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To the End Will You Go

Tara Vang
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  • December 29, 2018
    2:30 PM


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This message was presented at the G Y C to the Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Added everyone I'm so glad that you decided to spend your Saturday afternoon to hear me share my testimony My name is terrifying and you My know me as the V.P. of evangelism for G Y C You might even know me as Miss glow because I do love low tracks and testimonies but today I have something else that I want to share with you 1st I'd like to teach you something. I want you to say and repeat after me. YOM no key. Turn to your neighbor and say Now young new key issue. You just learned how to say how do you savvy it in monkey. The monkey evil are an Indigenous people group from the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia if you look on the screen you'll see a country that my parents are from it's the country of Laos Mon people who live in China Vietnam Laos and Thailand my parents were born and raised in the northern villages of Laos a landlocked country I'm so happy to share about how God has mindedly worked in my life. But this afternoon I'm going to share about my family's refugee story and how we became 7th Day Adventists I'm also sharing how one dedicated young person going into the 1040 window and going into on reached 4 and field has changed the life course of my life my family and generations to come how one young person has made an internal impact on an unreached people group among people before I start my testimony letters began with a word of prayer Dear Heavenly Father if there was ever a time I needed the Holy Spirit it is right now Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit would be poured upon our entire group here at G Y C I pray that everybody would hear your voice hide me behind the cross and help me to speak words from your throne room all this I ask in his name amen the title of my testimony is to the end will you go I'm going to start off with a testimony do you guys like testimony. I'm going to start off with a glow testimony actually so I received a call from a sweet 91 year old lady it was May 2017 I had no idea who she was and she told me her name as soon as she told me her name I froze and I just couldn't speak the reason why is because I knew who she was I had never met her but I knew her name I was unprepared for this call I silently froze because on the back of every monk glow tracked is my phone number but don't tell anyone. I was in disbelief when she told me her name was Jean hall and that her husband's name was Richard Hall I couldn't believe that I would be reconnected with this special couple you see at 32 years old Richard Hall was a pilot missionary he was the 1st 7th Day Adventist to step foot into the country of Laos he truly believes in the literal fulfillment of Revelation $146.00 let's turn there I want to read that please turn with me to Revelation 146 if you need some time say have mercy if you're there say amen. Revelation 146 I still hear Bibles turning I like that sound elder Richard Hall believes in the literal fulfillment of Revelation 146 and it says and I saw another into a fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and tongue and people see he was a pilot missionary he wanted to fly out literally to these places and teach the people about Jesus the purpose of prior private plane travel in his work was to provide the missing link of Swift Transportation in areas where near him penetrate a ball distances hinder the spread of gospel of the Gospel or how any medical aid to those who desperately need it this mission would have been virtually impossible if he did not go with an airplane that it's brothers and sisters it is past time for the church to get up in the air in more than one way. In 1988 he baptizes the 1st Laotian cumbered converts most who are Monk people in 1989 he establishes the 1st church in Laos 32 years or brothers and sisters we have a choice to go to the ends of the earth just like he did do you I see God is calling you and I to fly in that to the ends of the earth I truly believe this as soon as Albert Hall by brand and build the church he is soon replaced by a 25 year old able to hang on a single Filipino pastor at $25.00 he was not the ideal candidate he was single and that was actually why they didn't want him but God still calls single people to the mission field Amen. But the work was growing and they needed somebody to shepherd the new stablished church he received a telegram from alcohol get marry now wife follow basically get married as soon as possible show up to the mission field then she can come afterwards by God's grace that's exactly what happened he received the call he was like All right I got to get married let me show you some of the things that Pastor piling on did when he showed up to Laos I have some videos that I want you to see. If we could share the video of firing on the air in the jungles of Laos and let's see if we can roll that beautiful voters take us through what we're seeing here all right what we see here is this man went hunting and then he put he's gone when he picked it up it went off and he hit his shoulder there the bullet went through a print side obvious shoulder and then to the back and ask me if I could help him and here we're going to their village helping them with their medical needs this man was bitten by a wild boar and I was asked to help him so I was doing here in a primitive way and I was asked to apply one hour of dentistry how to extract one hour of dentistry training. But by God's grace the medical missionary work to reach the people I have another video I want us to show you about what it's like to build jungles in Laos and did you build a school on a flat plane somewhere did you bring in heavy equipment to did you bring in the large bulldozers tell us a little bit about how you do that and tell us while this film is rolling well and we had to use whatever materials were available sold in their village we gathered bamboo was to split them and use them a roof and then we had to cut down timbers to us US Post and here are the Mon people who are helping me to gather this material so we could build a school for them and this the village chief living out leading his people to help us build a school in their village. Now in a minute we'll see a man with if I if my memory serves me correctly there years a man with that with the with a gun shot at doing so would tell us a little bit about this man this guy on this man with a gunshot wound said I am well enough I cannot just stand by without helping so he himself started helping us to gather meticulous boarding school. And so so there was a school ultimately built tell us just a little bit about how the project was finished while the school lost complete Ted not too long after that but it gathering the materials like this we had to go through. Was infested with blood suckers so you would see there in one of the scenes I was beaten by a blood sucker that sounds very very. By God's grace. 