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6. Drama in the Church

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • January 10, 2019
    12:50 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C to be used in Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. well. Thank you do you know when it's time that you give us together here. You mean you can as an open mind were receptive to whatever you have to whatever yeah for us to learn today. She will be sharing. Her message with us and I bring a man. 28. We're going to well we'll touch the adornment question real quick because it was something that I had some people ask me about afterwards and then we'll go into There are 3 areas that I want to win the session is called drama in the treasury OK. There are 3 areas that I would like to address. For those of you who are here for the 1st time what we're doing in the session is we look we're looking at the great controversy as a matter narrative and derive. It gives a context for all these other stuff all these issues and all these things I feel so I'm sorry you guys were like over here I'll try this better OK. So using the great controversy as as a backdrop so. 3 areas I kind of want to talk about. One is going to be worship. Because I think the whole worship thing is a drama in a lot of churches. So that will touch on the question about music and worship and that kind of. The 2nd thing is going to be. My 2nd thing I remember our. Culture Wars. Culture Wars in the church. I think it's very appropriate in. Specially an American context. And then the 3rd thing I want to talk about is women's world because it's like a real thing in our churches that are right those are the 3 areas we're going to touch on. And hopefully to get like some context from the great controversy for how we think about those controversies before we do that is equal 28. We read verse 13 about this this this elevated angel who is covered in all of these jewels right and he is in the presence of God and and being in the presence of God covered decked out in all the story. Talented musically. Trusted with a place of authority decides that he wants to usurp the position of God you know you know the Bible tells us that his heart was lifted up verse 17 is equal to me that I am heart was lifted up because of what because of the Ibuki thou has corrupted I wisdom by reason of that I that I. Brightness. And I was younger growing up as like we does that mean it's wrong to be beautiful. Like like what if I am beautiful you know that doesn't mean like I'm going to end up you know being proud now I remember praying one time as a young person was like Lord please don't make me beautiful because I don't want to be proud because I read that verse and it was like you know his heart was lifted up because of his beauty now tell me is it wrong to be beautiful who made him beautiful God made him beautiful God is the one who's made you beautiful the problem wasn't that he was beautiful the problem was that he ended up focusing on that beauty and instead of worshipping the Creator he started focusing on the created Right OK So that's one thing like with that with this whole you know adornment thing it's got to do with the where your focus is that where your focus is I want to point out to you that you know. God when it when he talks about his church in his equal when he talks about his people he talks about adorning them in jewelry if you read through the book of Ezekiel he talks about adorning his people Israel adorning them in jewelry he's like I'm going to take you out and there and then he's like yeah but but then you forgot who I was you know and you wasted the beauty that I bestowed on you what it tells me is that God is not against beauty right God is not against beauty and is not against beautiful things. But the problem becomes when our focus is on that outward stuff. And we lose focus on the inward and so that's why when the Bible says let your adornment not be outward but inward. Someone asked me the question because we're kind of stealing time in the session I'm going to I'm going to try to hustle when we were responding to the question over here. The thing about I'm going to say adornment and here I'm not just talking about jewelry I would like you to broaden your mind think beyond earrings be yawn. Bracelets send necklaces I want you to think dormant I want you to think fancy scarves ladies. And gentlemen I want you to think those shoes I don't know what the expensive shoes are. Anybody Jordans. Jordan or G Q coochie coochie coochie. Coochie OK. I would like for you to expand your minds beyond just you see a girl with earrings OK let's talk adornment like Let's talk about beautifying the outside yeah excessively. OK we can answer that one personally OK Let's let's talk adornment OK. I lost my train of thought. A dormant a dormant as a world owner and I don't want. Oh OK could I remember OK OK OK Let me think quickly before I forget OK time and place. OK time and place. There's a time in a place for everything and some things that may not be bad in and of themselves I.E. jewelry is not bad in an obvious self why do we know that because God created it as a matter of fact when God created it he said it was good not just good very good because at the end of creation everything was good good good very good in Genesis chapter 2 when you talk about you know there was gold in that land and the gold of that land was good gold is good God created gold God created these beautiful stones is jewels God created them and they're good but they need to be placed in a context. And the context we are living in right now is not a context for jewelry and adorning ourselves why do I say that some of you here are 7th Day Adventist what happened in 844. Great Disappointment David