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Going Big So We Can Go Home

Gary Blanchard
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  • December 29, 2018
    11:00 AM


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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to be used in Texas. For other resources like this is a desk online and she was the last. Of the 7 he Y.C.. The Sabbath Texas. Good to have everybody here today are you enjoying the Sabbath. You know when I go places I always have a little pass that on thing we do we're trying to pass on to the younger generation identity in Christ mission a 7th Day Adventist and leadership in the local church when you think about that so I'm going to say I'm going to say pass it on you're going to shout back to me identity mission leadership pass it on can you do that OK here we go pass it on. I let you guys off easy. Normally I had people jump up in the air what did you say you want to do that OK we'll give you that right so I'm going to shout pass it on to you you're going to say identity mission leadership and then you're going to have him go pass it on OK So we try it only the young people are allowed to do this. Old folks stay seated if you don't have the energy to sit no just kidding anybody here we go pass it on. Man. And I'm in what a blessing to be here with you I don't know how many of you who were last night to hear Morris's wonderful message about not to leave anyone behind a man powerful message I want to bring begin with a word of prayer at this time and really thank the Lord for already being here I'm not going to ask the Lord to be here because I don't know about you but I sense this presence so let's thank him for being here let's put our heads Heavenly Father what a great honor it is to be standing before the army of the Lord generation youth Christ Father we believe with all our hearts that this work can be finished in this generation. And Father we believe this work can be finished by young and old alike working together intergenerational. And Father we believe that our message is Jesus and we want to we want to present him Lord with the power of the Holy Spirit because we realize Lord that He is the only savior there is none other so we love you Lord and we thank you for being here in Jesus' name amen you know wherever I go people ask me 2 questions usually they asked me why did they choose you to be the World Youth the rector That's the 1st question that makes me a little bit nervous the 2nd question is what is your vision for youth ministry so I have an answer for the 1st one the 1st one is very simple I don't know if you guys read this anywhere but the Bible actually teaches that God calls the foolish things of the world and also the bible says his power is made perfect in helping out. Weakness So that's my only reason why on the World Youth record today but I feel very blessed event. The other question that people ask me is what is your vision for youth ministry but I'm going to tell you right now G Y C With all my heart we need less visions for Amanda and more visions from God. Instead of asking a mere mortal what their vision is for youth ministry maybe we should ask God what he say and what I'm really excited about today is that God has given us his vision and his provision in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 if you want to know God's vision for youth ministry or God's vision for the church if you want to go God's provision or power to make it happen it's all there in Acts Chapter one Verse 8. Min right here in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 is the secret to going big so we can go home I don't know about you but I'm ready to go home are you ready for. The secret to going home going big and going home is right here God's vision and God's provision in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 how many of you got your Bibles out let's read this together OK but you notice how personal this is twice the Bible says you but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem in Judea and sub area and what is right here on the stage and what to the end now what's very interesting here is God's vision comes after God's provision you notice here the provision comes 1st and you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and then here comes the vision and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and Judea and some area and to the end of the earth to the same then right there you have a very simple plan God says Look here is my vision and here's my provision for making it happen 7 they have to search G Y C If you want to be a witness to the end you must receive my baptism of the Holy Spirit you see God's vision and you will be witnesses to me to the end of me to the end that is God's vision you will be witnesses of me to the end you know it's very interesting in the book of Acts the Bible tells us that God sets up the borders of the nations but very interestingly when it comes to this church there are no border we are going to go to the end we are to permeate like the East we are to permeate like like a light but there's no borders and by the way if you're a racist you will not like the 7 seventh's church I thought to get more humans on the island. This is a church that goes to some area and Judea into Roussillon and to the end of the 8th This is a church for every day since kindred tongue and people of God vision