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The Solomon Principle

Steven Conway
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  • December 31, 2018
    6:30 PM


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This message was presented at the G Y C. In Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what I. Want to be here this evening. Making a correction on last night I told you. About. The author of Man's Search for Meaning and I mentioned the name Victor Hugo I don't really know who Victor Hugo is meant to say Viktor Frankl But if you find out about Victor Hugo you can let me know about him too. X. of the Apostles Chapter 11 page $105.00 talking about persecution that is arising in the the danger that was approaching the church. There was danger that the cycles would linger there in Jerusalem too long not not just persecution but also success unmindful of the Saviors commission to go to all the world are you awake tonight. Listen to this forgetting that strength to resist evil. Is best that gained. By aggressive service on her one a man. Forgetting that strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service they began to think that they had no work so important as that of shielding the church in Jerusalem from the attacks of the enemy another Jim here is Jim one of the brother and shared with me. Christ object lesson page 384 the completeness of Christian character who only goes the completeness of Christian character is attained when the impulse to help and bless others Springs constantly from within. And if you hear. The completeness of Christian character is attain when the impulse to help and bless others Springs constantly from within when the sunshine of heaven fills the heart it is revealed in the countenance Lord have mercy. So I'm not crazy after all this seemingly strange concept that the things that God wants us to achieve and in fact God has purposed that we would attacking and achieve are not always necessarily gained. By continuously focusing on those things Jesus taught I believe in live this principle in Matthew chapter 23 verses 11 and 12 the Bible says but he that is greatest among you shall be your servant and whosoever shall exalt himself shall be a base and he that shell humble himself Shelby exulted That's backwards isn't it. No one thinks that the way to the top is by going down you didn't get on the elevator if you stayed in one of the hotels around here and you stayed on the 15th 18th 19th 20th floor and said Well let me go down to the 1st floor you expect it to go up in order to get up. But in the kingdom of God Jesus says if you want to be great you must be a servant sleighing this concept. Is expressed not only in the words of Christ but all through scripture one more time Matthew Chapter 16 verses 24 and 25 Then said Jesus unto His disciples if any man will come after me let him deny him selfe take up his cross and follow me for whosoever will save his life shall. And whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Jesus always agrees with Scripture or scripture always agrees with Jesus either way you look at it. In the 21st chapter of numbers you remember the story. The Israelites began to complain about God's guidance he was taking too long to get them to their destination or so they believe then they began to murmur and complain about God's guidance and his goodness and so God says OK you want to see what it's like without me and so he removes the protective covering that arrested over the children of Israel and danger that existed but had been kept at bay by unseen forces was at once allowed to come into the camp fiery serpents begin to bite the individuals there in the camp and the solution seemed to be completely illogical Moses. Yes or. An enormous pole and make a serpent out of brass and put that serpent on the pole and then allow the word to go out through the through the camp that whoever looks will live. Now if you sit here tonight and say that that was reasonable and logical I know your line let some snakes up in here tonight and nobody will be concerned with the message everybody will be concerned with getting up out of here as quickly as you possibly can and if a snake is hanging on your leg your attention will be fixed on that serpent and trying to relieve yourself Is that true yes or no and yet God asked the children of Israel to do something that was completely illogical listen to me tonight my friends stop looking at what is attacking you what is hurting you what is perhaps going to take your life stop looking at that which is which is killing you and instead look and leave at this serpent on a pogo many of us are like. I've got to believe some of the children of Israel were. To be out of your mind. I'm looking for where the serpents are if I can just stop these snakes from biting me my life will be all right if I can just put down the pornography everything will be all right if I can just leave the alcohol a loan everything will be fine if I can just get this better job everything will will will flow in the proper direction if I can just get this see him out of my life then everything will be all right but Jesus says Stop fixating on your problem and start fixating on me Joshua. And the children of Israel have entered into. The Promised Land and the fortress city of Jericho is there and the Bible tells the story you remember it that Joshua gets a group of soldiers together and they go up to the wall and day measure the length the with the breath of the wall and they get some mathematicians together and they begin to calculate just at what points they can they can apply pressure so that they will be able to break through you remember that story right. Now we never heard. That's because that's not how it went beloved god say it. I want you to March around the city. I want you to March around the city you only do what March around the city put Lord we're going to be sitting ducks. We're going to be bait target practice assess don't worry just do what I'm asking you to do but how is this helping us towards our in or desire goal if it doesn't make sense just do what I'm asking you to do day