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Micheal Goetz
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  • January 1, 2019
    7:00 AM


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This message was presented at the G Y C to be used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. what. It meant. For oh yes no yes yeah. Yeah at least on your noise. Or release on your novel. Or Happy New Year I have this morning. They get off my suit jacket rolled up my sleeves because we want to wrestle together so get ready get ready. Prepare our hearts It's our final day that this morning we've got a conversation mid-morning and we've got a final charge and we're headed back God forbid it would you that we leave here the same as we can so mobilize us and Sunda us out radicals for the cause of Jesus we pray in the name of Jesus Amen so we learn the lesson of the seed it's morning seeds are dispersed it's how a plant. Spreads sustains us so there are 4 ways that seeds are dispersed anywhere in the world you go there are 4 ways that seeds are dispersed they are dispersed through water when animals or ballistic they call it mechanical Is it within the seed is some sort of mechanism that causes it to launch but every one of these happen in the same way the plant must be. Disturbed. The animal bumps against it or lands on it or somehow interacts with the plant and picks up its seed it disturbs the plant wind water the ballistic the the mechanical the launch of the seed is oftentimes through some sort of contact it gets bumped and then a seed Springs learn the lesson of the seed a dandelion you live in my neighborhood you cringe every time one of those yellow flowers pops up and before you can even walk over and pick the yellow flower it's already sprouted into one of those seed balls they're so fast and then you gingerly try to make it without disturbing it so the seeds don't spread but it is it is impossible it's futile soon as you snap that stem just the slightest jerk the seeds are out or what about the jack pine produces that resin filled cone that are solid durable nothing can get into them and tell a fire occurs and it's resonating melted and the cone pops open in the seeds fall out and they're disturbed some sort of disturbance and the seeds are released learn the lesson of the seed open your Bibles open your Bibles to the Book of Acts Acts Chapter 8 we're going to go to 2 chapters an X. we're going to start an X. chapter 8 and then we're going to back up just a few chapters Acts Chapter 5 Acts Chapter 8 starting in verse one now Saul was consenting to his death Stephen's death. At the same at that time a great persecution arose against the church which was at Jerusalem and they were scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except the Apostles and devout men this is now verse to carry Steve into his burial and make great lamentation over him verse 3 As for Saul he made havoc of the church entering every house and dragging off men and women committing them to prison 3 verses there are 3 operative words key words that if you just if you take those 3 and left them off you get the message of the entire 3 verses and in a larger context of Acts 3 words Havok church scattered You can reduce those 3 verses and the larger message of acts havoc church scattered the church was disturbed it was bothered it was persecuted Paul was only one of the examples but Paul here wreaked havoc in the church havoc church scattered the devil hates the church it is the visible body of one who he hates with all that is within him and if the community of faith comes together and reflects our head Jesus Christ he hates us he's always hated us let me remind you taking you back to Peter and Paul's De Niro. Reign for those 50 for about 6880. Imprisoned and executed the Christians including Paul and Peter Mish in game next day oppressed the Christians who refused to pay him divine honors he exiled John Marcus Aurelius believing that Christianity was dangerous and immoral turned a blind eye to severe local outbreaks of mob violence so he would say you get him you get him we won't do it we won't do anything you can just knock him out D.C.S. and 3rd century he became he took that persecution that was sporadic and turned it to system Patrick it was just part of the calendar thousands died he reigned there Clichy in before the cons before the conversion of Constantine issue for edicts which were intended to stamp out Christian Christianity altogether he ordered the church to be burned scripture to be confiscated clergy to be tortured citizens Christian citizens were deprived of their citizenship and we know from the narrative of Paul how important the citizenship could be so they were deprived of their citizens citizenship and then it was free game so it was that the early Christian apologist and author were truly in spoke up addressing the rulers of the Roman Empire addressing the rot the rulers of the Roman Empire are truly and cried out kill us torture us condemn us grind us to dust the more you Mo us down the more we will grow the seed is the blood of the Christians learn the lesson of the seed the stirred it will spread havoc church scattered the evil hates the church hated it then he hates it now. But out of the Gospel of Matthew comes the codes in its statement of Jesus Matthew 16 a verse 18 I say to you that you are Peter and on this rock I will build My Church and they gates of Hades itself will not prevail against hell hates the church but Jesus His promise is that the church will prevail John Fox We all know his work box is Book