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3. Free Will and the Sovereignty of God

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C. to the end in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Or. Morning everybody. I was outreach yesterday. Awesome good. They all went out in the rain. Who for whom was it their 1st time going door to door to door. I'm proud of you guys I really am because because you did it in spite of the rain talking to my husband and I said you know we were praying in our room looking out at the rain. But I said to him I said you know it's kind of unfortunate that it's raining today because you know if it's your 1st time to go out and you're scared and then it's like now you have an excuse because it's raining. But but if you push through that then you guys are going to be like I mean you guys are super missionaries you know that means nothing will stop you in OK. On my way here trying to get here sequence of events happened this morning and then. The last one of which my son was my son who's almost 3 hijacked my phone and he hit it with my phone because I have my notes on my phone and he's like. I'm going to go preach. About OK what you don't preach about no one. OK but I eventually found my phone and here we are. Thank you for the prayer and the song God is good. This is it's a very simple song God is so good and yet it's actually very profound because it goes to the heart of what the great controversy about is about it's about the character of God Is God a good God Is he a trustworthy God and I'll speak of this morning spoke a little bit about this right about the guy who was on the plane and because as he traveled around he was seeing all of the pain and the hurt and the injustice that was happening in the world and it makes made him doubt the existence of God to the point that he he would have concluded himself to be an atheist so this morning oh what we're going to talk about and talk about 2 things. Trying to side which part of the board I don't really need. I'm going to get rid of the side 2 things we're going to talk about on your program that says free will and the sovereignty of God we will talk about that and we will also talk about the question of the Odyssey which we only managed to intro yesterday. But before we get into those things I just want to make a couple of notes about the great controversy as a mental narrative Why is it important why is it important to know that the story that we talked about yesterday the story that we outlined yesterday why is that important for us to know that well the thing is truth. Impacts you. That's why it's important because truth makes a difference what you know about a situation changes the way that you perceive the situation he changes the way that you relate to the situation so truth is important. Amen. That's why we go out and spread the gospel right because people need to know the truth because it changes your life and sold the great controversy as a story as a Met and narrative is important for our lives and it's important for the lives of the people we share it with is because it changes everything when I give Bible studies one of the 1st Bible studies I give if not the very 1st depending on the situation is the great controversy metanarrative. And the reason I do that is because it gives you a global perspective of everything else you're going to talk about after that when you talk about you know the Sabbath when you talk about State of the dead when you talk all these other doctrines that we end up sharing when you put them in the perspective of the great controversy and you understand that there is a battle that is going on right now trying to convince the world that God is not trustworthy that God is not good then these false hoods that are competing with the truths of the Bible now make sense in a context as that makes sense to you I remember I was working at Grand Valley State University as a chaplain and. Giving Bible study to these young ladies. And. I gave the Bible study on that and this was the moment where I decided that I'm always going to do this as one of my 1st studies we had studied a bunch of different things but when I gave the Bible study on the great controversy. They looked at me like I wasn't. And I was like Yeah you know there is this huge cosmic battle that started up in heaven where you know Lucifer one of God's created beings the highest among all the angels decided that he wanted to usurp the position of God And ever since then he's been on this vendetta to to tarnish God's name and we fall into that picture and everything he does in our lives to try and mar the picture of God is because he's got this huge vendetta that started a long time ago and we're part of this big story. And it's like their eyes were opened. And I said why we've been going to church all our lives why didn't anybody ever tell us this. Because now it makes sense. It makes sense you know why I get tempted. Did you ever wonder like then like why the devil does dogging me. Just always on my case. Because there's a bigger picture that is involved and we're going to talk today the story of Job We're going to touch on the story of Job When we're talking about what we're talking about this free will and the whole question of the Odyssey so we all if we fall into this picture of the great controversy that's happening tonight need to John 17. John 17. 