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Driven and Drawn, Further Beyond

Taj Pacleb
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Taj Pacleb

Speaker/Director of Revelation of Hope Ministries



  • January 1, 2019
    10:30 AM


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He is just me. Being with. Me. Hello hello. And welcome to our very last song for him in our very 1st song it might seem the silence over pupil words might ease the I love the Iraq. War. A god old mom off during a god amen. On the office during. A. Day off. A girl during. The world. A god or God during all. The oil. Augur gone off. Off off. The wall during. During off. Off the girl Mom told. Off. During during. Last week's bombing during. During during oil the During the Walla Walla launch a small rural lab. With Off off. Off off off during a small rural wall. During wall one off during the off the allure all gone off. All what beautiful words our next song is a little like ringing me in a tweet I ask you to listen to the words that you're singing out dine right with. Little. Girl. Little girl warning during a wall during rainy being a girl a little girl the cool mom a gourmet nice little naughty girl with God's will all during it ought to trim it or who gained during a time getting married during war the Niebuhr's we're told little girl the allure all girly girl gone missing. Many girls a good old nurse girl a rural quarry a nonissue Gura we're going to the world ain't got the money. Off the Wall rural during prompts the narrative a little ole when school walling off a truth in our wall over a girl little girl told all of the little trawling the wall Charles $88.00. A squalling legal girl to girl girl gourami glowing rural. With songwriting autonomy during was bowling ball game a game called Morning wall rollergirl gourmet. WERNICK stronghold brother B space like this the arbitrator not only her are the pretty people around her and there is a great old. Girl all rolled. War will ring rolling rolling off during Ramadan growling were all gone wrong lolol gone during Good God willing will linger in English all growing legal role during a neg wall to wall wrong with saying we're told glowing rural growing long long long legged waterfall railway. Was the girl the girl the be the best. The world the girl the girl was. And finally I ask you all to stand as we seeing our theme song one last time listen to the words as you sing them and make it the prayer of your heart. The During a small rural crawl. Along a neuron a small Walrond a mall game during a mall a man to be a moron to wall warning Waldameer a moth longwall the auger the American women. A non payment on. The Nicole wrong and bomb a new song wall bomb a tangle Ranjana Ami bomb again a During war in Iran warning bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran wall the author of the English game during a manga ongoing war during LOL S A A. Big girl. The small girl world. Today. During. The war will be. Politicized during war are. More like. The horror. Or are. Good morning friends it is my privilege to welcome you to the last plenary session of do you I mean I was in an elevator this morning with a friend and he told me you know Mark the only reason the only reason I don't like coming to you whitey is because he wants he has to and then if you feel the same way a rant about it is true you know it's a privilege though because all the old you white the House and the words that have inspired us the conversations the friendships that pushes forward will not have to come to an end it's a privilege it's a privilege. Before we move with our program this evening I just have one brief announcement at the end of this session there will be the announcement for this team and the location of next year's team so we wish to say travel May the Lord continue to bless you during this last plenary and we look forward to seeing you again good morning to you are assuming it is still the morning and then well we have a chilled speaker who is going to blast us today his name is Taj Pak with some of you have heard about him but Taj best attached Packwood is a man who loves the Lord He is the speaker and director of revelation of hope Ministries based on the island of Hawaii and he has come here to bless us with some words he's a man who loves the Lord you will see from his from his character not only but from the words he is going to speak he is someone who has a passion for young people and he lives a missionary lifestyle going all over the world preaching the everlasting gospel I like to have a word a prayer as well as we begin the session and I want to give you a challenge as you listen to the sermon or the exhortation you are a participant of the process as well in which you can pray for the speaker that the words of God will be spoken through his mouth Let us pray they have the Father we thank you so much for all that you do please be with us may your presence be in this place and Lord May you come soon in Jesus name we pray and then. The American. Born. The Boer was. A New York a New Orleans during the. Week. For war and for Earth Day too small rural during the war. Where we're seeing a neuron war roll over or more rural more rural alluring one goal or ur the poor. More rural. Or urban rural the old. Girl during the off or neuropathy hard fought during or way Moore already for early in her. Gourmet Noori. Being lured. Cheating Lucy Georgina goin. For ur a world world during a horror BORLING rural old a poor girl with Corrie including during World War with during during. The cold during. The. Whole world to watch. Move. The men alone. I bring you greetings from the warm beautiful islands of Hawaii how many did what you before all right how many do you wish you'd been to avoid before. You know one of my dreams is that one day we can Angie like you holy hell but that. You won't have to bring your jackets when you come of the one day that can happen I want to thank God for the privilege just standing before you here to share this final charge. It's all the high honor a great joy a privilege to share God's Holy Word this morning for our final charge I'm going to share a message I've shared a few places before but you know some things are worth repeating over and over it's a message that will challenge us to truly go to the end it's entitled driven into on further beyond it's all of you about your Bibles I hope you brought a spiritual tight Let's begin I invite you take your Bible and turn to the Book of Psalms 39 Psalms 39 in the book of Psalms 39 we find a poetic prayer of serious and solemn reflection it comes from one that is struggling to express the conviction of his heart he just could not put into words the feelings of his mind it is a testimony the prayer of one who has a burning experience with the Lord notice of the psalmist says here in Psalms 3093 there with me say Amen dear lord we have opened your holy word we pray now that you speak to us and give us spiritual ears that we might hear that still