25 years he was doing medical missionary work as well as building schools and building churches for Monk people in the jungle the Louth my final video is a video of what it's like to experience the 1st. In a country Lord bless us that. The 1st 7 the average church in Laos was top leash we had more than 40 members mostly Mom people that's right in there we see we see that in that picture that 1st congregate Yes that's the furnace 77 Church in law was in line to 9. 1000 sisters can I get an amen young people you can go to the ends of the world and do simple me and just spend time with people who do not know. My family was living in the northern parts of Laos and by God's grace the 2 missionaries that would step foot in Laos would be able to impact my family my family it took 10 years before they became 7th Day Adventists but it was not an easy journey my paternal grandfather his name is saying van he began seriously considering Christianity in the early seventy's it was because my dad a young man at that time about 21 years old he was under spiritual attack. Every known solution to address a spiritual attack in the culture led to the idea that he had very little time left to live so my present a grandfather was not at peace over the fact that my one his one and only son my dad had such a short time to live he began searching for answers and he decided he must become Christian but he needed time he started out by observing all the missionaries in the villages all the groups of every walk of Christianity he observed for 6 months and his observations and his decisions were based on 3 things friendliness faithfulness and effectiveness can you repeat that friendliness faithfulness and effectiveness exactly my grandpa paternal grandpa was looking at all the missionaries from every Christian denomination looking to see whether they were friendly faithful and effective did this church or the people representing this church do they really believe and what they thought Were they friendly were they faithful. Because he was facing a life or death situation with my God his choice would be a life or death situation after 6 months by God's grace he chose to be a some day Adventist the Adventists missionaries genuinely loved the monk people the Adventists missionaries believes in their teachings they kept this out there as they taught it when the Avonex missionaries prayed God answered their prayers their faith worked immediately when among person became a 7th Day Adventists they had to get rid of all the idols and all the altars within the home immediately within $24.00 hours of conversion there was spiritual healing in the home Amen and they began keeping the Sabbath many other Christian groups did not offer these things they offered community but they did not offer the things that my uncle my grandfather was warning after 6 months he became a 7th Day Adventists Amen but this was not just the only issue they were facing at that time you see at this time there was a war going on it was called the Vietnam War and during this time my family had just become 7th Day Adventists live in non-war was raging in Southeast Asia from 161-2975 and America was losing the war the monks had been recruited by the Americans to fight as guerrilla fighters the CIA funded the special operation and they called it the secret war in Laos because of the operation. The Americans needed expert jungle fighters they hired over 300000 Hmong fighters men and boys 50000 died fighting for the U.S. on April 3975 Saigon fell and America lost the Vietnam war and genocide was declared upon the Hmong people because we helped Americans as a medic supporting the Americans in the Vietnam War my Jag knew that he would be in danger he along with my paternal grandfather decided what are we going to do but there was one thing they didn't know what to do and they had just learned how to do it and that was to pray a man brothers and sisters when we don't know what to do we can pray and God will open doors Well if it was a very rainy night I was monsoon season days so I did they had to go on foot when it was monsoon season because it would be harder to trace the trail that you walked on and it would be you wouldn't hear the leaves crackling under your feet because genocide was after them people soldiers were after them after trying the lower revealed to them Go Go to night they packed up what they could carry and they were on foot and headed towards Thailand they came to visit to the main Kong River which porters between Laos and Thailand to get to Thailand would have been freedom but during this accident they could hear soldiers in the distance. They kept praying Eventually my family reached the mean time river and there was a boat keeper my dad decided to hire this boat keeper so that they could carry their group of people across the boat across them in Congress or as they were all scared and drenched in water they all got in the boat there was about 20 people on this exodus with them but as soon as I got in the bow it started to sink there is too many people and the boat was too small somebody has to stay behind no one wanted to get off the boat if no one gets off the boat everybody dies. No one volunteered Eventually my grandfather just saying thing decide. Get off so you can live he along with 2 others decide to get off that boat so that the 1st boat trip can make it to the lepers pope trip with my mom and dad and my oldest brother it made it safely but on the 2nd trip they heard gunshots and that boat never made it my grandfather died drowning in the horror my parents they lost my grandfather but they went to the Thailand refugee camps they tried to pick up what they could do and they waited at the refugee camps they were not allowed to cook for themselves they were not allowed to leave it was like jail they went hungry for days but for 2 years they would be in this refugee camp. And then asylum would be granted to them and they would come to America 2 years later another brother