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How Intimacy Changes the Brain

Eddie Ramirez


Eddie Ramirez

Director or Research for Nedley Clinic & Weimar Institute 



  • December 29, 2018
    10:00 AM
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I have a father I think you know that you're able to give wisdom when we need it and I pray Lord that you may guide my words may you be the teacher this morning May you speak to each of our hearts in the name of Jesus and the science of the brain is increase seen quite a bit. We still don't know everything but what we know is that the brain is the mole scum Lexx structure that human beings have ever study and one of the things that we are understanding is that the brain is not fix rather the brain is in constant change that constant change is what we call neural plasticity It's like when you throw something an object as you do that the reason why there is near a plasticity is that those repeated behaviors that we have the brain creates have Pat and next time we do them we actually get better and it is easier for us to do it for example a little baby that is the very 1st time that he's trying to troll an object he's going to grab it and the ball may fall behind him and try as he tries to try it see there is no pathways in his brain that has programmed this but as he repeats the behavior the brain starts to create 8 little pathways so next time that you do that now that there is a pathway in your head it is something much easier and any time you learn a new skill such as language such as instruments and so forth juv brain changes to adapt to this in fact not only those neural pathways form the thickness of you've brain changes for example if you are RIGHT HAND IT YOU'RE use in mostly the left side of your brain to control that right hand your left side of your brain if your right hand it literally changes its peak or your left side and then your right side. Or depending your professions or some interest in published paper on how taxi drivers in London last day learn old those streets and names and so forth their spatial memory of those stacks of drivers is actually bigger than the average person because the brain changes and how that change happens is that it creates connections between one nerve cell and the other is Asif this is a big grass field if you start walking in one direction or over and over that grass is going to die and you will create a pathway so neuroplasticity can have big implications and we have tremendous potential for neuroplasticity see this is the milky way anybody can count this stars here OK I'm going to get the Nobel Prize in astronomy if you're able to figure out that one well did you know that the number of connections in the average brain is a bigger than the number self stars in the Milky Way. There are so all the many potential connections fascinating isn't it how 90 percent of that niche to those connections between the brain and the rest of the body got destroyed but see the debt piece shoot you cannot do much about it but detainees sure that he's alive you can retrain it you can stimulate it new connections can be formed and they can take all over and really learn to use that or their part of the brain so the name of this. Son that started doing this things his name is Paul back in return and he has done some amazing research on the field of neural plasticity to see the ability of the brain to change is amazing and again we're just scratching the surface if you remember your physiology classes you would learn about a sympathetic and a parasympathetic system and see those systems have a big influence on our neural plasticity see that sympathetic is when you have the accelerator all the time again if you remember the parasympathetic is what they call the rest and digest when things are calm down and so forth you need a balance between boat. For example you cannot be just on the parasympathetic all the time it's as if you're driving on I 10 and you're in your parasympathetic just calm down and if somebody cuts in front of you you need that sympathetic you need that stress hormones you know to help you deal with that stressful situation if you're just like all over all it's fine you know all go ahead and cut in front of 8 men you're going to crash against him you know you don't have that velocity and that speed to make the right choice so when you are in the running running running running mode that is creating and negative plasticity in your brain and we know that neural plasticity is required for any type of learning any time that you are learning a skill but even in your relationships how good or how bad they are have an impact in your neuroplasticity and c You can have what is called POS at the neuroplasticity you learn a new skill you learn a new land which etc etc But unfortunately there is also negative neuroplasticity such as addictions see we did the actions there is a pad that is being formed and the person feels trapped about it and it is because doze drugs affect negative leave the brain here in this image for example we can see a normal brain does a speck scan everything has uniform color the hear is wonder spine connects to the brain that's why you see that there but look at what happened when somebody uses addictive substances such as marijuana tremendous harm that is Casi. To the brain so as a person keeps and use Cyndi's creates inflammation and all kinds of negative reactions and of brain this scan is not an unmet Tom Nicol scan by the way is a functional scan so you can see where the damaged brain cells are located and the car full with a can of this oil I know it's a hot thing and I know they tell you that it cures everything because fully This is a cure 17 be aware of that there's many studies showing the negative effects on the lever on during munity on your ability to amend tain your emotions and so forth and the more worrisome factor is the frontal lobe suppression that it causes but is that only marijuana has an effect also things like aka whole like cigarettes like caffeine they have a negative effect and you know I don't do direct research on neuroplasticity I do indirect research on neuroplasticity op at the Wiemar and with the depression program we've been helping people for example demonstrating in this study how those people that use Ben so they ass of beans as they start changing their lifestyle and participating off a program like the 8 week depression program their usage of Ben so they asked of beans decreases dramatically and it we found dollop that we are data how depression and anxiety actually get worst on people that are use in those bends so they ass opinions and how not only young people but also jury attic populations are being