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3. Confusion on Prophecy

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • December 31, 2018
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the G. Y.C.. In Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online and she Y.C. web board. Father we thank you. For this and we thank you for in the morning. We thank you you have given us a more sure word of prophecy I pray that we would give he heed to the light that shines from prophecy into the dark place of this world but may we not be led into confusion by a false understanding of prophecy so be it with us and guide us through this presentation I pray in Jesus' name. You know we are a prophetic people and prophesy. Is really one of the key elements that drives the engine of Adventism the 7th Day Adventist movement was started based on an understanding of prophecy and so obviously the study of prophecy continues to ignite widespread interest for study among 7th Day Adventists and I encourage you to continue to study prophecy but what I'm going to share with you in the next few moments are some areas that have led to confusion and some recent date setting shrimpers have emerged in the last few months and even ears. Although I will have to say as someone who's now 41 I've seen the setting for most of my admin to live and as can be expected these dates come and go and the day setters move on to the next prediction Well one of the latest production of that's come around is the sometime around March or April of 2019 a national Sunday a law is going to be passed which obviously raises the intent of all 7th Day Adventists because we know that once the national Sunday law comes that's the trigger for the end of all things so. Others are claiming the probation is going to close for a 7th Day Adventists on November 9th 2019 I'm going to get in the who are saying these things as we go along here and these are all of violation of the plainest statements from Illinois on Times. We are not to be times that are the 7th Day Adventists so Other issues include the so-called $2520.00 prophecy I put it in quotation marks because it's not really a prophecy there's advocacy of keeping on Lunar Sabbath there's been. Another 7 trumpets which have been fulfilled in the past into the future some are saying that the end of Daniel 11 a somehow Middle East conflict that will lead to the close of probation so these are some of the things we are going to look at that's where we're headed in our present Taishan today now. As respect to current confusion on October 17th 2018 David Gates to is a missionary pilot in South America lives here in the United States goes out to South America and around the world released a video on You Tube entitled even at the door and I David Gates is a well known person of influence within certain circles of the sun and the administration to date this video has over 220000 views. Now because I certainly believe that brother Gates is sincere in what he is saying but I believe he sincerely wrong I'm going to show you why. I'm not questioning his integrity I'm just saying that I believe that he is deceived in what he is saying so here is what he claims in this video he points at the 2015 general conference in San Antonio the 7th Day Adventist Church voted a change in its belief about the writings of Ellen G. White that constitutes a rejection of her writings and he says that the General Conference quo at least considers her writings not to be inspired anymore and a lot of serious charge. So David Gates is saying that the General Conference in session considers the Spirit of Prophecy to not be inspired anymore that's what he says in the video. And based on that basis he promotes the idea of 3 and a half years from the rejection of the testimony of Jesus the something momentous been happening happening after that and he uses some parallels from history he says that 3 and a half years from the death of Jesus we have the stoning of Stephen and 3 and a half years from the initial surrounding of Jerusalem then we have with the structure now that's true there were 3 and a half years from the death of Jesus to the stoning of Stephen and there were 3 and a half years from the initial surrounding of Jerusalem to at the struction However he is making a big idea about what happened in the change in the wording of the fundamental beliefs about along with writings and then uses that to start a 3 and a half year time period so interesting Lee the vote on this change of wording for the Spirit of Prophecy was in July of 2015 however he starts his 3 and a half years from September 23 2015 which was the day of atonement according to the Jewish calendar in the year 2015 No he claims in the video that this is also the day that the pope addressed Congress he was in America that day but he didn't address Congress until September 24th a day later not a big point but just clarity here so Pope Francis a joint a joints a joint session of Congress on September 24th 2015 David Gates claims that room invaded America on this day in history it's kind of an interesting claim. His best as I can understand from prophecy Rome will not invade America until America forms an image to the beast or a Sunday law where we pay homage to the papacy and certainly room is gaining influence but to say that room invaded America that's an arbitrary claim without any clear prophetic backing So these are some of the claims that he's making and then he goes on to say so he says rather than starting his 3 and a half year timeline from the date of the vote of the General Conference ocean he starts a on September 23 eat when the pope addressed Congress it was really the 24th and he says if you go 3 and a half years from that date that March or April of 2019 Now if you do some simple math I could give you the date that you could get to 3 and a half years later I'm not going to do that he just simply says it's March or April of 2019 however he is promoting a video from. A former pastor now who has a specific day in that time range now David Gates says that he has not time setting and when there was a response to his video he says you're confused not time setting Well that's his sincere thought but when you say there's 3 and a half years from one point to the next and at the end of that 3 and a half years there's going to be a national Sunday law I fail to understand how that's not time setting I mean time setting as time setting. Either it is or it isn't so if you say March or April of 2019 that's setting a time for a Sunday law he says it's not time so then what is what it is so he says believes and this is what he says in the video that we have been living in the judgment of the living since September of 2015. Hum now. He believes that around March or April