small voice speaking to us and I pray that you would stir our hearts within with Holy Spirit fiery conviction and made the conviction result in a deeper conversion of our lives please Lord help me behind the blessed across to speak to me and through me to each one of us and I pray that our lives will never be the same as a result in the name of Jesus we pray for you men sometimes $39.00 verse one the Bible says I said I will take to my way that I can not with my tongue I will keep my mouth with a bridle while the wicked is before me I was dumb with silence I held my peace even from good. And my oral was 3rd verse 3 My heart was hot within me and while I was new the fire burns then and. With my time here the promise describes the spark of convictions they grew into an overwhelming feeling the strawman is paying for that he was musing he was meditating he was contemplating in cogitating upon his present situation and then as he did the most unravel of emotion surely in his heart and it bubbled in his mind in that infernal world unquenchable the blaze was in English Oh and so when he finally opened his mouth to express the feelings of his heart it was like a volcanic eruption of emotion that was just poured out and I want to trim it to his friends today that this is the way that we ought to praying and praying and praying. To the end of the world with the fire of Holy Spirit conviction it was a long ago when I got the chance to visit the old alliance town called Call upon or call upon a was once a popular and well populated beach town located right along the south shore of the big island at the base of killer whales kill a is the longest active volcano in the world located right there in the beautiful island of hole in the tragically the whole town was wiped out during the 1986 lava flow every dismiss every street in every home was destroyed by the lava flow and when you got there now all you can see is a desolate desert of black llama rocks there's really nothing that easy on the eye but there's something at the end of town that drew hundreds of people every single day. But in order to see it you have to go beyond the pale easy pass way it's a tiresome 4 mile hike but every step is worth it because when you get to the end you're brought to see what I call one of the top 5 things to See Before You Die and that is a raging rivers of rubber flowing into the Pacific Ocean it is an incredible sight I did the trip not long ago I was driven and drawn and further beyond and what I saw was absolutely the pictures just don't do it justice so allow me to try to describe it for you upon the canvas of your imagination after the 4 mile hike you have to go down this rugged rocky road and you have to walk out over the jagged broken uneven mounds of black hole of a rock then you come to the edge of the cliff that overlooks the fiery principle and from that vantage point you can see streams of the Red River Rock flowing into the ocean and when the lava touches the water it creates a violent reaction the river of hot lava rock clashing with the cold liquid ocean creates an incredible sight there are aggressive explosions of Red Rocks shooting into the air followed by trying to read an orange sparks arching to the ground in the intense heat called the salt water to vaporize in nearly on contact creating billowing steam clouds that rise hundreds of feet into the atmosphere and the glow of the molten rock called the steam clouds to go up red in yellow and orange and even pink in purple at times now some of the love us a little wild in creating the landmass of the island and other smaller pieces of lava explode into millions of pieces creating beautiful black. And it's an amazing amazing sight sunsets and sunrises are the best time to view it so they can see the transition colors from day to night and from night to day and I got the chance to experience both and was blessed to capture some amazing pictures and to say the least friends I was blown away by what I saw and I was awakened by a light warmed by heat mesmerized by its movement and captivated by its power academically spent hours just watching the power of God to living creature and in fact some of you would like to come to what you want for yourself. But I'm sorry to tell you that in the most recent eruption few months ago all the lava in the crater drained out like water in a battle but you can still go into the aftermath of the flow and you can walk on freshly made black sandy beaches it's beautiful but in order to see it you have to be driven and drawn further beyond my friends as I had this experience I got to thinking that there's something about fire that captivate the senses and I believe that this is probably got wants us to feel about him and work in sharing him with others that's another trauma still when he prayed about the way Jeremiah the prophet felt the same way in German Shepherd 20 in verse 9 germ I testified and I said I will not make mention of him nor speak any more in his name but his word was in mine heart as burning fire shut up in my bones and I was weary with forbearing and I could not change or my spirit there came a time in Germany as experience where he tried to repress the message and read the mission there came a time in jam I'd experience that he got discouraged because it seemed like no those listening to what he was saying and so he tried to keep quiet. But the Fire God consumes him the living word in his heart was crying out to be heard crying out for expression and Jeremiah couldn't hold it back he had to earn it out and slow like a volcanic eruption he proclaimed the unquenchable words of life and thus the light of truth penetrated the darkness of indifference the warmth of love penetrated the coldness of spiritual air are my friends today we live in a cold dark world a world where the love of many is growing cold and I should meet that what we need more in our lives in our marriages in our ministries in our messages is the unquenchable fire of God but in order to attain it we have to be driven and drawn further beyond when we are in Europe 2 years ago we were in such and such a city and we saw one of the most disturbing sights we'd ever witnessed we saw pollster posters plastered all over the city and all over the news and Internet of a man who set himself on fire he was a tab at an X. Now that doused him self with gasoline stem cells on fire in order to protest the injustice the injustices of the Chinese president in that city everywhere you turned you saw posters of this man he was a disturbing story this extreme act caught the attention of the whole world and when I saw that I started thinking you know when the Church of God is on plan the whole world is going to take notice it reminded me of what that famous English reformer and method spiritual method man John Wesley said catch on fire and people come for miles to watch you bird and I believe that that's perhaps one of the reasons why many of our churches are empty. It's because our churches our ministry our message is like