home and. It was a disappointment because they thought she was coming back but in reality Jesus did what right he he moved into the most holy place ministry as our High Priest and that means that since 844 we are now in 201-820-0100 extension 2 morrow since 844 we have been living in the end to typical day of atonement you know what the Israelites did on the Day of Atonement they stripped themselves they took the jewelry off they took the fancy stuff off they bowed their heads down and they prayed. And they searched their hearts you know why because that day the high priest went into the most holy place and throughout the entire years since he had been going into the century to pick symbolically speaking into the century through the sacrifices of animals and on the day of atonement that one day a year the high priest would go into the most holy place and the sins that had been quote accumulating in the sanctuary were brought out you know if the high priest went in there with one sin unconvinced he would die so he went in with bells. So they could hear he was still walking around and he was alive he went in and he had a rope tied so that if he died they could pull him out without having to go in there it was a serious day since 844 guys we are living in the day of atonement that's the time we are living in. So when when we are talking about surrendering our lives to God you know giving our hearts to the Lord it's in the context of the time that we're living in and once I have done that once I said Lord I give you my life I give you my heart I want to be completely yours. I don't have time for frivolous stuff because when I wake up in the morning I come before you and I want you to show me show me how I should live my life today. I want you to show me the wickedness that is inside me and don't just show it to me but root it out pull it out of me and it's going to hurt and it's going to be hard but God That is what I want this is the day we're living in I don't have a lot of time to go in front of the mirror and get all decked out that was the day of atonement this is the day of atonement for us. So time and place I don't know when we get to heaven I'm a be walking on streets of gold I don't know if I'll even wanna wear gold earrings I'll be like pavement. I'm not interested in that but when we get to heaven I imagine with with the splendor of Heaven I cannot imagine us looking any less splendor or splendor us splendor ish. I imagine like especially the picture that God pains of how he wants to treat his bride how he want to treat his tourch like God's covenant you know you heard that the crowns we heard about the crowns are we get to heaven and she's going to place a crown on our head is his crown jewelry you better believe it if you heard of the crown jewels. He's going to take a crown and put it on our head and you know what I'm going to do with that crowd I'm a take it off and throw it at the feet of Jesus because you know what I don't deserve this but God wants to beautifier So I kind of went a little bit longer than I was saying so adornment we're on the one hand the time we're living in and the last part of that aspect is the time we're living in Jesus is coming soon and there are so many people who have not heard the gospel there are so many people you know when I read stories about the pioneers you know Ellen White was a young girl leading up to $844.00 and she was sick all the time but she would lie in bed and she would she would knit socks so that they could give them to the poor. I mean these guys were they were they were doing what ever they could to spread the gospel because they believed that Jesus was coming soon with the meager resources that they had little money that they could scrap together though put it into the work. Now I believe Jesus is coming soon and if he was coming soon then he's coming even sooner now do I have money to spend. On that stuff I'm not talking about walk around looking ugly like the cheval. Think on the dress side we talked about dressing like don't be making. Dress up and dress appropriately but I'm saying like there's this there's excess and I'm saying in the time that we're living in it's kind of a matter of conviction that I don't have the money to put into those things because there are more important things and you know when the time comes when we get serious about Jesus is coming back I believe that the time will come though this is maybe for those of you who are older the time will come when God will put it on your heart that you need to sell your house and put the money into the work I'm not saying to that right now I'm saying the time will come when God might put it into your heart to say you know what that savings account that you've been saving saving saving for a rainy day this is the rain the time will come because Jesus is coming soon so time and place if I don't have money to put into Gucci scarves. If you see me wearing a Gucci Scott by the way it's my brother in law who got it for me he works for Gucci and so he got on a super discount OK Just if I. Just realize I have one. But OK you get my point OK if we get my point all right that was a dormant eye someone pointed out to me too that I don't actually talk about marijuana should we be doing recreational marijuana and our minds getting you know taken off of our focus on Christ should we do make recreation merit radiational marijuana no specially in the context of the time and place speech that I just gave K.. Because because of time that's all I'm going to say All right let's move on. Who I don't think will finish if we don't finish is there is there is there one that of the 3 that you don't mind me not doing OK great so we're going talk about culture worship or women's or. Women's or skip woman's or no don't skip OK. OK