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Episode 24: J.H. Kellogg & Ellen White

Adam Ramdin
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John Harvey Kellogg today famous for the breakfast cereals named after him was once one of the foremost physicians in the United States. At one point his hospital was one of the biggest in the USA but his relationship with the church and its teachings would get complicated and eventually there would be a parting of the ways. A great life and talent that would sadly veer off track.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • December 12, 2018
    8:15 AM
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For a long time the health work has been heavily promoted in our church and central to our advantage listed strategy reports that they speak of the Adventist Blue Zones and note how 7th Day Adventists live between 6 and 8 years longer than the rest of the population the rates of disease such as cancer and heart disease are significantly lower than the rest of the population and some diseases such as lung cancer are almost non existent How did this come to be was their luck was it chance or what is something greater than that. In 863 in all Sago Michigan Ellen White was given her healthy vision where she was shown things that were way ahead of the medical practices of her time for example she was shown the tobacco was a slow insidious and most malignant poison common knowledge to us today in her time the medical wisdom would have prescribed or at least not deterred you from using tobacco should you have any throat or lung issues it wasn't until a 100 years later when the surgeon general of the United States finally condemned the use of tobacco. The vision was very broad in scope and encourage holistic health and natural preventative medicine was there was always a need for acute care preventative medicine seeks to prevent as much as possible disease in the body under a Whites guidance they set up a health institute called the West and Health Reform Institute Dr John Harvey Kellog to. Day most famous for the world renowned breakfast cereals that he invented became the director of this institute at the young age of 24. John Harvey Kellog attended some of the best medical schools in his day the University Medical School in Ann Arbor Michigan and the New York University Medical College at Bellevue Hospital in New York City he graduated in 800 $75.00 and would go want to be one of the leading doctors in the United States treating both the rich and famous as well as those less fortunate he changed the name to the Battle Creek health sanitariums sanitarium is a twist on the words. Which were the health resort for invalid soldiers replacing got within a created a new word for the English language. He would go on to pioneer some of the best medical practices of his day and invent some ingenious machines that were the foreigners of much of the modern equipment you'll see today in a gym such as this room machine and group master many of these were on the Titanic when it set sail for use by as well the passengers the sanitarium would start out as a great witness to the message that God had given but he would later veer off track. Unfortunately today this message has often been neglected and while many recognize that we do have a message and understand the truth and validity of it many people do not live up to what they know about health their health work was created to be the right it was to assist. Not to be isolated on its own but to work harmoniously together healthy living was not to be an end in itself but it's a purpose to work with. Create opening wedge to people. Implement these principles 1st. And then also in the churches we are. The community we live in.


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