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5. Mini Skirts and Marijuana

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • December 31, 2018
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y seem to be in Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Weiss us. Our heads. It's a mighty privilege to be called your children. And Father we pray that as we have accepted this privilege as you call the sent me to accept to be called your children that we we would well represent you on the certain we ask that the time that we spend now thinking about principles that we can apply to our lives for very practical things that the Holy Spirit would guide our conversation guide all thoughts and God lead us into truth and pray these things in your name Amen. This feedback. OK. How many of you were here for any of the 1st 2 sessions OK alright other quick recap for the parts that will probably be important in applying here are what we're doing the exercise that we are. Is there some person I've got feedback some people OK The exercise that we're engaging in you'll forgive the feedback for now the exercise were engaging in is we looked at the great controversy as a matter narrative we looked at the story of the great controversy which is a story that began in heaven where an angel who was close to God decided that he wanted to open. OK problems all. Thank you brother OK. So in the great controversy story an angel who was right in the presence of God Lucifer who was one of the chief angels decided that he wanted to usurp the place of God Himself and so he goes around spreading lies about the character of God and we find ourselves today now caught in the middle of this controversy that the devil is spreading lies about who God is about the character of God and we have a choice to make today whether we're going to live our lives in accordance with the lies that the devil is telling or we're going to study the Bible and learn the truth about who God really is now the thing is the this metanarrative the story this backdrop worldview story gives a background for our Christian living so I shared in a previous session that I was given a Bible study one time to some young ladies grew up christian not 7th Day Adventists and I gave a Bible study on the great controversy and went through the Bible tests and had 28 there 14 Revelation 12 and for the 1st time they saw this big picture of the cosmic battle that was happening for their souls. After that one of the ladies one of the young ladies said to me she's like he thought Is that why like the whole discussion about alcoholism Porton. She saw the picture and in her own mind she made the connection and she was like hey wait so when we talk about alcohol you know and not drinking and that kind of thing like Is that why this matters and I was like that's precisely why it matters I will study that next week and we came to Bible study next week and we started on drinking alcohol and he's got a party girls and they were like Dude like if the Devils trying to like get me by making me go party and I lose my mind and I'm not thinking straight I don't want to give the devil an upper hand and it completely changed their lives so this metanarrative the worldview puts into context our Christian lifestyle stuff yeah OK So in this session we're going to be talking about Christian lifestyle things if you thought it was and be something else then. Now's your chance but we're going to talk about we can't cover everything nor can we go in depth into everything that's why we're putting it in a context and the context is supposed to give you a framework to process OK And what I'm going to do now is can text your allies these issues for you and hopefully give you some pointers and some tips for you to go home and think. And study and think for yourselves now I have a peeve I'm going to say up front. Something that peeves me. I have gone to 1000000000 seminars where it's like a dressing seminar music Semin our entertainment seminar and you know what he gives me is not necessarily the presenter. It's more so the attendee. And. The attendee being me sometimes sitting there being like OK so tell me what I should listen to. What So wait are you saying that like let me play the song for you is the some OK. Like how about if if like is the clean version OK. You know it kind of peeves me because it's like it's like we've lost the art of thinking. You know it's kind of like you know just tell me what I should do to be holy and then I'll do it. Those of you who are here for the seminar on our free will God has given you a brain. He has given you a brain and then he gave you his word but you know to top it all off he has given us the Holy Spirit. So I don't believe in do this only listen to this specific artist or don't listen to the specific artists I don't believe in that because what if the next day they sing the wrong thing. Because your brain is switched off you're like Well Pastor said you know Fred Hammond's All right I'm a little different I don't know pick that's an I don't know if he still things busy. I don't believe in that like switch on your brain and think for yourself think but not just think studying for yourself. Go to the Bible with your questions the Lord I am not sure what to make of this whole dress thing so I hear people say in this and I hear people saying that I'm not sure what to make of it. Open my eyes Lord and help me to know what to do. So I will see the Book of Genesis. 