17. Sent defy them. Through the high truths. Thy word is truth. Sent defy them through the i truth and the word is truth what I'm saying is truth makes a difference truth changes you look if you've ever been told that you have to have devotions in the morning and evening and focus on the Word of God all day this is why you know. I I had a struggle one time I said Lord you know. There are things that I I know that I should want to do but I don't want to do them. It's kind of like Romans 7 of the things that I know that I should want to do but I don't want to do them and I don't want to be fake OK because I've gone to church and I've seen those fake Christians who be standing up there singing Hallelujah but you know what's going on behind the scenes. And I was like I don't want to be one of those so I want to be an authentic Christian but there are things that I know I should want to do but I know I don't want to do how do I become the person that does the things that I don't want to do that I should do to follow to die Lemme. There are young people who choose not to go to church and I say this from personal conversations with them they choose not to go to church because they want to be authentic Christians and they're like you know what I'm not going to fake it I'm not going to go to church and be up there saying I love Jesus when I know I don't love Jesus you know so I'd rather just not go because I don't want to be fake. Now it's a it's a real dilemma because I know I've experienced it. But what we just read in the Bible actually is the answer to that question. How do I become the thing that I know I should be but I don't want to be and I don't want to think that I'm being the thing that I am not how how do I have an authentic experience the Bible tells us the truth changes us. Spending time in the Word of God studying the Word of God having to potions in the morning devotions in the evening focusing meditating on the Word of God It actually changes you to somebody believe me here today. The Word of God changes who you are. And you don't have to be a fake Christian you don't you're not sitting there saying I love Jesus when you don't love Jesus you actually know Jesus in your heart this is the miracle of the Gospel the truth changes you my question is how do you relate to truth how do you relate to the truth let's read another take 2nd place alone in chapter 2. Second Thessalonians. Chapter 2 in verse 10. It says and with all this evilness of unrighteousness in them that perish those talking about those people who perish in the end and then it gives criteria for the type of people who perish in the end and it says because they received not the love of the truth. That they might be saved. So it's telling us that at the end the people who are not saved are not people who necessarily didn't know the truth. Maybe they didn't know the truth because they don't want to know the truth because they don't have a love for truth or maybe they knew the truth because they happened to grow up in the church but they don't love the truth is that they were learning. But the kind of people who are saved in the end are the people who love truth. Was actually from the verse my question this one is how do you relate to truth how do you feel about truth because truth matters truth matters I see on a say in our preamble. Notes is that the great controversy side from it being a true that that shapes your reality is that the great controversy offers perspective and perspective is important. I heard the story one time about an elephant as anyone ever seen an elephant in person I mean those things like huge great fear there like it bigger than a car like here they're there they're scary the story. Of an elephant that showed up at the base of an ant colony and so that and start having a conversation there like the deuce in the knob of the outside we need to go check it out and so all the science adds you know the scientific community of the ant colony got together and they set out on an expedition then they decided that they got to approach this anomaly from different perspectives they need a ground crew they need a flight crew that's going to go in you know so they're like coordinating their their approach and so some of the ground crew growing go in and they examined this anomaly in. This thing is solid firm. Round. Knocked on it like it's really hard. They looked up and they couldn't see the end of it and the like this is like a prehistoric tree. That just popped up out of the ground and now it's in front of our aunt colony and they concluded that what had shown up in front of there and Colony was a new colony of creeds because they saw for they saw the one they were examining they saw another one in the distance and another one over there like man we've been invaded by fast growing prehistoric trees. With their conclusion. And you had the there was the air crew that that flew in on their drone. And drones and. They got up and they pick got up to like the to the section and and as they disembarked what they felt was kind of squishy. And the like man this is. And it's kind of then and as they slid down around it they were like this is it's flappy. Man it feels like a wing kinder and they're like this must be some kind of a flying creature. But it's a huge flying creature and maybe it's got wings all around it and they went to the other side and they found another way and they said we have been invaded by huge flying creatures