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3. Kingly Power: Bright Lights, And the Morning Star

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM


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This message was presented at the G Y C to be used in Texas for other resources like this is it us. Right folks I think I'm about ready to go and I hope you. Thank you for hanging in there let's ask the Lord to bless us and we will take up the last seminar segment of this G Y C Kind of hard to imagine All right let's pray thank you Lord for the provision you make I'm asking our Lord that you help us all have understanding and know how to relate to the information that's being shared may it be balanced and beautiful may be edifying and helpful for all the roles we fulfil whether we're following or leading I ask now Lord that you'll set a watch me for my lips and a guard before the door of my mouth that you will make my heart sensitive and the heart of the listeners and now thank you that you have given us insight as to how to maximize effective influence and change or maybe stay evil now bless us to that end I pray in Jesus' name amen All right I want to start this segment which is going to be a segment that I've been titled kingly power bright lights dark nights in the morning star this is a. This will be a little bit components of this that are a little bit discouraging in one sense I hope they don't discourage you it's just some of the sentiments are kind of heavy from a white in this segment along the lines of ministry there was a period in time when I remember point an anonymous letter out of my mailbox now anonymous letters are not really worth the paper that the ink is written on and if you're not going to sign your name to what's being said. You shouldn't bother saying it because the person has no way to put a perspective on what's being said if I have a very respectable person come to me that has lived the Christian life shows courtesy and what they communicate and has balance in their private world I listen differently than somebody who's a chronic complainer and doesn't manage their own household well and you should listen differently do you don't give everybody the equal weight of credibility and sharing sentiments with you but when you get an anonymous letter you have no way of knowing how to wait what was said is this an unbalanced person who sent you something that really shouldn't be waited like they're waiting it or it usually is that way that's why it's anonymous so I had a woman that was the wife of an elder and she had been so supportive to me for probably about the 1st 12 years of my ministry and I was in this church a long time but eventually we came to a place where what she thought the church wanted and what I thought the church needed was different and at that point time something went terribly wrong her attitude towards me soured and whereas before she thought I was God and could get whatever I wanted now she saw me is the devil and I thought I'm going to have to talk to this person she was married to an elder I asked them both to come to my office I don't often do that but I wanted to visit with them and they were willing so they came in they said down on the love seat together and I visited with them for a while is very courteous dialogue even though she was behaving and taken a Stickley And by the way Kenneth hawking his book and taking us in the church makes a very interesting statement he says people hate weak leaders actually people don't like weak leaders let me get this right people don't like weak leaders. And Tegan It's not like we can do is Why am I having a brain freeze anyway we'll skip the quote until I get it right because it's too good to mess up so anyway she was sitting in my office we were having a wonderful conversation we weren't making a lot of headway but it was Qaid it was civil it was all those things but eventually it got to the place where we had to nicely kind of press into the arena of attitudinal problems and she wasn't really favorable to owning any personal responsibility for anything and I decided to ask her if she was the author of the anonymous letters she said she wasn't Now I'll tell you how I lead I choose to believe the best about people and tell I'm convinced that I have to believe the worst and that's how you should lead to so when she told me she wasn't doing it I chose to believe or and I do think she was telling the truth but because I had passed there for so long I had gotten to the place where I knew how people talk to what phrases they used and and I'd gotten to the place where I had heard the complaint either directly or indirectly some other way and I knew where it started from because of how this person talked when you're in one congregation for this long you learned things about idiosyncrasies and habits and I said to her Well they you may not be writing the letter but I think they're reading they're reading from your playbook in effect what I was saying was and as I've said in the previous sessions you cannot not tell your story and she was so raw it up about what was going on that she was going to the wrong people complaining and some of those people the seeds that she was sowing were being watered by Lucifer who came right behind her to water him and they were growing up plants of bitterness and some of those people just needed one real reason not to like the pastor and she was given it to them. Now your pastor has to deal with this kind of stuff so don't go around talking to 6 other people about the issue go talk to the pastor director go talk to the