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How to Give a Bible Study #6- The Law of Liberty

Lauren Holland



  • November 14, 2009
    4:30 PM
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okay welcome back to our next session because I have prepared for you begin their loving and enemy fire thank you so much for the privilege it was at your word and just be with us continue to keep her mind clear each one is here in just less than half into understanding his body to another you and also to deny such as ancillary to be so much enemy pain okay so these notes on the screen for a while so hopefully you have gone a cancer doctor down for will begin if you not funny look at and you will see them marks throughout the study or Linux you never think it also marked message I got the study and I will also have this PowerPoint study up a movie on audio mercy of the accident there were case is the same on the lawn of liberty and that this study is to show that the moral law of God is the transcript of his character in the embodiment of divine love and his Senate Christ when the heart into his blood he conforms us to be like him okay so the first question on how you set the studies you ask you at the title number of liberty now it is too worthless and oxymoron how do you go together most evil when not ever equate the law in any locked with liberty on eighty two more changes than just a note like the life they've known like that sounds so what do either a lot of this is free my is a restraint on freedom on this might seem funny to give actually the Bible we find all quantifiable downfall of the law the law of liberty and so they were to look at the biblical record of the law of liberty what turns you look at James Q eight to twelve James June eight to twelve advantage he really built around law according to the Scripture you shall love your neighbor as yourself you well that you show partiality you commit sin and convicted by the live transgressors from letters to keep the whole law and yet stumble in one point he is guilty of all procedures that do not commit adultery also setting up murder now if you do not commit adultery but you do murder you become a transgressor of the law so speak and so do as those that you will be judged by the law of liberty so what not to James talking about here the ten Commandments right on because you can see this is not an adult a young murder and those are two of the ten Commandments so anything spoken of here is the ten Commandments and what of God Hall ten Commandments belong in the Bible except when it was happening a lot it called the law of liberty now a good illustration he can share with people you study with is on that beginning of our country when people came across to Central America they were being persecuted and so the reason why the cement was happy on was the first thing they did when they got here established laws and so the longer that the model get you freedom and so someone will enable you to exercise your freedom others disable your freedom and today we look at find that it actually gives us room to exercise that freedom is not restricted so there's a transition what is the lawless president what is the law what is God 's standard and Wilson's Exodus twenty one to seventeen axis twenty one to seventeen we figured that the ten Commandments and the region and if you the site we will review right now but on the only saving the earth he sang with the familiar to think a minute and noticing how to get the neatness of God 's moral law you cannot say with a game about all or any game that matter if you are the games you play games if you don't have ruled it as much fun as you have ruled anyone either can we would play games every time you will than it would end up being bickering and complaining because some people when you get this landfill into that way in the end everyone decided each other and cannot be a good time that you ruled in the end the winners happy I feel like a homage for next time there's a standard that is set to follow the generally rules and again a good thing and just like rules make on games were meaningful moral standards make life more meaningful and God in all his love and mercy you didn't think a man inside that backbreaking task is to fall every single day they did and then you give us freedom to live our lives so he said do not tell you time to protect our life when he says do not steal isn't it interesting things that don't commit adultery you can protect our marriages so God when you look at it now lighten and we seem to always say that God is a barn the loving God he would be one that is trying to take control I live just make a list handle millions laissez-faire life better okay so the next transition he would get would be what did Jesus teach about the law when he was here on earth Sony is looking at what to teach about the law is that in Matthew twenty two thirty six to forty Matthew twenty two thirty six to forty centimeter for an master which is the great commandment in the law Jesus said and him thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all my soul and with all my mind this is the first and great commandment in the second is like unto it thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets okay so who'll always have a lot of God and your neighbor may get excellent results that our next person see on our site question is diseases replacing the East to I these two new commandment what are we doing that I was only listening to write their what is happening so let's look and see if you replacing the ten Commandments and we just read about this unfettered realm and thirteen eight to ten from six to ten no one anything except that one another for he who denies another has the folder nor the combined minutes you shall not commit adultery you shall not know that you shall not steal you should know that false witness shall not comment if any of the monumental old summed up in the same name the you shall love your neighbor as yourself love does not harm to a neighbor therefore love is the fulfillment of the law is a figure Paul saying Jesus was summarizing them hear you feeding all the commandments of anything at all some maps in the one thing you shall love your neighbor as yourself and thank you for summarizing and lifetime features that many of you exiting a station on the features you have a lot of young roles because the policy of you not want them to get their friend or to steal someone's lunchbox or two if there is no slam the book that I'm a loud and disruptive classroom in the list goes on for forever instead of