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Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • November 17, 2018
    11:00 AM
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On there in heaven thank you for the tokens of love that you have showered upon us expressions that you are a God who still sits on your throne and works on behalf of your children father this morning as we lift up our voices to be Joyce and to be grateful father I pray that you would fill our hearts with Thanksgiving and that you would quiet the storms in our life trying to take our attention off of you while they may your spirit be close to us we ask thank you for it's in Jesus' name we pray amen after 7 Dave voyage from. San Francisco California to a wahoo Hawaii Ellen whites and all the other passengers aboard the ship were given the opportunity to get off of the boat for 12 hour layover in this tropical paradise can imagine after spending 7 days on a boat that to get off of it for even a few hours is wonderful she was on her way to Australia as many of you know she was sent there under not the best of circumstances but when they got off of the boat when the believers found out that Ellen White was on the island they wanted to hear from her they wanted to hear word of encouragement from her and so they set up a place to meet and to hear what she had to say but before she did that she spent a little bit of time turning around the island to kind of see some of the sights and if you're only in a life for 12 hours you want to at least see something. And while she was turning around she stopped at the home of the Kurds who were at least the wife was a 7th the administers the husband was not and she visited with them for quite some time the Kurds were wealthy people and Mrs Currie to show her gratitude in appreciation was showering Ellen White with lots of gifts her birthday a white birthday was just a couple of days from then and away obviously was very grateful for these things and when the time came for her to get up and leave to go and address the church she got up from the chair the rocking chair that she was sitting on and she in a passing comment said to them that it was an easy chair meaning that it was a very comfortable chair she got up and left and went down to the local Y.M.C.A. where all of the admin The still on the island had assembled themselves for her to address them she shared the message that the Lord had laid on her heart and the hour came that they needed to get back on the ship because it was getting ready to leave for Australia and so they all went down in boarded the ship and when she got on the boat she found that somebody had dropped off a gift for her in fact it was Mr Kerr who had dropped off his rocking chair. And that rocking chair was a real source of comfort for her as she made that voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Australia she would sit on the deck of the ship and for hours she would write what the Lord had laid on her heart and just a couple of days after that. It was a call sunny warm day it was November 26th of 8091 it was Thanksgiving Day and it also happened to be her birthday 8 times in her life her birthday fell on Thanksgiving she was out on the deck of the ship rocking back and forth in that easy chair as she penned these words found in the review and herald Feb 16th of $892.00 says this at times I have been afflicted in body and depressed in spirits but the Lord has then my redeemer my RE story can you say men to that many have been the rich blessings in part it to me can you say amen to that in the time of my greatest need I have been enabled to hold fast my confidence in my Heavenly Father we have much to be thankful for don't we and as we read in our scripture reading this morning songs Chapter 35 members 18 I will give thanks to the in the great congregation I will praise the Among much people there is a time for praising God with our family at home in prayer but there is also a time for us to praise God in the great assemblies we have a great assembly here don't we it's God's people. Of course it's a great assembly it's a great congregation and as we assemble ourselves together we want to give praise and thanksgiving to God But before we do that I want to just draw your attention to a few quick Bible passages of things that we can be thankful for maybe even this morning as you share what the Lord has done for you you have a Bible passage or something that the Lord has taught you in this last year that has been a blessing from his word but the Bible tells us the 1st Corinthians Chapter 15 and verse 571 of my favorite passages but thanks be to God which give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ can we think of for victory God The Bible says gives it to us it's a gift and I know that there have been times in my own life and I'm sure that you can say the same for your life when God has given you victory over a besetting sin that is something that we can be thing for scripture says in Romans Chapter 16 of verse 3 greet for Silla an acquittal of my helpers in Christ Jesus who risk their own necks for my life to whom not only I give thanks but also all the churches of the Gentiles how many of your thankful for friends. Were great blessing to the Apostle Paul he said they risked their necks now I have great friends but I've never been in a situation where they had to risk their neck for me but I trust that they would but for Paul it was a wonderful situation where he was thankful for a quill and pursue the law and the help that they provided him not just them but the churches of the Gentiles we can be thankful for our godly friends songs 18 verse 848 the Bible says he delivers me from my enemies you also lift me up above those who rise against me you have delivered me from the violent men therefore I will give thanks to you oh Lord among the Gentiles and seeing praises to your name do we have enemies in our life I hope they're not people but the church say amen we don't want to have any enemies among our brothers and sisters but we do have a enemy who is working against us to trying to destroy us and to try to bring us down but the Bible tells us that God will deliver us from that enemy therefore we can give thanks that sometimes happens too for some of the chapter one of verse 12 the Bible says this I think him who has given me strength Christ Jesus our Lord because he judged me faithful all pointing me to his service are you thankful for the strength that God gives to you I know sometimes I feel very weak. Both spiritually physically emotionally but God gives us the strength to make it through those weak times we have shed some tears this last year lost some of our family we've lost some of our friends God gives us strength and sustains us through that time Amen. And I find it interesting that in our times of weakness Bible tells us that God also appoints us to service God has a work that he wants each one of us to do sums one o 6 in verse one the Bible says Praise the lord oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good for his Can you finish it for me for his mercy what it endures for ever Charles Spurgeon wrote this God's mercy is so great that you may