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Leave No Man Behind

Moise Ratsara
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Moise Ratsara

Pastor, Hartford, Michigan



  • December 28, 2018
    6:30 PM


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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to be in Houston Texas. For other resources like this visit us online and G Y C web or. Thank you Mary and your team for that special music and once again I want to welcome you to G. Y.C. and happy 7. It is such a privilege to be in this place and I want to thank. Above all our Lord and Savior for making sure that we made it through a year so many people started this year began this year and did not finish it and by God's grace we thank him that we can be alive and still have a chance. To take the Gospel to the entire world in our generation. I also want to thank you all our participants for travelling some of you drove all the way from Canada for 24 hours straight some of you came from all sorts of different places and if you notice we have flags on this stage this flags re present each country that is present at this G Y C. I don't know about you but I praise the Lord because as you look at this stage this are nations from all over the world that are at this G. Y.C. in Houston. We praise the Lord for that and God is good. Also we like to tell you that I'm going to make a baptismal appeal at the end of my message today I always want to give you a heads up so that you can think about it I always want to give you know fortunately to respond to the Gospel and to the Word of God. But before we began Why don't we have a word of prayer together. You have any father. We are gathered here. And we want you to be in this place. We want you to be lifted up my friends here have traveled from far some from this Houston town not to hear about man's ideas of what we think is good or bad but to hear the Word of God. So I pray that word will be spoken in spite of me. In Jesus' name we pray Amen. I grew up as a missionary kid traveling all across the continents of Africa and we had a wonderful time going to all sorts of different countries but for some of you who might have grown up as missionary kids you know that some of the places that you go to are not safe we went to all sorts of different countries and for about 12 years of our lives either we were in conflict or running from war. I remember this one time we were in the country called Congo the capital city of that country was Brazzaville. We had just escaped from the another country by the name of D.R. C. which at the time was names i year we had escaped from a dictator and I was about to be overthrown and here we were starting our life in this country of Congo almost right in the center of Africa my family were there and we were starting to do our ministry when we heard the war. Was about to break. We started to see gunfire and looking outside and bombs and the earth was shaking and we knew that if we did not get out of that place either we were going to be dead kidnapped or something worse that we did not want to think about. Our plan was very straightforward we decided we were going to go to a UN refugee camp on the other side of the country in order to go to the UN site we had to go through a lot of back roads through the countryside we also knew that we will be going through some rebel territory and that we could literally die any moment without knowing it but we knew that we wanted to make it out alive so as we counted the cost we decided to go by face. We went into the car and there we were driving one afternoon going through all sorts of different roads evading different things and seeing gunshots and all of those different things all around us and I cannot describe to you the feeling that I had in my heart it was even worse than I don't think fear could describe it. Maybe Tara could come closer to it. But I was frozen. As we travel and going to this U.N. camp site this refugee camp site I remember as we were going through this one road we saw in the sky helicopters that were coming in great number we also saw a cross in it we looked at the field and we saw people lining up boarding some of the helicopters that were coming. I remember asking the guy who was driving us through the countryside and I said why don't we just stop over there and escape this country. Why don't we just take one of those elec officers and you know instead of going to refugee camp why don't we just go with this guys. I remember he looked at me and he says well you know these people are Americans. And in their country wherever you are in the world if they know where you are they leave no man behind. Leave no man behind as a matter of fact it's part of the creed of the U.S. Army that they leave no man behind. At the time I didn't know even where the United States was. All I cared about really was my life. But I knew that this nation left no man behind. Today my friends we are living in a great controversy if you will turn your Bibles with me to the Book of Revelation Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 7. Today we are living in a war the war of all wars. And it begins this way in Revelation Chapter 12 and verse 7 if you're there so I know you are there if you could say good in man. Praise the Lord Revelation Chapter 12 verse 7 this is what the Bible says it says