the offering of Cain we lack the fire of God That's all we need for in last year January my family and I experienced a terrible tragedy when we heard about at 3 o'clock in the morning a feed came in the night and set fire to the abandoned house next door hours and that's me trying to extinguish the flame with my garden hose the fire quickly spread to our home causing over 700000 dollars of damage and at 3 o'clock in the morning we saw almost all the people that lived on our street that came out of their house they left their warm beds in there out in the culture to watch the fire and I saw that outfit you meant what was it that called them to leave their beds to wait these people up to come out to the coach street there's something about fire that we can speak destructive about fire that brings people together in times of coldness and darkness and my friends this was the experience of the early episodic church take a bob and turn it me to the Book of Acts chapter 2 Acts chapter 2 we read about the experience of the original church the early apples balik church and how they had the fire of heaven accepted to beginning with Verse one and when you get there would you let me know by seeing him and it says on the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all in one accord in one place and suddenly there came an exam from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind and it filled the house where they were sitting in there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of one like as a fine and in step upon each of them here we read friends of the experience of the Apostle is he before this they had experienced the tragedy for them at least of the cross. Well it's like Bill the cross was a time of great darkness and great uncertainty however in the upper room they had received the fire from heaven and they finally understood the prosthetic significance of the Cross and the fire of heaven united them in an unstoppable movement as the fire of the Holy Spirit fell upon that early church a wild fire of spiritual revival slip across the land bringing spiritual revolution to the whole world $3000.00 baptized in one day and the Gospel plain begins to spread to the ends of the earth as the labor of Divine Love flowed God's Kingdom the land mass for the Kingdom of God was in large but I asked the question when I read this what I thought about their experience and the wonderful success that they had why were their words so convincing What did they have that we learned why is it that we are not experiencing the power of Pentecost today what will their message about what Bible says that they spoke with tongues of one fine. Seem tired today you had a good parent meeting last night I'm sure but if you feel tired just think yourself and if you see someone next to you nodding off give them the sanctified knowledge. Of the Bible said they spoke with tongues of fire now tell me friends what the purpose of a tongue is not only to taste good food but the primary purpose of your tongue is to communicate when it's clear that they had tongues of fire it's because the message they communicated was a fiery message it was a message of fire and brimstone but not like how we think and friends if we can if we can discover what their message was we would then be able to define what the fire is that made all the difference for them it and would make all the difference for us. So what exactly was the main point of that Pentecostal sermon Well if you read in verse 36 Peter is coming to the conclusion and he is summarizing the main point of that sermon or the project spiritual revolution to the world's notice actually to verse 36 it says there are 4 that were there for the conclusionary word Peter is about to articulate the main point of the tournament therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made that same geezers whom you have crucified and both Lord and Christ that's what the message was now we can define with the fire in the main point of that Pentecost the sermon was that one that they counted as the criminal that they nailed to that cruel cross was indeed the Christ of God and friends when they realized that they understood that the fire was the burning love of God A love that can look into the face of his murderers and say Father forgive them they don't know what they're doing it was a love that was stronger than death a love that is stronger than spin you see my prince to be on fire it doesn't necessarily mean that we are filled with evangelist exist because there are many people that are still left for eventually but are called like an arctic winter the reality is in the to be on fire really is to below Amen and this love of God This unselfish slug demonstrated at the cross it control tuned the early Church of the earth cleanest. The fire of this love burns their unbelief it warms the coldness of their heart in the darkness of their lives and then I begin to spread it to the ends of the earth to be on fire simply means to be allowed if I want you notice how the love song of the Bible the Song of Solomon describes the love of God You know when you want to get in touch with your own mantic side you read the book Song of Solomon right it's a love song a song between a husband in the bridles what it says here Song of Solomon Chapter 8 were 6 and 7 the Bible says please write it down the list with me on the screen it says sent me as a still upon your heart as me still upon your own for love is as strong as then jealousy as cruel as the grain of its flames are flames of what fire a most vehement flame many waters cannot quench love nor can the floods drown it if a man would give for love all the wealth of his house it would be utterly despised to be on fire simply needs to be in love the Apostles reckons tomb by God love and the flame were so intense that the floods of persecution in opposition could not quench that flame the church was drawn by the lover of jesus love and now they were driven to carry to the whole words they were driven out of their comfort zone to go to the end of the earth they were driven and drawn further beyond the Church of God was on fire and my friends we've been told that what happened back then is but a glimpse of what God is wanting to repeat in the last thing with the remnant church we've been told it's a former flame it is just a glimpse of of the Great or rather flame of the last things and God wants to be a part of that final great spiritual reform illusion a religious revolution that will set the whole world on fire and it's up to you if you want to be a part of it. It is called in the Bible the air I just message that will ride your generation individuals whose lives will be consumed by the fire of heaven grants how many want to be about a part of that final fiery movement even but in order to be a part of it we have to be driven and drawn further beyond the question is this where do we start because before we can be drawn further beyond on we've got to start somewhere we've got to start close to home so