that's why you don't want some beastly weak vision from a man you want to powerful big vision from God You know I love how Ellen White but right into this I love you you know this quote with such an army help me out with such an army of workers what as our youth what rightly train might furnish house sume the message of a crucified and risen and soon coming Savior could go where to the whole world very interesting Ellen White basically takes Acts chapter one verse 8 and applies it to young people G Y C generation Youth for Christ and then Jesus has a vision here that every young person becomes a spirit filled missionary to the end no borders everywhere God's vision is every young person a spirit filled missionary to the end of the world wow you know I have a theory about young people and the theory is that young people were designed to live dangerously Now Jesus apparently had the same theory because right here it says but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be martyrs Jeremy the actual word for witness here in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 is the word for martyr Jesus is calling his church to live dangerously that all others might be saved even if it means laying down your life because you know that your attorney is securing Jesus but they don't have the assurance of eternity a move that of young missionaries spirit filled to the end not only to the end of the earth but also to the end of their lives it's a big vision. You know there's a powerful verse in the Bible Psalm chapter 127 verse 4 and it actually describes young people as arrows in the hands of a lawyer can use a man now I'm going invite my wonderful system to come out here and how many of you ever seen a bow and arrow before OK. You don't know how many security clearances I have to pass to get this they all know on the motion of the unstable so they were very worried especially when I said I need somebody that could be a moving target and somebody with an apple and as a volunteer when I said that the they really freak out but the Bible says In Psalm 127 verse 4 Don't worry guys you're safe I'm not going to put the bow in here on here but the Bible actually tells us that young people are like arrows in the hands of a warrior and you say amen Now notice the Bible does not say young people or arrows are like like arrows in the hands of an archer because if it was arrows in the hands of an archer maybe these young people could just be used for pretty target practice like they are in many churches today but the Bible says they're there arrows in the hands of a warrior when a warrior shoots an arrow It's always into the most dangerous places of the earth the enemy's front line the Bible is telling us something very clearly and Jesus is affirmed that young people were designed to live for God even to death and even to the ends of the Earth you're all safe now put this down. Couple amens on that well the questions I hear all the time is Pastor Gary how do we keep our young people have you heard this one Raise your hand if you've heard that before maybe you've said it it's a great question how do we keep our young people I want to tell you right now here's how we keep 77 as young people start keeping them start sending these damn it's now your seating capacity it's not how many arrows you have in the quiver it's how many you're shooting. How many You're sending him to the most dangerous places of the earth God help us if the king of the universe comes back and finds our quiver full of arrows that could have been sent into the enemy frontlines you want to keep you young people stop keeping them and start sending them rightly train them and send them give them work to do for God a man send them out to plant churches by the way young people can plant churches they're doing it in the South Pacific Division beautiful pictures of young people have decided to go and plant churches a man what if we planted churches in every university in Texas and every university in your area what if we started planning churches of young people like arrows in the hands of a boy or you know I've noticed has a child around or 3 areas that I believe we really need to focus sending our beautiful young people in that direction by the way you know what Jesus said If you're willing to lay down your life for him you'll actually find it so Jesus is not calling us to die in the negative sense he's calling us to die that we might live through my really experience life is there'll be times that will lay down our lives you know it breaks my heart just earlier this year we heard about Bernie canoe a 24 year old young man who was supposed to be married this month lay down his life and papa papa in Tunisia in 2018 in March lay down his life and what was his crime going to the most remote part of that area and trying to heal people in the name of Jesus and he was murdered but you know it's interesting when they wrote about his report they actually said that so many young people show up to funeral and sign up we want to go we want to serve God we want to be missionaries for the master young people design live dangerously You mark my words they were designed for this and the reason we use lose young people is we try to keep them safe instead of challenging them to live dangerously for the Lord Jesus amen the 1st place we need to target is we need to target the cities of the world can you say cities. In fact Jesus right