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Life Lessons from a Seed

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • December 1, 2018
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we are grateful that we can come together as a family to worship you Lord we thank you for both the blessings and the trials of this past week that grow our faith and father as we pause from the business of life I pray that you would speak to us this morning as we open your sacred pages and read from it thank you Father in Jesus' day it was my freshman year in high school and I was assigned to take a certain Bible class called the life and teachings of Jesus basically in the class we would go through the book desired ages chapter by chapter and learn the life's life and teachings of Christ it was a fantastic class if I had had the right mindset at the time but my teacher of that class it was her responsibility to select portions of the book desired ages for the students to memorize We memorized some great passages one that has stuck with me from that time till now was desired ages page 25 Christ was treated as we deserved that we might be treated as he deserved he was condemned for our sins in which he had no share that we might be justified by his righteousness in which we had no share beautiful passages passage wonderful passages to memorize however about halfway through my freshman year of friend of mine and myself we decided that we were wasting a lot of time memorizing we decided that we we wanted to get good grades in that class. But we also wanted to have some time to fool around burying study hall we want to have our cake and eat it too and so we came up with a plan how can we do this we're taking it's taking so much time all of this memorizing and we're not getting as much time to hang out what can we do so we kill with this great plan the night before we would be quizzed on our memory verse we would sit at our desk with our desire of ages and a clean sheet of paper you know that clean those white sheets of paper with the blue lines on the ones you probably haven't seen since you were in high school or college we would get one of those out and we would take a pencil and we would very carefully sketch out the memory. Very likely and when we finished you could stand back and look at the piece of paper and it almost looked like there was nothing on it we thought we were so clever and so the next morning we would go to our class and we would take out our clean sheets of paper. And we would write in each we would copy over in the memory verse and then we would erase the pencil marks and everything looked great we were getting good grades in our class 100 percent on all of our memory verses and this went on for quite some time and we thought Man we have beat the system and then one day when my teacher said Get out your piece of paper you know start writing on your members we got our piece of paper our clean sheets of paper and we started our work of deception but something different happened this day and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that my teacher got up from her desk and that made me a little nervous and then she started pacing around the classroom in between the desks and I thought. This is not looking good. And then she went over to my friend's desk I didn't look too close at what was going on over there I just I was the verse Lee trying to write this memory verse down as fast as I could and then it happened and I heard those footsteps they were like the sound of a hammer coming in my direction and if you could have saw me I was probably sweating bullets and before I knew it I was sitting in the shadow of my teacher and she was looking over my shoulder and I was about halfway through cutting down my memory verse and now the the light sketch at the bottom that I thought nobody could see as I looked at it now I thought all the world could probably see it and then she looked over my shoulder I knew it I was done and she very quietly reached over and she grabbed the piece of paper and she pulled it off my desk and walked back to her desk and sat down teachers just know how to make students feel very uncomfortable I think it's something they teach them in college I don't know but anyways all the classroom for the rest of the question didn't say anything she taught her class and all of that and I sat there was wondering what in the world was going to happen you know punishments are always worse in anticipation than they are in reality and so the end of class came and I stuffing my books in my backpack and I was getting ready to walk out with all the rest of the stairs and she said All right Jason and Peter can you please stop I want to talk to you we step into my office this teacher happened to also be the principal. Judgment Day had come. And you know it's kind of dawned on me that you know it seemed like everything was going well these seeds of deception that I was sowing seemed like everything was paying off. That you know it to my teacher it appeared like I was getting good grades to all of my fellow students they thought I was one of those students who didn't need to study to get good grades you remember those ones don't you I was far away from that everything seemed to go well I was getting good grades everybody thought things were going well and then that Sega of deception bore fruit and that fruit was not too sweet to eat you know for the rest of my my freshman year and even into my sophomore year I And fortunately did not learn the lesson that I should have that day I continued to sow seeds of deception and had one trial after another coming come into my life as a young person and now as I look back I see that it's just the natural result of what I was doing got to the point where I almost ended up getting myself expelled out of the school and would have missed out on one of the greatest experiences of my life meeting my savior for myself you will be happy to know that I did graduate with a high school diploma I heard one name then I didn't get a 4.0 but I did finish in the end but you know I robbed myself of many wonderful blessings desire to just page 25 has stuck with me my whole life and I wonder what would have happened if I would have taken the time