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Micheal Goetz
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  • December 31, 2018
    7:00 AM


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This message was presented at the G Y C T B S in Houston Texas or other resources like this is a test online and she wants the web board. Jesus. Thank you for the cross. And we pray that today today and today and today you would keep. US near that our lives like this in Tyrian we would recognize who you are because of our near Nisar proximity our focus on the cross may be that you through the power of that moment now speak to us open your word have your way gentle arrow a gentle tap or an arrow to our heart the name of Jesus Amen my friend. Craig Hardeen president of the Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia Africa tells a story and I've just got to tell you it said the along the river one day a guy found. A dead hippo on the shore of the river and decided to cut it up and sell the meat he didn't want anybody else to find his treasure. Or interrupt him so he he went home quickly and got his his ox and his cows together to pull this dead hippo home. Took him down to the river latched onto that. Hippo corpse. Began to lead his oxen up the bank. Well since all the slack was on the line and in fact the rope began to pull on the hippo the dead hippo woke up to his surprise it was just a heavy sleeper problem is now his cows are tied to a hippo. The tragedy unfolds before his eyes as the hippo pulls his cows into the river and the crocodiles finish him off moral of the story Don't ever assume a hippo is dead grab your Bibles probably can't guess what book of the Bible we're going to use it just leave leave your marker leave your little ribbon right there in the book of Acts the theme of this conference Acts Chapter 8 I rewrote this book of Acts this fall read it and re read it and salivated on it I discovered things I had not seen before as is often the case when we read and reread scripture when we when we meditate and allow prayerful study and slow digestion we'll discover things saw in the center of this book. In the center of the book of Acts the movements of the early church. I was just amazed to discover there is there is a clear D.N.A. of the early church there are characteristics of the early Church of the movement that I had not seen and I want to introduce one of them to you this morning we'll go to breakfast but I'm going to give you 3 exhibits. The characteristic of the church. Is that it was arise and go to church it just arose and went it just got up and got gone but how and where and to whom I believe is of interest in that has lessons for us exhibit A You want to go to the chapter 8 book of Acts I find myself often attempting to do the work of God by assessed seen the receptive mists of the recipient that is I find myself thinking well that would be productive or not based on who is on the other end I evaluate them. Moral of the story never assume the hippo is dead an axe proves it Acts Chapter 8 and verse $26.00 now the angel or an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying Arise and go you're going to catch this over and over and over and over the Bible didn't have didn't have bold control be or control I or control you or a highlighter to highlight the important points that used within the text tools to communicate to us importance one of them is repetition and you will find this line repeated through the center of the book of Acts arise and go arise and go it seems to be the message of heaven. And you will be interested to know that while they're all heavenly messengers they are different one is the Lord one is an angel the Holy Spirit but they're all saying the same thing heaven is saying in the same thing all rise and go before we get ahead of ourselves let's look at the as a zits now an angel the Lord spoke to Philip arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Drew some to Gaza this is Desert Bus up Luke always left he loves to tell us what where stuff is and and locations Luke is very careful in his in his book Gospel to tell us where the shepherds were when Jesus was born where the seas are when Jesus was crucified he's very careful so he's saying to Philip or about Philip go and you're going to go into the desert now if there was a man a mission for the church it wouldn't be to the desert there's no one's there to go. This is the desert so Philip arose and went and behold a man of Ethiopia a eunuch of great authority an operative word there great authority under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians who had charge of all her Treasury and had come to Drew Sloan to worship verse 28 was returning and sitting in his chariot he was reading Isaiah the prophet then the Spirit said to Philip go near and overtake this chariot. Up verse 30 ran to him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah and said Do you understand what you are reading verse 31 how can I unless someone guides me yeah still to come and sit with him the place in the Scripture which he read was this and then it goes into the Messianic prophecy of Isaiah did you did Picture this Philip get up and go go to the desert. Oh God this isn't good planning isn't a good strategy but Philip Philip arose and went now he's standing in the desert and the narrative invites us into this picture that he was there when no one else was there in other words Philip landed in the desert he took a one way flight to the desert he lands in the desert