affected. And how we're able to decrease those bends so they ass opinions even in a matter of 10 days when they come to our residential program as we use other alternatives like this other study that wind it on lavender oil lavender oil has the capacity of helping use deal with and science but also your choices have an effect on your neuroplasticity like this study that with the it showing that doing things that go against your conscience are not good for your mental health or this one this one was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showing how heterosexuals compared to bisexuals homosexuals or people questioning their sexuality these 3 groups have more than doubled the rate of depression and they tend to have it more severely and you know it is such a nice thing to see what happens when the person changes their lives still for example these is one of our patients that came to our new Start program in we are diabetic hypertension that being controlled with 2 medications a severe case of of B.'s city and with multiple medications in a matter of 18 days he looses 7 Kilis we have to stop all medications because they no longer need it and he continues doing the changes in a matter of 6 months he has lost $83.00 pounds he continues doing the changes and in 11 months when we do a complete blot test cholesterols are normal fasting blood sugar is normal prostate tast is normal and the Mole surprise. Number Here is the hammock love in A one C. A 5.5 which tells me then somebody that is not takin any agent to lower their glucose he has actually reverse the diabetes he continues doing the changes and in a year and a half after loosing 141 ponds you can see they've before and after these is the power of the health message by the way B.B.C. News Serrano a very interesting article recently you can Google does worse and find the article showing that 70 percent of the physicians in England don't know that diabetes is potentially reversible by the way for some of you that want to access that research there's more than 80 studies you can go to this Research Gate side and you can find all of that research that we are doing up in Wiemar you can either type all that address or put Francisco Ramirez Research Gate and in your Google is going to be the 1st one that you can see but you know the Bible also look teaches about neuroplasticity in fact that stood purpose of the gospel to create at transform a xtian inside the human beings for example improper It's sad as that ass we think what happens to us behavior changes see it creates neural paths and data has an effect on our behavior or as it says as in John Forrest many as received Him to the day he gave him what. Power to be come see the ISS where we doctors are the limit that I cannot change those neural connections inside the patient's brain but I know all of somebody that can and that's why even from each shoes of at diction and bad behaviors we have access to that power to change those connections and not only that to help us become sons of God even to them that believe on his name. Or John 3 talking about the tremendous change that happens in the person his says that is like being born again there is so many changes in those connections in the brain that is a quibble and as being born again or Romans 12 even the use in the word met the more for sis what's what we use that word for from a warm to what 2 of butterfly tremendous change it says don't be conformed to these world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind or Philip in stew 5 how God wants to put his mind in us how's that possible neural plasticity and 2nd Corinthians 517 Therefore if any man being cries he is what a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new and for speed are birth being born again not of corruptible seat but of incorruptible by the Word of God which leave it and abide it for ever and see our environment has of big effect on that sympathetic parasympathetic effect bring this a study that was done recently they had these rats they separated those rats from one another put him in a dark place were there was no stimulation or nothing for them to look forward once they were into that stimulation when they put him to choose between morphine and water what do you think they chose they chose demoralise mean as some way to try to escape that reality. 2nd part of the study they took those rats and put him in a pleased that simulate it Country Living in which they could do some exercise and they could have families and have babies and enjoy the social connections one's dose of Dick that rats were put into that environment when they had guinea gave him the choice between the morphine and the water you know would happen but terribly they started choose seen the water see we need to deal with the end violent is an important part or their studies have done with humans. But World War. Veterans when they were in that horrible environment I mean just put your shoes you just weren't their shoes for a minute here you are in a place in even want to be surrounded by all of this. Things that cost a lot of fear you don't know when the next soldiers are going to come and start shooting at you you don't know when the plane is going to come and start throwing bombs even when you're walking you don't know when you're going to step on a mine and even the friends you have made by being there in the service some of them you haven't seen how they have killed them in front of your eyes I mean it's soft horrible environment to be in and you know many of those people in that environment started taking those addictive substances to get out of that horrible reality. They follow up many of this people that have gotten involved with addictions but once the war was over and now that they got back home when they had love even people are round them they're Perens girlfriends wives etc etc It was it was documented that 75 percent of them and Bill and terribly quit their addictive habit once the of Vironment was changed and a fascinating study that had shows us how big a thing does Simba I'm in the have in our choices is this one you know when you see the map of Canada you can see that that be exceeded these are located in the bottom of Canada but if you look with more detailed a map of Canada you can the see there's a lot of little towns even in those places that are quiet called an inhospitable who lives there those Native Canadians to have lived there for a long time they have learned to adapt to that harsh environment but you know researchers in Canada started identifying that dose many of those communities they were having tremendous amounts of suicides between 500 to 800 times more than the average suicide or rate in Canada so what they did they went