to memorize all of those memory vs how much they would have been a blessing to me throughout my life but because I chose to sow seeds of this in I rob myself of a tremendous bless Now this is a concept that we are well acquainted with. Bible tells a single ations chapter 6 and verse $74.00 whatsoever a man so with. Your good Bible scholars. That what we saw no is what we read Now usually we think of this in a negative context and if you do bad bad happens and that's true but it's also good to look at this in the light of a positive context that when we so are that when we do good things good things happen so it happens both ways in fact Jesus said if you so to the flesh you read the flesh but if you so to the spirit you reap the spirit you reap everlasting life so it goes both ways both good and bad can happen depending on what we choose to so it's morning I want to share with you just quickly 3 life lessons that we learn from seeds 3 life lessons that we learn from seeds the 1st life lesson that we learn is one that you know that we all know that what you sow is what you read. It's a law of nature that is well understood that whatever you put in the ground is what you end up getting out of the ground you don't have to be a gardener to understand this nobody questions it and everybody understands it that what you sow is what you reap what we find is that the harvest is simply a reproduction of the seed that has been sown does that make sense. The Bible tells of Proverbs Chapter 22 verses 8 whatsoever sorry whosoever sows injustice she will reap calamity does that make sense of course we can sit back on our comfy little pews here and say Sure that makes sense if you do bad bad happens if you do good good happens but the question we have to ask ourselves is what type of seed in my sewing therefore what type of harvest am I going to have because what you sow in your life is what you will reap and this is not any more true than when it comes to our character of course if we sowed the seeds of selfishness self-love self like saltation self indulgence these are seeds that will eventually reproduce themselves in the harvest they will reproduce themselves in a very painful way the fruit of these types of seeds is sadness misery and challenges in your life if we live a life of selfishness thinking and acting always on our own best interest we are sowing to the flesh and the Bible says that those who so to the flesh will reap corruption now it surprises me that when we sow bad things in our lives and bad things happen it surprises me that every time people ask the question why are these bad things happening in my life I've never had that I've ever seen somebody do that before they live a they live a destructive life they live a self-centered life and then when it all comes back and the harvest begins to manifest itself in their life they start to complain why do all of these bad things happen to me why or why does nobody want to be around me why is my family rejecting me and all these types of things when we understand the concept that what you sow is what you reap you are going to get something different than what you put in the ground. Therefore what type of character you allow the Lord to develop in you will ultimately determine what type of harvest will be had this is true in the story of Pharaoh 10 times Moses stood before him with the same message let my people go and every time Pharoah heard that message his heart got harder he became more proud he became fixed in that self selfishness wanting to keep the slaves to work for him and the more he became him bold in that the harder it was for him to change until all timidly he got to the point after serving self that he looked into the pale dead face of his son he reaped what he so ultimately that didn't even change his heart he continued to harden his heart it got to the point where he found himself with the waters of the Dead Sea swallowing up all around him destroying him his horse and all of his army what you sow is what you read part of Sept 11th verse 18 the Bible says this but one who sews righteousness. Gets a sure we would some I should say amen to that but it goes both ways it's not just the negative but it's also the positive when you sow righteousness the Bible says that you have a reward that's coming your direction if we so love sympathy kindness and selflessness these are seeds that will be sown that the results will be very pleasant in our lives. Have you read some of these results Oh it's so wonderful aren't they when the time of harvest comes it's a time of joy when we were so those kinds of seeds in our life rather than a time of sorrow if we so compassion and sympathy and love we will reap the same things in our lives that should give you some pause to think about if you are a parent now I'm in the middle of this you know I'm right in the thick of it as a parent but this should give us some pause as parents grandparents whatever it may be that what you sow in your children and grandchildren is what you will reap one day Now remember they are free agents and they can choose you might do everything right and they still might you choose to not treat you in the kindest manner but generally speaking what you put into the relationship is what you will get out of them that's of the Bible's telling us here right so we want to so righteousness we want to so good things in our lives so that the result is a positive thing so when the harvest comes there's a time of rejoicing rather than a time of lamenting I thought about the story this past week of the the widow the nameless widow who Jesus sat and observed in the temple one day you heard the story about these men and women who were coming in and they were pouring in their great offerings into the offering plate these huge offerings that they were giving And then as this widow came in perhaps she was shabbily dressed or whatever made then she came in with the Bible says her to mine it's and in fact Jesus says that she gave she gave all that she had that's it there was nothing left in the bank account there was nothing left for a rainy day. She didn't know how she was going to provide for tomorrow but she came in with her 2 months and as she came in to the temple she saw all of these