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5. How NOT TO Lead a Disastrous Prayer Ministry

Melody Mason Gem Castor



  • December 31, 2018
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the G Y C. Houston Texas for other resources like this visit us online. Before we officially do I just wanted to show you a little bit on the revival Reformation website. You know because we're sharing stuff but we actually have a ton of resources to help with prayer ministry and small groups and different things like this and so unfortunately when I blew up the screen I lost my picture on the front page so that 1st picture is not going to be there but when you just go to the front of the website there's this beaut beautiful welcome to revival Reformation OK you scroll day on and you'll see important upcoming dates we have the Sabbath Day of Prayer and fasting this is the quarterly day of prayer and fasting that the church does every quarter of the getting ready to start this next. This next week and then we have the 10 days of prayer coming up and then the next quarter day of prayer and fasting and I'll show you what's on those pages here in a minute we have some of our very top recommended resources like the 20. Top resources and then these are featured resources currently and this is what I was talking about earlier 5 specific ways to grow your walk with God in the new year it's actually a New Year challenge there's a video where I share things that have really grown my walk with God This last year and then I share a heart challenge and I'll show that on another page so let's move over if we were going to click on the important day yes this would be the prayer and fasting materials page you would go to practical pointers on fasting here is the next quarterly day of prayer and fasting materials so there's actually a program that you can do with your small group or your church or whatever and I have written some of these materials and we have other people that have written so it's a combination of people but these are actually resources we're putting out and you're like oh we need a resource to help with this that I'm like This is what we're doing but most people haven't discovered it so that's why I'm encouraging you go to the our in our website we have a lot of materials there that's for the day of prayer and fasting. Here is the this is the oh this is the prayer page every week we have you have to sign up to be part of united in prayer but every week we send out a prayer testimony and answer prayer testimony and then prayer request for the world church and those are you know just different things sometimes they have to do with different tragedies or things happening around the world or different things we're praying for we're praying for the World Youth total number of volved that have Angeles to campaigns that are going to be starting this next March Gary Blanchard talked about that the goal is to have $100000.00 of Angelus tick series by young people being run and so that's on the parlous pony where you can sign up to be part of that and we have an online prayer room and these are previous blogs. Don't need to show you everything but I do want to show you more OK So this is a really important to your in a prayer seminar so prayer resources page if you go you click up here on resources and you can do it here to prayer per resources right there or resources prayer Bible study devotional or if you want to see all the resources I'll show you that in just a 2nd but these are prayer resources and here we have just 10 days a permit Ariel's praying for rain which you can get downloadable form the booklet we gave you I'm going to talk about this here in a few minutes and you're going to want to know where do I find this spring the word prayer and promise cards that you can download there all right here under prayer resources this is the New Year's hard challenge that I told you about yesterday or maybe This morning I can remember. The 10 day Heart challenge that I put together to just you know help you grow closer to God in the new year and this is the video that goes with it neither one of these will get you to both of those resources there is tons of prayer resources here you want to have there's more of my testimony actually if you want to hear more testimony and see here if I can find. The prayer towards the end I think we have now down near the bottom is the the per booklet and I passed it. The privilege of prayer encounter with prayer house of prayer. Sorry I'm flying through these things but how to start a permanent ministry here you go I mentioned this in this morning seminar you want to booklet with you know ideas for starting prime ministers and how to all Nori organize things and it's really a lot of method but there's some good ideas there that you can glean OK I think the most important thing is the heart which we've been talking about but that's where you can get a lot of how to details and we pulled some of the things that we share actually come from this resource So anyway I just want you to know there's videos there's testimonies many different things than if you just click on the resources themselves then you will actually see the latest resources that we have uploaded and you can go by topic you can go by author. You can go by types you know documents or audial messages or video messages or whatever you want to choose and this is the way latest one that just went up the small Bible study training by Alister Hmong you know who he is. President of body of Earth yeah he's a great speaker he has a lot of amazing testimonies and he does a really awesome he has some great stuff on Bible study but he has a handout that he put together and that's what that is so these are the latest resources So anyway I just want wanted to show that to you revive on Reformation dot org. This is this is so amazing because it's you know I feel like my job I get to play because this is this is what I get to do is collect resources or write resources to help promote revival reformation for our church and that's where they're all going us right there. And I'm very open to if you have resources. That you think should be featured on revival in Reformation there 7th Avenue just godly biblical resources will consider putting them there so we're not just pulling from specific places we're pulling from a wide variety of places so we're always open for her for recommendation Anyway I. Will let you start have a word of prayer and get started on how not to lead to disaster if this will be interesting we haven't done the seminar before. So expect this Esther. I'd like to request those who are able to kneel down to please me a little of me for prayer. Our great God our dear loving heavenly Father will replace you and we thank you that you are the source of knowledge and wisdom and Lord we want to learn from you not just from me and meld your father but but you direct from your Lord who are we pray their father that you please speak your words today who just be reading from and inspired writings and from the council and from your words so that your