to try to understand what was happening that was cause seen so many suicides and what they found out is that it was the young people committing many of those suicides so what they did they went and started getting interviews with those young people. And you know what they found out those places that had highest suicide rates those kids they were not looking for to anything their goals of live their meaning in life in fact even the way they talk they would speak and there was be there would be big possumus between each sentence there was no meaning in their lives and dad reflected with their choices their time was spent in front of televisions does just waste in their hours there and their food choices he was all this junk food that they were feeding themselves and they were not looking forward to the future that days saw ahead of them but you know what not all the community is had those high suicide rates they were all other communities in which the young people did have meaning and nukes forward to the future in those communities they found that those young people they'd had stories to tell and you know they all people were involved in those communities teaching in their traditions and the land which is of their ancestors This young people got him bald even at the level of the government of those communities and you could hear by their way they spoke that they would look for were to the future. And that's why I why it's sane is this one the opposite of addiction is not Serai the opposite of addiction is what connection and this is the blessing that places like Dear skin have in which people all that are struggling in which people all that need that sense of community as we just heard the testimony to the confine and have their lives completed and you know even Proverbs says that a merry heart is what is good like a medicine but what happens to the broken spirit it causes us to process and is true it increases the stress hormones which have a negative effect on your call some metabolism and we could spend the whole morning and afternoon reviewing studies that show how those people that are lonely HOTH more probability of dying early and their quality of life is not the best Like this article New York Times Loneliness can be what that belief or elders friends are the antidote and that only elders even middle age people boast and Blockbuster glow of the highest threat facing middle aged men is not smoking or obesity is what not only in this and I was just in Australia a couple of weeks ago and the epidemic of 1000000 this is just tremendous there in England this is such a big problem that the government actually appointed a minister all for knowing this and that making this up. This is such a big epidemic they're trying to find some sort of it is in a survey in a strictly a for example that was done recently it was found out that 82.5 percent off a stroll Ians say that they are lonely and see subtle isolation has a very negative effect I was also in the we were also in Japan this summer and in Japan they invented this creepy thing it is this whole gram they you hook it up to your cell phone and the thing is sending you messages I wish you could get off work today early so we could spend some time together I mean we'd watch you know with this creepy thing you know you need our real friend here sir no you need somebody isn't it to interact and connect not something like did is newspaper says somebody who lacks social relationships has the same grist for early that as someone who e's said bitterly O.B.'s. And you know psychology was very negative about that spiritual aspect that you get when you interact in a place like a church and so for one of the founders of modern cognitive behavioral therapy he is a wrecker sane that religious believe was a synonymous of emotional disturbance no this person was a clinician he was not on the in a laboratory creating theories but he was hands on treating patients and so Ford unless he was treating patients his opinion changed dramatically as it has changed in the world of literature if you look in the scientific literature you're going to find all over and over how the spiritual factor connected with the therapy works much better and that same person that says that religious believe was emotional disturbance years later writes is enough secular Journal I think I can safely say that they do they are Christians Bible self-help book that has probably enabled more people to make more extensive and intensive personality and behavioral changes that all professional of therapists combined. And here is not even I believe or OK this is sois us his impression ass he is treating those spaces day by day he is sane that Bible has such power to transform lives that all the parapet is combined and see our relationships have an effect on happy marriages have been documented that affect negatively heart health and isolation effects heart health and if you add isolation to anger men it's even worst as you are not evil to diffuse that and you are in that constant sympathetic stimulation and study after study shows us that support is good for us and you know what is that isolation we're talking about is sane did this is private nobody should ever know about days and close in up completely intimacy is being able to all pin and mean evil to be ball NAREV all and be unable to connect with others see this news the Christian writer wrote an interest in poem that they made into a little cartoon and this little poem talks a little bit of Baal it did this cop all in which one of the members started to behave in a very mean way and it ended up literally breaking the heart of this young lady. And what does she do when they've break her heart she puts that heart in the little of box locks it up and it says what never again is never ever going to happen to me but as she is going through life Chee is seen that door most people that are in relationships are actually have been a better one day Cimi it's a young man that if you not is has also gone through some traumatic experiences in the pass. Himself had experienced some broken heart. And S. he gets closer to her she is says the what's in that box all of that box I know you can add to have that box but after thinking about it she these sides to throw the key and he is saving to come and open that box and eat has at dinner a puter call a fact and that broken heart and very soon that broken heart starts to renew and starts to fly again and he closes his poem says Lewis to love it all is to be what. Own their own will so see it have in life purpose is something positive for the neuroplasticity also have been the combination of all the other and younger together this a big mistake I see many churches separate the