full of wings. Are you getting one going with the story and that the other ants that were part of the ground crew approached from the front and they found this long thing in the he climbed up it and the like men this is like a snake. And they're like let's go to the back side and they found another snake like the tick snakes. All of them were looking at an at an elephant. But they were looking from different perspectives. And because their perspective was limited. Their conclusion about what was taking place was wonky. It was kind of up. When we come to situations. If we don't have perspective sometimes the conclusions that we can reach will be wonky to put it that way what the great controversy does is it zooms out and it says hey science dance let me take you on. My my my jet airplane carrier and it takes the entire colony of the ants and they look from above and they see the higher elephant. They see the whole elephant and then they're like oh no it's an. OK. So that's what the great controversy does it gives perspective. Common Questions we're now going to the question of the Odyssey. Jokes have to one. Jokes have to one. We said we talked about yesterday these these qualities of God and what we're going to talk about here when we talk about the question of the Odyssey and the question of free will actually has to do with I pointed out yesterday it has to do with these 2 qualities then we just it will just oppose them with the last policy of God is love so joked up to one we're going to read the Bible Verse one there was a man in the Land of those whose name was Joe and that man was perfect and upright and one that feared God and issued evil and they were born unto him 7 sons 3 daughters his substance was also 7000 sheep it lists a whole lot of what he had. A lot of things. 5 and it was so when the days of their feasting were gone that job ascent and sent to fight his children this man was a holy man he was he was holy in himself and he was looking out for his family his kids would go out and party and he would make sure that he was prayin for his children who are partying I don't know some of you may have testimonies about back when you were in the world and your mom was praying for you and your dad was praying for you until finally one day you came back to the fold this was the kind of man that job was not you know something that kind of OK peeves me. Tangentially it's kind of you know I hear a lot of stories about mothers who are praying for their kids and I'm like Where are the fathers who are praying for their kids. You know Joe to have to one talk about a father who was praying for his children like they would go out in their whatever they going out to do you know he wasn't there at their feast or whatever but he was home praying for his children and I'm like Where are the men today who are praying for their children where the men were praying for their church that's. OK Soto It was a praying man Joe was a man who was committed to his family he was a man was committed to his God not there was a day in verse 6 when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came also among them want to note this we got this preamble the story about told this guy who is a great guy I mean he is saucily upstanding this guy is he in the community he is respected in his home he is respected everybody who looks at him nobody can say job is a bad guy he's not going out drinking and wasting all the money and then they're not paying for electricity because he spent all the money on alcohol or whatever he's an upstanding man Ray that's who job is. Both in his family and outside you know it's the Bible and talks about the leaders of the church one of the things it says it is it says you know that you should look for men who are well respected in the community. And men who have good command of their homes. Because you know sometimes you know you get in the church and I don't know I have a bunch of friends who left the church because their dad was an elder before they got to church he was yellin his life. Happy 7 days that would have been 7. At. Night and. I was back home. And like now I'm going to church like suddenly he's all holy instead of rate so and that discourages faith but Job wasn't that kind of guy he wasn't the kind of guy who was different out there and at home he was the kind of person that he is character was solid who he was at home is who he was out in the world. So we have that picture of job and then the Bible takes us to kind of a different place and it says Meanwhile. This is something that job is unaware of job is busy living his life doing this thing you know trying to be faithful to God faithful to his family meanwhile there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them and the Lord said to Satan once come a star when you come in from Satan and Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it the picture that's painted here is that there was some kind of a meeting of who are called the Sons of God And apparently when God asks Satan where are you coming from he states that I am coming from a particular territory. And the territory I'm coming from is the earth. So the picture that is emerging is that these sons of God are representatives of different territories in the universe and see it says Satan also came among them maybe he doesn't regularly go to these meetings but today you decided to show up and he shows up as a representative of the