older director go talk to the teacher direct That's Christian courtesy now to this woman's credit through the years I have had few people correct me in public but she's one of them she's corrected me in the prayer meeting before and you know what she was right I was wrong she's corrected me in private and to her credit she was typically quite good at coming and talking to me and I knew she loved me at this point time I doubt it but I knew over the past year she had truly cared about me woman old enough to be my mother but before the meeting was over I had to say something that was difficult to say but needed to be said and I had to say to her and her husband who was kind of a passive man she was more of the Calera leader in the home he was more passive through the years she had kind of ranted towards him and nagged at him and his device for dealing with her was to ignore her and of course that only made her more frustrated and she tended to project that onto me not that I was ignoring her but I wasn't doing what she wanted and I said to the husband in the wife I said if you can't recognize a bad attitude I was talking especially to the husband now if you can't recognize a bad attitude what can you recognize. Now as we go forward in this segment right now I just need to remind you that whether a person holds the highest position of positional of the already in the church or is just sitting down the pew from you there is not a one of us that don't have the temptation to go down the wrong attitudinal road and once we do that it's hard to interpret somebody else's actions in the right light this woman would not be willing to see objectivity on my have maybe it was I knew from my dears of that church that 90 percent of the church really didn't want what she wanted but she thought somehow if I leaned on it hard enough I could convince them all it'd be OK but that really wasn't the truth and part of the reason I was effective in getting things done was that I actually listened to people and prayed are prayed my way and invited people to pray their way into consensus we just had a large remodeling project at the church that I'm in we came close to spending a $1000000.00 It was long overdue the church still had the same decor that it had 48 years before when it was built now most of your homes don't have the same carpet that they had 48 years ago when they were built in the sixty's but this did and you know there's something about the minor matters that created a real opportunity divide people we laugh about the color of the carpet but I want to tell you something that journey of remodelling that church because we were patient we were prayerful we respected each other sometimes along the way the church members had to apologize to each other on the building committee but they did and you know what that building every Molly project unified that church and brought them together beautifully and I want to praise the Lord for it when you have the right attitude you can conquer about anything but when you have the wrong attitude you can't fix anything especially sometimes even yourself until you admit you haven't Are you responsible and are you honest with yourself can you say like I had to say I can't remember where I told this story. But I went through a period of time where where I thought the leaders in the conference office above me none of them were men of integrity I had some situations where it was clear to me that right wasn't done and I sat on the conference committee and I sat on the education board I mean I was not looking from the outside in I could see from the inside some things were wrong and I can remember on a vacation because my father in law worked for a different conference I had such a disappointment and a bitterness towards these conference people that on a family vacation staying at one of our summer camps out east when I walked out of the building I was so frustrated with my father in law my wife looked at me and she said You're pretty bitter and I want to tell you something that started a completely different trajectory from my prayer life about me and I want to tell you today I have a wonderful respect and appreciation for those men and those women the whole departmental leadership and Officer posts in our conference and I truly do believe and if I had to live those years over maybe I would have cut them a bit more slack or maybe I would have just trust of the Lord a little bit what does Psalm 37 say Don't fret because of evil doers nor be envious of the workers of iniquity don't fret do your part and leave it alone after that if you chew on it too long you'll let the pride of your opinion get in there and then you'll be resentful that nobody's listening to you and I don't know how much of that was in my youthful ambition there was definitely objective problems but what kind of play book are you reading from and can anybody tell you I think you've got a bad attitude it's a little bit akin to my question Can anybody hold you accountable what I want to talk about is how you handle things and white rights in the 1880s that she was about to leave the meeting for Kansas for I could not see that my remaining would do any good and brother Kilgore urged me to speak on Sabbath and here's what she said. She said no I won't be guilty of wasting my words and my strength for a people who are filled with prejudice and evil surmising who will stand my labors and whom I cannot convince of true I'll speak in the afternoon to the Scandinavians because they desire so much she was frustrated after listening some time to the free and Christ like words