soon or drain the sea of its water or deprive the sun of its light or make space too narrow then diminish the great mercy of God Amen what a merciful and gracious God we serve his mercy endures for ever and then of course Paul says in 1st US alone in Chapter 5 in verse 18 in everything. We don't we don't like to talk about that when we don't want what we don't like to think about that in everything what can I really give thanks in everything or does it just in the good times that we give thanks in everything the Bible says Give thanks for this is the what it's the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Single married divorced happy sad rich poor weak 10 to tired lonely whatever it is in everything give somehow there is a silver lining even in the trying time and I think if we look for something to give thanks to God for in those trying times it will make those trying times a little easier for us to go in everything good things for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you will share with you just a couple of things that I'm thankful for the small thing this morning it occurred to me that God has blessed in a way that I hadn't taken notice of many of you are familiar with our sister church in Fremont many of you are aware of what took place about 3 years ago over there church was decimated by the anti Trinitarian teachings they lost a large portion of their members who were very active they were board members active people in the church and as a result of that it left a very large hole in the church shortly after I came to this district a family of 5 left to go to another place for work purposes and as you can only imagine in a small church when you lose 5 more people in leaves an even bigger hole and so we've been praying I've been praying you know Lord there's some big holes in the church here there's a lot of discouragement as a result of that and I trust that maybe some of you have been praying for me my church as well and I thank you for those prayers but this morning as I got up to do the service. I was counting the people that were here that were that were there that were new in just the last year there are 10 new people in the Fremont church and just this last year it's interesting to me and this just occurred to me as I was standing at the pulpit just about 6 months ago 7 months ago we lost that family of 5 they moved down to Berrien for work and just today we had the 2nd reading to vote in a family that moved from the Grand Rapids area which was a family of God as good as any 3 weeks ago we baptize a lady who's been coming to the Fremont church for about 3 years she come to prophecy seminar after prophecy seminar for prophecy seminar health class after health class after health class and the Lord letter to our church the Lord lead another man from another church to our church and in a couple of months they're going to get married but just a few weeks ago she got baptized and joined the church there's another man who was over in the Cedar Lake area. Administration who was studying with him over there and he moved to the Fremont area and he hooked them up with the Fremont church and he's been coming for several months now and a couple of weeks ago he said you know what we need to make this thing official there have been some big a holes in the Fremont church and the small and it occurred to me that the Lord is blessing them you know at the beginning of the year I met with our head elder Alan if you know him and as we talked together we were kind of coming up with ideas and he had a goal in his mind that he wanted to see the church grow by about 10 percent which came to about 3 people I think it's 2 and a half but you can't have a half a person. So 3 people but in the end we have 10 new people that are coming to church. And I'm thinking to myself we need to keep this thing going in both churches. And this type of growth over a year we're just I'm very thankful the Lord has infused that church with some new warm bodies of course we're thankful for the angels that are at our church that fill our empty pews but it sure is encouraging to see some actual bodies there so please continue to pray that the Lord will lead us as a district as we seek to build up his kingdom and contact people in our community I want to share with you also this morning that I am thankful to be part of this district. As many of you know 2 years ago when I moved here I wasn't necessarily looking for a move I was very happy with where I was at we were comfortable in our district up north and were looking to move in fact for all we were concerned we were happy to stay there for the rest of our ministry but God had other plans and as a result we moved down here and we're very thankful to be part of this community of faith you have taught me much and I pray that I have been able to teach you a little bit from the Word of God but you've been a blessing to me you've been a blessing to my family been a blessing to my children and for that I'm very thankful for I'm also thankful for my family who unfortunately couldn't be here today my wife as I was talking to her last night the phone she's like oh man i wish i could be there so I could. Be in church but thankful for my family my wife of 11 years I've referred to her many times I've told her this that she's my best friend and I mean that you might think I'm obligated to say something like that but I'm not I mean it. She truly is a friend of mine of my best friend my confidant somebody that I can go to and share my the weights of my heart and she's there to listen to me I'm very thankful for my children who you know this past week I've been home alone all week it's just been me and Jack. And Jack's kind of in my shadow it's amazing when the kids are around he's It follows me everywhere and I think it's even too quiet for him because he'll just be laying there and all of sudden he'll jump up and start barking at nothing it's like too quiet man I need to make some noise but I'm thankful for my kids you know as I'm sitting in my office I hear M M M M M M M M M M M M M M Because if they're up above me but only They're running back and forth making all this noise and I'm trying to focus my thoughts as I'm preparing a study or something like that and then all of a sudden somebody comes down into my office Hey Pop on boom there goes that far you know and this past week it's been a time of solitude I've been thankful for that but I'm also been missing that noise. You know how it is you know those are to parents and grandparents you know sitting at the table and eating together with your kids and they're just laughing about the silliest things and you're just wonder to yourself what world how can you even laugh at something like But I'm thankful for that noise and thankful for that laughter that brings joy to my heart and brings joy into my home and I'm looking forward to seeing my family next week but I am very thankful that the Lord has given me 3 healthy children that love the Lord and by God's grace one day's And this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your purse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W. Dot org.


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