territory called Earth which we live in. You know it you know the Bible talks about Jesus as the Son of God. You know who else was called Son of God Think about a genealogy the New Testament genealogy of Jesus goes all the way back and says Adam Son of God Adam was initially supposed to he's Adam should have been the guy who was here representing the earth he's the guy who should have been like hey you know you know I'm just going to tell you how things are going on earth you know what I just saw a list and I saw Marcos and you know everybody's going dandy you know and I could just worship in the Lord but Adam wasn't there because of what we read in Genesis Chapter 3 he absconded his rulership of the earth that God had given to him and so here is Satan and he's saying look I am the official representative of the earth and notice. God didn't refute him. But in saying now you're my and you the earth is not yours verse 8 the Lord said to him has now considered my servant job. Here's what the devil was saying he was like look. God you have in this meeting I'm here because I have a territory and it's called Earth and you know you and I got beef goes way back but you know I've got the Earth and that's my territory you've got the rest of the universe right and these people you know give allegiance to you but I've got my territory. But then God says I fear you bro but in your territory there's this somebody in there that's kind of messing with your program and his name is job have you heard of them. Has the devil heard of you. Are you messin with his program. When you look at the earth and he says I have my territory I've got my people who are doing my bidding they're living the way that I want them to live what does God turn to the devil and say hey have you heard of my servant looking for a name tag. Insert Name Liddy. Has a devil heard of you because you are messing with what he's trying to do on this earth. God said Have you heard of my servant job. That there is none like him in the earth perfect upright man one that feared God in the shoe with evil Satan them to the Lord and said this job for your god for nothing. Because the devil says. Yes I've heard of job that he fears you and you know he serves you and stuff. But. The only reason he does that. Is because. You're protecting him. You're blessing him. Basically you're buying his love. His job for you for nothing. I mean it's not because you're a god of love it's not because of your good character but it's because you're all powerful and you're using your power to manipulate the situation if you withdrew your power from protecting job. I'm pretty sure that became over the whole earth would be mine. Risk 10 has not made a hedge about him about his house about all that to happen every side that has blessed the work of his hands and his substance increased and then you put forth now touch all that he hath and he will curse the 2 that I face. I had. When I. There was a period in my life. Where. God kind of with Drood that hedge of protection that I've always known and liked the. The sweet serenity and goodness of life was kind of gone for a little bit. And I. Am disappointed to confess that what the devil talked about that stuff is real. I was like God what do you. Want What are you doing this to me. Seriously I mean I'm trying to serve you I'm trying to work for you I'm trying to like be faithful to you and suddenly like a win win win that heads and God does place ahead of protection around us and him and he does. But maybe sometimes maybe once in awhile. Maybe he's because he actually trusts us. Not trust us in and of ourselves but he trust that in that moment we will turn to him. But when I went through that I said God. This is not fair. This is not fair why are you doing this to me. And that's where the question of the Odyssey comes when things happen in your life when you're like the lord what I do to deserve this. Why why is this happening to me and sometimes it's not to me sometimes it's my friend or my family and psych ward why is this happening. What did that person do to deserve to be treated like that a friend of mine asked me they said you know you know the Bible says in Matthew chapter 6 Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you she said then how come most of them the most religious countries are the poorest countries. She said Why is that the case if God says seek me for Seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God I'll add as he said God is tell you look at the verses talking about food his talk about clothing his talk about your basic necessities and he's like look at those places that are religious. Look at Africa look at Latin America. Those guys Apollo. And she's like what gives. When God doesn't have that head of protection that that that nice warm safety around us what do we do in response how do we respond and the devil said the devil predicted that if God just removes it just a little bit you're going to curse him to his face. Here's how God responded a P.S. job knows nothing about this. He's just living his life. The LORD said unto Satan verse 12. Behold all that he hath is in by power only upon himself put not the one hand so Satan went forth from the presence of the Lord. We talked yesterday about the devil casting accusations against God's character and and I said we will expound on this patience that God has in this caught in the context of the great controversy the kind