finely dressed men and women in their beautiful robes she saw them pouring in these great big offerings into the kafir and walking away with an air of pride and self-sufficiency that they had done some great thing for humanity and her there she stands with all that she has and then she looks to the left and she looks to the right to see if nobody is watching and when she can steal a moment when no eyes are watching her at least she thinks no eyes are watching her she quickly throws in her 2 minds and walks away but the I have Jesus saw that that sacrifice he saw there and he quickly called over his disciples and he pointed out the example that that woman has that example that that woman had given them and as a result they wrote it down in the with the pen of inspiration and it has been preserved in the Scriptures and that story has been repeated time and time again for the past 2000 years how many times that story has been repeated we do not know but I wanted to myself how much good has resulted or how much good has come as a result of that one woman giving everything that she had right how many big offerings and small offerings have come into the offering plate of God that have helped advance his cause because the widow gave her too much it's what you sow is what will be read and she sewed a good example and as a result it has brought forth a bountiful harvest to the kingdom of God I want to be like that wouldn't don't you you know just this past week. Week ago today in fact. I was able to visit my parents' church down in Kentucky they go to a small little country church and because it was Thanksgiving weekend there weren't very many people around it was just a small group but there was one family that came who had 10 kids now one family comes that has 10 kids you don't need very many people in church. And I heard about this family you know that my mama told me about them that they were all adopted kids so I was curious to meet them and and sure enough Sabbath came and they asked me to preach and I shared a short little message when they came in and all 10 of them came in a while this is a great big family and then I met and then I saw the parents and what I had not been told is that both of the parents were retirement age and their youngest that they had adopted was 5 they had fostered the kids for quite some years and they decided that now they wanted those kids to be their kids you may not know this but you probably do when you foster a child you get help from the state when you adopt them they're your responsibility and so they adopted these 10 kids they had both lived as separate life this was their 2nd marriage they had raised families in their previous marriage but now when they came together they decided that they were going to help some kids out and it wasn't just a gathering of kids together just to have kids together these were good kids that I could tell loved the Lord as I interacted with them as I talk to them and they talked with me I could tell that they had a love for them or of course they had the struggles that any young person goes through but they love the Lord and as I was reflecting upon that this past week in my preparation for the sermon today it dawned on me that this family saved 10 kids. Who could have become outcasts in society and is giving them an opportunity to become Kingdom builder. They're sowing good seed they're not going to even see the results of many of those seeds that they sow but they're doing it anyway because what you sow is what you will read it's also interesting to me 2nd life lesson that we learn from seeds of course we know that what you sow is what you reap but the 2nd thing we know from seeds is that you reap more than you so. You reap more than what you sow Now I did a quick little search online and I might be wrong about this I'm no farmer I'm no agricultural expert or anything like that but what I found in my quick little google search online is that if you put one grain of wheat in the ground that one grain will produce somewhere around 8 heads of grain and among those 8 heads of grain there will be about 40 seeds in each head now I did the math for you so you didn't have to do it that somewhere around $320.00 seeds from one seed Now if you take those $320.00 seeds and plant them back into the ground again you get somewhere around $100.00 in 2000 seeds and if you take those in plant them in the ground I didn't do the math on that one but you get the point right that what you reap you reap more than what you sow in fact one grain of rice can produce somewhere around a 1000 grains of rice but you reap more than what you sow in the Bible tells a 2nd Christine Chapter 9 in verse 6 that he which shows down to flee shall What. Reve bountifully Listen to this from the book education's page 200 or 109 it says in the harvest the seed is multiplied it is what a single grain of wheat increased by repeated showings will cover the whole land with gold in sheaves Listen to this listen to this so widespread may be the influence of a single life even a single act someone should say in and of that we have no concept of the result that can come from a life that is lived consecrated to God it'll be like a a one little wheat grain that's been put in the ground that reproduces itself multiple times a day that one little act that smile that kind benevolent gesture can bring forth fruit that will eventually one day by God's grace cover in entire field with good deeds I like that I really like multiplication I like addition but I like multiplication so what I'm reading here this morning is that if we sow good things we will read good things not in addition but we will read them in multiplication Isaiah Chapter 32 in verse 20 the Bible says Blessed are ye that so beside all waters and of course those of us that are tuned into Bible prophecy we understand that water represents something what does it represent peoples multitudes Nations the Bible is simply saying that if we sown in as we if we so beside all waters if we so beside all people if we do good things to people if we help where help is needed we are blessed didn't Jesus say in Luke Chapter 6 in verse 38 given it shall be given unto you. Given it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down