listing all the lies you can just one but if they respect I think it's obvious that others and incumbents all that want nothing to do the same he is not listening on attending surprising that are that segments of these two and also Paul says that love is that the note element of the law and mouth of God is not Jesus is the fulfillment of the law is going to a our first and only delegate on what the dictionary definition of freedom in exchange and define freedom as the ability to act freely as they embrace somebody's able to acclimate accuracy chooses without being subject to anybody or to any undue restraint and restrictions how do a lot restrain men to give us freedom Hebrews ten fifteen and sixteen but the Holy Spirit also witnesses to us for after he had said before this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord open my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them where is God going to write the law in our heart is really learned a lot time on you know you might have aligned their minds your heart is not paid anything right God wants us to live out the liner actions not just be okay indicated in my doing this today is not just by actions you want to write in her heart to be from our relationship with him and there's a really neat Phaethon itself illustrates the point there once was a couple on a son married and learned hunting and when they came back the husband had his wife along with the things she had to do everyday and so have a regular and she had to clean the floor and did the dishes into the wine sins sweep and clean everything out for those not and then when he got back from walking to the door and he runs a noncommittal enough that there's any full spec of dust he beat her and if she just didn't do anything today liking you be there and so she just really hate useless everyday because he ate he was not at all loving toward her well here's Len bias happening and likely for her former husband passed away he him though here then I decided to hang out and get married again tonight again but after two years you didn't this man and they got married and they had a wonderful marriage you'd probably love it and make many years together in one nation of the attic and cleaning Yankees are going through a test and Angeles has now called one of the old lists that her husband and her and I just that old theories have boiling up inside of her and now she does her largest just got rewritten rigid inches reading the last and first things I think the fungicide I do not now and the next thing how was this little did I not feeling too on the idea that in on everything she did now that was the difference Lafayette her attitude completely changed and how we need to be with a lot I got the first thing that AFTRA before he asked us to keep the law got access to let him survive one says to have a relationship with us and he is in the last person he wants to write his life in our hearts we want a relationship with us first and after that then when that safety will close at him we'll both be like him so well I be an outward sign of our love for God will look at the end in John fourteen fifteen ten fourteen fifteen and said if you love me keep my commandments now many people might be trying to the Commandments then and that invalidates the motive but you don't usually like them we will be keeping his Commandments because I will have your money you keep my commandments is a something of the out of luck despite the lady when she loved her husband she naturally went of reasons you nasty like to do these things and now the same anatomy love God I not only that all will find that the law independently got character and so the closer you come like him will just emulate his character and will naturally got the things I've been thinking on documenting because Arafat or the CIA did because God commands are not the question Plato asks an eccentric question because the law is not in God 's law so we do not live a natural expression of himself the two concepts are indivisible and cannot bring you that I'll be getting to you next weekend and compares all all the characters and elements that are God 's character and in the line you can see that they're all the same online and so the closer you get to God the more we will become like him just like I have never noticed that you spend time with someone you will naturally kind of bigotry they have many marriages being snooty sayings the longer you are with that person and so nothing got done the art since then God will naturally become like him will will be keeping his law-abiding thinking about for next first is first on coordinates first on four eighths someone to read from you does not love does not know good for God is love K is very powerful so as Christians we has a loving God is a loving God and with any iPad in architecture as well the next question you asked and leads you keep the law perfectly what you like on holidays is ideal I don't want to do and I don't enjoy to and out lie I feel you same a thin even ourselves becomes a question I and you know I know I I loved I wanted I can keep falling in we are all sinners he will guide the next taxes is so encouraging this whenever you feel discouraged in the night is tonight Polly is stumbling five five and must look inside and drinking three three seventeen and eighteen clearly you are an epistle of Christ ministered by us written not with ink but but by the Spirit of the living God but on tablets of stone but a intelligence of flesh that is of the heart so that each one of us he is molding characters we are all works in progress and so the only discouraged because that is still forming a pretzel working us in shaping abilities insisted there is a man who silently same feelings if eating out is in church when they prayed I thank God no I keep struggling with citizens businesses then I know I keep asking forgiveness and I'm going to do in the afternoons again on Pleiades battling with God 's honey is praying about his struggles he heard the night outside the church and so only been a very good outside and there's this filter and he is on sculpting away this piece of stone and to the praying man said what you doing and the sculptor said the back plane toward the hole in Siebel then sculpting this piece of stone distances so that some NATO fit into the whole affair and anonymously now that God was doing with him right now God was helping him intimately he wanted them to be so that someday you deal with it in heavy delays walking their because he had got character in his heart and so the closer we come to Christ but the