the my work was appointed to me she understood that night the angel of the Lord stood by her bed and said to me many things which I will not attempt to write here but I was commanded stand at my post of duty that there was a spirit now I just want to emphasize that there was a spirit Paul will tell him of the test the spirits Jonell tell us test the spirits it's not all doctrinal friends most of our problems are not doctrinal problems most of the people that are in our churches don't leave over doctrinal issues they leave over relational issues and just because you become a administrator at a conference level on up through the union the division and the General Conference Nobody is exempt from developing a bad attitude and having a wrong spirit there was a spirit that was coming in taking possession of the churches that have permitted would separate them from God as much as the churches that refuse the light that God sent them a message of warning and of light that they had to advance in regard to a 2nd coming of our world what is she saying she saying that the loud cry of William Miller was not any more important to be shared than what she was sharing about the spirit and other words rejecting Miller's message was a terrible thing and divided the Christians from those that were true seekers in the work but she said there's a spirit coming into the church that will have just as much power to separate as the doctrine of the soon return of Jesus did in the 840 S. fifty's is cetera. That spirit is important the culture of the air we breathe it's elemental so I've been shown that the people of God are not fully enlightened in regard to the many devices in the of the relentless fall with whom they'll have to encounter those who should be well experienced are in a large measure ignorant of the workings of Satan and he's taking them unawares so let me ask you something of somebody should be well experienced Don't you think they might be holding a position that's more important than what maybe you would consider the ordinary position in the church to be it could be an elder It could be a president a minister or director it could be a Union officer there is a great grand charge to be made by a united front against the enemy and Satan has great victories because there is difference in views in our ranks upon some points of Scripture that are not of a vital character men who claim to believe the truth I have been shown will develop their true standing before God what does she say people don't have good judgment they don't know when their own bad attitude is starting to run over something more important than the doctrinal discussion they're discussing what were some of those things will she enunciates them follow me my guide said I was then taken to the different houses where people made their homes I heard the conversation the remarks made in reference to myself the testimonies born at the media were commented upon in other words there critiquing Ellen White there critiquing some of the other people W.C. White was talked of and present it in a most ridiculous light they called him weeping Willie I could not defy I could define the speakers by their voices he knew these people a T. Jones was commented upon in like manner so as E.J. Wagner these are the 2 men who preach righteousness by faith in the 1880s said my God this is an angel Where is the earnest prayer the seeking of God with the humble heart for light I mean this is an angel looking at a human being called yellow white and saying why are these people acting like this these were leading people. I was listening in the different rooms to the sarcastic remarks the un-Christian comments the excitable exaggerated statements made all because there was a difference in the view of the law in Galatians and then she writes consistency has now departed from the myths of the 7th Day Adventist Now if I were to ask you how significant righteousness by faith as a message is to our denomination you'd probably put it high up on the charts but what is L O Y sane compared to the young Christ like attitude of the people discussing it it's a matter of minor importance so what does that do for remnant theology or women's ordination while she would never say these things don't matter she would remind us that there are things that matter more and that is the demeanor and the attitude and the experience of God's people who take the name of Christ in the neck a very un-Christ like and these were not ordinary run of the mill people these were people who held to nomination old positions it doesn't matter you're not a Christian because you're a church member I'm not a Christian because I'm a pastor and you're not a Christian because you're a conference President these are all things that you can do and things that you can be but they are not the equivalent of having the Spirit of Christ in you. Consistency as a departed from the midst of 7th Day Adventists this is the reason I was obliged to take the position that this was not the voice of God in the General Conference management decisions methods and plans would be devised that God did not sanction and yet elder also made it appear that the decisions of the General Conference were as the voice of God Many of the positions taken going forth as the voice of the General Conference have been the voice of one or 2 or 3 men who were misleading the conference. There are things in regard to the Sunday work in regard to the color line in regards of the Sentinel the better never have been introduced to the conference the Lord didn't preside in many meetings there were some loud