father I pray that you please cover us with your blood to hide us behind a shout of your cross and Lord please help help me and Mel and all of us here to be students at the foot of Christ thank you so much love hearing and answering our prayers for we pray this in the loving name of peace and Jesus Amen. So very interesting title ha. How not to lead a disastrous prayer ministry or a prayer session who almost You hear has experience a disastrous prayer session like you just want to get out you just want to leave or you're thinking when is it going to and. That's that's what we're trying. To avoid this afternoon so what are the prayer session killers actually you know what the Spirit of Prophecy talks about prayer session killers and sometimes we are not aware that we are doing some things that could be prayer session killers but the beginning of the ministry I was a prayer session killer seriously and you will you will see that later on I will point where I was I think mostly most of the have. So this are the things that we need to be careful about because the moment we get into this we are not aware that those are the things that are used by the enemy to somehow. Like died on the fire that suppose to be burning and and we will also tell you how to deal with people who are procession killers because we have come across and and by the way before I before I continue with this everything starts with your heart preparation the moment the heart is right with God it will be easy for us to get in June and get right with all these things so can you can you click the next one OK sermonizing prayer Have you heard people give the sermon during prayer Ha Ha OK so we forget that prayer is is our petition to the Lord or praising God There is no part that is sermon to God or sermon to people by their friends there is this code from the spirit of prophecy that says but many offer prayer in a dry sermonizing manner this pray to men not to God Did you get this so when you pray a prayer like this it is about pride is it a it is about self and the 1st requirement my dear friends when coming in the presence of God is humbling ourselves before him so this does not really qualify when you catch yourself giving a sermon in prayer stop. Pray silently pray that the Lord will somehow take that South away let us continue if they were praying to God and really understood what they were doing they would be alarmed at their audacity for they deliver a discourse of the Lord in the motor prayer as though the creator of the universe needed special information for the general questions in relation to things transpiring in the world did you get this and I did not realize that I was giving God some counsel helping him out maybe this he needs their reaction from me of friends so this is one scary stuff avoid this sermonizing prayer. OK the next one long praying I was in that position as well sometimes when you're so on fire you cannot stop and you are not even aware of of the people around you so you just keep on going and going and even in United prayer by the way friends before I go on we are not discouraging you to pray long prayers in your closet you can do this but when we are in a congregation be very very careful ask the Lord to put the prayers in your lips because we had the tendency as human being because pride still exists a sister Melody said a while ago we are still vulnerable and and sometimes when when you hear the word the men so let me go our. Hands no Listen to this thought long prose it talks and prayers are out of place anywhere and especially in a social meeting especially where social meeting those who are favored and ever ready to speak are allowed to crowd out the testimony of the timid and retiring there are some people who are somehow in the valley of of this issue and whether to lift up their prayers but because of your long process of prayer they are somehow back out. And friends and this happens when one person prays a long prayer another person is inspired to pray another long prayer. Another person prayed another long prayer what happens is a prayer session is dead I just like to tell you 11 testimony one quick one we were we were having an all night prayer there were just 4 of us and this guy prayed very very long prayer friends this is all night prayer this is 2 am and my friend was leading out and while we were leading out and I'm thinking when is she going to transition this is a very long session she fell asleep. The leader fell asleep and they were once she woke up and she thought it was just like 5 minutes ago she did not realize that we she was there on her knees and faced the ground for 45 minutes. You were wary the angels you were the Saints friends those who are who are most superficial generally have the most to say wow and I could not examine myself and I begin to realize ole Lord just expose how superficial I am so friends be careful we long for Aussie press and by the way friends do not use this code to people hey you sermonizing prayer long prayer do not attack the people with this you are not the Holy Spirit Friends when ever we will we will discuss this later and how to deal with situations like this. Just microphone here I was just going to say. The point of why we are in for sizing this is specifically for you as leader right so of course we can contribute and this makes it very difficult but as a leader we need to learn how to bring things back into control so if you'll address how you would deal with a situation where somebody is going on and on how do you bring it back into control when people goes on and on and on especially when you're leading United prayer you have to stop the prayer session somehow sing a song and then give an instruction again again and and very very gently very humbly don't say that again let's pray short prayers. Do not do it like that. So let's let's let's always be led by the Holy Spirit when ever you approach someone be sure that it's not your spirit doing it is the Holy Spirit is very important and their prayers are long and mechanical they will read the angels and the people who listen to them even the angels are wearied just imagine this friend so all the while I thought that that we have a very good audience my dear friends our audience become weary so just remember that our prayers should be short and right to the point that's why in every prayer session do not fail to emphasize Let us pray short prayers don't get tired reminding this because even people who have been doing united prayer for a very long time got carried away the moment we pray along prayers prayer session dies out O. Can we go back Mel let the long tiresome petitions be left for the what the last said so we are not stopping you pray long prayers Oh my prayer your closet next. Why do people pray so long in public this is the reason why listen to this there are some I fear who do not take their troubles to God in private prayer those people who pray along in private do not have the personal prayer with God The people who pray long prayers in public to not have that personal one on one time with God That was me