more he thought notwithstanding the easier it is to keep the line is not going to be a burden for us is not any something off and I could say that this essay because over some other place we will naturally just enter his character for the long town of today is his character so for that killed away the wood done that the well and keep you from wanting the law of love in your heart document his law in your heart and make you assistant for heaven will keep you from our if it has nothing to try to work out I'll elect Manny Nino working on those good rights enshrined to the lab and on the allowed instead you something on oncoming question ending young and better and I see that you nationally keep the law and so on that is the end of that study now there's some defendant see what went on the back of your paper and even some questions that might be asked to study and and the first question would be but I will say Christ is the end of a long nap in Romans ten four and you need to help them understand that the end on there just misinterpreting the word and it doesn't not mean if not how is it different context is talking about current trends in the film it a lot he's the end add he fulfilled it on so that's the context that the mouse is not here Romans three thirty one hi guys well and some of the turn their degree that Romans three thirty one billion and meet with a lofty face sitting on the contrary we establish the law a subpar thing the allies notably reestablish lost even when we have a only half-baked lanolin that we still have a lot of allies not gone away but also Matthew five seventeen Leslie Jesus said about Matthew five seventeen think not saying him to destroy the law but their profits and not come to destroy the two of them in case of Jesus himself says he's not there to destroy the launch event in LA in every sense of the word Jesus felt a lot he is a lot that is the transcript of the character which resigns a study another question my how are you might find people ask is is the moral law and commandments and the semi- ceremonial law the same thing with different oh Ursula review then there's many types of laws is more alive health live family live in the life and so if one only relevant and irrelevant the placement with the Bible talks about the placement and so it will look at Deuteronomy ten four and five Deuteronomy ten five see where these laws replace me give us some insight into the Navy volunteered the head and he readily labels according to the first writing the ten Commandments which the Lord spake unto you in the amount of the names of the fire in the day of the assembly and the Lord gave them unto me and I turned myself and came down from the mountain and put the tables in the art which I have made in their Navy as the Lord commanded me how came where this law like inside the art and the art is a replica of the one and had drank the same one thousand in Deuteronomy thirty one drawing thirty one and verse twenty five entries that Moses commanded the Levites which bare the ark of the covenant of the Lord saying taken his book of the law and put it in the side of the ark of the covenant of the Lord your God that he may be there for a witness against potential other chapter assignment and commandment I talk about the tour at first I thought it are the ones that Moses wrote the ceremony a lot whoever they play with as well not ever beside the difference there let's continue to these two laws on ABC you communicate each one of them so let's look at this thirty one eighteen months regarding and he gave under Moses when he him meaning with them upon Mount Sinai to tables of testimony tables of stone written with the staff okay so the laws were written by God very haunting attention and got some point he actually spoke individual life and relatively good on its own quite on his own hand twice on sound and then they were off the place and cardiac opinion in Deuteronomy thirty one nine four to twenty six let's read that the author and Moses wrote this in my and delivered unto the priests the sons of Levi expanding arc of the covenant of the Lord and all the elders of Israel case of the family alive mothers in difference between the two the moral and the Camelot is certainly different they said and what lies like he on John eighteen John eighteen Jesus says that his kingdom is not of this world on the Jews ejected him Sonata to schedule Israel and so the some specific Jewish lives are run out because there's no Jewish nation the only energy invested away with was a ceremonial law because it pointed toward him some principal and some are policies that illustration for example if you open the door if in opening a door a raw action itself no but like any open the door and there is poisonous gas outside without you that the yes is on the situation and on so this is the example of God lot some lives are on principle Romans seven seven Paul shows that the ten Commandments are intrinsically moral he said I would not have known sin except through the law and any talk about covetousness so we see that the changing an entire arm world there were ever on what is I live and not to urinate outside the camp of Israel why did I say that he said easily because he didn't want them to pollute the water system and they die and so kind goes along with astronaut killed Mrs. went and still others are the result you want them to be healthy and all the only reason I finally redevelop the live young God-given for reason on was one kind of his life because he wanted for the best interest rate so that all greater health and well-being there all day not knowing the line any anyways you perform all the alive again they're all our benefit now because he loved us and then on another example is his first drinking seven nineteen on the other half a thousand envisioned verses on circumcision in any secondhand man this is what counts so we had to look for intrinsic moral principles attempt to manage our moral compass me and Amy questions who continually close of the word of prayer and outside digit is thank you so much for your lawn and I thank you so much for getting us that guiding light and just think that we saw today is her character is also need to restrict us they do so much there's nothing we need to work that the only thing the yahoos to love you and you draw close using emulator caching as we do at VCU and all you that you are who was elected we want to live just like you have to do that beyond easy because that's who you are unhealthy candidates to to draw closer to you sashimi


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