and it is desert. Nothing and then came along a chariot and there's eunuch of great authority the treasurer of the queen and he's flying down this highway with important business certainly to attend to and the Spirit says to Philip Philip I want you to catch up to him I can picture myself back in high school going door to door doing literature of Angela's unequivocally one of the best and most powerful ministries. We can engage in however I will admit to you that as I look down the street and see a car pulling out of the driveway I would think to myself who they're not going to be home I was rebuked. A colleague of mine working across the street when he saw one on my side of the street pulling out began to run that's the case here come on if ever there was a time to just let him go here's a man of great authorities he's wealthy well above the economic class of Philip these of great authority. Is a politician he's a. Wealthy businessman he's a celebrity. In the culture and Philip standing very awkwardly in the desert beside the highway has this unit fly by him and the spirit says Run beloved if there was ever a time for us to turn to to dialogue with God and to say God It is these which. Important busy people they don't have time for for me they're stuck up and stuck on themselves but the spirit knew what Philip didn't and at that exact moment this man is reflecting on a messianic prophecy exhibit be one more chapter I'm telling you they need a rapid fire in the book of Acts action after 9 Acts Chapter 8 Philip Acts Chapter 9 verse 10 now there was a certain disciple of Damascus named Anna nighest and to Him the Lord said in a vision and I asked. And I said Here I am Lord that's funny and I sets the example our question often is where are you Lord when it should be here in my. So the Lord said to him Arise and go to catch that last time it was an angel to Philip to an ice now it is the Lord he shows up there all saying the same thing arise and go to the Street called Straight and enquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarsus for behold he is praying and in a vision he has seen a man a man and I is coming in and putting his hand on him so that he might receive his sight this time loop dials a sense of the to the conversation that and and I have answered lowered hold hold the phone do you know who you're talking about I have heard many things about this man how much harm has done to your saints in Jerusalem and here he has authority from the chief priest to bind all who calling your name but the Lord said to him go where he is a chosen vessel of mine to bear my name before the Gentiles kings and the children of Israel here my. William Barclay. Comments on this and says And and I says really one of the forgotten heroes of the New Testament he's the one that reached out it was only convert it was worth it. But if ever there was one to whom you would not go it was Saul of Tarsus he was he was destroyed hurting families destroying the church he was persecuting he was sarcastic against the movement it wasn't just that he was he was just on the other end of the spectrum he was against it and everyone knew. He'll bind you he'll break up your family he will send you to he will hurt you if ever there was an unlikely candidate to go to to rise and go to it would have been Saul of Tarsus. But God said Go and the only qualification that that the Lord gives and I guess is that he's praying. He sprang that's another evidence to move on Exhibit A rich wealthy important Exhibit B. one who is absolutely totally against the movement Exhibit C. just turn the page again in your Bibles to Acts chapter 10 here in the center of the book of Acts we find it repeated over and over and over almost as if God is trying to tell his church somethin Acts chapter 10 there was a certain man Syria called Cornelius Centurion of what was called the Italian regiment a devout man and one who feared God with all his household who gave on his generously to the people and prayed to God always about the 9th hour of the day he saw clearly in a vision an angel of God coming and saying to him Cornelius and when he observed he was afraid and said What is it Lord so he said to him your prayers in your arms have come up as a memorial before God Now send men to Joppa and send for Simon who surname is Peter and so they did they went to Joppa jump down now to versus 18 and they called and asked whether Simon who surname was Peter was lodging there while Peter thought about the vision he had just been sleeping on the the roof top you remember the sheet the crazy animals can't eat him Lord gone back down can't eat I still can't eat. Now you thinking about the vision the Spirit said to him so as an angels with Philip it was the Lord with Anna niacin now is Peter the Spirit says behold 3 men are seeking you arise therefore and of 11 as Exhibit C We've got to start back a day arise and go arise and go that seems to be the message of heaven for the church listen arise and go doubting nothing God must have known that Peter would have doubted wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute he's he's he leads this a talian Regine he's a gentile God must have known that there were reasons that Peter could have come up with to not go God I have another assignment you have actually I was supposed to there must have been reasons that God knew would come to Peter's mind and if not good reasons they would have been reasons from the devil if we are waiting for a time in which we no longer have hooks to hang our doubts on that