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Micheal Goetz
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  • December 30, 2018
    7:00 AM


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This message was presented at the G Y C to the end in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. well. After 66 books. Thousands of years of narrative. God and. The sacred canon of scripture with the cogent unequivocal surely. I come quickly a man so let me go father then in the light of the words we have just heard through music and the reflection of that final statement of Scripture may it be that today our hearts are energized through your word that we birthed within us is a confidence and a boldness of the Gospel let it be O. God you speak to us and we leave changed having met with you the name of Jesus Amen. I'm going to take a a bit of a guess. A leap. That the vast majority of us in this room the smore ning have not recently. Picked up. A cigarette pack. If you have. God strength to you your journey no judgement here but I'm just going to guess you haven't however I'm also going to guess that the vast majority of us even have a not picked up a cigarette pack Recently know exactly what is stated in black and white on every cigarette pack and advertisement in this country. How does this start surgeon general. Warning smoking causes. Lung cancer heart disease and emphysema. It's an absolute I don't know that it is possible to smoke in this country and not to know whether it is a good or bad idea I don't know that it's possible there's nobody. With all due respect to those who have struggled with this addiction there's no one out on the corner gone this actually may be good for me it's known it's it's it is an absolute fact there is no uncertainty there is absolute confidence we know. In fact we know that we know that we know it's not good so grab your rivals turn to the Book of Acts but this time we're going all the way to the back Acts Chapter 28. X. Chapter 28 the final chapter of this. Sometimes refer to 5th Gospel the acts of the Holy Spirit the church is mobilized this divine appointment the church early Christians are sent out Acts Chapter 28 and the final verses. Verse 30 then Paul dwelt 2 whole years in his own rented house and received all who came to him preaching the kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence no one for betting him if you're reading in the in I.V. version. It will read that verse $31.00 he proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. Boldness and without hindrance Paul know that he knew that he knew that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was absolute. Life giving say the name. It wasn't a question for Paul with all confidence there wasn't a. A line of doubt there wasn't a single question in his mind he knew. And so without a doubt without a doubt here today we can reflect back and know that Satan on the other hand did not leave Paul alone this wasn't as if Satan had said Well Paul is just such an apostle he's untouchable to me Satan never gives up he's going to fight this thing through the end and so Paul must have been a sailed. Yet the Bible records that he delivered without a doubt with absolute with all confidence so it wasn't that Satan had given up it's that Paul knew that he knew that he knew Russians surprise us this is is the story of X. when I look back to the Beginning next chapter for the 1st few chapters introduce us to the Holy Spirit but now Acts chapter 4 and verse 13 they are leaders who had previously seen the disciples. And their the year and their trepidation when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were an educated and untrained they marveled was. Well but I have no no problem with with education or training we ought to be mobilized and trained to the best of our abilities but I love the fact that God uses the unexpected the underdog so it was though when they saw the boldness of Peter and John that's how this thing began it began Peter and John and the boldness for Jesus they knew that they knew that they knew he was resurrected and now at the right hand of the throne of God desired ages says that they knew they had a friend that now stood beside the throne of God and so they reached their hand higher and higher by faith the whole take hold of his they knew that they knew that they knew it started this way and that's what the Holy Spirit was it bursts within our hearts a new No that we know that we know let me take Paul as an example Peter and John obviously would be good examples but Paul state Paul is an example I got for exhibits Exhibit A If you look at the back of your Bible are many of those at least you'll find maps you go out of revelation out of the Concorde you go you get to your maps several of your maps and evidently will be titled Paul's 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th Paul's missionary journeys you'll look it's just arrows all I He is a frequent flyer on whatever on whatever ship line was available. He went around his little world either either he was restless and he couldn't sit still or he had something that the world needed to know. I think it's beautiful I think it's something that we should be proud of that that the Adventist Church the 7th Day Adventist Church is mobilized around our globe. It speaks to the fact that we have something to say Amen so to suppose missionary journeys Exhibit A He went he spent every cell in his body traveling the world Exhibit B. they couldn't beat it out of him 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 you read this no doubt but let's read it again verse 24. First Corinthians won't exactly say the same thing so I can grandstand Chapter 11. 