3 let's start since I mentioned dress let's start with the address Genesis chapter 2. Genesis chapter 2. Here I'm giving you context for why the conversation about dress is important where it came from where it started and. Yet Genesis 2. Verse 25 this is after we ended in verse 24 last seminar was 25 says and they were both naked. The man and his wife and were not ashamed. God creates Adam and Eve and you put them in the Garden of Eden and they are naked Adam and Eve are naked but but then the Bible says they were naked but they were not ashamed why does the Bible say but they were not ashamed. Why does why does why do we have that contrast between like yes they were naked and they were not ashamed Was that why does the Bible mention that they were not ashamed. OK Yes Yes Yes I'm looking for something even more obvious yes. OK yes yes yes I think I'm going way way too obvious OK. For you to say you know. You know she was walking down the street you know and. Ok going to give an example that's a little too OK so when I was in college I went to school in the Boston area so we go to Newbury Street in Boston and you know I'm with my group of friends and. They're like all these fancy restaurants so we go to eat in this restaurant and it was kind of like we were seniors celebrating and as we were leaving you know walk out and then a waiter runs after us and the waiter is like Excuse me ma'am excuse me ma'am is this yours and it was an extension. And my friend's extension had fallen out of here OK so the ladies who have the you know experience with extensions on top up like it had fallen out of here and it had fallen on the ground and the waiter saw it happens when he picked it up and ran was like Is this you here. We were all embarrassed I mean we were a stranger. Who like all very brought you here back to you. So if I'm like you know she's walking down the street and her with falls off and she's unashamed. Because you would expect the natural response to be like oh snap right. So the fact that Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden they were naked and we're not ashamed the Bible is contracting something you would expect right you would expect that someone was naked ought to be ashamed no yes no yes yes. And this is exactly what happened to them after sin comes into the world right so turn to chapter 3. After the woman eats of the fruit in verse 7 and the eyes of them both were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons so when sin comes into the world something changes about the inner reality. And now them being naked is something shameful. You're following my brother stayed up here and he gave like you know some deep the all the theological insight is like they were covered with with the with the robe of light before they said that there was a reality that they existed in where their physical nakedness was not something to be ashamed because there was there was something mitigating that for them and we have an inkling to what that may have been because what happened what changed was a spiritual reality for them and suddenly they're walking around and they're naked and they're like Adam's like whoa. Whoa and eat like oh man and they look for leaves and and and I've been trying to imagine what they used to so although these with them like that with it that the ones like something come up and then just like having you know like a spider's web and like you know like to so I have no idea how they did it but they sawed leaves together you know the term that's used for what they made the Bible says they made aprons Yes in King James made aprons in the Greek the word is hog war which in other parts of the Bible is translated belt or Law and. Basically they were like we just got a couple essentials real quick. So they run off trying to cover themselves up because they now you know we live in a world where. The devil the devil is crafty. Feeling ashamed is not a nice feeling nobody likes feeling ashamed. And so what the devil does is like you know what I will remove shame. I T You can be naked and you don't have to be ashamed. Walk around show everything to the were all. And you ain't got to be ashamed so he'll put the people who the world adores the movie stars the television personalities the music personalities maybe people you respect in your life you'll put them up in the forefront walking around all naked with no shame. Trying to tell you that you don't have to be ashamed of your nakedness. Now when God comes down or. Does God say you know what Adam Eve Don't worry about that nakedness I mean you may just sells a little covering over here so you are right. Does God say that. No he doesn't. Let's keep reading. Verse 17. Oh well actually let's let's keep reading what we've got is that they heard the voice of the Lord verse 8 walking in the garden called the day they hid themselves from the presence of the Lord got amongst the trees of the garden you know what this tells me this tells me that even though they had sold fig leaves together that's all these leaves together it was still an insufficient covering. Because they were still the shame. It was insufficient and God called Adam where are you and he said I heard your voice in the garden I was afraid why was he afraid. He said I was afraid because. Because I was naked guys OK this great controversy thing when sin enters the world one of the obvious that and we're just reading the Bible here one of the obvious things that happens as a result of them coming into our world in this great controversy is this Di Lemma of being naked. Do you see it am I making things up. People like on. As a result of certain coming into the world there's this question of how you dress. Because shame has now been introduced. And so God into verse 17. He curses the ground verse 18 says thorns and thistles it will bring forth it's got to work hard in verse 19 and God said. Or. We will move for you know what I'm looking for what is it. Chapter 3 verse. 