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2. Good God, Evil World?-Theodicy

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • December 30, 2018
    10:45 AM
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This message was presented at the G Y seem to be used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Father thank you so much for his day and for making this all up and for being so faithful to us to provide that will that we will be able to possess from this life to the next in Father I pray that as the speaker gets ready to come up and present the message that you have put on her heart I pray Lord that you will write her mind. To fire her lips and prepare our hearts for the message that you have for or deigned since the beginning of this world for us to hear on this day in the name of Jesus I pray this prayer Amen. Sister. The money I'd seek. Let's see by a show of hands those who want to hear before OK OK. For those of you who wanted here before nobody told me the lesson. This is. Our in the process we went through Genesis chapter one and chapter 2 style and we got. Things that we learn about God We talk a little bit about how those apply to our lives and we started delving into the story. Of the story behind the story of the story of Genesis so that's where we were. Thinking. I don't think you need a recap recap. Not on your. Program things it says the session is about that the Odyssey the question of the Odyssey. Before we go into that I wanted to finish up what we started previous session on the story of the great controversy that acceptable to you guys want to hear before. OK got a thumbs up from one person and then. OK. So here are texts we went Genesis Chapter 3. And then we went Revelation Chapter 12 let's turn to Revelation Chapter 12 and. Pick up their. Relationship to 12. I asked in the previous session I asked how many how many were familiar with the great controversy as a metal narrative as a story and I got a show of hands so they were there enough new people here and since that's a panel we're going to be going through I just like a shorthand so I know how in-depth to go how many of you are familiar with the great controversy as a story. OK OK OK OK right revelations have to 12. Where we end and we talked about verse 3. There was a great dragon in verse 3 of Chapter 12. It's like when. 2 men sitting in the front over the years so that it will feel better about the board I'm sorry. 3 was somewhat the great dragon and firstborn his tail drew the 3rd part of the stars of heaven and we went to verse 7 talked a little bit about that there was a war in heaven Michael and his angels fought and the dragon fought and his angels they didn't prevail and then the dragon was cost out and he took a 3rd of the angels from heaven we have. The Bible talks about Michael and you know Catholicism has has a interesting Angel enjoy law logy into law logy I think it's something into law logy like the study of angels. OK. And they say Michael you know they have these in jewels and I call Gabriel it's a trend there Michael there's one of the interest because you have them in the Bible but actually in Scripture you guys know who Michael actually is. Jesus was Can Can anyone show me from the Bible Michael is Jesus. We have the one hand. Sorry but this one is for. Let's read it we can read it. OK. Yes. So it let me give you the mike. Ritz the bit but you know you have to bet there's several places below the 10 just up to 12 how Michael stands up who is there says are for his people versus lawyers for Jesus returns with the voice of the archangel. There's also Jude. Wasn't prepared for a Bible study you know Michael. OK there are some pointers and study right the Bible talks about Michael is not some random angel Michael is actually Jesus Christ himself. Because there is no there is no created being that has the power to resurrect only Jesus does to the soul that told us that when he was on earth so if this Archangel is Michael that this Archangel has the ability to with the trump of God with the with his voice to resurrect it's got to be more than just a created being. What we're what we raised over that Soul that is to create the scene that in heaven you've got G.'s us. On this side who is fighting. With Angels and you got Satan the Devil on this side fighting with angels like on his side you feel you get the picture here is. It hears. Just. I'm scared to say because I don't I wanted to muddy the waters but it will be interesting for some of you if it doesn't interest you just forget I said it OK so like open your brain and then if it sounds not interesting just shut your brain off real quick OK. You know God. Is 3 persons right. That is how it presents himself to us and we see God in the persons of the Godhead God the Father God the Son but the Holy Spirit there are 3 co-eternal they are all part right and yet God is what. He is not the wreath separate god the he is one God. This is it's a mystery for us to fully comprehend we have good things of some kind of an understanding when we look at the marriage relationship for example but to separate individuals they have got their own brains and hopefully their own personalities you know some people get married and they forget who they are and then they're like morph into each other which is like weird it's