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How to Give a Bible Study on The Mark of the Beast

John Diel


John Diel

Current President of GYC SouthWest. 



  • November 21, 2009
    4:00 PM
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I do have nothing father on board they do so much again for this wonderful Sabbath they differ on being able to fellowship with our brothers and sisters and thank you for him letting us see the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit to teach us at the always wonderful father and an upgrade before hand offered this site there's a lot of people that that prayed a lot in order to put this together and so I believe that your Holy Spirit is here with us we need we need to that income into our hearts actually just cleanse us from all unrighteousness and filthiness in order to receive your word is that now a father and on me whom you have chosen this day the present this is as unworthy Lord I feel my worthiness presenting this and but I believe a father that even in my weaknesses is fantasy to be made perfect in that and what is strenuously to be made perfect in that and whatever that I lack the Lord am asking and pleading that the Holy Spirit will fill the venue be the only teacher with the worst that will come out of my mouth be the right words will looking Jesus name amen payment okay guys continue to pray for me see study the next study like I said on if you guys weren't here this is not like the regular common uncommon but like what you use but what you usually hear when people present the mark of the beast this is not that kind of study this is a different kind of approach this is only being with the market a beast usually when people give the market a beast study become minute when the seal of God okay this basic need to understand market abuse you have to understand the seal of God and the seal of God has three basic things you guys are not at each space you have to know what you feel is a seal is young the circle thing and it's there's something written in and basically it's the title position and territory in the seal of God basically I'm cynical it out and do some studies on your own if you guys choose to go this way on the seal of God is the fourth commandment received the biggest visiting the fourth commandment you will find the title of God the position of God in the territory that is I and with that thought the purpose of the study will continue to market a beast the purpose of the studies to show that at the end of times the market obese I just abbreviated MOV MOD will be Sunday observance market obese Hispanic market in the study is to show that at the end of times the market obese will be Sunday observance that again another tip the purpose in opposite all the time okay that's just for you to know where you're actually trying to go okay you're the state all the time of the center it is busy making for us but you can see it is said noting in idea if you are how do you have any problem with that but sometimes and they didn't like Sunday observance have the mark of the beast and all of a sudden you're already right in the middle of it they shown at the mark that it the enterprise the lighter refill recently of service we have to center it in Christ so the center and Jesus is Lord and we show our love love obedience as were to be talking about Commandments Jesus is our Lord and we show our love through obedience John chapter fourteen fifteen you can even put that in you love me keep my commandments okay and let's begin our study in Revelation chapter one verse one Revelation chapter one verse one three have any readers I think we have one that's good that's good they are not getting stinking up a guy swinging your thinking caps in regards to this revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave them to him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John I think Bible says that the revelation of Jesus Christ which are given to him shown to servants okay question this is the principle that where China get from this verse question gave the revelation that Jesus Christ was a God gave the revelation of Jesus Christ okay another question how should one this okay why did God gave the revelation of Jesus Christ according to the verse the show things which marks must shortly come to pass okay so basically were trying to look at the purpose of the book of Revelation according to this verse okay so out pretty quickly summarize what that means things which must shortly come to pass the future things that will happen okay aren't another question I'll think about publishing are another question how was this message communicated what is the manner that is this message that this message was communicated okay so banning you what else what else vision of data according to immerse okay so it was how it was signifying the frontrunning the number one signifying the basic purpose of the book of Revelation according to chapter one verse one is the sure things that must shortly come to pass signifying what the signified me what this the words find me symbols codes right you communicated are you one of the purpose of Reverend the book of Revelation according to chapter one verse one is to communicate things that will happen in symbols that's only one number one is what I will but communicate future in symbols I there and then you got rid of something market a beast probably is the symbol of a thing to the market abuses people think that it's a barcode or people think it's a tattoo of six six six on the forehead and an Army a few seen used there are people in Florida says that he asked he says that he's Jesus Christ forgot his name he thinks he's Jesus Christ and he says that the number sixty six number Jesus Christ the patented all over his for head and neck may have number six six six his followers and there's a lot of stuff about the market beats so very good with Revelation chapter one verse one is to show future things finally fight with a coded by in symbols then we go to the second verse which is Revelation chapter thirteen verse fifteen sixteen read also seventeen and eighteen and then Revelation fourteen nineteen eleven you're going to disdain versus the next two verses basically give them a a a a quick bird 's eye view of