21 it is 21 I skipped over it I'm to Adam. And to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin. And clothes them God came to Adam and Eve. And he saw they were hiding they had this conversation and and God in His loving kindness he saw they tried to cover their nakedness but it wasn't sufficient so God not out of leads he makes clothing for them that's going to be warmer. Because it's made from animal skin and the word in the Hebrew that's used there is kept her neck. This is not annoying plot this is a royal. So in other parts of Scripture when when this term is used kept and then it's a long tunic garment that he made for them to cover up their nakedness. Is what I'm saying. The spiritual analogy to this is. When we sin and we try to cover up Austan by our own actions it will never be sufficient. Everything that we do to try to be right with God it will never be sufficient. It's like trying to soul leaves together to cover up our shame and it will never be sufficient before God He sees everything and his on be like that doesn't make the cut. And so God comes and he says I want to cover you spiritually speaking I cover you with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And that's the only covering that's going to be sufficient. And so he can close us in the righteousness of Christ is a beautiful thing because you know in order for Adam and Eve It's a beautiful tragically beautiful I don't know yet like you know like a romantic tragedy it is beautiful but it's tragic for Adam and Eve to be clothed there was an animal that had to die. At least one animal had to die. And in order for us to be close spiritually Jesus had to die. Practically speaking. When we walk around. Acting like no shame in being naked. We're trying to say that sin doesn't affect us. Or trying to say that you know I don't I don't need Jesus because I can fix this must self. We don't need salvation we don't need heaven because being naked doesn't matter. There are clothes. That are material but leave you make it. I'm talking men and women. There are clothes that are that are a lot of material but still you make it. And that ought to bring shame. They ought to bring shame I. I respectfully want to submit to you that 70 Adventists should be people who are pointed with the concept of shame. Not because we walk around shamefully but because we understand that there are things that are shameful. My mother. Whenever you would do something wrong I don't know if there's an English equivalent who do anything wrong she be like. I'm going to translate it to English she be like have shade. Like you when you went and you messed up her kitchen and she would look at you and say have shame and you're like OK. If you like done nothing but what is done like done up and it's funny because I catch myself saying that to my kids now. I done yet and I'm sure she does of you should be or should be ashamed. Because there are things that ought to be shameful and things we should be ashamed of and nakedness is one of them. That's the braw principle. On how we're going to dress. That makes sense questions before I want to think so. Yes Michael. So at every need for husband and wife they were the only human beings the Guardian So why was there a need for them to be ashamed. Other than husbands and wives here. OK Adam and Eve were married so well with their shaved walking around naked. I don't mean puzzles and wives walk around naked all the time. OK Any other questions. They were that I as to their level of. Jesus was there. OK When you get married do not walk around naked all the time all over the place what if someone comes to your house. OK All right I'm gonna words ask the question because I don't know if it's like did you really still you know what's the story as the question. How would this relate to like jewelry and stuff because I know a lot of people have the topic of like wearing jewelry and I've always been curious the answer to that. You know the questions. It's not a dumb question it's a very very good question so are there any others. OK one more and you know why why why I'm doing this is because we're going to come to Jory yes yes yes OK I. Want. Perfect actually. What is adventurous when we're looking. To add to swim. Or to. Not answer one of them with. What is Evan to swim will look like just don't make it. Don't make it in don't be shameful. In the other really good questions these are all really good question. On the swimwear one I want to submit to you. That will be part of the category of common think about it and you know what actually I want to add something to that especially on the dress thing I don't know man I think struggle a little bit less on this not that there's no struggle but I think they struggle a little bit less but for women you know sometimes you can be hard to find the style that goes with your body shape right like because dress is not just wearing a dress like you want to dress wear a dress that is. What's the word like it compliments your figure that flattering that's the word Yeah so to find. Clothing that is flattering to you without being inappropriate because sometimes certain things are in style but they don't work for you right and then like it's like out there anyways so I just want to ask for any 7th Day Adventists out there were willing