and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought but they did not prevail no was a place of found for them in heaven any longer so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the Devil and Satan who deceives part of the world is that what the Bible says. The whole world. He was cast out through the year and his angels were cast out with him then I heard a loud voice thing in heaven now salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God in the power of his Christ. Have come for the accuser of our brethren who accused them before God day and 9 has been cast down and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives the what my friends. Oh I only heard 10 percent of you they did not love their lives to the one a man therefore rejoice so heaven and you who dwell in them. But whoa. That inhabitants of the earth and the sea put the devil has come down to you having what type of Wrath great wrath because he knows that he has but it is short time. The great controversy. Oh we know it so well. We see it today in our society. The devil is a man. Of society. We see it as well in our church. The devil is not happy about the Church of God even though he knows he's a defeated follow but he's a sore loser. And he will do whatever he can to distract us because he has come down with what kind of Wrath my friends a great rap because he knows that his time is short. We see it as well my friends in our schools the great controversy we see it so many times. In our schools today you can either find Christ or you can find the devil. The great controversy is alive in our schools. But also the great controversy this war between good and evil is very alive as well in our families. More than anything that I have seen in my short life is the attack upon family. Little children who have maybe known have a present don't have both sets of parents. A little child who wants to study the Bible and learn more about gone but the parents have no time and are too busy to read or teach him about Jesus we see all sorts of conflicts in our family the great controversy. But more than that we see it in ourselves. The things we want to do but know we shouldn't do we do them anyway. We know what we should be doing but we don't do those things because there is something in us called self. And it robs us of our peace. In the midst of all of this great controversy according to the Word of God in this war between good and evil a war between life and death in the midst of all of this God has always had a creed. Leave no man behind no matter the cost. Leave no man behind in this conflict no matter the cost no matter the cost. What makes it even hard forgot to accomplish this mission here today in 2018 is that Obama all the things that he hates the most reside in the person that he loves the most and that is you. He does not like sin but He loves you. That is what makes it complicated what else makes it complicated is that the devil does not play fair. Something else that makes even more complicated is that sin must be allowed to bear its fruits of death. In the midst of this great conflict and all of this complication God has one creed to leave no man behind but here are his socks the cold. But the worst thing about our day to day is that we feel that we are safe. Because we come to G.I.C.. We feel that we are saved because we have our names in the church books. We feel that we are in need of nothing. While we need Christ and the whole world that Times is being deceived and in the midst of this great controversy gone still has to preserve our freedom of choice. I don't know about you my friend but if it was not. For this creed that God has to leave no man behind I would be lost Jesus looking at the span of time and seeing this conflict and all those challenges God seeing all of this the sighted that he was going to pay the ultimate price. Because one of you was worth all of heaven I hope you realize do you I see I just don't want to stand here and preach a sermon and then you forget about it I want you to realize and myself to realize as well what the cost is of losing one's soul for Christ. There was a woman who was praying for her children she had raised them in the way that they should go and she has been praying she had been praying and praying but unfortunately one of her sons decided to go another route he decided to go the way of the world the way of the world look more appealing to him pleasure came faster and all those different things that he wanted to experience. And his mother will be there praying for her son that her son will come back to the faith that he was taught. One day almost to the point of. Frustration. She started to pray and as she was praying she says Lord show me your heart. Show me your heart I want to tell you be careful when you pray that prayer Lord show me your heart. This woman was there she was praying and she fell asleep as she was praying and she had a dream. In her dream she was in a beautiful city wonderful city all sorts of things you could imagine. She was in New Jerusalem. Right there in their horizon through those transparent wall she would look out and as she looked out she saw like it was a black line in the horizon. And she kept looking out there she started to notice that the line was getting thicker and thicker soon she realized that that line were actually people running for the holy city as we kept looking over there