where does the work of all world change or a heaven still or a destiny transformer actually begin you know the song says it only takes a spark to get the fire going so where does the spark begin where to begin for then well our scene with verse for this do you accept or whatever saying let's read that again Bible said by you shall receive tower that's the word you know meant by which we get the English word dynamo the power of God After that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you shall be what is does unto me both in where 1st Jerusalem and in a just there and in the mirror and on to the uttermost parts of the earth as well we see according to the passage that the dynamite power of the Spirit ignited this spiritual revolution but the divine spark which 1st burn in Jerusalem in relation to the disciples that was closest to home but then the impact of that spark would be like the ripple effect it would go from Jerusalem and Judaism from area then to the end the other most parts of the world are and friends the principle the simple and profound principle from this is that if you want to be a world changer before you go to the end of the world you have to go to the end of your streets you can start to harm or hurt the faithful in the little things. Do the duty that lies nearest to you Don't worry about what you don't have just get what you got and God will give you more and like Gene does have a paid for record for the one hour stroll audience the person they got places in your path from day to day and friends this verse impacted me so profoundly when I became a Christian. My journey in evangelism started really when I was converted when I was 16 years old all been brought up in church or any religion and growing up I had no ideas about what the Bible taught or what garbled like and the Lord save me from that situation and I gave my 1st sermon when I was 16 years old you should have heard it was terrible but the Lord sort of gave me opportunities and I just shared what I knew and went back to my old public high school and I started giving Bible students and I remember the 1st Bible study I giggled very simple it was just 5 minutes long 3 simple version that I highlighted in my Bible and I just read those verses and I tried I kind of strung them together and I read them with conviction and gave little comments and I noticed that when I did that one of the one of the sisters one of the classmates that were in the Bible study started weeping uncontrollably with conviction of her need of God Let me tell you friends when I saw that I was hooked I found a new high. Evangelist and I said to myself Man I want to do this for the rest of my life to let God use me to have that kind of impact on somebody else and so I started continue to lead out in Bible studies in that in that public high school and the Lord blessed in a rich where you see before I came to know Jesus I was on fire but it was with a strange fire of marijuana in Hawaii we call it pack a little because when you smoke it it makes you lol. But when I found Jesus he kept me on fire with the Holy Spirit and I would go back to my old friends I used to do drugs with you know they're trying to tempt me to get me back of a No thanks I found a new high I found the most high yada tried and they would listen they would come to these bible studies that I held every day and I wasn't trying to do I don't know what I was doing I actually shared what I knew as a high schooler in public high schools and as a result of a Bible study 6 of my friends and their family members made decisions and were baptized as well even after graduating from high school I took a year off to work for God in my own hometown and the reason why chill that because I read X. one verse 8 the theme verse to our conference and I saw that God called the titles to burn in Jerusalem 1st then Judaism area before they would go to the end and so I was convicted in the church they won't for a year and be a missionary in my own hometown and my objective for that year my goal was I wanted to canvass every neighborhood and knock on every door I could in that time period in my hometown offering Bible studies in it and sharing Jesus with people in my own community before ministering to strangers I wanted all my friends my family those whom I already had influence over and that to have an opportunity to hear the things I heard and to know the Jesus that I had come to know was not present when I made that incision to be a missionary in my own home town no one told me to do it no one asked me to do it no one trained me to do it I didn't ask anyone's permission I simply did it because that's the condition got placed on my heart according to Acts one and verse and that was one of the greatest years my faith grew as I learned to trust God day by day God wants to use you to change your hometown your home church. Your school your community has gotten you the ex drug you like me you can use any when they learn but after that you will finish our driven in drawn further beyond went to your Bible college in the dry hot arid desert of Arizona and that was the burning experienced in more ways than one at that I was hired by the central California Conference to do that Angeles and where my wife and I remained for about 1112 years and there are too many stories to the time to tell it but what happened was the friends gathered gradually spreading the air out and taking the further act one verse 8 tells us that Jesus called the disciples to burn in Jerusalem 1st culturist alone then let the fire spread to the uttermost parts of the earth it's a divine precedent Lord gives us to follow and when you think about those who were all changes there's one that stands out as a world changer of the highest order for me would be the Apostle Paul Paul lived out the great commission he was one that would spend and be spent for the cause of Christ he saw all the fire of love on the road to Damascus and when he saw that divine plane ever afterward he was consumed by the gospel he wanted everyone to know what a precious friend he found in Jesus and Paul was born or who was driven intro on a further beyond take a bottle of go to the Book of Romans Chapter 15 I want you notice the testimony of the Apostle Paul to the church there at Rome Roman Sistine beginning with Verse 20 the Apostle Paul is writing to the church there and he is describing the consuming burden of his one Roman Sistine verse 20 and if you there would you please stay even. Romans 1520 the the apostle says it has always been my admission to preach the Gospel where Christ was not known so that I would not be building on someone else's foundation verse 21 rather it is written to those who are not told about him. And those who have not heard will understand this is why I have often been hindered from coming to you here we read Paul's burning desire was to preach the Gospel in places where the name of Christ was not known and by the time Paul is writing this epistle to the Romans he had already done several