just are just are just are OK OK. OK. All right. OK So we're starting drama. Culture let's start with culture. There is a 7th Day Adventist culture and the 7th Day Adventist culture ought to be the Bible culture. I am currently still a student at Andrews because it's taking me 10100000 years to finish my master's. Could I got married and had kids so. My dad told me not to do so I'm telling y'all like finish your degree 1st OK. But if you can just knock it out. But as a student you know you read all these these theological papers. And there's an interesting thing that happens in the world of theology where you have you need to have like a cultural context to understand the text you following so when you study and we do this right when you study the Bible you to study what the Bible is saying right you read what the Bible is saying what did it mean to the people who are hearing it at the time right and then you can glean out of that was the principle and then you can apply to your life so in that process I think the challenge that I have noticed is that is the cultural context part sometimes in the Old Testament it will be stuff like yeah you know the Israelites did X. Y. and Z. while the cultural context was the Babylonians were doing X. Y. and Z. therefore the Israelites did it. And it's kind of like well. Maybe but maybe not because God actually had a prescription for how the Israelites should live right did God have a diet for the Israelites did God have a way of dress for the Israelites did God even prescribe how they should interact with each other right how how men and women should interact how fathers and there's daughters then like they had an entire cultural nexus that was designed by God Himself so. There was a culture that God instituted for Israel in order for Israel to be the best representation of him on the earth yes yes you get to the New Testament and certain of those cultural elements are modified redefined for instance circumcision. Circumcision God had instituted as a sign between him and his people right but then Jesus comes and there's a new sign of a commitment to God was that sign. So what is it. That to them you enter a relation how many of you here are members of the church OK did you come in through circumcision or baptism. To personal. Circumcision is if you get to the New Testament and it's like yes back then for the Israelites when anyone would be would a proselyte would come into Israel in order to become part of this culture they would go through the right of circumcision but you get to the New Testament and you've got spiritual Israel now to come to spiritual Israel you don't need to be circumcised you are that ties to these are rituals like every culture has rituals baptism the the Lord's Supper gets introduced because now we're not looking forward to Jesus coming through that century service of bringing your lamb we're now looking at Jesus came and you eat the bread right and you drink the wine. What I'm trying to say is the Bible the Bible. Has a culture a culture that we are to adopt. When I was in college I went to a Korean church for my 4 years. Remember. I love that church because we had a young adult service like we did every Sabbath school church service you know outreach like evening worship like everything like we it was like our own separate church but you know the adults sponsored everything so it was nice. And they would make lunch. I remember one time we sat down for a board meeting. And I was on the board for a young adult group and there was some issue that came up in terms of our relation ship with the adult group and I remember raising my hand and I said well you know I think we should deal with it this way and a fellow board member looked at me and she's like you don't know what you're talking about you know Korean. What. And she hurt me because apparently I couldn't contribute to this conversation about how our young adults should relate to the adults because I wasn't Korean. And that's the 1st time I got to thinking and I was like you know what wait a minute. 7th Day Adventist isn't there an appropriate way to relate to adults as young people and a way that's inappropriate regardless of your cultural background whether you're Korean or you're Zimbabwean or you're Filipino or German you know it isn't there's something doesn't the Bible have to say something about it yes and that's when I realize I said you know what I think sometimes we. Start thinking in our own cultures to the exclusion of Bible culture and that's the danger I see with culture based churches. Danger I'm not saying they're wrong categorically but it's a danger that I see because it becomes about being culturally comfortable I want to go to a Zimbabwean church because the balance we know how we do our stuff right we know how we handle situations we just know and you know what sometimes the way we handle situations are wrong but no one will ever challenge it because we're stuck in a rut and here's the beauty of America you have all these cultures you have the opportunity to challenge each other's cultures we have the opportunity to say you know what have you heard Has anyone heard of C.P.T.. All right the colored people who have hurt others. Just because you're like hey you know what I'm a roll up an hour late to an event because it C.P.T. color people time. Look like Jesus was always on time. I'm telling the truth I say it as a black woman. Jesus was always on time so just because it's part of my culture doesn't make it right you know and folks be like I can't go to that church because you know they always start on time. Really. We need our cultures to be checked and we can check each other and be like yo you know I was working at University of Michigan and one of the students we were reaching out to she was