to go into the clothing industry and design a line of Adventist where Please please don't all be doctors and dentists. We need some Adventist attire out there amen. OK Let's move on. We're going to backtrack a little bit in our narrative go back to. Kind of the beginning of chapter 3. I don't get your name my sister. Lauren we walk us. Through. Chapter 3 The serpent when he is tempting the woman. It's about eating from every tree in the garden and. In verse 6. When the woman saw that the tree was good for food that it was pleasant to the eyes and the tree desired to be make the to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her and he did eat. And ever since then diet. Has been an issue in the great controversy. Ever since then. How you choose to eat. What you choose to eat when you choose to eat has been related to your spiritual life. Its the truth. Already have a question on. It being overweight or not looking right is because of what happened with me. Question got deeper into OK she's she's she's asking me a very very very deep question and it's deep because it actually has many facets to it and I don't think I can do it justice. What I am not saying is that. Is that. All sicknesses are result of not following God's nature laws I'm not saying that. But what I am saying is that we have autonomy. Over what we choose to put in our mouths. How we put it in our mouths when we put it in our miles and how much of it we put in our mouths I'm saying that we have freedom when it comes to that and the way we exercise that freedom is related to our spiritual life that is what I am saying either holds to put something in her mouth that should never have been there. It shouldn't have been there because not because she looked at it she examined it she said it was good good for food she said it was desirable to make one wise but why should she not have eaten it. Because God said No OK look we have a vertical Chapter 11. There are certain things God has said no to and I don't care what science comes up with. And they'll tell you that the pig. Is now good for food and if you eat period you're going to be smarter. Because pigs are smart. They are and did you know pins are actually very clean animals. And all we think because pigs are unclean categorically but pigs like they have very they're very meticulous about the environment that's why they eat garbage because they're trying to keep the place clean. My dad raise pigs and he says that they used to use the potty or whatever and like a certain corner and they wouldn't go by that corner unless they had to rush Thank you. I don't even know they're OK because I clean the animal but no matter what science ever comes up with God has said don't need it. I don't need it because God said so there are certain things that are it's just an automatic no right we agree. And then there are certain things that. It's not necessarily No but it's no right now. It is not time to be eating. And I'm just poppin everything that I see. But it's not meal time. But let me throw this in because this is why it's important to think you know that there are people who actually do need to eat like every couple of hours because of medical condition. OK so now if you're that Adventist who's like you know eating in between meals then you see their brother or sister you know after Sabbath school before they go to divine service they pop in something in their mouth and you're like oh. OK So the this is it's a personal thing like think for yourself like you but the goal is not to be legalistic like you're trying to be helpful and you're trying to respect your body you're trying to do what's right by your body that God created for you the ability to say no to food to say no when it comes to diet will give you spiritual strength in other areas of your life. When you learn to say no to that chocolate. Good. When you say no to the chocolate. If you learn how does the new to the chocolate. Somebody If you mean here. Personal struggle or a. It gives you strength in other areas of your life I heard a story one time about a gentleman and this is related OK but it's just related to this gentleman you know he was hanging out with a friend of his and and they're not avid to store and things and his friend offered him a cigarette. And the gentleman said no thank you and his friend was like what why and his like because every day I try to say no to something that I want because I find that it strengthens my will power. That was a it was a. Secular guy and it's like learning how to say no to something that I want I find that it makes me stronger to be able to do my resolve to do the things that I ought to do so when we learn to have temperance in the area of diet figuring out not just what to eat when to eat how to eat it this is actually translates to other areas of our lives it gives us the ability to say yes to the right things and to the wrong things. Principle our diet questions. Whoa OK. Adventist. Things the. Way we. Couldn't. Why do we have veggie pigs. Because a vegetarian I'm sorry because it's OK question is you know we're not supposed to be eating bacon why do we have what do they call the straw poll of the slogan. Oh why do we have that stuff you know like the face of as from my understanding that stuff there's supposed to be a transition foods so somebody was trying to go from eating bacon and they're like you know what. I still like the saltiness of bacon I heard bacon is salty. But then I can't eat it and then I think the goal it's supposed to be eventually you stop eating those trouble and you start eating celery. I think that's kind of the goal here. So about the Temperance I also wanted to add that I think the South to being disciplined with how we treat it also helps assist being disciplined in all of our life hopes for discipline. OK so so discipline is something that translates to everything that you do. All right. Let's move on to the next next one let's go. Let's talk about going to address the diet oh. Music. OK we won't do music. Is the kill 20. 