missionary trips all over the Mediterranean Sea and he'd already suffered so much for the Peter Paul had experienced shipwreck 3 times he was Shannon he was smitten he was bruised and battered and beaten but the fire continued to burn it in his heart and ministering Pa had spoken to all kinds of people many people all over the world commoners and teams and priests and printers and peasants he'd spoken to men of great renown and women of special significance and by this time it gets saturated to religion thoroughly and the fire of God was spreading rapidly and strode finished with Jerusalem jail and summarily Paul is now heading to the uttermost parts of the year for there was one distant corner of the den nonmilitary word that Paul longed to see notice where that place was in verse 23 but now processes but now that there's no more place for me to work in these regions and since I have been longing for many years to visit you I plan to do so when I go to when when I go to Spain I hope to see you are passing through and to have you assist me on my journey there after I've enjoyed your company for a little while now here we 3 we see friends that long apart heart. Was for Spain because Spain represents the uttermost parts of the years E.C. Spain was far away from Jerusalem Jadeja and the merrier it was the absolute outskirts of the bend known where room and going to be to go to Spain today. The country of Spain has a model of the model of the country of Spain is the last inclusive Oprah and you know what that means of course you see it on the screen it literally means further beyond So Paul did for Spain was a desire to goal further beyond Spain was like the end of the then no Mediterranean world isolated instituted if you had been there it was going to be an easy trip and very few people attempted the journey but all new friends that in order to fulfill the Gospel commission to finish the work he had to go to Spain which is the uttermost parts of the world and still for Paul was going to Spain meant finishing the work and going home that's where you want to go to Spain you know there's somebody else in the Bible I also want to go to Spain is the name of Jonah Jonah wanted to go to Spain Tarshish that Spain but he wanted to go there on vacation but Paul was going there on a mission you see Paul made it clear to the Church at Rome that he was just going to visit them on his way to Spain for Paul Rome was just a brief pit stop wrong is the way older but Spain was the destination why because a church had already been established in Rome the Gospel had already been been preached in but Spain was still untouched territory and so all these are for Spain it is because he was driven and drawn further beyond and my friends in the same way. God is calling us to go to Spain to finish his work in this generation to take the gusto commissioners to the end to its final fulfillment you see my brothers my sisters plain represents going outside of our comfort zone for Christ's entering that which is not familiar with US moving beyond that which is pleasing to us letting God bring us to the end of ourselves that we might have a new beginning in him but tragically unfortunately too many of us have stayed in a rose and have never gone to Spain we have stopped short of fulfilling the mission we've fallen short of reaching our full potential perhaps we've been attracted and distracted by the luxuries and the comforts of the Roman palaces or the excitement of the Roman Games many people have made Roma their whole matter and forgotten their mission to Spain we've gone part of the way but not all the way in our walk with Jesus we've been content with fulfilling only a fraction of the will of God We've been comfortable in complacency and Elaine and little Distin lukewarmness we're forgotten that role was a part of the journey but it's not the destination and that God is something greater and grander and more glorious world in Spain and so I want to ask you the question today young people where is your spending the specific mission that God is calling you to fulfill and what Roman pleasure is hindering you stopping you from going to Spain is that a relationship is more important to you than God or maybe it's a job or a profession that's consuming all your time maybe it's materialism that's consuming all your. Maybe it's worldly pleasure maybe it's your love of ease your love of comfort that stops you from going to Spain and that is keeping you in the comfort zone a role my friends what in the world is holding you back and is a really worth it what is it in your life that is stopping you from reaching your full potential that stops you from being all that you can be for the Lord my friend somebody said like this you can't discover new oceans unless you're willing to lose sight of the shore easy just like my trip to California I had to go past the paved in the pathway in order to see the fire in friends as if we want to be a world changer a heaven to learn a destiny Transformers we have to be driven and drawn to go further beyond and by the grace of God let's do it what he's saying even if you want to be a world changer Don't you want to be a heaven filler and a destiny transformer friends I can't think of anything else to do with life it's more fulfilling than that it's too little to be able to let God you'll use. Our time my talents our treasures our testimony to make an eternal impact on somebody else and so my wife and I were in central California conference for an 11 years almost 11 years and though we were not formally qualified for the position according to the shortsighted standards of men I'm so grateful that the conference was very supportive of us they had Heaven vision for true ordination and we were there we had a wonderful time there and after conducting over $50060.00 seminars all over the conference territory with began to feel a growing conviction in our heart that the time was coming for us to go further below to step out in pain to take the message into new territories. There is a growing conviction for us to go beyond the borders of a single geographical location we have become comfortable witnessing in our robots but now it was time for us to go to our Spain and to the uttermost parts of the earth now we can remain in the in the conference of the conference evangelists forever I mean everyone we experience great success the conference was supported everyone loved and by the way they could not love us we didn't stay long enough for them to not love us we are one church for 34 weeks and after that we moved to the next church. And so it would have been good for us to see that we could have stayed there but it wouldn't have been because you see good is the enemy of the best and God does not lead everyone in the exact same way but for us at that point we had the conviction that God was driving us further beyond it so after much prayer Governing Council and once a blessing in support of the conference we made the decision to resign from that comfortable conference