what is going on regarding this mark of the beast guys are regenerate up so you're just basically like surfacing through that's what the purposes of and in a number to the text number two which is Revelation thirteen fifteen to sixteen through eighteenth and then Revelation fourteen ninety relevance to get given the background what's going on okay brother to me have you read up on Greece and he had power to give life unto the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right-hander and therefore has and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore and six are good it's good to have sown read Revelation chapter fourteen verse nine through eleven and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his forehead or in his hand the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation and he should be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment shall send up forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whoever receives the mark of his name and give okay so basically you're giving them an overview of an hour to go through Revelation chapter thirteen recipients fifteen and sixteen is what I want community retirement long between seventeen and eighteen if you want that's no problem but when you get that message is often overlooked based on that text based on the passage that we just read what is going on with what's going on but what's in there what do you see in their and then he can identify there is a key there is a beast and then it seems like there is a mark that goes in for ahead and hand and then you walk on through your basically said you ask them so does it seem like there there there on imploring you to have the mark of the beast known asking you this it seemed like they want you to have the market of these are according to meditate up a thirteen to sixteen and sixty this is if you don't know Kelly either encouraging the market abuse that's what you want so number two you want to point out reading it I'm displaying at the microbeads okay by you and I want to point these things out there's like he figured as a piece figure this accident and AIDS is a mark is a four at the hand use your spiritual discernment if you want to take them for a ride on the whole background the thing is before you present the mark of the beast you have to be familiar enough with Revelation chapter thirteen remember I said and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel you have to be familiar enough to know that he is which is basically the earth east and then there's the Seabees and then various and a mace to the piece and there is a marked so your homework when you go home before you get the study read Revelation chapter thirteen sixteen flight number six pints is rated six it won't take much repeated different versions of the used mainly on some translation will slaughter this is on Eugene James King James is a problem yesterday I like it with us also but like the NIV sometimes they date the absence of integrated so I worked there on that so what you want to point out are they encouraging yes they're encouraging now we go to Revelation chapter fourteen verse nine through eleven part of the third Angels message so again you're just giving the overview of stuff there giving the overview of the crisis the Mark of the beast crisis okay and according to Revelation chapter fourteen verse nine through a lab day eleven from is it an cursing or discouraging it discouraging I but this time who is the discouraging Scott okay I just wanted on astronomy and that's what I would write him a note you know when you go back and write the questions on asking the visit is is is is according to this passage is a being in grades or being discouraged in the next time when you reader notes it says is again to go to school back to the text you get the answer okay Bible studies is good when it's like more of the question-and-answer connecting and making them think okay I put together yes I don't amen amen I now we go to our next verse so just having this background okay again you have to be familiar with Revelation thirteen eighty one the kingdom for a ride sometimes it will hinder you if you give them the whole background but sometimes it helps okay it's a 50-50 thing five times out of ten it will help by plants other than it will not help okay so use your spirit spiritual discernment then we go to the next verse we find out that it's being courage and discouraged him there is a crisis that's going to Revelation chapter twelve and nine but did for you go at the Malaysian capital is not what I want you to notice the point here that can be a transitional notice a point before we actually discussed some more things about this market these would go to Revelation chapter twelve verse nine noting that in the background that the book of Revelation its purpose is to communicate things in the future that much short that that that must shortly come to pass in symbols okay and then Melissa L verse nine okay to the great dragon was cast out the serpent of old called the devil and Satan Buddhists use the whole world he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with okay there is a certain and that serpent is who according to the verse the devil Satan in order to meet what did Saint undo by the senior notes what did Satan do the world deceives deceives okay maybe I should strike the questions what did Satan do and answers to see okay then you make them think now then you put on thinking caps and knowing that you have the background that the Revelation is written some are written symbols okay some are literal there are symbols now that you have this background the accident a Bob Jorge brother will once look what does the word deceive me now masking you what is the word this evening 's Eileen seem like tricking you I like when when you're deceiving you like a mouth opened in to see someone you didn't do it in in a subtle way I in a subtle way then you use logic is logos at this point the coordinating revision thirteen the mark is good of you know and before he them he found that the Satan works in deception okay how do you think you think that this mark is actually to be put on the right hand and on your four head and you have to defeat someone through the probably not why obesity exhibit