not supposed to be that you've got 2 separate individuals and yet they are one that's marriage and we have that that gives us a glimpse of an understanding of what the Godhead is kind of like OK I say that I referred to the Trinity because. It is hard let me say near same possible for us to ever fully grasp. A full picture of God. Because God is caught up OK God is so far above us so far beyond our comprehension that we could never wrap our minds around him OK So you know that commandment that says Thou shalt not make any graven images the reason it says that it says that because you can't you can never form a picture of full picture of who God really is so the moment you try to put him in a box you've already lost your understanding of who he is you can God is is the word in theology is transcended. I don't know if I should even bother writing this because I don't you can probably read that transcended he is far far beyond our comprehension and yet And yet he is the beautiful thing yet God as huge and author of And great and magnificent and far beyond our understanding as he is he comes and he wants to be understood by us. OK in theology call that imminent. Imminent means like he comes close to us he wants he wants to be understood by us he wants he wants us to to to understand who he is so when the things we talked about in here this is God in his imminence this is God saying I want you to know right I want you to get to know me like this is who I am. This is important in our worship experience because. If we think of God as purely transcendent like God is so far beyond our understanding there's no way we could ever understand God then we're always afraid when we come to him because you can't know him. It's like that that that relative or their parent who is way way do you know if you have really have a really really rich relative who is like not cool with you like they just send you money. Oh. OK. Or what's the Elegy I thought everyone has that really rich uncle know. OK. I'm. Hope. It's like the president of your company that you work for. The president of your university and they're like so like they're like beyond your reach usually the principal of your school is usually you know more relatable. I'm struggling here I thought everybody would have that Uncle through history here comes. Well if God If God is so far beyond our comprehension then it's hard when we come to Him and worship like we have to sit like over here and have to be quiet and like you know. This is how. For historians this is kind of how the applicant worship is is based on it's based on a transcendent God you walked into a Catholic Cathedral you see the ceiling is really really really high up right and when you sing the music like it's kind of hollowed out because of though the space in the room. There are key texture is based on their understanding of God So you know when you get to the Reformation and you got like Martin Luther when he wrote my fortresses are God and those of him that the way that those hymns were written were actually based on their understanding of God So the music actually now is more communal it's not the search the Gregorian chants the other over the. You know those. Because that that is it's based on your understand it and now there's actually a rainy sonce of Gregorian chants you know that like it's kind of cool again Gregorian chants are like invoke lately. But this is based on your theology OK God in his imminence wants to come close to us and wants us to understand him when we have in the Bible. Jesus coming down as the Son of God. Is Jesus God's biological son. I mean like you know you have your mom and your dad. Is God the Father like Jesus to add like that. Yes no. We have some like. Baby No he isn't he isn't in fact. This is relevant to what we talk about OK this is relevant in fact you know Genesis Chapter 3 ricin. Says. Gender Studies for 16. Genesis not John John John. Updike you don't know tell us is the reason this. Was taught in the. 60 here in just a chapter 3 verse 16. Are you going to listen harder than I'm talking listen. He gave His only begotten Son that term be gotten causes people problems because it it means be got like you know he's only son that was born of him and he were like well that means that Jesus is God son in the way that my dad is my dad right wrong. That word is actually the original word in the Greek is one a good name is it's unique it means unique more not in name it's like uniquely. Existing it's used again in reference to Abraham son when talking about Isaac and he says Isaac was Abraham's only be gotten Now tell me did I did Abraham have any other kids. Yes What was his name you smile was actually born of Abraham. But it was about Isaac because Isaac was unique in his role in salvation and so when talks about Jesus as only be gotten There's no other there's no word for it so they used to the word be gotten when they translated but it actually means unique like the relationship between God the Father and God the Son is unique that's basically was trying to say so God. This is part God the Father is not Jesus's biological father OK OK God the Father when we talk about God the Father and Jesus His Son we're talking we're trying to understand a relationship between these members of the Godhead this is God trying to explain something