voices in urgent pressings of things that were backed by all and will by a willing to terminations savored more of the common fire than the sacred plans were made that were all out of line with the unction of the leadings of the Spirit of God Now your church can be run with sacred fire it can be run with common fire by the way don't take your cues from running your church from the latest business literature your church is not a business your church is doing business in the name of Jesus but your church is a family you are the sons and daughters of God and you are to treat each other with a special familial favor but don't take your your directives from the latest business literature I'm not saying we can't learn anything from them but the way you take your cadence for your future steps is from the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul in this time the gold will be separated from the dross in the church true godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance intense love it and this next line is painful this is the heaviness I was talking about many a star that we have a mired for its brilliance will then go out in darkness is that your pastor is that one of your elders could it be you could it be me could it be a conference employ you are to be learning to look for your leadership directly from Jesus while you honor the appointed men and women that are put in place but the ultimate sense of what you should do is to be cultivated from a personal walk with Christ. And he may ask you to do something difficult just like Pastor gets talked about in the service this morning he may send you want to mission you feel completely and entirely unfitted to do it be a sad thing for chaff like a cloud will be borne away in the wind even from places where we see only floors of rich wheat all who assume the ornaments of the sanctuary but are not clothed in Christ's righteousness in other words they've got the outward appearance they will appear in the shame of their own nakedness every honest one that may be deceived by this people now she's talking about some fanatic elements in the 850 S. every honest one that may be deceived by this people will have the light in regard to them if every angel has to leave glory to visit them in a light in their minds we have nothing to fear in this manner as we near the judgment all will manifest their true character and it will be made plain to accompany the below why does this matter because somebody is going to send you a conspiracy filled email about something that's going on in the church and if you think you've got to follow it all the way back to its origins to see if it's true or not you're going to be wasting your time and make a big mistake you can usually tell from a conspiracy filled email right away that there's something kind of sinister about it and the best thing you could do is probably just not hit the forward button and pray about it what Ellen why is saying here is that if you're a sincere seeker God will make sure you see where the path that takes you forward and upward is located don't be in this suspicious negative realm looking for the dirt on the institution don't spend time on those Internet sites where they pick apart everything the denomination does you know how hard it is to make something go in preaching these very series of sermons at a person come to my church I can't be for sure it was this person but I'm pretty sure. Within about a week or so I got an e-mail from them and they told me that I was using Jesuit methods now mind you if you want to go to the ad hominem arguments in other words if you want to slur the messenger instead of the message probably we as admin is have no greater disdain for the methods of the Jesuit college and their proteges than for anything but please could we stick to the subject matter and leave the presenter off the hook for a while when you have to go the ad hominem when you have to attack the speaker for something that doesn't look right sound right about and you're now off topic and you're in a position where you're likely to be deceived by the pride of your own opinion if you're sincere in number all this ought to give you great courage so you hear something bad about the conference President you hear something bad about your pastor you get one of those emails forwarded you know what those people and those emails only have so much influence over you but you get to decide how much and if you really want to know the truth Don't worry there is someone out there by the name of the great shepherd the good shepherd who said he would never leave us all the way to the very end and as far as I can tell he has no trouble marking out where the path of righteous behavior and righteous forward progress lies don't deal in the dirt don't live in the darkness Don't be waiting for a reason to take the attention of the spirit of your own progress and put it on somebody else's mistake that's a big part of the challenge now it is going to be clear as we come towards the end because the temptations are going to get dicey or we're going to be able to dislike somebody in the name of of this theology or against that theology. But if there's one thing you take away from this seminar is that your response and your person to whatever is being discussed ought to be like Jesus and is of greater importance than whatever the discussion is now that doesn't mean there won't be some conflict that comes out of it the Bible says iron sharpen Zein So one man's sharp is another man's countenance but if you lose your Christianity over a great Orthodox debate you can be