because I'm a sangria and I'm a performer so I don't want one on one audience before I love to pray in front of people and the moment I got involved in prayer ministry and I did not even know that was a prayer killer listen or my oh in private but research them for the prayer meeting and their do up there praying for the several days such maybe name conference and prayer meeting killers you're not just a prayer session killers conference killer wow they emit no light edify no one their cold frozen prayers and long backslidden testimonies cast a shadow. Before before you go on again I think the greatest thing that we can do is pray leaders is really lead by example and it's really helpful when you have a group team I mean we do this together especially when we're starting a new group that's not used to praying United prayer and they're all getting ready to go off on their you know one of us will start the prayer and usually when you're starting or when you're transitioning I'm sorry I'm sitting down and so tired. But I realized anyway. When you are. Where was I going with this. You know when you're when you're leading a session and you're transitioning you're going to say a little bit more in the prayer time OK and give that in that instruction so the leader is you're transitioning you're kind of opening the session or you're transitioning into the new set of session so you're going to say a little bit more but then as you go into the prayer time where people pray you want to model short prayers so I'm giving it in our dock Sion and all of that but then I'm going in and so you know now Lord. We want to praise you for such and such and I'll begin by praising you Lord I want to thank you so much for your words we have your word to stand upon in these shaking times and I'll say that and then my per teammate will come in with a short praise and so we've just modeled 2 short prayers so people are already seeing but if you don't have sometimes when you're starting and you don't have someone. Sometimes it can be a little hard because people don't see and so they just start praying and then it gets long and then you're trying to rein them back in so it's helpful if you have a few people that are part of the per team that actually are are on board with you so things don't get carried away because that really helps and also be very aware of this. How do you call this of the negative spirit that is in you because sometimes you get impatient when people does not listen to your to your instruction and they go on and on and on the enemy could easily put that in your heart and that could ruin the prayer session so you just pray that the Lord will somehow lead and somehow give you tack to manage the procession if they go on and on saying again and instruct again because that's just the human factor of it we are all. Was this defective human beings so so we learn in the process OK prayer session killers this unity among the prayer team friends this is this is one sad thing because prayer ministry sometimes could be very very prideful there are some some this unity among the members who praise the best who leads out more effectively so when these things happen you know for a fact that this is a spiritual battle this is caused by the enemy and you know what happens we defeat the purpose of having a prayer ministry if we ourselves are not united and I remember back home when we have this despair conference or or used gathering we have to be very aware that during that conference that the enemy will try everything in his power to put disunity in the group and when we see that happening we pull everything together hey I think the enemy is getting a foothold on us so we'll pray and will consecrate ourselves and and go straight right away to the Lord this needs to happen and this beautiful coat and we have been reading this quote again and again we are encouraged to pray for success with a divine assurance that our prayers will be answered the promise is made on one condition what is that promise. Your pouring of the Holy Spirit that the United prayers of the church are offered in answer to this prayers there may be expected a power greater than which comes in answer to private prayer and this is my favorite part here the power given will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and their love for one another how much power do you want to see in the ministry in the church if you want to see that happen in a big way we had to be willing to humble ourselves before God and we want another Remember in this in the time of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was not poured out until they came together in one accord at the spirit of competition was pushed aside this are one of of the pictures that Mel showed and you see my dear friends this is the reason why in United prayer we always encourage less press together let's come together and it is especially in a very comfortable society in a very comfortable or rich country like the US like Europe like North America we have our own space. And we are not even aware that that space somehow could be used by the enemy to distance ourselves from the group from the ministry from the church I have noticed those those people who have been praying together in close unity carry such a difference and I remember in the Philippines when we come because Filipinos love grow the places. We just crowded one another and I remember Mel giving me this this instruction jam don't ask them to come really closer together these are American. Usually they need their space and I'm thinking no they're I did not argue with Mel But I'm just thinking they are not just Americans they're there have been citizens and haven't they are all equal Iran and and then I could really see or sense or feel the difference when God's people come and press together and we have not experienced such sweet sweet prayer session until we pressed together last year remember that time in the Phoenix Convention when when we crowded together and this is one beautiful thing that happened there because there are people outside of the prayer room and they could not get in but when we pressed together it was just very symbolic those who are unsaved got. Did you get that those people who were not able to come in decided just came in because God's people united. And I just want to say I've worked in a number of different congregations in the western world here where we have that tendency we're like press together press together and they move 2 inches. No I mean come on come together and I tell people you know when I'm inviting people you know we're going to be a family in heaven it's time we start acting like it now so we mean come forward but I've been in many congregations where they're reluctant and they're slow and they're kind of but they slowly come but as the praying begins and God you know is working in the Holy Spirit is there there is a real warmth that develops with the Holy Spirit is there and then we finish the prayer time and people don't want to leave they don't want to go there talking to one another and sometimes hugging or