to us OK Jesus says the church is his bride does the church literally wear white do we go to church wearing WHITE No OK ladies those of you who are single are you like I'm married to Jesus I marry nobody else. No right will like what give me a husband. Because the Church is his bride not not at the literal you can never get married which is kind of what happened in Catholicism with the nuns right the nuns cannot get married because and the priests can't get married because they represent Christ but that's not what the Bible swapping about the Bible is trying to explain a relationship so we give and now logy what the word analogy it's an analogy that we can understand to understand that nature of a relationship doesn't make sense to you OK this is God coming close to us God wanting us to understand who he is God in his imminence OK. This is the part where you can shut your brains off if it doesn't interest you Jesus in the Person of the Godhead. Has the role of representing the Godhead to God's creation. So we have here in Revelation Chapter 12 The angel called Michael who through your Bible study you will learn is Jesus himself is representing to the angels the Godhead. So God created the angels and God wants all of his creation to understand Him So God having created the angels as the Godhead they are like all right among us who can represent to the angels the Godhead and Cheesus is I represent the Godhead to the creation so Jesus comes in the form of an angel who is Michael. Is this making sense this is God in his imminence Jesus coming as the Son of God When Jesus came to earth this wasn't the 1st time that. In your article you call them the 1st 2nd and 3rd person not an order of importance but just a naming So this is you have God the Father if that's the 1st God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and you call them that way because the 2nd person who is cheese us. Is also Michael. This is God representing himself to his creation through the 2nd person of creator of the Godhead does this make sense to those of you who kept your minds open. So here in Revelation you have God Himself. In this age elec for who is Michael. Fighting against the Devil who is an angel and he's got a following what happened Isaiah the center Isaiah. Chapter 14. As in 14 1st 12. How are our fallen from heaven. Old Lucifer some of the morning how about cut down to the ground which this week in the nations we saw that imagery in Revelation Chapter 12 we saw that there was there was this angel was there was a dragon who was who used to be an angel in his fighting and the cast down and so here it is how are you fought Howarth outfall and from heaven Lucifer son of the morning and here is why here's what happened to Lucifer in verse 13 you have said in your heart. Now note this this is not something that an angel woke up one day and started spreading around to everyone this is something that started in his heart this is important. You know when Jesus was preaching the summit on the Mount and he said if you say in your heart Rocca. You curse someone out in your heart you're a murderer. Like Jesus maybe that's extreme. But Cheesus knows what he's talking about because up in heaven this whole drama that were in started in somebodies heart. That's why the Gospel has to be even more powerful than any human force because it has to go to your heart goals in the recesses that nobody sees those thoughts that nobody else can hear in those quiet moments when everybody looks at you and you look all holy but deep down inside you're thinking something evil that's what the Gospel has to change so Lucifer said something in his heart something that no one else could see but here's the beautiful thing we talked about the last question about God's omniscience. Nobody else saw it but God could see it. God could see it so you know when someone 39 David says to God search me. Search me or God and know my heart see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way of a lasting David has to say to God nobody else may be able to see the hate that I have in my heart towards this person because they keep trash talking me nobody may be able to see the jealousy and the envy I have towards that guy because you know he saw Buffy and hold yet the thing time how does he do that you know like nobody can see what's going on in my heart but Lord search me. Sometimes you know we don't even know our own hearts. Sometimes we don't even realize that that we've got wickedness and evil brewing in our hearts and that's why we've got to come to God and say Lord search my heart. Show me show me the wickedness of my own heart not so that I can brood not so I can get depressed and you know beat myself up but so that I can go to Jesus. So you have here in Isaiah Chapter 14. Was 13 he would have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high all those statements culminate in that I will be like the most high this angel said in his heart that I want to have that position that the most high has. 200 you know Isaiah and Jeremiah nominations. 2028. 