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Higher than the Highest

Steven Conway
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  • December 30, 2018
    6:30 PM


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This message was presented at the G Y C to the end in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web board. Wonderful to. Privilege an opportunity to speak with you. Again let us bow our heads together. Loving Father we are grateful for the privilege of life health and strength and for the opportunity to dig into your word I pray that you would jolt your people tonight. I pray their father that hearts and minds might be open to looking at things a different way. And I pray that you would help us to begin to understand your thoughts are not our faults your ways are not our ways for as high as the heavens are from the earth so are your thoughts from our thoughts and your ways from our ways we give you praise in advance for what we trust you can do for us in Jesus name Amen. The theme of G Y C is to the end I believe as I share with you on last night that we cannot reach the ends of the Earth until we 1st reach the end of ourselves. And beloved one of our. Biggest obstacles is our thinking it's our what. In Isaiah. Chapter 55 verse 7 the Bible says let the wicket forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts. Let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon verse 8 for my thoughts are not. Neither are your ways. Says the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher then me and my thoughts than your thoughts. I want to suggest to you tonight that we need. A radical change in the way we think. It's not radical because it's new what we'll talk about tonight is Biblical it is radical in the sense that we've not done it. I want to start by sharing the examples of 3 luminaries in Scripture of course no one shines brighter than Jesus but these individuals are most certainly scriptural luminaries the 1st one is Moses everybody is familiar with Moses. Moses was unique because Moses understood from the time he was a child that God had a purpose for his life. Isn't that amazing thing to know from the time that you're a little child that God has a purpose for your life but what Moses knew went even further than that he didn't just know that God had a purpose for his life he knew the specific purpose of the reason behind his birth and how God would use them. Moses was taught at his mother's knee that God would use him to be the deliverer of Israel he would lead them out of Egyptian bondage into the promise land the place that had been promised to their ancestors Moses knew this from the time that he was a child along the way Moses had a bump in the wrote he thought he was. He thought that he would fulfill the purpose that guard had for him by exercising his shrine so one day he sees an Egyptian taskmaster abusing cruelly one of his Hebrew brothers in the Bible says that he laid hands on him. These were not holding hands he laid hands on him and he killed the Egyptian and buried him only to discover that is Hebrew brother and sisters did not appreciate his vision of deliverance and so Moses of course goes into the wilderness but ultimately God reaches him there from a burning bush that draws him closer into the very presence of God himself and God really acclimates Moses he he reach plain to Moses and now he sets him off to fulfill His purpose Moses is a life is a unique life because Moses understood his purpose God is going to use me to deliver his people and God is going to use me to bring his people into the Promised Land but Moses This life is also unique beloved. Because Moses did not take God's people into the Promised Land we all know the story. It's interesting one time in 40 years the Bible records Moses in dealing with the murmuring and complaining and he messed up God's beautiful picture his salvific picture he destroyed it by not speaking to the rock but smiling the rock and God tells Moses you will not go over into the Promised Land imagine with me tonight knowing from the time that you're a child that God has called you into existence for this purpose only and then to hear that same God say you will not you cannot do it. Moses speaks to God and he's pleading his case and God says to him Do not speak to me of it again God tells Moses it's town for you to lay down tough for you to lay down your sword and shield time for you to study war no more and so you need to make your way to the top of me bow and Moses does that while he's there he has and this is patriarchs and prophets page $475.00 God is showing him essentially the history of humanity and the history specifically of his people to the crucifixion of Christ down to the spreading of the gospel on down to the end of time. Moses looks over and sees the physical Promised Land but then shows him something else. The darkness of hopeless despair seemed to in shroud the world but he looked again and this is Moses and be held him speaking of Jesus His resurrection coming forth a conqueror and ascending to heaven listen to me tonight is scored by adoring angels and leading a multitude of captives. He saw the shining gates open to receive him and the host of heaven with songs of triumph welcoming their commander and it was there revealed listen it was there revealed to him that he himself would be one who should attend the Savior and open to him in the everlasting gaze I want to tell you tonight that Moses had a vision for his life and he understood what his purpose was supposed to be but listen to me friends God's also meant purpose Formosa's life force a past his own visions for his line. This didn't make it into the earthly promised land but I think we can praise God tonight that he made it into the heavenly caning. And not just that privilege of swinging open the pearly gates and welcoming Jesus in as a couple are you listening to me tonight. Disappointment was turned into rejoicing that's Moses the other story I'd like to share with you is one you're also familiar with it's the story of David in 2nd Samuel Chapter 7 I'm not talking about his entire story but in 2nd Samuel Chapter 7 the Bible paints a picture of of David