of Martyrs John Fox himself was persecuted for his Christianity but he says in one in which words 3 things are to be noted reflecting on Matthew Chapter 16 in verse 18 he says there are 3 things that can be noted from for Matthew Chapter 16 a verse 18 1st that Christ will have a church in this world secondly that that same church shall be mightily impugned not only by the world but also by the uttermost strength of all hell. One that Christ will have a church of a Secondly it will be persecuted it will be hated it will be attacked the devil himself will wreak havoc. Thirdly that that same church notwithstanding the uttermost attacks of evil with all of the Devils malice shall continue John Fox and personally knew in his life the the hot stinky breath of the devil said Listen Christ will have a church he will have a community he will have those who are radical in their faith and their discipleship following him but the devil will hate them with all the power of hell but certainly that that church though hated by hell will continue and we would say it G Y C. Havoc church. Scattered those 3 operative words unpack for us the reality of the early church and the prophetic movement of the final church book Saul turned Paul long gone on this scene yet there still remains this hatred from hell the devil will still continue to wreak havoc in the church pull of it he's not done in the face of persecution however the church did not become political They did not attempt to deal with the political grievances of their day they didn't organize themselves for a protest against Rome they organize themselves for prayer and for mission that was their protest the final protest they didn't seek to change that the laws they knew that the government was corrupt they knew that the devil hated them and that he would wreak havoc in the church if they spent their time trying to fix that they would miss out on the opportunity so they focused themselves on what was most important on their trump card as it were it's a lesson we can learn from that transatlantic flight early in aviation history pilot solo crossing the trance the Atlantic early on it was a marvel is about halfway across when he realizes that there's been a 9 Sound. A bit of a ruckus somewhere up in his cabin and he finally locates the problem coming out of New York on his takeoff somehow a rat had gotten on his plane is halfway out and he looks up to spy in this rat 9. On a cable that was vital. To his ability to land he stuck is no where to go as a rat and he knows if he makes moves to try to to to capture the rat the rat will just go into hiding and possibly cause even more problems so he thinks it through and he begins to pull the plane up higher and higher higher and still hire and. He finds himself in an elevation where slowly the 9 stops later he lands the plane and throws out the dead rat the church didn't become political It did not become focused on the grievances on the havoc it in seek to change the problem havoc church scattered the church took the highroad pulled up the controls and went to an elevation where the havoc couldn't breathe that's 3 trillion A You can grind us the dust but the more you do it the more we will grow will take the high road or church that we would learn this we can absorb ourselves with trying to fix what ails us the havoc that the devil causes us from without and from within we can consume ourselves with committees and commissions Havok church scattered they went they from the havoc took strength and went out to the world to proclaim Jesus Acts Chapter 5 to find it again. What was it what was their trump card What was the one thing that they knew that they knew that they knew. The guys got called in all the time they get called then you got to stop preaching Paul Peter John they all you got to stop preaching was a response if we can't we just can't we can we simply cannot that is what we exist for well if you don't stop preaching we'll will beat you up drove their enemies crazy and we'll beat you up if you don't stop preaching about Jesus will beat you up was their response to be beaten for Jesus would be a promotion messed their enemies up they get together. We can't give these guys any promotions what are we going to do that let him go bring them back again Hey you stop preaching about Jesus we're not going to just beat you up we'll kill you we'll kill you. Or they say it would be an honor to die for my lord. We can't give him any honors but we do his Acts Chapter 5 act after 5 years 18 and they laid their hands on the apostles and put them in the common prison but at night an angel of the Lord open the prison doors and tapped him on the shoulders and brought him out said Go stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life and the angel down in the midst of the I don't I get some down time night of rest maybe of NO NO NO NO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO preach go stand in the temple and speak to the people well you know it happened here comes Here comes the high priest and his little parade. To come back and didn't we not strictly commanded to not teach in his name verse 28 same chapter and look you have filled Jerusalem with this with your doctrine and you intend to bring this man's blood on us which is of course ironic because of their cry it with pilot but Peter in the other apostles answered and said we are to obey God rather than men the God of our fathers and hears their hears what they have that you can't take from them the God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom you murdered by hanging on a tree