young people isn't it we need both of them to get there or the young people have the energy that all their people to have all these wisdom they have accumulated to their mistakes and so forth you put him to gather and Mendis is pure dynamite and having a good social network around you disinterest in studies that show your probity of getting sick with the flu is higher if you don't have that social network around you the number of friends you connect in a week is related to your risk of having the flu and one of the most important factors is that spiritual factor C. is very sad that the reason why we're having so much crisis with this Nolan is is that institutions such as churches have become all fashion and see in that all days everybody would need to gather in a church they would interact with each odder they would have a good time to gather it doesn't matter their work people used to get together but today what is life work work work work work work no time for connections no time for friends and that has a negative effect very fascinating study. The title of the study of religious attendance most cost more cost effective than Lipitor and they were comparing how regarding hard these seas going to church is cheaper and more effective than takin statens this is spa bliss in a secular Journal the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine and see when you see the world wide map by Rando earth you will see that those countries that were on the Protestant principles number one are the most prosperous countries of planet Earth you name me then the Protestant Bill country I'll show you the most prosperous countries on planet earth but see those countries most of them secularism and pull smother Nissim can have taken over and dosed countries when you check suicidal rates you find that those countries have one of the highest rates of suicide. Bull smother nism have left N T Many of those countries and those junk people are seeking and you know I travel very much I've been a mention to 29 countries the last 2 years and I see some people even in those countries that say But Dr spirituality doesn't work in these places it reminds me of the story of these shoes seller that was sent to an island 2 of them were sent to that island and the 1st one hour drive to that island to sell shoes I realize that nobody was wearing shoes and he send the Telegraph immediately it's a failure I mean the wrong place nobody uses shoes please send me my ticket back home but the 2nd seller saw things differently his Says who fantastic market nobody has shoes we can make a lot of money here. See is the same situation see Dole splays says around the world we're only miss is precedent we have this solution in our hands people need that sense of belonging and community that we can provide as a church and it's sad that sometimes is not big news I was just a listener Some are in a country in Europe which I shouldn't name leave a name and they told me I am this 2nd HELOC speaker in 20 years. And here they are complaining that there is no church growth that the churches are being close and so forward in closing this is an article from a secular news spay Per from England not is a title it says I am an atheist who goes to church here is why you should too and he talks about this 8 his dad used to walk around in England and see these beautiful churches that are over in England and would always inquire what do they do there you know Lackland this still some people going there and he starts going to that church and he likes it he likes the music he likes the fellowship if he likes the message that is being preached there he tells their the now his son is scum in with him see many unlike him are walking a wrong we just have to find him and we know the spot in the literature people that participate of church sponsor activities have less stress about finances Halton and daily concerns compared to those people that don't participate of religious activities or this other one publish and the Journal of Psychiatry those that attend religious services who prayed or read their Bible regularly have lower blood pressure than those that don't or this other ones those people that attend religious services have less probability of dying early Journal of Public Health or this other one Journal of Psychiatry and medicine people that attend religious services their immunity T. their I L C X is much better than those adult protecting you against not only the cs is like flus and so forth but also things like cancers and this one. Published in The Journal of Religion and clinical practice those that have that spiritual factor in their lives they're less likely to commit suicide less likely to use I'll go whole or draw it's less clima no behavior fewer divorces and higher than that it'll satisfaction he says this something that everybody is looking for isn't it see that's what spirituality gives you ass it starts to transform your brain in closing some 77 Psalm list they've It tells us that he was a human being like you and I for example in this solemn he tells us that he was troubled anybody here has been trouble all of us have been trouble but what did he do he complained question does complaining help when your trouble. It actually makes it worse isn't it you actually start infecting those around you with your trouble isn't it and he says I refuse comfort I start questioning God I was overwhelmed and he hits bottom I was unknown but please not is what happens to the psalm is when he changes his focus and he has started to focus seen all on the creator instead of himself I see this in clinical practice patient that is lonely on his room by himself and starts just thinking about his this is does he get better he actually gets worse isn't it as he starts thinking yes about himself and that is what the psalm is DOS I started remembering your work I started to remember your wonders. I started to meditate on your work I started talking about your wonderful doings you are a great God and how does he close I am that travel and he will see the transition as we change the focus transformation takes plays inside of us so my prayer for this morning is for us to have that commitment with God is for us to give an opportunity to God to work in our lives and to enjoy of the blessings that he has given us such as Nature and friends and church and as we interact with others and Minister others God Star State his work continues his work in our lives to transform us according to his spot or May God bless us may we experience that neuroplasticity and may we return that being a blessing to others in this world of so much got us this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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