going about in his palace and apparently he comes to either one of the windows or terraces and he looks out and he sees the sanctuary in a tent and Davis says. The this is not right and then right. And David has a vision birth in him I don't know if it was birthed on that particular day or night but a vision is birth that God should have a house that is on rivaled unmatched and all the world it should surpass all the houses of the other gods in splendor and beauty because after all it is the house of the God of the universe the only true God. David calls the prophet Nathan and says Listen I've had a vision. And it's unsettled me that God is dwelling underneath a tent while I'm living in a palace of cedar I'm going to build a guard house the prophet Nathan responds to David and say is all that is in your heart do it. And he leaves and I imagine that David goes to bed that night dreaming of the splendor the magnificence the beauty of God's house guard interrupts Nathan's sleep that night and says I want you to go back and speak to David Nathan comes back to David I don't know if it was the next day the next week I don't know what the chronology is but the prophet Nathan comes in to see David and says and this is amazing God speaking through Nathan says since I brought Israel up out of Egypt and settled them in this land no one has ever suggested building me a house David you are on hello ground David you're in a unique place because you have thought of me in a way that no one else has since I have delivered my people out of Egypt David I want to tell you I'm really feelin this thing about this house but I've got some bad news David you are not going to build me a house. They were but you just say yesterday or last week that all that was in my heart David you will not bill God's house to you imagine it must have been devastating governor says it's a good plan in fact it's an excellent plan and it's going to happen but you won't be the one to accomplish it I imagine that as Nathan continues to speak David's head drops and his his shoulders swing any He's been slumping down in his throne thinking to himself Why why but something catches his ear as the prophet Nathan continues to speak and he says David. You have wanted to build me a house but I will make you a house through hell and here me tonight you wanted to build a house for me but David because as we used to sing and in the church I grew up in you can't be God given. No matter how hard you try because the more you hear anybody know the song the more he the more he gives to you so God say this day that you have decided to build me a house but I am going to make you our house what does that mean God It means that you will become the receptacle of my son he's going to come through your family line the Messiah will be a part of your family David David breaks down it's beautiful if you've never read it go home tonight to your hotel room or wherever you're staying and open a 2nd son your chapter 7 and you will find David is not devastated he's not disappointed he is how moved who am on T.V. series who are ma. It was just 10 in the sheet when you went and you called me and you anointed me an exalted me to be king over all of your people but now this through David had a vision for himself when he was anointed as King I imagine and he had an even greater vision of building God a house but he was not disappointed why because God's vision for a day that surpassed his vision for himself or you with me tonight the 3rd person I want to talk to you about is Elijah. This this is this brother is amazing in larger comes out of nowhere. Comes into the palace and the the implications of the inference is are that the larger had spent much time in prayer sighing and crying for the abominations that it been done in the land and a burden developed in his heart and in his mind he wanted to see the people of God experience repentance he wanted to see idolatry kicked out of the land of Israel he wanted to see the peoples hearts turned away from the false worship of bail back to the worship of the true God Jehovah Elijah dedicates himself to this and the Bible tells us that he appears on the scene and says there will be neither do nor rain except my word and then immediately he disappears and there was a manhunt a nationwide manhunt for him he spends about a year and a half by the book carrot and then he spends the rest of the famine there with the widow at 0 has any lines or has dedicated himself Elijah has sacrificed to see God's people turned back to him you know the story. At the appointed time he goes and he tells a have to gather everyone there at Mount Carmel fire comes down from God out of heaven all of Israel can you imagine the scene beloved thousands upon thousands of voices that and this has never been heard in the lives as a lifetime thousands of up upon thousands of voices the law work he is the God the Lord He is the God It must've made the hair on a lie just back standing. All of bales prophets and Priest are destroyed Elijah goes up and he prays 7 times he's on his knees and he sees a dark cloud small the size of a man's hand or that his servant sees that and comes back and tells him and in larger gets up and begins to run he runs before a Habs charioteer supernaturally him down he runs before it largest me before I had chariot down to the city of Jess reel and he falls down exhausted and then just the bills servant comes and whispers the news her response to all that it taken place and Elijah begins to run again into the wilderness towards the mountain of God. Just life had been dedicated to reform to revival and reformation and Elijah is devastated it appears to learn that after all that has transpired there are still some who would resist the power of God I want to share with you tonight Eliza never fully saw. The nation of Israel turn in repentance to God but a lie just store I don't think anybody in here tonight feel sorry for Elijah do you because you know where he is right the Bible says that God spent he sent fiery chariots to come down and translate him to heaven without seeing death any larger is granted the privilege along with Moses all help me Lord he is granted the privilege of coming