20. P.S. There are a lot of resources on all this stuff like you know dressing your diet here's here's what I'm not saying I'm not saying don't eat strip malls I will not say that because I don't know where you're at in your life. Maybe you just came into the church and you're transitioning and St Paul's actually help you resist bacon you know what like more power to you do what the Lord is going to do and be faithful to him and the grow in your experience. Use your MIND study the Word of God commit your life to him and let's move forward and then again music. Is healed 28. Was the teen. We covered this in. We were talking about the story behind the story that has been in Eden This is talking about Lucifer the garden of God every precious stone was like covering the study as Topaz the diamond barrel on it's Jasper sapphire emerald Carbuncle gold this is God we're going to read this verse again or world reference it when we talk about adornment the workmanship of tablets and pipes was prepared in the before the day in the day that was created. This is talking about who stood in the presence of God who rebelled who is now the head of the rebellion the devil himself the devil himself is telling us that when God created him with that that that that phrase the workmanship tablets is like talking about his vocal chords. You know we don't have one vocal chord vocal chords it seems like the way that God created Lucifer was he had such musical ability that the Bible even has to mention it. You know when we think about heaven and the angels up in heaven what do they do all day. You know we imagine that into singing whole e whole only all day long and they are singing praises to God and then they cease to hold the holy own will and then this will. And you know this in the Holy of Holies got all the time right that's I mean that's my picture of insoles in heaven like they were just worshiping God in music like all the time multiples tells us that Lucifer had such vocal ability I imagine him at the head of the have the choir's he was that angel that when they had a special music he was the one who was up front I mean all the other Gabriel was like back up. And up front and when he sang and it it brought you to your knees in worship to the Lord because you were like no way a brother can thing like that God had to have created him. And you just worship the Lord by that because of the beauty of the music that came out of this engine. And you tell me this. An angel with that kind of musical ability falls from grace Do you think is going to use music in his attack against God. Do you think is going to try to manipulate music. To to encourage people in his agenda against what God is trying to do in your life. That's the basic question 1st secondly. I've heard people thinking about music music you know it's all about the lyrics you know if the lyrics are bad the music is bad. I was I was my husband was trying to convince me to do an experiment with you guys but I didn't think it was appropriate he wanted me to play a clip of a certain song that he was he said is guaranteed to elicit a certain emotional response but I don't think it was the right thing to do at G Y C. But I can tell you about if you come talk to me afterwards. The point being that just the music not the words but does the music itself elicit some kind of emotional response sometimes even a physical response OK. Just because it makes you want to tap your foot does it mean it's wrong. My son is one he's 15 months. And we sing the song before worship time goes like this it's worship worship time it's worship worser time when we wake up in the morning worship worship time the best time of all the best time of all when we talk to Jesus it's the best time of all you know what my son does when we sing that song. The brothers jamming. I mean. Like. I have no idea because obviously I don't dance. Like this is like they didn't when I sang it was an innocent sounding. No Look up the stairs I'm. But it would you say that did it elicit in you like negative Did it make you feel like like like like going clubbing and. Just because just because when I say when I sing seeking the lost I love sick in the last I cannot stand still with sick in the last and I think it's an intended that way because it's supposed to make you get up and go and stick to last you know but you like growing up for you got it like you know. You like the. It rouses you physically. And it elicits an emotional response to this this commission that we have to preach the gospel music is supposed to do that music is not just supposed to reach us here but music actually science says music reaches parts of our brains before we even process what the words are saying and you emotionally respond before you even realize what's going on. That's what music does and it's supposed to do that now when you think about the music that you listen to. This is draw you closer to God. Or does it do the opposite I when I 1st had this realisation that music was important in my experience my Christian experience. And I'm not saying that this is what you ought to do I'm just testifying about what