time will never come arise and go doubting nothing if ever there was a case that these people would not be interested it would have been these cases a wealthy important figure. An individual who was publicly against this Christ persecuting those who claim to him this would be paramount to $200.00 a communist dictator someone who said no that is not allow a persecutor or in to. A point person or a soldier or a Gentile soldier ever there was a case. It would have been these these were improbable impossible situations for choosing Jesus or the results or the results beloved of the most impossible situations that Luke could record Philip with or that the Ethiopian was baptized Paul was baptized Cornelius and a whole circle of people were baptized all because a disciple of Jesus decided to obey the command to arise and go to the end to what seemed impossible or improbable at least on their from their perspective they went to this fact that Luke shares with us is a signal testimony to the power and impartiality of the gospel of Christ which is still today the power of God for the salvation of everyone. Everyone the impossible and the improbable red yellow rich black white poor Islamic atheist Popper and politician it's for everyone 3 exhibits back to back to back different messengers but all repeating the same message arise and go Could it be that heaven dreams of a church that has within its D.N.A.. An approach that just gets up and goes even to unlikely opportunities where the Gospel is sure to be the underdog but in every one of these underdog situations the Gospel wins. There must be something to it think about it think about the situations a desert highway fall of Tarsus Gentiles home. Peter certainly could have told God Well God if he was willing to send messengers why why couldn't you have just sent him here why do I have to go there into his song why that doesn't seem very likely but think about the creative God we serve who made over 400000 different types of plants that produce flowers he made 3000000 different species of animals including 75000 different kinds of bugs and this creative God has an imagination where Doesn't it seem reasonable that he would then actually create scenarios in which the gospel seems less like it would be I'm likely to be successful and then it proves itself. By being successful What if God is behind the scenes orchestrating difficult situations so that he can get the glory but if God says I want to make this this this so difficult I want to use a very secular or atheistic or combative culture and I want my disciples to go into it it's almost 100 percent probable that it will fail but he knows what we don't know what it. God delights in using the most unlikely circumstances to bring about salvation he doesn't want just the the regular regular where someone comes ask for a Bible study go through all 19 or 27 bottles studies and then they say on the back on the study for baptism Yes I would like to be baptized you set a date the path to what if what if that's fine and well and it's a what if the evangelist experience is good but God says. All I'd like to watch this and all of Heaven watches. Wow. Another one church pour out of heaven delights in creating unique special exciting. But very improbable situations God doesn't consider this God does not in any one of the situations go directly to the people. In every one of the situations Heaven goes to the messenger and then the messenger has to go to the to the recipient cut off the middle man God just go straight there leave us in our happy Pappy sulfas and just go tell him there must be something else there no he says I need you to arise and go I'll come to you but then you go to them I have a hunch I've a hunch comes from stuff from 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 so I can Corinthians chapter 12 and verse 9. He said to me verse 9 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in your weakness therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in my infirmities and reproaches and needs and persecutions and distresses for Christ's sake for when I am weak then I am strong God doesn't take away the weakness he doesn't take away the infirmity but through the weakness through the infirmity he is strong so I have a hunch that in every one of these exhibits Peter and I assume Philip they had a weakness for that particular situation maybe Philip couldn't run very fast and so when the Spirit said Run Philip said Huh I don't run maybe and I as a cluster phobia get in a small room and a small room with a persecutor can't do it can't do it send me to preach in front of crowds got but I can't go into a small room I can't do one on one you know how I get with one on one every one of the we know Peter you know Peter he could never say the right thing and especially to the Gentiles so don't send Peter who says the wrong things to Gentiles who just don't do that we know it we know Peter's way but but my hunch is that in every one of these Philip and eyes and Peter they all had a weakness that somehow directly tied in to the unique situation that God had created for the Gospel to win and that is when Got did his church to the angels who know us very well must have said oh. But you know God Yes I know and that's why. I'm going to use him and I'm going to use her because she can't speak up front and he he can't he can't it's he can't he can't do this but that's why I'm going to use him my hunch is that God in his creative mind specifically uses weak ness is we have to create dynamic improbable