proceeding just like the fairest sees on your high horse straight into hell Jesus forgave sins they pronounced it blasphemy when they couldn't stand up to Jesus they had to go to name calling Didn't we say you were full of bells above did we say you were Samaritan I mean when it's pretty bad when the worst thing you can do a slow throw a racial slur somebody in the name of Christ but they did it our true character comes out when we get into positions where we don't agree and when your true character comes out with sarcasm and mockery and derisive statements what you're really showing is you didn't have enough courage to talk to the person in their presence when it was being said but you've got plenty of courage to run them down when they're not around and it's your downward journey into a path of cowardice and lack of love that is the ruination of you yes they're going to be some bright lights that go out I don't want to be overly disappointed and I don't want to be one the cvs is going and let us not say stay the hand of God We know not the heart of man she's talking about the shaking if God causes the feelings of the heart to be manifested and gives you sight of what is in the heart by the words of the mouth by the fullness of the heart the mouth speak of let it not afflict your soul too much although your hopes may be cruelly disappointed kind of like Samuel when Saul didn't work out his King God had to tell Samuel eventually quit grieving. Stop shedding tears over this man I pick somebody else out but it's hard we look up to our leaders we hope we may have disciple them but the church must be purged and will be Fret not thy self because of evil doers God reigns let the people tremble it's a call to humility those who have too little courage to reprove wrongs or who through indolence or lack of interest take no earnest effort to purify the Church of the family or held accountable she talks about parental and pastoral authority there I'm not going to read too much more coming together in Christ is the secret to unity I really like this quote The cause of division and discord in families and in the church is separation from Christ to come near to Christ is to come near to one another the secret of true unity in the church and in the family is not diplomacy it is not management it is not a superhuman effort to overcome difficulties and I love this next phrase though they'll be much of this to do but it's union with Christ she's not running down diplomacy she's not running down management she's not running down the horrendous efforts that it takes to stay together but what she is saying is that diagnose the problem in your own heart with wisdom and be not in a negative judgment away but if you recognize that there's a problem somewhere else remember keep appealing to people to come back to the cross now I want to tell you we live in an age of expertise ism which means that people have large amounts of schooling which isn't bad but that schooling when it gets tied to a particular published statement can also be tied to a measure of pride and insecurity and to back away from a published statement can be humiliating for a person especially if you consider yourself a scholar or somebody that has spent lots of time and has an extra measure of good Biblical judgment. It's important for us when we're dealing with anybody in a position where they've staked out something that might not be as credible and sustainable as it 1st sounded when it was written or said we are courteous and give people room to back out we preserve them from unnecessary humiliation as they change their minds you know if I get an idea and I make a pride if I make idle of my opinion pride of my thought. My idol is not going to be wooden or stone it'll just be that my thinking is better than yours all of us have to be careful of this it doesn't matter whether or not we graduated from the 8th grade or whether we have a post-graduate degree let's press together there is no subject matter that is worth being un-Christ like with somebody even when somebody is breaking one of the 10 Commandments we don't have the right the prerogative to be discourteous to them even though we're being firm I've had to deal with some pretty unpleasant situations through the years as a pastor right the tie this sacred Reserve by God for himself it has to be brought into his treasury to be useful to sustaining the Gospel labors in their work for a long time the Lord has been robbed because there are those who do not realize that the tide is God's person some of been dissatisfied have said I'll no longer pay my tie I have no confidence the way things are managed at the heart of the work but will you rob God because you think the management of the work is not right now here's what she says make your complaint plainly and openly in the right spirit don't you love the balance so the proper ones send in your petitions for how things to be adjusted ought to be adjusted and set things in order but don't withdraw from the work of God and proven faithful because others are not doing right this surprised me I included this slide in my recent survey because it my last board meeting I was sitting there there's probably 20 some people. And it wasn't on the agenda but all of a sudden my my Treasurer says yeah I had somebody say to me I'm not pay my tithe anymore and it was because of some action by some other organization farther up the line I was stunned I didn't realize that the wrangling in our upper levels of of the organization were going to impact us directly at the village church you know you may not like every