here in his his beautiful verse verse verse a here he starts with a city Jerusalem that's when you start is the cities amen the cities of the world I could give you tons of quotes that Ellen White has given us on this but you know that at least 50 percent of the world's population lives in cities and the other 50 percent are dependent on the city you know people we desperately need to see one year in missions starting in all of our cities I praise God for one your mission you just saw a video on this young people like you are getting together in teams and taking a year off to reach the city through Christ method alone which is what is this method to sympathize and serve right socialize sympathize serve and to save young people reaching the cities we've got to reach the cities in these last days very important the other area that we need to target is we need to target the universities can you say man we need to send our young people the most dangerous places the earth and the universities have become like this but our young people must go like Daniel did a man by the way I really appreciate having is Christian Fellowship which is the P.C.M. which is the branch of P.C.M. here in the North American division avenues Christian Fellowship this is where you get trained these young people go into the universities and reach the people for Jesus by the way you know what the 1st P.C.M. group was it's actually found in Daniel Chapter one Daniel is 3 friends Chadrick me 2nd to Bendigo they went to where the university Oh what Babylon the the 1st piece the emptying they target the worst and the most wicked city of all and they go in there and they stand for Jesus they live dangerously for Christ and they actually are able to influence never can as are the greatest leader of that time you know that in every university around the world there are people that are staying up late at night like never can as are going they understand the times they're living in and they have no hope and they don't know what to do. But P.C.M. teams they go into those universities and they help people hear the wonderful news of the 2nd coming of Jesus Amen and call them to Christ we need to target the cities when you target the universities and people can i just be blunt with you we must target the 1040 window we have neglected this window for spar too long I am afraid that Jesus would have to apologize to the people living from North Africa through the Middle East Asia if you came back and they never heard the message you know that 2 thirds of the world's population lives in the 1040 window and 90 percent have never heard the everlasting Gospel folks we must target the 10 for the window there is a great call Dow for carpenters to go there for builders to go there for doctors to go there for business men to go there some of these places are too dangerous for you to go as a missionary or as a co-pastor or as a court of endless but you can go as a business man business woman we must reach the cities it's a Pastor Gary Jesus would never call people to live dangerously Woody what did you say to his cycles I send you out among wolves that sounds pretty dangerous you know Jesus said don't go stupid though that's my translation if I send you out I'm on walls but don't go stupid don't like the wall Jensen's did a then why is the serpent strategic then and as gentle as Jesus or the Holy Spirit a man or as a dove Come on now God is calling us to live dangerously for him I don't know if maybe you've heard the story of the husband wife that went to the dentist one day and the wife spoke to the dentist this is OK can I help you and she said yes we need a cavity removed but we don't want any novacaine no pain killer nothing we got to have this cavity removed no pain killer. Doctor says that's weird but OK show me the cavity she turned her husband said Show him your tooth here many are so many of us are very happy to let Janet Andrews and Abraham live room or Bernie can you go through the suffering in the pain that others might live while we sit back and we watch the next series and Netflix got awful quiet in here look inserting we need to get serious Amen I gotta tell you something I it's OK to be S.T.A. I just want to tell you that you want to say that it's OK to be F.D.A. can you say it can we get say that with more passion it's OK to be F.D.A.. Are you proud to be a 7 day haven't asked this and I'm going to taste of the we're not better than the other denominations we're not we're not better but God gave us the tsunami a greater responsibility do you know what Sister White says the most solemn and I'm quoting the most solemn ever smug solemn message ever given to mortals was given to us no we're not better but we have a greater responsibility thank you very much and we can be proud but we can also be humble and realize that yes God trusted us with just a just a simple message but we have not gone our cities are almost entirely neglected and there are some places in the 1040 window where there's not even avenues and hear people say things like well you know they don't listen to people foreigners we foreigners can go there you know we got to work with the indigenous people guess what there are no indigenous people to work with if somebody does not go from here and raise our people there they will be some countries that won't even be reached we've got to get serious young people you need to go to the booth I'm going to say the