down to encourage Jesus oh how would you like that privilege tonight to encourage Cheesus it's going to be all right Jesus it's going to be all right we believe in you you're going to make it we've been waiting on this all of humanity and all of nature has been waiting on this you're going to do it it's going to be all right Jesus Elijah wanted to see revival and Reformation into his a life time and he didn't see it but God took him to heaven because God's vision for Elijah was higher than Elijah's vision for himself in the book education page 18 and it's been such a long time almost 17 years or what have you with the Y.C. I think this used to be one of the things folks used to talk about it she was the higher than the highest human thought can reach higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for his children God leanness God of likeness is the goal to be reached. I want to remind you beloved of these 3 individuals and tell you that what God designed for these individuals was better than what they imagined for themselves. Help us Lord here is our question what do we imagine for ourselves I'm going to go out on a limb tonight and I'm going to say that there are at least 2 things that we imagine for ourselves just know this I'm not here to make you feel good tonight I'm here to challenge you to think there are at least 2 things that we envision that we desire for ourselves especially this crowd you will know what they are you already know what they are number one so when it. Was number one asked what the testimonies were about that's what she was seeing is all about but the other one is closely related so Winnie and to stop sinning not just stick your toes under your seat because I'm up to step on soul winning and to stop sinning I'm not going to deal with both of those tonight but I'm going to deal with the stop sending one tonight and I want to suggest to you a question what if we love it the way to achieve what we desire is not in fact what we think it is nothing wrong with the go but what if the way to achieve the goal is not what we think I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to especially young men and young women who are wrestling with their inability to live up to God's high ideals and standards his purposes I can't tell you how many I've spoken to who are discouraged. And feel defeated because they look at themselves and recognize that Ali for miserably short. I could say more about that but I don't have a lot of time tonight turn with me to Isaiah the 58th chapter Isaiah Chapter 58 is fascinating beloved verse one says this. Cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their trends Gresham and the House of Jacob they're saying now I've got a I've got admit to you when I 1st read that my expectation is that God is getting ready to go down a list of idolatrous practices right I mean these are folks who need to see their sins they need to understand their transgressions and apparently they are blind to what's really going on so God says When you talk you got to do it really loud lift up your voice like a trumpet cry aloud don't spare anyone show my people their sins and let them know what their transgressions Oh oh listen to this verse to yet they seek me daily and delight to know my ways as a nation that dear righteousness and for so not the ordinance of their god they ask of me the ordinances of justice they take delight in approaching to God beloved I want you to get what Isaiah Chapter 58 is saying to us these are not to religious people. And they're the type of individuals who plan on coming to G Y C Every year they're the type of individuals who are the 1st ones in the church when the doors are open they're the type of individuals who want revival and reformation in their lives there's a type of people who want to be like garb and yet God says that in their religious wound of practices and services they have in fact missed the point entirely it is these people that got says needs to see their sins and their transgressions I'm scratching my head just like the people that this was written to what do you mean God the 1st 3 this erupts in their response to God wherefore have we fasted say they and you don't see wherefore have we afflicted our soul and you have not taken knowledge behold in the day of your face God is responding now you find pleasure and exact all your labors you fast for strife and debate and to smite with the fist of wickedness you will not fast as you do this day To make your voice to be heard on hand then God ask a question in verse far is it such a fast that I have chosen a day for a man to afflict his soul is it to bow down his head as a bull rush and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him we shall call this a fast and an acceptable day to the Lord God says listen you've lay prostrate and you've prayed and you've cried and you've prayed and you've cried and you've played with me and you have you have you have fasted and you've said Lord I'll do whatever it takes but God asked the question tonight as he did on the pier and on the lips of the prophet Isaiah is this what I really desire got begins to explain the dilemma. Verse 6 is not this fast that I have chosen to lose the bands of witness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free and that you break every yoke is it not to deal your great to the hungry and that you bring the poor that are cast out to your house when you see that make it that you cover him that you hide not yourself from your own flesh that you notice what the differences the fast that Israel was engaged in was a fast that centered around themselves and God introduces a fast that centers on serving others if you get it you miss it this evening beloved Now I want you to pay attention to what God goes on to say $1.00 fast the center on me Oh Lord if I could just overcome 2 more seasons. A lot if I could just get rid of this besetting sin the one that so easily besets me and my prayers are consumed with me he God help me God deliver me gases get your mind remember what we read in Isaiah Chapter 50 far so change in the way we can say is get your mind off of your self but I want to stop sinning. Yeah but your mind is only when