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Episode 22: The Birth of Adventist Education

Adam Ramdin
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“The work of Education and Redemption are one.” The power of Christian education to support gospel ministry has been evidenced all over the globe and since the start we truly see that wherever the church is strong - education is also strong. 


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • November 28, 2018
    8:15 AM
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The Adventist Church was in its infancy with a membership that was only in the 10s of thousands and yet it had already made ventures into the publishing work and the health work despite a small membership soon moved into the educational field as well where the vision greater than the reality of church life at the time of school had started in 1868 by good luck hop a bell that was supported locally here in Battle Creek but in $872.00 JAMES And Ellen White would call for the upgrading of this school into an advanced educational institution and also for the denomination to support the school. As guidance for the school L M Y N roll testimony for the church number 22 where she developed the fundamental principle of the correlation between the physical mental and moral and religious aspects of education the Bible was not to be just an elective option to study what was to be infused throughout the whole curriculum eliminating the classics as The main thrust initially the teachers and administrators struggle to implement what they probably didn't fully understand themselves as well as making the curriculum meet there was also the admonition to include a manual labor program. Education was to move away from the Latin and Greek classics and be holistic focusing on character development. And daily reminding the students of the obligation to God to live for Him and be a missionary wherever they work the focus on manual labor and missionary work is reflected in the early names of the school the college of medical evangelist Emmanuel missionary College Southern missionary college Australasian missionary college and industrial school the purpose was the mission the name of the school reflected the purpose of the church to train missionaries at home and abroad. The vision to start a comprehensive educational system would mushroom and grow education is the key evangelist strategy the place is today where the church is stronger have a srong Adventist educational system that is valued and supported by the members education that recognizes it's not just for academic advancement but that is also evangelist and redemptive echoing the words of Ellen White that education and redemption are one. To work a better case should now in compass is the goal with the largest protestant school system but our strength lies not in our size but in our faithfulness to the original purpose of setting up the educational school system practical education with a clear mission focus was the primary motivating factor rather than just academic excellence. Many today do not have the opportunity of an Adventist education if that is you then may you be a witness in your school or university like the ward then Xeon in years gone by Proverbs says train a child in the way he shall go. And when he is old he will not depart from it whether it's at Fab a school home school or Adventist school we see that education is vitally important in solidifying what we believe as well as giving us the skills that we need in life if you live near a school then support that support the youth who are attending whether it's frantically through your prayers by volunteering by working or in whatever way that you can.


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