24 from the Jews this is testimony. 5 times I received 40 stripes minus 13 times I was beat with rods once I was stoned 3 times I was shipwrecked a night in a day I had been in the Deep in journeys often and perils of water and perils of robbers and perils of my own countrymen and perils of the Gentiles and perils in the city and perils in the wilderness perils in the sea and perils among faults brother and in weariness and toil and sleeplessness often in hunger and thirst in fast and often in cold and nakedness that was Paul's experience they couldn't beat it out of it exhibit A He traveled the world with this message Exhibit B. you could be there weren't enough hardships for Paul to give up on this he might allow us to job for Sabbath observance lost his friends for his radical devotion to the Christ he was beaten physically he lost his financial packages but he would not give up. Paul knew that he knew that he knew the Gospel was so important Exhibit C. back in Acts Chapter 25 and verse 11 he's now. Been arrested man he says is those committed to his keeping or if I'm an offender or if I have committed anything deserving of death I do not object to dine I appeal to Caesar you only take it that far you only take it to that high when you know that you know that you know you take your case to the Supreme Court when you believe with all of your heart that you know that you know that you know that you have a right you take it all the way up. Paul as a result men said it's a new you don't show up before Caesar with a little bit of a game. You don't show up without your stuff together you don't show up without knowing that you know that you know you don't show up without confidence Caesar won't have time for what Paul says I know that I know take me to Caesar Exhibit C. is willing to go all the way up. Exhibit D. or thing final. As he stated in Acts Chapter 25 or so leaven I'm I'm willing to die for this you can't beat it out of me you can't starve it out of me you can not even kill it out of acts of the Apostles Now let me just reflect with you on what she. Says about his death. Paul was taken in a private manner to a place of execution few spectators were allowed to be present for his persecutors alarmed at the extent of his influence feared that converts might be one to Christianity by the scenes of his death but even the hardened soldiers who attended him listen to his words and with amazement saw him cheerful and even joyous in the in the prospect of death the Apostles were looking into the great beyond not with uncertainty or dread but with joyous hope and longing expectation. As he Paul stands at the place of martyrdom he sees not the sort of the executioner or the earth so seemed so soon to receive His blood He looks up through the calm blue heaven of that summer day to the throne of the eternal. Paul as the sword draws near is almost indifferent because of the ace up his sleeve as it were because of the hope because of the know that he knows that he knows Jesus was resurrected and that means there is eternity just beyond. That's the narrative of acts mosaic of men and women came together. And then operated by the Holy Spirit became bold and confident that what they had was a life saving. And they had to share there is no question there is no question in their minds but beloved Where do you find yourself this morning in the darkness of the night as you Neal beside your bed you wonder could it be could it be that we're just not sure. The world isn't sure that's world doesn't know what to do grab my Time magazine yes I still get magazines and the newspaper through the mail and driveway let you know what the world is doing what your local events and news is. Time magazine I want you to listen to this I see the date on the magazine. October 2002 what date was that. I'm sorry what date was an. October 22 of course $2018.00 was the date of the magazine it just came this last fall it's an editorial about the catastrophe of of the climate for all concerned about where is our planet going is it going to just self-destruct the subtitle on the editorial was climate catastrophe. Climate catastrophe seen just 12 years away so this is these thinking minds have come together and said there is a catastrophe coming to this planet and we believe it's in the next 12 years what date was it published October 22nd just not sure that everybody's gotten the significance of that 7th Day Adventist. In the editorial Mary Robinson former UN special envoy on climate change also the previous president of the country of Ireland States in an editorial on October 22 she states we need a plan to save us. We have a short window of time and a huge responsibility we need a plan she's course