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Episode 25: Czechowski & Tramelan: Early Work in Europe

Adam Ramdin
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Michael Czechowski is a man who divides opinion. He was the first Adventist to go to Europe as a missionary and accomplished a lot in his relatively short life. However, he did not go with the blessing of the church, and while he has many good traits of character, there are also some lessons that can be gleaned from his life.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • December 19, 2018
    8:15 AM
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My quarter Koski is an interesting character who tends to divide opinion he was educated for the priesthood in his native Poland but had to flee the country on the back of a hate covered wagon because the monastery that he was a part of had gotten involved in national politics he was later imprisoned in Rome then was in exile in France for 3 years before he came here to Switzerland where he renounced the priesthood got married and then headed across to the United States of America there he converted 1st to Protestantism and then later on in Finley are hired to Adventism. Having X. Catholic priest amongst the church attracted a lot of attention and frequent mentions in the review and Harold he worked near the Canadian border with the French settlers before moving to New York City where he worked with the French hunger Ariens Italians Poles and Swedes and raised a congregation in Brooklyn James White found him a difficult person to work with a stubborn character who liked to March to the beat of his own drum. He longed to go back to Europe though and pleaded unsuccessfully with the brethren to send him he was seen as being too rash sometimes difficult to work with and not good at handling money he received several letters from a long white they're both commended him and counselled him she urged him not to mark out his own course but to wait for the counsel of the brethren. Soon after this he went to a camp meeting organized by the. Advent Christian church and told them obvious desire to go back to Europe and they agreed to sponsor him in 864 he came over and went to northern Italy where he worked near Tory for 14 months he then came here to Switzerland where he worked for about 3 years and baptized around 40 believers he raised up several churches the main one being here in trauma it was organized in 867 and is the 1st Sabbath keeping Adventist Church that was organized outside of North America. However chick housekeep had not told the New Believers that they were part of a larger church in North America but one of the believers here in Trammel and found a copy of the review in Harold into Koski as belonging and began correspondence with the church in America the 1st letter that he sent was simply addressed Adventist Battle Creek and I began correspondence because much joy to the church in America to hear of the Sabbath keeping Adventists in far away with so that. He would later run into financial difficulties both with the press that he had mortgaged and with the admin Christian church who eventually found out that while they were sponsoring him he was a vandalizing with a different message to the one that they held to and the sponsorship was dropped he would go on to work in France Germany Hungary and then in Romania where he raised up another group of converts he died of exhaustion at the age of 57 and 876. His legacy is a mixed one many of his converse were of the highest quality who will go on to make a significant impact in the church in Europe he was a hard worker who. Preached the gospel in new places but he had some administrative flaws and character flaws that left their mark on the work and those he came in contact with God did bless his preaching but the story of his life poses the question what if maybe listen to the counsel of our colleagues may we have here to be inspired counsel and may we work in harmony with the Brethren as we forward God's work.


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