booth sign up for a ministry sign up for a mission get serious this weekend what do you say I hope all of you are going to go to Iceland. I've always wanted to go to Iceland is my big chance that's kind of to the end of the earth right well see. I don't know if you you notice the fires that are in California devastating fires and over a 1000 people missing. Paradise that area there I understand they lost their entire church and most if not all the members lost their homes in a tragedy of this is is beyond the pale and somebody sent me a tweet that I thought was so just move my heart it was a woman who sent this tweet out and it's kind of gone viral everywhere and somebody said to me so I hope it's true. But in the tweet it says whoever honk their horn is the woman that escaped the fires the tweet said whoever honk their horn of noxious Lee at 2 in the morning and woke me up thank you you saved my life isn't it interesting that the 3 angels message is a loud message it's almost like God is honking warning the world the 3 angels message is not for you it's for them X. 18 is for you Revelation 14 is for them they must hear the message we must be faithful like no it was we will see faithful like Jonah and then Chile became But we must preach the most most solemn message ever given to mortals to the world we must be arrows out of the quiver we must go into the most dangerous places of the earth young people you don't have to wait for a mighty warrior like your youth pastor or whatever to send you if God is calling you don't ask for permission to go the reason Jonathan was able to beat the Philistines is because you didn't ask permission he just went with his armor bare go up God is calling you go be an arrow straight and true they need to hear the most solemn message ever given to mortals you know we've been so blessed to have a wonderful Savior heavenly you know what I've often wondered. Where what happened to the missionary zeal I mean don't get me wrong there are missionaries out there on fire for God in some of the most remote places of the earth I just shared an example of one of them but overall with how many 20000070 M. It's me how fast can we move if we all wind right I've wrestled with that why and I believe that there's a philosophy floating around the sinister little flaw. And if you don't pay attention it can eat the hard part of a mission out of missionary passion it's called pluralism and we tell you what it is pluralism goes like this he listen all religions are equally valid if you're me or there are many paths to God or we shouldn't judge others God knows their heart or preached the gospel use words if necessary it's a pluralism it's eating the heart of the mission we got to preach the gospel people are just saved by your life their faith by Jesus silent witness is an oxymoron Yes we are to show by our lives that we truly serve the Lord amen our lives need to give credibility to our words but people we got to speak we got open our mouth people are not going to be saved by your good behavior our people will be saved by his good behavior he is right his name is not yours. Like preaching you guys but my blood pressure is going to. Become a down here who you know if there are many paths to God then why the cross that some mean experiment God placed on Jesus Jesus you go ahead on the cross but if there be other opportunities you don't need to by the way the the word for excruciating pain comes from out of the cross it means out of the cross excruciating Jesus allowed his son to go through that. Because there's other paths to God No the cross prove there's no other path to God except for Jesus I am the Way the Truth and the life no man comes to the Father but by me said Jesus Come on now you see what pluralism is it's an attack at the cross of Jesus it's a say 10 take attack at the cross Yeah there may be many paths to God but only one will actually get you to him and if there are many paths to God then why get so many I mean that seems like a great time for God to let Jesus in on the on the secret to said Lord if it is possible there's any other way for people to be saved take this cup from me nevertheless not my will but thine and that was God's perfect time to say hey guess what Islam Buddhism anything else there's other options Jesus stand up it's going to be OK But you know what Jesus gets silence because there's no other way is brilliant God they can figure out a lot of ways to get me out of trouble can only come up with one way to save us and that's it no other way is Jesus our savior Jesus was that you love the Lord you know one of the big mistakes we make I think sometimes if we think that. Jesus is like believe in my son or my mike work and still no hearing OK We think that's the way things work with us not at all the Bible says the world was already condemned and already heading for destruction but God came up with a way to save Muslims and Hindus and Christians and 7th Day Adventists through His Son Jesus who died on the cross that's his plan guy killed plan to save us that's how wonderful he is this is why we need God's power in our lives Amen This is why we need his vision it is divine We need His provision which is the baptism of the Holy Spirit a friend of mine was telling me one day that he was driving down the road heading to church and he noticed that in the middle of the road was a mother duck and all of her little babies. And the mother duck had