of 2019 there will be a national Sunday law and probation will close for 7th Day Adventists and he is sincere about this season. He is sincere about this but he expects us to believe in the interest only David Gates this is not sure the statement in his video he does not show the statement for the change in wording of 70 AD in this police on the writings of Ellen G. Why is that he's making this major claim that Ellen whites writings are no longer considered to be inspired anymore by 70 AD in us but he doesn't show how the wording itself was actually changed so considering that he is basing his belief that this helped to trigger the end of all things for some of them as I found that to be pretty irresponsible she released a video where you say 70 albums don't believe Ellen with writings are inspired anymore but you don't give the updated statement to show what 7th Day Adventists voted to believe about her writings so. Again he he's sincere but we're expected to take his word and here's the interesting thing if you watch the video he says several times the Lord has shown me. And I had a friend who had a dream but again. When when you have impressions or friends who have dreams and those dreams and impressions are not according to the Word of God It's because there is no why. So we can't accept someone's word as authority if their word goes against the plainly revealed statements of inspiration and I'm going to show you where things go off track for him. So here is the 2010 statement on Ellen G. White that ended up been changed in 2015 so this is from the 2010 Church manual and notice how it reads one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. Why is the Lord's messenger her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth which provides which provide for the church comfort guidance instruction and correction they also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be tested so that's the statement on or about on I was brought into the church it had for a number of years and in 2015 they changed it to say this is very similar to the Scriptures testify that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is prophecy This gift is an identifying mark of the remnant church and we believe it was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. White her writing speak with prophetic authority and provide comfort guidance instruction and direction to the church they also make clear that the Bible is the standard by which all teaching and experience must be to now all say this I think you could have a fair discussion to say which statement is better the 2010 statement or the 2015 as they would not be a fair discussion but here's what I don't accept I don't accept that this statement here constitutes a rejection of the ministry and writings of L. and G. Why notice what it says it says that this Gift of Prophecy is an identifying mark of the remnant church and we believe it was manifested in the ministry of Ellen G. Why does that sound like a rejection. And then her writing speak with prophetic authority Now the previous statements that we believe her writings are a continuing and authoritative source of truth here is her writing speak with prophetic authority Well if you want to just be clear here if her writing speak with prophetic authority that means they have authority to subtle issues right so and as I understand this new wording it makes it easier to translate in some of the other languages so you can say you know I like to say better that it's a continuing on authoritative source of truth rather than saying that her writings speak with a prophetic authority and fair enough I'll give you that but to say that this constitutes a rejection of her writings and based on that that starts a 3 and a half year time prophecy that's going to lead to the national Sunday law around March or April of 2019 and we're now living in the judgment of the living that's a major stretch and I find to be irresponsible to say that the General Conference no longer continues for believes that her writings are inspired That's what he said that her writings are no longer inspired yet the this statement says We believe her gift is as manifest in the ministry of Ellen G. White is an identifying mark of the remnant church so. You have to be careful when you start to make claims like this so again he believes the General Conference does not believe along with writings are inspired anymore yet the statement shows the 7th Day Adventists affirm that her writings are an identifying mark of the remnant church and that her writing speak with prophetic authority and for those of you who heard elder will someone last night here I mean how many times that he quote from the Spirit of Prophecy. And so to claim the they no longer believe her writings to be inspired is just not sure you and it's very unfortunate that someone of his influence would make such a claim although I'm hoping that people won't take him as seriously now that he's released the video unless he repents of the things that he says. So some further confusion so David Gates shares a link on his video to 70 AD in the series now a former pastor he just actually this is common knowledge and he actually was terminated by his conference for these teachings and he is the David Gates is promoting this and this former pastor they are reinterpreting the 1260 the 1290 and the 1335 Days of Daniel 12 as a literal time prophecies Now this is actually not a new thing I've seen people try to reinsure print the 1260 the 1290 and the 1335 for many years the new thing about it though is that they're using those days to arrive in March or April of 2019 and as the time for the Sunday law that's going to come and again it's an arbitrary point that they're picking to say we're going to start 123-012-1335 in the fall of 2015 and there's really no basis whatsoever to do that so here's the ironic thing David Gates says that the General Conference has rejected Ellen White's writings and yet he is rejecting her clear testimony that there are no more time prophecies after $844.00 now isn't that kind of ironic So you're saying that the General Conference no longer considers Ellen my throat as the be inspired and yet the inspired writing say no time prophecy after $844.00 yet you're saying we have a time prophecy of 3 and a half years from the fall of 2015 we're now in the judgment of the living and then a Sunday law is going to come in March or April 29th teen. So who is rejecting the Spirit of Prophecy the General Conference or David Gates now I'm not trying to be unkind I'm just saying you made a serious charge you said that the General Conference rejected the writings of L. and Y. and yet you're going against her very writings and the statement of the general conference voted in no way rejects