20. And we start. Invertor. Of. Son of Man take up 11 Taishan upon the king of Tyrus and Santa him P.S. for those of you who are going to go back and study these chapters at the beginning of chapter 28 you have a similar phrase Son of Man Take say unto the prince of Tyrus and then in verse 12 you have set out to the king of tires. Was being told to take up a lemon Taishan against the Prince of Tire and then after that the King of Tire and what you have in these in this parallel stories is the prince of Tire was was actin somehow and then he says actually what happens the way that the prince of Tai is acting is because is has been influenced by the King of Tire and the kid in whose great king is greater than a prince the King of Tire is actually none other by the devil himself sometimes when people are acting somehow it's because the devil is is influencing them to act that way they're like their mirroring the actions of the devil. So he's calling us to see here behind behind the actions of those people who are being mean to you there is someone else who's actually behind that and it's the devil. That that it should help. It should help not so that you point at people be like oh you are the devil incarnate not like that. But it should help in the sense that when you see somebody and they're being mean to you or they're being unkind or they're being you know whatever kind of way you realize that yes they may be the one who's being mean to you but there's actually a force that is greater that is acting behind them. And the devil is trying to get to you through them and don't give the devil that victory it's like you know what. Who says that no. You're not going to get to me that way I refused to eat you fall and saying OK so the King of Tire. Say unto Him Thus saith the Lord verse 12. The list up of the sum full of was perfect in beauty. That has been an Eden the garden of God and this is when you know he's not talking to any earthly person because which humans were in Eden other than Adam and Eve definitely no king of tired but we do know someone else who was there or the devil. That has been in Eden the garden of God every precious stone was the covering and he lists these stones and then towards the end he says the workmanship of a tablet and of the pipes was prepared in the in the day that was created it's an allusion to his voice was so majestic It was like listening to a symphony when one person sang Wasn't it beautiful when sister Morgan that out. That was beautiful it's got a beautiful voice but the devil's own this angel's voice was good though there are times better than that I mean you know people worship musicians now because and when the seeing is like it's like a bird. And but but this isn't this angel of voice was way more majestic than that that what the anointed cherub that coverage. And I have set the Soul that was upon the holy mountain of God remembered it talked about Isaiah 14 about ascending to the Mountain of God This is saying you were already there. So what he wanted wasn't to be physically there he wanted a position there that he didn't have yet. Thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of that was perfect in that ways from the day that thought was created. Until iniquity was found in him. It's mind boggling. How. Could originate in the very presence of God. It's mind blowing. And yet at the same time. It's somewhat comforting. Because if this angel was right next to God I could see who God is the beauty of the character God you could see the kindness the goodness the this is 3rd the intentionality organize it he could see all of this about God and way more and yet in the very presence of God This intell decided that I want to be higher than God. That tells me that there was nothing else that God could have done to help this enjoy. Because he was right near next to God. For those of you who grew up in the church. Grew up in the Senate to have this church. God place you there for your own salvation. Because if you had been born in some other kind of family you maybe would have never come to the truth. For those of you who work in the Lord's work which would be all of us because we go to church. You know all of us who are engaged in gospel ministry in doing God's work God has us working next to him for the sake of our own salvation and already we've heard you know the sermons about we need to go out there preach because there are souls that are dying and it's true there are people who need to hear about Jesus but you know what if you don't go you risk your own salvation the safest place for you to be is right next to God because that's the best the most he could possibly do to save you so it's mind boggling it's really mind boggling that in the very presence of God This angel says something in his heart. I want to be greater. Incidentally we did read the stories that are mentioned here in chapter in verse 13 but the stories that are mentioned if those of you who are students of the century message and you know you study the the High Priest in the century message the High Priest war we're going to talk about adornment like in 3 sessions or so but the high priest was actually adorned. Like Hitler the think the ephod that he wore had like these these adornment on it. And the high priest actually was with covered in jewels Jesus we talk about in the New Testament Jesus is a high priest. So it's fascinating that this angel actually he was covered in all the exact the exact same stones that the high priest was covered in but similar close. It kind of gives you the picture that he was so close to God so beautiful. So