of mine my 2nd oldest brother is added to the family they get asylum to America and they fly to America in 1998 and by God's grace they are the 1st Mung 7th Day Adventists in America they came to America with no idea how to turn a door knob they did not know a single word of English they didn't know what a toilet was they didn't know where a grocery store was they didn't know what bread was they didn't know anything about this culture or this country they didn't know and they were hungry they've found friendliness at the hotel that they were staying by a African American janitor who spent more than $19.00 of his own money so that they could have food and a man as soon as my parents landed they settled in the city of Santa Barbara California my dad Rohani a letter to the Thailand Adventists mission he said this is where I live where is the 7th Day Adventist Church you see at that time there were other newly arrived monk refugees and they were all this siding why don't we gather together and start afresh together but the problem was that these refugees were not Christians they still held on to the traditional faith and my parents they had left the faith so they were at a standstill what do we do do we go back to the people we know the culture we know. And the people who understand our struggle or do we continue to be 7th Day Adventists as best as we can well by God's grace. 2 weeks after that letter was sent out to the tile in mission there was a knock on the door and there was a pastor it was the Sabbath day the pastor of the local 7 Santa Barbara 7th Day Adventist Church was knocking on my parents' store to take them out to go to church Amen and they would continue to do this this church would continue to do this for 6 months taking up my parents every Sabbath to go to church brothers and sisters love covers a multitude of sins but love for newly arrived refugees help us overcome unimaginable grief unimaginable trauma and loss I 3 our church is still that loving church that can do that for refugees we need to do that refugees long for community they have lost everything that is familiar to them so then this brings in my story I grew up in public school all my life I grew up in public housing all my life when I graduated high school I left and went to a secular university I also left the church there was so many unanswered questions why did I grow up refugee Why did I grow up with all these issues trauma I remember attending my 1st G Y Z and thinking wow there's a biblical reason for godly relationships. No one had ever taught me that I didn't grow up with that truth but they convicted me and I purposed in my heart that I would do what God would want for me to do for my life until I graduate school I didn't know that God had a plan for my life I went to Loma Linda University and during that time ice I heard God audibly speak to me for the 1st time and it changed my life I started praying Lord where do you want me to go I'll go to any young adult church service I just asked for 2 things one that they would have a convicting present truth message because that was what I was wanting and to please send somebody to invite me to pot luck come on please if there is somebody new in your church invite them to eat with you. Well I went to South with 1st savage while I was at MOMA Linda. And the speaker was incredible I went home I was thinking oh I need to go home and study my Bible I was so convicted but then I was I told the Lord Well it was a great message but no one and there's no one here to talk to me and I'm just so I started walking away on my way out there was a young lady that stopped me and she asked if I was new and I said I was and she said Would you like to go to pot luck with my friends and I a man God answers very specific prayers this girl would come to teach me the same Sri message personal bible studies young people there's somebody around you that means to know the Bible personally one on one not just Fridays Vespers not just on the south it go some other day of the week and just hang out at Starbucks and study the Bible with somebody. When I got home for the 1st time I stopped my whole family and I told them You guys we are Hmong and 7th Day Adventists for a reason there's a reason why we were raised in this church I was so thankful for that than I graduated I went to start working in the secular jobs of public health and I remember having a dream and in the dream I was standing kind of like on a stage like this and in the crowd was an endless sea of faces representing all kindred all nations all tongues and all people kind kind of like this actually and. In my dream though I realized not a single Hmong person was in the crowd in the dream I knew I was preaching the 3 miles message. But not a single monk person was in the crowd and I knew they were not hearing the message I was devastated I woke up crying from the dream and in that time was when I was met with the glow track ministry and when I was introduced to this ministry I was like we got a chance at some tracks and to mung I can't wait any more so that's what happened and I translated my family and I we all edited the tracks together and suddenly we realized this is the most beautiful thing we have ever read in our own language and we could share and as we started sharing people started calling I want to come to church on Saturday I want to join you know you see monkey people we get together and when we get together everybody gets together we have festivals and there's 50000 of us 100000 of us and I used to go to be entertained who doesn't want to be in their cultural attire and go to the festivals but now I was going out there to give blow tracks in every single hand and so were my family members we've all we're all trained to pass the glow. If there is anything that I've learned about literature evangelism it is this that outreach is in reach when we go we are blessed and that's why I want you all to go on outreach tomorrow be here at 5 o'clock I remember going on my 1st glow mission trip until Doc the A and it was scary it was devastating Actually I didn't know what I was doing but I knew that there was so many people all in the downtown streets of Philadelphia. And there are all I thought of prophecy fulfilled right before my eyes and it convict in my heart Lord I have not done anything Ted Van your kingdom take me from where I am and put me where I can be because I want to win souls there's still many out there and after that I went canvassing I couldn't go back to my secular job I don't know about you but I need to do something that changes