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Episode 23: Literature Evangelism & George King

Adam Ramdin
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The power of the pen - the power of the written word. Books can go where no man or woman can go. Literature evangelism has been key to the spread of the Gospel all over the world even since we were told to spread the printed page ‘like the leaves of autumn.’


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • December 5, 2018
    8:15 AM
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In July of 1849 James white copies of the present truth into a borrowed carpet bag and walk 8 miles to Middletown Connecticut he was taken the 1st steps in will become a global publishing ministry the publisher you work with extremely effective in early Adventism both as a form of evangelism and also as keeping a sense of cohesion amongst the believers prior to the great disappointment it was very important and after 1848 when Ellen want to have her vision that her husband should start a magazine and that the paper would be like streams of light going round the world the work increased in effectiveness. In 853 the review and herald publishing Association bought its 1st printing press and base to sell out of the house that James and Alawite rented in Rochester New York it then moved to Battle Creek Michigan and continued to grow and things would take a twist in the 18th eighties when James White met a young Canadian named George King who desperately wanted to be a preacher he stayed with them for a few weeks but James White was unconvinced that he had what it took to be a preacher. James White then approached brother gobs of money and all of them about George King and asked if he could live on the farm and work and then maybe after a year he would be able to go and preach he was a tall and slim man and if he moved into this new ball he would often preach in the living room to the empty chairs. It was arranged that he preached his 1st sermon to some of the church members but it was a blundering failure and anything but to the point after a season of prayer the mother of the home stood up and said that he could never be a preacher and that he could not hold the attention of a crowd but he could be a fireside and share books and tracks in people's homes and spread the message this way. He accepted this as the will of God and the next Monday he packed his satchel full of magazines and took $2.00 and set off for the week the next Sabbath he was overwhelmed at how much God had blessed him and encouraged by the people he was able to speak to as well as the $0.62 that he had earned the next week he was able to convert nearly all the books in his bag to catch and soon persuaded the brethren at the review and Harold to make a special book to use in the homes thoughts on Daniel and Revelation Smith. And so the work of literature evangelism would start with a man who James White didn't know what to do with the work of literature evangelism would grow and spread and become a huge ministry in and of itself key in the early days of our church as it encompassed the globe the ministry is still active today both with some of programs with a Cademy age young people and university students and also with full time workers. The story of George King teaches us that whilst we may not be able to do the exact ministry that we have set our hearts on God may have another work for us that we haven't even thought of yet and may use for the people to guide us there when we are humble and teachable there is no limit to how God may use. Lead.


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