shaken together and what running over Shall men give into your booze and that's multiplication as you give it's not addition it's multiplication that comes as a result of giving it is by casting the seed away that the so we're multiplies the seed but if you hold that seed to yourself you just have one seed but if you plant that seed in the ground and you do what you need to do to keep that seed growing you actually have much more later on won't you I read a book recently called Wind in the house of Islam fascinating book of how God is working among Muslim people in a story after story where there was one particular story that just really got me this story about a young man by the name of Thomas who was 16 years old in the middle of high school he was the son of a very famous Imaam a religious leader in the Muslim religion. And Thomas would go to school and ask his teachers questions that they could not answer about his religion and they would get very frustrated by these questions that he would ask and they began to taunt Thomas by calling him a Christian can you imagine you know that's kind of like the equivalent of what the names kids call each other in high school here I won't mention any of them and so Thomas being you know a little bit at a rebellious stage in his life you thought well maybe I am a Christian even though he didn't have any idea what that meant and so he kind of embraced this identity to a certain degree and he sawed out a local missionary. This man was a nor region missionary who had come to Thomas's part of Pakistan he had a long grey beard he had served the Lord for many years in fact before this man came to Pakistan he was a missionary in India for 30 years and he never had one convert then he moved to eastern Pakistan and served there for 7 years no converts 37 years no converts and then Thomas has some questions. So this nameless no region missionary I don't know what his name is it's not in the story it was never preserved I guess this nameless Norwegian missionary who by all appearances by human perspectives was unsuccessful as a missionary and needed to go back home sat and patiently answered all of Thomas' questions about who God is what he is doing question after question he answered Thomas' questions until there was none and Thomas accepted Jesus as his Savior and you think it's good there but keep listening Thomas went home and told his father again he was a he was an. He told his father that he had accepted Jesus into his life his father immediately on the spot disowned his son he wouldn't even let his son go into the house to get his clothes he excommunicated him from his family and from his community and told him to leave now being just the young men he didn't know how to provide for himself so he left and he went to one of the big cities and he had to somehow make his way it was a rough time for Thomas at this point just given his heart to the Lord and lost his family. But God was looking down from heaven and kept his eye on Thomas and he brought another missionary who was in the city were Thomas was working alongside him and this missionary helped him gave him food and water and clothes and you know place to stay in our kind of stuff and then he invited Thomas to study the Bible with him and so they began to study the Bible together day after day week after week ever studying the Bible and developed a friendship and finally Thomas as he learned more from scripture he decided to get baptized this is the son of a new mom steeped in Islamic religion he has now accepted Christ as his person you have no that would be like you converting to Islam that's how radical of a transformation this is in this young man's life it gets even better the missionary says listen you can't stay here you need to go back to your hometown and tell others what Jesus has done for you were disciples right and so Thomas is OK so he goes back and he hooks themself up with one of the local Christian churches and he begins to grow this Bible study group they meet every single morning at 6 am anybody want to sign up and they study the Bible together and Thomas shares with them all the things that he had learned from Scripture and his relationship with Jesus and it was a great experience and then one day the local missionary in Thomas' town came to him and said Listen Thomas I have a problem he said what's that he said I've got 6 Muslim young men who have questions about Christianity I have no background in Islam but you do so maybe you can talk to them and answer their questions and so Thomas goes and he meets with them is to talk to them and he can tell that they're very sincere that they want to know more about God and they eventually end up all 6 of them giving their heart to the Lord are you keeping track of what's going on here. Now before Thomas tells him to go home he says listen when you go home don't tell anybody about Jesus he says listen just live what the Bible says people will see the difference in your life and when they see the difference and they ask then tell them about Jesus so that's what they did they didn't know any better and. That's what this that's what they did so they went back to all the different places they lived their life and one month later one of those young men came back with 16 of the elders from his city all wanting to know more about Jesus those 16 leaders gave their heart to Christ the next month 16 more people showed up gave their heart to Jesus this happened month after month for 8 years this took place hundreds of people who may not identify so much with Christianity but have given their hearts to the Lord came to know Jesus because one nor region missionary who was unsuccessful for 37 years decided to take time and plant seeds What's the 2nd life lesson that we find you reap what you sow but you also reap what more than what he planted the seeds in the life of one man and that one boy ended up producing 100 of conversions to Jesus do you think that no region missionary going to be glad that he's so those seeds you want to meet him when you into the kingdom of heaven is that for man with a long gray beard. I don't know but this is incredible we're working on multiplication here that when we show listen we think that these good things that