talented musical The Otherwise I'm sure by the time we get to Revelation he's leading an army he was militarily talent and I genius brainy I mean this this guy was like it and he was so close to God at some point he said why can't i just be God. And when you think about what I said earlier about God in his imminence. Presenting himself as Michael to the angels Michael in the Bible we see him as the leader of the armies of the heavenly angels and here is this other angel who is so cool moves and he's like then I mean Michael Michael gets to be God he in an Angel. Why can't I be God. I mean I look at it. I'm talented I've got my own section of the Army that I lead. Why can I hold that position just like he does. And he aspires to. A position in the Godhead which he never could you know why why Lucifer could never hold that position because it's a very very important distinction. It's called creator. And created. Everything in the universe falls into these 2 categories. And there is only one Creator who is God. And everything else is created and the matter how hard you try you will never be the creator never. How many of you could ever be your own mother. No matter how hard you try Great that's why you better respect her. Because she carries you. It's really weird but she carries you in her body. God made it that way and you you don't matter what you do it's like a reality of your existence and no matter how hard Lucifer tried to skip this barrier to jump over here there's no way you could ever become creator. You are created and this is I'm going to put it this way this is a reality that we all just have to sink into it's a fuller thought Bickel reality all of us are created I say it's a philosophical reality because you know we can do mind exercises and think about what if I was the creator you know what if I could decide the laws of nature you can't you cannot decide how gravity works because you are not the creator. You were born into did you choose to be poor who chose to be born. A member like probably at the lowest point of my life I was like God choose to be more and it's like why am I here I don't choose to be born but you know at the happiest point of my life I'm like God I didn't even choose to be born. Other the way you know I'm here but there is this is the hard reality like we have no say in this. It now it now comes the question like how do we need to that Lucifer had a problem with accepting this reality. And in it and when we come to our Christian experience. If we can't accept this reality then it impacts the way we live our lives and that ties into our next question OK Questions Comments queries and then we'll we're going to touch on that the Odyssey thing. OK OK Hold on. So you mentioned that Lucifer wanted to be Lord. I mean. It was a mission that's just some procedures but. He knew moment so he's saying that so far wanted to be Michael but he knew that Michael wasn't just an angel Yes. Just like you know we know a God the Son Jesus is God right and this is the weird reality right because Jesus is God. And yet he is human there are things about Jesus that I cannot be like I cannot. I am not the master of ocean and sea and sky because Jesus is God. I cannot die for people since. Only Jesus could do that. Right because YOU THIS IS God and yet Jesus is fully human and so Jesus obeyed his parents and I can do that too. And Jesus went about preaching and teaching and through the power of God Jesus can perform miracles and I can do that too through the power of God. Right so there are this that understanding that that as much as God comes close to us in his immanence like he's he wants for us to understand him yet he is altogether different from us at the same time and the angels knew that. All of them own home and OK. 28 verse. We ended in 15 verse 16 by the multitude of that merchandise they have filled the midst of the with violence that has sinned therefore I will cost be as a pro fade out of the Mountain of God I will destroy the or covering chair from the midst of the stones and heart was lifted up because of the beauty that has corrupted they was a by reason of their brightness I will costly to the ground are they before the kings that they may be Holby now has defile they centuries by the multitude of they need good is by the iniquity of traffic therefore I will bring forth a fire from the midst of the it will devour the hour bring the to ashes upon the earth the sight of them all that behold I wanted to point to point out in verse 18 especially we talked about the multitude of your traffic. We talked about that war that happened in heaven and you know imagine like the Knight Sabers who. Dish and these huge angels you know angels of light and they got the and mighty present it might like this right and that's how I kind of imagined it before but when what brings up here is it is the multitude of your traffic and that term the actually refers to slander. So this angel is going around slandering God and he's saying you don't want he you don't remember that time at worship. And how come Michael gets worship. I mean does he look just like us yeah right I mean I'm just saying I'm not saying up and I mean he's God right. Hey hey you know it's a really true that we we have to worship I mean we look like Michael how come how could we have to worship but