one day to day 3 day 45 days 6 days 7 and you remember the song that all the of the little children seeing the walls came what they came tumbling down not because Israel focused on the wall because Israel. Did what God asked as improbable as it seems the story of Joseph and in the innumerable. Foes that he was facing Israel at the Red Sea Gideon with 300 mi and over and over again these story knees are trying to impress a most powerful lesson upon our hearts and upon our minds beloved and the lesson is that the way to accomplish that which we desire is not always going to be the way that we think just think about the disciples Acts Chapter one are you now going to restore the kingdom to Israel Jesus you're going to set up an Earthly kingdom beside the fact that that was twisted theology. Jesus said I am going to set up an everlasting kingdom and you know how I'm going to do it he said Yes yes tell us Jesus I'm going to go to the cross and die Judas. Probably voiced what everyone was thinking you must be out of your mind how on earth can go into the cross establish an everlasting kingdom someone may be asking themselves tonight well Kate Conway I'm listening to you I'm listening. I'm looking at you cross-eyed and. I don't know but tell me if I'm not supposed to focus on my problems and if on not supposed to focus and be consumed with my problems and my desires or even my destination then what pray tell am I to focus on 1st things chapter 3. Why Will says in 1st Kings Chapter 3. Verse 5 in Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night and God said ask what I shall give the oh don't you like that. I mean if you like God to come and say that you. Ask what it is that I should give the verse 6 and Solomon say it that has showed under the servant David my father great mercy according as he has walked before the in truth and righteousness and an uprightness of heart with the and that he has kept for him this great kindness that thou has given him a son to sit on his throne as it is this day. I want to paint the picture for you a little bit Solomon was a king he was a well he was a king now who was the 1st king of Israel saw and how did that work out for him very shortly after saw was anointed perhaps just a few years so prove that he was unworthy to be king and Dave it was anointed S team My suspicion is that the word got out somehow that God's hand was on David and even if no one said anything it was evident to everyone including saw that God's hand was on David for a unique and special work that work would be to replace him one day as King David becomes king. And David is David's reign in due order of cool David's kingdom was stolen from him at the hands of his own son Absalom. Murder and intrigue solve attempted murders of David Absalom attempted murder of David Absalom murder of his oldest brother who stood in line to the throne Solomon even before he was annoyed said had his older brother to proclaim himself king before David persuaded urged by Matt Shiva and Nathan that something strange was going on in the nation David rushes and places Solomon on the throne and has him anointed and declared to be keen all of this beloved simply to say this solemn and throne was not secure humanly speaking or you with me tonight his throne was most certainly not secure and so it would have been a reasonable request for Solomon to say establish my throne. Based on what had happened to his father and based on what had happened to saw before him it would have been a logical requests lower I want to do your will and I understand what you have prophesied but I can only walk in your wheel if you establish and secure my throne but beloved tonight that's not what Solomon asked for 7 now lower my god that was made by servant king instead of day that my father and I am but a little child. I know not how to go out or coming in and by servant is in the midst of by people which now has chosen to greet people that cannot be numbered nor counted for multitude of verse 9 he is there for thy servant an understanding heart. To judge by people that I may discern between good and bad for who is able to judge this that I so great a people versed in and the speech pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked him this thing and God said unto him verse 11 because now has asked this thing and has not asked for thy self long life neither has asked riches for the high self no one has asked the life of the enemies but has asked for thy self understanding to discern judgment behold verse 12 I have done according to the words alone I have given the all wise and an understanding of heart so that there was none like the before the neither after these shell any arise alike on to the and I have also given the. That which thou has not asked both riches and honor. So that there shall not be any among the Kings are like unto the all. Day. Friends I like to refer to this. As the Solomon principle the what the Solomon principle. Solomon asked God for something that would benefit others when it would have been a reasonable for him to ask God for something that would purely benefit himself. Solomon's request pleased God because at the heart of Solomon's West were the people of God and the Bible says that the thing please the Lord all tonight would that our prayers would please God would that god. Would have a smile on his face when he listens to our prayers How do your prayers Sound think about. How do they sound I'm going to suggest something to you but I want to help you to understand what I'm going to suggest the Bible tells us Jesus says that we should ask we should do what. We should ask when we have a request we should ask I'm not saying don't ask God But what I'm suggesting tonight is that after you have asked God. You trust that he will do what he has promised that he would do for you. And I am challenging you tonight to turn the focus of your prayers off of yourself. There are parents who are praying for their children. God has heard your prayer. Please him by praying for someone else's children there are some who are praying for their marriages God has heard your prayer please him by praying for someone