decision that's made but you ought to be quite humble in regards to your level of commitment being committed to the work of God is still a priority even when things aren't going exactly right think of the widow with her 2 mites 28 chapter this is important most of you will never have heard Dispy for I ask our people to study the 20 chapter of. The representation here made while that refers primarily to Lucifer the fallen angel has yet a broader significance now this is where it talks about a lucifer you know star of the morning King of Tire these kinds of things in Isaiah and in his E.Q. look what she says there's a broader significance to the story of the downfall of Lucifer she says not one bean but a general movement is described and one that we shall witness I had never read that before before preparing these messages Lucifer's downfall he is filling himself with his self is blinding himself to him sell that's not a story just telling us about the war in heaven that is going to be an experience that's part of a general movement and one that we're going to witness what a sad sad statement a faithful study of this chapter should lead those who are seeking for truth to walk in all the light God has given his people let's they be deceived by the deceptions of these last days all right I don't have as much time as I'd like these are all going to be posted. On one of the G. Y.C. websites but I want to show you how Lucifer fell now before I do that just a real quick summary remember the prodigal son didn't really know is dead the older boy didn't really know he's dead either these 2 boys grew up with self-centered hearts which is a way to lock the heart down where it cannot experience or give love if I was a news reporter living in the town the no name town of that boy and I wanted to go report on how this significant citizen Mr So and so had his son ask for his inheritance wishes dad to be dead and left town with all the money in his backpack or his briefcase or whatever if I would have caught up with the boy while he was sitting in the bar or out on the street court corner soliciting a prostitute and I would as I would as a reporter I would have said hey tell me about your dad all my Dad shoves religion down my throat requires me to be in it a certain time I got to work if I would have gone to the older boy on the night of the party when the younger boy had come home I could have said A Tell me about your dad he says yeah my dad what a pushover this kid wished he was dead took a 3rd of his money because $2.00 thirds goes to the oldest If you've got 2 sons the oldest boy you divided up you got one son 2 sons in the birthright so the oldest boy gets 2 thirds Yeah this younger son he was my dad to be dad went off and wasted all his money and now my dad push over that he is who doesn't really care about me never offered me one of these parties and he's in there celebrating with this kid that wasted all of his life now if I were to ask you about the credibility of the report you tell me aside from Mrs product old mother how much would you doubt the testimony of the kids when the kids be considered a credible source. Let's jump over to Judas real quick one of the 12 he goes over 3 years with Jesus does he draw closer to Jesus or is he moving away from Jesus he comes down to that feast at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper this is 6 days before Jesus will die and of course in Comes Mary imports out that perfume she wasn't thinking of course that smells going to overpower the food and she's going to be the center of the dialogue and Judas says we know this because the Gospel of John tells us Matthew Mark and Luke don't tell us but John does Judas is the one that started the sentiments What a waste Jesus confronts Judas he says Leave her alone and from that moment Judas goes out to betray Jesus is what the Bible says Now let me ask you something if you were a reporter and you went to talk to Judas what kind of message would you get about Jesus oh he misses opportunities he doesn't know how to maximize good business leveraging you know he's had these many makes people mad he's not that great of a leader I'm going to help him out would you have a legitimate ability to say as one of the 12 he should have known he did know the truth of the matter is these people were very close but they did not know the prodigal didn't really know his dad Judas didn't really know Jesus and Lucifer who once knew God came to the place where he did not even know God I want to show you. A compassionate creator and yearning pity for Lucifer and his followers was seeking to draw them back draw them back from the abyss of ruin in which they were about to plunge but his mercy was misinterpreted Lucifer pointed to the long suffering of God as evidence of his own superiority and he indicated that the king of the universe would get a seed to his terms if the angels would stand firmly with me declared they could yet gain all they desired he persistently defended his own course and fully committed himself to the great controversy against his maker Thus it was that Lucifer the Light Bearer the share of God's glory don't misstep friends what was his job it was his job with all those beautiful stones to stand in the presence of God and shield everyone from the dazzling brilliance of his deity Lucifer walked away like Moses having the light shining off of him he shared in God's light rejecting with distain the arguments and entreaties of the loyal angels he did what everyone else does when they can't stand up to good argument Taishan he practices the ad hominum and he