lives that's my kind of I have to be in that field where I know I'm making a tangible impact so I left my secular job and they went to ministry I went canvassing for the 1st time and it was the hardest thing I've ever done but it was such a blessing and God was so good to me because he even let me experience dump bags to guys know if something bags mean that means they took everything in my books and I was doubting God the entire time and he just kept affirming affirming and affirming It's amazing what happens when you put God 1st to you icy my time is coming to a close but I just wanted to share that as I start closing my testimony I wish I could talk to you guys forever I want to read something very special and I titled it think you see as a refugee you don't get to grow up much but you remember everything that people have done for you so I just want to read this to you mom and dad thanks for raising us around loving church families who spent time with us and cheated us as their own kids Bill collude is for knocking on my parents' stores every Sabbath to pick up the family every Sabbath for church the 1st 6 months. Of our arrival to America to Mr and Mrs Hill all right for being our 2nd parents driving us everywhere introducing us to their 1st ever vegetarian burger. And Mr H. sharing with us your favorite topic evidence of God's creation to the gardeners for faithfully transferring us to church programs revelation seminars choir practice that for the gym nights and youth church net $96.00 with Mark Finley changed our lives forever and you took us to every meeting Rachel the serendipity Nichols for your hours of driving us across town in in the church van to homeless eating that's where Jim Knight and teaching us about Jesus the palm family you're the 1st family that invited us to think giving dinner. And you're the 1st family that bought us kids presents for Christmas. We've never forgotten. I think even the late Bob today for opening your heart and home for the use We'll never forget your living room on Eucalyptus Drive him brain Adam Gray and Tim you all for adding humor into our lives and teaching us all how to drive a stick. Or mill the Davis for being our Sabbath school teacher and teaching us everything we learned as a kid and how does seeing top school song on the list goes on and on and on I wish I could go through it all my time is coming short. But I just wanted to share that all of us can reach refugees. Every single one of us you know God God allowed us to come to this country because as I was reading in the book of Abdallah evangelism God and His providence has allowed foreigners to come to our land to hear the truth for this time and upon hearing the truth they will be able to communicate it to their friends their family their community in this country and in the country at home that's what's going on right now. I have family in Thailand that's helping to share I could share the finances and the blessings that God giving me and I can bring Bibles to Mon people across the world. What an awesome God I serve to allow me to do such a thing I also want to invite a friend. That I want you to pastor please come and join me. Friends I want you to me so much that I now along my journey in ministry. Pastor Abel pulling on down right here. Retired but not tired of the ministry. He left everything. And was a 25 year old that went to the stationery still to reach my village his influence has changed my life forever. Thank you very much all because of God. When you love the Lord supreme with you when you have a passion to tell others God loves them more than they can on this band that passion well. You. Desire to answer a call whenever your call your will find your pumping not a sacrifice by a joy and a privilege. Someone asked me when you were going to boy 25 years old why did you choose to go to Laos Well Isha because I love the Lord with all my heart and. Iran as. 68 when my father was called off the young man he said Here am I Lord send me. And I responded when god. When you love the love. With all your heart. Your passion will make you to get even married when you are not through any yet thank you so much value a call was. Passed on to me. A telegram was Sam get married now wife follows. I was nothing to gauge. But the Lord made it possible that our tour a long long struggle my girlfriend finally consented that we would get married 60 years ago. Then her then days up there we were married we were separated I let her finish her college one more semester I went to Laos and learned to love the. Hmong people although I did not speak the language of the time but your passion for the Lord will make it possible for you to learn a language. Your passion for the Lord will love you to be even a jungle that. Jungle Dumpty's I didn't have any training. Plan a straw man in God sand God made it home game I mean. The honor the brains for what young people can do when they're the spawn of the Gods call me man and I get my head making a deal even at the time I'm entertained by my family on stage. And I'm going to make an appeal for young people this message of not just a message is to make the films tired but we still have so much work to do there's so many people and reached so many in this world I remember getting in an email from adventures frontier missions that you guys heard of that ministry I was reading at all be on reached through and I was crying and the Lord has revealed me and once you know you wear what not that live. But a young person Kate. Cary. Bikes Here we go to. The. By your legal all the way. Had come home you know we could go home to tea you. Heard me think 4000000 people and 28. Now Molly is either California combined and there's only one turkey. Why here we go. What's holding up that some of you need to change your priority of mine I think I want I just want to make an appeal to young people if you meant by my testimony I want you to come forward I want to thank God use me allow me. To have you even let God ask you the question. If you will go. As my family feels the special form of appeal and you feel convicted they come forward we want to gather you again your badges and get you cannot. Please come for we want to connect you we want to send young people we need. This message was recorded at the G Y C to the N. in Houston Texas G Y C supporting ministries of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price and to and so we can Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this is a disc on line and she Y.C. what have. You.


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