of accusations that the Devils hurled against God I'm not the kind that you just say well no the job doesn't worship me just because I protect him and then you're done because then he's like Yeah but you're still protecting him. Rate. The devil says yeah God is a liar and god like no I'm not a liar like yeah that's what a lie would say. The kind of the accusations that the devotees hurling against God they're against his character which means that he's character needs to be demonstrated right. So in this instance. God the devil is accusing God of abusing his on the protests abusing his power. So incidentally those of you who know the story if you don't go go and read the book of Job. The devil touches everything job at his riches. God in a day he's children. Gone. I've heard that the most painful thing for a person is is to see their child die before them so I'm hurt because as a parent you're thinking like you know I bring the children into the world you raise them and you want to see them prosper to see your children goal before you go like and not just one of them. My husband and I after we had our one child. I was like you have to have another one and I'm like why matter was so painful it is just like well I don't mean to I don't mean to sound more bit like but what if this one dies then you'll have another one like. I'm not sure one child can replace but OK OK But now imagine right all your children are gone. For those of you were in school it's like you know you you've been working on your Ph D. your master's you're your bachelor's degree and like all your credits wiped out. OK you understood that when. It credits. Just like that gone. But you know what. His wife remained the. But the devil knew why. After all of that. Job doesn't curse God. Let's go back to the Bible. Verse 20. The double rose he rent his mantle shaved his head fell down upon the ground and did what. And where. Now the devil scratching his head right here's what Job says naked came I ought of my mother's womb and naked shall I return the Lord gave the Lord have taken away blessed that be the name of the Lord in all this jokes and not charge God foolishly me. What the devil had said had been called police the refuted in the life of job. You see that. The devil said you were abusing you on the pittance God you are using it to manipulate your creation to to worship you and God said All right take away the things that you think are causing these people to worship me and when all those things well God. Bowed down in the midst of his suffering in the midst of his pain and he did what. Worship. That is a life that's an answer to the great controversy. This is where we fit into the picture guys. This is where we fall into this great controversy metanarrative is that every single day the devil continues to hurl these accusations against God God is not good God is not fair God is mean spirited God is jealous of you got so trying to hold you back. And then the way that I respond in my life becomes a witness either in favor of God. Or in favor of the devil's accusations. I don't know about you but I don't want to be on the devil's side on this. I don't want my life to say yeah God's a liar. The way that we live and we're going to when we go into the next part we're talking about more lifestyle things that's that's why Bill's things matter those things matter in this context because the way that I live is an argument either in favor of God and His character and the goodness of his character or I'm siding with the devil and the sad thing when Eve ate that fruit what's the big big deal these it was just a fruit not necessarily an apple it's just a fruit. But it's such a big deal because that act of act by the way. Of eating the fruit said I believe or I cast my vote on your side. Satan. Got continues I mean the devil continues the narrative goes the devil continues and his like yeah yeah but if if you let me touch job maybe job didn't really love his kids or he don't really care about the money and stuff but if you just let me touch touch him in his person and I know then then he'll definitely curse you and so the rest of the book goes through this painful experience of Job's. Been wracked with illness. And remember I said the wife was left behind all the kids died rich is gone. I suspect the devil knew that somehow he might have a way to to use the wife to his own purposes and she becomes a discouragement in the life of Joe. We all want to get married. Be careful. There are asleep. The person you marry can bring you up. And bring you down. I mean I now say it after seeing it in my friends' lives friends who married people who didn't care about God who didn't have a love for the truth even though they knew the truth. Will talk more about this next session and they just lost it. We'll talk more about it later OK So that's on the go to the end of Joe. And of the book. So get to the point. Where. He's asking God these questions like he he doesn't curse God but he does get to the place where where where where this is a painful experience and he's very frank with God and His honest with God when you go read the narrative finally in chapter 38 the entire time God knew what had happened in heaven but knew why this is happening to Joel but what we get from the story is the entire time that job is suffering and going through all of this stuff it's like God is silent. And job doesn't know the back story matter of fact by