and as she saw she started to recognize some of the people but one of the person the people that she recognized was the face of her son her son recognized that Mama was on the other side and her son started to run towards mama. And he would he do went there and as he was running to words the wall he did not know that there was a wall there so he hid it and he tried to scream and say Let me here. With a mother's heart she was pleading for her son Connor. But she could not get him in. This was going on back and forth and she was pleading and the son was planing Please mama let me in let me end this was going on and then a voice behind said destroy him. Destroy. The strange word of God she woke up from that dream and that she woke up from that dream she was so shaken up she did not know what to do and then a voice told her. You weep for your son but think about all of those people that are left behind. In essence they are God's children too. Now you have seen my heart God suffers. And we'll never forget someone who is left behind because he has scars in paradise. The cost of living $1.00 person behind for Christ was so immense that we know this verse so well John $3164.00 who love the world my friends for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that whomsoever believes in name shall not do aught perish but have everlasting life the creed of God leave no man behind no matter the cause. Jesus came to this earth. And he had to live a sinless life. Among men. He died the worst of death. The cross was so abhorrence a Roman citizen by the way that it was a taboo word. He endured being spat on the face. SCO urge with pieces of metal ripping his back. Nailed to a cross. A carpenter who worked with wood is hand on that wood that he created and worked with. He is hanging there among 2 criminals and you can know that this guys were the real deal. Because they were on that cross. But none of that was greater than the pain of losing you so he died of a broken heart. I want to tell you my friends that you are of precious value to God. But more than that this world is of pressures value to God. We cannot leave no man behind no matter what the cost might be folk Rice paid and the net price. That you and I might have the chance. On not being left behind. But I have very good news for you today my friends. Not only Christ died on the cross he did something else and I want you to go with me to Acts chapter one Acts Chapter one Verse 8. Acts Chapter one Verse 8. In extractor one in verse 8. The context of the stories that Christ died on the cross he was crucified and risen but he had something else to give to this world so that you and I can accomplish our mission. In verse 4 Let us begin in verse 4 Acts Chapter one of verse 4 it said and being assembled together I hope you don't mind I will. Put it in R G Y C context. And being assembled together at G Y C. He commanded them. Not to depart from Houston. But to wake for the promise of the father which he said you have heard from me. For John truly baptized with water but you my friends will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. Therefore when they had come to gather at G Y C Houston they asked for one thing saying Lord will you at this time or east or the Kingdom of Israel they were chasing the devil's rabbit. Focusing on all sorts of different things. But this is what God says to us here today and he said to them it is not for you to know the Times or the seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive what my friend power do you believe that this G A Y C We can receive power do you believe that this G Y C We can experience Pentecost again. When the Holy Spirit. Has come upon you. And you shall be this word is so key witnesses to me in Houston. In Los Angeles. In Moscow. In Beijing in Cairo. In Rio de Janeiro in Paris and come back. To the end. Of the year. Our greatest need today my friends. Is the Holy Spirit. The disciples when they had gathered together they were focusing on a kingdom. While God wanted to give them power and citizenship to a heavenly country in which no man is left behind. God wanted to give them the Holy Spirit and I tell you my friends today we need the Holy Spirit more than any time before. I don't know about you but I don't even like reading the news anymore. Even our own publications that time. If we will only ask for this one thing the Holy Spirit in our communities in our families. In our schools. More than 60 percent of young 7th Day Adventists like you and I. Leave the as minister church when they go to college. You my friend a very rare breed. I said this The other time but most of my friends that I went to college with are not in the church anymore. We need to leave no man behind in our schools. But we also need to leave no man behind in our churches. I am a pastor. Some members have never received a visitation from the pastor all the elder in 30 years. Yet we look forward to their tight participation in organizing all sorts of events but we will not even give the time to visit with them. There are so many people in our local churches young people who should not be left behind. I'm also talking to you because maybe you're not a pastor but you have a great commission not a great option. We are all called to win souls for Christ. And I want to tell you my friends don't depend upon someone else for your spiritual walk and for you to be active