else's marriage I want you to think about this and consider this dear brothers and sisters what if the key to God opening Heaven's Windows was if we were to pray as fervently and earnestly for others as we have prayed for ourselves what if I am praying for someone else is a listen to me. What if I'm praying for someone else's victory as passionately as I have prayed for my own. Are you with me tonight what if I place my desire in the hands of God and then say Lord give me that which will benefit others or better yet Lord give Barb that which I have requested for myself Lord I know that I'm praying and I'm asking that you would work Mar job situation out but work Jack's job situation out as well father. Lord I know that I'm praying that you would you would recover and you would heal me but father I am also praying that you would heal rather Jiri Philip in chapter 2 verse 3 let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other there. Than themselves verse for look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others praying beloved for the good of others becomes key to our good seeking victory for others becomes the key to our victory in fact I believe that in Scripture Jesus demonstrated this principle not just in scripture but even beyond in the great controversy listen to me. God's method of securing his throne. Was to step out of his throne didn't make sense seeking the good of humanity was the way that God established before the entire universe that he is worthy. I said it the other night when we are concerned for the welfare of others that's I believe when we are most like Jesus how can we have this experience number one. Know your limitations what's number one in 1st king chapter 3 verse 9 Solomon say is. Who is able to judge this vice so great a people. In other words friends Solomon economic Jesus that the task that lays before him. He in His Own Strength is an able to perform are you with me tonight we must acknowledge our own limitations we must know our limitations because when we are aware when we acknowledge when we know our limitations then beloved we can lean on the hand of Almighty God. We can depend on him to do what only divinity can do I've got to say this because I know of this movement we don't talk about failure. We don't talk about and I was at the 1st G Y C Pius rings Ranch California we don't talk about the people who are there who are not even in the church anymore we don't talk about the leaders who have fallen. And we even say that. Because we want to disassociate ourselves from that failure that's not what we're about we're about victory but failure is real. It's real and knowing our limitations knowing our limitations is not a bad thing. We always talk about being able to accomplish that which is impossible and that's good and I believe that but we also also know that we are erring mortal human beings and we need the power of all mighty God for with God all things are possible. Beloved Jesus did not say when he was preaching remember lots wife because he didn't love her he didn't say remember lots wife because he wanted her to become or the people's minds to become fixated on her he said remember lots wife as a warning her eyes were fixed on the wrong thing learn from her mistake. Some of us are here tonight and you're uncomfortable nobody knows you're uncomfortable but you do your own comfortable because you have a persona and everybody sees you when everybody thinks a certain way about you and your greatest fear is that she would lose that what happens if people know my weakness is what happens if well no I'm not the person I project myself to be will they still love me and I've got to say tonight beloved that the way we have treated those who have fallen says no and so we've got young people who crave authenticity who are playing roles because you're afraid that you will lose your community afraid that people will turn their backs on you your phone won't ring anymore you won't be asked to volunteer at G Y C or serve in a position anymore something is wrong with that. We need to be a people who understand our limitations not so that we can glory in our weaknesses but rather that we may glory in the power of Christ who is able to deliver us from our weaknesses if you need me ah I'm I'm an accountability for some for some brother who said listen I need your pastor how do you need me I've been wrestling with this thing called pornography and I'm going to I'm going to leak all of my Might my electronic devices my my computer at home my laptop my phone I'm going to link them up to a service and every week it's going to print out in your e-mail and it'll tell you what I've been doing because I understand my limitations I understand my weakness and I need divine power but I also need to know that there is someone who loves me in spite of my weakness not just the God who I cannot see put a brother or sister what in Beloved we must know or limitations Number 2 we must target the invisible. We must do it Solomon's prayer my friends there with his heart it with his word I want you to think with me tonight when you pray. Or your prayers focused on your heart or your prayers focused or what issues out of your heart there is a difference we can pray and say Lord help me not to be short with my children Lord help me to speak kind words to my spouse Lord help me to be patient I want to suggest to you tonight there are prayers must mature beyond that what do I mean we must learn to pray towards the invisible Lord fix my heart. My impatience is a symptom of the brokenness of my heart Lord I'm speaking unkind words because there is unkindness. In my heart. Fix my heart lowered transform me change me at the heart level and when our prayers focus on the invisible we graduate beyond praying about our behaviors to praying about what flows all what. We graduate to praying about the the very source from which all of the issues of life flow plover I hope you understand the difference between those prayers and I believe tonight that it is in service that God reveals to us that we need a heart level transformation not merely an adjustment in behavior he no patchwork