the courage to do that I didn't have the courage to deal with it so. What has happened as a result of his book for some is that they're so afraid of the topic of relationships that they don't ever really take any steps forward and that's when it came to find was the fear that he had ended up being transferred into the people who are reading his book and cause more problems and he never intended this he was sincere as the day is long but this can happen to us something that can be overlooked though is this most of the time Fear is a battle of the subconscious mind and we aren't even aware of it right very few of us are willfully fearful in making decisions that are nervous interest or other people's best interest out of fear most the time we don't know Josh didn't realize this and what effect fear was having on him and how did affect the people who are reading his books or how to play their battles with fear and make it even worse and we can wrestle the same way we can even teach him preach on fear without realizing how we ourselves are wrestling so one of the things that we should be doing is asking God how is fear ruling and shaping my life how is it changing the way I view life and how is it stifling man causing me problems I just read this Texas morning and threw it in in Ecclesiastes 77 surely oppression destroys a wise man's reason when you've been beat down with fear for so long it literally can bring you to the point of making decisions where your reason is altered even people with wisdom who are beat up by fear can make decisions and develop ideas that are reasonable and this is why we need God to open our eyes and to allow his love to set us free from fear so he realizes that his idealism that was being in this he wasn't the only person riding on this by the way and I'm not giving my opinion for or against these are just lessons being worn on the topic of fear through him but he realized that it was being pushed through his worldview and just follow these steps basically and you'll be fine that kind of prison and this you know you get a money back guarantee if you just follow these principles you can have a great marriage you can have a great intimacy life you're not going to any problems but then people would get into relationships and stuff would happen. And it was devastating to them because I didn't know I follow the recipe Why am I dealing with heartbreak Why did I get divorced why did this happen why did my husband have an affair why is all this going on idealism can do this that money back guarantee philosophy that he now sees was unbiblical and unrealistic we live in a world of sin there are lessons that God wants it teaches that come through difficulty and we were never promised freedom from difficulty God never made that promise in fact Jesus said in John 1633 I believe that in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer why because if overcome the world beloved of Jesus can overcome the world he can overcome whatever you're dealing with today a man there's hope in that sense so even in following his will we can wrestle with stuff stuff happens so it was a relational prosperity gospel that wasn't found in Scripture and he had to come to terms with this. But here's the thing idealism is just like the UN biblical laws the Jews made it doesn't point to Jesus it points to man and his efforts instead of Christ in his efficiency and it's largely rooted in fear fear can make us create standards and rules aren't biblical to try to save ourselves and to protect ourselves right the Jews realize that every time we don't do what God wants us to do we get put into exile we get a woman and then we are repent we cry out to God gun brings us back to Israel and then the cycle begins all over again and they saw wait a minute I know what to do every time we break the law we get weapons so why not put a film around the law that will keep us from getting anywhere close to it and they developed laws that were not in the Word of God even though their moral sounding and they sound like Godly things and they got them in trouble and then they thought that this was the thing it became the in instead of a means to an end and they got all bent out of whack and got in a lot of trouble and it leads you to try to save yourself and protect yourself by what you are doing and this actually leads to additional shame because now you're not meeting those standards let alone the biblical standards and we filled a measure up when we mess up causes even more problems it compounds the issues here's God solution to one to 10. Pushed into verse 8 For by grace you've been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God Not of works list anyone should boast for we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus for what for good works that means that when you have faith that doesn't lead to an absence of good works and then you were created for good works and God prepared beforehand that you should walk in them God through the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit can enable you to walk in those good works but we're saved by grace through faith not of the things that we do. So God wants us then to experience a face that works by love as it says in Galatians 56 not a faith that works by fear. God doesn't want to be in that type of experience this is amazing quote This is from a book on the parables of Christ's called Christ object lessons says in every command and in every promise of the Word of God It is the power the very life of God by which the command may be fulfilled and the promise realize that means that every command that God makes you including the 10 commandments power to walk in that command is in the command itself that means the wait isn't on you God made provision for your obedience in the command that asked for that obedience and in all the problems of the god is made to you power to receive that promise is also in that same word it's amazing he who by faith receives the word is receiving the very life and character of God the Word of God can change the light that's amazing So one of the reasons we deal with fear is because we're in secure in our connection and dependence upon God we've gotten behind the wheel we're trying to feel like we may we're not the road right because we're the ones driving we shouldn't be and we are in danger of going up the road if we don't let God have control if he's not sitting in 1st place in our life so here's something has been challenging to me whatever I'm afraid of losing cannot bring me any more security in my identity freedom or happiness than Christ can whatever I'm afraid to let go of that is can't imagine having a life without it cannot give me identity freedom or happiness only he can only Jesus can give me my identity my acceptance and my purpose and that's scary that means I can't control things anymore and that means I don't have a say in the matter I have to rest in what someone has achieved on my behalf and receive from him. That's on the easy thing