a German student so I asked her how do you like American culture what do you think about it and she was like she's like Americans are always late. Like if you. Like Americans are always late like will say let's meet at 2 o'clock and they show up at 2 o 2. Oh that that must be frustrating for you. And she said she said for her at least the way she grew up in Germany if you say 2 o'clock we're meeting at 2 o'clock you show up at 5 minutes to 2 so your meeting can start at 2 o'clock and I was like mind close. Like this is crazy you. But having that conversation challenge to me and I think you know what let me think about it book the glee if she wrong and I'm right Mary fact like her culture German culture is actually on this point they're on point. Jesus was always on time it says when the fullness of time was come when the fullness of time was come when the fullness of time was come if Jesus was late would be in trouble but his anon time God is any yes he is so culture wars in our churches My challenge is instead of Rick retreating into our personal preferences and comfort zones that we allow ourselves to be challenged by each other and the challenge forces us to look to the Bible to find out what does the Bible actually say this builds into worship and I'm going to go right into it and then I'll take a question if there's any worship. Worship is more than music but I'll start with the music part. This kind of becomes a cultural thing too. I just want to worship in a church that I'm comfortable in I want to get my praise on. Or those folk are too rowdy for me. I really believe that we are missing out on an opportunity to figure out what heavenly worship will look like because we are so stuck in our own ways I really believe it and I believe it with all my heart that we have we have an opportunity when we come to church and this sister likes to sing it this way but that brother likes to sing it this way and I'm like well I I just don't like the strange because of how the praise leaders go out front and they do it you know and instead of coming together as a church and figuring out not what do I pray for but what would God have do Had you ever been in a church where there was music wars OK there's music wars and the church that down and said church letter study the Word of God Let us pray and fast and figure out what music does God want to hear Have you ever had that experience usually what happens is I don't like the way you do it let me go to a place that does it the way I like it so the music isn't about what God wants to hear it's about what I want to hear you follow my church my worship experience is not about worshipping God It's about pleasing myself and I'm not saying that there are that all music is appropriate. Not everything is appropriate you know in every setting etc But I'm saying that sometimes we can miss out on the opportunity that we have to learn from each other and get closer to actually what God's approximation of worship is like the same person you know it was funny. This person would be like man you know like. Go to that church the music is too lively. Music is too lively and then they they took a trip to to my country in Africa to Zimbabwe and they were like man the music was lively and it was awesome and I was like OK. OK. Not sure what to do with that was kind of like you know because I'm here it's like I want things my way and your way is not working for me so that's on the music side worship however transcends just the music I will worship experiences not just the music music is very important because it sets a foundation for how we're going to approach to God it it prepares our hearts to listen to the message to the Word of God but music is not the only thing in worship Amen amen I. Personal testimony time I went my my husband and I when we moved to Maryland we we were searching for a church and. The closest church to us is a church plant it's like 5 minutes from our house there are a lot of churches in like like within a 10 minute radius Ghazali and Church is the closest one happened to be this church plan and we go there. I mean. Both my husband and I we were like man we can't do this like we want to support the local church we want to help out there but the music like I can't think you know like like the praise team goes up and there's like. I can't take. My braces off like that was my experience and. So we went a few weeks and a number one I was in the what we used as a cry room in the other room was with my son and this song that they sang every single so. They were singing it again and I thought I was going to lose my mind I texted my husband during church and I was like I cannot come here next Sabbath like I'm done I can't come here and I went home and the Lord spoke to my heart and was like seeker. I know your struggle you're struggling with the music yeah but have you talked to me about it and I realized that I had not prayed about it I mean I hadn't prayed to God about the situation that I was in like with the music that was happening in my church about local church and and I was convicted that I need to pray about this so I started praying every day of like Lord I don't want to bring up my kids in a church with that kind of music because I'm not trying to play that music at home I'm not trying to expose them to that music or church Lord help me and help us as a church because if it's affecting if it's going to fit my kids is going to fix somebody else so I started praying every day praying Lord praying for the music praying for the music in a matter of 3 months the music Campoli 3 transformed I mean to narrate to you the events that let in a matter of 3 months Campoli legally changed. Like certain people had to be removed they stopped attending the liquid I mean and not related to hey you know