situation it's not just the receptionists that are improbable but it's us on our end were improbable in that situation. My dream as a high school age young person was to go into law enforcement God asked me to give up that dream to go into pastoral ministry made that decision on a pastoral ministry graduated from the university mount Morello's came back to the states and within months the local police department put out a message they needed someone that they could train to work street patrol on a part time basis but the then would this is right after 911 so this is a few years ago but that would be available in crisis situations bilingual We need someone bilingual We need someone that can deal with emotional support that wants to work the street patrol and got open that door and said because you gave me your dream because you surrendered your dream to me I'm going to give it back to you I went to work for the police department still carry a badge they let me keep it one night working with the canine unit it's about 11 o'clock we get a call of an active robbery in progress convenience store the clerk was able to get the license plate on the car we are dispatched to the residence that is connected with the. Registration the house is dark I still remember the street name factory road house as dark as an alleyway behind it. Were were set up in the back there are officers that are set up in the front we're just going to sit on the house for a minute figure out what happened I have a I call it a healthy respect of the dark let's just be honest I'm afraid of the dark we're sitting there at 11 o'clock at night with an armed robber somewhere in the vicinity in the back we sit myself in the there officer and this man exits the building fits the description he exits the house fits the description so we identify ourselves and he takes off down the dark alley way we begin a foot pursuit we radioed in. But there after we leave our car they're not able to receive our transmissions so they lose contact with us we could still hear them they could hear us we're in this dark alley it's not my favorite place to be with find out later that the armed robbery was a school was with a screwdriver but at that point we didn't know about gun and knife. I remember the hearing over the radio the sergeant as we're in this dark alley looking for which direction the suspect went I remember the sergeant coming over the radio having not heard back from us our radios were transmitting giving the the most authoritative command that can come over radio all units to the last known location if you're off duty if you're doing something else if you're engaged in some other activity you drop everything and go there and in a moment the night sky lit up with sirens and just it seemed like seconds later there converging on our location where men dogs muscles and guns and and they were all there for us and I felt invincible even in my weakness standing in a it was still the dark alley I still had a fear of the dark but I felt invincible beloved there's still a commander in heaven. Who will send all units to our location. Holly so go arise and go the poet Edith Lilian Young says there's only one there there's just one letter between disappointment and his appointment change one letter then I see that authority of my purpose is God's better choice for me his appointment must be a blessing though it may come in disguise for the end form the beginning open to his wisdom lies disappointment and his appointment just change one letter for you your weaknesses may be a disappointment but you change the letter and it becomes his appointment Holly lujah So rise and go. God is not interested in our ability you know he's uncertain interested in our availability but the book of Acts argues very clearly and cogently that there must be embedded in the Christian D.N.A. in a church the Spirit lead must have the modus operandi. To rise and to go even to unexpected out of the box on heard of impossible beyond our comfort zone ways we must go and I believe have a light in the unique in the unusual in the unexpected Come on we're going to have eternity to tell stories Heaven doesn't want every story to be the same it wants unique stories Hey come this Friday night for Sabbath Vespers we've got a story you never heard of before. I got his creative enough to create scenarios and situations that are absolutely unheard of and he'll pull it off. On my favorite young lady I have never met she attended Andrews University I pastored there Andrews University but we never crossed paths I read her story though and I forever kept it her name is April. This is her story it was 12 30 am and I intended to sprawl out on the empty seats beside me on the way from L.A. to D.C. So she's taken a red eye flight as soon as I saw him fumbling down the aisle bumping passengers along the way I knew he was my seatmate we've all been there sat down names Billy Mon my way to a conference he said as he continued to chatter I wondered if he would ever come up for air this guy's crazy yet he had a strange joy about him he turned to me he said What was your name again April I replied April group excuse me stuttered I didn't quite catch that I repeated my name more clearly emphasizing the be in the group most mistake for a V.P. He looked puzzled puzzled as if I was lying I can't believe it he muttered You don't know me but I know you I know how you think and I know how you feel if it weren't for you I don't know what would have become of me April it is a pleasure to meet you