happened in my life I went to my laptop and all my devices and I erased everything I got rid of all of my music all of it. And I pray and I said God I'm hearing so many stories about what I should listen to what I shouldn't listen to I don't know what the right thing to do is. Teach me. And slowly slowly music started being introduced into my life that when I would listen to it it caused me to think her troll thoughts. And. A crazy thing happened one time I was driving hours on a going to a meeting and it was a long drive it was like 12 hour drive and I'm starting to kind of dolls and I remember this really upbeat Christian song and I think the songs on Wake me up so I look at up on line pull up the. I put it to play and the moment I pressed play I had to stop it. Because I couldn't think the thoughts I was thinking about God and have that song playing in the background. $0.70 like it was a Christian song it was and it was part of the collection that I got rid of so with there in my archives somewhere but I thought it just was in calm grew and with my Christianity does any sense like like it I could not have that music and think about God even though it was a Christian song. So just because the words are right doesn't necessarily mean the song is right. Yeah you know a lot of the him. A lot of the especially the new were him were there were poems that were set to music that was being sung contemporary by the contemporary society and some of those songs were songs that was sung in bars. But they put lyrics to them and we sing them now with the music itself the music itself had value but then they would go in lyrics in them like making them drinking songs and was like Nah man you put this good music and you put good lyrics to it and we've got him in our hymnal from that kind of situation. I feel like if I open for questions right now and I get about it OK does it make sense what I'm talking about what I'm saying. I will take a question or 2 any questions was like that I thought I'd get questions like OK I'll start in the back and head up. Where or. What is appropriate music to listen to or you work out or like clean music or. What is appropriate music to listen to while you work out what is clean music to listen to while you work out I'm going to challenge you my brother to go think about it. You want me to give you an artist and like the soundtrack. I refuse to use to do that you know why OK A I said in the beginning right that. These things like these lifestyle things I really believe that God wants to speak to us individually like God wants to have a relationship with you he's got up my own relationship with God OK he's the God of Abraham and Isaac he's my God too. And when I talk to God about what you know what am I supposed to do in the situation and God wants to come close to was in such a way to answer those questions and I My challenge is try him like ask him like a lot of what I have determined is that music is important and I want to be engaging in the kind of musical experience that's going to augment my spiritual relationship with you so show me when i even when I work out what should I listen to yeah a friend of mine he is. I don't know if I should say anything but he is a speaker and he's very buff. And he memorized the scripture OK Some of you want to go back. And he went when he heard the story from my friends who went to work out with him. And they said my pastors pastor who you are. Pastor person. When you work out like what's going on in your mind and he's like you know what I when I would go to memorize scripture. Like I go to one. To. Me and the guy is buff so it works. And that's that's his thing and that's how he has worked out his script to memorization routine into his daily routine so he memorize the scripture when he's working out you don't have to do that that's him OK. I like to listen to music when I go running and it's a journey and you don't know what what what what can I add to my playlist don't give me something new because I'm sick and tired of listening to the same song running you know so pray about it. You know if you find something that you're like This is super awesome his start a website that's like awesome Christian music for working out by 7 damages. It might help somebody else. In your perspective. Your church. There's music that some people think is hunky dory and fine and good in there. And you're it's a problem how do you avoid. So when this conversation about music has been at a personal level I also talk about your personal music choices let me let me let me throw in here that I believe that there is music that is appropriate for personal worship and then there's music that's appropriate for corporate worship. I'll give you an example there are certain him that talk about I you know me and my lord I did this and me and Jesus and and I LOVE THOSE him. But. You know when we come for corporate worship. The hymns that are probably more appropriate or even the songs that are more proprium have to do with we because we are worshipping together and I think sometimes. We want to sing those songs at church because we don't think by ourselves at home we don't have worship when we sings those like all those might be without is the only time of the week I get to sing it is a church that MacOS you have to sing it there. And admission early to your question is will be addressing that in the next session Yeah. OK turn. Of. Your arms and sing. We'll talk about that next session. Who OK we were OK I think I misunderstood her question because I got all of what OK what. About John's think he