crying or making things right I've seen this with my own eyes in a number of congregations and it's just beautiful you know the enemy is constantly trying to put up walls and there are of course appropriate boundaries so when we say press together we're not saying in an inappropriate way. And so keep that in mind but at the same time we have all this Reserve and the Holy Spirit is trying to break that down he's trying to humble us really and remove those those prejudices and pride and bring us together and we see that with with the per time and it's really beautiful Amen Isn't it beautiful and even the singing changes when they're far apart there's just it's not just a street as when we come together and Fessor That's why I tell you friends when when and persecution we will not have a space of our own will be drawn closer to each other and I'm very very sure that worship would be sweeter during that time that's why let's practice it now Amen pressed together pressed together be of one mind of one judgment Grice is the leader and you are the bread and follow Him Ok fair session killers. Difficult people how to handle them OK Is there a quote here or just shared attesting what I think there's no code I'll just give you. An experience that I've had. Dealing with people who who refused to to somehow listen to instructions because there are people especially in a huge congregation that tendency to lift up self is great it's very high and there are some situations that people will will play along I will pray so often that it crowds out other people's prayer so there was one prayer session it was a big prayer session and there is one person who prayed again and again and again it's like after 2 or 3 person suffering this person prays again and person prays again and I was getting getting irritated during the time and and this is why I am telling you to learn from from what I have experienced and I say Lord please take away this this is this is a passionate person this is a person who wants to pray and I don't want to kill the fire so I was praying and praying and the Lord somehow convicted me not to talk to the person while I'm still upset so I went back home and I started praying for this person I started praying for myself and friends if we are not willing to lay on the life lay our life on the line for that person that we're about to talk to Do not talk to that person if you get that so when I when the Lord gave me peace to talk to this person so I shared excuse me I I just want to tell you that I'm really appreciative of your passion for prayer. And I want to I want to encourage you because I know that you are a prayer leader and being a prayer leader we have to be aware of what we are doing in the prayer session because we could bring this to our church so as a prayer leader to a prayer leader I'd like to I'd like to give you a short counsel because sometimes other people goes there in the prayer session and they're timid they're shy to pray but if we are very aggressive in our prayer it somehow stops them from expressing what the Lord has put in their hearts so my advice is give them time to pray let's lessen our prayer and let's let the other people pray because this is a huge congregation let's just let them pray and then this person said OK thank you and I although I thought that I was OK already and then this person leaven and he came back and said Brother Jim. I have to listen to the Holy Spirit's voice rather than men. Oh and I'm thinking and this is the reason why friends that we really have to come in a very prayerful spirit or else it will be us that will be answering those difficult situation and while the person was speaking I was praying in my head Lord how do I answer this and the Lord gave me the answer and I told this person excuse me but with all due respect from 700 people who are gathered here in the prayer room I'm very sure that it's not just you whom the Holy Spirit would want to pray to sometimes it will come out in in a rebuke form but my dear friends rebuke. With the spirit's heart so be very very careful and there are some situations friends that this person will still go on because this person became rebellious like in the prayer session this person would pray long prayers would defy every instruction so every time that that happens I just stop the prayer session and and somehow stop it with a song and then instruct again that people will learn and and there are there are people who are who are very passionate and you just have to talk to them with a kind heart because we have people who are like that very very passionate to pray they pray often so I talk to this person Hello sister you know what you are. You are very very passionate for prayer and we appreciate that but sometimes it crowds out other people so when these people pray they pray in front of me and when they go on and on I crawl to them and then I thought that when the need to hear. I do it with the smiley. And I remember one time when we are doing it in this this person and she understands that she has this tendency because you could just see her bubble when when she prays so she prayed a long distance from me so I call. Sister here. And she said I'm sorry. So friends do it in a very very. Manner. Share the part Oh yeah and there was this last last prayer session and I was just struggling Lord why how can I how can I bring this person because this person does not back down so I told the group you know what before I laid out in the prayer session. The prayer session here in this group is like we are all family here it's like we are taking each and every one of us a piece of the pie like that in the Philippines we are we are quite impoverished So when we eat something we have to slice everything and you could not eat the slice that's not yours or else your brother will not be able to eat so this is something as well that we have to remember in prayer session do not eat the body of your brother OK you have something to say yeah I just want to say as well as far as leaders you know what we are doing here I see what Jim is doing with the prayer time with such a large group is not something you're doing all the time right this is a special experience to you I see there's hundreds of people you know we've had between $8.90 people every day praying and so it's beautiful just to be in the room and just to just to listen but if if you have a large group too much of this going on and Jim has done this with the morning prayer times too you know you'll actually divide the group up and say OK we're going to get into smaller groups and then everybody's praying in the smaller group but the per leader can still leave the prayer from the front so he can still walk us through the praise and thanksgiving in the confession and he just transitions with the song so people kind of bring their prayers to a close and then follow him to the next session so you can do this and we've done this with thousands of people you can lead United prayer from the front just getting people into small groups but it's difficult what he's talking about these you know people