her writings. So David Gates also claimed that the compliance document voted annual Council that would allow the General Conference to disfellowship local church members a clear reading of the document says no such thing and by the way Mark family did a nice job of putting out a response to this video as well where he explains them so if you haven't seen her family's video encourage you to take a look at it now let's look at well I'm white so is on time prophecy so as we've looked at these claims. And I'm also going to talk about the trial 62 of 91335 but what does Ellen White say about time from these Here's a statement from selected messages Volume 2 page 84 also found unless they've been speech 35 there will always be false and fanatical movements made by persons in the church who claim to be a lot of God see the Lord has shown me I had a dream my friend had a dream I'm loved by God those who will run before they are sent and will give a day and date for the occurrence of unfulfilled prophecy Now you may say oh well he's not giving a day or a date now he's saying March or April but his friend is given a day and a day. The enemy is pleased to have them do this for this for their success of failures and leading into false winds cause confusion and believe now some of you may not know this but Brother gates of it there is going to be a Sunday law way back in 2008 connected with the financial collapse now there was a financial downturn but he also said that our money was going to be worth toilet paper and that didn't happen it was only partially true and then there was an assembly law that went along with it so there's success of failures and it leads to confusion and unbelief in elem why identifies these things as false and fanatical movements made by persons in the church who claim to be a lot of God And again the you've seen it once you've seen it a 100 times they'll use the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy to support their ideas and so people who aren't studying are like wow they're sincere they're enthusiastic they're using the Bible the are using the Spirit of Prophecy and my pastor hardly opened the Spirit of Prophecy this must be true well no it's not it's fanaticism. Time setting is not true now notice this no definite time after 844 This is so locked in messages Volume 2 page 73 I plainly stated at the Jackson camp meeting to these fanatical parties that they were doing the work of the adversary of souls they were in darkness they claimed to have great light that probation would close in October $844.00 Their stated in public that the Lord had been pleased to show me that there would be no definite time in the must of God given Sir given of God since $844.00 and how much clearer does that have to be now you know I engaged in dialogue with it with a brother. Not too long ago because I gave a message that's online that dealt with some of these issues and he wrote many said whoa there's no more prophetic time after 844 but that doesn't mean that there is not literal time after 844 No there's no definite time in the message whether it's a literal time or symbolic time whatever you want to call it there is no definite time in the message given of God since $844.00 so up until $844.00 we have time prophecies after $844.00 we have event prophecies that are not based on definite time does that make sense. So if you're trying to reinterpret prophetic time into literal time that's still definite time in Ellen White says that this is the work of the adversary of souls that Sirius runs this isn't just some oh he's sincere don't give him such a hard time no this is the work of the adversary of Souls to time and then you set time in your saying I'm not time setting No Again I don't think he's being dishonest I think he really believes he's not time setting but then you're saying March or April that's the time setting. Again some more statements no time Proclamation after 844 This is manuscript releases volume 10 page 270 also found the last events page 36 our position has been one of waiting and watching with no time proclamation to intervene between the close of the prophetic periods in $844.00 and the time over lords coming. The next statement the Bible Commentary volume 7 page 971 the people will not have another message upon definite time after this period of time reaching from 842 to 44 there can be no definite trace in of the prophetic time the longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 844 and by the way the only way you can get to 844 the autumn of 844 is through the 2300 days. People who were going to talk about the $2520.00 but the $2300.00 days takes you to the Day of Atonement which takes you to October $22.00 and $1.00 is the longest reckoning reaches to the autumn of 1844 and again Revelation Chapter 10 verse 7 says but in the days of the voice of the 7th angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he had the clear to servants the prophets and just before that verse you see Christ the angel swear by is right and on his left and a heavenly says that there should be time no longer in other words once we come to the rise of the Advent movement and the $840.00 S. and we come to the fulfillment of the $2300.00 days there is no more prophetic time after 1844. Now notice this is a statement from reviewing her of October 9894 and the heading that I've put on here is that these false ideas are a message from Satan notice this God has not revealed to us the time when this message will close or when probation will have an end those things that are revealed we shall except for ourselves and for our children but let us not seek to know that which has been kept secret in the councils of the of the Almighty It is our duty to watch and work and wait to labor every moment for the souls of men that are ready to perish we are to keep walking continually in the footsteps of Jesus working in his lines the spending his gifts as good stewards of the manifold grace of God Now look at this Satan will be ready to give to anyone who is not learning every day of Jesus a special message of his own creating in order to make of no effect the wonderful truth for this time so Satan is looking for those who will be confused and ready to lead people off. The beaten path. Here's another statement revealing her about 794 letters of come to me asking if I have any special light as to the time when probation will close and I answer that I have only this most of to bear that it is now time to work while the day lasts for the night some of them which no man can work now just now is that it is time for us to be watching working and waiting the word of the Lord reveals the fact that the end of all things is and and its testimony is most decided that it is necessary for every soul to have the truth