position to step unpaid intern a territory within officially began our own supporting ministry revelation of hope ministries now we no longer work for the conference or the church we work for God but we work with the conference with the church helping that our church is to grow in and to become revived and to roll in evangelists to reach our goal is to change the population of heaven one so at a time by sharing the hope help in harmony of had been in all the world not in one singular geographical location but to the whole world and so what we resign and we move back home to what you because that's where we're born and raised we made what your home base for from there would go to the ends of the earth wherever godly needs we would go we're only there for about 3 months out of the year spread out after that we just live the simple mission light going wherever the Lord leads my wife and I we travel together to protect our ministry and our marriage and friends when we made that decision. For the 1st 3 years since since 3 years ago we made the decision the law has taken us to over 30 countries multiple states in the United States and tomorrow we go to Philippines this year we're heading to Russia and England and Australia and and Germany and France I just amazing to think that God has blessed us I'm privileged to be a part of this wonderful prosthetic movement of destiny to make a difference for all eternity is a great privilege and I share that to say that there in resigning from the comfortable conference position we were not stepping from one position into another we were stepping out in faith like Abraham not really sure how it was going to work out let me tell you friends it wasn't easy to turn down for the financial security of a monthly pension it was difficult to say goodbye to that ultimate health insurance we had because you know the conference health insurance we had 53 massages every 6 seems to me 33 massage and every year I wish we had 50 and you can be sure that we used every single one of them and so hard but we knew that it was God's will it's his bill in man and though we no longer have health insurance we have Heaven's assurance your Heaven's assurances eat right to eat tight don't fight ride a bike go on a hike get sunlight don't be upright and keep the Lord inside. That heavens are a serious threat that keeps you young it keeps you healthy. And so the we no longer have an official title position or conference paycheck what we do have is the evidence they were in the center of God's will and in the protection of his hand and we have the scrub line pinched the passes understanding something that money can't buy and man can't give you but the laying on of hands listen listen listen friends a title a position and a paycheck is nice but it's not necessary what is necessary is the faith and willingness to trust God and let him lead you knowing that if God is leading you he will never lead you astray that he knows what's best for us and he has our best interest in mind all the time and I want to challenge you friends to live a life without any limits because only a life lived without limits is a life lived without regrets and how shall we live such a life the book the drive agents need to $0.50 since there is no limit to the usefulness of one who by putting stuff aside makes room for the work of the Holy Spirit upon its heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to go over and that's the life I want to live what you know in and my friends this in a God is calling you to Spain don't stay in Rome don't make Rome or your comfort zone or your home true world changers heaven fillers destiny transformers will be driven and drawn to go further beyond the record tells us that tragically Paul never made it to Spain his dream for Spain was cut short by the sword of Nero he died in Rome and Spain was an unreached destination but friendless and here's the good news though Paul did not physically make it to Spain and we can go in his place. We can be the answer to Paul's longing for Spain you think there was never on a pedestal written to the Spanish that book of the Bible was never met but the Apostle Paul said that we are the epitome of Christ known and read of all men and so we can go as the apostle to Spain one of the Spains in your life the places and the people that you've never made it to the sights and sounds and smells you get to experience the goal you get to reach the dreams you get to fulfill the mission you've yet to accomplish the message you have yet to give the people you're yet to apologize to and the person you have yet to forgive Where is your strange friend if you Spain is an unreached place where Jesus is not a bigger paycheck a comfortable comfortable home or fancy car Spain is a world that needs to be one for Christ's pain as a child that needs guidance a teenager than its purpose pain is a father that needs strength a mother doesn't encourage men a spouse that needs love Pain is a pastor that needs your support Spain is a ministry that needs funding a stranger that needs a friend an enemy that needs kindness a center that needs forgiveness Spain is a world that needs jeans or do you have a Spain in your life in your community in your academy your school your job or maybe in your home maybe there is a Spain in the bed that you sleep in but it needs to be one for Jesus what stands between you and going to Spain the Spain that God is calling you perhaps a friend you've made the comfort zone of Rome you have your home but you find a call to tell God today Lord take me to Spain. Maybe you've been living your life for the unholy trinity of me myself and I and you recognize that a right look for self is always the light tell God today Lord take me this train transceiver only gone half way in your commitment to Christ you stop short of a small surrender and a full commitment kill God today Lord take me to Spain take me where I've never been before Do tell me what I've never done before take me further than ever gone before Lord help me to be driven and drawn further beyond because a beautiful thing friend is a god want to use us the weakest generation to do the greatest work of the last day he wants to yield us to reach the deepest darkest corners of our world but friends before we can reach the deepest darkest corners of the world we 1st must let God reach the deepest darkest corners of our hearts the areas of our life that's off limits to God the places of pleasure that we run to for rest but that can't really give us rest and the beautiful reality of the Gospel is this Jesus came to the darkest dimiss corner of this universe he left the comforts of the heavenly New Jerusalem and he came to plan it plain just for you and just for me Jesus was willing to go to Spain he was driven and drawn further beyond it it's been said that man would swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest mountain to be with the one he loves you know and all that that's not true it sounds romantic but it's not practical Why would you need