put it on you even though when you were sleeping when you wake up in the morning you look in the mirror you have a marketing you'll see okay you will see okay and then you can ask them as a transitional phase where to spend the next five minutes discussing about this mark of the beast okay is is a literal or is it symbolic okay and how social what it is they might ask what integral and symbolic like how does that apply to me look what it is much about us and fix a bug and Pines and God is discouraging it in the beach is encouraging it and it talks about life and death situation wouldn't you want to know if it's symbolic or literal of it that's their transition when you wouldn't you want to know if their symbolic or literal how did I am putting here just read my notes I put anything here from the hikes but if someone has a hand or on if someone has a mark or a barcode in their handler therefore had the baby decedent to getting that no but then we find out that the devil operates in deception so it probably is not a literal mark then we will go to the next verse so what does it mean to have a mark on your four head or on your hand and the two go together on a chapter six verse five through eight and I have a lot of advanced texts but you guys can go through will spend time on one of them and I got some pictures of a sudden generosity chapter six verse I thought I read together how we got army understanding this RL resort are the subpoena pray continually Deuteronomy chapter six verse five through eight you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your strength and these words which I command you today shall be in your heart you shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lie down and when you rise up you shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as follows between your eyes aren't thank you beautiful our site visit me there on a chapter six verse five through eight God says that you shall love the Lord and God with all thy heart with all his sole and only mine and these words which I commanded entity and then she talks about thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand in verse eight and visual BS frontlets between thine are okay and you go back to verse five okay first five God is actually in the Bible is talking about God 's law in verse five and eight now they don't ask you a question the Bible talks about it at the specs in their Bible talks about a yard that the law should be written in in your heart and also in the mind right okay now you can ask this question for them which is the same question and then ask you does God really mean the better question was not generating desiring his people illiterate he attached his loss to their hands according to the verse was God after he saying but that's a lot their hands and applies the law and therefore had no right so that's the question that you guys want in this good God mean it literary like this this guy really wanted to have an open heart surgery and somehow tapped to all the tenth amendment in your heart or is it is it symbolic and you ring them back to the text and the text is in and down in these words that what I'm hungry six and these words which I have I command thee this day shall be in thy heart and also teach them in the end diligently enter thy children and shall talk of them when thou sit this in my house and when I walk us by the way and when we Windows I is down in window rises up and down shall bind them for a sign upon they hand and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes and then let's go to Exodus chapter thirteen verse sixteen and nine which is basically the same but I just want to discuss that really quick exodus chapter thirteen verse sixteen first which is the same thing it shall be token it shall be for a token upon nine hundred four four front lets between thine eyes for my sense of hand the Lord brought us out forth of Egypt and then in verse nine and it shall be assigned on TV upon thine hand and for a memorial between the knife that the Lords law may be and I'm out for with a strong hand of the Lord brought me out of Egypt okay now we're clear and that God does not really want you to have the law have to do in your armed when your hand God does not want the law actually tattooed in your heart okay know why this anime so what let this happen actually mean but before that on some people estimate they got dirty Jews back then the people of God has to be commiserating and actually but these things called phylacteries it are like by their eyelids and on the behalf of how busy are you have the law the in between the the between their eyes and by the way between the front that of your eyes it's basically your four head okay and then doing this in the pitcher is not working than regular you can look at a picture of it yesterday but so it are okay and then you go thank you brother so after this we know that I've got probably did not mean it literally just be I just want you to be aware that some people after you take delivery of the Bible does not say that is a possible heart also okay then you ask them this and I think it needs liturgy so what does he mean that what does he mean okay and you can take them all throughout these texts basically what the hand means Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse then I'm been a goal of there really quick and I let him read it Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse then and you'll notice that means whatsoever thy hand finds to do do it with my for there is no work nor devising our knowledge nor wisdom in the grave whither thou go with so basically what does he mean then while that happened we just look at it yes the doctor nine verse ending it meant something that you do okay something that you do so hand represents something that you do do okay so the implication the heart means something that you feel that is in you emotionally hope every together we together God what God really meant is basically for you to allow God 's law to be part of your life in whatever you do in the way you think for it okay Rivera not just get some just get that understanding for this study ISO we have this show the purpose of the book of Revelation we showed them the background and then we showed that a Satan works in