religion beginning by changing this or that habit. But all the while beginning in the wrong place what we need is a radical transformation of heart and here's what I've got to say they love it there are 2 ways that we come through this experience one of them is through our failures where God reveals our broken this because he reveals in exposes our weaknesses Number 2 is through looking into the face of Jesus the more we look at Jesus the more undone we see ourselves as being the more unlike him the closer we come to Jesus the more on Christ like in our own eyes we become and we fall down and say Lord help me and the work that God wants to do is that the heart level are you listening to me tonight my as my musicians come on now when night. I like to try my hand that. Cooking my family says I'm the best cook in the family I like that and I like to exercise that every now and then and so sometimes as the day is going on and I'm in the office visiting I'm doing whatever responsibilities fall for that day and I get an idea in my mind I'm going to. I'm going to make a special recipe for the family something we've never had before we like to try new things and so I'll find out where I'm going to pick up all of my necessities in order to make this particular recipe and then I'll drive to a particular grocery store that that has these particular ingredients you know you can't just go to Wal-Mart for everything. You've got to go to some specialty stores and so so I'll find myself in these grocery stores and I'm picking up all of these these unique and and special ingredient and as I'm gathering them together all the while I'm thinking this is going to be great. When I'm cooking this up no matter where my family is in the House they're going to smell it they're all going to come down they're going to say Dad what is that. My daughter Abigail is going to come and take the lid off and who had the smells good what you put in it. There we're all going to sit down around the dinner table and I'm going to you know it's not just the meal it's the presentation right. I'm going to plate everything just nice and we're all going to sit down around the table and as we are seated there around the table they will take a bite after a bite and everybody's going to say. They had this is so good. Oh you are such a wonderful cook and my wife is going to say thank you honey. Have really had a long day I'm just so glad that you came home and you prepared dinner for everyone thank you so very much and I'm going to smile and I'm going to say yes. I pull up into the driveway it's dark now the the lights are on and I'm still rolling this picture around in my mind and I get out of the car and I grab the grocery bags and I come to the door on put the key in the in the door knob I turn it on I open the door I come in and my children are hanging on the walls. There is peanut butter and jelly sandwich crust on the floor that I have to step over just to make it inside of the house. Dishes all piled up on the table dishes all. Piled up in the sink their stuff from yesterday that's on the stove unarmed wondering what on earth is going on. Sounds like assume feels like Go sue. Where is your mama mama stops there she's been off there for a while have you guys eaten Yeah we have peanut butter but it's not butter and Sally. I have some core main level stuff for you and you have peanut butter and jelly. I'm upset. The Spirit of God says calm down. Career with the children because it's late. Make sure they brush their teeth make sure they lay down in their beds. Then come downstairs and clean. Pick up the peanut butter and jelly crust wash the dishes. And I begin to do this. The kitchen is sparkling clean and. The house the house is clean and the groceries are seated there or are sitting there on the table and I sit down and I take a breath after I finish everything oh I'm exhausted this night did not go home I complained. My wife comes down and now I got to look really tired. Pull out a chair throw up a leg. Oh honey thank you from. I was a long day. I want some sympathy now. But all the while I'm upset because this didn't quite go the way I planned then and my wife began to say Honey I was just on the phone with someone so someone that our family has been ministering to that we've been working with I was on the phone for the last 2 and a half hours ministering to them in a time of crisis and my bone is different. I felt bad I was I was the stir. But when I find out that my wife was in ministry I am deflated and you had no right to feel and think the way that you did. And then I'm wrestling with God What is it that's that's taken place here what's this feeling that I'm experiencing deep down in my heart and God say is Stephen you wanted to be treated like a. King tonight but I want to draw a wife in your family to be treated like royalty to mine. You want to be served by your family telling you how wonderful of a shelf you are and how fine for for you they are but I needed you to serve your wife tonight. That's healthy. And conses Yes you are. But no it wasn't a bad thing to want the family the sit around the table and have the no no no I'm not saying it was a bad thing but Stephen in order for me to reveal what's lurking in the depths of your heart I had to use this experience to show you your sorrow. It was only through performing these acts of service that I could reveal to you what was or lacking in your life so that you would time to me and say Father take it out on me. Take it out of. The love it. This type of service that reaches the heart. Is what each and every one of us needs so that we can hear the voice of God speaking to us. Not about merely changing behaviors but about radically transforming our hearts. And they and. We can surrender as we never have before we can pray as we never have before. And when we pray we can trust that God will do for us what we could never do for ourselves because without him we would not have even known our sales. This message was recorded at the. End Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at you I see what happened.


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