planted in the heart so that it will control the life and sanctify the character the spirit of the world is working to take the truth of the inspired Word and stamp it upon the soul so that professed followers of Christ will have a holy sacred joy that they will be able to impart to others the opportune time for us to work is now just now while the daylight hours there is no command for anyone to listen to this there is no command for anyone to search the scripture in order to to ascertain if possible when probation will close God has no such message for any mortal lips he would have no mortal tongue declare that which he has hidden in his secret councils and David Gates and his friends especially the friends that he put the link to on his video you are saying we can't know the time that Jesus is going to come but we can use prophecy to figure out when probation will close and yet the servant of the Lord God has no such muscles for any mortal lips. So I'm going to stick with what the servant of the Lord here says and that is that we have no time prophecy that can say this is one probation is going to close. And by the way just as an aside let me just give you my brief understanding of how rate probation is going to close because if I could have a nickel for every time someone asked me does probation close for this before the rest of the the world or I would have a lot more money in my bank account for just a nickel every time someone asked me that question let me tell you this probation closes at the same time Michael stands up on probation closes he that is unjust let him be unjust that he which is filthy let him be filthy so he that is righteous let him be righteous all he that is holy let him be holy still but here's the thing when you look at the parable of the 10 virgins 5 or wise 5 or fullish. At midnight a cry is made behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him that parallels with a loud cry of Revelation 18 where an angel comes down from heaven having great power the earth is light and with the glory and that parallels the Sunday law so Ellen why has a statement Babylon sins reach heaven when the law of God is made void by legislation and she makes that statement in connection with a loud cry of Revelation 18 so when Revelation 18 takes place that means that the Sunday law has been passed and the parable of the 10 virgins at the end of the world the midnight cry parallels the loud cry so when all the sleeping virgins wake up it means Adam to as a whole the Sunday law Jesus is out the door behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him and then we see who has the oil and who doesn't but notice probation doesn't close until those who are ready go in with the bridegroom choose the marriage and the door is shut. That's one probation close as it doesn't close at the beginning of the Sunday law and a lot of ADD in us who are confused about that and say oh probation closes when the Sunday laws passed but here's here's what may add some clarity of understanding when the Sunday law is passed your opportunity for preparation has come to an end and now your character will be revealed so this is now what we call the judgment of the living those who are wise are ready for that those who are foolish are not ready for that if you have the oil you're ready for the test if you don't have the oil you're not it's like when you take an exam in school up until the moment that you walk into that room you can have your book open trying to cram in a last few pieces of information but once you walk into that room and you have your books in your locker and you just have a lease back in my day your pen and paper I don't know what you do now but if you take it online I don't know but once you walk in there is no more opportunity for preparation what you know is what you know but probation closes when you hand in the tests not when you walk into the room so the Sunday law is like walking into the room at the beginning of the examination probation closes at the end with the death of 3 doesn't make sense so when people are saying whoa whoa probation is going to close for out in this in March or April of 2019 well actually the need to be saying there's going to be a death or career or whatever you know the Sunday law isn't even actually the close of probation and it's your end of opportunity for preparation. But probation doesn't close until the end of the sun a lot of crisis and we don't know when the sun Ally's going to come and by the way when you study the parable of the 10 virgins It comes as a shock to the sleeping church it's not like everyone's like see we knew that time prophecy from over or September of 2015 was going to lead to the whole the rider in kind of now we're all awake no it comes out a moment when nobody expected it. That's what the parable teaches so that should hopefully add some clarity so when you hear people saying oh we can figure out when probation is going to close Ellen White says God has no such muscles for any mortal lips and let's talk briefly about the 1260 the 12 money in the 1335 David gets along with his former pastor the 7 they have in the church among others are trying to reinterpret the 1260 the Trold 90 and the 1335 of Daniel 12 as literal time prophecies they acknowledge the historical fulfillment of these prophecies but they believe there is a literal future fulfillment so there is the statement from the other 161 July 39003 let us read and understand the 12th chapter of Daniel it is a warning we shall all need to understand before the time of the end so this theme is used as a justification for the new understanding of futurism that is being promoted they point out that Daniel 12 and Revelation 10 are closely linked I agree with that they point out that Revelation 10 versa love and so is the almost prophesied again and they say it is then it is thus claimed that the prophecies of Daniel 12 have a dual application because of this phrase that almost prophesied again but the reality is is that Revelation 10 verse 11 says almost prophesied again before many nations peoples tongues and kings that simply saying after you go through the bitter disappointment of 844 where you had an understanding of the 1st and the 2nd angel's message after 844 you have an understanding of the 3rd angel's message which is not based on time. And you were going to prophesies again with the prophetic understanding of the 3rd Angel's months of Genesis not a time based message so it's not saying that the prophecies of Daniel 12 have a dual application after 844 it's simply saying that the 13 joules message needs to be prophesied again in a wider proclamation than what happened and 844 now this next day as manuscript releases volume 5 page 2 of 3 I'm not going to read the whole 1st paragraph