the section and it can be literal now run this verse we just showed that the heart I may not have represent things that you do and for ahead basically is a representation of mind or how you think it's a RN and then from that of the Romans chapter six verse sixteen and that's that verse is actually a very good verse for the study versus the bomb the bomb Romans chapter six verse sixteen around on taking my time as this is not like the original study anyhow I want to understand before you guys even walk out of here okay I can someone have read Romans chapter six verse sixteen for me please the reader of here are just busy all day whether Romans chapter six verse sixteen which is our sixth ex- government did not know that that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey your that once lived to whom you obey whether of sin leading to death on obedience of begins leading to righteousness are thank you thank you are for the Bible talks about serving the question that you want to bring print out of here to get the principle is this according to the Bible what makes you someone's servant according to the Bible specific needs of Romans chapter six verse sixteen what makes you someone serving obeyed act of obedience that's what you want that's what you want there what makes you serve in act of obedience guys got at the got that Apple of obedience okay assassin illustration for example this is a mixed reasoned debate they gave me so bear with me I for example at I walked in here and then my my my good buddy here Eric he tells me nine JR that suit looks so bad on you man and a brown suit is nasty playing nasty or I I want you tomorrow when you come back to wear a black suit man in the black suit will totally soon you okay and I have my girlfriend over there and she's like unshelved didn't embarrass you by my brother Novak and she doesn't not I hear your call and you know what tomorrow justice the single you look so good in that coat okay looks over the knuckle and then the next day I come and I'm wearing the same coat question my a servant to our request answer when I is limited my girlfriend 's what makes me how do you see how how do you see that I am a servant to my girlfriend cause I followed her through the act of obedience through my act of obedience I am a servant there is what you wanted benefits so you have that illustration for your notes you can put an illustration that works in a suit of the history of restore one or draw something out of this are so now we got the principle also if I want to join out now you try to review things in America Limited in Othello and tell them again with you to tell them and review everything okay now that you get this you kind of get the good the review okay so like and principal men there are only two sides right who your energy so big okay and you know it is not only happen during this time when Paul is writing the it also happened during the time of Adam if it happened during the time of Adam it happened during the time of Paul you could happen again today yes I put down your notes yes it happened okay so that's the principle we want to draw out on this basically your external action step of obedience makes you a servant of some day and then where you go to the next verse so having this thought and argument means that we talk about Satan allowed look a little deeper again into his motives okay Matthew chapter four verse nine and ten Matthew chapter four verse nine and all this I will give you said if you will bow down and worship me to send him away from me Satan for it is written worship the Lord your God and serve him only a matter payment thank you I think we also have this text before except that I don't be familiar with it Matthew chapter four verse nine and ten Jesus is not now notice with me okay numbers that we really want here is the alignment not in Matthew chapter chapter four verse nine intent is verse ten okay we talk about of service I mean we talk about being a servant for someone which is basically no public obedience may just serve at the Summit and then we go to verse then you can give the background that is Satan trying to tempt Jesus and what it actually wants is worship their familiar with that worship I remember that this whole things about worship okay if not you expanded on this thing is about while you're expanded later on no notice with me in birth and okay Jesus saith unto him get thee hence Satan the Bible says or Jesus is for it is written thou shalt worship nuts with them where the worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve somehow Jesus correlates with word the circuit worship worship now you're back on track worship at the principle that you want to take out out of that text okay because basically who you choose to serve now you can make an explanation is the one you worship with your are now you can you can ask if you worship the way Satan tells you to worship whether how when this is just the thought of it if you choose to obey Satan in in the way he tells you to worship whether how when what what does that mean that you are obeying Satan therefore you are serving Satan worshiping Satan I hope it other questions to sting them to make it clear the next if Jesus had obeyed the worship Satan what is he doing a serving think servicing summed up what you start initiative we got the point I see some naughty and that you I see tonight payment are now let's go to the next verse okay is on this point I think we can point out stuff about this mark of the beast about this mark of the beast out some stuff and Lindsay I think we can for this look at what we have so far the development of what we have so far are from here okay nine oh Mister Stephens later but even when when when I reviewed you and I tell you what it is you use anytime I just go to Revelation chapter thirteen was fifteen and sixty and in Revelation chapter fourteen percent he was granted power to give back to the image of the beast at the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on therefore okay and then verse fourteen and seven verse seven chapter fourteen verse is saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea in the foundations of water are now with everything that you have everything that you have then you have the back on abortion