he doesn't. I mean I'm just saying that I'm not trying the same not then all I'm saying is I'm saying him but I'm not saying it. And I could so he goes around slandering God and we saw how he did it in Genesis Chapter 3 Hey did. God really say that when we worship we got about out I mean that's kind of extreme isn't it I mean why can't we just like bow in our hearts you know I mean I mean he could read our hearts right I mean I mean if cool I'm fine with power you call that you're cool with power. But you plant a seed Ray I was like Oh man yeah that's true and then she goes and talks to heard like you know talking to Lucifer the other day you know goose it was like super cool Ray Lewis it was that like how could we got a bow Why can't we just go in our heart and soul now these ideas traffic trafficking in ideas these ideas that getting spread around heaven and debate starts start sprouting up have you seen it happen in church. I'm not saying I'm to say it. And he was that I like him. I mean I mean what did the I mean I don't know. And suddenly you have these factions that are forming up forming in heaven. So the the war that was happening was wasn't just the it wasn't like a pull out your life Sabretooth up I thought it was it was a polemic war it was a war of words your words I'm Puerto. Don't go around spreading rumors are people are people and talking trash about people because your words matter. Things into the going around and now people are talking about these ideas like Is God really worthy of our worship I mean is God what he says here is is he really kind maybe he is selfish What was the other word we got maybe he is he's like maybe my jealous of us like he knows that that if he lets us reach our full potential as angels like maybe we can like overthrow his kingdom and like I mean I don't know but maybe. And these ideas that spreading around have been. So by the time you get to. We talked about in the in the previous session the power of the lie right you can't just refute a lie with it's a lie a lie has to work itself out. Because now if God is actually mean and big. And you guys start talking about hey maybe God is mean and then suddenly you disappeared. OK I'm from I'm from Zimbabwe and there was a time in my country's history where I mean you guys know what whatsapp is OK It's like it's all it's a chat platform and most most of my country mates we would chat on whatsapp and though the time in the history of the country way if you're driving along the road you get stopped at a roadblock and the cops come they don't stop you because your tail light is bust or you were speeding they just stopped random stop and they come and they confiscate your phone. And they look through your phone they go to your whatsapp and they check your history and they check if you've got any stories on there about the president. Any negative stories about the president any funny stories about the president or any jokes about his government and if you did you disappeared at that roadblock. True story. Now people go around saying Michael Mann the president of their country is a mean guy like he's a tyrant and they're testing that on what's out like the president's a tyrant they get stopped at a roadblock if one gets confiscated and then they disappear are you going to think the president is a tyrant or not. I mean he confirms that right. So now in heaven if these angels started talking about peace isn't God heaven like he just wants us to worship him because he's selfish and then the angel that started talking like that disappeared because God can like just like that you're God right and then the angel was God what would the angels be say they wouldn't say in the 5th. Like now they would they would retreat right into themselves and they would worship God but not because they trust him but because because they're afraid of him and it only goes to confirm what they thought or what was the rumor that was started about him so in Genesis Chapter 3 when Lucifer comes down and he's talking to even he says have God really said this and he puts the question mark on the character of God that starts this whole long drama that we're a part of today and the question comes down to us today what do you believe about the character of God. Do you think God is mean and been dictated like he just wants to hold you back from your full potential like he's just trying to ruin your life I was afraid of committing my life to Jesus for a long time. In the church did all the right stuff you know generally speaking but like in my heart you know I knew that there were parts of my heart that if I surrendered to God it would change everything I mean it changes your priorities it changes what you're going to study in school it changes you know who you think you want to marry it changes like what you think you want to live I mean giving your life to Jesus all the way it changes everything and I knew that and I was afraid and here's why I was afraid I was afraid that God was going to make me marry someone that I didn't like. I know it's silly but I mean is I don't know if anyone else ever felt that way but I would hear these stories at church like these ladies go up and they're like yeah you know I prayed to the board and then this man came in I would have never looked at him before but then the North has and I own. My