Him God has exalted to the right hand to be Prince and Savior to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins you can threaten us but guess what the resurrection you can kill us but guess what there's a resurrection we have this hope that burns within our hearts you can't dissuade us or distract us or discombobulate us you can't do it it's like in the game of oh no you play oh no right way oh no and you get down to know as soon as you say oh no everybody is looking cross-eyed Acha What is he got was he got it he still got that green Does he still got the green or is it the Red What is it what it is what he gotta go as they play and the person before you say they're OK because they've got one of those wild that changes the color not the draw for but just a while to change the color so they know that if they can just figure out what you have then they can take your game off he's got the green he's got the green I think he's got the green which changes to read read all the while you yourself hold the wild card change the color on me yellow blue green or red I'll play you can't beat it that's the wild card our Jesus has been resurrected and now exulted What's he going to do. What are you going to do you can kill me oh beloved the church didn't stop there to declare how unfair the world was how unfair politics were in or out of the church the church while havoc was being. Descending on the church the church went out if we stop to fix to get everything right with our culture and with was what with what we perceive as right in the church we will miss out on what we've been called to do we have the resurrection you can't beat us so we're going to take it even the angel and pulled them out of the prison said we've got no time no time to draw up documents or to protest against the unfairness of the of the civil authorities. Go go share Jesus disco you're waiting for a time when the world is fair PA havoc will always be here the devil has not given up but it's difficult sometimes it's difficult injustice pain or hurt it's caused you and beloved let's be honest it's sometimes we do it to each other we do it to each other it's not even the it's not even the Romans that do it to a sometimes it's it's we do it to ourselves we hurt each other we find that Nowt wrong or that rotten 9 on our cable and we have to make the decision if I focus on the rat all I'll lose so I'm going to pull this plane up higher and the rock won't survive it's not just in a corporate sense it's also a personal sense personal pain distracts us our friend. Pastor Conway's told us to go to the end we've got to go to the end of ourselves what if we what if we use pain as it as what it is it's immobiliser pain is immobilizer it will mobilize us to something we can be mobilized to focus on or we can be mobilized to go to the end and don't tell me that pain is not immobilizer I live with a dental hygienist and she tells me there are people that are hard to get into the chair and tell one morning they wake up with just the flu they are crying for an appointment the dentist chair you know how to I can put it off when the dentist think they are they just want my money they just want me to come they don't know. You can have an appointment today. Let me just let me just tell you the 2 darkest periods of my life black as night dark periods wrestling with God feeling like Jacob beside the brook come on God One of them while I was in high school was in a head on collision between a bus and a semi truck headed into surgery a rod in one leg and a plate in the other I was told and potations was a possibility and certainly I would never walk again dark times a 2nd just an emotional spiritual time in college was wrecked but out of those 2 dark periods came the most beautiful things in my life my commitment to Jesus and my wife one night standing on my porch in Berrien Springs Michigan crying out to God middle of the night one or 2 in the morning it's dark I'm looking out into the darkness and I'm telling God this is exactly how I feel it's dark God is not giving me any light any hope and then he asked me a question he said Michael. Is the road still there even though you can't see it are those houses still out there even though you can't see them yeah yeah they're still of course. And he said just because it is dark as night in your heart and mind doesn't mean there's not a reality there I have for you so I took a picture of it I actually no flash I just took a picture of the darkness of save that picture sometimes it's inside of us hurt sometimes it's it's it's because the church and the havoc that the devil did it it's we don't wrestle against flesh and blood beloved It's not a president President a pastor or a segment of arc of our church let's just be real it's not those who are more conservative or more progressive than you that are causing the problems in the church the devil hates the church and he is wreaking havoc we wrestle not against flesh and blood and in your own life it's not your your your spouse or your children or your parents or a friend or another individual that is wreaking havoc the devil hates you but we've got an ace we've got the answer we've got the ultimate we've got the wild card our Jesus has been resurrected and is now exalted as our representative to the throne of heaven we have the answer so instead of trying to fix the havoc because the havoc will not be fixed let's go to the world let's go to the end I've got a story here Jessica Buchanan wrote a book impossible odds about her story if you have not heard or read her story it's well worth the read