you 1st aid it then it says this is when we begin to live and by the way. Who live like this come on beloved who live like this this is the way that Jesus lived. You remember what in say it when someone said hey I want to follow you I want to be your disciple he said Foxes have holes and the birds have nest but the Son of Man has he has no where to lay his hand he could have certainly taken up a collection so that he could get himself a decent place to stay but Jesus was more interested in serving others than he was in making himself comfortable are you listening to me tonight now listen to what happens in verse 8 as a result of adopting this type of selflessness then then a shell the light weight forth as the morning and your health will spring forth speedily or have mercy your righteousness shall go before you the glory of the Lord will be your reward Have you ever considered my dear friends that when you're praying for your health God might ask why should I give you more health you just don't consume and own yourself like you've been doing already but the individual who is living to bless others listen to how this individual prays Lord give me more years so I can continue to glorify you by serving the 1000000 women and children that you have laid down your life for the servant of The Lowered I always get this mixed up please forgive me she says the law of heaven is this to leave is to give and my dear friends all of the universe is in harmony with this law except here on planet earth and God says if you get into harmony with this principle then your light. Then your light will break forth as the morning in your health will spring forth speedily your righteousness will go before you the glory of the Lord will be your reward reward verse 9 Listen listen friends then you will call and the Lord will answer. Did you hear what I just said I've read to my children a story of right and I've told them as we pray now we're going to pray like Samuel prayed Samuel prayed Speak Lord for thy servant here. But here in Isaiah the 58 a different picture is painted God saying is when you live in harmony with my principal when you live in harmony with my character when you call I will answer I don't know about you but I want God on speed dial I want to call on the Lord and I want him to show up every single time I call on his name and dances out do that for you if you adopt this principle if it permeates your being then you will call and the Lord shall answer you will cry who is almost blasphemous but it's not it's biblical values shall cry and he shall say this is God here I am who that Samuel's prayer inverted so that God is responding to a face full of loving selfless humanity by saying Here I am what do you want me to do for you what do you need from me. Now take away from the midst of the the yoke the putting forth of the finger and speaking vanity if you draw out your soul to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul this in Shell thy light arise in obscurity. Let me just get prophetic in apocalyptic for a minute here. This is when the prophetic message that you have been gifted with and blessed with by God will go forth with speed and with power this is when the 3 Angels' messages will arise from a place of that of the other security so that we don't have to knock on doors and people say what chance do you belong to the 7th Day Adventist a 7 as a rule yet here the 7th day at the I've never heard of that God says When we live in harmony with this principle that is outlined here in the 58th chapter of Isaiah then our light will rise out of the security people will say I know who you are. Then shall the light rise in obscurity and by darkness do you have the noonday verse 11 and the Lord shall guy the continually and satisfy your soul and trout when the Spirit of God is slowly being withdrawn from the earth those who have made this principle of selfless love and service those who have me this their objective not separate from the person of Christ but because it reflects perfectly who Jesus is those who have embraced Jesus and the same principle in their lives when the Spirit of God has been withdrawn and there was a time of drought and a famine God promises you will be watered you will be water God will make fat your bones and you will be like awarded garden in like a spring of water whose waters fail not only Lord. I want to tell you tonight religious exercises and spiritual exercises alone there is a place for them. Are not the way to reach God's ideal for our lives or perhaps it's not even the way for us to reach our own ideals for our lives this is from medical ministry to 39 medical missionary work brings to humanity the gospel of release from suffering it is the pioneer work of the gospel it's all here it is the pioneer work of the gospel. It is the gospel practice the compassion of Christ revealed. Of this work there is great need and the world is open for it our country just experienced here in the United States and opioid crisis anybody hear about that what about if medical Ministry involved ministering to those who are addicted because addicts also have families who are enduring crisis in some cases on a daily basis now look I love prophecy as much as the next Daniel revelation who man talk about but if someone is suffering from an opioid crisis Don't tell me all you've got to offer is a revelation seminar if you hear what I said friends of God practice the Gospel don't just preaching revealed the compassion of Christ don't just tell people where he is in the heavenly sanctuary show him how he lives through you now I know when we talk about things like the 58th chapter of Isaiah when we talk about ministry to the poor and what have you some folks get discouraged audio we go there we go. You know we got a special work we're not the Salvation Army and that sounds real nice. And it's true we are not the Salvation Army I'm sure you share with your story an elder and his wife from my church and they. Were leading out in the community service department in my church and we had a huge program where we invited the community we were doing blood pressure checks and there was health and we had a vegetarian taste thing going on and we were