been run over and was dead but all the little babies were crowded around her and moving around very scared around her they don't know what to do and the cars were going by and he drove he saw this news like oh my goodness and he pulls over he's like oh I got to do something to help them he's looking both ways he gets one of those igloos out of the back you guys in Texas know about this as igloos right build a goose chase is to go fetch ice chest he runs out and he looks both ways he starts trying to scoop all of the ducks inside the igloo and take them back to safety and they all get in there but one of them one of them is scared to death of him so he goes running off as fast as he can into the brush where it's even more dangerous so the guy goes and push the other ducks in there and he goes running in trying to find this other little duck trying to make all kinds of ducks sounds I don't know if he tried some Donald Duck stuff I don't know but the duck kept going further and further and getting more and more in dangerous situation finding the guy had an idea he went back to his car true story reached in and grabbed one of the one of his siblings crossed the road held a little duck in his hand and little ducks started clapping and sure enough his little sister came out when you heard her brother whatever was. Calling and he was able to save them what an incredible story one of cripple story but what God has called us to do and he shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you should be witnesses of me Drusilla in Judea and to the ends of the earth can you say men say it's our job to go out there and tell people what God is like and to show them what it's like and tell them about the cross the only way God provided for the salvation of man God's vision if we go to the ends and tell them it's the only way out of here is Jesus. Now it's vision God's provision. Very interested in Acts Chapter one Verse 8 it does not say that you achieve the Holy Spirit I know a lot of people seem to be praying is if they're trying to achieve the right to receive the Holy Spirit if I just pray harder I can achieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit but that's not what Jesus says here he says but you shall see for our not achieve our that's how the rule doesn't you achieve power and then you witness for yourself that's the world's way it's Bible says here that the way we get past tense of the Holy Spirit is we receive the Holy Spirit every morning here in G Y C When you see young people gather around praying they're not trying to achieve the Holy Spirit they're opening up their heart to what receive emptying self that they might receive coming into one of core confessing their sins not to achieve but to what people we need young people we need to be gathered together around in small groups need to find our own upper room and we need to be receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit we need to be receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit you know I believe very soon that God is going to launch a movement around this world like we've never seen before but we need to not wait for that day we need to begin now praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit upon our lives that we might be empowered to go Amen isn't it so interesting isn't so wonderful that Jesus did not leave us with the force from Star Wars and a lot of people today talk about the Holy Spirit as being a force I don't agree with that I tell you I don't agree with it because Jesus doesn't over and over again and you can read it for yourself in John 14 to 16 Jesus uses a personal pronoun to describe the Holy Spirit he did not leave us with the force he left us with a dear wonderful powerful Christ like God glorifying person and don't let anybody rob you of that god did you didn't make you an orphan. By the way Jesus can be closer with you. Than even was with the disciples now through the Holy Spirit you don't cry a tear sister that the Holy Spirit doesn't know about it check it out for themselves the last to verse of 2nd Corinthians says that we can actually have fellowship with Holy Spirit intimacy with the Holy Spirit come on I also heard it there in that last verse it also puts G. put the Holy Spirit right in the Holy Trinity right there in the last verse of 2nd Corinthians a man what a wonderful God we serve he didn't leave us as orphans he gave us the power of the Holy Spirit the comforter the helper come on Amen for I don't know how you could not see the person of the Holy Spirit read the book of Acts guys he directs the church he leaves the church he tells them to go he tells them not to go he whispers in there where they need to share with a new step back the Holy Spirit is in control and in fact some people have said the book was named wrong it should have been called the acts of the Holy Spirit. We desperately need the acts of the Holy Spirit again and then we need to come together in one accord as a people we need to receive the Holy Spirit by emptying ourselves of all of our our petty issues with each other look I get the fact that I or need to sharpen I or I get that it's all right if there's a little spark to fly back and forth can you say amen but when you begin to mock and the line and mistreat the church you should step back. Let me tell you why because I'm married. And when I got married I learned something you can say whatever you want about me