going on and on specifically in large groups we want to allow people the experience and we need to remind people and we do God hears your prayer you don't have to speak it out loud you don't have to dominate the prayer space obviously we want to encourage people to pray but what he's speaking against our perception killers where somebody is dominating the prayer time and. Not allowing other people to speak and so that's what we're trying how do we bring that into control and he'll do that you know Hill sing a song and then reemphasize. And if it continues then you have to talk with the person and even the scene the song that was not made. Because at that time remember I had been sleeping only with a few hours and I'm thinking Lord I was just like distressed during that time what can I do in this situation because it just goes on and on the prayers session killer just keep on doing it and the Lord just gave that thought and it would a song 1st stop it with a song and this is very very important that the heart preparation should be done because if you are not connected with the Lord even the ideas will not flow through even the way how to handle this you cannot do this on your own especially does is a spiritual battle friends you have to be fully dependent on the Lord OK yeah OK Mel I think you have to take over here. Trying to think what I was going to say here we've been talking about pride and humility the whole time as far as per session killers. I think it just what I was I think Jim's already been covering this what we were referring to with the slide is. Our own heart condition as leaders and if there's things going on in our hearts or we're not consecrated that's it's going to go flat when we bring people together I think that's what I was dealing with OK I want to talk about good vulnerability versus bad vulnerability we have a lot of questions about this and by the way at the end we're going to have a little question and answer session as we get through these things so if you guys do have questions you can ask and I will do our best but anyway good vulnerability bad vulnerability. I think it's really important and I actually write about this in daring to ask for more I'll share an experience 1st a number of years ago I was leading our I was supposed to lead a prayer session in the morning with a few 100 people quite a few people present and. The night before it was the next morning that I was supposed to lead God convicted me of something in my own life that was not right and it was something that I needed to do I needed to make something right before I was going to be right with him and it was something that I just hadn't realized. I think I knew if I really thought about it but things build up in your life and you just let them go and then breach forms and so God convicted me of something that that wasn't right in my life and when he brought this to mind I'm like I can't believe the part time tomorrow morning you know this has to be right 1st I can't lead it and so I was looking for somebody to replace me. But I. Couldn't find somebody to replace me and so I was struggling and then there was somebody that was going to replace me but I was praying and I remember the Holy Spirit convicting me that morning this was the next morning right before the Perth time was supposed to happen and I was working to get somebody else to reply. 3 and the Holy Spirit is saying melody you need to go and leave the prayer time but not as the person that you want everyone to think that you are you need to be honest with your struggle with your failure with where you are and bring people with you to the foot of the cross. Well I was like I was totally humiliated I was like Lord I can't do this I can't share you know what you know what's going on what's wrong and so I was just like oh no and I was talking to another prayer leader that was on the team with us and and I was trying to get him to help me get somebody and he even confirmed melody I think I think you need to do it and just be open with the struggle that you're having in your life right now it's not fixed but you recognize. So this is a big battle for me of course largely because of my pride and I don't want to go forward and admit and share my struggle but that morning I did and I went forward with tears and shared an area in my life where I had not been following God as I should and that I needed to make right but I had I couldn't make it right you know right this moment I have to go take time to do that and so I was crying and I said but I am inviting you to come forward with me to the foot of the cross you know sometimes we feel like we have to wait until everything's perfect you know before we. We come and he says you know make everything perfect before you come you come. And I'm what you need and so I'm I'm inviting you to come with me today because I'm broken just like you and I'm struggling and you see and I actually shared with them what that struggle was and it was very humiliating to do so but we just had this beautiful powerful prayer time that morning and I remember afterwards and I was just so you know I was really is like Lord why did I have to share that you know but I remember. Afterwards the Holy Spirit convicting me not just for your own humbling but as an example for others to see how I'm working in your life and then. And he brought this elderly gentleman up kind of hobbling and all crinkled skin I don't know how old he was but definitely an older man and he came forward and he says you know I've been attending conferences and different things for many years and I always fall felt like they were just an act on stage just pretending he says but today he says I have chosen I don't know if he said for the 1st time but he says I've chosen to give my life to Christ because I see that he's real because I see how it's changing you know and he was crying and he hugged my neck and I was crying and I was just like wow you know I don't know I mean the situation that I was in obviously I shouldn't have been and. But. I know that God used that experience to touch somebody specifically and he wasn't the only one but that was the dramatic testimony from that. So a good vulnerability a bad vulnerability I want to share something here see if I can find specifically relating to confession. And here I write about this in more detail in daring to ask for more so you can you can read this you can look up all the Spirit of Prophecy on it but I've had a lot of questions and these are different things that we've dealt with a lot in the per ministry like you shouldn't have you shouldn't have you know confession part of it should just be personal and private and let me just say. There is a difference between personal confession and public confession there are things that we should never confess publicly and Ellen White talks about this specifically as well there are certain sense. That are being struggled with and when we bring those to confession it plant seeds in the minds of other people and you know I'll just give example in the area of sexual sexuality or Pernod or fee or these