the time we get to the end of the book God never tells told the best story. He never tells And as I told you know why you had to go through that you know the other day the devil came up to heaven he doesn't he doesn't tell a joke that his gods will start reading God's response joke 38. When God finally speaks the Lord out of a whirlwind and said. Who is this that docking of the council by words without knowledge. And looking for who is this that Docklands Council by words without. Knowledge. Says Joe there are things that you don't know. There are things that you don't know. That are impacting your present reality. He says got up like a man for I will demand of the end answer me. And then he goes into a barrage of questions which you know if you read them it's like that's kind of unfair God I mean you're god like how can you ask me that where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth. If you got Understanding tell me. If you feel like you you know when you've completely understand the situation you tell me where were you. He keeps going who laid the measures they're off and if you know who has stretched the line upon it whereupon the foundations there are fights and who have they the cornerstone there are God goes into this question after question on things that job has no clue about look the questions that God asks Job are the kind of questions that scientists today are still studying and they don't know. Scientists are baffled at how the universe came into existence why because how does how does natter come to existence from nothing it's a scientific in possibility and so science is baffled by the questions that told God was asking job. And basically God was saying Your knowledge is limited. Your knowledge is limited I know things that you don't know and that things you can't know. Right in my ambitions I'm not just another department God omniscient actually all these things and more. And little you. In the midst of your suffering. In order for you to to to feel like you've got a full grasp on the situation. You need to actually believe that you know everything. But if you can't admit that you don't know everything. Then that gives you perspective on your situation. God keeps asking these questions and he's like where were you Joe Where were you when I did this where were you when this happened and who did this I.E. I did and you didn't I'm powerful I'm all powerful and you're not all knowing and you're not job you are limited and I am limitless and at the end of it God is saying job you may not understand but trust me. Joe you don't get the full picture but trust me. Not just trust me because of what I know and what I can do but trust me because of who I am trust my character. Trust that I'm the kind of God who's looking out for your best interest Joel trust me he never gives him any other answer that's it you go to the end of the end of the book God is like where were you when I did this and that's God's answer to Job's questions. That's God's answer to told the Odyssey. God's answer is trust me. Trust my character. It's a humbling answer. It's a humbling answer because it it requires you to get to the end of yourself and admit admit that I can't know everything. This relates to our conversation on free will and we'll just we'll will kind of like to get back on it that way. When when we talk about free will and you know and the sovereignty of God Like if you were to make a decision tell me this if you're trying to make a decision. Whatever it kind of decision let's say. Who's picking a college soon college to attend there we go are you picking what college to go to or speaking of grad school grad school they would go. Speaking a wife and wife nobody. OK you're trying to make a life decision. What do you try to do in order to make that decision. You gather information Great know. OK I'm trying to pick a college so I think about what are the parameters parameters that are important to me and then I try to gather as much information about the colleges that are available so you know. University of Texas. Has a lot of people in it I'm sure Texas is big. But Baylor is in Texas today Baylor is smaller right yes OK they were from Texas. OK like 2 people are OK. Example OK so you try to gather information about the decision you need to make the more information that you can gather the more confident you can be about your decision yes Chris. And when I when I was looking for schools I went to interviews with the colleges you know like pre interviews like not an actual interview but an interview where I was interviewing them OK so what's your. This student to teacher ratio in your classes OK One of the extracurriculars available I was interviewing dept because I wanted to know more information they gave me the contact information for alumni from the school so you graduated from the school what Korea are you in how hard was it to get a job how hard was it to get into grants information gathering Yes. Because I want to make a decision I want to know as much as possible in order to make as informed a decision as possible yes yes. Genesis Chapter 3. Genesis Chapter 3. Read this yesterday the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made he said to the woman he had God said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden verse to the woman said We made of the fruit of the trees of the Got about through the tree which is the midst of the garden God