talking about climate. But on October 22nd I think it means a whole lot more 2nd Corinthians chapter for Emory just read it for us minutes ago we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power of God maybe of God and not of us we have this treasure. Beloved. On October 22 Time magazine says we need a plan we need somebody to stand up and tell us what we can do the world is asking what can we do we have a short time left. And if there's anyone on this globe that has something to say on October 22. It's the 7th Day Adventist Church. We can tell them we're not come to throw out 12 years we know our Bibles better now we're not going to tell them it's 12 years they're telling us it's 12 years but what we do know that we know that we know is we have a plan that will in fact save the world. Climate change we've got the ultimate answer I John saw a new heavens and a new earth. We know that we know. That we know there's anyone that should respond it should be us. Paul the same one you couldn't you couldn't travel it out of him you couldn't beat it out of him you could starve it out of him he appealed to Caesar and you couldn't kill it out of him Paul that same Paul speaks up in Romans chapter one in verse 16 is the page away from Acts 28 those final verses. Act Romans one and verse 16 we memorize this very beloved for I am not ashamed I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes we have an answer Mrs Robbins you UN special envoy on climate change we've got an answer we've got an answer for your heart We've also got an answer for our climate I am not ashamed I know that I know that I know and with confidence and boldness Peter and John and Paul and the rest of those early radicals. Ah the Devils hijacked this terminology extremist radicals. Whenever those around the headlines of news you know something bad has happened Satan has hijacked the words. To mean something negative to beat up on Jordan but no to be a Radical to be an extremist is to be in line with the book of Acts we know that we know we've got something Acts chapter 2 you remember what happened in Acts chapter 2 when they began to preach this message when they began to preach about this resurrected Christ that could shift change in say the heart. Remember what happened to the people. We're amaze the Bible says the people where maze it's it's very much a part of the conversation of the different languages but but the word of amazed it goes way beyond that the exit them e in the Greek it doesn't mean a curious amazed like a. Well that's a trick do it again. It's it's so much more it means they were a static that they were actually out of their minds where they had been like a maze where your last they became a maze. Where they had been they were now changed the Gospel of Jesus amazed them it changed who they were you know we we often hold this treasures as Corinthians refers to there's this power of God we have it. And then we fail to realize the value of what we have like the farmer and more Michigan some of you know exactly where it's. Right next to our academy Great Lakes administrate Cademy news broke this may be used that pop on the news news broke. Mt Pleasant Michigan there at the right next to add more in the $1930.00 S. a farmer found a strangely heavy metallic rock on his property he decided the object would be useful as a doorstop so then in 1908 Now this is 58 years later he sells his farm and says hey just take everything including the doorstop rock leaves everything there the new owner now years and decades decades bought the farm in 188 but now decades later he's had this door stop sitting there and he's watching this little feature on television about about meteorites. And he sees the picture and he says Whoa whoa whoa whoa that looks a lot like what's on my list I've been using to keep my door my barn open so it picks up scoops of that 23 pound rock takes it in takes it into Central Michigan Michigan University he was informed that the object was in fact a meteorite and could be worth a lot chunk of iron and nickel was later valued at over one $100000.00 after the Smithsonian Institute verified what it was for decades for decades this rock had been a door stop at a bar in a barn. And it valued at 100000 now just the mere fact that most of your faces were unexpressed of just totally flatline on that means you're in a totally different class economically than I am. But a $100000.00 doorstop beloved. Wherever you come from is not where I come from we don't roll like that. $100000.00 doorstop Could it be that we hold something that we don't realize its value. Could it be. That while we know it's the power of God We don't know that we know that we know because you can't really know it. And not share Penn Jillette the magician an atheist he says he's an atheist all right but he says Listen listen let me just be honest with you how much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them it doesn't make sense if we know that we know a story that has forever lodged itself in my mind or read it out of Reader's Digest I think I was in a wandering out one day on my clothes pick up a Reader's Digest reading the story. I've never been to Michigan but the story happened in