the music you don't like the music it wasn't even a conversation about the music like God I mean God worked it out and then he he's been bringing people with musical ability with training in music to help our church with the aspect of music Look God cares about that aspect he cares but I feel like we miss opportunities because we don't bring it to him in prayer we just fight amongst ourselves we don't talk to each other even we're not willing to listen and we get stuck in our own ways and it's just about what I want as opposed to Lord what kind of music would you want in our church in our worship experience I'll take questions I will deal with the last one if I tried How do you open a dialogue between the youth and the. She's on the church when the. Perspective of tradition. How do you open a dialogue. I think the 1st thing is to take our cue from Queen Esther. Before she went before the king she fasted and she prayed and then allow God to open a conversation for you Queen Esther did that Nehemiah before he went and talked to the king about rebuilding the walls he prayed for months for an E.M.I. it was like 3 months I believe 3 months he was praying before he approached the king on this issue. I think there is strong Biblical precedent for pray and fast about it God will open a door of conversation for you that there will be willing to hear what you have to say. Or the questions. OK you may not want to talk about this well that's fine if you don't want to. I was wondering if you could address the issue of race in the church like I see myself I'm not white you're not black you're dark or brown I'm white or brown. We should have Biblical culture just a dress. No I'm not black I like chocolate but. Your kind on the pink or side. Race. North America the church in North America. I mean it baffles me on so many levels like I think like there is so much potential here mean potential to potential to reach the world we've got like the world represented in this room but people from all sorts of cultures in this very room like that is what this is what the church in North America looks like but on Sabbath morning most of the church doesn't look like this and it baffles me and I'm like oh. Raised in North America is a very very touchy subject like I remember that we had where so one time at the office and. I don't know if I should mention names and I tell these stories I won't because I don't ask for permission the guy who was leading out worship. He said he was he is Jewish. So if you saw him you'd be like he's a white man right. And there's there was another guy in in the department who is Hispanic but you saw him you'd say he's a black man because his dark skin. And so he's so the Jewish guy says to the Hispanic guy his life. You got kind of pale like Are you OK like what are you doing you put trying to pull a Michael Jackson. I was cracking up I'm like I can't. Think And I'm telling you the Caucasians in the room like turned red like you know pink red and. And and it was funny like so one of the other guys came to me afterwards was like I'm sorry my sister were you offended I'm like No I mean he did get lighter you know like in the winter I get lighter because in the summer I get darker because you know the sun hitting on you and in the winter I get lighter anybody else OK yeah OK. And he was like I'm so sorry that he said that I'm like why. And I said to myself you know the whole race thing here it's so charged that that even as Christians we like walking on eggshells when it comes to race when it comes to that conversation look I have no problem if you call me black call me Brown call me like chocolate I prefer you know. Because it is. I'm trying to quit OK but but but it gets so touchy that we can't even have real conversations with the whole produce police brutality thing that happened. You know like I was in Michigan at the time and the conference I was working for was predominantly white churches you know and I work for the conference or go to these churches and speak and was always kind of this awkward you know like the head elder of the church is welcoming me but he's not sure if he should shake my hand because I'm black you know and like a white policeman just killed a black man unarmed that we and and it's like I'm there like Yo you're my brother in Christ man I know you're not about to shoot me are you. Are you. Know the church back in the day before. I want to recommend for you if you've heard of a man named David Williams he's a professor at Harvard I think he's on the he's given presentations at U.I.C. before on this topic is an audio verse and he goes through the history of how the 7th Day Adventist Church came to be so racially segregated in North America he gives he gives a historical background. But back then before the church was racially segregated before we had black and white conferences in North America what happened was whether you were black or you're white they would go out and do evangelism. They were they were they were witnessing like no matter the skin color you know that's how the Gospel reached my part of the world. Fact that's how the Gospel is reaching Europe now because all of Africa is over there preaching the Gospel no immigration. So I guess what I would say about the race thing is I think we need to get beyond it not not as in it doesn't exist there is some real disenfranchisement that black people have experienced in this country and there's some real racism that they still experience in this country not just black people brown people yellow people. These things are very real and and you know what when you go to church and I'm saying this for maybe the not colored people you know you go to church and you're interacting with someone and that week they just got mistreated just because of the color of