says you guys are just a bunch of deluded slaves when you get to where you're talking to somebody who's on the sarcastic or the attack or the negative and they are demeaning and condescending you need to know something you're listening to a bitter person you're drinking from a bitter Well as you imbibed their words the Bible is very simple on this Can a polluted well put forth fresh water and can a fresh stream put forth brackish water. The answer is no the loyal angels urged him in his sympathizers to submit to God and they set before them the inevitable result that should they refuse He who created them could overthrow their power and similarly punish their rebellious daring knowing who could successfully impose the law of God which was a sacred as himself they warned all the close their ears against Lucifer's deceptive reasoning and they urged him and his followers to seek the presence of God without delay confess the error of questioning his wisdom and authority but what does Lucifer do bold print the mighty revolt or now declare that the angels who had united with him a gone too far that he was acquainted with the law and he knew that God would not forgive him he goes the bold face line he practiced the work of accusing of fraud and of deception until he himself was his own dupe that ought to make us think he believed his own law yes his darkness was to him light and light was darkness to Satan this was his ruin now if you think that doesn't happen to human beings all over again just flip through your social media list of people you talk to there somebody on that list has convinced himself that light is darkness and darkness is light and by the way the Bible says whoa and to those people who call good evil and evil good that's the age we're living in and if you're not willing to beautifully and respectively stand for the right. It's very possible that you can be swept away as well all right I'm going to skip over some of this. Let's go to this this is the lesson that I'm charged to give you all who do not learn this lesson will be subject to disappointment he that loveth his brother abideth in the light and there is no occasion of stumbling in him but he that hated his brother is in darkness and walketh in darkness and knowing not whether he go up because the darkness has blinded his. This whole chapter gives no sanction to the lack of love the men that should keep alive the spirit the ran riot at our General Conference in Minneapolis that's where they argued over righteousness by faith over the long delay sions is an offense to God all Heaven is in dignity that's a strong word in dignity it's not a wrong response at the spirit that for years has been revealed in our publishing institution battlecry on righteousness is practice that God will not tolerate He will visit for these things a voice has been heard pointed out the errors and in the name of the Lord pleading for a decided change but who have followed the instruction given who have humbled their hearts to put from them every vestige of their wicked oppressive spirit I have been greatly burned to set these matters before the people as they are I know they will see them I know that those who read this matter will be convicted what do you need to see in this L O Y it was say when they're arguing at the upper levels like they were in Minneapolis I should surely like to go around the leaders and talk to the people in the pew because they would get it this is the age of the person in the pew if you can respect clearly state your opinion and be honorable to the person in position for the legitimate emotional strains and stresses of leading in an age of every man doing right and its own eyes you'll actually get a hearing and I just want to encourage you as the prophet saw that the rank and file member of the church would understand it. Maybe because they hadn't posture themselves one against another leader maybe because they hadn't taken a stand on the law and Galatians or the daily and in the Book of Daniel maybe it wasn't their pride that was on the line so they could see a little bit more clearly don't diminish the value of your voice as a kind and respectful commentator to somebody that you're a leader be it an elder a pastor and if you're a young person your parents are a let's end with a few pictures and a story you're not going to recognize this person unless you're a history major of a certain phase of European history its name is Thomas Clarkson in 785 he stood in a certain place in Wade's mill in England and he made a pledge that he would dedicate his life to the abolition of slavery if you've seen the film Amazing Grace which is one of the few films that I think might be worthy of watching you know that he plays a significant role in motivating this person to his task this is a portrait of William Wilberforce Now I want to bring this to your detention to give you encouragement and proper expectations and 1785 Clarkson makes a decision that he will dedicate his life to the abolition of slavery in England in 7090 along with a number of the residents and clap him England he convinces Wilberforce to join him now Wilberforce is a diplomat he's a politician Wilberforce makes his decision and for the next 18 years he will submit before the House of Parliament every spring or every fall I don't know what I do is a bill for the abolition of the slave trade in England and every year for 17 years it will be voted down. If you've seen the film you know there's a point in the film when he's walking through a garden with his girlfriend or wife to be and they want to think about something