it's about a brother nickel and then there was a brother age and some errors going on so in the 2nd paragraph we read we told Brother age of some of his errors in the past that the 1335 days were ended and numerous other errors of his so in other words he this brother age believe that the 1335 this is around the year 850 he still believe there was a future fulfillment to the 1335 and I was as no Those days are ended they already came to their fulfillment. So let's look at the true meaning of Daniel Chapter 12 Some try to make this a dual application chapter Daniel Chapter 12 verses one through 4 is a continuation of the prophecy of Daniel $10.11 it's a fascinating study so you get to the end of Daniel of verse $45.00 and then you come to chapter 12 or one of those and at that time shall Michael stand up that's a direct continuation of thought and so then it continues on. Through to verse 4 then verses 5 through 13 are an explanation of key points of this vision this is identical to the pattern of Daniel 27 and 8 so in Daniel 2 you see the version of the image and then there's an explanation Daniel 7 you see the 4 B.H. then a little horn and then the and then the judgment scene and then there's an explanation Daniel 8 you see the RAM and the he go and the little horn and the cleansing of the sanctuary and then there's an explanation and Chapter 9 actually gives further explanation a chapter of the same thing happens with Daniel Chapter 12 with respect to Daniel love and so Daniel 12 vs $513.00 does not stand by itself it is an explanation of Daniel 11 does that make sense. So Daniel 12 years one identifies the closer probation when Michael stands up it also describes the deliverance of God's people whose names are found a written in the book verse 2 describes the special resurrection verse 3 describes the wise who have given the loud cry and who shine as the brightness of the firmament. Verse 4 shows that the understanding of the prophecy of Daniel 1112 was sealed until the time of the end you know some people not that this is heresy but you sometimes are going to evangelists that meetings where it says men shall run to and fro knowledge will increase after this vision was sealed and you see slides of like trains and automobiles and airplanes and all ages increase Well that might be a secondary application of the primary application is that the knowledge of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation especially the sealed portion of the $2300.00 days in the prophecy of Daniel $11.12 that comes to a greater understanding after 798 and the advent movement ran to and fro with a chart to explain this most of the verses 5 to 13 are a further explanation of the prophecy of Daniel 11 and 12 and verse 7 shows that Christ swears by himself that it will take a time times and a half or 1260 years to scatter God's people until 798 verses 8 through 10 then reveal the after 798 the wise will be purified and made to understand the prophecy in the wicked will not understand and the versa love and connect to Daniel 1131 of words as in from the time of the daily sacrifice shall be taken away in the abomination that make a desolate set up there shall be a 1290 days of verse 12 and says But as it is he that way to think cometh to the 1335 days now Daniel 1131 talking about the daily being taken away which I believe historically represents paganism that was taken away because you can't show me historically any time that Christ Ministry was ever taken away because of the daily as the heavenly ministry of Christ Daniel says it was taken away the Hebrew 725 says that he ever live at the make intercession for us so. 508 is when Paganism was taken away and that's our beginning point for the 1290 and the 1335 year time prophecies so they extend respectively from 5 away to 798 or 5 away to $843.00 that's what is being pointed out at the end of Daniel Chapter 12 so what's the significance of 798943798 is the beginning of the time of the end until the 2nd coming of Jesus and $843.00 is the year the Miller writes originally believed that Jesus would come and one of those balls that is he that way different coming out of the 130530 days there is a special blessing for those who were alive at the time of the proclamation of the coming of Jesus around the year 843 and so what God is trying to say at the end of the Book of Daniel is here's what I want you to realize about the prophecy of Daniel 11 Daniel 11 is funneling you to the end of the world to the time of the end and between the time of the end $79.00 to 1843 I'm going to raise up a special movement after him God's people have been scattered during the Dark Ages and there's going to be a special wasing for those who are alive around the year 843 when they originally believe that Jesus would come because these are my people that I am raising up choose to call a people out of this world to be ready for heaven. Now God wants us to understand these as the focal points of history interesting Lee if you look at the number of times that prophecy points us to 798 you see and then you'll 725113335 Daniel 127 and 11 Revelation 112 and 3 Revelation 126 Revelation 1214 and Revelation 135 we have at least 9 times that prophecy points us to 798 do you think that might be important. So and I didn't even mention there Daniel 11 verse 40 which says at the time of the answer you could even say 10 times. So again Ellen White says we told brother H. some of his errors in the past of the 1335 days were ended and numerous errors of his now what they try to say is that the Hebrew word for days and Daniel 1211 and 12 is different than times in Daniel 725 which is in Aramaic or Daniel 12 or 7 which is Hebrew and then for the evenings and mornings in Daniel 814 and 26 which is also in Hebrew and so they say that this is the same word throughout the Old Testament to describe a literal days now if you haven't studied much or like oh man I guess these might be a literal days so they them believe that troll 60 troll 90 in the $1335.00 days must represent literal time however the Hebrew word for days and Daniel 12 is the same as the word for days and number 1434 and is equal for 6 which we used to prove the year day principle and all element corroborates this by using these verses and the word for days in the Greek in Revelation 112 and troll 6 is the same word used to describe literal days in the New Testament and yet that's clearly describing prophetic time and the word for months and the Greek in Revelation 113 and 135 is used to describe a literal months on the New Testament so clearly the fact that we have no more time prophecy after 844 tells us that if you start reinterpreting the 12 steps the the 1290 in the 1335 after 844 is to volubly the principles of prophetic interpretation and so we don't have