was it wasn't there before now we went the disconnects to see the issue is worship okay the issue isn't worth it and there is sitting giving medicines at the thirteen verse fifteen and sixteen those vote both verses are called to worship verse fifteen it doesn't have power to give life and that image of the beast that the image of the beast should both be in cost that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed you know what you're getting into there that's like all abortions were sixteen and he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads knowing that the mike in the right-hand is something that you do and in regards to something that you do for someone chlorinated you worshiping that represent all abortion worship at powerful men that can cause a worship team calls for worship Saint Eastman disguises craving for worship okay and then Revelation chapter fourteen verse seven but this thing with a loud voice there got into Lord therefore the only sub the fourteenth verse seven right yet what are his judgment has come worship him that made heaven and earth the sea of the water there are two opposing things God wants me worship and then this piece wants to be worshiped and then without thought also Matthew what must you do according to verse thirteen and Chapter thirteen verse fifteen and sixteen according to this chapter what must you do in order to avoid seeing killed on Thursday the market visa course and I like colors so you can even point out in this verse you can point out that the difference of the call of worship okay would you want to worship something and that something says if you don't do it it will kill you it actually says that it will and you can kill you like no man that sucks right and then you can point out the difference between you know that and then forgot even just this is a remember Jesus theirs I remember the story meninges that Jesus was coming to this rich man and this was Ralph asking you what you do young in regards to inheriting the kingdom of heaven worshiping God and Jesus this is basically I don't sell everything a window this take away everything that we all your properties and then the rich man he did not do it and Jesus did not like tackle him and says no you have to get it out now no worship I see Kumar difference the margin just point out it might be something that that's interesting for them like all God is not coercing us hence love open out of Xian China see if I still want something from this are verse sixteen again we meet we saw that the right-hand employer had and then we talked about it just again bring reputed to them the meaning of the hand being in the four head okay and then we get a review now will review what we have so far in regards to the clues for the market obese so in verse eight will get review islets Smith's review really quick what we have okay so according to the book of Revelation it's its funding medicines after one verse one the purpose is to communicate things that will come to pass and symbols okay and then we went and saw the crisis and then he talked about the smarter to be how we have clues for this market obese and that one clue is that Mark is symbolic of a down market symbolic in a says that family March is an act of obedience are number two there are two calls of worship close call in worship we don't be will identify our mill identify us on the dark goals abortion and was call me obey will identify us who we worship with NEDs that would interchangeably I then on the second Thessalonians chapter two verse one to three second Thessalonians chapter two verse one to three and a good transition this is what let's let's let's look deeper into this address will will describe them even for concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and are being gathered to him we ask you brothers not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy report or letter supposed to Lord has already don't let anyone deceive you in any way but they will not come until the rebellion occurs the man of lawlessness is revealed the man doomed to destruction are thinking son of perdition of personal honor is dispersed we can just put it on verse three on a test labor for a devoted reform review of the antichrist I know were going to this first base they highlight the show the same thing last week of the Antichrist falling away can you follow a from something of you I read there no can you be divorced when you were if you aren't ever married no okay so it just shows the closeness the closeness of the antichrist to Jesus Christ and at this point there comparable antichrists basically you can tell him the beast is antichrist you have to know that background but the beast is antichrist member we had that that that that talk a while ago that the beast and the antichrist and that the little horn and the the CBC is exactly the same thing they ran for the same time they they came out of the same power and this is basically the same thing I know that we noticed the same thing little back son of perdition who is the son of perdition to this over the Bible discussed only wanting it it mentions it one other time and not only in John chapter seventeen Judas is the son of perdition okay now how what in the world how does it relate with regards the antichrist will basically this antichrist is somehow a Christian Institute and we learned that last study member Bob Christian it's Christian now is this man of sin is eight Christian this piece is a Christian would than his smart be a Christian Mark also I that's a story that's what we want from the if the mice if if the antichrist is this CB is Christian then won't his mark be something in regards to Christianity also a recruiter there I regret but if it's quiet I don't like and understand and explain the delay in of the I think you guys can actually understand IMing on work of the Holy Spirit for you working I can see I can see this is this is good I so on another question that you might ask to begin up to get the whole concept this I questioned the Judas vitamin D opposed Jesus Cardinal and there is no way then home AV this part of these will nonviolently oppose Jesus and then you bring them back to revolution capital verse nine November Satan works out through deceit they so it's subtle