but you talked about my wife let me put this in Texas terms we might have to throw down the church is God's why I might need a scape car or something. You know somebody once said something very powerful he said if it wasn't for the cross only God would know how much he loves us and about that. Is that across the way from the guy's incredible love for a theme and also where we find our hatred toward sin because we see what sin did to the Son of God and what he took for us amen at the cross we experience God's love you know I love that little phrase and amazing fact and I mean the facts but that too but in the song Amazing Grace Twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fears relieved. You know the Bible saying there are no no that verse is saying a hymn I should say I think here's what it's saying to him is saying this that Twas grace that taught us to fear in other words out of kindness God of War in the world of what is coming upon the earth he warned us out of kindness graces kind of out of kindness he taught our hearts to fear he taught us to know that the end of the world is the air the cities of the world will be destroyed those the 1040 window without Jesus will die without God and without hope he has taught our heart to fear his grace His love has warned us but his grace for those who believe he has caused is relieved our fears amen because we know that on the cross Jesus Christ took the punishment and condemnation and the wrath of God in our place and that's the way the father wanted it he wanted all of us to be safe come on can you give me Glory. Got as good as you not all the time preach it I'll never forget a situation that happened to me many years ago many many many years ago my mom told me not to play with matches I don't know if you've ever had a mom like that now my wife tells me not to play with matches this it will tell you something there but. Don't play with matches and so with my sinful nature as it is I decided to play with matches and I went out front of the house or in the back of the House actually I started to light little fires with the grass it was a very dry time a year in Ohio Anybody here from Ohio. OK good I'm safe I keep going all right and I start a little fire and it blew up and then I would put the fire out. Felt really good had my mom doesn't know anything like another fire pitch this time I spun around to get a little bigger and. Yeah my mom doesn't know anything then I don't know what I was thinking I wasn't thinking OK a little fire. And I decide to run around the house. Now about here I feel disgust of wind and realize the terrible mistake I had made come around the other side the whole backyard is on fire the only good news about it is the fire is heading to the neighbor's house not ours. My mother comes running out oh you're so in trouble Gary and we start a fight the flames my mom I know she's watching and we're fighting the flames trying is stop the fire and finally just called the fire department in Monette Ohio and they had never had anything to this exciting before. Had a brand new fire truck brand new cars car everybody was clean and neat We just saw a dust cloud coming our way those guys got out started spray down the fire and they put it out in no time and they all walked around me kid that's a Texas accent when you kid stop playing with matches listen to your mother for the many years later after that I'm sure I was known as Pyro boy in that town I tell you the story because there's going to come a day when the devil's going to screw up he's not going to be paying attention to the fire he's going to run around he's not going to be looking around and there'll be some young people in Texas. They'll be some young people in dorm rooms there'll be some young people on the Internet they'll be seen young people in their churches that will come together and they'll pray for God's vision and God's provision and he'll be running around the side of the house a lot of rain will hit low he'll realize his mistake will come around the corner it's too late revelation 18 verse one BOEM BOEM and the whole earth is lit up with glory I don't know about you but I want to go big so we can go home young people I want to make an appeal right now and I want to get off the stage. And as young people everybody by the way I want you all know that you're never going to hear me say the youth of the Church of today you're going to say that the youth of the Church of today. There was a child the other dumb stuff but not that church of the day. Don't get me wrong the youth are part of the Church of today but what about the 80 year old guy what about the 70 year old guy but is he under some kind of retirement plan by the way did you know something God has no retirement plan right if you're still alive he has to work for you to do I man we all the church of today in fact Malikai chapter 4 tells us that in the last days don't be an inter generational movement hearts of the fathers who turned the children of the children would turn of the fathers come on their generous movement what that means is the older generation must do it Alija Did you must pass on leadership to the younger generation by the way Alija didn't want to do it either now we know as God commanded him to throw things around life and it almost seems like a logic didn't want to do it if you noticed because of the license as a kid younger generation. Ally she actually has to run after