any time prophecy after 844 literal or symbolic. And so that's basically a straightforward explanation of what Daniel 12 is doing and so Daniel 12 is just an explanation of what some of the important points of understanding are from the prophecy of Daniel 1011 so that's basically that issue now I'm going to move on to the $2520.00 just put under and the $2520.00 just put producer is a leader of a ministry in Arkansas known as future for America he and others have been proclaiming 2520 so-called prophecy for several years are going to have prophecy in quotation marks because it's not really a prophecy. They point out that the Miller writes preach this 2520 prophecy based on the Leviticus 26 and it was on their 843 chart one of the 2520 was one of several ways that the Miller writes pointed to $843.00 of course that really would go to $844.00 once they figure that out same as $2300.00 days and so they identify this time period from $677.00 B.C. 284380 they point out that Leviticus $26.00 so that God would punish Israel 7 times if they were disobedient and they say that in $677.00 B.C. Monastir of Judah was taken captive and that's then the beginning of this time the interesting way though. The Jews didn't really finally go into captivity until Babylon took them into captivity so that's kind of an arbitrary starting point as a way to get to 843 or 844 so now just put under updated the 2520 prophecy he added higher than have proposed about the 252100 doesn't propose that it should be from 723-2798 because he believed that the Northern Territory was taken into captivity by the Assyrians once and for all in 723 B C and so. Just put your combines well higher amounts and William Miller taught and said You have 22520 prophecies one the ends and 1798 and one that ends in 1844. So that you have the 2 starting points in. Pippin's are and his associates begin teaching that this is a testing shrews for modern Adventism because it was part of the platform of truth that God raised the Miller writes up upon and that you must accept this truth to receive the Latter Rain and to be sealed up and it is gone a lot further than that even since then so just some points of clarity the word for time is that different than the times and Daniel it means and Sin City rather than duration it's found 4 times a little bit is $26.00 and describes what will happen to Israel if disobedience so it's like this intensity of punishment that God will pour up on Israel if they are disobedient now they try to say look this was on the 843 char in Illinois as an earlier writings page 74 I've seen that the 843 chart was directed by the hand of the ward and that it should not be altered that the figures were as he wanted them that his hand was over and hit a mistake in some of the figures so that no one could see it until this hand was removed so it shouldn't be altered it's on the chart don't take the 2520 away away from us but Illinois has a corroborating statement Spaulding on the McGann collection page one which says I saw that the truth should be made plain upon tables that the earth in the form of there was the Lord's and that necessary means should not be spared to make it plain I saw that the old chart was directed by the Lord and that are not of the end that not a figure of it should be altered except by inspiration so almost as if you have inspiration that suggest some of the figures are wrong it can be altered and then she goes on to to say there was a mistake in some of the figures. Well what does inspirations say about the longest and last prophetic period this is great controversy 351 the experience of the disciples who preached the gospel of the Kingdom at the 1st advent of Christ had its counterpart in the experience of those who proclaim the message of his 2nd Advent as the disciples went out preaching the time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is the hand so Miller and his associates proclaimed that the longest and last prophetic period brought to be in the Bible was about to expire that the judgment was a hand and the everlasting kingdom was to be ushered into what was this long is the last prophetic time period same point here the preaching of the disciples in regard to time was based on the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 the message given by one Miller and his associates announced the termination of was 23 and it is not just the simple math question what is longer 232520. So 2520 is longer than 2300 right so if Ellen why is saying that the 2300 days is the longest and last prophetic time period what does that do to the 2520 it means it's not a time of prophetic time period. Because 2300 days is the longest time period so the preaching of each was based upon the fulfillment of a different portion of the same great prophetic period some people get confused by that but the 70 weeks are cut off from the $2300.00 days and they have the same starting point but the $2300.00 days is the entire period. So the great prefer the same great prophetic period as the 2300 days the 70 weeks are cut off from that now again L M Y It says a few other things I think I already quoted this the people will have another message upon definite time after this period of time reaching from 842-2844 there can be no definite tracing of the prophetic time the longest reskilling reaches to the autumn of 1904 that's 7 B.C. and $71.00 and the only way we can get to autumn of $844.00 so this already is through the $2300.00 days that takes us to the Day of Atonement now the just put into a deception he's been disfellowshipped from the 7th Day Adventist Church. He was part of a group. Accepting TA And then of course they were teaching this is a testing Sharif and now he claims to be a modern prophet to the 7th day add in this movement similar to your who took a shot or throw out of course put in there would deny that he's Victor like Victor but he is and what he says is that William Miller was the messenger to the miller right movement and he is the messenger to the advent movement so he's making some pretty serious claims about himself. He has formed a new church called the church Troy. And he teaches that probation will close for 7 minutes on the ember 92019 now I have a friend to have been into this movement and he told me that he was all into these teachings and then when he got into it his realisation is that this is utter fanaticism and he said warn the people don't come anywhere near this if you hear anything from future for America or church triumph for Pippin's are any of this stuff warn the people don't let them speak in your churches this is is serious fanaticism that you don't want to be a part of and unfortunately the churches that have had people come in and to their church to promote the 2520 and things of that nature