different things and I've been in prayer groups where people are confessing these things Lord forgive me for my struggles with masturbation or forgive me for my struggles with this that it was like oh my word you know but then people people are becoming more and more free and I see exactly what Ellen White was talking about the fact that it plant seeds in the minds of different people while they're struggling with it too it's really I guess it's not that bad it's one of these respectable sends right we don't really talk about it but you know and it puts it in the minds of people and she says these things when they're spoken actually. Reap sorrow and so these are very real things that we're struggling with that our young people are struggling with and I think sometimes they need to have some accountability and they need to have some counsel and maybe prayer partnership to have victory but this is not something that needs to come to the public circle ever these type of things lust and. You know emotional adultery and other things I mean the list goes on and I have to name them all for you but these type of things. Are not healthy to be shared and so that's why we have become very strong because in earlier days in the prime ministry I remember these things coming out and like how do we deal I mean I mean it's good that they're being honest but should they be that honest you know these are not things that are healthy to be shared publicly and I want talks about that and so that's really helped us so we're very clear now when we do the confession times you know those private personal sense you know what they are don't need to be confessed publicly that's between you and God However there are sense that we are guilty of as a church. That is very appropriate to share and it's actually good to humble ourselves and that's what I want to read a little bit. And. Do this let's see here. So in the spirit of prophecy we find the following principles which I pair paraphrased here public confession is humbling to our souls we need to be humbled public confession is a witness to others who need to humble themselves public confession is taking responsibility for what we have done wrong against God or others and seeking to make it right when we do this there is healing public confession fosters unity and love as we pray for one another and bury each other's burdens public confessions like and Ellen white list these things selfishness overreaching dishonesty towards our neighbor or God pride prayer listening to sins in the family and many other such sense that have brought the frown of God upon his people need to be acknowledged these are appropriate to bear to share publicly so she actually says these things. We all bear responsibility public on fashion is often urged by the Holy Spirit and we need to obey Of course what is private to some may not be private to another so if the Holy Spirit prompts us to confess we must not refuse but she also writes confession of sin whether public or private should be heartfelt and freely expressed it's not to be urged from the center it's not to be made in a flippant careless way or forced from those who have no realizing sense of the A poor and character of send the confession that is mingled with tears and sorrow that is the outpouring of the end most soul finds its way to the God of infinite pity says the Psalmist the Lord is not to them that are broken broken heart and save with such as be of a contrary spirit the devil likes to take us to extremes so. He would really like to not see any confession at all. Or he wants us to just vomit out all the filth. Of our heart and that is not. That is not the solution. To say one more thing here. Yeah I are already mentioned this is dangerous to confess these type OK. Of course we need to confess these sense these are things I spoke of earlier but they should always be confessed to God alone or only with someone who could help with the achieving victory however it's dangerous to confess these type of sense publicly especially sense of a sexual nature because they neutralize the witness we have for Christ and they plant seeds in the hearts of other Christians that will spring up and bear fruit to fall under similar temptations these sins cannot be very grievous they say this is on whites words for did not those who have made confession Christians of long standing do those very things these must not be very grevious you know and so these are the excuses that people use so I just want to encourage. As prayer leaders especially. We need to keep guiding and holding the reins in this area of confession I have a few things I want to share here this comes from the book Secrets to victorious living I think it's by Norman grub. We are like a house this is how it goes we are not isolated units living in a vertical relationship with an isolated God we are members of a human family with whom we live in horizontal relationships and obligations are 2 way we cannot say we are righteous before God through faith in Christ and continue to be unrighteous among men. Let's put it this way we can liken a man to a house that has a roof and walls so also man has fallen state has a roof on top of his sense coming between him and God and he has walls up between him and his neighbor but at salvation when broken at the Cross not only does the roof come off their faith in Christ but the walls fall day on and man's true condition is a sinner saved by grace is confessed before all men and he writes the secret to continued revival is continued brokenness but he continues unfortunately the trouble soon begins after conversion and here lies the basic hindrance to continued revival continued revival is continued brokenness but brokenness is 2 way and that means that the walls may be kept must be kept off between us and God But man's. That walls must be kept down as well as the roof off I read that wrong but man's most deep rooted and subtle Senates a subtle scent of pride of self esteem and self respect though hardly realizing it what we are very careful to keep the roof off between ourselves and God to repentance and faith we soon let the walls of respectability creep up between ourselves and our brother and we don't mind our brother knowing about the successes we have in a Christian living if we win a soul if we lead a Bible class. God it you see we don't mind if they hear about these things because we get a little reflected credit because of them but where we fail in those little areas of our daily lives that is a different question that God has to deal with us over our impatience our temper our dishonesty our coldness or some other Send we do not bear easily testimony to this of God's gracious faithful dealings why because of our pride and here is a quote from 5th testimonies page 18 let the proud spirit and humiliation let the hard heart be broken no longer Pat and pity and exalt self look upon him who are sins of peer see him descending step by step the path of humiliation to lift us up abasing him self till he could go no lone no lower Why will be be so indifferent so cold so formal so proud