we do these good seeds that we the baskets that we gave away a couple of weeks ago the clothes that we give away a Carlie's cause of the kind things that we do for which we think that it is hit and miss but brothers and sisters those are seeds that the Holy Spirit can so or can can water and as he waters those seeds they will produce fruit you might not see the fruit but it's going to produce fruit it's none of our business whether or not we see the fruit we just need to be faithful and sowing the seeds and then OK so when you sow seeds you reap what you sow When you sow seeds you reap more than what you've sowed but the 3rd life lesson that we learn from seeds is that when you sow seeds you reap after use when you don't expect to harvest before you put the seed in the ground you expect the harvest the next day about the next week what about the next month in other words when you plan to speed you need to have patience somebody out of say. Here is the patience of the say it's farmers have patience because they have faith in the seeds that they have sown and they know that if they do their due diligence as a farmer that seed is going to produce something so they're willing to wait for the however months it is before that seed actually produces a fruit but for some reason we as Christians we get a little impatient you know we want to sow the seed and see the meat immediate result we want to do a 4 and a half we campaign and then have a complete harvest at the end. We want to do things quicker we want to cut the corner somehow but we have to understand the agricultural cycle takes time. Doesn't happen right away we got to so those seeds and leave it with the Lord in fact the Bible tells us Jesus says in John chapter 4 and verse 37 he says one so it and another sometimes you might not even see the fruits of your labor but that doesn't matter you may not see it here you'll see it in the Kingdom of Heaven of course but we don't so we don't so selfishly we're not sowing because of what we're going to get we're sowing because we want to bring glory to God we want to build up his kingdom and we want to we want others to experience the blessing that we are experiencing in our relationship with Jesus but I need to warn you about something they're called we. Ever hear from you like them you have a garden of weeds don't answer that question they're called Weeds and you know in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus tells us about this terrible about a man who planted a beautiful field of wheat I love scene fields when they grow up in the weeds it's kind of waving in the sunshine and blue sky and clouds just beautiful scenery and he's so this beautiful wheat field and one day his worker go workers go out and they see this beautiful field of wheat and as they're looking around they see. Weed and then they see another weed it's not just a little here and a little bit there but the more they look around they're everywhere and in fact they're evenly distributed it almost looks like somebody intentionally sewed those we among the wheat and so they go to the landlord a guy who owns the property and say What in the world happened here where did all of these weeds come from and he immediately seized the hand of the enemy he didn't do this he sowed we wheat weeds but he sees the hand of the enemy. Of course Jews identifies for us who that enemy is it is none other than the devil himself that is sowing we among the wheat. Have you ever encountered any of those weeds in your life have you gotten discouraged by them Have you thought I'm going to give up on gardening altogether I want to encourage you with something as you continue reading the parable Yes the wheat and the tears grow together but in the end there is a harvest and then in the end there is a harvest Yes the we in the tares have to grow together and eventually they got to be separated but in the end there is a harvest that takes place and that's something to rejoice about let's not get all bogged down in the weeds and looking at this weed in that weed in another Weed let's remember that in the end the husband men when he thrusts in his sickle to harvest the wheat there is a harvest and I want to be part of that harvest I want to take as many people with me as I can I want to be a seed that God can use in multiplication I will says and what Psalms 126 verse 5 they that So in 2 years shall reap in joy sometimes their sorrow in our sowing seems like nothing is going our way but in the end there will be our guest I want to close with this statement from the book education page $110.00 I think it's very powerful and worth meditating on for a moment here as we wrap this up it says as we are in part the blessings of this life as we impart the blessings of what not that life this life what are the blessings of this life probably can think of a few curses in this life can't you let me ask you a question if your bed a blessing is your warm house a blessing. Is the food on your table a blessing is the water that comes out of your Fossett a blessing is your hot water heater a blessing is your car a blessing is the money that you have to put gas in your car a blessing as we impart the blessings of this life notice it's not keeping the blessings it's imparting the blessings as we give as we impart the blessings of this life Listen to this gratitude and in the recent be it prepares the heart to receive spiritual truth and the harvest is produced unto life everlasting I don't think we get the power behind this statement she is saying that when we bestow the blessings of this life on the life of other people that the result is that it prepares them to eventually receive spiritual truth let me be clear to you with you this morning that blessings that she is talking about the blessings of this life is not the truth of God's word that's not what she's talking about the blessings of this life that she is talking about are the physical needs that people have and as we meet those physical needs it prepares the way for them to accept the spiritual truth. Are you all with me this morning was a wonderful video we saw there in person ministries time I go back and watch it myself I caught just a snippet of it but that's what she's talking about as we go and bestow