the profit they all do it to it's a lot of our young people like I want to help and George Clooney and the pastors running off here the youth leader you know no no no I didn't say dump it on kids I said pass it on their observation participation and activation like Jesus did but pass it on I want to speak to everybody not just the young if we will go to the church right now if you go to the cross right now you'll notice that when they killed when Jesus died on the cross they put the spear in his side 2 things flowed out from the side and I don't think there's any mistakes in the Bible there's no unnecessary details there's so much richness in the details in the Bible right here's the good news young and old alike if you will go to the cross you will find that flowing from Christ side is blood for pardon for all of your sins there's not a sin in your life it's so stained on you that the blood of Jesus can wash away. I don't know what your problem is stop running away from Jesus you run away from the wrong guy he's the savior stop trying to take a bath before you take a shower doesn't make any sense he's the one that cleaned you go to him as you are goes across in the mind of faith go to the cross and remember the Jesus washed away your sin you can be free young people want to appeal to you today if it is your desire right now. To have Jesus wash away your sins I want to fight you to come forward right now and I want you to come symbolically like you're coming to the cross Jesus my See I bring before you wash it away in your blood Jesus I'm coming right now as I am I'm not trying to clean my life up 1st I'm coming as I am. You know a wife says you don't even have to be repentant to come to God Did you know that. Ellen White does not say you have to be repented to come to God she says if you go to him he'll give you repentance come on does the gift. Maybe some of you here today they want to say Jesus yes I say yes to your vision to go to the ends of the earth I see the vision that you have. To find a vision Oh God I have my mind on that vision. You want to say yes to God's vision. To be witnesses with me. And. One of my to come forward as well. Maybe you're coming forward or maybe voting for to you could you can vote twice by the way or. If you are thinking to yourself. God. You know your vision love your vision I really need your provision I I want you to fill me with the Holy Spirit I want to be filled with Jesus. You know the devil's not afraid of any of us here. But he is afraid of Jesus in You Jesus is kicked his butt a lot of times. He doesn't this stuff to deal with Jesus now he has to do with Jesus everybody who's filled with the spirit that's pretty scary that's like following for the devil. That's scary for him that's why SR White says there's nothing they can fears more than the people of God sure remove every hindrance and that God might for his spirit about a light which he charged and intended a congregation. And even so that things were nightmare that you could fill with a Holy Spirit now the idea of Jesus in you his words his wonders in his words. There below you here today the need to be baptized because you know that's your 1st step by the way. You don't have to be baptized in water 1st to receive the baptismal experience is a man we know in the book of actually sometimes working away sometimes years use about for the 1st and then there's water baptism but you know water baptism is the 1st step as a missionary you want to take the 1st step to be part of God's side which is a movement is movement a spirit filled missionaries to the end. Need that size of the Holy Spirit that's your passion. I want you to be invited to be baptized. That we're going to put up on the screen where you can go and say Lord Jesus I'm coming as I am I want to be part of your missionary movement to the end and I want to be baptized. Of the Lord. I want to say a word of prayer and then these beautiful ladies their wonderful gentleman to. Going to play some songs for us face on for you have prayer and I'm going to disappear and we're going to play but I would like you to do is just take some time to commune with the Lord can you do that and I'm going to do the same thing backstage let's pray right now. Father. We've taken seriously that. One verse that causes the devil to quake. At 1st that tells us how we can go big so we can go home. We take that promise. To me just tell you Lord this is what you've said. You claim this promise. I'm open her eyes to see your vision has to be willing to live dangerously for you and to find our lives in the process. God as you've promised. Have ties us with the Holy Spirit tell us God Father we come to you as we are right now where we're underneath the cross and are sanctified imagination and we. See your blood flowing out from the side washing away our sins but we also see the water coming out which is a symbol of the holy spirit in which we say we stand underneath the flow of your blood in of your water but she would cleanse us of only our sins Pardon us but then through your spirit empower us. To live for you. God bless your people we love you Jesus your mighty God a myth. This message was recorded at the G. Y.C. to the N. in Houston Texas G Y C supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible base price center and so when Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web or.


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