ass with Open. Mic God in doing that to me. And I was I was really I was petrified that God would make me pick a career that I don't what I don't want to be pole you know and I'm like God's going to make me be a teacher or something will go through to Tutu's. Both my parents or teachers. But me I was like like his not make me be a teacher and my parents were so hard and we were never rich. We had food on the table but we will never read and all the Lord if I give you my heart I know you can make me do something like that. And I didn't want to give got my heart because I didn't trust him plain and simple. I didn't trust his character. I didn't trust that he was the kind of God who had my best interests at heart I don't trust that if I surrendered my will to him that he would look out for my best interest I don't trust God and that's exactly what the devil has brought into this world this fear this mistrust of who God It is a friend of mine said to me one time he said you know he is. He's Indian and irreligious like he wouldn't claim he's probably would you say is atheist probably and we would have these conversations all the time most of the time that we had a more philosophical not Bible studies just like philosophical conversations on the meaning of life then you know where you find that meaning and that kind of thing and I'm coming from a biblical philosophy and he's coming from like a atheist boss of me and a member one time it got to a point as we were talking and he says you know what C.Q. I hear what you're saying is like but I can't believe in God I'm like can't why can't you believe in God and he said I can't believe in God because if I believe in God I'm going to have to change my life. And that was it. Like if I believe in God I'm going to have to change my life and therefore I cannot believe in God I choose not to believe in God because I don't trust how he's going to make me change my life my question is are you afraid of surrendering to God. Are there parts of your life you're afraid of surrendering and yielding to him because you believe the lie that the devil is telling about him that he's not trustworthy that he's going to make you do something. Yucky. You know it unpleasant and and that's bad for you. I thought being a Christian and giving my life to Jesus would be boring I mean I was afraid of a lot of things like one number one was has to make me man some I don't want Number 2 was I looked at church and I saw the people who are committed to got know the people who show up to premiering you know like on Wednesday night not the Friday and I mean the Wednesday night pretty muted those spoke was sad. No I mean literally sat there was so Syria's all the time I am like I never saw them laugh I was like man to be a Christian you can't laugh you got to be like Sobber all the time and I'm not ready for that like I'm like having fun to merge and those with my 2 top peers this is on the stick on my to talk for years of free Gaza make my marry someone I don't like and that I was going to have to be a sad person for the rest of my life. And that's what kept me from surrendering to God I don't know what it is for you. What keeps you from from from completely surrendering your life to him I mean every part of who you are every aspect of your heart every aspect of your identity just saying God here I'm putting it in your hands. Lord you know I will wear what you want me to wear. Not afraid to go make me wear curtains you know. It seriously sometimes just sometimes the things that keep us from God It's really is the least the hug. I know you're most afraid you're going to make me eat like carob cookies. With all due respect to. Those of you love that I don't like a if I'm putting talk that I'm just putting chocolate no carrot. What is it that is keeping you from the holy surrendering to him. Because you know the lie that the devil wants you to believe is that he is not trustworthy that that that was my lead up to the Odyssey question people ask if God is so good. And God knows all things then why is the evil in this world. Can God really be trusted what kind of a god allows you know a little kid a son to my husband one time in a year's time about his friend. The tragic story they had twins 2 year olds and my my older son is turning 3 in a month so I think of the story sometimes when my kids are playing by the window they went at it was like the 2nd story of the house and they went to a window and I guess they must have managed to open the window somehow and this 2 year old out of the window to her. 2 year old and you like where was God. You know where was where was God when that happened. You got the the horror stories we have from the Holocaust like where was God when all those people were being slaughtered where was God in the midst of all of that stuff and I'm supposed to trust that God with my life. We're with God in the midst of all the pain. How about when when when innocent people suffer that's that's the easy especially hard you know like when when people who are horrible when they go through bad things like karma. Suddenly we believe in karma like karma. But when people who all we see of their lives is the good that they're trying to do. And then they suffer we were. I worked in Michigan for a while there our health ministry director in the conference her