inevitably leads to church splits just as the anti Trinitarian movement has also done very similar. Spirit and methodology and now I'm going to talk about a few other things there's the feast keeping deception now. We don't necessarily need to spend a whole lot of time on this but just think about this we are living in the end tight typical day of atonement. But should answer the question right there. That's a day to fast and afflict your soul spiritually we don't keep feed during the anti typical day have a terminal all admit the some other worldly oddness don't give a good look for how we should be a living during the anti typical day of atonement but that then doesn't justify to go and violate what God has said by doing feast keeping because feasts Keeping it was a shadow that pointed to Christ we're not living in the shadow anymore Christ has come as the Lamb of God And so we don't live under the serve only a law. Some sort of a oddness teach that the feasts us are binding for us to keep as much as the servant they say with in order to be sealed they teach we must keep the feast in they have the statement from patriarchs and prophets page $540.00 speaking of the feast of tabernacles of these yearly assemblies the hearts of all the young would be encouraged in the service of God while the association of the people from the different quarters of the land would strengthen the ties that bound them to God and one another well would it be for the people of God at the present time to have a feast of tabernacles a joyous commemoration of the blessings of God to them now notice she doesn't say to have the Feast of Tabernacles she says a feast of tabernacles Now if you understand what the Jews did during their time they would come to Jerusalem 3 times a year to keep the feasts and Ellen was saying well would be for us to have a feast of tabernacles so we can apply things like G Y C to being a feast of tabernacles and your local conference can't meeting maybe A.S.I. other similar meetings of that nature that's a feast of tabernacles where you come together as the people of God where you have a joyous commemoration of the Bostons of God and you hear messages that inspire you that does not say that we should be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles the Feast of Tabernacles in the literal sense took place 5 days after the Day of Atonement so anti-septic Lee It takes place once the Day of Atonement is completed we are going to keep the anti tip. Feast of Tabernacles in Heaven not on Earth. So just a few points the ceremonial law was nailed to the cross cautions 2 verses $14317.00 talks about this contained in ordinances that was nailed to the cross element as a statement about this a manuscript 43907 the laws of sacrificial offerings were chip to call him were in force until type should reach it's an A type in the greater and holy perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ these sacrifices and services of the temple were to see with a perfect offering of Christ himself as the lamb without blemish these sacrifices were a Balazs to the cross this handwriting of ordinances our Lord did blow and take away and nail to his cross and then speaking about the Passover those are of Ages 652 Christ was standing at the point of transition between 2 economies in the 2 great festivals he of the spotless Lamb of God was about to present himself as a sin offering that he would those bring to an end the system of types and ceremonies that for 4000 years had point to do is that as he ate the Passover with his disciples he instituted in its place the service or that was to be the moral of his great sacrifice that's communion then she says the national festival of the Jews was the pass away for how long forever the service which Christ the wish was to be observed by its followers in all lands and through all ages so the feast they pass away forever Christ and the cheated. The communion service. Going forward from the time now a few other points. Truth on the trumpets there are those who are trying to reinterpret the 7 trumpets to have a future fulfillment they try to line them up with the 7 last place that's be becomes a challenge because the 5th of the 6 trumpets have time prophecies associated with any of the 5 months and the 5th trumpet you have the one hour one day week one year prophecy and the 6th Trumpet So just a brief overview the 1st 4 trumpets are a judgment on Western room the 5th and 6th Trumpet surges are on Eastern room the 7th Trumpet is a judgment on spiritual room they are all judgments on a room for the persecution of God's people so the 1st 4 trumpets culminate with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and for 76 and God used the barbarians to carry out these judgments on the western the Roman Empire the 5th of the 6 trumpets were carried out by the Ottoman Empire the law many people the Ottomans who carried out judgments on the Eastern Roman Empire we see that in Revelation Chapter 9 and then you have the 3 woes which correlate with the last 3 trumpets so. You have a time prophecy in the 5th trumpet that starts on July 27th 12909 when the Ottomans 1st enter into the territory of the Eastern Roman Empire and that extends for 5 months. But the time prophecy of 5 months so that goes to $449.00 and then on the 6th Trumpet you have the prophecy of one hour one day one month and one year which goes for 391 years and 15 days that takes you all the way to August the lower than 840 now some adults are throwing this out thing on August 11th 840 doesn't make sense but as well annoyances in great controversy 334 in the year 840 another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy excited widespread interest 2 years before Josiah lets one of the leading ministers preaching the 2nd Advent published an exposition of Revelation 9 predicting the fall of the Ottoman empire according to his calculations this power with the be overthrown in $8840.00 sometime in the month of August and only a few days previous to its accomplishment he wrote a lot in the 1st period a 150 years to have been exactly fulfilled before D. a cozy the center of the throne by permission of the church and the 391 years 15 days commenced at the close of the 1st period it will end on the 11th of August $841.00 the autumn in power in Constantinople may be expected to be broken and this I believe will be the case not as well and it says at the very time specified chirpy through her ambassadors except of the production of the allied powers of Europe and those placed yourself under the control of Christian nations the event exactly fulfilled the prediction and then she goes on to say that this fulfillment gave em put us and power to them the right movement now some are saying oh well Josiah Lidge gave up his belief in