counterfeit total total counterfeit okay and the antichrist there is called the son of perdition I got that my dad I got to get most of the points on that one on that verse is trying to see if I can control you in some more information in regards to this verse I Bergen Bergen record right onto all my to make a vamp what do they ask you you as a son of perdition numbing is not really Judas while most people will actually know that they Judas the traitor who betrayed Jesus Christ is not a problem especially with your studying with other Christians but some people would need evidence you have to you have to show them how Jesus acted to take me it's a Jesus Christ you can show that the John Chapter seventeen verse that it doesn't be fate that that's on the upper addition when Jesus was praying was really Judas it doesn't say that Jesus is the son of perdition but you have to be able to explain the way I would explain it I was not I would to show them the abilities of Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with a big kiss on our friendship and then after that you call him master somehow like subtle very very very very subtle okay I now we've already got is that life in John's at the seventeen burst while there yet John Chapter seventeen verse twelve let's just explain Judas the son of perdition are not good at that's good and then we did we actually are going to the last point he can anticipate ever you choose I will give you an explanation for the rest of the versus open basically we are trying to him get points in regards to on the market of these when we get to remedies and up to fourteen percent or eleven which I'd like identify the characteristics of it and then will write it down again here okay provisions of the fourteen verse nine through eleven and the third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image he receives Marcus Barnett finance and same shall drink of wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture into the couple is in the nation he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and independence of the lab and smoke of their torrent ascended up for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and whatsoever received the mark of his name are aimed you and him a reversal of also based here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commands of God and data diseases so that were going to this verse basically we have a main point but then on we be asking this question of Alan asked this question against the make it clear is not encouraging or discouraging the market abuse receiving the mark of the beast is discouraging it now in the asked you this question I immediately discarding it if its safe for me to say that God would not want us to avoid the market if you wanted us to receive it right right okay and the text does it but the thing is in the text God doesn't tell us what the mark of the beast read he is okay God does not tell us in the text with the mark of the beast really is but he shows it by telling us what it is not I guess that's my point will give an illustration of the so in this tax God doesn't show or tell us whether this would suggest but he suggests to us by telling us why it is not and you will find that in verse twelve that's why separated will find that in verse twelve days to gauge how do you get it on your gums here's the angel of God 's angle receiving arteries the receipt of our enemies and if you cannot market a mutual be tormented you will be tormented for in the presence of the latter and present the holy angels and in the presence of the land and on then hands it would verse twelve and younger so here's the vision of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and feet of Jesus is just basically telling us how not to receive it by telling us to the commandment okay on an quick illustration I for example with your name or the like hi my brother Clark over here I was but he's over here is the unstated notes is taking notes and you guys are listening and it suddenly I punch him and I tell them I tell you guys don't do that can you know like Bill you understand what to do but to simply tell you don't do that and then I ended later I made another illustration and I I I I the Clark and like a what's up brother they would like some money now that I think given like something like water water in giving water and doing all these kinds of an estate that I buy tell you that would you be able to understand what not to do it the right left the illustration that we can use in the league and evenly but for example at this yet you can have in the in the chair and stuff like that in and in the loan if I started punching and pointing and clicking until you don't let anyone else okay so basically what would you do will not get on December to be better a better person that the other people not than I like armed Sabino okay that's basically the point that were trying to get at here in verse twelve and then we'll get them of the above review I basically when God says here are the basis of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus so basically not in order for you to not receive the market obese you can do one thing and that's to keep the commandments of the keep the commandments of God okay and then we shall then we we we asked running the young give them three logical points in regards the market abuse I number one we learned that it is symbolic which we reviewed a while ago it just basically means an act of obedience that's what the marketing and then we went to second Thessalonians chapter two and we found out that it is some that that this antichrist is somewhat of a Christian and because it is a Christian than somehow we know that apparently this market abuse is a Christian act with any number three it's contrasted with the ten Commandments I guess understanding is that he presenting a blessing amen all that's good but it was good seeing with this the thing is you know when when when when you get the site even if I would do this but at least you're not hounding them we do things right away don't you just settling down one things is the market abuse then you have the study data on first floor of the seal of God if you're not counting them to doctors right away in their life now I can't even understand