husband. Got cancer and he died. What was troubling about it is he grew up Adventist or drinking or smoking. Other stuff that they say don't do this because you get cancer. His wife who was now the help who is now the Health Minister is director was now the Government's a director did not grow up in the church and was doing all the stuff. But he dies. And it's like God Like seriously. I mean the guy has the gun right like what more can you do. With this stuff this stuff like boggle your mind. Where is God in the midst of all of the suffering this has to do with these things we know about God and in the light of these things how is it possible that we can have evil in this world. And what I'm saying in a nutshell is the great controversy answers that question. And we'll talk more about it tomorrow. We'll talk tomorrow we'll kind of conflate the the Odyssey question with the free will and sovereignty question because it has to do mainly with this guy this guy this guy those are the ones we'll talk about and will will I think will be able to do it once actually I know we'll be able to do it once and that's all night I'm going to think about it we're going to do it guys who'd OK Questions Comments queries because I have 2 minutes. Questions Comments piece thoughts yes. It's. A trick question. Say question did you like your husband. Can't tell you the truth because. I wasn't supposed to answer honestly. Yet only take the truth OK The truth is and my friends will testify to this and my husband knows this OK so if he has the honey if you hear this recording you know I love you. All right so. My husband is not. The kind of person. In almost every way that I ever thought I would ever marry I do not lie I mean in every way like. Every baby. That's the truth so my feel was accurate however. However every single time I think about it. I realized that I didn't know what I needed. When I thought about who I thought I wanted to marry I didn't know. Who I needed to marry and God knew me way better than I knew myself. So he is absolutely not and like my friends like when we started dating they were like who. And like his friends were like what. We know it was it was a match made in heaven. So it it was my fear was accurate and yet it was unfounded because he he is I mean in every way everything that I didn't even know that I needed spiritually. I didn't even want a husband would make me laugh but he makes me laugh I want to husband would like we would sit and read books together all day like I'm not I love books like he's going to when we get married we're going to combine our libraries and we like a medical library and. This is my dream. But my husband is like not really into books I mean he reads like a serious side of the Bible but he's like not a book nerd but I mean he's like tech company and if you ever meet him like you'll be laughing the moment you start talking to him and I'm like I don't know I. Could benefit from that after I guess it's nice. So yeah as you get all the personal questions then. People disappear. Like. OK abs are asked and answered I'm sorry that was kind of a horrific story sorry. It's no longer mostly mostly no longer that way. She was asking in my home country when people would disappear off the side of the road if they would get killed and. Yes. But things are changing. Last question tomorrow tomorrow we will start off recession will be free We'll have the sovereignty of God If you've got specially if you've got philosophical musings it's going to be more like philosophical ish and then from there that's all 3rd one from there the 456 are going to transition into more. Practical stuff like how does the great controversy impact our decision making one more question. Does the last thing that you said the decision making have to do with relationships and principles taken from the great controversy applied to that topic I was just wondering like. Would that be the I don't know how many sessions there are but like one of those sessions so I know like when to like you know. The one the one that's had titled Martian men the nation women that was the relationship one. The one that's untitled. Marijuana that's the lifestyle one type of lifestyle issues of the one that's in title of trauma in the church that ecclesiology that's. Just drama. I guess. I Let's have a word of prayer. Loving Father we pray that you would help us to trust you with our lives. Completely but that we would not be unwilling to surrender aspects of our lives to you because we have believed the lies of the devil but as we continue our studies as you continue this you I see session as at the Holy Spirit would inspire our thoughts that you would lead us into all truth ultimately to Jesus Christ himself and as we go out and do outreach this afternoon we ask that the souls that were going to meet at the doors would be prepared to receive the gospel that you would soften their hearts to be willing to accept Bible studies and that everyone that goes out on the buses and on the streets would have a blessing experience with Jesus. This message was recorded at the G Y C. In Houston Texas G Y C supporting ministries of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And sold to Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at U.I.C. what have.


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