to swim across an ocean when you can catch an airplane if you don't they climb the highest mountain because there's no sister up there waiting for you it's romantic but it's not practical. But there we hear Jesus speaking to us saying to us I never rammed the deepest ocean but I walked on the raging. To be with you and I never climbed the highest mountain but I climbed up Mount Calvary and I hung upon the cross just to be with you Jesus went the distance for you he went out of the compared zone for you he was driven into drawn further beyond for you he was willing to do it for you the question is are you willing to do it for him you are worth it to him is he worth it to you I want to close with this very inspiring story about a young man is danger millions of you heard the story before use a gifted man that it's had a successful career of ministry had a fit after graduating he had the option of doing ministry here in the United States this was in the 1950 S. but that was a good option but for Jim it wasn't fair he considered the churches of the United States welfare churches as the burden they got laid upon his heart was to go further beyond his prayer was this God I pray the light these idle sticks of my life and may I burn for the consume I like my God For it is Dinah I speak not a law lives but of all one like you Lord Jesus. And so the fire of God compel Jim and 4 other missionary couples to go further beyond their names Jim and Elizabeth Elliot Nate and Marge think Roger and Barbara John during Ed and Mary Lou Macaulay Pete and all of Fleming these men and their wives left the United States and they made their way to the jungles of Ecuador their burden was to reach the fierce and dangerous Dani tried to tried to destroy that little dispute with spears for them there's no such thing as diplomacy or talking about if they had a disagreement they wouldn't matter to each other which Spears they had the highest murder rate per capita and they had no outside contact with the world and everyone was afraid of them and when Jim heard about this under each tribe he was not moved by the danger but he was moved by the fire having to share the warmth of the gospel with these people and so they devised that they moved there to Ecuador and they started to devise a plan to win the confidence of the locals so they will fly over the tribe in the jungle or on an airplane and they will drop care packages of food and tools and other goods trying for over several months trying to win the confidence of the people and finally the day would come when they would land the plane and make contact with this fierce and dangerous tribe everyone was praying for their success and got answered their prayers didn't actually in picture of that 1st encounter they had with unrestrained God and so their prayers and they were rejoicing in Jesus but when they went back the 2nd time all 5 of those missionaries were murdered they were speared to death just like jeans and they were brutally murdered by those who they were trying to stain and every single one of those 5 brothers were in their twenty's. They knew the risks and they understood the danger. And yet they're willing to get out of the culprits Golub role to go to Spain. My friends listen. God did not guarantee. That there would be no pain in Spain. Just like Jim. Just like in the times you will experience pain. We got to spend. It not physical pain for sure growing pains. But through the pain. People will be able to see. That divine flame. And they will come to know of seeing just my name in. The loving Lord who came to remove the shaman so my brothers and sisters despite the plaintiff Let's go to Spain. Out of the comfort zone. For the call the prime. General that missionary Martin who said these words and I quote here's a general it said he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose Jim and his friends live by the same they gave their lives for the call the price they gave themselves completely away to the use of God They found a culture which they were willing to die less than friends a light without occult is a light without object and their light was not was out of that their death was not in vain or for eluding their light they were able to find. Now let me tell you the end of the still. There with all wives and children continued to work amongst the tried they had murdered their husbands and their father. The one I was in the children continued and they stablish relationship over Peter time with the Donny tribe then she became a part of the tribe they moved in with the tribe and these little mothers actually raised their children in that trunk. And when they won their conference they started to contextualize the gospel they talked a lot on about the Greens or they had a huge part in the headers and that this creator has left a trail through the jungle leading to that hut and along the trail there are carvings on the trees that show them the way it's and one of the carvings. Shall Not Kill Now a lot of learning God's will the Donny tribe they laid down their spirit and they picked up the sort of the Spirit the Word of God And today friends that tribe is a Christian tried to explain that the in the Gospel of Jesus Christ a man. With this story and that those 5 missionary martyrs they do not know the end of the story the last thing they saw was the end of the scene. Can you imagine. What a day or rejoicing that will be when we all get to heaven and those missionary mortars that were spirit today they teach in heaven bowls people that spirit that Schreier that that that that took their lives to imagine. The joy that will be then seeing those whom they had died or eternally stayed because of their stock of fights. That's going to be the end of their story The question is what will be the end of your story. How will the book of your life finish how will the song of your story comes when an. Event is revealed to us in the Book of Revelation how our story can in. That and with the great multitude. Spending on the sea of glass mingled with fire and put gone around on their brows and blood branches of victory meeting in their hand that you think about the great multitude standing on the sea of glass with fire the question is which part of that great wrong will be there because of you. What part of God's dream is linked with YOUR DESTINY be in heaven. Because of your flame. Will be in heaven because you chose to go to. The bottom line is that friends. Jesus. Gave. For us. Now he's calling us to give all for his. Father in heaven. We're so grateful for the amazing give you've given twas in your. Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord that you did not remain in the comfort zone of have he came all the way the planet space the stranger all away from the world of light you came to world. To die for. You were driven in jaunts further beyond. The love compel us to do this. Or take us to the end of ourselves. At the beginning. Of a new life with the. Lust of the Lord fill this room with your spirit as we make this last final piece. You give people courage to change. Now as your heads are by. As your eyes are closed. And your heart is open to God in prayer. I want to make a special appeal today. To the people. For those of you who are happy in Jesus in your walk in the fire of God's favor just go ahead and remain seated. And friend but there's only person young person here today. That God is calling to experience the that to some of my real love you've been here G Y seen you receive Bible study do little or nothing to the messages you're not yet made a full commitment to Gene or maybe you had in the past but you've fallen away in the fires grown dim and your love has grown cold. And he says God Calling you to be that and to move in that direction it's a new year a friend a new test God wanted to give you unknown to him. And you want to stand and say Yes Lord I I hear you calling me and I want to respond and I want to stand and say yes Jesus I want a new beginning in the waters of that says. If that you were just there. And say yes to Jesus. But you know more than just then I actually want to you come down to the front to the to the spot on the piano I want to have a special prayer for you those who are making that decision the best decision of your life back Renji that is coming soon we don't have any time to waste with the fullest things of this world we must choose to Christ you don't have the part of change yourself but you do have the part to true for yourself and you don't have to change before you come all you have to do is choose and God will give you the change. This is a decision for that or read that says in the near future then you want to go all the way with Jesus. You're tired of living for yourself you want to live for greater called Higher Calling you'll remember the one that died when Jesus died for you and I want to remember him I want to pass from death into life. This millionaire I want to be a new beginning. The beginning of eternity with crime God bless to break the law. Now the next appeal. Is for those who have already been back. For the buyer has grown dense. And you want God to rekindle that experience. You're tired of playing a role in you feel today driven into wrong to go to Spain and you want to say Lord today I want to sit down and I want to let you know that I'm willing to go to spin. That that will mean different things to different people. Easy going to they may mean that you want to join a pen and be sent out look under each place in the world you want to let me go to Angel is a P.R. get more information filled with T.M.I. or want to share his mission trip you want to be a missionary like Jim Ellis you want to go to Spain or perhaps going to Spain for you might mean to take a year off to be a student missionary. To go and volunteer time and polish our wall or Lebanon or or Japan to go to a place where they need young people they need help they need support and you're going to take a year up I want to be a student missionary I want to go to the frontlines to experience the power of God If that's you and what you stand in come to that this part of the stage to the nth. Degree setting they're. Going to Spain they mean getting training in a short term Bible Code like asshole or. Close a small Bible College or so many for an option and your feeling compelled that I want to get that training in and go back to my home church to do that or maybe you're going to Spain for you may need to learn a new language a language. In the 1040 when the friends. Like Arabic or Japanese going to Spain might mean to change your major in school or to quit your job. To propose pursue full time ministry. Is come to the end right here on this side of the stage should say yes to Jesus he went to Spain for you you can go to Spain for him if you call. God will give you the wisdom to know what it looks like practically for you. He doesn't call everyone to the pain mission or the assignment but you're saying Lord wherever you want to go I wanna go to the end of the world but I am driven drawn by the fire beloved to go further. And General pew. There's some of us that can't even go to Spain because we've yet to go to Jerusalem. And you want to have the strength to do the duty that lies nearest you can't go to Spain you haven't even gone to church today. And you want to Lord give me the the waitlist tell me to be faithful in the little things help me to have a faithful regard for the ones so audience. This will mean different people different things for different people. Going to Jerusalem may mean that you're going to make yourself more valuable for service in your local community or cutting back hours of your job so that you can give more time to get bible studies to be or maybe taking on that mission project in your local church or arts volunteer in your local school academy that school that is on the brink of shutting down or maybe going to Jerusalem where you are giving more of your offerings to send somebody if you cannot go a little yourself. Like during the lightning. Allowing God to heal. The broken relationships in your mind why to Jerusalem might mean many more time with your. Children your parents your brothers your sisters. Or being a mentor to some young person in charge of that you just stand where you won't you want to say Lord I'm starting in Jerusalem. Being faithful where I'm not growing we're on track then and as you lead and I'm going to change then Samaritans then for the animals parts of the world to the very end. I pray friends. At this auditorium as believe he was beaten as begin this new year in the presence of God I pray that this auditorium will be like a volcanic green from which the fiery rocks of God's people will shoot to the ends of the ear. And like you put your arm around the person next to you. Let us hold each other. As God holds. And as God sends the Germans. And then to snatch. Father have the Lord we are so grateful. For the burden you placed on our heart to know you and to make you known to others. Again Lord thank you for leaving Jerusalem the heavenly city the city of peace in coming to us. To reach. Or please forgive. Us for the areas of our lives that have been off limits to you forgive us for having mixed up priorities. Lord for living only to peace self instead of thinking the same thing. Today we want to surrender our hearts to you again. In your mighty hands and we pray Lord that the fire would fall upon us. That you would consume all our earth. On fire for you. For the deepest darkest corners of our world our community our homes our churches our schools. To reach people for you we recognize that when we are inadequate insufficient an unworthy the breast with your righteousness cleanse us with your blood. With your spirit thank you for the experience you have take us home safely. The 2nd time. We might live with. This secret agent. In a fiery studio. Praying we pray this woman by the name of. The family. Name. During way. Forward. During the whole.


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