Michigan at the time I read this later I moved to Berrien Springs and and had the privilege of passing the exact spot hundreds of times probably where the story happen story of Bill a part time paramedic but he drove he drives the tour buses from Detroit Chicago down around the bottom Lake Michigan back he's headed from Detroit down Interstate 94 headed down past Berrien Springs but just a little north now he still and I come a come across the CD the radio comes a cry for help we need we need somebody somebody to nose 1st date or C.P.R. We need anybody a doctor a nurse a paramedic somebody is somebody out there we've got a car accident Bill Texas watching realizes he's already a couple minutes behind schedule so he doesn't want to pull the bus over with its load of passengers expecting to get to Chicago on time they can't do it can't do it I'm just going to go by but then he gets within about a mile of the accident the call comes out again. Is there anybody out there. Bill for just a last minute. I can't let this go as soon as he sees this the stopped cars on the highway ahead of him he pulls the bus over to the shoulder and stops and lets the passengers know that he'll be right back that there's just an emergency here and jumps off the bus runs up to the to the scene standing on the shoulder now he's looking down the embankment where the car had rolled a man coming up the embankment as Bill adenovirus himself I'm a paramedic. The man says thanks for stopping I don't think we need you I can't find any poles bill looks down the cars overturned in the muddy dirty ditch he sees an arm of the victim sticking out from underneath the car bill says Fair enough I'll head back to the bus. As he turns around though another motorist has now stopped and standing behind him she says I recognized the car I recognized call. That's Melissa and she gave her last name Bill bilk took a 2nd to just absorb what she just said and then almost in voluntarily he shouted I need help that's my sister. Now he's running down the bank yelling at people to town here get down here catch us right that's my sister. So help they rolled the car over. Bull Bill pulled his sister out the car without a pulse Jim and pressed down into that muddy ditch water bill with the help of a few others poles are up to the shoulder of the road and begins his 1st aid and C.P.R. is saved or saved that's my sister. And as I consider the quandary of where we find ourselves. Is it that we don't realize what we have do we not realize that this Gospel is eternal life to the dying and hopeless even the Mary Robinson at the United Nations presidents of country are saying we have a short time left we need help do we not realize that we have the answer or on the other hand is it possible that we don't realize who these people are we not realize our brothers and sisters I have 2 sisters they live in the state of Oregon they walked away from God I please God Would you said would you send their neighbor would you send one of their coworkers. Would you send somebody into their life you know how it is with family you can you can you can say a lot but I don't hear a lot but God would you send somebody to be in their lives police somebody to listen to somebody that can reach them a friend could you send somebody you know God said to me I'll do it but just so you know somebody in Oregon is praying for their sister in Colorado and she lives right next to you now go be the answer to their prayer and I send somebody to be the answer to your prayer. God did it God did it yes and answer the prayer completely yet my sister is a paramedic when suddenly she's working on the ambulance got. The department shifts up. Partners to donate ambulance obviously shifts our partners brings in a new guy from California. This new guy from California now is is assigned to be my sister's partner they have to spend an entire shift together right around there they're just talking about everything this new partner. This guy from California randomly moves up to southern Oregon something administers. On their Sabbath shifts his choice he chose work on Sabbath they pulled the ambulance into the parking lot of the 7th Day Adventist Church and stand in the back. That doesn't you know how it works it doesn't flip a switch and answer all the. All the prayers and I know God can do it but then God's looking at me saying what about what about that clerk What about that neighbor of yours what about what about their somebody's sister they're somebodies brother and you have you have what even the United Nations can't figure out you have hope for this planet and hope for their hearts. Hah Let's do this. God will not give up on them he will go to the nth degree he will not give up on you he's not given up on anyone yet he's going to take this to seek and save the last God knows that he knows that he knows he has something saved for eternity for ever Philippians 16 being confident of this very thing that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it he's going to finish it he's not given up on you and he hasn't given up on your family he hasn't given up on your neighbors but he needs. He needs you my father early on in my childhood cancer behind as I became part