the soon-to-be Sawyer pounding me with market a beast on the seal of God an entire company with market abuse sorry I did FLSA but if this ad this is pretty logical and then from this view we can read quotes or we can continue on with this and this is basically just the Daniel seven study only you're doing the Revelation thirteen study okay so you can basically if you want if you have time sometimes when you're giving study you'll find that talkers so that you find someone who's just done in the glow Larry Brown the seminar next verse when you are able to go through in like thirty minutes and Daniel find someone that that might start off we would have to be since last year that Lisa and I and then he starts talking and before you know it you get my past the hour and your only unlike verse twelve amend the foreign verse okay so use your spiritual discernment these again are extra animals for you guys that just in case okay just in case so if you have time basically you tell them mark of the beast is the mark of the beast meeting to identify the piece then it's easier for you to identify his mark by the monitor these is the market a beast it's that simple then we identify who the beast is and on how much time that I have but in just a quick review probably of that of love those versus chapter thirteen verses one and two again you have them these the beast and in the kingdom remember you show them the seven verse seventeen these means kingdoms or nations okay and then I guess on the island Revelation thirteen while having gotten I didn't get any nods that will just will just get to it really quick in verse thirteen and Chapter thirteen Chris wanted and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns right there you might recognize about ten minutes of seven heads are maybe because this one beast like cut all seven of the three other kingdoms of man upon his horns ten crowns and you want to now I end this study upon his heads the name of blasphemy and we talk about the name of blaspheming Melissa that's what you want here to blasphemy and also in the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as a mouse running where it were as the feet of a bear in his mouth as the mouth of the lion and the dragon gave him his power and his seat enough already we basically does this Dragon that that that that gave them so you want the blasphemy Dragon and then amalgamated animal sweeter they right here and are comfortable with symbols they are comfortable with simplified stunning what it means now kind of stuff aren't so blasting a we know what that's many years as end and where to go here to listen thirty five describe that linear okay and interacting dragon gave him his power what what did we know about our digital horn where what looking than did it come from vices out of little horn unbundling Rome Rome right now that is that I do a good study and that Linda God help us on that site and I came out of Rome so basically how is that somehow I am in the Bible says that Dragon it's the Dragon laxity gave the power to the beast Satan did a part of the besieged rivers of the zero point it doesn't connect how does that connect of it will basically you can think of the Revelation chapter twelve Revelation chapter twelve and if you read Revelation chapter twelve there is a setting of bank regulation chapter twelve murderers limits the thirteenth thirteen at October thirteenth and when the dragon saw that he was cast out on video keepers did you know women which brought forth the man child awake where is that no bursting chapter twelve verse one into capitalist when a gunfight chapter twelve is going to explain that the Dragon and I mean the Dragon gaming the dispute of power of it and there appeared a great wonder and having a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars as you bring with child she is being she being with child tried sunbathing in Brittany Nikes she's in labor okay and pain to be delivered and to be delivered and an notice in the University who is there and there appeared another wonder in heaven and what is the great red dragon having seven heads than one seven grams twenty seven is failed through the third part is that and then you go to verse five and she brought misfortune and he failed to the third part of the stars of heaven and big cats than thirty and the dragon stood before the women was ready to be delivered for the devour her child as soon as it was born okay and then verse five and she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron question who is this man child who is this child but this woman's Jesus and I agree the hobby anoints Jesus woman is the church how to clearly well maybe because of which on its use rule no other rod of iron rod of iron devoted relations after nineteen verse fifteen ninety meditation seven nineteen verse fifteen describes Jesus Christ routing with a rod of iron and how they are the background on it says that well this Dragon headset that one what are you trying to do with this manchild before it was born you assigned what devour his child many children start now when Mary was pregnant and about to give birth with you about to give birth to Jesus Christ was there a zero Dragon waiting like God Jesus Christ and eat in no but there was a decree made by King Herod the activities they kids two years and love right so in a sense this Dragon yes I think then but in another application this Dragon this is Satan is working through King Herod which is at that time under the jurisdiction of the Roman empire so that they explained that basically the Dragon is wrong giving power the people wrote the Dragon is big in Rome giving power to the people groan I would be together Iraq and then you expect expanded Amalgamated beast while amalgamating these leopard looks like a leopard as a feed of the bear has a map home life will basically you'd think about the Banyon in Daniel chapter seven the animals animals can you explain this to them okay I so this represents business is that Babylon lion of movers of their previous leopard over you know you know what's fascinating about history is like during the time of the Babylonians would be conquered Jerusalem you notice Danielle was alive like this is what happened they conquered it and it did not kill