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Episode 26: Jakob Erzberger: Europe's Forgotten Pioneer

Adam Ramdin
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Jakob Erzberger was a convert of Michael Czechowskii and would go on to be the first European ordained minister. He spent years working in Switzerland and Germany and was vital to the fledging church in its early days.


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA


  • December 26, 2018
    8:15 AM
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The work that began here in trauma though small would spread much further than this small country church the believers here desired to follow God's word and they kept the 7th day sabbath as the Bible taught their paths will eventually cross with Jacob Hertzberg who was a young man studying for the ministry often overlooked his work was none the less vital in the early establishing of the church here on this continent. Born in 1843 in cell to spur in Switzerland he grew up in poverty his father died while he was young and his mother did her best to raise the 4 sons that she had in 1984 he decided to go and study and trained to be a minister at one of the seminaries in Basel while he was studying there he also worked in nearby prison to support himself and one of the prisoners there told him about a sure a nice group of people in trauma land who kept the Sabbath deciding to go there to teach them the correct day of worship he himself after he arrived was convicted to keep the 7th day sabbath he stayed on for a few weeks studied a little bit more and then was baptized in a nearby lake. In 1868 he decided to pass through a small group here in trouble and this was not an easy task the group here was under the impression that they were the only ones in the world holding on to these beliefs as to count have not told them about the largest church. In North America when they realized that they were part of a bigger church they sent Earth's Berger over to Battle Creek to establish contact despite speaking no English he bravely journeyed over and was received warmly into the home of James and Ellen White. After instruction by James White and others he was ordained in 870 at a camp meeting in South Lancaster Massachusetts and commissioned to do missionary work in Europe and became the 1st European 7th Day Adventist pastor when J.M. Andrews arrived in Europe in $874.00 as the 1st official missionary that the church sent out he already had a dependable coworker and Guy in place Earth's Burgo also produced the 1st German 7th Day Adventists tracks that the young church distributed and also founded the 1st German Adventist Church in $875.00 involved Winkle. HERTZBERG also assisted Conradi after he was sent here to Europe in 1886 but he also became a successful preacher in his own right he held fruit for prophecy seminars in the various big cities such as Zurich Basel analogues ain for many years he was the only Adventist preacher taking care of the German speaking churches in Switzerland and after his wife died at the relatively young age of 53 in 1000 Otari he spent most of his time working in Germany. Finally worn out by illness and the sacrificial lifestyle of being a pioneer missionary he died in 1920 his colleague Konrad he wrote about him after his death without seeking his own honor he gave his utmost in seeking. In the typical Swiss way direct and to the point even as a senior worker he was always willing to work under a younger man he did not seek his own he was no position seeker leading people to Jesus was for him the most important holy work. Often forgotten the work of Europe's 1st ordained missionary was vital to the new church in its early days here was a man who was already committed to ministry but when he unexpectedly came in contact with new truths he honestly follow God's word and committed himself to a new and often difficult mission today God is looking for honest people people who will see what God's word says and will adjust and change their lives accordingly May we have such an attitude and spirit in our lives.


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