given out book bags it was just before the beginning of school we had over 300 people who came in and one of the volunteers there at this community service event was a neighbor of my elder and his wife they had prayed for this woman to come to our evangelistic meetings prayed for her to come to church invited her they had given her the flyers they had said just come once you'll enjoy all of this and you know she never came but when they invited her to calm and be a part of a community outreach that we were holding to be a blessing to people in the community she showed up they introduced me Pastor Pastor this this is our neighbor we've been trying to get out of church 3 years came over and I greeted we exchange niceties and she said this I have so thoroughly enjoyed and when we were there like all day about 8 hours she says Our Soul for really enjoyed myself and this is what she said she said anytime that you do this I'll be here you see we love it when you and I reach out to those who are underprivileged and less fortunate it is also an opportunity to reach out to those who are privileged and fortunate and invite them to come beside us. I hate to use this illustration but you guys remember Jay you come up in my chariot say my zeal for the Lord Oh that brother was crazy I'm not suggesting that but we when we invite the privileged and the fortunate to come beside us and labor with us to bless and lift humanity they do see our zeal for the Lord is him a. Few gods or something else I want to be a part of this church self sacrificing service dear friends others centered living which is actually Christ centered living check in Matthew chapter $25.00 as you have done it unto the least of these my brother and you have done it unto self sacrificial service other centered living which is Christ centered living is God pleasing and I want to say this tonight it is the path to godliness and God likeness. We are never more like God Then when we are self sacrificing and when we are doing whatever it is that we're doing for the benefit of others so ole Beloved I hope you hear me do not. You can go off in the wilderness and pray for 3 months. And won't be a lake more like God than we than you we'll if you go down into the streets and into the highways and byways and hear of of yourself. The Bible says of Jesus he went about doing one. Going about doing good. Man by the name of Victor Hugo's the author of a book entitled Man's Search for Meaning it's a very interesting story he was in a concentration camp. And you play some. Give him some sound praise the Lord. He was in a concentration camp and as he was there in the concentration camp one of his associates and he developed a plan for escape. It's World War 2. You don't want to be in a concentration camp you want to get out. But Victor Hugo also have medical skills and he has been servicing in ministering to those who are sick and those who are afflicted he had been trying to give or deliberate acts of mercy to various individuals there in the camp and one day he approached one of his comrades and he hadn't told anyone of this plan but the man who he was ministering to when you go says this man was at the very point of death. This man looked into his odds. And he said you're leaving the arch. You go was shot. Nobody's supposed to know it is somebody tailed. Man took his hand and said no one has said anything I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your eyes. What did he see beloved. You saw a man who wanted to get away. A man who had been laboring in love and serving others and blessing others who was tired and wanted the relief that came from a state Hugo says he left this man's bedside he was perplexed he was angry didn't quite understand all that was going on in his heart and in his mind. And he did something that was were out of coal and strange if you will say this that that night as he was wrestling in deciding you know what he was going to do he decided that he would stay. Who decides to stay in a concentration camp. He decided to stay and live out so he thought the remainder of his days blessing and ministering to others he said something wonderful he said when I made that decision I had peace. Peace. When you decide to die serving others you have peace. One author who was commenting on the story says this. It is only in the line of service listen to me my young friends it is only in the line of service. That our purpose becomes clear to us. If not looking through the university chatter log and deciding what what course of study you're going to that's not how you gain clear purpose. I would suggest it's not only by spending time on your knees and saying God what you have me to do but I'm suggesting to you tonight that it is only in the line of service that our purpose becomes clear that you and I come to the realisation this is what God has called me into existence for. Everything else becomes fuzzy. Because the most important thing has become clear. Beloved those. I'm going to throw this in for folks who got some rocks tonight. That they want to hit me with. Those who experience victory over see him. Do so. Because victory over seeing is not their goal. Service. And living like Jesus and loving as he did is their goal you know what you discover my dear friends. You discover that you don't have time to think about you. Those of you who've been on a mission trip you know what I'm saying is really. Plane touches down all the mosquitoes the fog of war what's going on. But as your hands begin to get dirty and as you begin laboring for souls and as you begin spending time with the people and as you are crying all of a sudden the mosquitoes don't seem to matter anymore and all of a sudden the fact that there's no air conditioning it has no meaning absolutely and your mind whatsoever was because your thinking has been trying to. Come soon with service console and we're loving and living like Jesus that's what I want to know. This message was recorded at the G. Y.C. to the end in Houston Texas she was seen supporting ministries of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this is a disc on line she Y.C. would have thought or.


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