should like. To listen to music with syncopation or to have the church or to worship with those kind of songs What about drones or syncopation is it OK for me to listen to music which I'm so sick of it and how many of you here love handles Messiah the. Christmas classic Are there drums in the. K.. I'm just pointing out that a lot of people who will not drums. Will be like tribes are evolving period will listen to classical music which uses drums Hey I'm pointing that out just to say I think think about it syncopation syncopation is you know you're like you kind of got like that that offbeat thing right yeah that's the syncopation thing. Let me try and find that I can find a him real quick you can think of him real quick that's participation. Anyway me. Patients. All right I'm saying that to say let's think. I'm not saying you specifically all of us. Here and this is why I said you can appear with me in the TELL ME WHAT TO LISTEN TO formula is because. There are guidelines but then the specifics you need to think I mean it like you need to think through the decisions that you're making Look this is important I think for all of these things all these lifestyle things if there was one thing that I could give to you is the gift of think. And I'm not saying that there are no principles or nothing don't listen to music seminars you know don't listen to the dress seminars run thing when you go there have your mind in case to think for yourself not just think for yourself after you think study as you think and ask God to give you wisdom because when I hear the all syncopation is wrong argument it kind of doesn't vibe with what the same person will say let's sing as an opening song sometimes you know. And when I hear the drums are wrong and I come from an African context one of the times I've heard you know the conversation about drugs like yeah because Africans when they worship in the the ancestors they use drums and. American. At Halloween they use organs. I'm just saying. I know about those organs. So I So all I'm saying is let's let's have our thinking caps on yeah yeah so I did not give you. A yes or a no I gave you a good study it and think for yourself think through it and this is that unacceptable we can talk someone made if you mad at me OK. I just went to. Some. Couple months now my family and I we've been studying watching this guy is a pastor Pastor has them Scripture and very dark and he did a 10 part series about music and he talked about multiple rhythmic syncopated about the workout. And then I learned he was. Run by a study about I want to go to the workout that he had like people workout in music with the regular workout music a little hip hop and all that and then he had another group of people working out to classical music and then the result was that people with the hip hop music and. As much strength and like in durance working out compared to the people that classical music listening to. Everybody Christian for golf. Shameless plug for Christian but I love his stuff too when you when you listen to it think. This is OK guys is anyone mad at me right now. OK all right questions you got a question. So is there a scientific evidence to show what is healthy music and what is on healthy music yes there is scientific evidence to show what is healthy and what is unhealthy music. But I will add that there is scientific evidence for everything. It depends on who funded your research. And so so when you really think think think of. Dance. Like Dancing. Like. What about dancing is dancing OK. I have a friend of mine who we have an ongoing argument about this. By David danced and his like I'm not sure you're going to dance naked like David. And I'm like but David wasn't I completely naked so we've got an ongoing argument about it. I don't have an answer for you on dance personally. The reason I don't have an answer for you is because you have dance in Scripture. But what I have been able to glean is that not all dance does the same thing. Not all dance. Would be appropriate. And I'm not sure that we have come to the place where we fully understand which dance would be good and which wouldn't be cetera so that is actually something we can tack onto the discussion about music in church in our next session because I feel like time is up that's the feeling I feel it is time all right. Adornment sister Lauren Lauren. Adornment to think OK right now well. I can talk to you personally about it and at the beginning of next session will we'll talk a little bit about doormen and go into the other stuff careless about his prayer loving father there are very very very many elements and very many aspects of our lives where we need guidance we need personal guidance we need guidance as a church father we ask that as we submit ourselves to you as we surrender our lives to you that you would come into our lives and help us to think through these things. A lot every time that we hear presentation every time we hear someone sharing something from scripture the Lord I pray that you would help us to to be able to parse out what is truth. What is opinion what is and what we ought to do for our individual lives load we ask for the discernment that comes from the Holy Spirit thank you for bringing us here to do I see and bless us as we continue in our worship experience throughout this conference and praise in. This message was recorded at the. In Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and so many Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online she Y.C. would have.


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