so self-sufficient who of us is faithfully following the pattern Who of us have instituted and continued the warfare against pride of heart and she goes on. And so this is this is really key I think. That God and that we pray that God would teach us how to live a life for him of biblical integrity but also authentic honesty and godliness and this is something it's been difficult for me but God's been ever since he took me through that breaking experience about. Look and 121314 years ago now that I alluded to the other day in my testimony. God has really given me a different perspective on this like in the past I would never admit you know like you know he helped me overcome this or struggling with this or are different things but going through that brokenness wrecking recognizing who I am in the face of who Christ is and what he's done and what he continues to be my self-esteem is no longer built on your Except ends of me does that make sense it's on being faithful to God So when I share things I'm not sharing things to be accepted or applauded or whatever I'm sharing it because the Holy Spirit's convicted me to share or you know I just shared something this morning with you when we were in the other room you know about the fact you know Jim's talking about self and and and proud of heart and I'm just sharing right here you know I'm I'm struggling as a conference speaker wondering you know who's going to come to the seminar are people going to want to come to the seminar and then I shared Well it doesn't really matter well you know how how did it feel the 1st reaction of self when we had to move rooms today you know that didn't feel real good but then it doesn't matter and actually Jim and I were talking about real like we actually like the cozy atmosphere of this room better that other room was so big it was hard to get you know close to everybody so it's all good but I'm just saying self is alive we struggle and we're struggling you know with little things here and there that we we really don't mention it's not necessarily necessary that we need to mention everything I don't think that our life needs to be a dot diary where we just share everything you know this is something kind of gets me on social media where everybody feels like they need to share everything that they're thinking and everything that they're going through and every little detail I don't think that that's necessary but if you follow me on social media or my Instagram account. And you will see that I am authentic in what I share struggles the God's working me through are different things and so what is the fine line between. I think it really goes back to the heart issue of things what is the purpose what is the heart are you trying to pull attention to yourself are you trying to you know get people to notice you are you really seeking to be faithful and just you know this is my walk with God and I'm struggling and I'm on the same journey that you are we have our struggles but he is growing US and I praise him for the victory that he gives and so I can share those things not worrying about what people are going to think because my goal is what God thinks and that I'm faithful to him so sometimes he prompts me to share things in confession that I wouldn't normally. But of course he holds the reins as well so hopefully that topic on confession makes sense hopefully you have a muddy the waters more I write a lot more about it in daring to ask for more if you have questions how do we relate to confession and you can look at all the Spirit of Prophecy quotes and Bible that we that we reference so I think you're back on dealing with opposition we've talked a little bit about it I don't know if you had more that you were sharing here but. OK yeah we have a lot of experience of negative opposition of course is no positive thoughts. What I mean is negativity towards the ministry because there are people who associate. United prayer. Contemplated prayer. And. Spiritual formation so we have discovered that people will label it as that because they have not really had a knowledge of what a condom planted prayer religious or spiritual formation and there was this one news conference back in Asia was together with another pastor who's who's well known in the Adventist world when I stood up at the end of the of the sermon I was about to lead other prayer session this pastor asked my friend was is he doing that always about to lead out in United prayer and later on we knew that this pastor was not somehow approved of United prayer you know why because of the United prayer session that he somehow experience that when out of hand there is this one person who just went off on a very spiritual tangent and this person I cried and all that they have to to console and it was ugly so he was somehow concerned of what I was about to do so he told my friend I will talk to him tomorrow and I'm thinking Oh Lord. What am I going to say because this person is really good with this Bible and all very very sound to your logical and I'm thinking oh my I don't even memorize one book like melody he said a while ago and I was. And I was I was struggling really really hard because self sometimes no not sometimes all the time ones to defend is specially when you think that you are right and this is one problem would be because sometimes I will not. I will not see who sue who I'm talking to us long as I'm right so you know what I did spend time in the prayer room for one are my friend and I was weeping before God before the Lord and when I was about to go out and and breathe fresh air the 1st thing that I saw when I came out was the pastor so Mr Caster can I talk to you and I'm thinking oh lord this is. So that I was already thinking about all the all that the theory did about to share with him and then the Lord convicted me share what you have experience in the prayer room he asked me about so what is United prayer and I said oh United prayer is coming together. As one because we as a church we somehow fail to to come together and unite ourselves humble ourselves together. And as for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit because when you look at our program it's there's nothing that truly draws a schools are together and and Hubble's ourselves together before God we have this. As a communion service but during communion service it becomes a formality now you drink the cup you eat the bread and then you go home you don't even ask forgiveness from your from sense from from from your brother and your offended sister and then so I share with him and he asked me So how about the number of people does it have to be this much so you could do united prayer with just one with just the 2 of you or would $600.00 to $600.00 does it have to be that big a pastor the one beautiful thing about United prayers even though you come there not to pray but you get affected by the prayers of other people and then I see with this with this pastor the the fruit that it has resulted in people who are backslidden people who does not have any plans of staying in the church stayed in the church after