has said he shall not eat of it neither shall the touchiness you diverse for the serpent said you shall surely die were spied here is the Klux Klan crocks crocks crux of the matter for God doth know that in the day eat there of then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil the devil accuses God of withholding information yet the devil says that God is you don't you know this being of like you being free you are actually not free. Because there is information that God is withholding from you that if you knew your decision making would be different. So God giving you the illusion all freedom when in fact you are not actually free. Makes sense. My son this morning I was I was I had a drink it was a fizzy drink. To help with with the flow of energies in my body. And we don't typically drink fizzy drinks in our home and I don't let. I don't let my kids drink fizzy drinks so he sees this and usually everything that I eat he can eat so he sees us and he's my mama give me a sob rate and I'm like you don't want this this is medicine. And he's like no I want it I want it and to save the day my husband actually had some real some medicine you know that the there's like this potion I think from Eden Valley what's it called like this is like crazy potion of karma and. Healthy things. You take it and it prevents all everything because you will never get sick. So he had some of that and so he was taking someone's like hey look you know your dad's taking some medicine and I'm taking medicine his I want to like OK give him some of that. And he don't want any more. If my son the new that I was actually kind of withholding information from him because I knew that if he tasted what I had actually want more. I'm not taking it for pleasure by the way I was taking it for medicinal purposes. But I knew that my son will want more I withheld information from him I did I withheld information from him. If he knew that I was withholding information from him like I eat this is yummy. And somebody comes to mince like your mother she she's withholding information from you but she's a me me you know she she she wants you to think you're free to choose because he ended up deciding he didn't want it right so free will. He said I don't want to because he tasted other medicine didn't taste good as I don't want medicine and if somebody spoke to him and said you have the illusion of free will. But you're not actually free to choose because God is withholding necessary essential information from you and that's what the devil said to Eve. He said God No you're here and you have to choose whether to eat the fruit or not but this is an illusion not freedom because God is actually withholding information from you and if you knew what I knew. Your decision making would be different. There is a thing of Free Will this has to do with God's omniscience what God know was. Here's the problem guys. Here's a problem is it possible for us to ever know everything God knows. That's the problem. It's not possible. Is it possible for us to to ever have all the power that God has. No. So when I come to a situation and I need to make a decision and the best way to make a decision is to have all of a little information I see what happened in the past what is currently happening now what could potentially happen in the future if I knew all of that I could make the best possible decision right now. And that would be the exercise of my will the fullest exercise of free will is it possible for me to ever do that. It's impossible for any created being I'm not even talking about just humans. To ever do that no. The all the being in the entire universe who has all knowledge all power is God. When yesterday I drew a line between creator and created and I said there is no way you can ever jump from created to creator no matter how hard you try you can never make that leap and because of that distinction you will never ever be able to be God You will never have is a missions you will never be able to make decisions the way that God can and that's why my brothers and sisters were making decisions who should we talk to. That's why we should consult with God. Because God knows. God knows what we never could know so actually the freest exercise of our will is to surrender that will to God. And out of time. We'll next next session give a rapping thought on this on the importance of surrender and what that looks like surrendering our will to God. Let's potheads in prayer. Loving Father we recognize our limited. We recognize that you are limitless and Lord we're in the mix of this great controversy there are all these accusations floating around about you the devil doesn't want us to trust you he wants us to think you abuse your missions you abuse your a pittance but Lord Your word is a testimony that you are not that kind of god. And Lord as we taste of your goodness in our own lies we see that you are not that kind of God pray for the faithfulness that job have. That even if you remove your head of protection around us we would continue to trust you. Lord we pray that we would have such a confidence in your love for us and in you that the goodness of your character that would make us witnesses in favor of you Jesus' name we pray that. This message was recorded at the G Y C B N in Houston Texas G Y C supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online at G Y C web or.


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