to do we don't really like the Gospel in our flesh but we're told in some 56 that when ever I am afraid I will trust in you know in God I will praise his word in God I put my trust I will not fear what can flash do to me I mean really what can man do to me at the end of the day this implies that my fear affect my ability to trust God. When I'm afraid I will trust in you would imply that fear would keep me from trusting God I need to do that and I believe that this is why many of us have self protected tendencies we don't trust them we don't believe that what God says in His word is actually going to happen and so we pick up the slack if you will and we try to do for ourselves what only God can do but God in His great mercy pursues reminds convicts and pursues none the less because he wants him he doesn't want to live in this horrible rat race of a fear based experience that fills us with misery disappointment letdowns he doesn't want that for your experience will there be difficulties certainly but you have a savior in the midst of those difficulties Amen and they can bring a sense of peace that transcends what we're dealing with I was mentioning that a friend of mine had a situation yesterday for employment that was really scary I mean it could be something to really affect their professional trajectory based on an internship there in but there was something that their employer was going to ask them that they could not a good conscience to do and God gave them a supernatural amount of peace in a situation that was beyond their understanding and in that situation their supervisor changed they told me I have never seen my supervisor more impressed and softened by the Holy Spirit than I did in that meeting and not only did the supervisor do everything they wished they would do they did even more because the Spirit of God took hold the situation God delivered them from their fear and provided in an amazing way I believe you want to do this for each of us. Now the other documentary that I watched It's been fascinating to me and I really I'm a big movie guy but I was in documentaries there's a documentary about someone named Alex hold how many people heard of him Alex handled crickets sounds OK So Alex is a he's a rock climber OK He is also known specifically for being a free solo rock climber which means the he climbs really big rocks with no ropes with no parachutes he literally and I recommend you do this kids just going to one that Leclaire don't do that with and your parents be safe. So he's he's a rock climber an avid one he's really good with ropes but he's the best in the world of climbing without ropes and this guy has it in his heart and in his mind that he is going to climb El Capitan at Yosemite with no ropes free climb the whole sheer face $3000.00 foot face he climbed it for years with ropes preparing for this but he has a very interesting story so he has this story where he grew up in a home where love was basically absent I didn't know any of this I thought this is one the most amazing thing so in a way he doesn't he survived he didn't die and National Geographic filled the entire process him thinking about it going in him going through it the inner personal battle he's having with his girlfriend over it his friends climbing him practicing some of the really important things is going to do on this climb and falling but while on the ropes I mean it's just if you don't do well with stuff like this if you get scared when you see people in scary situations it probably won't be your cup of tea I'm afraid of heights but I survived this thankfully but just so intrigued by it like this guy literally climbed El Cap with his hands and feet and no help but a chalk bag. That since 3000 feet and some of the holder literally he's holding with the tip of his finger in a tip of his thumb against like textured stucco basically on a wall and then his foot against some other ledge there's other places where there's this big crack this big crack in the wall and he put his hand in it with his fist and he's using his fist to pull him it's just crazy it's just the craziest thing I've ever seen I could not see it like I saw the trailers I saw the things I I had to see this like the guy survived but what I didn't expect was his background and what compelled him to do this and I think there's some lessons here I think so I'm still wrapping my mind around it so anyway Alex up doing this but this is upbringing it was a he lived in a home where LHO was basically absent mom and dad didn't really love each other they distaste to gether for the kids until he graduated high school then they get divorced dad dies of a heart attack a year later but he's kind of this loner nerd that no one really likes to really get along with people that will he's a massive introvert he's socially awkward and so he basically is just a loner and he begins getting into Iraq I mean he was climbing the house and climbing everything under the roof and trees he eventually gets into rock climbing and this is the one thing that he just finds a sink sure it's a place of peace for him and his dad would blame him you know it which is where they kind of use the ropes to support you in the climbing gym so you kind of get into this so this is kind of his story but he lived a very lonely and scourging difficult experience and when his dad dies both of his grandparents die and something else happened I think the divorce it happened in the you're just horrible life events he's not a happy person and really doing all that well but he find his worth in climbing and so he does this he went to college but never made any friends didn't really meet anyone spent like 2 years in college without speaking to anybody I was just there and but was super smart he did well in his grades was BASIC is climbing all the time so he gets to this situation where he. Starts climbing and he did a free climb on April fools that people thought was a joke because he free climb something else in me that no one has really done before that quickly and all the sudden this kid blows up on the scene and he starts getting recognition but the recognition isn't what he wants he's not really into that he's nervous in front of microphones and cameras what he really wants is the achievement and you see this in experiences like with Michael Jordan you see the experiences with that with Tiger Woods where they had parents figures were really firm on them and they really thought they had to perform to receive love and so whenever Tiger Woods's dad dies and he wins a major and afterwards he's a mess because dad's not there and I cheat and that isn't there but I did it for dad Michael Jordan his dad was killed after he won the championship as a sobbing mess in the locker room floor after that happens it's amazing what the brain and psyche can do that you will push the other bounds of physicality and even deny mental triggers we keep you from doing stuff you probably shouldn't do because you just want acceptance you just want