they can talk about where they disagree they go through a number of things that they agree on and finally they come up to the slave trade and Wilberforce just kind of loses it and he goes off on this woman and is raising his voice and then catches himself and realizes how much pent up anger and emotion is inside of him and finally he says this is why I shouldn't talk about it and she says now we've found something that we disagree on because I think you should finally in 17 finally an 183 or 807-1807 there is a bill passed that bars the slave trade that is not the abolition of slavery in England it's only the abolition of the trade finally in 833 some 40 years after they make their initial commitment slavery is abolished in all of the English empire Why am I telling you this story because when your cause is right and you believe there's a God in Heaven helping you you can be patient along the way at what point time Clarkson comes to Wilberforce after one of those defeats during the 1718 years and he says the Wilberforce I hear there's they're drinking the wine of revolution in France he says I think I'm going to go and taste them it's of course a metaphor but the revolution is real and Wilberforce leans over his desk and he looks straight into the eyes of Clarkson and he says Thomas you must never ever speak of this again in my presence there was no way in the world that Wilberforce was going to allow the nobility of his cause to be drug through the mud by revolution which was the total breaking apart of English society for the sake of a righteous cause. I'm encouraging you that if things don't look the way you think they should look be prayerful be communicative and be patient you may have to bring it up more than once but make sure that along the way you don't lose your own Christian experience by some out thinking that you've got the superior position and that gives you the right to act in an inferior way I'm appealing to you to be the kind of person people will listen to affirm the people who are leading you make them feel secure let them know you're praying for them L O Y says we should pray for each other and let them know we're doing it at the end though the person who's listen to the best is the one that makes the one they're talking to feel the most secure the wounds of a friend can be trusted the Scripture says but an enemy multiplies kisses All right we're going to tie the seminar off at this point time let's what do we have any time left 10 minutes here's what will do you folks have been willing to sit and listen a long time if you want to ask questions we'll take the next 10 minutes for people make comments or observations or ask a question if there are none we'll consider done if you don't want to stay for the questions that's fine you can slip away but let's take a few minutes now and before we have prayer will open the floor up for any observations or questions you care we have one right here the 1st time you said it I didn't quite catch the full didn't quite understand it fully but you the D. Lee of Daniel Yeah as the daily sacrifice it's right there in the center piece of Daniel 8 and it's a significant it's of it's a significant compart of a very prophetic piece of literature we take our prophetic D.N.A. out of Daniel $814.00 and so when we're talking about the daily there in chapters the heavy duty prophetic chapters it's worthy of the it's worthy of the discussion but Ellen why I said it's not worthy of this unchristian be a viewer. So you can talk about what the daily is but they were really coming unglued over this and I always said stop it it's not worth losing your Christian experience over so it's not an insignificant dynamic but it is compared to not being Christian All right any other comments or questions all right we're going to consider that means that nobody wants to talk into the microphone if you want to come up and make an observation privately will do that let stand and dismiss with prayer Lord thank you for the opportunity to come apart from the busy routines of our lives and focus on spiritual things my hope and prayer is that the young people their parents and anyone else gathered here will know how to conduct themselves when they're facing a challenging issue and excuse me they'll actually make the leaders life better not worse by how they do it I know how it is for me Lord when somebody is truly courteous with me I can go away and think about what they said when they're in the attack mode or the accusatory mode it's a lot harder for me to give their sentiments even simple credibility may we have our convictions Lord but may our cheap convictions be that we ought to have the mind of Jesus who was in the very nature of God and didn't consider it robbery to be called equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took the form of a servant humbling himself even to the point of death even under the cross Lord he endured a number of abuses of authority he asked to be delivered from it in the garden of just 70 and he was not. But you strengthened in the end we're here today because of the sacrifice thank you. Bless us now Lord is the most respectable courteous and dignified people in the world who have convictions you know how to talk about how to support our leaders how to challenge them when we need. Lessons to that end I pray to Jesus. This message was recorded at the. End Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based. And so Christians. To download or purchase other resources like this visit us online she Y.C. what happened or.


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