in soul winning. By your zeal many will be inspired. You are a leader if you come to G. Y.C. you are a leader. As long as your surrendered to Christ and follow His Word and follow his church you are in the majority because when God is in your life you are in the majority. We need to leave no man behind. In our families. Some of our family members don't even know or 7th Day Adventists and what that means. For some of us let's be honest we have been a bad example. But you know what my friends there is hope because as long as there is the Holy Spirit he can change us. But most importantly. We ourselves must not be left behind. If we want to take the Gospel to the end and survive the end we need the Holy Spirit. And how that we have the Holy Spirit my friend we must be emptied of self by beholding the matchless love of God in His Word. Abiding in his word. In order to be field with the Holy Spirit we must be empty. And to be empty that we can only be emptied as we lay self on the altar of the cross. And pierces to that cross. Leave no man behind G Y C. There was a pastor who lived by this creed. There he was living in a communist country and he decided that he wanted this country even though it was under communism to know about Jesus Christ. But he paid a heavy price they decided to rally all the spiritual leaders and this pastor the decided to take him and put him in a cell under the police department. There he was for many days and the food that they gave him was just a piece of toast in a scuse me with human waste. The main guard would bring it to him almost joyfully. To break him. As someone by they decided Well some of these people are not being broken so let us take them to a remote place apart from their families. But before we send them to this remote location why don't we invite their families. For an hour to talk to them and maybe they will give some they will put some sense into them. This pastor just before he was put in prison told his family if I go to prison and I hear. That you yourselves went to prison for Jesus Christ I will be the happiest man on this world. If you don't give up the faith even if you are sent to prison I will be the happiest man. And there he was. So there came the time for to take all the spiritual leaders away to invited the families. And as the families gathered they had tables across. The yard. And there they were as they had tables they were the family members were meeting with the pastors evangelist and all those spiritual leaders for about an hour and this pastor's family was there waiting to see him 5 minutes pass by he didn't show up. 10 minutes passed by he wasn't there. 15 minutes 30 minutes he wasn't showing up. All the other families were meeting there at the their family members and no one was showing up. Until 45 minutes later there was a man who walked up to the table where the family was. Brought in something in a bag and laid it on the table when they opened the bag. The wife could only recognize her husband through his blue eyes he was so frail that he had to be caring. At that moment the wife knew that the only thing that her husband would like would be a bible so she tried to slip in a Bible right next to him and at that point one of the guards saw her and said Do you know I can kill you. She says well you can kill me but you cannot separate me from the love of God. It took the husband took him away put him in some remote place but this man lived by the creed live no man behind so in that prison he kept preaching about the gospel. The guards got tired of him so they decided to play a trick on him. They told him today. It's going to be your last day. They brought him to the yard. And they were getting ready to execute him. The man was there and he in his frail body stood straight. And was ready to die. The guards were so astonished by this man though he seemed like he had no strength he was apart from his family he was starving he had almost nothing yet he was still willing to die for the Gospel that no man may be left behind. The guards thought he was crazy so they threw him out of the prison. This man started to find his way and he found his family and the local church. Then this local church an older lady came to him and said Pastor I want you to come and see my son because he's die. The pastor said Oh yes I want to make sure I meet your son so there the pastor went to the home and the lady brought him to the room and there was his son almost dying. When he looked at who the son was it was the man in the prison who gave him the piece of toast and human waste. It was that jail guard. He was so shocked that he says Lord I cannot disappoint you today. I can't. I can't. But if you live by the creed. A man got on his knees prayed. For the men who tortured him and prayed for his healing. Because he knew the cost. Of living a man behind. Today my friends I want to give you know portray an invite. My friend Iommi. She's going to have a special piece for us and that she sings for us I'm going to make a very straightforward appeal. 3 appeals. This appeals between you and the Lord Jesus Christ. And as no me begins to sing I want you to listen to the words of the song. And then we'll have our. This message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so we can Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what happened or.


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