love at a desperation you do anything and so this guy eventually is in a situation where nothing is going to stop him from climbing a cab free cell or he's not going to no one's gonna stop him and so as he's going into this he ends up getting a girlfriend and she asks him Well as he starts to climb this guy's bulletproof they've literally done M.R.I. scans on Alex Honnold brain and they wonder does he even have intimate Dilla like that just missing which is like the fear center of the brain they did an M.R.I. and the 1st thing is it was all it's there he has one but then they start putting all these images before his face horrible images so they generally do don't to register fear on people's minds and they did kind of a case study or like a what they call those I get another one to kind of balance it out they call it control study of another free climbing guy who's young and that guy registered fear this kid nothing. He hasn't of being the lead but he does not have fairly He's literally been able to suppress fear in his experience just isn't there he's been living such a lonely difficult spirit he does able to hardwire his brain in a different way and so when he's climbing he's not afraid like of scorpions crawling his hands or bird fly or whatever he's cool calm and collected like nothing shakes this guy and so anyway what does start to get through to him though which is kind of interesting is when he starts dating this girl he takes her rock climbing she's not a professional rock climber but whenever he's up ahead of her they have the system whenever you're tied to the person below you or whatever that when you fall there Bill can catch you right there is Bill lay in the safety system but by that so he ends up falling which is rare but he falls and she didn't fully know what to do and the ends of the rope goes through her thing and he falls to the ground causes like a really bad problem with 2 of his vertebrae this guy's never gets injured rock climbing but love enters his life and it's like some of those walls that he had built around certain parts of his brain change and then he's climbing with her to another stage they get we're going through a chiropractor this is as he's preparing to climb El Capitan which is a big preparation and he falls again and he sprained his ankle really really really bad and you need your ankles to hold up your body weight climbing up a 3000 foot your cliff and swings climb with her again and it's just crazy like and they talk about this in the video like this girl kind of gets in his life his heart becomes a bit more open to what he's been used to and it kind of starts to change how he functions like you function better by shutting the world out and just doing this but something started to change him but in a way she asked him in the car she says does it does it matter to you like do you even think of me when you're planning on doing this no. Absolutely not like that I'm not going to not do this and he says now I mean he he actually climbed it he survived and I think it's been like a year and a half since this happened and he realizes watching the video I mean I kind of sound a little harsh you know he feels a little bad about how it came across but like he it was a new relationship he wanted this for 8 years and he was going to do it but this kind of this is this Dr determination that nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want the psyche is amazing and here's here's the point I'm making with all this we literally can have things in our experience drive us and one of the things that can drive us can be fear. It can happen in your experience that you're so driven by fear that you can't make decisions you can't take risks you're afraid to believe what God says you're religious experience is just analysis paralysis 247 is that what drives you is fear was driving you and my appeal to us today is are we open to being loved and letting that wall come down today being vulnerable can be dangerous It certainly was for Alex right and you can come up but letting that wall down can be dangerous it can be but here's the thing God doesn't let go of the rope and then God doesn't let us down and if there's anybody in the world or in the universe that you can be vulnerable transparent Rall and real with its jesus we have a high priest who is sympathetic to all of our weaknesses and says and he receptor for seeing that we have such a great high priests in the Heavens We didn't go there he was 4th sorry my my brain is still under influenza I'm almost out of it but he was chapter 4 and verse 14. Seeing that we have such a great high priest whose pastor the heavens Jesus the Son of God Let us hold fast our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weakness but was an all points tempted as we are yet without sin let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may have tamed mercy and find grace to help in a time of need when you're afraid when you're alone when you feel that no one loves you that no one is there when you feel rejected and no one understands you have a Savior who completely understands read to 70 read through the Gospels he has an experience it can resonate with yours doesn't kind of alluded to this last week kind of scoped it out on Facebook. And so you have a Savior who understands so when you're afraid you don't know if you can be vulnerable one of the reasons why Jesus had to come and suffer just like you was to show you that he's safe. So that your walls would come down to the Paul says so that you could come boldly to the throne of grace and you may attain help if you maintain mercy and find grace to help in a time of need in God does not want fear to rule your experience it's robbing you of the joy that he wants for you it's robbing you of love of intimacy of enjoyment in this experience and he wants us to be free and to be free indeed Amen let's pray to God in heaven I think you that you have love in your heart for every person in this room and whoever else we're here to see this message later and what I pray the fear is is ruining our lives that you would open our eyes I pray that you would give us ice AVG to see. As you want to do for those of us in the lotus aeon condition that you give us I sad to see our true condition maybe we don't know that we're afraid and that's why things are going as they are help us to see it even if we're not willing to ask I'm asking for US help us to see what fear is doing to us and God said us free I pray that we receive a gold tried in the fire a faith that works by love and not fear And lastly I prayed it would be closer to Christ garment of right just now so that we can be free from condemnation is near the judgment as well this is our plea today Lord and I know you want to give it more than we want to ask so we thank you that we receive it by faith in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more Sermon on the visit W.W.W. dot audio 1st stop or. The or are.


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