that interpretation after 844 so we don't need to believe that anymore but you know also what Josiah let's give up his belief in October 22844 so we're going to throw October 20 to 844 also know that. Inspiration says that that was the correct understanding so the 7th Trumpet commences anything $44.00 with a judgement it culminates with the outpouring of the 7 last plagues Now this last point this is not a solve ational issue the way I think David Gates has been deceiving people in just pip injury has been deceiving people and feast keepers of been deceiving people because they're all basically saying if you don't get into line with what I'm saying especially pope and you're in the feast keepers you're going to be lost David Gates is basically saying this is a time prophecy and probation is going to close and he's the see even people this is more of a. It's a thought of I believe that God has given us clarity about what's going to happen at the end of the world and there are some views out there on Daniel Levin that says we need to be looking at the Middle East Islam of the King of the South or so forth and when is the long attacks Christianity then the final events will kick into place well let me just share with you a few thoughts and I don't think people are going to last for believing that but I think there can be a better clarity of understanding Here's just the big picture view of Daniel and if we had an hour we could spend an hour on this but I have 5 minutes to just explain this briefly I'm assuming I'm talking to students of prophecies here so I'm going to say this we have 4 major prophecies Daniel 278 and 11 and there is a culmination of each of these prophecies you have the kingdoms of this world followed by an apocalyptic event and so in Daniel Chapter 2 The apocalyptic event is the coming of Jesus in the clouds we don't know when that's going to be after Daniel Chapter 7 The apocalyptic event is not the coming of Jesus in the clouds as the beginning of the judgment heaven which we understand begins in 1904 at the end of Daniel 8 at the after the kingdoms of this world and we have this $2300.00 a prophecy that takes us to the cleansing of the sanctuary which is $844.00 and in the prophecy of Daniel 11 after the kingdoms of this world we come to Daniel Chapter 12 or one where Michael stands up on probation closes and again we don't know exactly when that's going to take place but here is something for your consideration when you look at the big picture of Daniel as you try to fit all the pieces together Daniel Chapter 2 shows that Jesus is coming again. But Daniel Chapter 7 shows us that in order for Jesus to come back there must be a judgment in heaven 1st Daniel 8 then shows us that in order for the judgment in heaven to be finished the sanctuary in Heaven must be clones Daniel 11 shows us that when the sanctuary in heaven is clones Michael stands up on probation close see how that all flows together I find that to be very helpful so that's why I don't believe that the end of Daniel 11 is about a Middle East regional conflict I believe it is about what happens to God's people and their character as they enter into the Final Crisis are they ready spiritually for their wives to be cleansed of sons so that when Michael stands up their names will be found written in the book now I've heard some people say if you take a spiritual application of the last 15 verses of Daniel Chapter 11 you're switching hermeneutical horses and my response to that is this that when Michael stands up and it says at the time by people shall be delivered every one whose name is found written in the book he's not standing up for Jews only. So if you believe that it's a literal interpretation or that it's about a Middle East thing at the end of Daniel 11 you're switching hermeneutical horses and Daniel Chapter 12 verse won because Michael isn't standing up just for the Jews he's standing up for everyone whose name is found written in the book so big picture of Daniel Daniel is a book about judgment every element on there is connected to judgment with the 2nd coming the judgement the cleansing of the century Michael standing up at the end of judgment and so that's really a big picture of the Book of Daniel Daniel means God is my judge he's coming back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords but in order for him to come back there must be a judgment that begins in heaven 1st in $844.00 when the judgment and heaven finishes the sanctuary in order for the judgment to have an effect the century in Heaven must be clones and when it is close Michael stands up and probation closes and that's really the big picture of the Book of Daniel then once you see the big picture then you go back and you start to fill in the details but if you try to fill in the details without seeing the big picture there's a decent chance you could kind of veer off and she you territory that doesn't necessarily make sense now again I have friends that believe. Differently on certain aspects of Daniel 11 I don't think that this is a test in truth or a salvation I just find that I think all of us would agree that if we can have the best understanding of these prophecies it will lead us to clarity so this is basically the end of my presentation on prophecy. You're going to want to stick around for the next presentation because we're going to talk about confusion on a queasy ology and church authority so if you wonder why the General Conference is voting one way and then certain divisions are pushing another way what does the Bible in the Spirit of Prophecy have to say about that why do we have disunity in the church that's what we're going to address next so why don't we in the social and wear the word of prayer and then we'll take a short break Father in heaven. We thank you for being with us this morning and for being with us here at G Y C We thank you for the more sure word of prophecy that it's like a Y. that shines under a dark place Florida may we not be confused by. Date setting and reallocation of prophecies that have already been fulfilled may we not accept prophecies that are even prophecies like the 2520 May we realize that when Jesus died on the cross the sermon e-mail system passed away and that we are to follow Jesus by faith and in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary now that we are in the anti typical day of atonement and when Jesus comes back and Michael stands up May he stand up for us and may our names be found written in the book this is my prayer and Jesus in the name of. This message was recorded at the G Y C B N in Houston Texas. Supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to inspire young people to be bible based pricing and soul Christians. 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