their skin you cannot discount that that's a real thing that happened to them it's like somebody is mother died and you treat them like nothing happened. Something happened they were mistreated and it's a very real thing but it doesn't define our reality it doesn't define who we are as 7th Day Adventists that is not what defines me I'm not defined by how somebody treated me I am defined by how Jesus treats me and Jesus will always treat me better than anybody else could ever treat me so I walk with that kind of confidence and you may mistreat me out on the streets you may even mistreat me in the church I'm sorry to say but that doesn't define what my value is. So whether black white yellow red brown did I forget a color in there. Wherever we are we need to go beyond that and we are at the end of the day like Bottom line we are children of God and I'm not afraid to speak to a white person about Jesus I'm not afraid to speak to a yellow person about Jesus a person about Jesus because all of them need the gospel. That that kind of became my friend answering your question lastly women's or we're out of time what I want to say about women's order is this you know the woman at the well yeah. OK. Jesus goes to the well he goes out of his way on his trip to make sure that he meets this appointment with this woman there at the well and. They start having this conversation and they go back and forth geezer starts to hit home on things that are really personal and really important that are spiritually convicting. And you know what she does she changes the conversation and she says Our fathers worshiped on this hill she brings up a spiritual issue which has become politically charged. In a theological type context to distract Jesus from him speaking about the things that are impacting her personal life what I want to say about women's order is this if it's an issue in your church if it's something that becomes a distraction don't let it distract you from your relationship with Jesus. You know people have different convictions about what the Bible says about it you know what's the is the theological reality and sometimes like even the truth about women's ordination is ever gets lost in the whole conversation because it's not even about that anymore and the devil makes it a distraction to what we ought to be doing as a church Meanwhile souls are dying somebody has never heard about Jesus dying on the cross for them true story 1040 window somebody has never heard about the great controversy as a metal narrative true story your neighbor and here we are busy arguing and bickering over theological nuances and political things. I have personal convictions on the issue but it pains me to see how the devil can take something and distract God's people from the things that really matter your relationship with God. Your neighbors relationship with God. The same goes for the music wars culture wars we can get so distracted by these things you know and and churches start not to reach the neighborhood you're not like hey let's plan to church here because there's no 7th Day Adventists presents no there's an Adventist church right across the street but let's plan to church here because I want to worship at the same kind of looking people and we're not thinking about mission we're not thinking about the work of God because we get so caught up in our drama Meanwhile there is a cosmic drama that is taking place and the devil wants to distract us and we're ending the seminar. We started with you know with with with these hold attributes about who God is from reading Genesis one and 2 I challenge those who are here that time go study the Bible for yourself and learn about who God is from scripture I promise as you see a picture of God You will not be able to resist surrendering your life to him my last question before I pray and then take questions what is keeping you from surrendering your life completely and the holy to God What's keeping you from giving everything to him from letting go of of your cultural biases that chip on your shoulder that you hold against certain type of people what is keeping you from letting that stuff go what would keep you from surrendering your life whole and completely to Jesus we're reaching the end of this year. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to to start fresh not because you know you're making a New Year's resolution but you know just making a commitment that God every day from this day forward I want to commit my life holy. And completely to you but let's pards loving father. We recognize that in our own strength we are able to meet the challenges that face us but the devil has so many tricks up his sleeves we can't begin to enumerate them all but Father we when we surrender our lives to you we know that we will find safety in your care it's my prayer that every individual in this room would make the decision to surrender their life holy to you and Lord I pray that we will see a miracle happening in our church when young people are caught up in their own personal preferences their own cultural upbringing but are committed to the Word of God to figuring out how you want us to live from scripture Lord I pray that there would be a revolution that happens in your church the world will notice that something is happening. A load we know that that kind of radical commitment will no doubt hasten the soon return of Christ because we will go forth with power in proclaiming the gospel by the Make that the reality for us. In a way that we can do it for ourselves that we that you alone. Jesus. This message was recorded at the. End Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so Christians to download or purchase other resources like this visit us online. Or.


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