here's a story as I had stepped off a plane from Chile to Panama 3 years earlier it would only be a short time until I realized my precious book was missing I've been reading search for God knows what it changed my life and when I'd come when I had come close to giving up on Christianity so I had written many notes in that book about my thoughts and reflections there weren't even margins anymore Little did I know as I was standing now off the plane that very moment a man named Billy was taking my seat I had recently vacated Billy was coming home a year earlier he had enough of his parents and work so he took off headed to Brazil and later to Peru on his journeys he realized a similarity everywhere he went there was always pain there was suffering Billy had long ago given up on God and His loving nature no god would allow such pain he thought. When there was nowhere else to go Billy hike to the nearest airport in Chile and bought a ticket back to the States he had become an atheist and wanted everyone in America to know as Billy search for the earphones in the pouch in front of him he discovered instead a book filled with notes and devotions his 1st instinct was to laugh laugh at the sincerity of the reader but was drawn to the written words inside Billy had never known what he truly wanted but somehow he knew he wanted the same things the note writer had wanted he returned to the beginning of the book and began to read cover to cover Billy finished the book early the next morning as he turned the last page he saw my name scrawled in a hurried cursive slowly he closed the book stared at the worn cover and put it back exactly where he'd found it he closed his eyes and begin to think Billy had no idea what he was going to do with his life once he stepped off that plane but he had hope I couldn't help but cry when Billy finally explained to me how he knew me he made an impact on a person with I made an impact on a person without even knowing it somehow God used a 15 year old girl with a little help from her favorite author to bring Billy back to God who loves him more than anything God works in the most outrageous ways Arisan dodgy Y.C. hole what are we waiting for for all of our doubts to be to spell for a clear path of certainty before us that time will never come so that the rich business man or to the celebrity that everyone thinks is untouchable to the Saul of Tarsus who was persecuting your faith. To the Gentile who clearly would have no interest in Christianity arise and go it was the D.N.A. of the original church and it will be the D.N.A. of the final church. Young and old men and women who will rise and go to the end. Coincidently that's exactly where God said he would be with us till like specially that I'll be with you always and expression. When you go to the end so to those who are too busy too important too agnostic too different when we quit assuming the hippo is dead there is life in the hippo Ellen White makes it very plain acts of the Apostles the greatest men of this earth are not beyond the power of a wonder working God there are in our world many who are near the Kingdom then we suppose you look at them they're too indifferent to agnostics too sarcastic too busy too rich too there are those in our world many there are in our where many who are near the kingdom of God and we suppose arise and go the hippo is not dead don't assume Don't assume because of their position because of their wealth because of their what you've heard them write or heard them say don't assume they're dead and that's where Romans Paul in Romans 831 just raises hand and says. What shall we say to those things if God is for us. Who. Can be against. You have a hippo in your life. A neighbor a family member a country. A coworker a classmate a people group. Is there I have all that you can think of that the Holy Spirit is putting on your mind right now it's your temple. And you have always assumed of where you are so mean right now that it is dead there's no way. Is there a hippo that you're assuming that the Holy Spirit is a saint. So what Michael not so quick I want you to arise and go it's unlikely it's improbable it's actually impossible. But Hollywood. Is there a hippo in your life someone somewhere someplace. And today you've heard the Spirit say to you arise and go. Do you I see let's do it again let's do it again. Here's your moment. Between you and God you know they have to. You know the person. You've written off assumed they were impossible. To your comfort zone is a weakness you can't show you can do you somebody else has got to go there. God wants to use your weakness to show his strength he wants to use your weakness to your infirmity to show how strong and how creative and how to. How he can do the impossible. There have you'd like to stand today and said to God. I'm no longer going to assume my hip was dead I'm going to rise and go. Is there have. You have a helper that you know about you have to share but you know this is my have all. My children it's my parents it's that classmate it's that neighbor. Always assume that their dad but that's not the message of the buy that's not the message of X. the invitation from Heaven is a rise and go. So go. To your head. And in consecration this morning of our decision. Lead us. In this commitment am I I I will go. I will arise and go wherever you want me to go. This message was recorded at the G Y C to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online she Y.C. what happened or.


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