let me take you to an interview she did. To summarize she began and was a humanitarian aid worker with a Danish organization she had come to help children learn how to not step on on land mines in Somalia it's a dangerous place on this planet but she went she went to the end she was there to help children learn how to not not step on landmines but in a flash of violence her car was stopped by a mob and she was kidnapped her and her partner kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded $45000000.00 for their release to C.B.S. She sat down with the News anchor Scott Pelley What did they do where did they keep you day in and day out he asked under trees she said and outside how long how long were you outside How long were you outside before you had a day and how long were you outside 93 days 3 months she didn't go inside a building she was forced to live out underneath a tree sleep in the open what were nights like long and cold the rainy season hit and it would rain all night and we were freezing sitting there what in the open what were you eating so that once a day maybe it would give us a little tuna fish and a piece of bread she said after about 3 months she began to lose hope her heart began to just collapse within her no no no let me tell you the truth after one month she began to lose hope but for the next 2 months she would have to grind it out day after day after day 45000000 dollars Who's who's that she's just an aid worker organ for a Danish organization American Yes but. Scott Pelley asked her as the weeks and months went by did you think that the American government is watching you did you did you think that they knew who you were that you think anybody cared no no she said no I didn't think anybody knew who I was why because I was just an aid worker she said I was just there I know a little bit of my own mission and then Scott Pelley asked her did you add Did it ever cross your mind that the press United States would actually know your name and never never know a 1000000 years she said but after 3 months in the desert Buchanan had a serious you're unary track infection and in a final call to the hostage no good negotiator she said I've become so ill I can't stand up I can't walk I'm in so much pain and then she said I think I have a kidney infection and she started to cry I think I think I'm afraid I'm going to die that's set in motion as the word got back she's got a kidney infection this is serious set in motion some of thence one moonless night she's crying out her story into the starry night now looking up and saying God God please help me please help me she was trying to sleep on her than mat since restless she was in pain she was cold she was hungry she couldn't sleep she heard a faint scratching sound and so did her captors they sat up the next moment there was a burst of gunfire and then silence let me read it in her own words to you. All of a sudden I feel hands on me roughly grabbing me and I try to protect myself I pull the little blanket closer to the top of me and then I hear my name but it's not an accent at least not a Somali accent it's an American accent and I can't compute like I don't I can't understand that somebody with an American accent knows my name and they say Jessica we're with the American military we're here to take you home you're safe I pulled the blanket down from my face and all I see is black Americans I don't understand you're American how did you get here they ask me where my shoes are I said I don't know I don't know where my shoes are so one of them picks me up and starts running across the desert he runs for several minutes and puts me down on the ground I'm still asking Who are you I don't understand who they are and I don't understand what they've done than they had then if I themselves Jessica were Navy SEALs we're here to take you home they have some medicine and some water and some food at one point they think they hear something and so they lie down I don't know this group of men but they all lie on top of me risking their lives for me we lay like that and tell suddenly helicopters arrive and land Scott Pelley The news anchor past when all those seals lay down on top of you what did you feel I began to feel like I was the most important thing in the world to them it was so hard to comprehend. They were so kind and gentle they were trying to assist me after the helicopters landed they tried to assist me but I'm thinking to myself I've been here for 3 months I can run myself and she breaks away and takes off running to the helicopter through the scrub and through the bush I throw myself onto the helicopter and push myself up against the wall. And then I take a breath Navy SEALs arrive at the door hand me an American flag that's folded and then disappear again into the night to take their own exit plan the helicopter lifts off and I'm headed home that you catch that line Scott Pelley asked or did you think in a 1000000 years did you think that the president of the United States knew your name no not in a 1000000 years she said but in fact the president of the United States didn't know her name and ordered her rescue and it is this morning that the president of this United States doesn't know I don't know that any president of any country knows my name or yours but the king of the universe does the king of the universe does he knows your name he knows your name he knows where you're at he knows what you're hurting what you're struggling with the darkness of the night in your life or maybe some hurt in the church the devil will always wreak havoc he will continue to wreak