everybody there was no mass genocide basically you got juice being in Babineaux and then we go presenting them comes that's over Babylon and then we reinvent a separate that Daniel is still so there is no mass genocide no mass genocide now that now now now and in the development of Persia there are bad begonias living in there was no mass genocide same thing happened in Greece before you know it your kingdom is filled with Babylonians filled with Middlebury since filled with credence hence Amalgamated animal neglect but the right thing bank statement so you want to point that out again bested you decide that's illegal for okay weekend this end the study here and then read quotes and then the blasphemy that in Revelation chapter thirteen verse eight and seven it talks about persecution persecuting power persecuting power okay and then we have quotes for that persecuting power I will read some of those quotes right now and then chapter thirteen verse fifteen through seventeen from this is like the last ex-pats this bus is a review for them this one a review that the IRB clear on our unclear a list of now if you want to end the study you have to go history the optical back in history improvement within our interview some quotes so it's it's it's it's a symbolic it sits an act of obedience it's basically a Christian act and its contrasted within the ten Commandments are right and then reread some quote if I can find Lakewood over here are the new seat question which is the Sabbath day answer this is found in Congress catechism in Catholic doctrine answer Saturday is the Sabbath day question why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday answer we observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday and then ninety nine of them did read another quote and an organ and to study Wichita this this is found in this is after statement of a bishop the church on the other hand after changing the day of rest from the Jewish Sabbath or seven day of the week of the first made the third commandment referred to Sunday at the data be kept holy is the Lord 's day the Council of Trent condemns those who deny that the ten Commandments are binding on Christians and then that's unaffected by the Catholic Encyclopedia and then you just read more quotes in regards and that you recall is that if you don't obey this Sunday worship they could actually send you to the point of ban all that stuff and then you end us that study there and then but then you have to land the plane in regards to your appeal had landed when you review everything because the market abuse and you make sure they understand this they understand this and after that but you explain to them I I forgot to tell you you're expected in the game regards the Sunday worship and stuff like that make a Sunday like totally opposing Saturday which is God 's commandments which is basically connects to this end and LCS and in its computer and then you have to so is the study care and then you and it's clear it's clear I will know right now I want you to know while you review this right now like this this thing is not happening okay it's not happening it on there is no one telling you to worship on Sunday and pointing a gun at your head this nonpoint event on your head telling you to worship on Sunday but the principle here is the decision that you make today make you the person on the makes you who you are what's what that the decision that you make today will turn you into the person who you will who you are tomorrow the end of one thing I'm undoubtedly the decision that you make today will affect their character tomorrow they so what you mean isn't it smart to just basically start you know of being God now which will make it easier for you to obey him later when this is enforced and then for the appeal he can give them a story on dynamic part of the appeal you can just tell them a story and that stories the city on no I is going on does that there's this one guy you know just caught up between two wars fought between two wars but the thing is he had a relative in each side of the war and even though this war is between relatives he knows what the right thing if you knows what the right thing I'm not the right thing to do the right side he knows which was the right side but he doesn't want to pick a side he just refuses to pick a side so what does this we know in this war may have flags is the way he does this he gets a flat okay and on that flag on this side it looks on the bear flag and then he didn't need the flag of the other side on that on on their site so that basically when he runs for the pain though see all best both those people are on our side and they will stop I dream each other I also does that in response shooting each other now he sits down and yes and a nineties happy to get off I need a war is over but unfortunately for shame the wind blows the flag and switches it around so that the opposing side will CD opposers like and all of a sudden besotted he died in the principle that we want to get here in the appeal is that if you don't choose a side you're choosing a site that using a site you don't use aside right now you're choosing a fight right now is deciding whether to be clear for you he says yes and then he often is there anything that would keep you to choose a side and then there goes your appeal they do so much any questions that he will deal with it later as we all have time here on becoming you guys know before that lets now I had for whatever is going on I immunized amalgamating these philosophies and everything is there to listen our heads for a quick worker by their father in heaven Lord think you so much for him just giving us a lot of truths the day and be learned about the market abusive father we learned that in the appeal that our characters are actually decided they might be a father and may you help us as it says in the spirit of prophecy Lord that whatever choices we make today will either prevent us allow us to receive your seal and father help us to receive your seal help us to choose to receive your seal they get so much alertness the people who are in here help them to actually be a light into the world thank you again for being with us in Jesus name amen


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