of a study for the government saying hey we've got to figure out how to deal with this particular cancer so they assigned him to a group if he volunteered to be part of the program they assigned him to a group that would remove the cancer the take the tumor out and when try to treat it they would just remove it surgery so they took it out but slowly the cancer had eaten away he didn't even realize he couldn't see out of his left eye period it had been so slow and his body had adjusted he had no vision out of his left eye so they took the I gave him a glass eye that's a whole strange world they're. Put in a glass but he does that every once in while he when he washes it puts it in a solution my parents live in Southern Oregon live in an old farmhouse It's a beautiful beautiful acreage but it's an old farmhouse my father's in the in the bathroom rinsing off his in the water the sink is an old sink doesn't have a stopper. You're jumping ahead you're jumping ahead. He drops the I make one circle around the bottom of the sink and it's gone you can't go out in public without that it says. This is in the socket so he's all right we're going to find Yeah I didn't get caught in the trap No there's no trick I can believe they weren't thinking of that back then so he's he then goes under the house and cuts apart the piping all the way into the house where is the where is the eye and then the pipe goes under the ground out into the yard as well you know I under the house begins to dig up the piping from the house all the way across the yard in sections in sections until he gets to the sewer tank No I whispers a prayer please help me to be floating on the top opens the lead and it's not there. You've got to have the I called the company out with the truck and we're going to siphon and suck that entire contents of that tank out. And at the very bottom. There was as I now you really had some washed in the. Gods not given up on us he will chase that prized possession he will go as far and as long to the very bottom of the tank if he needs to because he knows he has the answer and all he needs beloved is men and women on this planet who will take him at his word. And know that they know that they know and with boldness and with confidence no hindrance no doubt and move out into the world to share the gospel how does it happen how can I know that I know that I know that he got the answer how can I know. Acts chapter 4 and verse 13 will finish reading the verse we started this is how it began when they saw the boldness of Peter and John they perceive that they were an educated and trained men they marveled and then what they realized that they had been with. Jesus how can it happen how can I know that I know that I know how can I have the confidence of Peter how can I have the confidence of Paul how can I have them know that I know that I know how can I have it go Gobi which he's. In the morning when you rise. When you take your lunch break and before you go to bed and. What if you call off work. Not because you're sick but because you want to take a 24 hour retreat which Jesus isn't a kick it can happen any any other way it can just be kind of a download I read one of those little devotional Scriptures at the top 2 paragraphs a little illustration and I'm NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO they had been with Jesus. That not referred to Jesus they had not glance that Jesus they had saturated their lives with Jesus and that's how birth within them was this confidence this no that they knew that they knew. That they had the answer to their own hearts into the world. Acts is not only a history of past events beloved but it is a prophecy a future. Those looking forward to the 2nd coming will know with care that the characteristics of the early Christian movement are to mark the work of God at the end as well. The book of Acts is a narrative prophecy not just a record of the past but it is a prediction of the future there will be a people like Peter and John and Paul. Who know that they know that they know. John Stott let me just give you his words Paul's preaching with boldness and without hindrance symbolized a wide open door through which we in our day are to pass the acts of the Apostles have long ago finished but the acts of the followers of Jesus will continue until the very end. Come on to you I see lads. Do it again. Let's take up the invitation from acts. Not as just a narrative of the past but a prediction of the future of a story of our lives God is still writing. His story with men and women that will move with confidence and with boldness the book of Acts ends with the appeal will you join us with all boldness. The final verses of this. Book. Are an invitation beloved. So how can we not answer. And say to the end we will be. The final. Part of the story. Is there one of. Those or one of you this morning that would say yes that's me a stand. Off stand. Stand. Holly. Let thing together this commitment have faith. Fathers. It's still. This message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based price center and so when Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what happened or.


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