havoc and tell he is finally chained into the millennium he will wreak havoc the 3 operative words Havok church scattered to the end so let's go let's go young and old let's go beloved Let's Go G. Y.C. the God of the universe knows our name the commander in chief we are precious to him and he will make sure he unleashes all units. Listen Navy SEALs PA one angel took out $100.00 Roman soldiers guarded to the teeth armed to the teeth rather guarding the Tomb of Jesus a 100 Roman soldiers couldn't stand to one and he'll empty heaven for you so let's go. But it occurs to me into. The havoc that Satan has wreaked in our hearts in our minds or in our church. Has been preventing us distracting us discombobulating us. From what we've been called to do to scatter to go to the end. Let's just be transparent with each other some of us here are bothered by the journey that our community of faith our denomination is in right now we hear of one side or hear of another we hear of one meeting or see a video there's an article posted or something said and we've become discouraged or discombobulated. Unless you are different than the congregation I serve and. That's the truth today but maybe it's not the church that bothers you if you've been able to just just put that off maybe it's something personal in your life a hurt a damaged relationship a pain a loss. Maybe you just become distracted in addiction. But in your heart of hearts you want to go to the end in your heart of hearts you want to be scattered you want to go you want to be. In it all. So this morning for the appeal. I'm going to invite. Pastors and prayer coordinators and they're going to stretch themselves out across this front. Pastors and prayer coordinators that struggle and journey just like you but they have taken hold of the hope that burns within our house. And they're going to stretch out they're going to stretch out across this front and here's the appeal. Let's let Jesus heal us today. And so if you've been distracted or discouraged or pained by the church I'm sorry we're sorry. If havoc has been wreaked in your life. Through broken relationships or loss and you need healing you know that you need healing and so that you can be mobilized this afternoon when you're on a plane on a bus in a car you need to go you we will scatter across this world this afternoon but before we scatter we must be healed and we're going to dash Jesus. When he does Jesus Jesus heal us. So my appeal to you is that you would if if you fit. If one of you here today and we've got about 20 of us up here we don't know if we only need one of us that's fine. But our our guess is that there's a few of us here today that need Jesus to touch our lives to heal us from the distraction in the church or out of the church in our personal lives or in the corporate whatever it's been the devil will continue to wreak it but we're going to go scatter. And so if you want Jesus to ask Jesus this morning would you heal me would you heal me I would invite should come up here and you just stand we're going to go 2 or 3 to each one of these pastors or prayer leaders if if if there's a prayer leader or a pastor that's open you go to them whatever the the the least number is if there's 4 or 5 and you see one with only to go to them just and pastors and Curly's you're probably going to need to scout stretch out stretch out stretch out prayer leaders you're probably need to go left and right just a little bit more. But you want Jesus to take your life and let it be and they only is going to sing for us now this invitation to take my life and let it be we're going to we're not going to prayer leaders and pastors we're not going to pray until this is all over so you just wait but in the meantime take your groups and stretch them out stretch them out pastors leaders hear me stretch out. Off. On a security to ensure the burden take my hand on my neck in the mood of the day. Or we're. A good aid. Good witness can you live week take my son of the earth bowl off the good girl old. Code. Nanking law and live another a god. To change the Home Office for running the big mileage eat a thing or all lol. Since. There is one more. News to come up and say Jesus. I've been hurt. Devil has wreaked havoc in my life. Come. In just a few hours we will scatter across this globe. When you come and ask Jesus to just heal you we can't do it there's nothing that we can say. The church we are part of. We hurt each other sometimes. Nobody intends to. The devil of the will take an opportunity and twist and change in a hurt us. And of course the world is cold and dark and it will it will do its own damage. But if we're going to scatter. We need to just come to Jesus He's the answer he's the resurrected Christ the one who now is beside the 3. So one more don't don't leave don't leave the Y.C. without the moment of coming to Jesus and asking Him to heal you. So we can go and be scattered he knows your name. He knows you're her just like Jessica Buchanan the commander in chief knows who you are. And he's got a team of Navy SEAL age. Even in the darkness of your own night you can't see it you don't know where they're at their common. Would you come and ask Jesus please he'll be please heal my heart and use this pain person or corporate private or public use this pain to mobilize me to scatter me Jesus. Managed to the very end. This message was recorded at the to the end in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so we can Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at U.I.C. what have.


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