the blessings of this life you see sometimes we get so caught up inside of our mind that we got to Dr Doctor Dr Doctor doctrine that somehow we've got to cram this information down people's spiritual throats and really calibrate their minds let's take a step back and before we do that let's find some way to meet their need. This spirit of prophecy tells us and the Bible backs this up that when you meet people's physical needs they are more open to you meeting their spiritual needs because until their physical need is met they don't even know they have a spiritual need so those seeds so they go about helping wherever we can meet people's needs speak words of cheer smile at a stranger who scowls at you help those who can't help themselves give somebody a hug who is in need spend an afternoon with someone who needs time of fellowship give food to the hungry water to the thirsty clothes to those who need it as we do these things we are planting seeds that will produce a harvest you might not see the harvest and it doesn't matter but we are producing a harvest and to life everlasting I'm excited for the plans that we have in our church in 2019 our board last month approved our master plan of evangelism we're going to roll that out here very soon. But I'm excited about the plans that we have for 2019 looking for opportunities to bestow the blessings of this life on people in our community but let me tell you something don't wait for it to become a church thing before you do it yourself no way for the church to back it up or for it to be on the master plan or don't even wait until 2019 but find some way to bestow the blessings of this life on other people you know there's some people who are not going to even have a Christmas this year unfortunately the holidays have become a very narcissistic thing where you think about bettering ourselves in our own personal families and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with doing that but what I'm also what but what I am trying to say is that it's also an opportunity for us to benefit other people. And bless them as well there are people in our community who are in need God has provided us with many things that we can use to help meet those needs may not be the most financially rich I understand that but you can be like the widow with her 2 minds for those of you that are on Facebook I have been notified of something that you might like to take a look at this next week one of our good members showed me or told me about this and I will leave the person anonymous who told me about this but it's a it's a Facebook group called Miss Egan helping Muskegon there's another one called Misty Guinn's helping hands I looked at that this past week and I was amazed at the amount of need that is out there of course you know it intellectually but to actually see it is quite a different thing if you want to look for somebody to bestow the blessings of this life upon go no further than those 2 Facebook groups you will find one if not more people who are in need in our community and you can go in so good seeds in their life will not be a blessing I know about you but I enjoy helping other people don't you enjoy that it just kind of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and you know they're happy and you're happy and and you've got something done and they're better as a result of it and it just kind of makes you feel good I'd like to advise you that Christmas is a good time for us to do this very thing so I want to encourage you during this holiday season this might not be your most traditional Christmas sermon but that one's coming. But I want to encourage you this holiday season to think outside of yourself outside of your family and into your community into your neighborhood and you may even want to take a close look at what's going on inside our church and you may find somebody who you can shower a few blessings upon and so some seeds of kindness and there life is well this is encouraging to me and the reason why it's encouraging is because anybody can do this have you ever heard somebody say I can't do Bible studies what if they ask me the question I don't know the answer to when you do this type of thing you have to worry about that there's no pressure trying to get that person to think a different way there's no pressure about maybe offending them there's no pressure about them asking a question that you know the answer to all of that is gone you're just simply helping them and people like to be helped it's encouraging to me because the results that I see that if I plant a good seed something good is going to come from that but not just one good thing is going to come from that but multiple things are going to come from that if John just a little bit of patience have a little bit of patience God will water that's it's encouraging to me and so I want to encourage you this next week this next month Lord give me a divine appointment help me to come across the path of somebody that I can bestow the blessings of this life on that will open their hearts at some point when you see fit to spiritual things and if you want to do that and that and let's pray and ask the Lord to give us wisdom Father in heaven we thank you Father for all that you have bestowed upon us so many blessings Lord that we are unworthy of the Father I want to follow your leading in our lives. And we want to take these little seeds of kindness selflessness. And we want to we want to throw them out into our community into our neighborhood into our family and we want to just leave them there Lord for you to do your work of a miracle and germinating those seeds father sed and your Holy Spirit to water them that there would be a bountiful harvest of Life Everlasting as a result Father I pray that you would give us a divine appointment this month to help somebody who is in need open our eyes Lord to what's going on around us let us bump into somebody maybe we can he overhear a conversation maybe it's through Facebook I don't know but help us Father to bump into somebody this month that we can show love to in this season of giving Thank you Father for blessing us richly. Funded Lee more than what we. Did you guide us. In Jesus. 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