the prayer session and people who whose relationship has been broken for for a long time who are resolved and I say I said to him Pastor I was asking God if this is not of your of your doing then reveal it to me and and this somehow showed me that this is the work of the Holy Spirit because the enemy would not want to see relationships that have been broken to be resolved can you say amen. And I've seen again and again and there is one instance that I told him and I have seen the leading of the Holy Spirit in this in this prayer session as all can you give me an example and friends I was just thinking what example should I give but since I prayed before talking to him the Holy Spirit gave me an example there was one prayer session we were doing it with high school students high Asian high school students and in the Philippines of course when you are 18 you don't want to open your heart to other teens. So and in this academy I conducted this this prayer session 1st year 2nd year 3rd year and 4th year students they were assigned 4 from No 8 from each year level they're not friends with one another they are different your level and I I remember during the time when I led out because during the time I was asking God Lord is this really your your doing is this really your ministry and I prayed OK after I introduce praise and thanksgiving I will not give an example if it's you who's leading then then you go and lead I will not lead and friends after if I said introduction I waited and waited for like a minute there is silence no one wants to pray and like a minute any Have Somebody prayed and when this young person prayed another person prayed another person prayed another person and there was just like the stampede of prayers and when they went to confession they confessed about about their habits they confessed about their choices of of friends they confessed about. All there all the things that I could not even say because during that time we didn't know about what all those things and they were confessing things that I have not even shared with them that I have not even instructed them and then I told about it or you know what Pastor I did not tell them about dress I did not tell them about food I did not tell them about movies about entertainment about fashion and all if it's not the Holy Spirit it's teaching that then who. So my dear friends the pastor later on said Jem thank you for your time now I get to see the picture so we could only deal with this not with our own spirit over the Spirit of God So deal with it on your knees 1st before you go out and deal with opposition So just briefly. Talk about contemplate prayer I'm not going to go into this in depth. I talk about this actually I have a whole chapter exploring dangerous forms of prayer and meditation. For 23. In daring to ask for more and the reason that I began studying the topic of contemplated prayer is because people were having united prayer and people are accusing us that we're doing contemplate of prayer and I'm like I don't think so but I don't really understand what contemplated prayer so I started studying it there's a wonderful book Howard Perth I think it is that talks about exposing the dangers of contemplate of a philosophy but let me just say briefly the whole point of contemplate of prayer and centering prayer is getting people into a state of stillness they have certain words and they can be biblical words from the Bible it can even be the word Jesus and your whole point is you just say this over and over and over again until your mind it reaches this point of nothingness which is the center of our being which is untouched by Sen and illusions a point of pure truth this little point is the pure glory of God in us this is what they say this is the point of contemplating for is to get us to that state so then they say the Holy Spirit can speak to us but it's not the spirit that's going to speak to us we do not have 1st off you look at that in the right that right there is is biblically false because we're told in the Bible there is no good thing within us the heart is to see fully we could there is no inner divine power if we're just still long enough that we can find and furthermore we know that we the Holy Spirit does not speak to us through our nothingness it speaks to us through the Word of God through meditation through contemplation of the Scriptures and so just in a nut shell and I have a whole chapter on this topic in daring to ask for more but just in a nut shell contemplate of prayer. Does not have any relation to what we are doing with Unite. Prayer at all oftentimes the people that are kucing are saying things haven't even experienced the prayer time they've not even come to the United prayer time they're just casting doubt they don't like what's happening or they're fed They're fanatical about it and actually Ellen White makes some really I don't know if I can find this fast you can read it in here because we have this quote in this book that talks about the fact if the Holy Spirit. Was revealed there are people that would scream fanaticism. Because they don't truly understand what the Holy Spirit wants to do so remember. With. The good thing there's a counterfeit and with the counterfeit there's a good thing so we don't stay away from the good thing because there's a counterfeit to it but we better be studying the true genuine and how are we going to be safe when it comes to prayer how we going to be safe for these different things it's only through the Word of God It's only as we immerse our mind in the Word of God as we're being rooted and grounded in the Word of God that we can deal with these things that come and we recognize that way that's not a that's not of scripture I know that's not according to the Word of God So. What time are we. Oh my word we were supposed to we've talked about objections to we were supposed to have a Q. and A. So we start the next session with a Q. and I. OK. Yeah well go ahead and have a prayer if somebody does have questions that they want to ask. We can do that in the in the break time if somebody wants to move on that's fine as well. Hopefully a few of these things have helped I know that there's probably questions of things we haven't addressed but lots of our heads for worship or. Heavenly Father. We need you to lead us we are not safe for a single moment apart from you we need your Holy Spirit. To be rooted and grounded in your word a new promise. That you will show us if we open our eyes to your truth you say 20 to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it's because there's no light in them and we know how the enemy how angry he is when he sees God's people praying and he's trying to keep us from crying or to get us off on a fanatical movement that is not of your spirit and so we just played that you would help us to differentiate have that spirit of desire met between those spirits and as prayer leaders that you would help us to know how to live for your glory and honor this is our thanks. This message was recorded at the. Texas. 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